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Market Day

The finest crafters in Arx have been invited by Lady Dawn of Grayson to set up shop in the City Center for a festive Market Day, there to showcase their talent and wares. While the quality of these goods certainly ensures there will be large crowds eager to invest in the best that Jayus' devotees have to offer, the Lady Dawn has also let it be known that this Market Day will be grander than most: there will be music, performers of all stripes to enjoy between rampant spending sprees, and fountains flowing with wine to keep throats from being parched.


Aug. 26, 2016, 8:30 p.m.

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Niccolo(RIP) Kima Denon Ida Hammar Alistair Silas Gareth(RIP) Aurora Eos(RIP) Joscelin Larissa Acacia



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The City Center

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Comments and Log


The event from Lady Dawn was filled with life and excitement from the jugglers to the flamethrowers to the craftsmen who truly were the stars of the show.

Master Smith Ida's work was exceptional, as always. One of these days, I'm going to run out of places to put knives. Is that possible?

I ended up stealing a purchase from Sir Silas. Admittedly, I wanted a trophy case for all my not-trophies for some time now. I might have to send him a bottle of whiskey in thanks.

Mistress Joscelin seems to create quite intricate work, favored to Lady Dawn, I'm curious to what she'll make in the future and walked away with a pair of earrings from her.

I've seen Courtier Denon's work previously and the man is truly gifted, in a multitude of ways, really. But his piece was poignant, I thought. The styling reminded me of a particular garden creature though.

Overall, well. Praise to House Grayson?


Wow. Wow! Market Day - y'know, I'm not much of an event goer. I have never been part of something like this, here or back in the hamlet near Sanctum. It was pretty amazing. The entertainment weaving through the crowds were just beyond what I expected, I guess. The wine fountain, fire-breathers... It felt like such a celebration! There were poignant moments, too. Whisper Denon made the must stunning bust of King Alaric III that, if you were close enough, you could tell touched Lady Dawn when she saw it - probably anyone who was fortunate enough to know him. Mistress Joscelin made a stunning pearl-encrusted haircomb. Oh! And pewter earrings that I was sorely tempted to purchase! Sir Silas, who I noticed had a sword I crafted on his belt, had some very impressive furniture pieces as well. Mistress Acacia, who I always love to see, noted how skilled he is, so I hope to go by his shop soon. I could use a trunk for the shop and the man is, without doubt, exceptionally skilled.

The sword and hairpins I made were purchased by Duke Niccolo. I didn't really expect the pieces to be bought, to be honest, at least not /at/ the event. He had asked some time ago about a rubicund weapon and I was to send word when I mastered the skill, which has yet to happen. Despite that, he bought those pieces and asked about having a sword commissioned, which we're to discuss soon.

Again, I find myself both very impressed and fond of Lady Dawn. She seems to appreciate...everything. I don't know how to explain it. I'm really glad she sent word to have some things crafted and that she invited me along with the other crafters to the event. It was, I suspect, one of those experiences you tell the story of, the rest of your life.


Market Day has come and gone. All of the work put into it, all of the time spent planning, and the reward was seeing so many of Arx's people out in the sunshine enjoying the day. And the crafters! I knew they'd work hard to impress us but they went above and beyond to create true art.

Master Denon Whisper produced a painted bust of my father. When he unveiled his work, it took all I had to keep from tearing up; he captured his likeness exactly and returned me to my childhood when I'd do everything I could to win a smile from him. It sits now in the entrance hall of Grayson Mansion to greet me every time I return to the house.

I knew Mistress Ida's booth would take my breath away, having already received several commissions from her. But no matter that I have a sword from her already, I still found myself coveting the matching sword and hairpin she'd produced. It was beautiful work, and a joy to finally meet a woman who had won my respect already through our correspondence. Duke Niccolo made quick work of securing sword and hairpin for himself, a gift for someone in his acquaintance, I believe he said. Whomever receives that token from the Voice of Velenosa is fortunate indeed.

