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Hundred Cities Cards

Lady Viviana Pravus is hosting a card game in the Main Room of the Hundred Cities Inn in the Ward of the Lyceum.

All members of the nobility are welcome to attend.

(To play cards, choose amount to bid, then @check luck+manipulate at 1. Highest roll wins the hand and the pot.)
(Event should be at 3PM EST on Sunday the 5th of June)


June 5, 2016, 3 p.m.

Hosted By



Kieran Valencia Ravna Belladonna Arianwen



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Hundred Cities Inn - Main Room

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Likely not here to do any form of gambling, but watching people lose large quantities of coin is always entertaining. Fergus' large figure emerges in the doorway before making his way toward a table close enough to the action that he can watch the tears fall, but just a table or two away so he isn't mistaken for wishing to participate. Fergus boots out a chair opposite the one he settles into and props a booted foot upon it, those haunted gray eyes of his glancing about the Inn slowly.

The faint creak of stairs heralds Viviana's arrival into the Main room from the private residences upstairs, dressed in a daring amethyst dress which cuts away from just under her right hip and sweeps diagonally down towards her left ankle leaving most of her right leg bare while also being open in the back. Her feet are adorned with matching sandals with slightly paler purple ribbons wrapping up her calves and she's carrying a soft black leather purse.

The Pravus noblewoman moves over to the bar to murmur to the owner and set out a few coins and the servers set to work bringing around fine wine and cheeses to those gathered as she makes her way over to the large tablet and sets her heft purse down atop it, limbering up her shoulders as if preparing for some great athletic task.

Tehom arrives.

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Tehom arrives.

(OOC) Kieran says: Fergus are you an unce or a cousin?

(OOC) Fergus says: Cousin, likely, as we both share Sherrod as an uncle

(OOC) Fergus says: wait, sherrod is your father

(OOC) Fergus says: was

(OOC) Fergus says: So we're cousins

(OOC) Kieran says: OK!

Kieran dips his head in greeting Fergus as the other Redrain nobleman arrives, "Cousin. You come to lose your coin to me? I would much prefer to take coin rom the other Great Houses instead." The creaking of stairs causes his blue eyes to focus on the noblewoman descending from above. He rises and offers a bow to Viviana, "Hello, My Lady. I am Prince Kieran Redrain. I assume you are the host of the days activities?" He watches her prepare her shoulders for the great physical feat before them.

"..I..I come'nd I go'nd I travel 'round yearrrr, I-I'll gamble your wallet, I'll cut your shoelaces and drink all your beeeeeerrrr..." The figure entering sings under his breath, wavering from left-to-right, a gourd filled with some dark liquor in one hand while The Stick (a hickory staff) is in the other, the floppy black hat of the Greyback covering most of his face while pipesmoke wreathes his figure. "...and do it, with'a smile, that goes ear-to-earrrr..." Balance is seemingly an issue, for Ravna moves with an akward gait that carries him not quite in a straight line -- often using the staff to snap to the floor and stop the inevitable drop of body to floor. He stinks, really, of pipesmoke, wine, sweat, mud, and all the other things that come from the Lower Boroughs.

Glancing to Kieran from where he is settled into a table far enough from the action he had thought it evident he wasn't joining, but leave it to a cousin of his to get confused, those haunted gray eyes show annoyance at Kieran, but then, Fergus's emotions run from annoyed to furious at nearly all times as it is, so that is of no big surprise. "No, I am not going to be gambling, I am here to watch you cry when you lose your coin." Fergus informs Kieran in that growling tone of his. And then Kieran is talking with Viviana and a low whistle comes from the hard-faced veteran champion. His haunted gaze moves then from her to Ravna as he enters, that annoyed look bordering on furious .

