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Blessing of the Reflection

Come to the Shrine of the Thirteenth, to gawk, mock, throw rotten fruit (if you dare), or actually hear the words of the Thirteenth and receive His blessing from Acolyte Isolde Velenosa. Come masked if you are more comfortable, and curious enough to see what a general Blessing of the Thirteenth is like.


July 11, 2016, 10:45 p.m.

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Cain Audric(RIP) Talen Kima Acacia



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Shrine of the Thirteenth

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Audric arrives.
(OOC) Kima says: Audric, yes!
(OOC) Audric says: I was promised there would be cake.
(OOC) Kima says: Tehom is cool like that.
Loitering with Cain just outside of the hallway of mirrors, Acacia had learned over to impart something quietly towards his ear, her nearest hand half-gripping his, and half cuffed about his wrist. After a moment or two of affixing her gaze upon him with a level attention, she sucks at her teeth, waits until two more denizens pass along the passage and she's able to watch them the entire journey and then she travels down the length, without exploding into tiny bits, until she's able to locate one of the black stone benches somewhere in the middle.
"Right," Cain verbally replies to Acacia's whisper, swallowing as he lets her drag him down that hallway. He glances at the mirrors, but they're brief glances that never look for too long. The further in they go, however, the more he seems to relax. "See, this isn't so bad," he tells his companion and then clears his throat, leaning. "You're cutting the blood flow to my hand," he looks for her, to the vice grip she has on his wrist.
A dark robed figure directs other dark robed figures to finish preparing the ritual. A few ceremonial items are placed on the altar, and the central figure, short, clearly feminine, even in her thick robes looks about, almost surprised that even a small crowd has gathered. She motions to the benches, giving them time to either be brave and sit, or just stand and gawk.
Probably one of the few people who can come to the Shrine of the Thirteenth and still look like he's arriving to a party, Audric struts through the door. He's followed by a few significantly less-cheerful looking people, who promptly disperse into the crowd. "Ah, the Thirteenth," he says, to no one in particular. "I do wonder if anyone will attempt to start a ruckus." He looks slooowly around the room, probably trying to see if anyone seems likely.
Kima arrives at the shrine freshly bathed. The evidence is her shock of long blonde hair is still wet, and combed back and away from her face. Those who come close enough will smell the expensive bath oils that had scented her water, and perhaps even note the raw pinkness of her skin at her hands - as if she had been scrubbing them rather fiercely. The mirrors do not seem to bother her as she strolls down the long hall, only to promptly find herself standing behind Audric.

