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Silas vs. Talen (Decathlon)

Sir Silas Mercier will face off with Master Talen Artigilio in a demonstration of unarmed combat to rank and proceed through the Decathlon brackets. All are welcome to attend.


July 19, 2016, 8 p.m.

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Deva Isolde Acacia Silas Nadia(RIP) Niccolo(RIP) Kima Calista Valencia Audric(RIP) Edain



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds

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Talen turns his eyes towards Niccolo, briefly returning his focus on the judge and nodding, throwing out a few words. It's then he snatches the roll of cloth from his aid and begins winding it about his primary hand. "Your grace, thank you for coming. I'm glad you'll get to watch me fight," he says, flicking attention toward Silas as he approaches. A mild shake of his head, then he jerks a thumb, "Feel free to send a missive, I have no hand in his being here. I'd dare say he was uncorruptible but I imagine that's untrue. You can have my word I haven't paid him off though, if it means anything." There's a touch of dark amusement over the corner of the Sword of Lenosia's mouth. "We will begin shortly, I think."
Edain nods to Deva, "Princess Deva, good to see you. I believe the fighters are, Sir Silas, a knight of the Graysons and an Iron Guard, and he is fighting, the Sword of Lenosia, Talen. So..... there will probably be some colorful interpetations of the rules ahead." Edain says with a nod as he settles back into his spot on the benches.
Calista arrives just before the event is about to start and glances about rather quickly to see if there's anyone she recognizes. Oh look, there's Isolde, Edain, Niccolo.. and of course the two participants. The young woman moves briskly towards the seats with an exuberant little greeting, curtsey and all.
Isolde waves brightly as she settles down from her laughter, lounging in the high benches.
Kima arrives.
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"Did you think I'd miss it?" Niccolo says to Talen, and inclines his head. "Do us proud," he tells the younger man, and turns offering Silas a dip of his head. "Sir," he politely greets Silas. "Good luck in your fight," the duke offers and then with a final glance at Talen, steps away from the participants to make his way to the stands and claim a place to sit down at.
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His gaze lingers on the judge a moment longer before he nods to Talen. "I suppose I'll go against my better judgement and trust him, for the sake of time." There was another, much less evident reason but it remains unvoiced. Silas offers a friendly smile to Niccolo. "Thank you, my lord." He turns fully to face Talen. "Ready when you are, Master Talen." No handwrapping for him!
Valencia arrives.
"I love colorful!" Deva exclaims, giving Edain an amused grin. Once settled, she stretches her legs out in front of her and crosses her arms. She's all lazy slouch, fingers rubbing idly over her elbows.
Acknowledging Niccolo with the respectful inclination of her own head upon his own glance, Acacia slides a focused assessment divided between Talen and Silas both upon Edain's query. With a slow tick of her jaw, ruminative at the very least, she queries to both him and Deva, the latter of which receives an additional respectful dip of her head, "You were vocal, as many, at Talen's performance at the last tournament, weren't you, your Grace? Princess Isolde seems to have spoken to his correction for the next fight. What about you? Will you favor him as a new man or stick with the woodworking man of the Guard?"
Nadia arrives.
"Prince Edain," Niccolo greets the prince, just as he claims a spot next to Acacia. "If you're asking me about a favorite, I'd be hard pressed to not choose my ward, our Sword," he looks over to Talen, confidently inserting himself in the conversation and replying to Edain's question. The duke leans forward some, resting his arms on his thighs and clasping his hands in front of him. He looks between Acacia and Edain at her question, letting his gaze linger on the latter. The duke seeing Deva's smile, offers a dip of his head to her. "Your Highness," he greets her.
Talen presents a curt nod to the duke of his family, a simple string of words presented in reply, "I would understand if you did not, at least. Thank you, your grace." It's then that Talen's stormy eyes switch back to Silas without much time to waste. "You do not need to just trust me or him," he remarks, "but the crowd. I believe one of your witnesses there is the high lord of Valardin himself. You can be certain he won't let any foul play be unremarked upon. His highness is a veritable paragon of virtue and honour, you see."

