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Welcome to the Dark Side

Posted by Ezmeralda on 02/01/21
Arx is a game with many facets, pun intended, and while that is part of the draw it can sometimes be a drawback as well; leaving people confused about how to get involved in plots or feeling as if there are gatekeepers making it so that only a select few can find involvement in these stories. Or worse, they feel strongly discouraged from finding involvement in the darker side of Arx due to any number of reasons.

As a storyteller I love telling stories and making sure that people are able to pursue the kind of RP they wish to pursue in the safest way possible. There are always risks associated with taking actions that end your character’s story but simply wishing to pursue the kind of RP that entices you should not be one of them.

With that being said I will be running singular events and episodic plots pertaining to the Abyss, the Reflections, cults, the morally gray, the downright evil or criminal elements in the game that people want to be a part of but haven’t otherwise had a safe way to do it. Whenever an @cal goes up that looks nefarious, fun or otherwise an opportunity to further your own character’s story then please @mail me or page me and I will happily put you on The List(™) and will close the event when all slots have been filled /before/ sending out invitations to those who wanted to be involved so there is no risk of people looking at the log and using OOC information against participants. I encourage players to reach out to me in regards to requesting stories or plots that either have stagnated and need momentum or you simply wish for me to run because I am all too happy to do so.

People who come to these events should be those who genuinely want to engage with the material and not those who want to be the defiant light in the darkness, spies, agents of chaos, naysayers, secret demon hunters, or any kind of disruptive force in these events. There is a time and place for that and this is not it. Let's scheme-scheme-a-scheme.