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Episode: Lodge of Petrichor, Part 3

Posted by Story on 11/18/18
Those at the Stone Watchtower near the Lodge have been vigilant. They have stopped ambushes and turned back creatures of the forest - wolves, bears, even the occasional wild boar, though rumor has them measured at nearly twice the size of normal, and some darker rumors claim that these have been somehow changed into servants of an evil cultist force. Even so, those vigilant sentries of the Iron Guard, the Order of East Light, and even just civic service-minded members of the Compact - Mayir, Calaudrin, Harper, Kenna, Godric, John, Coraline, Denica, Dycard, Dagon, and Sheena - have protected the Lodge and turned away those who would do it harm.

In the pasture - the unicorn pasture some call it, though that is the sort of name children dream up, of course - there have been more incursions too. Kael, Rey, Shae, Natalia, and Rohran go out on patrol and come back bloody and with a tale to tell, of a young colt and the cultists trying to sacrifice him on an altar of stone. Alexis, Hannah, Fianna, and Philippe along with the Valardin cavalry lead by Princess Alis herself have a different story of horror - of a pack of wolves working with a band of bears and rumors of an evil hand guiding them all - and though Alis is terribly wounded she stays strong and determined. She leads her people with an iron will and stares death in the eye and continues to fight, her example an inspiration to all in that moment.

And still the Lodge stands.