Sweeping into the Inn, Valencia purloins a glass of wine from a passing server, bringing it to her lips as she sweeps her dark gaze over the occupants already inside. Dressed in a simple but elegant navy blue silk sheath dress, the Redrain princess wears matching silk slippers awash with a spray of tiny black seed pearls. Glancing about, from Fergus' feet kicked up on a chair to Ravna's unsteady gate, she pauses. "Am I in the right place?" she wonders, sounding somewhat amused. "Or have the Velenosa fallen on hard times of late?" she asks, spotting Viviana and moving to interrupt the other woman's conversation with Kieran.

Viviana stands to dip her own small curtsey to Kieran. "Lady Viviana Pravus your highness. It is good to make your acquaintance." She claims, although there's a faint shadow of displeasure on her features as she scans his northern barbarian garb. "Indeed this is my gathering, nothing like a little gambling to bring out the best and worst in people and show off that the Lyceum are the true masters of fun." She turns when she spots Valencia's approach. "Princess." She greets with a wide grin. "Good of you to make it, it seems most of my relatives are occupied elsewhere. It seems your new family is much more inclined to participate however." She says, inclining her head towards Kieran in meaning before retaking her seat.

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Kieran looks to Fergus and raises an eyebrow, "That's a waste of an afternoon if I ever heard one. You're going to watch people have fun, missing out on it yourself, all in the hopes of watching someone cry who likely won't be crying. We need to get you a hobby...or a woman. Though, those count as hobbies too or a job if you're married." His attention diverts to the sound of singing, and he looks over his shoulder at the door to see Ravna swagger in. His focus turns then to Viviana and Valencia, "Hmmm, with three Northerners here, I am beginning to think maybe we should claim the title of masters of fun."

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"And gambling money is a waste of money." Fergus shrugs those wide shoulders, he doesn't appear as if he truly cares what Kieran thinks of his hobby of waiting for people to hopefully cry over lost silvers. "Yet you are still here gambling, and I am here..." he waves to a serving wench. "...drining ale" With that he orders a tankard and gives a wink to Kieran, leaning his chair onto the back two legs. His eyes fall on Valencia, nodding to her as she walks by.

The look given to Ravna does not chase the Sellsword away, but rather, this Greyback moves from table-to-table, gourd set to lips before his dark eyes shift from person, to person again, from man to woman, slowly leaning forward upon that hickory staff so that he does not fall over, pipe-bowl lit as he inhales slow, and so too will the smoke flow out of Ravna's nostrils, "My, oh my, I forgot to clean my coat." The Greyback even looks down to himself, before brushing tattooed fingers along the cloth, and then looking to Viviana, "What is the entering bargain?"

"You can count on Prince Kieran showing up if there's a hint of a good time on the horizon," Valencia tells Viviana. Fergus earns a polite inclination of her head as she passes by the Redrain royal, taking a seat near her cousin. "Your dress is beautiful, did you gamble away the other half of it?" she asks, her smile so sweet and voice so guileless it might be easy to miss the mean-spirited gleam in her eye as she regards Viviana.

(OOC) Kieran says: Should we switch to 3PR since there are five of us?

Luca arrives.

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Viviana gives Fergus a brief but brilliant smile. "Are you going to introduce me to the cousin with such a vested interest in your misery?" She enquires of Kieran before her expression distinctly sours when Ravna approaches. "A bath." She informs the commoner haughtily when he asks about the buy in, edging slightly away from the not so clean man. Valencia's barb seems to bounce right off her and she just beams at the other woman. "Something like that, just don't tell Uncle Niccolo, I don't want to be sending him to an early grave."

Kieran smirks to Fergus, "It's only a waste of money if you aren't good at gambling and lose. It's money well spent otherwise." He nods in agreement to Valencia, "Good times do have an attractive quality to them." At Viviana's question, he gestures to Fergus. "Fergus. I think there may be a Prince in front of the name, but Fergus tends to suffice. Or Grumpy Guy. That works too." He takes his seat and downs a bit of his ale, before looking to Ravna and nodding in agreement. He may be wearing leathers and /fancy/ pelts, but at least he bathed beforehand. He comments to Viviana about her dress, "You may send more than your uncle to an early grave with all the heart attacks from overexcitement you will be giving us men."

