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Gambling Night

Calandra is hosting a gambling night at the Murder of Crows. There will be cards, dice and bets. Ale, water and simple food will be provided. Aureth has kindly allowed his place of business to be used for this gathering

(ooc note: There will be a prp-plot taking place during the event which Mirari's player is running)


Feb. 13, 2017, 6 p.m.

Hosted By

Mirari Calandra

GM'd By






Arx - Lower Boroughs - Murder of Crows - Front Room

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

An Unremarkable Associate arrives, following Acacia.

Calandra is adorned in a dark gray common cloth outfit. Her warm winter cloak has been abandoned to the back of a chair. A small tumbler of whiskey is front the Songbird. The Murder of Crows is rather slow right now despite that Cards and Queen of Games are set-up. Calandra seems a little disappointed.

"No, really. I'm terrible at gambling," Acacia rambles off towards Vance, that nearby associate that many people seem to oft forget. What does he do anyways? "That was always kind of Ravna's schtick. Like, someone blessed his hands for that kind of thing." She shoves her way through the entryway, pushing in chairs here and there with a hip should they be empty. "Sister, love. You look gorgeous, as ever, even in gray." she remarks in passing, pacing over towards the bar to settle herself into one of the stools as if she was far beyond her years. Her eyes remain lingering upon that back door for some time, before she cuts a wan smile towards Mirari and remarks with a hint of amiable mirth, "And Courtesan Mirari. A very long time. You look positively-- well, deadly." With a splay of her hands to the side and a light shrug, she remarks back to her sister, "Don't look so glum. It hardly suits you. Suits the gray, but you're its light. -- Poetry error, again, no? Less money for me to lose, maybe."

Calandra glances down at her dress and smiles. She does like her dresses. She then lifts her gaze to Acacia. "Oh thank you and thanky you for coming." She says softly. Her thugs head over to bar, getting ale and talking with one another.

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