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Laurent Family Guess Who

Are you a Laurent? Related to a Laurent? Used to be one in some capacity but maybe not so much now? Are you in a vassal house?

Join House Laurent for a little game of guess who! Please be prepared with three facts about yourself! The person who guesses the most people correctly will get a prize. Could be a little horse in a sweater, who knows!


Aug. 7, 2020, 8:30 p.m.

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Margerie Norwood Mabelle Sunniva Cocine Cassandra Kael



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Laurent Manse - Kitchen

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Comments and Log

It's autumn and the kitchen is a somewhat cozier venue than the big drafty hall just outside. The kitchen island has been loaded with cookies, pastries and pre-dished slices of cake. There's warm apple cider, mulled wine, milk and hot chocolate along a different serving station. And there are plenty of chairs to sit at between the nook and the stools meant for the island. Cristoph has stolen one of the stools already and is perched on it, going through pieces of paper and nodding. He's dressed in something different than his typical black and gold outfit with armor. Today he's wearing fashionable black seasilk pants and a comfortable looking seatouched wool top in blue. So... black and blue. And still there's gold. As people arrive, a hand is lifted and he waves to them. "Hello! Yes, thanks for coming. Please, grab something to drink and something to eat. Feel free. Fill out your fact cards! And hand them back to me. Quick!" It's less commandy and more joking, as he laughs right after.

Marie, chef of Keaton Hall arrives, delivering a message to Cristoph before departing.

Margerie enters on Norwood's arm, smiling happily at each wonderful familiar face she sees. She does appropriate greetings and finds a mug of warm cider before settling down into a seat.

Margerie has gotten Norwood all presentable again - never mind that it is the same outfit he wore at his last big Laurent Thing. Cristoph //probably// won't send him up a tree this time?! He walks in with Margerie on his arm and kisses her cheek lightly as she sits, then he walks them towards Cristoph. "Duke," respectful, "I cannot decide if you look like you're enjoying yourself."

Mabelle has been here all along. She lives here now since she returned to eating solid food a day or so ago. Clad in velvet and wool, she wanders around the kitchen until she spots the hot chocolate and cookies tray. Collecting all she can fit in one hand and still look like a lady, she spots her cousin, and grins at Cristoph, "Oooo if only Zara was here, she wouldnt believe me without seeing it", an approving commentary is made upon the outfit. A card is collected and greetings are offered as she moves to fill it.

Sunniva arrives on her own, dressed for comfort rather than to impress anyone; after all, there's no need to impress family! They're stuck with her. She's in a simple silk gown with a woven wool shawl for warmth loosely draped over her shoulders. Pausing a moment, taking in the warmth and the yumminess spread out on the counter, Sunni heads immediately over towards Cristoph, giving the Duke a quick hug and whispering something softly in his ear before she pulls back and winks. Before he can answer, she is sweeping off to claim a mug of hot chocolate for herself, and decide on a seat for herself.

Cocine arrives promptly, relying on the servants to help her navigate through to the kitchen. She thanks the maid that lead her through with a smile and lifts a hand towards Mabelle as she approaches. Dipping into a curtsy, she flashes a grin, "I am un-bee-lievably happy to bee here, my lady. Thank you so much for inviting me!" Dipping into a bow towards Cristoph, then Margerie, and Norwood, she offers a warm smile, "My lady, its truly a pleasure to see you again. My lords, a pleasure to meet you both." Slipping around, she plucks up a card and starts to fill it out, muttering, "I should have had a thinking cap made to help contain the brainstorming..." Because when you are dressed in puns, and nothing but puns, of course you become a pun-dit!

Apparently Cristoph is not alone in dressing down. No robes. No tabard. For visiting home, Cassandra is in a set of wispy seasilk pants and top that is adorned with feathers. The Legate smiles as she enters, catching sight of her brother with his guard down and greets him with a bow of her head to greet her family. "Good evening." she offers to the others politely. A soft laugh escapes her when Cocine goes on a pun rant. "That outfit was all the buzz at Blessed Hamish's event."

Kael arrives with his wife on his arm, as the pair are prone to traveling. "My Liege," greets Kael first and foremost to Cristoph, inclining his head deeply to the man in a low and respectful manner. The pose is kept for a series of beats before he rises, lifts his chin, and casts a glance to his wife as though to allow her the choice of seating options. Kael though? He's decided that they are going to have refreshments. Mulled wine for himself, though he gestures - uncertain - to the hot chocolate as though debating if she might prefer that. A quizzical look is cast in the direction of his wife. Mind you, he is also greeting those around the chamber once refreshments are seen to. A kiss to Aunt Margerie's cheek, a clasp of Norwood's arm, a, "Lady Laurent," to Mabelle and so forth while less known individuals are the recipient of a simple nod.

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