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Episode: Foreign Proposals

Posted by Story on 02/04/19
As the Assembly of Peers continues to be under discussion throughout the land, as everyone from the most humble to the most highborn debate the various alliances offered and the future of the Compact, a quiet reminder of Copper starts to blanket Arx. Small copper rings, hung from doorknobs and lampposts, left on handrails and in baskets left untended start to appear. Attached to each and every hoop is a single unified message.

The Gods remember Copper.
We must remember Copper.
We must remember the Gods.
The Gods can hear our prayers.
--The Fellowship of Tin

At first it's strange. It's unusual and it's talked about. People remove them, people wear them, people toss them in jewelry boxes. It goes from talked about to commonplace. And then to forgotten, something that just happens sometimes, no one really knows when. The mystery remains a mystery unsolved, but no one seems very curious.

But over time, as it turns commonplace, there's another rumor. If you find a little copper hoop on your door, you'll have good luck. If you give a copper hoop to someone else, they'll have a good day. And what starts as a small gesture becomes a comfort. A superstition. Something to look forward to. A little bit of hope, a little bit of luck, passed from person to person with a smile. Not a joke or a mystery. Something a little special. A reminder. A new tradition. A memory.