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Redrain Office Hours

Open only to those with sworn allegiance to Redrain. Come bring your questions, quick issues for resolution, or just hang out for the drinks. Completely informal, come and go as you please. Sensitive topics should be brought up by private appointment outside this meeting. (Reposting because I initially made it private it and it was broken and UGH. THIS IS THE LAST TIME, WITH FEELING.)


Jan. 23, 2017, 9 p.m.

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Julea(RIP) Nadia(RIP) Khanne Anze(RIP) Signe Kieran Asger(RIP) Sigurd Mydas(RIP)



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Redrain Villa - Great Hall

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Kieran grins as his lack of combat skill is noted and takes a swig of his tankard, nodding to Julea, "Ahhh, insolvable problems. Those are the best. Deva should appreciate that." He chuckles a bit, then looks to Mydas, "Well, here's to you finding some questions!" He downs a bit more of his tankard.

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Arriving right on time, Deva strolls in with some blank books under her arm, ready to take notes. Hopefully. "Evening, everyone," she greets with a smile. The hall has been prepared for a casual meeting, with plenty of comfortable seats to go around. There are refreshments available too, from stiff whiskey to trays of fruit. "Might be quick if no one has incredibly hair-ripping issues to deal with. Other than battle. Which I ask that you save those questions for the OTHER meeting in a few days." Then she breathes a sigh. "Too many meetings. Anyway!" With a light shrug of both shoulders, she strides over to claim a seat near a table and ready her quill. "Who wants to go first?"

    Julea is quiet for a time, and then eventually she lifts her right hand up slowly, "Perhaps an update on where things are at with regards the Crown and the Faith, and the Regent Council, and what we can expect over the coming few weeks? Especially given the much bigger picture and the threat that we face, it seems something that needs to be quashed sooner rather than later, before we lose more of our people."

"Ah yes, more than three months ago, yes?" Mydas smiles, though with his eyes, the expression has a slight edge. "Quite a while, to still speak of the event." he says, dismissing the subject in favour of his own inexperience. "There's still a few of us here and there." he remarks. He nods to Kieran, the edge fading. "Hopefully, or I fear Princess Deva will be quite bored indeed." And there she comes, expecting questions. How unfortunate. "Well... One does come to mind." Mydas says at last, louder, that Deva might hear. "What's to be done with the chaos of Shavs currently rampaging in the North? Is there any precise plan on the matter? What will be its effect? I ask both as a northman, and a trader."

Kieran smirks as Mydas and Julea talk over each other, and takes a long swig of his tankard, as he looks to his sister to see how she juggles these questions. After swallowing, he decides to take on his own, because why not? "Battle? What battle?"

Nadia isn't far behind Deva, slipping in with a ruddied nose and flushed complexion. A masculine tunic with sleeves rolled up toward her elbows, simple leather leggings and boots are her choice of wear, with little more than a hair-clip tasked with keeping her mass of blushed-blonde curls in some semblance of a neat bun as she slinks toward a couch, a warm smile offered toward everyone. "Evening," she murmurs, dropping into a seat with a muffled grunt.

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Sigurd strides into the room quietly, helmet tucked under his arm and dressed in his usual leathers. He peers around and, seeing Deva already engaged, shrugs and begins to make his way toward the nearest available surface to lean against, passing a little nod to any who look his direction with a sort of casual politeness and warmth.

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"An update? That's very, ah, general," Deva rubs a hand against her cheek. "You've heard all the announcements to come from the last regent council meeting, I'm sure. I won't put words into anyone's mouth, and there is not much more information I can provide. I understand that another assembly should be scheduled soon, so I'd expect that in the coming weeks. Maybe even the next week." There's a crisp nod for Julea. "I realize that answer may feel lacking. There is simply just no further information I am privvy to that I can share at this time." Her head tilts to the side a bit, as if loosening a frustrating tension there. "Shavs rampaging? Our men posted along the borders will continue to patrol, but if anything many of the shav numbers have been thinning in our borders." The edge of her pen taps against the parchment as she responds to Mydas' question. Kieran's words make her wrinkle her nose. "Bringers, Kieran. Bringers. We are assembling to assist the Crownlands in destroying them."

Tempest, Atila arrive, following Signe.

    "Just.. needs to be resolved soon, or more of our people will get turned into Bringers and the army that we have to fight gets bigger and bigger by the day. We're losing on both ends of the battle." Julea's brow creases and there's a brief moment where she side-eye-squints at Mydas, before her attention goes back to Deva and she gives the woman a nod. "I will, of course, be happy to fight as needed against the Bringers."