It has been my pleasure and honor through the years to act as patron to Mistress Joscelin and to have her in attendance was wonderful. I've rarely met an artisan with so keen an eye for design, and determining what will be the best complement in adornment for any individual. She did herself proud with a pair of pewter earrings, which I believe were purchased by another woman I hold in some esteem, Mistress Acacia Culler, and a pearl encrusted set of hair combs designed in the style of mermaids. These I made a gift of to Lady Kima Saik, a southern knight of some renown. They suited her perfectly, as Mistress Joscelin said they would.

Sir Silas Mercier was also in attendance and I confess, I'm not certain how the man does it, even with two apprentices to assist him. He must sleep only a scant few hours every night to achieve the amount of work he does, and at such a high level of finesse. The wardrobe I commissioned from him is one of the finest things I own, and I knew I would be impressed but he too exceeded expectations. His offerings were an impressive trophy case with mirror, a very fine dining set, and a sweet little rocking chair made by his apprentice Callum, which I am proud of having purchased for myself. It will inspire me to find a quiet hour here and there for my reading.

I think the finest thing to come of the day was to see nobles and commoners alike together, sharing a spirit of merriment and celebration. We have all of us had little reason for that of late but it seemed we were all able to set our worries aside for a day, and simply enjoy the comradery and creativity of our fellow Arxians. Inquisitors Alistair and Prince Gareth, Larissa Whisper, Master Hammer my champion of the card table, people from the Lower Boroughs and those who've walked in the palace, or in lands far from this one, they were all there. For a day, there were no divisions that I could see and we seemed to all be of one mind, united in the purpose of remembering what is good in life.

It did my heart good, and also reminded me of a lesson instilled in me when I was small: It is easy to lead when the days are sweet and full of sunlight, but when events conspire and times grow dark and cold, the people need light and warmth the most. Grayson must be that light for they have always looked to us and we have always served.

It was a good day, with good people.


While enjoying the Market Day put on by the Lady Dawn of House Grayson, I had the good pleasure of watching my brother nearly have his eyebrows singed off by a a man blowing fire. If I am perfectly honest with myself, I'd venture to guess that particular individual had imbibed more alcohol than was entirely necessary for his chosen profession. However, no eyebrows were lost, and more importantly, no faces were melted away.

There were also jugglers, tumblers, and troubadours. Of the three, I found the tumblers to be the most impressive, if only because the city center was incredibly crowded that day - Eos and I had a hard enough time shouldering our way through - I can't imagine actually trying to tumble through it. Somehow they managed.

Perhaps those rumors I'd once heard about the removal of certain bones from within the body bear some truth.

As for the featured craftsman, I confess to finding myself most envious the lot of them. Denon Whisper sculpted a bust of the former king, and while I have always appreciated art in all its forms, the sheer talent and skill that radiated from his work is worthy of the highest praise. Were I an art critic, I am most certain those words would hold more weight. Alas, I am only a knight.

Sir Silas produces fine, fine work. Were I not staying within a rented room, I would have just cause to make purchases from the man. As it stands, the room comes furnished and I can't imagine stuffing another armoire in here no matter how much I might like another. One day.

Ida, someone I am certain needs no introduction, has been someone I've kept an eye on. While I am not in the market for a new weapon, she assured me that honing my current one would be easily done. My schedule hasn't allowed for making it over to that side of town recently, but I do hope to have that done soon.

Now we come to the jeweller. Ah yes, the jeweller. Lady Dawn's own. Sort of. Joscelin is her name. Before I go further, I must say that while I was at first dubious of the claim that the item matches my skin tone, as I stand here now with the comb in my hair and the gloves on my hands and admire myself in the mirror...yes, yes I see it. The blush of pink silk contrasted by polished coral, combined with the pearl-encrusted silver comb. It brings out my eyes, of course, where else are you looking?

Yes, yes, one day, I'll actually have something to wear with these gloves, but the good thing is that I'll never tire of staring at myself in the mirror - clothed or otherwise.

Right. Red isn't quite your color.

Lady Dawn purchased this comb for me! My profuse thanks! I hope she doesn't hold the supposed virtue of humility in high esteem, as it is one I studiously eschew in favor of pride and vanity.