(OOC) Viviana says: And sure on the 3PR.

"She likely donated the rest of her dress for good purpose" Fergus informs his relative at the snide comment. "Or just has the ass-ets to show off some skin, one way or the other, no need to be jealous." Fergus, the fish to flying when it comes to social and courtly means shows his true color as usual. He stands and offers a brief quirk on one side of his scowling mouth. "Lady" The prince greets before then turning to Ravna. "I've smelt foul puddles in the boroughs better than you."

"No promises," Valencia tells Viviana, flashing a dimpled smile. "But as your guest here asked, what is the buy-in?" She touches her purse lightly, as if reassuring herself that its still there, her gaze casting over the motley assortment of participants at the event. "The way it was advertised, I expected something a bit less..." Fergus' feet on the chair draw her eyes again. "Casual." His commentary on her state of envy goes unchecked, perhaps he's right or perhaps she's not particularly bothered, but she does jingle her purse subtly at Viviana. "Sometime today, perhaps?" she suggests dryly.

Dark eyes turn along Viviana, to Fergus, and then each one in turn, smiling still while smoke falls from his mouth -- speaking through the teeth, mostly, while the Greyback keeps leaning, "Oh-ho-ho! Good one, mi'lord, o good one. Your humour is the thing of legend!" The remark given to Viviana-ish, before Ravna settles looking to Fergus, "Fancy convincing this Most Loveliest of Lovelies to let both of us play? Oh, but to lose to one such as You, Mighty Lord, o so would the Lower Boroughs weep, and know their betters." A pause, and Ravna's draws the wine-gourd to his lips once more.

Luca lazily nudges the door shut with the heel of his foot as he makes his way in from the street. He's slouched and got either hand pocketed in his poorly maintained albeit expensive looking silks - he loiters for only the shortest moment before he makes his way over to the large table, "Princess Valencia, and, uh," his eyes flicker between the others gathered, "Everyone else I've yet to meet. Lovely to see you all, I'm Prince Luca Velenosa, would you mind if I joined you?" He says, in a hopeful tone, as he clasps his hands to the back of a vacant chair, "I'll treat us to the first round if we're dirnking." He looks as though he might say more, but he glances askew, attention seemingly focused mainly on Fergus and Ravna with intrest.

"Yes that exactly." Viviana agrees with Fergus immediately. "I donated the rest of the dress to feed a family of starving orphans, who were also blind." She claims. "Really Valencia have a heart, you don't want to be known as being cruel to starving blind orphans." She claims and gives her head a little shake. "No formal buy in, but if you didn't bring at least a hundred knights you're going to be going home early." She pulls out some cards starts to shuffle them before glancing over at Luca's entrance. "Cousin." She greets him and waves him over, "Please do sit, you can help me prove that the lords of the Lyceum are the masters of fun indeed and battle back this evil Northerners." She decides before starting to fan out the cards. "The game is Southport Holdem, two cards each and five on the table, bid or raise as you have the stomach for it and play your cards when the time is called. If you get caught cheating you forfeit your purse, if you don't get caught..." She grins. "Well then it's not really cheating is it?"

Kieran looks to Viviana and snerks, "Valencia, heart?" He chuckles and shakes his head, before rsing as the other prince arrives, giving him a bow of greeting, "Prince Kieran Redrain, Your Highness. It is a pleasure to meet you, and to have another non-Northerner to win money from." He ratkes his seat and waits for Ravna and begins laughing quietly, finding the man at least humorous.

Settling back down into his seat, Fergus props a booted foot back up on the chair he had been lounging said foot on earlier. The northerner takes a drink from his tankard and those haunted eyes move back again to Ravna, the cost of the game being a high one, he looks at the Lower Boroughs scamp curiously, to see what he will do next. Fergus, for his part does not appear as if he has any real desire to push the confrontation.

