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Prince Luca, Champion of the People

Posted by Beaumont on 04/19/19
What is the legacy of a Champion? It is not in the duels one wins but in the stories one tells of their actions. We are the Champions of Honor, the Champions of the Compact, the Champions who provide entertainment and stand as the Blades of Honor.

Prince Luca Grayson may have ended as the Sword of Bastion but he lived as one of the finest Champions the Compact has ever seen. Perhaps in the coming days you will hear of his death and wonder. But remember that he may have represented the honor of the Graysons and yet he was at heart a Champion - always chasing a challenge, embracing new adventures no matter their form. Today we lift a glass to Prince Luca and tell the best of his stories. Sword of Bastion or not, he'll always be one of us.

Prince Beaumont Valardin,
Peerless of the Champions Guild

--- Kennex Stance (from Zoey) ---
House Kennex grieves the loss of a dear friend. We mourn with those who knew Prince Luca; our lives were the better for his energy and humour, and the absence of his person is felt keenly. May his journey on the Wheel be swift that he might find us once more.

--- Whisper Stance (from Bliss) ---
Prince Luca died laughing, clapping, with a smile on his face, chasing excellence. Even in his death, he stands as an ideal for seizing life, and will not be forgotten. We raise our glass.

--- King's Own Stance (from Corban) ---
The King's Own raises its swords to the departed Sword of Bastion and consummate Champion. His service to the King and Crown, some of it little known, will be a mark of Hope for the future.

--- Heart In Hand Stance (from Caith) ---
Oh my gosh Luca! While the pain of his passing hurts deeply for those who knew and cared for him, may we all find comfort in the knowledge that the world was made brighter and better by his time here with us.

--- Clearlake Stance (from Acantha) ---
We at Clearlake will mourn the loss of such a bright and courageous soul. We also send our condolences to House Grayson.

--- Shepherd Stance (from Malcolm) ---
We won't mourn, 'cause Death ain't the end. Just a new adventure. House Shepherd salutes him with a drink, hoping his Journey on the Wheel is as fun a fellow as he was.

--- Keaton Stance (from Reigna) ---
Keaton celebrates the life of a true Champion, a man whose heart was bigger than his body could contain, whose spirit will live on in our memories and in our cups.

--- Bisland Stance (from Michael) ---
Grayson fealty lost a stalwart swordsman and a champion of it's ideals. A true loss.

--- Tyde Stance (from Margot) ---
Tyde mourns our old friend. He will not be forgotten.

--- Ashford Stance (from Lisebet) ---
House Ashford mourns the loss, but joins with our friends and family in being thankful to have known Prince Luca. He will be missed.

--- Halfshav Stance (from Khanne) ---
Perhaps not everyone knew Prince Luca Grayson personally, but I bet nearly everyone knew of his joy of life. His was a presence felt near and far, and he will be missed by many. He will never be forgotten.

--- Fidante Stance (from Calista) ---
House Fidante mourns the loss of Prince Luca. Our sympathies for House Grayson and House Velenosa.

--- Darkwater Stance (from Carita) ---
Luca was a guiding light and the world is made darker for the loss of him. Tonight, drinks in the Ebb and Flow, Ambassador, and the Spirits, will be on Darkwater in memory of the Countess' patron.

--- Leary Stance (from Fairen) ---
House Leary mourns with Grayson...a hard time to lose a bright soul to the Wheel.

--- The Crown Stance (from Saoirse) ---
The Crown mourns, though it also knows Luca loved a good pun, so: It is a Luca-crous loss we all suffer.

--- Seraceni Stance (from Appolonia) ---
The loss of Prince Luca is something felt keenly. He didn't have to go to such great lengths to avoid finishing our book by dying, though. Humor aside, he was a bright soul who shall be missed. May the Queen enjoy the stories he has to share.

--- Whitehawk Stance (from Evonleigh) ---
House Whitehawk sends its deepest condolences to the families and loved ones of Prince Luca in this difficult time. We will remember him as he was at his best, laughing and fearless. The world will feel the loss of such a tremendous spirit.