Maybe that is what I should name the next pair of swords I purchase?

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Niccolo before departing.
Larissa arrives.
(OOC) Denon says: is there a system for the order of those with contributions to go in, will dawn announce us, or is it simply first come, first serve?
(OOC) Dawn says: Mostly it will be mingling, catch as catch can, but I am going to try to go by alphabetical order to get to each crafter.
(OOC) Denon nods.
Thinking he had seen someone waving in his general direction, Hammar stops, looking back over his shoulder to see if someone were behind him before seeking out whoever the person was that was waving. Hammar catches sight of Ida and moves towards her. "Hammer lady!" He glances down to see what it was she ended up making for the event.

Joscelin has just finished setting up her table of wares, making sure every precaution has been made against thieves, encasing every item and securing it in place, on top of keeping a watchful eye out. She nods to the other merchants as she sees them, rarely cracking a smile. It's been a lot of work getting things out here today, but she's pleased with the items she's made, stretched out to glitter and glint and glisten in the light.

Dressed in a short leather apron that hugs her hips, her tools in loops and pockets, Joscelin is dressed for comfort with a clean white cotton tunic and snug leather breeches, and comfortable calf-length boots. She's in the process of watching the square, working on tying up her long black curls idly as she takes in the snippets of conversation and observes all the folks she doesn't know.
Kima watches as the fire-breather that very nearly singes the face of her brother, grinning ever so slightly at his discomfort. "The entire reason for my argument, Eos, is that you won't countenance even the /attempt./ You simply say that it cannot, slash your hand through the air and thin your lips in just such a way while giving me just such a look." Great, they were arguing for the sake of arguing now. Not new.

"Where is your spirit of adventure, even a scholar would be willing to give it a /try/." Hands to her hips, Kima gives a haughty little sniff. "I bet Vomas would agree with me."
Niccolo arrivers to City Center with his usual group of guards. They walk some distance from the duke, giving him enough space for him to have some privacy if he so wishes, but keeping the Velenosa noble man well in view in case something that needs their involvement takes place. The duke walks with hands clasped behind his back, his expression a little thoughtful as he makes his way through the stalls set up around the area. While the duke hasn't picked a stall to settle at yet, his gaze does linger on several ones that the criers of House Grayson are pointing out. There is a glance around the area, and behind him, as if he was looking for someone.
Acacia had opted for one of the erected pavilions less crowded by those who might've been more finely attired, one shoulder pillar-pressed at an angle beneath the shade of an awning and her keen gaze a bit more languid in its perusal of the festivities. Rather than indulge in some of the finer offerings, she currently carves and slices at a reddish-hued apple with a deftly held steel blade, crunching on finely-cut bits behind closed lips bearing a partial smirk. A hint of mirth follows her gaze when she visually tracks after one of the jugglers, far enough away that should an accident occur, she likely wouldn't be hit by any flyaways. A row of messengers comes and goes, whispering in her ear or delivering missives on occasion.
There is a stir in the crowd at square's edge, glad shouts and cheers marking the arrival of the Graysons. No trumpet fanfare, no flourish of swords by mounted men, just Lady Dawn on foot in midnight blue seasilk flashing with gold embellishments, her sun-bright hair partially covered by a gauzy veil. Ladies flank her, and guardsmen, of course, but they trail slightly behind as the Lady herself proceeds forward.

