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Jewelry Arts Gala - Jewelry for Auction and a Request for Skald and Ivan

Posted by Dio on 12/13/20
Any who wish to view the necklace to be auctioned at the gala are invited to view it in the Conquerors Hall of the Seraceni Manor. Lord Ciro has been volunteered to escort any who might not wish to lose themselves in the labyrinth of the Pravus Ward (though the experience, by all accounts, can be most rewarding).

Marquis Dio has also asked that anyone who knows the identity of the one now in possession of the painting by Prince Niklas Grayson depicting a fateful encounter between Skald and Ivan Helianthus please contact him.

[OOC: To visit the conquerors hall, head to the Pravus Ward, which can be found at the southeast end of the @map. Once you make it to the Pravus Ward bridge, head south until you can't, then IP, SM, PZ, LS, CS.

When you're in the hall, you can type 'look columns's mirrorsilver' to see the necklace.]