"I can hardly imagine," she says, voice feigning innocence. "Who would dare do such a thing."
"... Shut up before I sanctify this place in your blood or something, which... I don't think is allowed. Then we probably will explode." The words imparted to Cain are little more than a whispered hiss beside his ear, but she didn't release the grip she had upon his wrist as she settled somewhat stiffly upon the stone bench and worked to manipulate him much the same way. It takes several minutes, before she echos him, as if it were her own words, "See? This isn't so bad." Rolling her shoulders back somewhat, her posture is straight to the point is borders upon the cusp of uncomfortable.
Settling down next to Acacia on the stone bench, albeit not as stiffly, Cain winces. He frowns at her words, the ones that echo his. "Right," he mutters to her and yet, when he seats, he does lean against her. "I don't think people actually explode in here," he reasons, but still looks around with wide eyes that suggest he's expecting someone to explode at any moment. "But if I do explode, like, take something of me to keep with you. As a keepsake. Maybe a tooth or a finger or something," he tells her wryly, then hisses as he feels something on his wrist, biting his lower lip and closing his eyes briefly.
"Oh, who knows? I imagine there are some who might venture it. I do hope it's not you, though," Audric says, glancing at Kima with a grin. "I've already told you I'd rather not cross that particular path with you. Come on, let's find a seat, dear Lady Kima." The mercenary keeps his grin as he sets off to do just that - one on the edge, and he keeps a hand dangling loosely near the hilt of his sword.
Kima takes the sellsword's free arm and hooks it within her own as he ventures off to find a place for them to sit. "I am here on a purely noble basis," she assures Audric. Her eyes scan the crowd, a rather meagre one, she would have to admit. "And perhaps even more than that." Diplomacy and all that jazz. "Truth be told, you were on my list of: least expected to see at such a venue."
The Acolyte nods as people take their seats, turning toward the Altar.
A silver bowl rests on the Altar of the Thirteenth, hidden in shadow, as the Acolyte kneels before the ornate shrine. She holds her right hand over the bowl, with a brilliant silver ceremonial dagger in her left, dragging the blade across her right palm, allowing the blood to drip in a steady stream into the bowl. Her cowl is raised, hiding her face from view. She remains steady, in silence, for long moments, before standing with fluid grace. She takes a black strip of cloth, embroidered with the symbols of the Thirteenth, wrapping it around the wound tightly. She takes up the dagger, holding it forth with both hands, laying it in the center of the altar, before taking up the bowl, raising it above her head. "Accept this offering of my body, given freely, embracing the pain of life, that it make me stronger. Bless this offering, that it may inspire others to embrace their Reflection, to accept their whole being, and glorify you, O blessed Thirteenth, that completes the Pantheon as we are completed." She lowers the bowl, keeping it steady in her right hand, picks up a single large black candle, lit with a golden flame, before turning slowly toward the patrons of the Shrine.
"That's kind of macabre, you know," Acacia informs Cain, albiet exceptionally quietly, though the general banter seems to ease a marginal amount of tension from her shoulders, "Don't you think I'd remember you far more fondly by like... your bank--" But the rustling of cloth from the altar and the gleam of the blade have her promptly shutting off. The words themselves leave her leaning forward somewhat, elbows resting upon the crests of her knees, though one hand does remain latched to Cain's wrist.
Rather than being horrified, Cain watches the whole thing with fascination glinting in those amber eyes of his. "Yeah," he agrees with Acacia, his word whispered. "But it is kind of cool too," he tells her, with a certain amount of admiration. He drags his eyes from the priest to give the others present a glance, and then turns to his companion. "Wait, what? My bank? And don't you remember me fondly already? You should remember me fondly already," he quietly protests, leaning forward since Acacia still has his wrist captured.
Audric shrugs, stretching his legs out in front of him, appearing entirely relaxed. Since things are getting started, he lowers his voice and keeps his eyes mostly on the Acolyte - though he does occasionally scan the room. "I've never been to one, you see," he says. "And I do love to expand myself, experience new things. Don't you?"
Kima does not appear all that tense, either. She does, however, lean into Audric in order to speak quietly while still watching the ceremony at large.
The Acolyte steps forward, her voice strangely modulated by the mask that hides all expression. She lifts the candle slowly1, beckoning forth the Silent Reflections. Thirteen robed and masked figures bring forth Thirteen tall mirrors, draped in black cloths, arranging them in a circle surrounding the Acolyte, save one. A single opening allows the congregation to see the woman, with bowl and candle, and she lowers the flame once more. As she does so, the cloths are ripped from the mirrors, and suddenly, the reflections of the reflections of the reflections of that single flame illuminate the Acolyte brilliantly, striking against the low lights of the Shrine. She speaks, her voice rich and powerful, resonating throughout the Shrine, almost amplified by the mirrors themselves.