Her pace is by necessity in a crowd of this size somewhat slow. Neither does it help, her preference to stop, to exchange words here or there, to smile and clasp a granny's hand or accept a posy from a child. But eventually her course leads towards the nearest booth-- passing by those fountains of sparkling wine-- to offer a nod to Denon. "Master Whisper, I've been so looking forward to seeing you here. And to seeing what you've made. Welcome, and thank you."
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Acacia before departing.
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Acacia before departing.
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Acacia before departing.
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Niccolo before departing.
"It's good to see you, Master Hammar," Ida remarks to the large man, smiling. "Come to see all the excitement? I bet the food is going to be wonderful," she tells him further and then nods at the table. "Sword and hairpins. Like them?" Espying Joscelin, she returns the jeweler's nods with one of her own. Lady Dawn's arrival is easy to spot, though it's like the smith heard it before seeing it. As the Grayson stops at Denon's booth, Ida straightens up just a little bit.
Alistair arrives.
The arrival of Gareth Grayson in comparison to his.. most fortuante cousin is perhaps a less glorious affair, the man walks slowly, the clack of his cane accompanying him as he steps into the Market Square, the assorted festivities and the like causing unwanted distractions for the Inquisitor, his eyes shifting to and fro as quickly as one can manage. The Grayson's scarred features twisting all the more visibly in the frown, and without much ceremony, he is moving to try and find his way to somewhere in the market that is perhaps.. just a bit quieter.

Denon looks up and stands straight as Dawn approaches, bowing his head respectfully at her words, "You honor me Your Highness. I only hope my work does justice to the subject." His tone of voice respectful and polite.

"Vomas is ten," Eos counters as point in fact of the absurdity of it. Though he follows it with, "I do not thin my lips," with an expression that does precisely that. "I am all for trying the improbable, but the impossible? I would just assume not meet with the Inquisition for succeeding-" He snaps his fingers then and points toward Joscelin's table. "Look, something glittering and splendid." Offering his arm to Kima, he makes to weave his way towards the table that happens to be the nearest, apparently abandoning the debate to better dodge children and tumblers.
(OOC) Dawn says: Apos is coming to add more places to the room, blessed be.
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Apostate drops By A Stall.
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"Hammar not wear hairpins, but Hammar think Ida do good." He nods with a big yellow-toothed smile. The large man then turns when Dawn approaches and he begins to fidget, leaning down towards Ida. "Ida think Hammar should go be by Dawn? Do champion follow people?"
Apostate drops Shadowy Corner.
Apostate is leaving Arx - Ward of the Compact - The City Center, heading for Apostate's Work Room <OOC ROOM>.
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Alistair stands apart from the festitives talking with a troop of Iron Guard, the Inqusitior in quiet conversation with the martial military force of the Compact. "Truly? They wanted it to spurt wine? Well it would liven up the proceedings a tad..." He remarks evenly as his eyes go to the Fountain of Triumph. He nods to the departing Guards as they spread out to keep an eye on everything, the black robed Inquisitor turning to wacth as people enjoy festitives.
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(OOC) Denon says: guess the merchants table is for those with goods to display?
"Please," Dawn is quick to tell Denon, "please call me Lady Dawn, or my lady. I have no right or wish to claim Highness. But I will claim eagerness to see what you've produced for us." She pauses here to turn to one of her ladies, the posy in her hands passed off to leave them empty. As she turns back towards the Whisper courtier, the warmth of her smile is extended with her gaze to pass over the crafters nearby. Ida and Hammer, Joscelin and Silas, her eyes rest briefly on each of them before she focuses on Denon again. A small gesture indicates the cloth-draped offering he's displayed on the table. "Will you do me the honor, Master Whisper?"
(OOC) Dawn says: Sure!
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Trying to follow all the many conversations and crowding people, Joscelin winks at Ida as the other smith spots her, but still doesn't crack a smile. As people approach and look over her booth, she offers insight and suggestions and details as they're asked of her. She glances at Eos and Kima, fairly certain they're approaching but knowing better to call out or assume; she'd rather let her work speak for herself. Because she's stubborn.
The Voice of House Velenosa looks up at the stir in the crowd. The cheers catch his attention, and he lifts a brow, looking in the direction of the arrival of House Grayson. A touch of amusement crosses his usually schooled features, just as a messenger boy approaches him. Niccolo leans in, listening to the boy and dipping his head to whatever goes between them. Spotting Kim and Eos within the crowd, he takes step to approach them and the table they are heading to. "Lady Kima, Lord Eos," he greets. "It's good to see you. How are the gods finding you both today?"
"I can check to make sure it's all battered down right, if you want." Acacia hadn't been too far from Jocelin's booth, but a fair enough distance she had to pitch her voice upwards in order to make it be heard over the din of festivities. She'd been careful to ensure the words were spoken inbetween the comings and goings of potential clientele. Her grin was affable and warm though, albiet a touch lopsided, the scant remains of her apple finished off and then tossed in the proper receptacle rather than just added to whatever might end up littering the streets again. Untucking a small black linen handkerchief from her pocket, she meticulously cleans her blade before sheathing it again and then squints over towards Denon and Dawn from afar. Sucking at her teeth lightly, she mentions, "I suppose I should go grant proper attention too. Will Lady Dawn be coming your way, love?"