"My heart is almost as big as my purse, it's not my fault that neither one is impressed by any of you today," Valencia quips, her dimpled smile full of mischief. When Luca arrives and Viviana waves him over, Valencia gestures to a seat beside herself. "Prince Luca, come sit beside me. Everyone is being terribly mean to me of late, won't you say something nice to me?" she asks the rumpled Velenosian royal. Turning to Viviana, she tsks, "Is that why you've gathered us all here? To cheat our coin from us? Well - you can at least find someone to top up my drink first," she says in a world weary tone, brandishing her half-empty wine glass expectantly.

"Your hair looks nice today. Well. It looks nice every day. What I should have said is it looks /particularly/ nice today," Drawls Luca to Valencia in what might be his attempt of saying a nice thing. He smirks slightly at Vivana and Kieran and slips onto a chair in one graceful movement, "I appreciate it. First chance I've really had to relax since arriving in this city," Of course, anyone who knows the man would know this to be utter bullshit. All he does is relax, "Which game are we playing?"

The shifting man with the staff continues to peer over to Fergus for a few seconds longer, and when Viviana speaks to him there is a woefully-mournful sigh, "Alas, me, and my poor self, unable to play with you..." The Sellsword smiles, leaning back some on his staff, "Most Noble." Another second of pondering, before Ravna turns, eyes glinting over new faces and like, "Too rich here for my blood, y'know, I know." Once more the man faces Viviana, to give the simplest tilts of the head.

With a brief wrist gesture Viviana summons a server to come refill Valencia's cup. "Make sure the cups are always full." She informs the server before giving Valencia a sympathetic look for some reason. "You'll figure it out." She tells Luca, and glances over at Ravna with a sigh. "Fine, you can join us, I'm feeling charitable. But sit at the opposite end of the table where we won't have to smell you." She tells him bluntly before deftly dealing out three cards to each player face down and then placing five in the middle face up. She slips a single silver knight out of her purse and places it on the table. "Start the bidding at 1 silver knight, see or raise as you will."

Finishing up his tankard, the scarred veteran Prince stands from his seat with a grunt. "Alas, I am already finding my cousin is correct in saying I need to find a hobby..." A nice way of saying he is bored. The prince pushes his chair back in, grunting at Ravna as the man is allowed to join. "Good luck." This said over his shoulder as he moves to the exit.

(OOC) Fergus says: wife wants to go grocery shopping, im gonna pose out now before

(OOC) Kieran says: OK!

(OOC) Luca waves! :)

(OOC) Fergus waves. Have fun!

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(OOC) Kieran says: Should we roll before bdding?

(OOC) Viviana says: Nah, roll afterwards.

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"I see your knight and I raise you a garrison," Valencia kicks things off, stacking a dozen silver coins atop one another and sliding them forward on the table after barely glancing at her cards. "You barely even looked at my hair," Valencia tells Luca. "But it was a fair attempt," she says with a faint smile, brushing her dark tresses back over one shoulder as she only now takes the time to examine her cards.

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(OOC) Kieran says: Missed anything afte rFergus

Kieran slides a silver coin into the middle of the table, calling Viviana's bet, while he waits for more cards to show. He gives a nod to Fergus as the man moves to depart, before eyeing his cards once more. "What's the rules of this game again?" Yes, he is trying to come off as an easy target.

(OOC) Viviana says: Valencia raised the bet to 13 while you were DC'd.

Viviana will not have to wait long to see The Greyback take his seat at the table, riiiiiiiiight across from her, far end of the table. Just like she ordered. Pipe still lit, The Stick drawn up to his lap and legs crossed on the seat. Fingers reaching into the large coat, and under his shirt, to grasp at a packet of coins - thirteen nicked, slightly-bent silver Knights pulled free and put to the table, before the man takes up his hand of cards and begins to re-arrange them.

(OOC) Viviana says: Can you drop the money you bid btw?

"You can sit here if you'd wanted," Luca says aside to Ravna as he gestures to a vacant chair to the left of him. He seems to be trying to figure out exactly what game they're playing, or what currency they're gambling in, but follows suit by throwing in the same amount of silver everyone else seems to. He says to Valencia, "I'll work on it, in hindsight I regret I commented on that and not your many other winning qualities," He shrugs helplessly at Kieran, "Throw coins into the middle and hope for the best. Usually works for me, apart from when it doesn't, which is.. most of the time, actually."