Mydas nods, accepting the answer. He takes notice of his cousin Nadia entering, and then his siblings. "Excuse me." he murmurs to his current companions, and heads over towards Sigurd. "Speaking of the Bringers and our assistance on the matter, is our assistance purely military or will it involve supplies and logistics as well?" he asks once he stands beside his brother, and afterwards murmurs something to him.

Khanne walks in a little late, looking tired, but more casually dressed than she has been as of late. She looks around at the talk of Bringers, speaking up, "we are fighting them, and beating them. We are healing the blights. We are making a difference... I do hope you all know that."

Kieran goes back to being quiet as Julea and Mydas take the lead on flooding Deva with questions. He simply watches his sister for now, enjoying his mead, as his sibling maneuvers the onslaught.

Nadia remains content to merely absorb the conversations around her, though one might believe she's dozing the way her head sort of tucks against Kieran's shoulder. Her arms fold over her front, one eye barely kept peeled open to keep track of who asks what.

Sigurd peers at Mydas. Then he turns to Julea and looks at her for a moment, squinting as if to remember something. Then he snorts. "Oh my word brother, is she /still/ going on about that spar from 3 months ago, like it's some meaningful thing and not an excuse for her to feel better about her life?" He snickers, shaking his head as he then tells his brother, "Don't worry about it. She's one person. I lose. I win. If she's saying I'm not a warrior, she's a fucking idiot." He then turns back to the others. He didn't speak hugely loudly, but more than enough to be heard. He listens to the talk from Deva and Mydas otherwise and the others. "The suggestion was to get the Inquisition and the Iron Guard involved to curtail the turning from the city ranks, and to try and proceed with the plans to scout out and eliminate the Bringers as swiftly as possible, last I heard."

    "I haven't yet had the chance to join in that fight.. but at the current rate, they grow in numbers from our own, much faster than we are destroying them." There's a pause and then Julea looks towards Khanne, "I had not heard anything on the blight being healed, can you expand on that? That is good news if that is the case." And then Sigurd speaks and Julea stares at him, and eventually pushes up to her feet. "This fucking idiot has better things to do." And with that, she begins to move for the door.

With a nimbleness in her landing, Signe's face peeks through the open door. A grin stretching from ear to ear displays her pearly whites upon sighting Sigurd in the room, along with some other faces she is obviously fond of, but it fades with each hammering of military talk, logistics, and whatnot.

The bright-eyed Atila is next to show, planting his furry bottom right in the middle of the doorway instead of his mistress who had chosen to be only half there. Behind him, Tempest saunters without a care in the world, only passing by the entrance with a lazily sweeping gaze before he disappears behind the other wall.

"I agree," Deva tells Julea. "There's no swift answer to it, as much as it requires swift action. People are angry, and they have every right to be. Their concerns must be addressed, and their passions directed in a different path." Her expression softens into a small smile. "We'll need all the willing arms we can muster; I hope you can attend the coordination session." Her fingers twist at the end of her pen between notations. "The supplies to Bastion are strained. I am most certain that aid of supplies will be needed," she adds for Mydas, gesturing toward him with an upturned palm. She greets Khanne with a bow of her head. "I'm glad to hear that. Was there anything you wished to share? I'm most eager to hear that news."

Deva also nods to Sigurd, confirming his latter words regarding the plan.

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Sigurd turns slightly to Khanne and Signe, smiling warmly to both as he calls out to them, "Khanne, sister, a pleasure as always. Especially you, sis, good to see you up and about again." If he pays any mind to Julea leaving, he doesn't show it, turning back to Deva and nodding firmly to her. Then attention centers on Khanne for her part in the discussion.

"I will, of course, be more than willing to help in whatever way is required." Mydas answers Deva. "Supplies and logistics, I can do. Just don't ask me to lead the charge, if we intend to win the day." he grins, jesting.

Kieran looks to Khanne and waves to her, before reaising an eyebrow at her statement of blights being healed. Then Julea is rising to head off. "Take care, Julea!" As his eyes follow the blacksmith, he notices Signe and offers a wave of greeting to her as well. "Welcome back, Lady Signe." His attention is snagged finally by Nadia who has decided he makes a comfortable pillow for some reason. "Comfy?"

