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Grayson Proclamation

Posted by Lark on 01/10/17
On this 14th day of the 8th month in the 1005th year after the Reckoning,

Let it be known that House Grayson stands in solidarity with Mistress Dawn Baseborn for her outstanding sacrifices, to be remembered from this day forth as none other than Princess Dawn Grayson of House Grayson.

On behalf of the brave women and men of the twelve King's Own who so heroically rode out by her side, House Grayson will hereby institute a regular allowance for the purposes of securing the continued comfort of their families and loved ones, to be awarded from now until the end of time.

Furthermore, a monument shall be commissioned and erected in their honor to be unveiled during peacetimes.

Princess Lark Grayson
Princess of the Bastion
Highlord of the Crownlands

Regent Council to the Sleeping King