(OOC) Viviana says: drop 13 silver

(OOC) Viviana says: Sorry, it doesn't echo, who's put what in so far?

(OOC) Luca has!

(OOC) Ravna says: 13 here.

Still studying her cards after having tripled the bet four times over, Valencia glances from Kieran to Luca. "Really, what do you princes do all evening? Even the ladies of Redrain can sit down and play a game of cards without all this high-pitched keening," she teases, laughing as she shakes her head. "Put your money where your mouth is, and your cup as well. This shall be fun," she predicts, taking a sip of her newly-refilled wine glass.

(OOC) Viviana says: Ok, I think Kieran might just be having some connection troubles.

glances across at Valencia as she ups the ante so quickly, but fishes in her purse for another twelve silver to add to the pile. "It's Southport Holdem." She explains. "Double flush beats a straight, beats a flush." She explains as if this was obvious, which it probably is to most familiar with gambling. "Meet your bid and call, anyone else can now raise or call or fold." She explains, "So, have you ever wrestled a bear?" She asks Kieran conversationally.

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(OOC) Kieran says: I am shooting my cable company.

[Repost]Viviana glances across at Valencia as she ups the ante so quickly, but fishes in her purse for another twelve silver to add to the pile. "It's Southport Holdem." She explains. "Double flush beats a straight, beats a flush." She explains as if this was obvious, which it probably is to most familiar with gambling. "Meet your bid and call, anyone else can now raise or call or fold." She explains, "So, have you ever wrestled a bear?" She asks Kieran conversationally.

(OOC) Viviana says: Drop 13 silver if you want to stay in the bid Kieran.

(OOC) Kieran loves how bear wrestling has become a thing. "One off-handed lie about how all Redrain men must wrestle a bear to be an adult, and now it is a thing." :p

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(OOC) Kieran says: This is inexcusable.

(OOC) Kieran says: Fucking dial-up is more stable than this bullshit.

(OOC) Luca says: What's the command to join the game?

(OOC) Valencia says: There isn't one, it's not a coded game.

(OOC) Luca nodnods!

(OOC) Valencia is secretly playing Go-Fish while you all play Poker.

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Kieran watches as the bets grow in size and decides to throw in to join the group in calling. At Viviana's question he nods, continuing the stories he has been telling. "Absolutely. Everyone Redrain man must wrestl a bear as the las tof his trials to becoming a man. Well, wrestle or avoid a bear. It's a five minute trial, basically if you survive being with a bear in nothing but leathers and a knife at hand, you are a man. Though, of course, you at least have to hug it once."

Lady Viviana has cast doubt upon my husband," Valencia tells Kieran as everyone bets. "She doesn't believe that he killed a bear to gain my hand. I'm fairly certain she's just jealous no one has wrestled a bear for her."

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(OOC) Kieran says: Tethering my phone.

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(OOC) Kieran says: I assume I have missed bunches.

(OOC) Viviana says: Just Valencia hatin.

Through the bantering, The Greyback has been listening, slowly smoking the pipe stuck in his teeth. Drinking only from the gourd he carries, cards glanced at while Princess, Lady, Lord or Prince is looked at as names are spoken. The last bit causing the rabble to lean forward onto the table, staring at Viviana for a moment, before looking to Valencia. Eyes droopy from drink, and that smile growing across his face, "Me, in all of my foulness, I would get the most dangerous of creatures to drink with me, just for a little bit of her favor." The staff-wielding Greyback leans back a little, then to the left, nearly toppling out of the chair.

"That's amazing," Luca says to Kieran as he slouches foward and rests either elbow atop his knee, "I'd actually wanted to keep a pet bear at some stage. Once that happens, I'd be more than happy to let any who need to pass their trial of manhood in with it." the southern lord offers all too cheerily, "Means alot less time spent tracking and walking."

