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Game Night at Traders

A small get-together for commoners from all levels of society who want to gamble away their coins while conversing and imbibing various alcoholic beverages ranging from affordably decent to pisswater. Make sure to bring your luck stat with you. Also, there may be prizes. Nobles aren't excluded from attending but discouraged from gaming us out of all our money! (This is a re-add. Some things have been tweaked to make it more appropriate with a few developments)


Aug. 20, 2016, 9 p.m.

Hosted By

Jessamine Silas


Hammar Dawn Acacia Nadia(RIP) Niccolo(RIP) Donella



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Traders Tavern

Largesse Level


Comments and Log


Let's be honest. Some people wouldn't expect that a member of the Iron Guard (and especially a non-whiskey-drinking one) could hold a Game Night event that wasn't dice simply being thrown while they loitered around cells. But I have to give credit where it's due. Sir Silas, with Mistress Jessamine's aid, did a pretty commendable job hosting this event. It was nicely decorated and exceptionally enjoyable. I'll undoubtedly be back in the future to lose more coin-that-isn't-mine.

Niccolo arrives.
(OOC) Silas says: We'll start in five minutes.
Nadia arrives.
Acacia arrives.
Jessamine arrives.
(OOC) Silas is gonna wait five minutes before starting. :)
(OOC) Silas says: Though I'm liking this group so far.
Ducking his horned helmeted head through the doorway and doing a sligh side shuffle so his wide shoulders, wider due to his spiked shoulders, can fit through the doorway. Hammar pauses to look around the tavern, seemingly surprised by the sprucing up. His dull gaze looks over the tavern, he is not in here all that often, but he knows this setup is special. "Hammar like" He comments before moving further in.
Silas predictably arrived early to get the space prepared, and with Jessamine's help everything fell into place without any problems. The guardsman sits at the head of the table with the bright right tablecloth, shuffling the deck of cards he had constructed by hand. Therefore, it was not a quality set of cards.

His gaze lifts when he sees Hammar step through the doorway: the first guest of the night. Silas gives the large man a friendly smile and gestures to one of the chairs sidled up next to him. "Welcome. Have a seat!"
"I was going to bring you a bottle of whiskey, but well--" Acacia had been fingering a yellow, five-petaled flower between her digits when she entered, looking decidedly fresh and if it was recently pilfered from somewhere that wasn't a store. With a characteristic grin boldly slashed across her features, she'd strafed clear around Silas' chair, depositing it to his right and then set to smack Hammar against his shoulder when she passed him, as well. "It looks exceptionally nice tonight, love. I take it Mistress Jessamine had a help in this as well, unless you have a secret fascination with decoration."
Jessamine gives Silas a merry little salute. She's behind the counter, pouring a series of drinks into sparklng clean glasses. Her hair is swept up high, with wispy blonde tendrils slipping out of the braid to frame her face. "Hello! Please, let me know if there's anything specific you'd like," she offers with a wiggle of one bottle held high. "Well, you know, there's nothing better than bright, crisp colors!" Her enthusiasm is exceptional, if not tooth-ache inducing.
Neither first nor last through the door, Dawn seeks to maintain a low profile tonight. This is nigh on impossible given the Grayson guardsmen who linger outside of the tavern, and the lady's own fire-bright hair, which serves her in lieu of finery or adornment on a facade that is otherwise garbed in plain material. But she is here and given the way she slides off to keep the edges, an effort /is/ being made. Silas' eye is caught on her course aroudn the periphery, a wry smile tipped to him and eyebrows raised to draw his attention to the finger she taps against the pouch at her hip. But otherwise, for now, she lingers and abides outside of the spotlight cast on the central table.
Niccolo arrives with his usual retinue of guards, although the moment they step into the tavern he raises his hand in a silent gesture. All but one immediately spread out, casually so, taking places at the bar and different tables in order to relax. Only one guard stays close to the duke, moving along with him. Seeing Dawn close to the door, the duke dips his head to her. "My lady," he greets her, letting his eyes scan the rest of the patrons already present. His gaze stops on Acacia, lingering, hints of a smile touching his expression.

He sees Silas then, and looking at Dawn. "Will you be playing tonight?" He says, as he makes his way closer to Silas' table.
Having given a smile to Silas in greeting, and nearly ready to settle down into a seat, an angel speaks... no it's not Acacia. Hammar's eyes alight upon Jessamine and his hands move to clasp together, as if unable to think what to do with them. "Hammar hi..." He greets the woman, fawning over her like a star struck fan. "Hammar think pretty" He tells her and blushes, what visible skin there is, shows a rosy hue. He then seems to realize Acacia entered. "Hammar hi." He tells Acacia. The massive man moves to take a seat, he attempts to keep his eyes off of Jessamine, but he keeps glancing in her direction.
Nadia breezes through the door and into the tavern not long after the Grayson and Veleonsan, her pale lips curled into a bright smile at the familiar faces she takes notice of in the crowd. "My lord, lady," she offers in acknowledgements first to Niccolo and Dawn, graceful steps carrying her onward past to the bar where she has a tankard of ale poured, and a slice of meat pie served.

"Master Hammar, Mistress Acacia," she similiarly acknowledges Hammar and Acacia after a moment, raising her large glass for a brief sip, nose wriggling at the flavor in contemplative hum before she's finding herself a table to claim. "How soon until the games are underway?" she asks aloud, but her eyes are on Silas.
Acacia's focus habitually tracked towards the front door, eyeing those who entered. It had just begun following after Dawn, when Niccolo had greeted her and the esteemed Grayson was given an additional, discreet survey. Hammar's words stole her focus, renewing her grin, before she coaxes towards the large man, delivering bait for his use, "Why don't you go get us two whiskeys, love? From Mistress Jessamine?" From afar, she offers the barkeep a respectful dip of her head, before she drags out a chair from the table with a muffled scrape of wood against the floorboards.

Using the back of it as support, she presents a formal bow towards Niccolo, "Your Grace. How good to see you. I'm a little surprised, really, that you're here-- but it's certainly a pleasant surprise." Tracking an additional look towards Dawn beyond him, she queries to her patron, "Is that who I think it is?" Nadia receives an additional bow upon her greeting, unable to rid herself completely of the flourish.
His smile widens further when Acacia wanders in and sits herself beside him. "I'm glad you came, Mistress Acacia." He tips his head in Jessamine's direction. "Mistress Jessamine did give me a few suggestions. She is better at this hosting thing than I am, so her expertise was most appreciated."

Dawn inevitably draws his attention, the familiar guardsmen being the ultimate tip-off. He looks surprised and amused all at once. "Feel free to join us, m'lady. There's plenty of room and jovialty to go around." He also looks to her companion, Duke Niccolo. "Good to see you again, Your Grace."