Khanne opens her mouth to begin to answer Julea as she asks her to expand, but then the woman pushes to her feet and starts to walk towards the door. She blinks a bit, looking and listening to the others then giving her attention to Deva. "There is much I could share. I have been working closely with other shamans and scholars of the Faith as well, non stop, really. It's why I am always late and always busy. We have made strides to heal that which we have found. The last word I received on the Demonic Corruption is that the ritual offering I did, along with the prayer Cassius spoke and some other tests... are thriving. The land is healing. The mutated shavs are disappearing." She speaks passionately but calms herself before she gets too far ahead. "I am planning a return trip to verify this all myself, but... I myself have heard the whispers, that it is Safe."

Deva doesn't seem to notice the veritable menagerie that has assembled in the hall. With as many creatures roaming Redrain Villa as they do, it's another day ending in 'y'. Snapping a glare up, in general, "No takling shit about each other right now," she takes on the most formal tone she can manage.

Sigurd blinks, looking taken aback by Khanne's words. "That's...That's fantastic work, Khanne!" He remarks with a broad, happy smile. "I have been so looking forward to hearing about the effects of Shamanism on these horrors in front of us, that hearing of success, even initial success, makes my damn night." He is positively gleeful. He turns to Deva at her words and bobs an easy nod. "Apologies, Princess. Minor annoyance." He then turns back to Khanne. "So you need any support for your trip?"

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Signe's grin is halfway down but Sigurd's voice brings it to remain on the halfway mark, stretching in an awkward horizontal rather than the typical upward curve. She gives him a trying-to-be-inconscpicuous wave by curling four fingers down thrice before pointing at the floor and mouthing 'Should I go or do I have to stay?' Alas, when Kieran decides to make her presence a confirmed matter by greeting her as such, she licks her lips hastily and straightens up, finally revealing the entirety of her lithe frame before she curtsies a bit too quickly. Only because she was caught off-guard. Probably.

While the direwolf Tempest has decided to take a stroll on his own around the other limbs of the Hall, Atila the husky remains in his self-important pedestal, sniffing at the fawn as it passes him by. Mostly, he just watches and observes. As if he could understand much.

Deva folds her hands together, leaning back to listen to Khanne's words. "That's spectacular news, Khanne. That's-- an amazing relief, actually." And for the first time, she smiles -wide-. "This means that the damage can be fixed. Healed. If you need anything to continue this, just say the word," she tells the Halfshav shaman solemnly. There's a sharp look for Sigurd. "Don't apologize to me, apologize to her," she gestures toward Julea.

Mydas looks at Khanne curiously. "So... it took the combination of shamanism and the Faith to heal this corruption? Is that correct?"

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Sigurd glances aside to Julea after Deva's words, considers for a moment, then tells her, "I apologize for saying those words here. An inappropriate place to speak them." He bows his head, seeming to be earnest enough on that before he centers his attention back to the matter at hand, after a glance to Deva as if to confirm he did apologize. He nods in support of Mydas' point. "Or was it simply your ritual? Have you done any testing in that regard?"

Sigurd then turns to Signe and snorts, motioning her further into the room. "You've been sick, you should stick around and learn a few things, sister. Relax on a couch, let the wolf do what he does, and listen."

    Julea, having pushed up to her feet, her stance stiff, sets the old tricorn hat on her head, pulling it down over her right eye. There's a dip in her head to Deva, and then to Kieran, before she grabs up her pack. "The only other news I was hoping to share was on the studies into the use blessed weapons, in that they are very effective against the Bringers and I am working on producing more. But it is a tricky and somewhat dangerous process. For those that are curious, my forge is always open." She glances to Sigurd, and adds. "I had assumed my return was welcome, but it seems I was wrong."

Nadia rises out of her seat and smooths a hand down her wrinkled tunic with a grimace. It is only just then that she takes notice of her cousins in attendance after some moments of trying to catch up. "That's -really- good news," she pipes up to Khanne quietly amidst everyone else's celebratory responses. "If there's anything we can do, even if it's just sending a few men to provide protection for you all or my taking up a topic to research on your effort's behalf, just let me know and it's yours," she offers in genuine warmth, relieved even for the good news. Her gaze shifts toward Julea then, when she hears her words, "In the next day or so, Julea, I'd like to come and learn of it, if that's alright."

Kieran looks between Julea and Sigurd, then asks of the departing woman. "Blessed weapons? You can produce weaponry that is permantly capable of harming the Bringers rather than just the use of holy water and other such substances?"