"Through Blood and Fire, the Thirteenth casts forth his blessings for those with the courage to embrace their whole selves. We harness the darkness within us, and bring ourselves closer to the Completion. Only when the Light and the Dark come together, do we find our truth. Only at the Completion, do we lay low those that stand against us. Only then do we master ourselves and the very world around us." The Acolyte holds forth the candle, hidden eyes searching out the people in the benches. "Who has the courage to kneel before their Reflection and claim it? Step forth, take this flame, and kneel before The Thirteenth's Chosen servant."
Acacia's gaze had remained rapt and intent upon the proceedings, her brows twinging a bit as her thumb rhythmically carved itself along the same path on the underside of Cain's wrist. The earlier banter seems to have ceased for the time being, a small tick of her head provided and although her forward lean is intact, she didn't rise herself, glancing about those present instead to see who would follow. After a gradual squeeze imparted unto Cain, she does, however, release him.
Cain doesn't try to encourage the earlier banter either, keeping quiet through the proceedings. He listens to the Acolyte and swallows again. When the woman finally releases his wrist, his lips form a thin line. He manages a smile and leans a little into her, but turns his attention back to the front. For a few moments, it seems he's just going to stay there. And then, he rises, running a hand through his long hair. "Like jumping in the river headfirst. Which usually can lead to headaches," he muses as he steps forward and walks toward the flame.
Audric's attention may have wavered for a moment, since the sudden motion of the mirrors being uncovered makes him jump a little, and going to his sword before realizing, oh, right, part of the show. He even looks tempted to go into the circle. "You know, I -do- always claim to know myself thoroughly," he says quietly, amused.
Kima flashes Audric a smile as she gets to her feet. The woman is bold, brazen. She has seen blood, and death; the ugliness that resides in all humanity. She has seen her Dark Reflection and embraced it in a way she did not believe many could ever hope to understand. What the Acolyte was asking of her was really not much - rather, it was an acknowledgement of what had already come before. And if there is the faintest of frowns for finding herself standing beside someone else, well...Her gaze eventually settles on Audric once again, as if silently tempting him further.
(OOC) Kima says: behind* not beside Cain.
As Cain approaches, the Acolyte's focus turns solely to him. She nods slightly, the only encouragement she gives, as she extends the candle to him. Once he takes it, she murmurs, "Kneel," and the final mirror is set into place, creating a chamber of intense reflection. Through the spaces between the mirrors, the congregation can see the Rite in bits and pieces, the light intense.

"Focus on the flame, and let it burn bright in your minds' eye. Let the Thirteenth consume you, and find glory in the darkness within." The Acolyte dips a single finger into the bowl, moving to draw a symbol on Cain's forehead in the Blessed Blood. "Look upon yourself in this circle of Mirrors with the blaze in your soul. Look for the truth of yourself and embrace it. Just as one cannot hide from their reflection in a mirror, neither can you hide from yourself. Release your fear of what you hold within and let it burn forth, giving you strength."