(OOC) Ravna rubs his hands together.

"That's very impressive." Viviana tells Kieran. "Isn't that very impressive Prince Luca?" She asks the other man. "Why you should duel Luca here Prince Kieran." She decides, "I mean I'm sure you wouldn't find the Velenosian champion that much of a challenge after defeating a -bear- but it would likely make for an engaging evening for the rest of us." She decides, finally playing her cards when nobody raises any more. "Straight blades, eight high."

Kieran flips over his cards to show his hand to those at the table now that the bidding has closed. "Again, five minutes. You just have to survive. Note the same as a duel." He looks over at Valencia as she shows a better hand than his. "And part of the trial is the tracking. There is also the building of comraderie between the one wrestling and the other men with him."

Arianwen arrives.

(OOC) Arianwen peeks in.

(OOC) Viviana says: Hihi.

(OOC) Arianwen ooh's at event logging. Snazzy ^^

(OOC) Viviana says: Yeah, feel free to join us. I don't know if Arianwen would likely be a player but maybe as a server brought on as extra staff? Up to you.

(OOC) Ravna steps onto his balcony for a smoke while ya'll write.

(OOC) Arianwen hmmms. Possibly a server! But yeah, there's little chance poor Ari can afford to buy in XD

Displaying a hand as perfect as her hair, Valencia smiles ever so sweetly. "Well, would you look at that," she murmurs. "I won this hand. And unfortunately, I've got to be going now, I completely forgot that Prince Angus and I are meant to work on ration logistics this evening." Setting her hand down for all to see, she turns to Valencia. "I'd like to donate my winnings to a 'Bathing before joining polite company' fund in the Lyceum ward," she pronounces with a dimpled smile as she rises gracefully from her seat.

(OOC) Ravna cackles.

"I suppose I can set that up." Viviana muses as she scoops up Valencia's winnings for her and then flips a single silver over towards Ravna. "Congratulations, you're the first recipient of the new Lyceum fund." She informs him and smiles up at Valencia as she stands. "Thank you for coming princess, all the best with your logistics." She says before looking back to the others. "Another hand?"

Viviana picks up coins.

Luca flips over his hand and has the worst hand out of everyone. He doesn't seem all that bothered by it, though, as he leans back in his chair, "Mm, yeah, I'm up for another," he says to Vivana as he chews at the inside of a cheek thoughtfully, pointedly not commenting on the prospect of dueling, and languidly lifts a hand to Valencia in a half-hearted wave, "God keep you."

Kieran dips his head to Valencia as the woman rises to leave. 'Take care, Princess Valencia." He toses his cards into the middle, "I can continue for a bit. I haven't made any other plans." The redhaired prince takes another swig of his tankard as he waits for the dealer to shuffle once more.

Viviana quickly shuffles and deals out the cards again. "Alright, feeling lucky, lets start this off at twenty knights." She declares, dropping twenty new silver pieces onto the table. Ravna's not so clean coins notably among them.

Viviana drops coins worth 20.0 silver.

Wiggling her fingers, Valencia sweeps out of the Inn. "May the Faith watch over and guide you all," she says in farewell.

(OOC) Kieran says: See you!

Luca drops coins worth 20.0 silver.

Kieran drops coins worth 20.0 silver.

(OOC) Valencia says: Thanks for the RP everyone, I may or may not have food poisoning & I'm all dizzy now. :(

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(OOC) Luca waves! Get better soon! <3

(OOC) Kieran eyes viviana's...thing?

(OOC) Kieran says: It's blank and I do not know what it is.

(OOC) Kieran says: Minds out of the gutter, people.

(OOC) Viviana says: I'm mostly just testing it, it's a thing saying I've done an RP thing to improve my social standing and asking if you agree basically, the thing being the card game. What did it echo to you?

(OOC) Luca says: Viviana has asked you to support them in their task:

Has performed a social task of some kind. This is a placeholder for testing, and will be changed/detailed later.