Sigurd flicks a glance to Julea, and very politely says, "And I assumed that slandering me was something a polite person would avoid doing, especially to my own family. More than once. Over a period of months. I have no issue with you, Julea, but if you keep saying these things, I'm going to respond with my opinion. But again, this is not the proper place." He bows then to Julea and asks of her, "What the others asked, I would be very happy to learn of such weapons, of course."

Khanne looks to Sigurd and says, "I will let you know. I have been working with many of the Greenmarchers, and the Telmar. I have a meeting to happen... soon, to plan the return and discuss what form of attack we might take. Word is that it is safe, but... I am leery, but hopeful. I had planned to bring soldiers enough to keep me safe so I could cleanse the trees, but.. I no longer know if that is needed." She nods to Deva and says, "I will, for certain. But yes.. I knew in my heart of hearts it could be. That is why I spoke up at that meeting the other day..." Looking at Mydas she says, "I do not know. I know there was a miracle when Cassius prayed, and I know that the area around where I left my offerings is verdant once more... Well, have been told. I am still wanting to see with my own eyes. It is the belief of myself and many others though, that yes, we should work together, across lines, to solve these issues."

"I really don't have the time for petty bullshit," Deva's arms cross, and she slumps back into her chair for a moment as she averts her gaze to the ceiling and takes a deep breath. "So keep some bloody civility for an hour. Please." Leaving it at that, she spins the pen between her fingers, moving restlessly while trying to keep productive conversation moving forward. "That's good to know, about blessed weapons. That information will prove critical as we move west and encounter them in larger packs. You know who to raise word to if you need additional support in your research." Her head cranes to the side as she focuses her attention almost solely on Khanne, listening attentively. "I'm glad you did, Khanne. We need some good news right now. Hope. Putting aside the ego to get shit done so we don't all drown in the chaos."

"If cooperation between shamans and true followers of the Gods can lead to such results, then it's even more imperative that we end this breach between us." Mydas remarks after hearing Khanne's explanations. "Divided we may fall, but united... it seems we have a chance, a great chance, if the success isn't merely temporary. Thank you, milady, for your efforts. I hope for us all that they're lasting."

Kieran looks between Julea and Sigurd some more, before looking to his sister. When she shows her loss of patient, he turns his attention back to them and booms out, "HEY!!" He then says in his normal voice, "Deva said to stop it. If you can't, then leave."

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True enough, Signe still bears the remnants of pallour that illness brings, though the soft rosy hues of health and glow of youthfulness have been gradually returning to her. Sigurd's words bring a quiet sigh from her lips, but she is quick to snap her posture into place and attempt a respectable glide to where he sits. Only if there is space, however. Once she is in full view of the rest of the participants, she gives a more distinct curtsy, as measured as one so practiced, before greeting in a gentle tone with her warm brown irises skimming the respective faces, "My lords and ladies. Your Highness." Once this is finished though, she more quickly shuffles to a seat somewhere she might be asked the least number of questions. Not quite the back row but behind the front ones, for sure.

    Julea is a few steps closer to the door when her steps pause, and she turns back towards Kieran and after a moment she dips her head to him. "Yes, and we've run some tests, it.. well, sets them on fire. It just.. takes a lot to do so. It's not.. I can't mass produce them. Each time I try...." She pauses then, her brow creasing as she struggles to find the right words. "It hurts. It is dangerous. We're still.. figuring it out." Her body remains stiff, but she doesn't yet offer any kind of retaliating words to Sigurd, she is just a smith after all.

Sigurd listens to deva and bows his head firmly, looking suitably chastised. "Of course, Princess. Apologies for my temper getting the best of me." He then turns to peer at Kieran with a raised eyebrow for a moment, but then smiles faintly and bows his head. "I am quite done, I assure you." He then turns back to the others, especially Mydas. "I agree with my brother on this issue. But how do we convince them to do that when our High Lord has been excommunicated? So many of us seem to not much care about this, including some higher ups in the nobility. How do we change this?" He then turns to Julea, and frowns slightly, looking concerned. "For all my words, I most definitely don't want you killing yourself. How does it hurt? Is there anything we can do to aid the process? Such weapons might be essential to this coming war."

Khanne nods again to Deva. "There's been a lot of research as well. Tools and weapons that seem useful. Fire... holy water.. prayer... among other things, in fighting the beings of all sorts. They are different, mind you... some are handled in different ways, but there is information being gathered, meetings of scholars I pushed myself into." She shrugs and says, "I will not be excluded because I am of a different belief. Just so happens, some people realize I might actually have input." She smirks a bit and says, "I really must say that the Valardins have been hugely supportive of my work, from Prince Edain on down." She looks around and says, "I know we are not all of the same faith either, but again... I think it is important for the beliefs to mingle in thought and learn from one another. Its rather amazing what has been happening.... open minds... endless opportunities."