Then Duchess Nadia arrives! He is not as acquainted with her as he is with the others, but it is clear he is enthused at her intention to play. "As soon as we're settled and we all have drinks."
"Hammar? That's your name? Hi Hammar! I'm Jessamine." The blonde is all sunshine and happiness as she greets the man. Approaching the table with a tray of drinks, she offers him one first before passing out the rest. "Always happy to help," she promises Silas with a big, dimpled grin. "I hope you all are very comfortable! Please, enjoy yourselves." There's a polite dip of her head for the nobility gathered, but her smile does not waver in the slightest.
"My lord," Dawn echoes quietly, as she dips her head to Niccolo. Her smile for him is immediate but her gaze keeps straying. More than a little curiosity is in evidence as she observes the folk who arrange themselves around the table. "No, I think tonight is for people other than myself. But I wanted to watch," she goes on to tell the Duke. He's drifting closer to the table so she will too but as she goes, she lifts her hand to signal Jessamine with the purse she carries. "Will you serve a round please? Something for everyone," the lady calls. As her hand lowers, both smile and nod is tendered to nadia on her way by.

But pleasant demeanor is taken somewhat aback by Acacia's flourishing manner. She might smile to the woman but it's evident in the almost shy tuck of her chin that such niceties aren't required. "Please. There's no need, not tonight, not here. Ah, Sir Mercier. Play on, please. I'm content to watch, on my honor."
Dear lord, she served him before everyone else. Hammar holds the drink before looking askance at Acacia, as if wondering whether she seen what had just happened. "Hammar" He agrees to Jessamine, giving her the warmest of his smiles. "Jessamine... pretty name." He's likely going to steal the glass she served him when the night is over. He leans in to whisper to Acacia from his seat. "Jessamine like me." He whispers, like a child whispers, far too loudly.
The sound of a familiar voice catches Niccolo's attention, and tilts his head to look at Nadia. "My lady," he greets her. "It's good to see you again," he says. When Acacia notices him, the duke approaches her. He lifts a brow at her words. "Surprised? How come?" He muses of the scarlet haired woman. He looks from her to Dawn.

"Ah, yes. That's Lady Dawn," he confirms. "My lady," he says to Dawn, intending to get her attention. "This is Acacia Culler, my protege. Acacia, this is Lady Dawn, the Voice of House Grayson." He makes the introductions and rubs his chin, pensive.
With the drink orders were clearly underway, Silas sets the deck he was shuffling in the center of the table, though it required some reaching. He looks aside to Dawn again, but gives her an understanding nod. "You can jump in whenever you wish, m'lady, if you change your mind. It is not impossible to catch up with a little luck." Silas clears his throat and regards the entire table. "Thank you for coming - this will be a most interesting night. Whoever wishes to play, say aye. This will be a game of my own devising, so it will require some explaining, but hopefully not overmuch." He pauses and looks over to the counter, occupied by the co-hostess. "If you wish to participate, Mistress Jessamine, you may."
"Of course, my lady!" Jessamine tells Dawn immediately, and bustles back to the counter to do just that. "Why thank you, Hammar. I am very grateful to my mother for it." After dusting her hands off the apron hanging from her waist, she rises up on her toes to retrieve a bottle from a shelf a little too high for her otherwise. "Me, play? Oh my, I don't think I ever have before. I hope I understand your rules!" She returns to the table with the bottle in hand, along with a clean glass for herself.
It's quite likely that Acacia missed the drink being served to Hammar first, but it'd be hard to guess by the indulgent and affable smile she shares with Hammar. A quiet chuckle departs her despite herself, mentioning aside towards the man with an idle jab of her elbow intent upon his armored form, "Keep it that way, if you would, love. She's going to be doing me a favor in a couple of weeks and I like the way she brightens up a room already."

She'd winked at him once, before turning towards the Duke and Dawn at the formal introductions he allows. "I very much wish to bow again, my Lady," she admits towards Dawn, her dark eyes searching of her features, "So take it that I'm doing it inside instead. It's truly an honor to meet you." Having captured one of those drinks passed around, she instead lofts that towards Dawn, "I certainly hope you enjoy the night." As her gaze slides back to Niccolo, she merely provides a brief grin, "And well-- I'm not sure, your Grace. But pleasant surprises are good regardless. I need to lose all my coin, however, considering and I don't want to miss the rules. I'm truly the worst Culler for gambling-- don't tell anyone."
"Hammar do nothing make Jessamine not like Hammar!" He exclaims to Acacia before his attention is suddenly on Silas and the Iron guard gets the massive man's full attention, it's a disconcerting, dull attention. The man wanted to explain rules to him, and Hammar knows his limitations, he needs to give his utmost attention to Silas so he might understand how this is played. "Hammar listen to guard man for once."
Nadia raises her stout glass to Niccolo in returned, but warm greetings. It's placed back to her lips, and a long draught taken before she turns her eyes to Silas. "Aye," she calls over to the guard, rising from her temporary seating arrangements and moving to pick a chair at the center of his table. "What game shall we be playing first? Poker?"
"I promise if I'm a mind to lose -all- of Grayson's wealth, I will take a seat," Dawn asides to Silas, and in her eyes is a twinkle that is all too well aware of her luck. Or lack thereof, in truth. But there are compensations: Jessamine seeing to a round for everyone in the tavern, for instance, a fact which leads her to send a smile to the lovely young woman as she bustles about. "Just tell me the tally, Mistress, and I'll make good on it," she tells her when she goes by.

Then pale eyes return to Niccolo and the woman he claims as protege. After the slightest hesitation, she lets her head tilt back and she... laughs. Yes. Acacia appears to have won a fan. "It's too easy for me to imagine you doing that inside, Mistress Culler. I see it often in people's eyes. That and the opposite too. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Any protege of Duke Niccolo's is someone sure to be of interest to me." And speaking of, she tilts a look at the man himself. "Are you wagering tonight, my lord?"
With a friendly finger-wiggle for Acacia, Jessamine carefully sinks into an empty chair. Seated on the edge, she crosses both ankles underneath her chair in a precise, dainty fashion. Taking a slow sip of her drink, her gaze settles upon Silas as she waits for the explanation in carefully forced silence. With the way she fidgets after no more than ten seconds, it's easy to see that it's an uphill battle.
"Well I'm glad it was pleasant. Here, let me make it more so," Niccolo tells Acacia and testing the weight of a pouch, he tosses it at the young woman. "Lose some of that too," he tells her, letting her listen to the rules. His gaze falls on Nadia, and he inclines his head to her when she raises her glass. Finally, he turns to Dawn again.

"I'm here to watch and support," he tells the Grayson noblewoman. "Sir Silas has impressed me with his hand for furniture, so I wanted to show my appreciation," he shares, hints of a smile touching his features at the exchange between Dawn and Acacia.
Silas nods to Jessamine when she leaves her duties to join them. "It's not a difficult game to grasp, I think." He regards Hammar's attention with a wry grin, quickly catching onto the helmeted man's manner of speech. "Sir Silas appreciates Hammar's attention." A brief glance to Nadia. "Not quite, though I'm open to Poker and Dice, too."