It is then the judge from House Pravus steps forward, to speak: "Combat is to be purely unarmed and employ no foreign matter. Punching, kicking, grappling allowed in brawl and wrestle but no biting, eye-gouging or hair-pulling." This last gets a twist of Talen's lips, amused. "The match will continue until a tap out and yield or until an opponent falls." Stepping up closer on the field then, Talen drags his soft boofts through the sand to find his ground before raising his right arm. "On your mark, Sir Silas."
Edain nods to Niccolo as he sits, "Duke Niccolo, it is good to see you." To Acacia then he says, "I still favor Sir Silas, I have to believe that work as an Iron Guard makes one good at reinforcing the negative consequences of one's actions with a closed fist."
Silas rolls 19 to attack, Talen rolls 17 to defend.
Silas rolled 2 damage against Talen's 12 mitigation.
Talen rolls 8 to attack, Silas rolls 10 to defend.
Talen rolled 2 damage against Silas's 0 mitigation.
Stretched out as he is, Audric is likely annoying at least one person near him. "Oh, it's a wrestling match?" the mercenary says, suddenly looking significantly more interested. "This -is- going to be interesting. I think I favor the Sword. He did something underhanded at the last one, so he gets my vote. I do love some dirty fighting."
Silas rolls 23 to attack, Talen rolls 30 to defend.
Silas rolled 2 damage against Talen's 2 mitigation.
Talen rolls 16 to attack, Silas rolls 10 to defend.
Talen rolled 7 damage against Silas's 8 mitigation.
Sweeping onto the training grounds in jewel-toned silk, Valencia heads for the stands, offering a bright smile to those gathered already. "I haven't missed anything yet, have I?" she frets, her steps carrying her toward Deva, though she pauses to flutter a kiss near Niccolo's cheek in passing. "Uncle," she greets him. "Your Grace," she offers to Edain as she takes a seat, apparently just in time.
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"Not yet!" Deva replies, grinning at Valencia and gesturing toward an empty spot upon the bench near her own. "They're just getting started, so really, your timing is perfect and without wait."
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Niccolo's placement beside Acacia has her focused on him once more, but only for a half-second before she's chuckling lightly at Edain's words. "You live up quite so to your reputation, your Grace. It'll be interesting to see who comes out on top then. Do you wager things for the people? Your sister, Princess Alis, who endured my company for the Tournament had a lighter wager of favors against Princess Donella last time."

Acacia's tongue drags minutely along her lower lip as she studies the contestants once more, before she slides a look towards Valencia, posture straightening just enough to profer that dip of her head. "Your Highness," she remarks, accepting Edain's cue with just that humble and relatively unobtrusive greeting.
Nadia ascends into the stands just a moment shy after Valencia, a vibrant smile cast toward the allotment of royalty and esteemed she recognizes. "It looks as if Talen is already gaining the upper hand," she observes to Edain, daintily pressing into a seat somewhere between the maple syrup fanatic and Valencia, a pretty bottle of Muscato d'Aureus white wine passed into her hands by one of her accompanying guard. "I'm betting Sir Silas will give him a decent run for his money."
When Talen points out that Edain was present in the stands the guardsman's eyes predictably shift in his direction. There is no change in his expression, but his voice holds some surprise. "I see. You are likely correct."

Silas moves closer when the judge steps forward to announce the rules of engagement, notable within striking distance. He places his feet at shoulder-width distance from each other and along the toe-heel alignment line, suggesting he may have some previous experience with hitting people with his fists.

