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AP and +iamhelping

Posted by Echo on 06/06/18
Just chiming in, I really like the idea of lowering AP gain, amount of actions, investigations, etc, in an effort to slow down the game (and the GM workload). I believe it would in turn lead to better results from the GMs as they'd feel less rushed, and we'd have more delibarate, careful, and big picture-esque actions rather than 'I'm looking for my lost cat'. It also means less 'work' for the players. Less writing out investigations and actions, less throwing retainers (and their own write-ups) at investigations, less responding to missives about all these investigations/actions. More RPing. That said, it's possible that what I see as work might not be so for other players.

The biggest downside of lowering AP gains would be that cluesharing just becomes that much less appealing. There's a lot of clues out there and the number is just going to keep getting bigger, but newer players just won't be able to get 'caught up' because people would rather be stingy with their AP. I don't know how I'd balance it (and for that I'm sorry), but I think that people should be incentivized to share clues rather than be thinking, "I could use the work command to make writs instead of tossing a couple of clues at this guy."