Silas points to the deck. "Draw eight cards, first. Mind the sloppy drawings on the back. You can make a wager for each round we play. I'll put down 100 silver." Not a large sum by any means, but it was money to him.
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(OOC) Silas says: Essentially, choose eight different cards from the deck. Those will be the skills you can roll with luck, soooo it's probably a good idea to just choose your best eight skills first and choose the card accordingly. :P
(OOC) Silas says: Actually since there's ten cards, just tell me the eight skills you wanna use.
(OOC) Hammar says: I don't have 8 skills! All of my skills are used up in 2 cards
(OOC) Silas says: LOL forgot not everyone has that many. So you have six?
(OOC) Hammar has 5 skills, and two of which are on one card
"I'll be seated before I cause a deluge of formal pleasantries." Acacia stood near visually transfixed upon Dawn's laughter, but she cracked a natural grin towards the end and dipped her head. Reclaiming her seat in time for Silas' beginning explanation, she sunk into a habitual parital slouch, extending her legs beneath the table to casually cross them at the ankles. Smoothing her skirts with little effort, a friendly smile is shared towards Jessamine as she sits, "I'm glad you're joining us, by the way, Mistress. And it's good to see you in person-- formally, or pseudo-formally, at least."

But coin in a pouch? Acacia's attention darts over in time to snap her palm up to catch the container, the weighing of it just beneath the surface subtle without it ever being opened. Her grin broadens considerably towards the Duke, before she inclines her head respectfully, "You're too kind, your Grace. But really. I'll ensure all of it is wasted as befitting of such gifts." Beneath the table, or within the interior of her cloak, it vanishes, as her focus returns to Silas.
(OOC) Acacia says: You can still roll a skill you don't have.
(OOC) Silas will allow duplicate cards. Just roll a different stat each time.
An exclamation of utter surprise. "Silas bet 100 silver?" Hammar looks like he was just mule kicked in the gut. There is the long drawn out sound of the chair sliding backwards as Hammar slowly moves up to a standing position, he tries not to look at Jessamine following his next words. "Hammar not rich 'nough to play."
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"To watch and support was my intention as well. Sir Silas is very much worth appreciation." Dawn's smile follows Acacia to her place but the words for Niccolo. Of course, in watching the table, the lady spies Hammar's withdrawal. Her chin lifts, pale eyes settling on the immense man. "Master... Hammar, is it? Will you be my champion in the game tonight?" she calls, lifting the pouch from her belt in offer to the fellow.
"Oh, oh dear. I'm afraid I don't have any silver-- on me," Jessamine quickly clarifies, lightly clearing her throat and folding her fingers together primly so they may rest on the edge of the table. "Would you all mind if I wagered with drinks, instead? Would that be terrible?" Her gaze flits to Silas in mild concern, and she worries her lower lip between pinched teeth. "I'm happy to try, but I may not be able to join in," she tells Acacia with a sheepish smile.
(OOC) Hammar says: Oh Dawn, you poor thing, you've no idea what you've done
Silas cants his head to Hammar. "I'll fork up your wager, too, then. 200 silver." There is a pause. "I confess, I almost want you to win now, Master Hammar." He peers at Jessamine. "That is fine. I take it business has been really slow?" He gives her a sympathetic smile.
"I'll get you, if you pay me back in favors later," Acacia generously extends towards Jessamine, her dark eyes placed upon her with a quirked smile.
(OOC) Dawn says: Or do I? :D
(OOC) Nadia says: My internet is just too laggy. I think I'm going to bow out.
"Nothing untoward. I'm the most upstanding citizen after all," Acacia's quick to tack on towards Jessamine, her fingers drumming methodically against the edge of the table.
(OOC) Silas says: Awww. Thanks for trying, Nadia. :P
"No, it hasn't been slow," Jessamine shakes her head quickly, letting a small frown curl her lips downward. Her shoulders lift a little, defensively so. "My mother is very ill, and it is very expensive keeping things going without her," she insists. "Thank you, that is very kind. I agree," she levels Acacia with such a terribly bright, appreciative smile.
(OOC) Silas says: I know how awful bad internet is.
Nadia is leaving Arx - Ward of the Compact - Traders Tavern, heading for Arx - Ward of Redrain - Nightgold Mansion - Harmony Suite.
There's a rustle of leather when Acacia's fingers dip into the interior of her cloak, idly roving past a hilt or three, and then procuring a small pouch. Rather than place it openly on the table, she passes it beneath the surface towards the Tavern Keep's shop. "I'm sure we'll figure something out. And I'll be a very loyal customer from here on out."
(OOC) Silas says: Alright, so it will essentially be this: choose a different skill to play each round. If you want to know ICly which card your character is playing, look at the deck. Sound good? :O
"Hammar Champion?" Hammar asks, he looks yet again as if he has been kicked by a mule. A lady just asked him to be a champion. And then she hands him a pouch and when he opens it to look at it, Hammar quite literally has his legs dropped out from under him, he's bowing to Dawn, and upon standing up, he pulls out his warhammer and motions it at Dawn. "Hammar crush Lady enemies whenever Lady ask. Hammar best whacker in Lower boroughs!" He loosk like he wants to hug her, the massive man is even leaning toward her, but he pauses, something coming to his mind and he holds out an arm so he is an arm's length from her.
Niccolo turns his dark brown eyes to Silas when he speaks, looking at the man curiously and listen attentively as he explains the rules to his local card game. His gaze turns to Acacia, and he inclines his head when she accepts the pouch he tossed her way. There's a brief look to Hammar when he speaks, looking then at Jessamine. A faint smile touches his lips as Acacia offers to spot them.

"Seems like we were of a similar mind," he tells Dawn, watching as she offers her pouch to Hammar. "You spoke of another wager," he says to Dawn then. "Were you wanting to make a new one between our Houses off this game?" He wonders.
(OOC) Hammar says: Sounds good, Silas
Silas begins to draw his cards. "Slight rule change, so we don't all go broke quickly: best out of six rounds wins. Each card has a certain 'attack' value, and each card is strong or weak against another card which adds to their bonus (ooc: not gonna calculate these parts for the sake of not giving headaches). If you play an ace (ooc: roll a 15) you win that round regardless of the other cards played. The values are written on the card but... I apologize if my handwriting is terrible." He winces slightly.
Such effusive praise, however oddly phrased, is enough to draw that well known smile from Dawn. It lights her face, softens the steel of her eyes as she inclines her head to Hammar. Not expecting, of course, that he is considering an action the likes of which the Lady has probably never encountered. So when his arm extends, she reaches out to pat at it graciously. "I have no doubt you are, Champion Hammar. Please. Take up your cards and show them your mettle," she bids him. "But have a care for my Knight, please. Sir Silas is a good and loyal man, I would rather he not me whacked."