Aaand the fight starts. The stance ends up being still too squared, allowing Talen to get a straight hit to his middle. "Ow..." He mutters as he squints and backs away.
"Excellent, I do so detest waiting," Valencia tells Deva as she settles in place. She smiles ever so pleasantly at Acacia, but it's the action on the field that steals her attention. "You terrible flatterer," she offers to Niccolo at the compliment, before leaning in to murmur something to Deva. Nadia's arrival has her smile brightening a touch, the elusive dimple in her left cheek making itself evident. "Duchess, you put us all to shame with your embracing of the summer palette. Whoever designed that outfit, it's enchanting."
Kima just so happens to be the one beside Audric, but rather than look annoyed, she appears interested. However, she does shove the mercenary once when he mentions 'something dirty at the last one.' Even so, it's done with an amused grin. She receives a quick message, and then dictates one back before returning her attention to the event.
"Oh right," Audric says. "That was you." He almost certainly already knew, but grins at Kima nonetheless before looking back to the fight. "So! Who's -your- silver on, Lady Kima?"
Though the rules permit wrestling, Talen initially opts for a purely hand-to-hand combat scenario, refusing to let himself be grappled until it's on his terms. The thud of fist to flesh resounds out, the disturbance of dust on one another's clothing only partially visible. "Ow, Sir Silas? Come now," he utters, waving an arm as if to dismiss the fact he heard the noise. With his unwrapped hand lowered, Talen's right arm seems to run a diagonal line about a foot in front of his face, fist clenched. With a sharp inhale he then ducks forward and lashes out with a foot, kicking at Silas' knee even as he makes to grab at the green tunic adorning the Grayson, pulling him close.
Talen rolls 4 to attack, Silas rolls 11 to defend.
Talen rolled 1 damage against Silas's 3 mitigation.
Silas rolls 20 to attack, Talen rolls 39 to defend.
Talen rolls 18 to attack, Silas rolls 6 to defend.
Talen rolled 12 damage against Silas's 2 mitigation.
Silas rolls 28 to attack, Talen rolls 19 to defend.
Silas rolled 13 damage against Talen's 5 mitigation.
Deva lifts a hand to smile and wave at Nadia as she joins the other Redrain women on the bench. Leaning toward Valencia, she murmurs a soft reply before straightening, her pleasant expression unchanging.
Monique arrives.
"I can be much worse," Niccolo assures Valencia, "But I'll settle for terrible right now," he adds with a touch of amusement showing in his features. With Nadia's arrival, he looks over in her direction and offers a dip of his head. "My lady," he greets her, then turns from her to the action in the field.

There's a brief look at Acacia an Edain as the woman offers her wager, and the duke's eyes linger on Edain for an answer. His index fingers, continue to tap and touch together while he watches the match.
"I'm giving some credit. Why are you complaining?" The guardsman retorts playfully before retaking his stance. It doesn't seem like he's eager to grapple and wrestle, either, but evidently Talen is tired of using merely his fists. It successfully distracts him and Talen manages a solid hit, causing the guardsman to stumble, but the following tunic grab and pull may have played a part in making it easier for Silas's fist to find his the Sword's gut.

