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AP, Donations, Org Benefits

Posted by Arcelia on 08/02/18
I'm not sure if this has been considered yet so I wanted to bring it up. There have been a lot of system implementations that are charging players in AP costs.

What I have noticed is that players are giving up AP and money to Orgs but the Orgs are not benefiting from the player's sacrifices. In making a donation you donate both Silver and AP(which makes no sense to me since handing someone money doesn't really take time or effort) but the Org doesn't see that Silver or benefit from that AP. I know this because I once tried to get around going to the bank by donating money to my House and had to then ask staff for a 100k refund.

Likewise, with the new system implementation of forcing people to pay for their orgs... how are the Orgs benefiting from our sacrifice of AP? If we are giving them time(AP) than how are they actually benefiting from it? What should my motivation be to give up this Silver(prestige doesn't benefit everyone because not everyone has a silver income that can support keeping up with that system) and AP on an IC level if the Org isn't actually benefiting from my time(AP) and money(silver)?

Personally, I just left all orgs that I've never done anything with or who I've not seen do anything in the 1.5-2 years I've been off and on Arx. I feel that even though membership makes sense for my character's niche I didn't want to be losing out on very very expensive(look at the broker) and very precious AP(everything costs AP). I feel like there are a lot of orgs out there that are just social orgs and have nothing to do with a character's profession.

Example, Arcelia is faithful to the Gods but I can't be in The Faith as an entry level member (who sees no real benefit for being in that Org... nor did I as a Disciple either) without it costing me. And it costing me is fine... but if it is costing me I'd like to know where my time and Silver is actually going. Where did the 1.5 million silver donation made by some of these ridiculously rich PCs actually go and why didn't it go to the Org it was donated too? If it isn't benefiting me and is costing me to be a part of that org than I want that sacrifice to actually be meaningful by benefiting the Org and not just disappearing into limbo.

Anyways, I just wanted to share that.