Khanne is totally ignoring the chaos of the squabbling. She's too tired for that.

Kieran nods once as the bickering dies down and, seeing that he now has an open couch, he stretches out out on it, dangling once leg over the edge and propping his back against the arm rest. He takes another swig of his ale, and remains quiet as people begin conversing on the topics at hand.

Deva holds a hand with her palm turned toward the ground in Kieran's general direction. She nods once, and says nothing further. "It sets the bringers on fire?" Boy, does she sound excited to hear that. Perhaps no surprise, considering the very prominent tattoo of flame that encircles her wrist. "Excellent. Perhaps we can assign some other curious souls to help." Enthused, she straightens in her seat then, still idly clutching her pen between scribbled notes. "Cooperation is key. Pride means nothing when burnt to the ground alone."

For a moment, Atila pulls his ears back and darts deep brown eyes across the Hall. He only relaxes once he spies Signe seated over yonder, a distance a bit too far for his liking. Lifting his nose high, he lets out a sound mooing that's admittably more like a complaint than the usual howl. He gives his forelegs a little stretch, as with his hind ones, before trotting over to Signe's side, deciding that her feet might very well be the best pillows in the world.

"On the subject of cooperation, House Nightgold, along with other supporters, have worked on a plan to gather more allies." Mydas says, following immediately on what was spoken by Deva. "That we seek cooperation with the Shavs still unaligned, who have yet to join the Bringers. We propose that we seek them out and offer them an alliance, as equals, rather than vassals or inferiors. That in the face of such a threat, we propose we stand together, and st aside our pride and the need to claim overlordship over the tribes that remain."

Nadia looks as though she might speak toward Sigurd when he mentions the issue of the excommunication, but decides against it. Instead, she moves to pour herself a glass of whisky and takes a few sips with a grimace tugging at her features. When Mydas speaks of their plan, she stays quiet through that as well, content to let her family do the talking.

    "We're still figuring it all out. But yes, so far it looks very promising." There's a pause and Julea considers first Sigurd's words and then Deva's, "I am to understand it is a retaliation each time we try to. I do not think it will kill me. And if it works there might be ways we can prevent the backlash. But yes, still working it all out. I should have more on it in a week." She turns a touch more, and then asks of Deva. "Has Ianthe approached the council as yet with her request?"

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Anze enters quickly, scanning the room, and moves to Khanne to mutter something to her.

Sigurd nods a couple times to Mydas in support of his brother's words. "Of course, that is still in the initial planning stages, one of the things I was going to bring up with you after this, Deva. But of course, if it works, it would deprive the Bringers of new 'fuel', as well as swelling our own ranks. Of course, there are security and political concerns, but as my brother just pointed out, we consider they will be worth the risk."

"Good. I pray we can reach friendly ears," Deva nods eagerly to Mydas, obviously pleased to hear that considering the smile that lights up her face. As for Julea's question, she leans back to think for a moment. "I do not believe she has at this time. She may be approaching the lords separately, but I am unaware of any contact at this time." There's a nod for Anze as he arrives. "Anything else for the general room? If not, I shall draw this meeting to a close."

Khanne looks aside to Anze, murmuring something softly in return to him.

    "At the moment the Bringers fuel is our own people." Julea points out after a moment following Sigurd's words. "They're recruiting in the boroughs. And they're leaving in mass to join them."

Anze mutters something under his breath and nods to Khanne before darting back out of the room

Gustaf leaves, following Anze.

"It's still in the planning stages, as my brother mentioned, but we hope to soon put it in action, once we've prepared our initiative as best as it can be." Mydas nods to Deva. "We will, of course, keep those interested in the progress informed." And he later shakes his head at the question. "I have no more questions."

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Sigurd bobs his head to Julea with a frown, although not for her, from his tone. "Hence why we are trying to get the Inquisition and Iron Guard involved, last I heard from Gabriel and Minister Calypso. We /are/ working on it, at least from the last meeting I had. When more information is available, I am certain it will be let out."

The discussion just isn't sinking in with Signe, but no one would know that. At least, no one who hadn't been keenly observing her wandering spheres and the occasional tickle she gives the husky on her feet. No doubt her sickness has put her out of the loop but she visibly tries to remain focused, attempting to garner the happenings with squints and cants of her head every so often.