"Thank you, Your Highness," Nadia laughs, her smile all the brighter while she pours herself a glass of wine, then passes another to Valencia. "Though I must say, it pales in comparison to your silks. The jewel tones compliments your complexion perfectly, but I'm beginning to believe you can pull off anything. Who designed the pieces?" she wonders, a discreet gesture of offerance for refreshments made graciously to Niccolo, Edain, and Deva as well. "Perhaps you'd like to sample Lady Viviana's wine as well, Your Highnesses? My lord?"
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Talen doesn't retort playfully despite Silas' own jovial nature and soon enough, with their proximity, the blows are traded. The collision of Talen's fist is rough but equally so is the punch to Talen's gut, causing the Sword to make a sound in his throat as he tenses his abdomen, protecting himself as best he can from being winded. With a few brisk breathes he then shoves at the guard in front of him, driving him into a backward step while hooking his shoe around the back of Silas' leg. The effort to trip him is sudden and forceful, no doubt resulting in a heavy collapse to the ground.
Silas rolls 39 to attack, Talen rolls 24 to defend.
Silas rolled 23 damage against Talen's 5 mitigation.
Talen rolls 11 to attack, Silas rolls 24 to defend.
Talen rolled 5 damage against Silas's 6 mitigation.
Talen rolls 17 to attack, Silas rolls 9 to defend.
Talen rolled 3 damage against Silas's 11 mitigation.
Silas rolls 19 to attack, Talen rolls 15 to defend.
Silas rolled 8 damage against Talen's 5 mitigation.
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Feigning a swoon at Niccolo's words, Valencia touches Deva's arm lightly, giving the Redrain princess a pleased look at whatever words they exchange. "You're a mind reader, I shall have to report you to the Inquisition," Valencia tells Nadia, laughing sweetly as she accepts the glass of white wine. "And your sister ordered them for me - she's got an impeccable style so I assume it runs in your family. Oh look, they're actually on the ground," she points toward the fight. "How novel."
"I'd love to try, thank you," Deva brightens at Nadia, provider of wine. Looking from Valencia, and then out toward the field, she gets all the more excited and leans forward while pressing her elbows to her knees. It is not a ladylike stance, but it's an inqusitive one.
Silas's eyes narrow as he feels Talen hook his leg and it is nearly impossible to counter. He's forced to the ground in a hard tumble. As Talen presumably nears again, he attempts a clumsy rugby tackle to repay the favor, complete with a hard collide. It is super effective!
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"Hush now," Nadia shushes at Valencia, hazarding a feigned look of worry over a shoulder. "Lest someone think you're serious and report us both." She turns her gaze out onto the match, nose crinkled as she studies the tussling pair. "He's starting to look worn down already," she comments to Niccolo upon his ward's more battered appearance. A servant sees to supplying requesting spectators immediately around the duchess with a glass of wine.
Talen has the diadvantage for a few moments, each hard hit from Silas while they're on the ground is responded to with a rough sound-- a grunt in the Sword's throat. Scrabbling around in the dust, he does his best to pin Silas' leg before he starts to wail on the guard, attempting to smash his padded fist into the torso of the man repeatedly, to bruise the man's ribs. Short, sharp breaths on every other lunge are given, fuelling his hits.
Talen rolls 8 to attack, Silas rolls 22 to defend.
Talen rolled 4 damage against Silas's 3 mitigation.
Silas rolls 16 to attack, Talen rolls 9 to defend.
Silas rolled 6 damage against Talen's 2 mitigation.
Silas rolls 13 to attack, Talen rolls 16 to defend.
Silas rolled 7 damage against Talen's 14 mitigation.
Talen rolls 15 to attack, Silas rolls 15 to defend.
Talen rolled 3 damage against Silas's 11 mitigation.
Talen rolls 24 to attack, Silas rolls 6 to defend.
Talen rolled 44 damage against Silas's 2 mitigation.
Silas rolls 14 to attack, Talen rolls 20 to defend.
Silas rolled 5 damage against Talen's 14 mitigation.
Valencia cheers as the fighters hit the dirt, rising to her feet to applaud the escalating violence, her wine glass handed off to whoever is nearest for the moment. Her show of approval done, she promptly retakes her seat, collecting her glass for a sip of the white wine.
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The dusty scrambling was anticipated, and initially it looks like the guardsman is holding his own. He uses his forearms to shield most of the incoming flurry of punches from the other man, and he even manages to throw a few of his own with middling success. He seems content to let Talen tire himself out in his frustration... which may have been the key mistake he makes. A -particularly- strong punch manages to get through his guard, and he was certain he could feel a rib crack. He hisses sharply in alarm and pain and makes an effort to simply toss Talen off him before he could manage any more damage to the same spot.
Talen does fatigue somewhat from the brutal onslaught to Silas' torso and when he's shoved he ends up tipping to the side, extracting himself and climbing to his feet in a rather swift-- if slightly stiffer than usual-- jump. When he turns around the unfortunate guard isn't given the good grace of the attacker, however. Immediately sending a boot into the chest of the man again, he seeks to kick the poor fellow while he's down. Whether or not he can manage to do so before Silas gets away is another matter, of course.
Talen rolls 22 to attack, Silas rolls 8 to defend.
Talen rolled 11 damage against Silas's 1 mitigation.
Silas rolls 20 to attack, Talen rolls 6 to defend.
Silas rolled 10 damage against Talen's 9 mitigation.
Silas rolls 6 to attack, Talen rolls 29 to defend.
Talen rolls 12 to attack, Silas rolls 7 to defend.
Talen rolled 22 damage against Silas's 2 mitigation.
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Valencia rolls her eyes at a messenger so hard it actually looks like she's about to faint.
Silas gets knocked to the ground again as he struggles to get up, meeting the ground again far sooner than he'd like, and naturally Talen proceeds to kick him in the same injured spot he had just acquired. He feels the compulsion to roll his eyes and likely would, if he wasn't reeling in pain! Silas kicks at the man's ankle in a hopeful attempt to get him to stop kicking with the other leg.
Maybe Talen bores of the fact he's just smashing a foot into Silas' body but when the Grayson's strike back in reply catches him he hops backward, scraping a foot through the sand as he surveys his opponent for a time. There's plenty of time for them both to get upright once more, Talen's arm brought back upward to guard his face as he deftly pads forward in search of another opening.
Talen rolls 11 to attack, Silas rolls 22 to defend.
Talen rolled 10 damage against Silas's 2 mitigation.
Silas rolls 0 to attack, Talen rolls 15 to defend.
Silas rolled 3 damage against Talen's 7 mitigation.
Silas rolls -2 to attack, Talen rolls 16 to defend.
Talen rolls 17 to attack, Silas rolls -3 to defend.
Talen rolled 23 damage against Silas's 0 mitigation.
Silas is far too glad to finally be on his feet again. He feels the afflicted rub with his hand for a moment, but as Talen nears he makes one last - and rather pitiful - attempt to simply sock the man in the face. The pain disorients him far too much.