The Acolyte places her hand on Cain's head, reverent, warm and firm. "Accept the blessing of the Reflection within you, and journey toward the Completion. Accept the strength offered to you, by burning from within, letting it set fire to your very blood, your very soul. I bestow upon you the Blessing of the Thirteenth, through courage and power, you claim the greatness within." She slowly lifts her hand, and without signaling, the single mirror is removed. "Be renewed, through Fire and Blood." She reaches out to retake the candle, giving Cain all the time he needs to collect himself and withdraw, before looking out over the crowd once more. "Who has the courage to kneel before their Reflection and claim it? Step forth, take this flame, and kneel before The Thirteenth's Chosen servant."
Even still, with her focus unwavering from both Cain, or mainly the Acolyte, Acacia didn't rise. Once the initial ceremony with Cain was completed, she instead raked her fingers back through her scarlet curls until they were knotted at the nape of her neck and remained seated. But after a linger moment where her gaze refused to deviate from the Acolyte, she slid a look back towards Audric, imparted a slim smile and then upticked her chin towards the mirrors.
Cain takes the candle and visibly swallows, falling to his knees faster than a whore wanting to give her client a good time. When instructed, the man looks at the flame and breathes deeply. He repeats the gesture a couple of times, those amber eyes locked on the flame. There's a moment of tension, when he feels that finger upon his forehead but to his credit the man remains still. He listens, looking then at the mirrors. As the Acolyte continues speaking, the man straightens up some, of course he remains on his knees. For a few moments, he seems lost in the flame, the reflections. And then the mirror is removed. Then the candle and after a moment, Cain blinks and breathes deeply again. He opens his mouth as if to say something, but stops. Slowly, he rises and nods to the Acolyte, bows even, a serious one without his usual exaggerated flourish and then returns to sit down next to Acacia, quietly.
Audric mutters something that sounds suspiciously like 'well, fuck me if I'll be outdone' and rises after Kima does, stepping into the line behind her and folding his arms across his chest. He keeps the grin, and gives Acacia a nod as he passes her.
Kima approaches the place Cain had formerly occupied, and knelt before the Acolyte. Not before she takes note of Audric joining the line and tossing him a quick wink. Kneeling now, she extends her hands for that moment when the candle would be placed within them. Her expression is sombre. Not fearful, nor rapturous.
As Kima kneels, the ritual begins again, though, the Lyceum swordswoman gets a little different words, slightly different treatment. "Blessed you are, as you walk in the Reflection's sight. Let your focus on the flame burn away any remaining doubt, any last restraint along your path to the Completion. Look upon yourself and exalt in your growth, your power and strength, and know in the depths of your soul it is only the beginning." The Acolyte dips her finger once more, to draw the symbol once more, then takes her thumb, brushing it against Kima's lips in the same motions of the symbol. "Let your tongue bring the Word of the Thirteenth to those worthy of his blessing. Let your breath give life to his truth, and court others to join you in the Completion. Let your battle cry make men and women cower before you, should they turn from their own Reflection and be crushed by the strength he has given you." Her hand comes to rest on Kima's head as well. "Blessed child of the Thirteenth, may you continue to find your greatness and serve him. Be renewed through Blood and Fire, and let your glory bring glory to the Completion." She leans her head down to kiss the top of Kima's head once more, and the reset of the ritual begins again. Once The Acolyte has the candle once more, the words are spoken, Who has the courage to kneel before their Reflection and claim it? Step forth, take this flame, and kneel before The Thirteenth's Chosen servant."
After presenting Audric with a faint smile and the marginal dip of her head once he rose, Acacia had refocused upon Cain on his return back towards the seat. Drawing a slow breath, she'd leaned in towards him as if to whisper something, only to briefly, and chastely, kiss him on the cheek. She hooks her hand about his wrist, familiarly, squeezing once and then releasing again. The poise she currently maintains suggests no plan of joining the procession, although she watches each and every person who kneels, and the Acolyte more so, throughout.
When Cain sits down next to Acacia, his attention is at first on the ritual being formed with Kima. That is, until he feels that chaste kiss from his companion, which cause him to blink. It doesn't take long at all for the man to flash her a smile, and he bumps his shoulder against her in response and as an affectionate gesture. When she takes his wrist, he puts his hand briefly over hers, then lets go as her hand goes back. He remains close to her, turning his gaze back to the ritual.
Watching, Audric leans back on his heels a bit as Kima kneels. His head tips curiously to one side, and while he still has the irreverent grin, at least he doesn't say anything embarassing. He is still, however, wearing the hat. That might be a problem.
The candle within her hands is held gently, as if the knight has concerns about crushing the wax. Her eyes, a bright blue currently consumed by the dancing orange firelight, stare resolutely forward as the Acolyte speaks above her. If Kima was at all surprised when her thumb brushed against her lips, she does not show it.

Indeed, Kima remains perfectly still, though the more that is spoken, the more her stained lips curl into a hungry sort of grin. She sees through the flame, to her reflection, sees who's looking back out at her. And it is a perfect moment. Such a perfect moment. The world can fall away. It can rot. It can burn. She has this.