(OOC) Viviana says: Ahh, it's help +support for how that works.

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Kieran pushes 20 out into the middle table, happy to call whatever people will throw in the middle. "Feeling lucky? I never feel lucky, so I guess that means I am always lucky." He looks then to Luca and Ravna to see if they are in or not.

Luca languidly tosses some coins into the middle of the table and waits for his cards to be delt, "Alright," He drawls, "Twenty knights," Then he wonders to Vivana in a conversational sort of tone, "How are you finding the city? My understanding is you, too, only arrived not too long ago."

Ravna has entered the game.

(OOC) Ravna says: Sorry about that.

"I'll call." Viviana decides, glancing around at the others to see if they'd rather raise further. "I don't mind it." She tells Luca. "It's not quite like home, a lot more conservative really but that's not so bad, just get to scandalize more people. And I'm keeping busy with my duties as Voice for Pravus. What about yourself? Met any new exciting people?"

As Valencia departs, Arianwen arrives. Stalking someone? Of course she's not stalking someone! It's not like she noticed Kieran gallivanting towards the Lyceum ward and decided to see what he's up to. And the gods forbid if she ran home and then back, in order to make herself more presentable for the finer folk of the city! No, nobody's stalking nobody. And when Ari shuffles into the Hundred Cities Inn, she just so happens to look her best and brightest. Wearing that pretty stiff blue bodice over a ruffled low-cut and short-sleeved blouse, her flower-embroidered brown skirt extends towards her knees to veil the white fabric of loosely knit socks. Brown slippers adorn her feet, and her long brown-blonde hair flows freely down her back. Throwing on a bit of kohl around her eyes and staining her lips a carnation pink was just a fortunate addition, obviously. In any case, when uncanny starry eyes flicker up past long lashes at a certain Redrain Lord, it is with complete surprise, "oh, Prince Kieran. You're here too?" Pinching her skirts, she gives an unpracticed curtsy towards the table at large, "m'Lords. M'Ladies."

(OOC) Arianwen wears:

A single Knight caught as it is flipped from Viviana, "Hee," Is the only word, or sound really, given from the drunkard. Holding it between his fingers, placing it into a completely seperate pocket than that which he draws the Drunkard's Gambling Fund from.

Twenty-Two Knights then dropped down to bet. "Raise two."

Ravna drops coins worth 22.0 silver.

Viviana drops coins worth 2.0 silver.

Kieran drops coins worth 2.0 silver.

"I've met you," Luca says to Vivana with a rakish smirk, "It's-- eh. Different. Took some time getting used to. Not getting lost any more, so I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself," He looks as though he's about to say more - but he suspiciously eyes Ravna as he catches the knight - but doesn't comment on it as he instead glances over a shoulder to to Ariawen, "Hello, er, you. We're just starting a hand if you'd wanted to join us," He offers with a lazy gesture to a vacant gesture at a vacant chair by their table. In response to the raise, he digs around on the inside of a pocket and tosses two more silver pieces into the middle.

Luca drops coins worth 2.0 silver.

(OOC) Ravna snickerfits.

(OOC) Ravna says: My pose, then?

Kieran looks to the door as he is addressed and blinks at Arianwen. He smiles and gives her a nod. "Yes, I am. How have you been Arianwen?" He turns over his cards to show a hand that just barely overcomes Viviana's. Now time to see if Ravna has him beat. "What brings up here?"

Viviana lays out her cards. "Crown pair, knight high." She claims and then scowls faintly when Kieran's hand is just slightly better than her own. "Do you have any plans for what you're going to do in the city now you can navigate it?"

"Oh, I don't know if I brought a purse large enough to buy in, m'Lord." Ari sighs forlornly towards Luca at that. "But I'd be happy to at least watch and learn. I'm no expert on games of gambling, besides." In any case, she does indeed take the offered seat, looking over the table with obvious interest. Hearing Kieran's words, she replies, "quite well. The day has been unusually pleasant for I." In a casual shrug, she adds, "after visiting the Unkindness over in the Lower Boroughs the other night, I realized something. It would be in my best interests to check out the other inns and taverns. Perhaps I might learn something useful to bring back home." A light grin, indicating the cards, "for instance, card games."