Amusement still lingers in her eyes when they turn up to Niccolo's again. "Before our first is paid?" But she needs only think for a moment before saying, "As you will, my lord. What are your terms?"
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"And I'm always happy to help," Jessamine beams at Acacia, accepting the offer with a solemn nod of her head. The pouch is left in her lap, fingers sliding in to pluck out the right amount of coin to join the rest on the table. with that embarrassment tucked away, she takes a deep breath and looks to the others. "I'm ready," she insists decisively. "This is very exciting, Sir Silas, I am positive this will be greatfun."
Silas also notes: "Yes, do not whack Sir Silas if you can avoid it."
(OOC) Silas says: @check luck + (whatever skill you want to use) at 15 if you want to play your first card.
That arm-length measurement performed by Hammar has Acacia's natural grin fully potent, and the inclination of her head speaks volumes of approval. Her gaze tracks between the man and Dawn briefly, but she doesn't seem to vocalize any concerns, content instead of picking up her glass. Lofting it towards Jessamine, she comfortably states, "To cards then." She'd collected her own cards, one brow arching as she leans back, fanning them out in covert fashion and then eyeing everyone at the table individually over the tops. Arranging them carefully, and not looking at Silas, she utters, "Please tell me you're horrible at this, Sir Silas." She quietly sucks at her teeth, eyeing what Silas placed, and then untucking a King to carelessly play beside it.
Having settled back in, but he cannot stay too settled, his eyes move from Dawn, all giddy that he seems to think he's an actual champion to the lady, and then eyes moving to Jessamine because he's in love with her, he then realizes he has cards, just looking at them as if absolutely not knowing what he is doing, he notices others moving cards around, so he begins doing the same, placing this card there, that card there, so on.
(OOC) Hammar says: that was my pose
The duke watches the exchange between Hammar and Dawn with some amusement. But the duke's dark brown eyes study the Grayson noblewoman throughout it. When she turns to address him those eyes happened to be looking at her already. Niccolo glances at the card game and lifts his shoulders. "You bring a fair point," he says to her, with a faint smile. "We should make sure the previous one is paid for first. Besides, I'm not sure I have a good wager at the ready, unless you can think of one?" He asks the younger woman, curious.

"Should we sit down to watch?" He asks Dawn, looking at the table right next to the one where the game is taking place.
With an uncertain expression, Jessamine tosses in a priest card. Her knee bouncesas she gives the table a long stare, as if full of pent up energy with nowhere to use it. She gives Hammar a small, distracted smile before looking back to her cards. "To the game," she echoes Acacia's sentiment.
Silas wags his eyebrows at Acacia and plays one of his Knight cards. "I'm fairly good at it, though it helps that I'm the most familiar with the rules." Hilariously, even though he was clearly confused, Hammar manages to play a high-numbered Admiral card which beats all the others presented. Those brows now rise. "Master Hammar wins the first round." He quirks a smile at the spectators, somewhat relieved that they were conversing.
(OOC) Silas says:
Cheers for her Champion! The victory in a single round is surely proof that Dawn chose wisely, right? The full glow of her approval rests on the big man, but only for a moment. Duke Niccolo steals back her attention and wins her laughter again. "I admit I hadn't come prepared with better terms for a new wager. Let's, yes." The table he's selected has excellent line of sight on the game, after all, and it is far more unobtrusive to take a seat, when one is playing the 'pay no attention to the noble bastard in the corner' game. So she turns to draw out a chair, arranging it at an angle to keep both Niccolo and the card-players framed in sight.
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"Hammar win?" He asks of Silas before looking at the others and then glancing over his shoulder at Dawn, giving a yellow-toothed grin at her. "Hammar win" He tells her, all puffed up before his attention drifts back to the game. "Game, hammar win lots silvers."
"Blessed fucking be. Someone give me Hammar's luck." Good-naturedly, Acacia toasts towards Hammar her drink of choice, before tipping it back with a hearty grin and savoring the burn afterward. "You gotta try this sometime," she goads towards Silas, before leaning towards Jessamine, a bit conspiratorially, but without actually peeking at her cards, "I'm intent on getting Sir Silas to yield to the greatness that is whiskey. He had a deep-seeded hatred for the drink and something something leaving-evils behind him in search of being a better man. Will you assist or do you dislike it also?" Her fingertips had already chosen her next card, tracing the perimeter with her index as she slanted a comically suspicious look first at Silas and then at Hammar.
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(OOC) Donella gives it a proper thumping.
(OOC) Dawn gets out the tape.
Silas smirks back at Hammar. "Hammar has good luck and insight." It seems Silas believes there may be some kind of strategy behind Hammar. "Lady Dawn is proud."

Silas sifts through the cards in his hand again, but his eyes dart to Acacia and Jessamine when he hears the conspiring. "Didn't you already feed me that foul concoction and it was so awful that I completely forgot about it?"
"Really? He doesn't?" Jessamine looks genuinely surprised, wide-eyed, and she glances from Acacia to Silas. "What -does- Sir Silas like to drink? I'll have to make sure we have plenty of it stocked! I don't mind it, except it's very-- strong," her face skews up a little, nose crinkled.
"Oh no. I'm surrounded by whiskey haters." Acacia's eyes pitch up towards the ceiling, lashes fluttering with dramatics, that ends with here merely peeling an index at the very corner to try to rid herself of something there. Clearing her throat a bit, she narrows her eyes at Silas' card and then tosses a Priestess on top. "I throw a Priestess against your King-- and Jessamine tosses a Shaman. You're being surrounded by religion." The card actually goes sailing off the table the opposite side, sweeping past Hammar's shoulder. Pausing, she mentions, "Does that count?"
The announcement that Hammar won the first hand has Niccolo looking in the large man's direction, inclining his head. His eyes turn back to Dawn, amusement entering his features at her laughter. He waits for her to sit down before joining her, glancing at the table and lifting a hand to capture a server's attention. "Shall we make it whiskey today? Or will it be wine for conversation?" He wonders, with a side glance to Dawn, as the server approaches their table.
Donella takes a turn round the tavern, to observe the game in silence, her eyes deeply curious. She folds her arms before her, glass in hand.
"Hammar Ranger rush in!" Hammar seems ready to exclaim that he is winning yet another round, but his eyes move to Jessamine when she draws a higher card against his ranger. "Hammar." He smiles at the angel, his sunken right eye squinting at her to focus a moment. And then a card goes sailing over his shoulder. "Acacia throw Hammar?"
(OOC) Jessamine says: Sorry, I have to afk momentarily!
Acacia faux-whispers back towards Hammar, murmuring, "Technically, it was a priestess."
(OOC) Hammar says: you can't afk on the round you win
"Very proud indeed! Well played, Sir Hammar," Dawn calls to supplement Silas' remark to her card-toting champion. Of course, the second round doesn't appear to be going in their favor but the gods are fickle and the lady appears content with events as they stand. She sits with erect posture in her chair and tips Niccolo a glance that contains both smile and assessment. "Let's make it whiskey, it seems fitting, and if Sir Silas is abstaining, that means there should be an ample supply."
"I shall not be converted!" Silas declares with an exaggerated amount of pride, which wanes when he sees the numbers printed on Jessamine's card. "Or maybe so. Mistress Jessamine is victorious and my King will be doing some strange things." A nearby attendant returns the wayward card to the deck placed on the table. The wry grin returns, at Acacia. "How about this... if you win a round, I'll try to drink a glass of whiskey. And you can watch me puke."
"The Lady Dawn even knows how to drink." Acacia's pronouncement comes even with her not seated at the fireside table, her gaze trickling that way only afterward and with her quarter-full glass temporarily hoisted in the air in toast. Quirking a wry smile, she clears her throat a little, hazarding a look towards Niccolo and then tearing her focus back to the table and her cards. Lowering her voice, she mentions aside towards Silas, smug, "You need to get on this whiskey caravan, love." His wager has her chin uptilted a little bit, the challenge visually weighed, before she returns, "If you're suuuure you're going to puke, perhaps we should save it towards the end? You just need experience. If you gave up the first time you got whacked with a sword, where would you be now? Tch."
Jessamine lifts her chin, looking genuinely surprised. "I am?" Blinking rapidly at Silas, she then lets out an airy laugh and a shake of her head. "Goodness, that was lucky." Glancing at Acacia, she hides a smile behind splayed fingers. "Oh dear! Practice needed, indeed. I'm sure I can find a bucket somewhere if necessary. It will make the rest of the evening easier for me."
Donella drinks her... well, it isn't precisely wine, is it. Not with a head of foam like that. "Mmmm, how about you not make him vomit whiskey. It reeks and it stains. How about a bucket of milk, instead. And he has to ask the bartender for it. Tenders love it when you ask for milk."
"Whiskey. Bring a bottle, two glasses," Niccolo tells the server when she reaches their table, without missing a beat. He catches that assessing look from the Grayson lady and lifts a brow. Before he says anything, however, Silas' words to Acacia catch his attention. "Sir Silas is making some interesting wagers," he says with a touch of mirth.

