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Re: Orgs, AP, Prestige

Posted by Reigna on 08/02/18
I can see both sides of this discussion, as I have sent monies down the donate hole and saw the prestige gained and went "Huh." It can feel a little like throwing a ton of pennies in a wishing well and not really seeing much direct benefit. That can be disappointing, but I also think it is kind of realistic. Donating to charity rarely if ever (Unless you're one of Those Donors who gets a wing named after you) gives a tangible reward to the giver, other than the sense of moral righteousness from having done something Good. Okay, maybe sometimes you get a Zoo bench. Those are pretty sweet.
The way the system works, is, uniformly, I think very true to life. The top players are all very, very rich or attached to people who can provide them access to things to facilitate staying on top. If you think about real-world celebrity, it is not all that different. It can be frustrating, I admit I am frustrated from time to time, because there is just no way I can compete in that arena. I do not have the disposable income to constantly buy or craft new clothing to model and I admit I am still somewhat baffled by how certain Orgs get as much prestige as they do, so I can't figure out how to increase my grandeur. That being said... Not everyone in RL is a celebrity either. So again, as frustrating and impossible as it might seem -- it's also true to life. If you don't have the cash to be rich and famous, well. Now, I'm sure if I dropped everything and really dug in to figure it out and worked for it, I could crack the system. But I would have to drop all the other stuff I do. I choose not to because that's IC for my character. While she might sigh and wish that people whispered when she walked into a room, she's not going to give up her investigations and work at the Physicians in order to focus on dresses and throwing more parties.