And then the moment passes, as it must, leaving Kima to stand. She returns the candle, bows her head reverently, then returns to her seat.
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Talen arrives.
The Acolyte just turns her masked eyes to Audric as he kneels, waiting with that unnerving, blank mask, for eternity if she needs for him to take off his hat. She says nothing, does nothing, and it's? just not right for the normally animated woman.
Sitting beside Cain in the middle rows and not currently in the procession, Acacia doesn't bear the blooded sign upon her forehead. Even so, her focus remains intent, up until that standstill between Audric and the Acolyte. That reverent pose and attention persisted for quite some time, until eventually, she found herself cradling her forehead in the heel of her palm.
"Uhm," Cain muses at that standstill. He watches in silence, from his spot leaning into Acacia. As nothing seems to happen, he straightens and rubs the back o f his head. He looks between the Acolyte, and Audric and then at this companion. He purses his lips as if he was about to start to whistle, but no sound comes out.
Talen has strode up the mirrored hall of the shrine, his steps sounding out with unabashed noise. When within the chamber proper, the Lycene man cuts left and drags his booted feet toward the small crowd at the back. In amongst the ranks of latecomers and individuals simply there to help out, steely eyes wash over the proceedings with unfeigned interest. Stood as a sentinal at the back, however, he is otherwise silent with his hand resting on Mirror Blade, at his hip.
It takes Audric a good five seconds before he realizes the problem. "Ah, sorry," he says. "I forget the thing's there, I swear." He reaches up and promptly removes the hat, giving it a bit of a flourish as he brings it down.
Kima, facing forward, does not notice Talen's entrance. That she would react to it at all is quite up for debate. Instead, her attention, like that of Acacia's and Cain's, is focused on Audric. He gets the faintest snort of amusement from her when he at last removes his hat, making a remark of forgetfulness.
If only the Acolyte's expression could be seen, instead of just the contorted reflection of Audric. The final mirror is placed and the chamber completed. Her words are still that strange sounding, powerfully fanatic tone, smooth and graceful. "Focus on the flame and let your truth burn into your minds' eye. All the things said and unsaid, acted upon and hidden away, let them all fill your mind until nothing remains. Focus on the flame and light that blaze within you." She dips her finger, drawing the symbol in blood on Audric's forehead. "I give you the Blessing of the Thirteenth, that you may fulfill your own prophesies of your greatness. Claim your strength, your Completion and let it compound within you. May your strength be the strength of thousands that deny themselves. May your power overtake your chosen foes and leave them trembling before your might. I bestow the Blessing of the Thirteenth upon you that you may bathe in glory and gold, and glorify him with your success." Once more, she leans down to kiss his forehead and lay her hand on his head. "Go forth to Completion in Blood and Fire." And again, the words and deeds complete, the mirror moved, and she retakes the candle, invoking the offering once more. "Who has the courage to kneel before their Reflection and claim it? Step forth, take this flame, and kneel before The Thirteenth's Chosen servant."
Acacia hadn't been required to look up to hear Audric's words, the forehead-driven hand transitioning to pinch hard at the bridge of her nose, before it's released to drape across her knee with an upwards beseeching of her eyes. After a single glance shared towards Cain and a slim, silent smile provided, she watches the process once more with a pensive interest upon all spoken. Acknowledging Audric whenever he might journey back to his seat with a sober nod, her intention to not join remains.
Talen has left the game.
Talen has entered the game.
As things get started again with Audric, Cain nods and drops his hand from behind his face. He reaches to touch Acacia's arm in response to her smile as a gesture to show that he's there. His attention goes back to the Acolyte first, and then amber eyes look around to see if anyone else is rising.
Audric's expression doesn't really make it as far as 'somber', but it does start to venture in that direction during the rite, and he gives a slight bow once it's over and he's gestured to rise. He turns, replacing his hat on the way back to his seat. To Kima, he mutters: "No one mentioned I'd have to take the bloody thing off."
"It seems rather self-evident, doesn't it?" Kima prompts with a slight arching of one brow. The lazy wave of her hand upon her wrist suggests that she is not unduly concerned about the matter. He was blessed, after all!
The Acolyte looks around, within the chamber of mirrors, the candle still illuminating her brightly. She almost seems about to close things up when she spies Talen in the back. She pauses, lifting the candle, beckoning the man forward without a word.
It's only at the beckon that Acacia had turned to see who it was directed to, casting a look over Talen with little expression on her face otherwise. The brush of Cain's hand against her arm has her casting a small smile at him once more, recuffing her hand against his wrist to deliver the eightieth squeeze of the evening and then she's merely watching once more.
Talen turns his eyes upward towards the roofing at that, perhaps as if to commune directly with the afterlife himself and find an answer to an unspoken question. It doesn't stop the Sword from relinquishing his stance and stepping forward, however, striding down through the gap made for him to follow to the acolyte's instruction.
That eightieth squeeze of the evening wins Acacia a smile from Cain in turn. He glances at the Acolyte, and looks between her and Talen when the man finally steps forward. His eyes stay on Talen, following his movement as he approaches the Acolyte.
"I -did- say I've never been to one of these," Audric mutters and shrugs, turning as Talen's beckoned forward. He tracks the man's movements for a moment, before returning to scanning the crowd.
Kima, upon spying Talen as he strides forward, cannot help but offer a wry grin. She says nothing in reply to Audric, however, merely settles in for the next part of the ritual.
"Kneel, Servant of the Thirteenth." The Acolyte speaks as Talen enters the circle of mirrors and then the circle is closed. She draws the symbol of Blessed Blood upon his forehead and she murmurs soft words, even inaudible to the man at her feet, an invocation for the gods alone. Once the symbol is drawn, she raises her voice once more and takes her clean thumb, to draw the symbol against his lips and over each eye. "Blood and Fire call forth the Reflection within you, beckon you to embrace all within you that hides from the Light. Your Completion calls to you, through the flames in your soul and the fire in your veins. Focus on the flame, releasing yourself to the steps toward that end. Then look upon your Reflection. See yourself for who you truly are, and know that you are Blessed, child of the Thirteenth. Know you are called to higher purpose, through the strength of your soul, and the Reflection within you." She places two fingers under Talen's chin, lifting his eyes to look into the full mask hidden within the thick robes and hood. "See yourself as you have never allowed yourself to, and fear no man, no woman." She places her head in blessing upon Talen's head and invokes once more, "Go forth to your Completion, in Blood and Fire, blessed by the Dark Reflection." She raises her hand once more, and the path is opened for Talen to depart once more, as she retakes the candle.