The duke's gaze meets Acacia when she looks her way, that hint of a smile touching his lips. It lingers for a moment before he looks in the direction of Donella when she speaks. "I believe that would defeat the purpose of the wager, Your Highness," he says in her direction. "If it was something other than whiskey, that is." He points out, with a faint grin. He then leans in to speak quietly with Dawn.
Donella's voice draws his attention. "Ah, Lady Donella. Feel free to join us, if only to spectate more closely," the guardsman, projecting his voice in her direction. He purses his lips and considers. "I'm exaggerating. Mostly." He plucks another card from his deck... "The score is 1 Hammar, 1 Jessamine, and 0 for Silas and Acacia."
"That does sound quite awful, your Highness," Acacia admits towards Donella, her head dipping respectfully once she'd turned over her shoulder to look up towards the Princess and then cast her gaze back to the table itself with more intent. "The real goal was to try to convince him to drink whiskey, for he dislikes it-- or at least, that's what the casual hope was. It's a long term project. Whether or not he can keep it down was more like an unfortunate side effect."
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"I don't think milk would smell much better," Dawn puts in on the subject of just what Silas should be throwing up again. The lady looks dubious but not completely ignorant of the humor at play here. She inclines her head to Donella and has a smile for the princess. It's easily transferred to the server when the ordered bottle and glasses are returned to the table occupied by Duke and bastard.

Hopefully Niccolo doesn't mind that she reaches to perform the pour. Whatever he says draws a look of mild surprise, maybe a touch of confusion, to go with the glass that's nudged in his direction.
"Thief fall, go boom" Hammar exclaims as he puts the card and he shifts uncomfortably, god save him if Dawn seen this, his chances of moving on up in life just took a dangerous turn, in his mind, with that horrendous turn of things. "Thief hurt." He exclaims and glances at his money purse Dawn had loaned him.
Donella tilts up her glass, and says, "True, but after enough whiskey, one can easily forget the point of what they are doing." She inclines her head forward, smiling her greeting to the gathering. "Thank you, I will sit. But I haven't the faintest notion of how to play, so watching you may only be of limited utility, if still diverting. It was not encouraged in my upbringing."
It was with a flourish that Acacia exposed one of her Thief cards, twisted in her hand and then laid flat upon the table. "I play the Casual Deviant card," she notes, gaze sliding towards Silas as she mentions with rife humor, "Or is that the Thief card? The Misunderstood Denizen card?"
Giggling at Acacia's description of her card, Jessamine leans against the back of her chair after tossing another onto the table. "This is a very interesting game."
he wry grin is promptly dropped when Acacia plays her high-numbered thief card, which defeats even the other thief cards drawn. "You had that the entire time," he observes. "I knew you were lulling me into a false sense of security." Or overconfidence, in this case. He lost right after his whiskey wager.

He nods sagely at Donella when she comes to join them. "It is a new game, so everyone is learning. But I understand. Perhaps next time?" Silas offers, hopefully.
"You're welcome to join us as well. Alas we're drinking whiskey, so you'll have to forgive us that, Your Highness," Niccolo tells Donella, fully allowing Dawn to be the one pouring the glasses. He accepts him with a dip of his head, drinking as his eyes briefly turn to the game once more. "You should speak with my protege when you have some time, my lady," he tells Dawn. "She has some ideas regarding making the Lower Boroughs safer that I think would be of interest to you. But I'll let her speak of it to you," he points out.

Drinking again, he adds something else quietly to the Grayson bastard, studying her when he speaks, with a glance to the table, his eyes lingering on Hammer briefly this time.
"But you put up such a nice wager, I felt obligated to perform," Acacia innocently states, even as her hand cuffs about the cards and sweeps them into a neat little pile before her. "A drink of whiskey owed for each hand that I win, Sir Silas? You can ration them out, if it'll save your stomach." She flashes another grin towards Hammar, and then looks towards Jessamine, filtering through her cards once more, "Isn't it? And you're hosting this. I do hope you'll do it again." Her chair scrapes a bit when she inches back further, "Perhaps I can get you interested in whiskey too? -- Hammar, you drink whiskey, aye?"
When Silas drops his Priestess Ace, Acacia scoffs abruptly and flings her own Priestess in his general direction, verbally jibing through an idle grin, "Just couldn't take the lose, could you, love?"
(OOC) Hammar says: 6 different cards for 6 rounds, right? Can't use the same card for round 1 versus round 4?
(OOC) Silas says: You can. Just not consecutively.
(OOC) Hammar says: oh, well shit
(OOC) Acacia says: Can use the same card, but has to be different skill, right?
(OOC) Silas says: The rule is you use a different skill each round. So you can use the same skill as long as it's not used twice in a row.
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"You would be most welcome, yes," Dawn says for the invitation to Donella. Hammar need not fear disapproval from his evening's patron. Dawn is busily filling glass as if she aspired to being a bartender herself, one day. When the bottle is set aside, she lifts her own to survey the hue of the beverage by tavern light before attempting a small sip. Approval is shown in a wince that gathers pale eyes into narrowness, a small puff of breath released after the glass is lowered.

"That sounds very much like something I would enjoy speaking about, it's true," she says when she has her breath again, turning a more speculative look towards Acacia after Niccolo explains the woman's ideas.

