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Posted by Apostate on 08/18/18
Okay, first of all, if you ever have an OOC problem with anyone, the smart thing is to deinvest yourself from all RP with them, rather than RP with them and have ooc problems start manifesting themselves in IC ways. Secondly, if staff says you are being problematic, don't be passive aggressive, controlling and a total asshole to other people. Thirdly, if you are acting like an asshole, and someone page blocks you, don't ask someone to convey your apologies and get around a page block so you can continue to be a controlling asshole. Fourth, don't say you'll avoid all problematic behavior and then have someone literally complain about it like a couple days later for the same stupid bullshit where you were asking about who they were rping with because they are someone you OOCly dislike so you can continue to be creepy and controlling. This stuff is unwelcome on Arx.