Dark eyes had barely been open, rather almost shut, slinging from one woman's tits, to another's. Lady, or Waif. The pipe goes out, and with the last bit of smoke-laden breath, the drunk Greyback spreads his hand across to each player might see it. Oh, the most gleefull smile spreads across his face, as tattooed hands - now empty of cards - reach for the pile of Knights, and the head turns towards Arianwen. "OH! Such a Lucky creature you are! You, you can sit next to -me-, once you bring me one of those sweets these," The eyes flit to Viviana, specifically, "Most Noble, like to treat themselves to. If'n you do not mind. Of course you don't, no."

Ravna picks up coins.

"Try to look busy so my uncle doesn't get mad at me," Luca supposes to Vivana with a helpless shrug, once again flipping over his hand only to reveal that he has the worst, "That's.. the thing about being a duelist. It's mostly sitting around and waiting to hear news of someone offending someone else enough that they feel that swords need to be drawn over it," The next bit is addressed to the table in general, "What about you? Got any plans?"

He nods at Ravna approvingly, "Nice."

Belladonna arrives.

(OOC) Arianwen says: those sweets? Is there candy on the table somewhere? XD

Kieran nods as he waits for the dealer to shuffle the cards, "Rule the Compact. Until then, I think I will drink, flirt, and make a nuisance of myself." Awesome plan for acocplishing his goal. He downs the rest of his ale and waves to a servant for another, before looking to Arianwen. "That's right. You didn't have any cards available at your bar."

Viviana's eyebrows raise dramatically when she spots the near perfect hand Ravna lays out. "Well, I suppose there's nothing like the luck of the commoner." She decides, "You really are quite terrible at this you know." She mentions in a friendly manner to Luca. "You could always try going out and doing the offending yourself, that's usually my plan. Not that I've dueled anyone in Arx yet, I'm usually too drunk or too hung over to make much of a show of it." She admits easily. "But the wrath of Niccolo is a thing worth avoiding, he has quite the glower doesn't he?" She says with a smile. "In any case, I actually need to be going, do feel free to continue on without me though and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves."

(OOC) Viviana says: Got work tomorrow and it's getting late here :( Thanks for coming though guys.

(OOC) Ravna says: It was lovely, and I think the @check commands are beginning to make sense to me.

(OOC) Kieran says: No problem!

(OOC) Kieran says: Sleep well!

Tnk. Tnk. TnkTnkTnkTnkTnk.

"I..I'ma need a bigger purse. Th..the last time I saw this much silver in one pile, was right before this Shav's tits came out and -" Dark eyes lift up to peer at the table he shares, and The Greyback pauses, smiles, and quietly pours the rest of the coins into every pocket he has. Then drains the gourd of his wine, given over to a fit of laughter that rolls from his toes, to his blushing nose.

As luck would have it, Arianwen ultimately found a seat between Kieran and Ravna. Hearing the latter's mention of sweets, she arches her brow inquisitively and asks, "happpy to, m'Lord. So soon as I find meself these sweets you desire, they're yours." Glancing towards Luca in wonder, she says, "you're a duelist, m'Lord? I only just met another of your ilk at the Unkindness. Rude man, was he. Quite unlike yourself, I'm sure." Chuckling softly, she replies to Kieran with, "oh? I didn't realize you had ambitions for the throne?" Either way, she nods her head, "cards indeed. If'n I can buy some, mayhaps you'll be seein' a pile o' cards awaiting when next you're at the Crow." Then a blink starry eyes flickering Viviana's way, "two duelists at one table? Oh my. It's a wonder we have yet to see the pair o' you fight." Hearing Viviana has to leave however, she bows her head in farewell, "perhaps we'll meet again, m'Lady." Upon hearing the sound of laughter, she soon chuckles companionably, "sounds like a story o' the ages to be told."

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