But then the conversation drifts into a quieter range again, leading the young woman to shake her head at something the Duke has said to her. Her reply is softly pitched.
"Scholar come teach you all lesson!" Hammar exclaims as he drops the card down and then eyes Acacia as she wins again. "Acacia cheat!" Hammar pounds a heavy fist on the table and then gives his best friend a grin, showing he is teasing, at least a little.
(OOC) Acacia says: Silas won!
(OOC) Silas says: Yeah, 15 = ace, instant win unless matched. But it's easy to get confused even ICly so it still works. :P
(OOC) Hammar says: oh, well it's Hammar
"Mgh. I would've won," Acacia acknowledges towards Hammar, her grin flush upon her features, before she cants her head sharply towards Silas, "But he's being fancy with that card. Looks like I won though, doesn't it?"
"My priestess could beat up his priestess," Acacia teases in addition towards Hammar, picking up her glass and polishing off the remains of it.
Jessamine laughs, looking from Hammar to Acacia with a simple shrug of one shoulder. "Oh, he did? You didn't? Oh my," a hand is pressed to her cheek, face scrunching up in bewilderment. "Huh!" Her confusion is shrugged right off. "Let me go get another bottle between rounds," she tells the rest at the table, withdrawing long enough to circle behind the bar to retrieve more alcohol.
"Aye, Ace trumps everything but another Ace. I would have played that one sooner if I had know you'd be so sly," answers Silas with an idle click of his tongue. "But I needed to tie this up now, too. A win for each. Two more rounds to go." He turns and opts to finally get himself a drink now, beckoning a nearby barmaid over. "Brandy, please. The good kind."
Donella takes to a chair turned away from the table, so that she can sit at a slant, with her arms supported by the chair back.
"So far my protege is also doing a good job of losing her money it seems," Niccolo muses with a sympathetic glance in Acacia's direction. He brings his glass to his lips, eyes on the game for a moment, before his attention turns back to Dawn. He studies her. A wry faint smile touches his usually schooled features.
(OOC) Hammar says: are we 1 each
(OOC) Silas says: We are!
"Correction, your Grace, with all due respect very-very politely ushered and plenty of inside bows conveyed-- I'm doing a good job in losing your money," Acacia remarks, another grin attributed over towards the fireside table and then a contrasting and formal inclination of her head forthcoming to pair along with it. As she looses a lighter chuckle, she drags her index across her cards and then fluidly draws another Thief card. Her lips curl with the faintest suggestion of purpose, before she says with a huffed exhale, "But well-- it's kind of crunch time, isn't it? So one can only hope this works."
Dawn should attend more to the score of the game. She has a great deal of money engaged in the process, after all. And so, she'll look over and raise her glass to encourage Hammar to continue his efforts as grand card champion. "She looks a lady who is most cheerfully losing money, which seems in keeping with the spirit of the enterprise," she observes of the lady in question. "...oh, dear." Luck, it seems, be not with Grayson tonight.

And her smiles are a less frequent thing as well. A look of concern is turned on Niccolo, an expression which shades all too easily into apology as she murmurs to the man.
Having seemingly noticed Dawn's look of concern when he had glanced back at her when he had nearly won that round, Hammar gets nervous and looks back to the table. "Hammar think Lady not happy, Hammar need win." He plucks at his card and glances down into his lap at the pouch of silver.
Acacia and her thief cards seem to pulling away with the game, right when Niccolo opines about her losing money. Her card defeats Hammar's high-numbered Admiral, which was a feat in itself. Silas scratches his chin and looks to the Duke. "I have a feeling your protege simply likes to play with her opponents before she brutally pummels them. She's playing all her good cards -now-." Silas looks to Hammar and Jessamine. "This is our last chance to tie it up and go to a tiebreaker. I hope you two have something good..."
Clueless, Jessamine plays another card at whim. She seems a little distracted, rubbing a palm over her cheek as she glances the room over in concern. "You can win," she tells Hammar in a solemn tone of voice. "Good? Ha," she lets out a laugh at Silas' words.
"I imagine the Lady Dawn is far more understanding," Acacia credits towards Hammar, her tone slipped into something more serious for that single phrase. Silas is rewarded by an additional grin, before she hitches her shoulders upwards in feigned innocence, "But this is the first time I've ever played this game, love. Didn't you say you were remarkably good at-- Oh wait. That's two whiskey drinks, yes?"
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Niccolo actually chuckles at the correction from Acacia. "You are," he agrees with the Culler woman. "And you're doing so gracefully, in a manner of speaking," he quips back her way, drinking again from his glass. He studies the drink for a moment, downing what's left and reaching for the bottle to refill it. He studies Dawn, and holds the bottle up in a silent offer to refill her glass too, before speaking quietly with her.
Words exchanged at the nearby table draw the focus of Dawn's pale eyes. She's quick to smile when Hammar's uneasy countenance is seen, the glass she holds tilted in his direction. "You're doing well whether you take the whole field or not," she tells the big man, to bolster Acacia's own reassurances. "I believe in you, Master Hammar."

And she believes in Niccolo's ability to pour as well. That same glass is offered to the Duke for his kind offer of refreshing the level within. What he says to her now? It's quietly pitched but, after a brief hesitation, succeeds in pulling a ruefully shaded chuckle from the lady. "Truer words, my lord. You are an excellent source of advice. I hope the Grand Duchess tells you so often."
With his remaining card being another Admiral card, Hammar watches those at the table as they place down their cards and he lowers his, looking them over slowly, trying to see just who won. "Hammar win?" He asks, looking up with those dull eyes at Silas.
Acacia can't seem to help but grin a little as Hammar pulls through, an earnest look provided as she collects the cards with her own last one played. "Win or lose, love, you served as Champion to the Lady Dawn herself, which is a memory worth having. Either way-- the representation of the Lower Boroughs is real-- I'm pretty fucking proud, if I can be temporarily crass and pretend that my patron isn't listening." Pitching a warm smile up towards Jessamine, she queries as she taps a finger against the side of her own glass, "Shall we drink more in preparation for the final round?"
"You're a quick learner," Silas asides to Acacia with a hint of admiration as he plays his final card. A thief. A weak thief, ending up the weakest card on the field. Silas shrugs hopelessly and takes a long sip of his brandy as soon as it arrives. "Three whiskey drinks, apparently. Do I have to do it all at once?"

His attention shifts to Hammar, then to Dawn. "Master Hammar advances to the tiebreaker with Mistress Acacia. This will be interesting." The guard gives Jessamine a wan smile. "We've lost."
"Well, that's quite alright by me," Jessamine gives Silas a silly little smile, holding both hands up with her palms upturned. "I'll get us more to drink, agreed," her fingers wiggle at Acacia before she slides up to her feet to retrieve another round.
(OOC) Silas says: Well, luck + skill of choice, Hammar. My bad.
Acacia gauges Silas from the peripheral, even as she draws her next card for the tiebreaker itself. Examining it, she tears her gaze away to cast a roguish grin towards Jessamine, before querying towards Silas casually, "Well, that depends, love. Will drinking three whiskey drinks and facing the consequences in a public place damage your reputation?" It's only then that her dark eyes slide his way, steady for a beat, "Because I'd rather keep a guardsman friend than lose it for the sake of one night of fleeting entertainment."
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"What was that, my dear?" Niccolo asks in Acacia's direction, amused. Still, he doesn't look like he's about to chastise the young woman any time soon, so either he wasn't listening or he's going along with her pretense about it. That amusement remains when he drinks from his glass, but sombers into a hint of a smile when he turns his attention to Dawn.