The Acolyte looks over the crowd once more, lingering on Acacia for a long moment, before lifting the candle, stepping forth out of the circle of mirrors. The attendants place the cloths back over them and the Shrine seems all the darker for it. She looks over the crowd once more. "Should any wish to come before the Thirteenth, alone, know that the way to Completion is only through one's own soul. No one may walk the path for you, and so the blessings may be bestowed away from the eyes of men." She lifts the candle once more, in blessing over the whole of the congregation. "Bear Witness to the strength of those who do not fear who they are. Be inspired by their strength and walk among them as believers. Blessed are those that claim the Thirteenth and their own Reflection. Go forth in greatness." With that, she sets down the bowl, and snuffs the candle, the Blessing of the Thirteenth complete.
Acacia is overheard praising Isolde for: Princess Isolde is purely exceptional. Anyone who hasn't seen her when fully committed is likely missing something crucial in their lives.
Kima is overheard praising Isolde for: The fire of Tehom burns bright within this woman.
Ever silent since her initial banter had begun from the right of the ceremony, Acacia slowly peels herself up to a seated position. She'd kept her gaze upon the Acolyte for that longer moment, until the ceremony reached its completion and then looked towards Cain. For the longest time, she says nothing, until, wetting her lips and ticking her head back towards that corridor of mirrors, she said, "I'll find you another day, yeah?"
Cain is overheard praising Isolde for: Mind blown.
Talen emerges the other side of his communion with an equally reserved expression and when he returns to the crowd, he moves to stand amongst familiar faces. Acacia gets an impartial glance and a long look that probably speaks its own language, Kima a firm nod in familiar acknowledgement. "Just in time, apparently," he emits drolly, looking side-long toward Audric in idle survey, pale blue-grey eyes curious but soon moving on.
Cain looks between Acacia and the Acolyte, and then back to Acacia. He grins at his friend and nods to her. Reaching over, he pats Acacia's shoulder. "I'll see you soon," he tells her and dropping his hand, hooks his fingers on his belt. He looks at the shrine, the mirrors, everything one more time and purses his lips as if to whistle, but no sound comes out. And with things come to conclusion, he proceeds to pivot and step his way out of the shrine, exiting stage left.
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"Weeeeell," Audric says, leaning back and stretching his legs out in front of him. "That certainly was different, I do have to say." He reaches up, straightening his hat. He gives Talen a grin. "You missed the best of the blessings, I'm afraid." He looks back at Kima, then. "Now we absolutely do have to take a trip south."
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Talen's acknowledgement is returned by Kima, who was, by that time, getting to her feet. "You'll love it," she says to Audric. "And I don't know..." Kima then muses. "I think the man arrived precisely when he was meant to." And then she waggles her brows, as if completely aware of the drivel she was talking.

