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Vineyard Games Contests and Rules

Posted by Medeia on 11/18/21
Hello everyone! Tonight's Vineyard Games will consist of FIVE distinct contests: grape picking, grape stomping, a barrel carry race, a bottling challenge, and a taste test (no poisons, I swear on the Pantheon). There are several options for rolls in each, so everyone has a chance to participate in something - even if they aren't athletically configured characters. You may enter one or all or any number between that you wish to enter. There is a prize for each contest, also to be announced at the event. Difficulties will be announced during the event, ties will be broken by luck rolls. See below!

Pick the Most Perfect Bunch of Grapes - Dexterity, Intellect, Perception, or Wits + Agriculture, Artwork, Investigation, or Legerdemain

Stomp Grapes to Get the Most Juice - Strength, Dexterity, or Stamina + Athletics or Performance

Barrel Race (carry it, roll it, run on top of it, trick your Champion or large animal into carrying or rolling it) - Strength, Dexterity, Stamina, Charm, or Command + Animal Ken, Athletics, Brawl, Haggling, Intimidation, Leadership, Manipulation, Ride, Seduction

Bottle the Most Wine - Dexterity, Composure, or Wits + Athletics, Legerdemain, Sewing, Smithing, Tanning, or Woodworking

Wine Identification Taste Test - Stamina, Intellect, Perception, or Wits + Alchemy, Etiquette, Investigation, or Stewardship

Please pose appropriately for the stat and skill you roll (for example, if using Command + Animal Ken to do the barrel race, pose your large animal being instructed by you through the race, not you picking up the barrel and running with it).