He inclines his head to the Grayson lady. "You honor me with your words, my lady," he says glancing at the table again. "And it appears our champions are about to face off," he muses.
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(OOC) Silas says: luck + huge wpn at 15. :P
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"Ah," Dawn says quickly over the whiskey she cradles, "so it comes down to Grayson against Velenosa again. It was well fought, both of you." That for Silas, for Jessamine, amusement and approval radiating from the woman in equal measure. "And strange that the gods would put us so often at odds with each other, my lord. We'll have to make some effort to balance their toying with our champions' luck."
(OOC) Silas says: I know. My bad.
(OOC) Silas says: Not that it matters!
(OOC) Acacia says: Haha. Higher anyways. see? Third times a charm!!!
When it comes down to the two Lower Boroughs denizens to wipe the table clean, it is a ruthless battle, and Hammar is a berserker when it comes to a fight, so he goes in, with weapons swinging, and comes out atop the battle, with the winning card, glancing up to look at Acacia, as if to be certain that he actually managed what he thinks he had managed. "Hammar win?" His gaze slowly slides over toward Silas. "Hammar?"
Acacia's thief card wasn't the highest one she'd played thus far, but it was still a solid choice. When Hammar's card overshadows hers, her eyes widen minutely and then she looses a low whistle as she slumps back against her chair. "Blessed be. I said something about his luck in the beginning, didn't I?" With a brighter gaze, she winks towards Hammar cheerily and then picks up her whiskey glass when it was filled, toasting it towards him, "Well played, Hammar. Truly worthy. Truly." Less generously, her free hand slips down to her hip, untucking the won pouch of coins with reluctance to allow it to peel from her fingertips. But it slides to join the cards in the center of the table.
"Well, it is a friendly wager," Niccolo says to Dawn, with a brief look to her before he looks at the table for the final results again. "But I'm sure many opportunities will present themselves for us to to balance the wagers between our champions," he drinks his glass of whiskey, draining what's left of it."
Silas outright laughs when Hammar plays the strongest card in the game, in the tiebreaker round. It wasn't a condescending laugh, but a surprised one. "That's how you do it, Master Hammar. Good job. You get my silver." The guard nods firmly to the other man and procures a handful of silvers from the pouch tethered to his waist, handing it over to Hammar. "Spend wisely!"
"Hammar!" That would be Dawn, then. She serves as Voice of Grayson, and what better role for a Voice than to call out the name of the game's winner? Laughing, she vaults to her feet in a show of impressive energy, thrusting the glass of whiskey into the air. An outrageous lack of decorum is on display here and she'll remember herself soon enough, but for now, she celebrates his victory. "Well done, Champion Hammar!" Let the silver rain upon him!

And there she goes, slipping back into her seat again with grace enough to look a /little/ sheepish for the outburst. "Friendly -and- fun," she insists to complement Niccolo's statement. "I'm sure there will be, Duke Niccolo. It's been an excellent day to lay the foundation of such."
Having not lost any silver, and only gained by the winning of the game, Hammar takes his winnings from the players before then looking to Dawn with a smile, holding up the purse she had loaned to him. "Hammar not even need use Lady silver." Hammar hands over the purse toward the woman. "Hammar thanks, Lady." Having won 600 silver from the game, he looks exceedingly happy, and as if he won a fortune, even if he handed over a bigger fortune back to Dawn.
"Oooh, congratulations! How exciting," Jessamine coos. With a big smile for the table, she sweeps up a few empty glasses. "I need to go check on some things in the back, but this was ever so delightful. I hope we can do it again soon. Thank you for the game," she beams at Silas, and then the other players in turn.
Niccolo rises along with Dawn, studying her outburst with some amusement. He doesn't thrust his glass up in the air, but he does reach for the bottle to pour himself another one. After poured the duke drinks it in one shot.

When Dawn sits down, the Duke doesn't jump to his feet. Rather, he dips his head to the Grayson lady, setting his glass down. "It has been," he agrees with Dawn. "But unfortunately, I have a few meetings early in the morning tomorrow, so I need to retire for the evening." He allows hints of a smile into his schooled features. "Thank you for the company, my lady. We'll see each other soon enough."
There's something genuine about the manner Acacia's roguish grin had tracked after Hammar, watching that interaction with Dawn with a thoughtful expression. It lasted for a solid measure, with her merely sipping from her whiskey glass. Just before it might've slipped into a fond smile, there's a scrape of her chair and a quiet thump beneath the table as she looks between Silas and Jessamine, "Weeeelll. That was fun. A lot of fun. I like this game quite a bit and we should certainly play it again, I'm thinking." Toasting that glass towards Jessamine, she mentions in all seriousness, "Meeting you was an absolute pleasure, love. I hope I can join you here in the future."
Silas gives Jessamine an understanding nod. "Thank you for hosting and joining us, Mistress Jessamine. It was delightful." He gathers the cards again and tucks them away. "We've played well into the night, and I suspect all of you have important errands to attend to tomorrow, so this concludes Game Night. Thank you all, truly, for coming and providing great company." His warm smile broadens as his eyes shift from each and every attendee. "There is a raffle to be drawn for another prize, but I will draw a name and deliver the prize tomorrow. It is a little --oof." He's cut off abruptly when he feels a slight jolt of pain shoot up his shin. He eyes Acacia warily, but continues. "Heavy."
Surprising, to have a purse /returned/. Dawn slides to her feet again-- she'd feel dwarfed by Hammar otherwise-- and accepts the thing in both hands. "Are you sure you don't wish to keep it?" she wonders, eyebrows lifting as she tilts her head back (and back and back) to study the big man. "It's traditional for a Champion to win and keep his purse." Which means that it is extended still towards him, the look cast at the others somewhere between bemused and amused.

Somehow in spite of that posture, she makes her dipping nod to Niccolo seem graceful though. "I understand and wish you a good evening, my lord. Thank you as well. I'm sure we will," she tells him with a smile. "Ah... yes, thank you to our hostess! Mistress Jessamine is it? This was wonderful. And a raffle too." The approval, it radiates.
"Anytime, always! I am -- well, I'm usually here!" Jessamine tells Acacia, gesturing around with a small hand. "See you all next time," she bids brightly. "This was all Sir Silas, truly, just helping my lady," she insists quickly at Dawn's words. "Have a good night!" With a wiggle of her fingers, she disappears through the back door.
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"Lady not real want Hammar champion, Hammar from Lower boroughs." He sighs, looking at the silver that could likely change his life. "Hammar thanks Lady make Hammar feel like Champion, even if Hammar not fight real." He seems to genuinely wish he had the words he could truly thank her for the chance she gave him. "Hammar want be Champion." He nods and looks again at the purse, his left hand looks like it is trying to grab said purse, his right moves to pull his hand down, like a dog biting it's own tail.
Niccolo watches Dawn and Hammar with curiosity, his attention lingering on the two for a few moments. He inclines his head to Dawn once more, before he steps toward the game table, his steps taking him to Acacia. He puts a hand on her shoulder, gentle. "Excellent job losing -my- money, Acacia," he tells her, his voice filled with mirth. He squeezes, leans over to say something quietly, before looking up at the others at the table.

"Sir Silas, this was excellent. You should make it a regular thing, I think. Every so often," he tells the man. He lifts his hand then from Acacia's shoulders. "Congratulations, Master Hammar," he adds to the man. "You all have a good evening," he says, looking between them, with his gaze ending on Acacia, before he inclines his head and gestures for his guards to rejoin him.
"All that heartfelt compassion had to be tempered with something vi-- less than," Acacia carelessly explains towards Silas, dropping her voice a bit lower and then brandishing a cheeky grin his direction. "You understand, right, love? Tell you what. Only two glasses of whiskey then and we can do it at a later date." The jar of her hip scrapes her chair politely back into the table with a wave issued for the departing woman as she disappears in the back.