Sigurd then shakes his head slightly. "Nothing more for this meeting."

    "If the Inqusiition and the Iron Guard strong arm, then they will make the situation worse. I can help in this. Particularly as I brought the information to light, if in turn it is acted on inappropriately and without even keeping me in the loop as one of the Common councilors, then my position is kind of pointless. And I will be considerably less likely to do so again, for fear of making things worse." Julea brings her hands together in front of her, gloved fingers glacning and her grip noticably tense.

Coincidentally, Tempest agrees with Julea by releasing another characteristic yawn, though it sounds vaguely like a 'Nooo-o-oo' and ends with him smacking his lips, placing his head back down on the floor.

Coincidentally, Atila agrees with Julea by releasing another characteristic yawn, though it sounds vaguely like a 'Nooo-o-oo' and ends with him smacking his lips, placing his head back down on the floor. (EDIT: NOT TEMPEST)

    Nadia might as well be just as sick as Signe, the way she only catches bits and pieces as they come, but is still doing a lot better than she is by far. A touch of approval flickers of her features as Mydas and Sigurd handle the representation quite spectacularly. She straightens a bit, looking about herself before making a delicate motion of excusal for herself before starting toward the doors. "The best thing anyone could do, Julea, is to inform those people and give them hope. The White Stewards' recruitment only works if their fears of the unknown, and desire to be anything but helpless and attacked, can be aimed at the wrong thing. Take that away, and the chances of them recruiting successfully are lowered because they can't be lied to."

Sigurd lifts a hand to his face, rubbing at it quietly after Julea's words. "Please come off the horse, Julea. I am not in charge of informing you of the plans, not even close. And if I had known you were out of the loop? I would have recommended putting you in it. I haven't even informed /Deva/ of this, and she is my direct superior. We literally /just/ had the meeting. I am, of course, open to any and all suggestions, as are most of the rest, I am certain."

Sigurd blinks, then adds, "Did you just say you wouldn't tell us about Bringer recruitment in the future, if we didn't consult you?"

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Deva fusses with her paperwork, closing her now not-so-blank book. "Excellent. I look forward to hearing the details," she nods to Mydas, firmly so. "Anyone else?" Her gaze skips around the room from face to face. There's a wave as Nadia begins to sweep away, and a nod of agreement for the woman's words. "Thank you all for coming," she says, rising from her seat. "Don't hesitate to contact me through messenger if you have any further concerns or questions."

Kieran yawns from his spot on the couch as the bickering returns. That didn't last long. Oh well. He looks over at sickly Nadia, somewhat sickly Signe and the sleepy Atila. "I think quite a few of us need naps."

Asger slips in to stand by the door, watching for a moment before he slips out again

Diddanwch the Pine Marten leaves, following Asger.

Nadia pauses alongside Julea for a moment. "If you'd like help in devising a way to help the Lower Boroughs, I have some ideas that you could present to the Common Council for them to decide on. I'll write to you a few of them, and we can go from there," she suggests, softly, the option entirely up to the weaponsmith as she efforts to continue on for bed.

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As serious as these issues have been, Signe looks on to her brothers with an unwavering admiration. She's watching them work, after all, even if in the least physical branch of it. Nonetheless, there is quiet pride in her gaze and a small smile seeks its way on her features... until Kieran speaks up. Twitching her nose from side to side, she merely passes him a glance back before her departing cousin distracts her from making possibly inappropriate comments.

    "I already made similar recommendations Duchess Nadia when I informed them of what was going on--" Julea's words then fade off when Sigurd speaks and her eyes sweep over towards him. She swallows sharply, eyes settling upon Sigurd. "I do not know of any meetings, nor when they are, or were. My job as a member of the Common Council is to advise on matters relating to the boroughs and the commoners and in turn, inform and be informed. That goes both ways. If decisions are made on such matters without giving me the the opportunity to do so and make sure it is handled in a way that won't entirely fuck things up, then my role is fairly pointless."

Khanne nods to Kieran and says, "I need a nap." She nods a bit more vigorously.

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"I've heard nothing further than the initial news. I will follow up and ensure you are updated," Deva states to Julea, while tucking her paperwork under an arm. "Thank you, Khanne," she moves closer to the woman to lower her voice a bit and smile gratefully. "You seem to have an excellent touch with these sorts of things."

Signe kieran = I figured. :P

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