The next blow from the Sword of Lenosia has him reeling again but he manages to remain on his feet. Heaving, he raises one hand towards his opponent. "I yield. You win. Well done, Master Talen."
The shoulders of Talen lift and fall, the heavy breaths he's taking as his blood heats up in combat and leaves him high on the sensation of adrenalin. When the hand goes up, Talen is in the midst of stepping forward to continue his assault but pauses, leg slowly coming down upon the ground once more. With a long stare and then suddenly a curt nod, Talen clears his throat and brushes his hadn down his front, as if to swipe sand from it. Then, upon extending it, he intones with a soft and bassy voice, "Very well, Sir Silas; I accept. You are certainly capable of taking a punch." The referee who had been watching closely steps forward, bracing both arms should the shake be taken, then announces the winner to the audience before ushering each man across to their respective corners to be overlooked by healers.
Acacia rises, if the vast majority of the crowds do also, and settles herself much in the same manner, applying just a suitable amount of applause despite the bolder grin upon her features. "That was a solid fight," she acknowledges towards no one in particular, inclining her head once. There's a subtle movement of her right leg forward, but it's quick and doesn't go far. "Captain-Knight Audric, you jest too much," she dryly chuckles.
"Captain-General," Acacia corrects.
"No such thing," Audric says, letting out another little grunt as he does. "There is far too little joviality in the world, so I add to it as best I can."
From where she's perched within the general seating beside Audric, Kima gets to her feet. She claps while smiling, but neither says or does anything much more than that. "I'm inclined to agree with the Captain-General. But then, I am sure there are those who feel there is far too little maple syrup in the world, too." She offers an apathetic shrug before beginning to slink away.

Seriously, who wants to be stuck in the crowd as they all try to leave the tournament ground?
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Niccolo before departing.
Audric rises as well, following after Kima. Seems he thinks she has the right idea. "Well, you never know. Maybe one day we'll meet someone who believes both! In any case, shall we?"
Silas frowns slightly at the length of the stare Talen gives him, suspecting the man may indeed just continue, but sighs a small wisp of relief when the Champion accepts his yield. "And you punch like a giant, Master Talen," he murmurs to the other man before he shaking Talen's hand and letting the judge announce the victor. He ambles towards the healers, but he's slow to go.
A touch of pride touches Niccolo's expression as the fight comes to an end, with Silas yielding to Talen. He looks over at his ward at the field, and dips his head to him in response, rising with the crowd if any do. "It was a very good one," he agrees with Acacia's general sentiment. Looking over at Valencia, Niccolo appears amused at her response and inclines his head again. He is approached then by a messenger boy, that looks like he's about to pee himself with the way he tries to get the duke's attention. The Velenosa gestures the boy over, and listens to the message, whispering a few words in turn, before the boy hurries off.

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