"Now, duty calls." Which might actually be her code word for food and sleep. Who knows?
Talen says, "Isn't that always the way?" Talen exchanges with Audric, Kima's remark getting a spread of his gloved hands as if to say 'who knows, maybe!'. "Farewell, Lady Saik.""
"Isn't that always the way?" Talen exchanges with Audric, Kima's remark getting a spread of his gloved hands as if to say 'who knows, maybe!'. "Farewell, Lady Saik."
Cain is leaving Arx - Ward of the Compact - Shrine of the Thirteenth, heading for Arx - Ward of the Compact - Sanctum of Reflection.
Acacia's eyes track after Audric from where she'd remained seating, flashing him a subtle grin and then her gaze trails back towards the front, towards the Acolyte. After a moment or two as people gradually begin to file out, she rises to her feet, only to continue to loiter. Talen gets an additional look, a longer one, but no verbal greeting other than a respectful dip of her head.
"Oh, it always does, Lady Kima," Audric says, and sweeps into a bow meant for Talen and Kima both. "I need to take my leave as well. I have some business to oversee." Before he goes, he smirks slightly at Kima. "Also, you shouldn't scrub your hands so hard, Kima. It'll make them peel and get all kinds of unpleasant, do trust me on that." And with that, Audric whirls and heads for the exit, cape fluttering behind.
Audric is leaving Arx - Ward of the Compact - Shrine of the Thirteenth, heading for Arx - Ward of the Compact - Sanctum of Reflection.
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Acacia before departing.
The Acolyte remains in front of the Altar, watching the people move about. She turns the masked gaze to Acacia, beckoning her forward, should that be what she needs at the moment. She doesn't spend time socializing or greeting, or offering personal thanks. In her formal garb, she is detatched and reverent.
"Farewell, Sword of Lenosia," Kima says smoothly. "Audric," was all she said to the Captain-General before he departs. Then, she too is leaving.
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Acacia slowly divides her way through the thinning crowds until she's nearly at the altar, but remaining several paces away. "Acolyte... Your Highness..." There's a gradual tilt of her head, curls once more grappled at the back of her head as she expels a quiet breath, stumbling audibly over her words for once, "I was hoping I could have an audience with you-- as you are-- at your convenience, so to speak. Or now."
Talen remains present within likewise, observing the departure of Kima and Audric. "Acacia, when you're done...?" he says, looking to the acolyte and back, before turning to step toward the doorway, to wait in the corridor of mirrors -- the only way out.
"As I am is as a servant of the Thirteenth, nothing more." The Acolyte nods a little bit. "Send word to the Princess on the morrow, and she will speak of whatever your heart desires." The Acolyte nods, making a subtle, but firm distinction. "She can meet you here, if that is your preference, or an alternate location." She reaches out to gently touch Acacia's forehead, without leaving a symbol there, but offering a blessing in any case. "Walk with your Reflection in strength, child of the Thirteenth."
"... No. I need to speak to a Servant of the Thirteenth, if I may be so bold, Acolyte," Acacia clarifies, her tone sober. Her jaw clenches shut, loosening only when at the touch bestowed upon her forehead and her lashes veil her eyes for that sparse moment. "I stayed from the blessing due to an unresolved issue--" She wets her lips, "It's about your Fa-- Duke--" Another pause, "I need to request, question-- something." After a sharper exhale, she explains with a wan smile, "I thought I'd be far more eloquent the first time." Bowing then formally, she rises, "I will find you another time. Thank you for your blessing."
As Talen waits, his gaze nevertheless watches the interaction between the masked woman of familiar stature and the Boroughs-born child of the Thirteenth. It reminds him to lift his hand and rub off the blood from his forehead, using the mirrors to check himself, before he wrecks himself by walking out all barbaric and filthy.
Isolde dips her head, touching Acacia's cheek, her tone a touch more firm. "Message the Princess, and all will be made clear." She nods, her tone gentle, but detatched and distant.
"Thank you, Acolyte," Acacia acknowledges once more, swallowing then, gaze upon her, before she steps back directly and then after a moment, seeks to follow Talen out of the building-- granted, at a distance.
Talen is leaving Arx - Ward of the Compact - Shrine of the Thirteenth, heading for Arx - Ward of the Compact - Sanctum of Reflection.
Acacia is leaving Arx - Ward of the Compact - Shrine of the Thirteenth, heading for Arx - Ward of the Compact - Sanctum of Reflection.
Isolde is leaving Arx - Ward of the Compact - Shrine of the Thirteenth, heading for Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Velenosa Estate - Kindness Bedroom.
Isolde arrives.

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