Keeping that comfortably slouched angle for several beats, her dark eyes trail back to Dawn and Hammar, bearing witness, until she straightens fully and provides a bow towards Niccolo, "Thank you for your generosity and your presence-- and quips and all of that, your Grace. I'd say that I'll do better next time, but well, rings false, doesn't it? Do rest well when you do, however." Although her gaze held upon his for a second or two, there were no further words, merely a mirthful quirk of her lips and then the temporary, but deferential veiling of her lashes.
Silas dips his head respectfully to Niccolo. "That is an excellent idea, Your Grace. I think I will hold another Game Night sometime in the near future, when we can use some spirit-lifting. Should you be there again, all the better." He seems genuinely thankful for Niccolo's presence; it's not every day you get a Duke to attend your party! "Be well, Duke Velenosa. I look forward to crossing paths with you again."

He turns to Hammar and Dawn. "Many great champions from the Borough. Don't sell yourself short, Master Hammar. I hope you will return to defend your title."
Dawn looks from purse to the hand Hammar hovers towards it, and the hand he uses to maul himself as he struggles between impulse and what looks to be a rather decent showing of morality. Lower Boroughs represent? She debates too in silence for a moment before carefully pressing the purse into his hand and curling his fingers around its weight. "Take it, Master Hammar. Take it and do good for the Lower Boroughs in the name of the Graysons," she tells him, solemn and gentle in one. "I charge you with this, to look after King Alaric's people and keep them safe while he sleeps. That is what a Champion does."

It's all rather ceremonial, perhaps too much so for a tavern, and this company. She shifts on her feet and clears her throat as she glances about the others, perhaps a tell of some self-consciousness. "On that note, I think I too will take my leave. Thank you for allowing me to attend. It was a wonderful evening. Sir Silas, put me down for however many tickets seem appropriate." She dips her head in a parting nod and withdraws.
For the first time that evening, Acacia's expression marginally dimmed, timed to the words provided by Dawn to Hammar. It was so slight; that narrowing of her eyes, that angled tilt of her brows, and then it was gone nearly as fast as it originally occurred, her smile all the brighter as she tilted her glass towards Dawn and Hammar, "To the good of the Lower Boroughs." Drinking from the whiskey, just scarcely enough to wet her lips, she inclined her head respectfully towards Dawn, "Enjoy your evening, Lady Dawn." And then more seriously, she adds, "Your interactions with Hammar tonight do you great credit." She pauses, briefly, and then adds, "Bowing-- again-- internally."
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"Champion Hammar?" He tucks the silver inside of his backpack and then rummages things around inside of it to hide the silver to make it more difficult for a thief to snatch it between here and the bank. Turning to Acacia, Hammar wants to molest her with a hug, his right eye even seems to twitch with the effort to hold himself back. "Hammar..." And then something seems to click. "Grayson? Melty face Grayson..." And nervousness seems to hit him. "Hammar have fight monsters for melty face?"
Silas could tell there was far more going on psychologically between Hammar and Dawn, but knew it wasn't his place to interrupt or comment. He simply observes, expression unchanging from the happy beaming he was indulging in for the past few minutes. When Dawn announces her impending departure, the Iron Guardsman does stand to bestow a graceful bow to her. "Will do, Lady Dawn. May the night treat you well."

As for Hammar's growing worry, Silas shakes his head. "I don't think so. The Prince Inquisitor has others who do that for him, don't worry."
Dawn's guards are quick to show themselves and fall in around the lady. She is no slight thing but they form an impressive phalanx about her all the same. Still, she finds a gap through which to direct a smile at Acacia. "As do yours, in the Lower Boroughs, Mistress Culler. I'd like to speak with you soon, the Duke said you had some ideas of your own. I'll send word," she promises. "Sir Silas, Hammar... ah." Her departure is put on pause just long enough to consider the implication of the big man's nerves. "No, Master Hammar. For me, and for the King himself." Which will surely please Alaric no end if and when he awakens, right?

"Gods bless you and keep you all." That said, she dips a nod to those remaining again and, in the shadow of her guards, departs from the tavern.
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"Not officially, love-- but she's saying to assist the people," Acacia expresses towards Hammar, that fond smile back as she reaches out, hand missing the height of his shoulder to instead clutch about his large upper arm. "Our people," she emphasizes with a small smile, "-- things like that clean up the Docks thing I mentioned to you and ensuring the trickle down is in check. Well, we all do what we can, and we do it for reason. You did good tonight, Hammar." Her dark eyes had examined his features for a moment, but she punctuates it with an easy wink and then looks towards Silas, "Mmh. I think that wraps up the evening for me too. Until later, love?"
Looking to Silas, Hammar gives the man a smile, Silas had put on this game that helped change things for him for the better, so guard or no, Hammar seems to have noted the man for a less lethal whacking were he to ever come to the boroughs for mischief. His gaze then turns to Acacia at her following words. "Hammar not Champion?" He asks, now concerned. Acacia always seems to be the one there to be part of his dream crushing, when Arn wasn't really his dad, and now he's not really a champion.
Silas seats himself again now that the bowing was done with. His exchanges a concerned look between Hammar and Acacia, but his eyes ultimately stay on the latter. Another wry smirk tugs lightly at the corner of his mouth. "Until next time, Mistress Acacia. I still need to drink three glasses of whiskey in your presence. Just... not tonight." He lifts and swirls his unfinished brandy in his glass.
"Not quite yet officially, love. That doesn't mean anything for the future." Acacia gently informs Hammar, her dark eyes canted up towards him and holding, before her smile is issued with fuller, albiet lopsided, warmth. "Don't look like that. You're going to get Sir Silas kicked again. Perhaps Sir Silas here can figure out what the procedure is to get one into a member of the actual Champions though, add to the help, have him contribute or so. You and I can go get people to buy honey cakes another time to boot, aye?" It's only after that, releasing her hold upon the larger man, she sends her focus careening back to Silas, and his glass, with a paired grin, "I look forward to it." Stepping away then, from them both, in casual saunter towards the front door, she flippantly adds, "Perhaps your apprentices can join you."
He may be a crap load richer, but Hammar appears as if he lost 10,000 silver after what Acacia tells him. Hammar shakes his head slowly in despair and turns to walk toward the door, he's learned his lesson about leaving rooms too quickly, with tis armor and is height, he usually ends up stuck in the doorway or knocked on his ass, so his storming off is slow and awkward as he ducks and side shuffles outward, shutting the door behind him.
"I don't need angry parents," Silas gloomily murmurs in reply after her. His attention shifts to Hammar now that Acacia is gone, but the big man was already shuffling out! "Be well, Master Hammar!" The guardsman quickly yells after him, mindful not to forget any of his guests.
Acacia is leaving Arx - Ward of the Compact - Traders Tavern, heading for Arx - Ward of the Compact - Plaza of Coin.

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