Denon nods and says, "As you wish My Lady." He then looks to the gathering crowd and the sculptor calls out, "I felt it was fair to honor the late king Alaric III Grayson in light of our hostess. I would ask that any who knew him to please step forward if you are able." Waiting a bit to allow any who wish to move forward to do so, he then unties a cord holding the cloth in place and then gently removes the linen covering his piece. This reveals an excellently carved bust of the father of the current king, the stonework painted to give as lifelike of coloration as humanly possible. In addition high quality steel sheets have been used to give a natural look to the visible sections of armor, and high quality fur lines the collar to add extra depth to the portrayal of the former king. Any who knew the man would notice the likeness is extremely well done and fitting of the man, though it does portray him with an uncommonly faint smile instead of a stern look, it still captures his features well. "I present The Stern King." As he stands with his hands behind his back, cloth still held there so there is as clear of a view of the bust as possible.

Denon drops The Stern King.
(OOC) Denon says: 'king' is the keyword for any who wishes to read it.
Silas is present at the small booth provided to him, busy ordering his two apprentices to and fro as they struggle to lift heavy pieces of furniture into and around the booth. The guardsman seems more engaged with them at the moment than trying to ensnare potential customers, or with the other crafters peddling their wares.
Ida can't help but grin a bit at Hammar. "Well, no. Your hair is not long enough for hairpins and, really, they are for ladies," she replies in a quiet tone and glances as Dawn approaches. "I do not think they follow people, Master Hammar. They fight, I believe? Plus it is a special event and I think Lady Dawn would not wish you to miss out on the food and drink due to following her around." There's even a nod toward some of the tables. "It's festive, hmm? Time for fun." That said, she lets her gaze return to Denon's booth and the statue. A whistle escapes her lips. "That is stunning."
Silas drops a solid oak framed trophy case with reflective back mirror.
Silas drops a simple yet sophisticated rocking chair.
Gareth for his part continues to stand off to the side, the mans arms crossed before him as the Inquisitor just stares with his cold gaze once more. His eyes will be attrackted to the table that seems to dominate the affairs going on around him, inspecting, though never approaching the items placed upon it. Indeed, the Grayson Inquisitor seems to be perfectly still, his cane resting against his side, his lips twisted visibly into a frown. He'll take a glance about to look to Dawn for a momment then, wathcing her carefully, obseriving her from afar, his left brow ticking up then.
Looking around then as Ida makes mention of the other people setting out things to be viewed, his eyes find Joscelin and then looks back to Ida. "Who dat?" he asks her curiously. "Hammar not go follow Dawn."
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Kima takes his arm and allows Eos to lead the way to Joscelin's table, pushing herself up onto her toes for several steps in order to mutter something into his ear. It's not whispering, exactly, so much as the ambient noise would drown out the words without anyone else being close enough to the pair of them to overhear.

When Niccolo greets them, Kima offers the Velenosan Duke a warm smile. "Duke Niccolo," she says with a flourished bow. "My brother and I find ourselves well this day, eager to enjoy the Market Day that the Lady Dawn Grayson has put together. I trust that you are doing well?"
Larissa enters the city center to find positively humming and bustling with activity. A smile spreads across her features so wide that sunlight spills from her lips and the warmth flooding from her gaze. The Courtesan loved any kind of party and for any kind of reason, and what more was a festival other than a very, very large party? "How Marvelous!" she exclaims breathing out sighs as people set out their finely crafted wares for display "Oh Denon!" she breathes, applauding his sculpture with due reverance before her attention is caught "And...Master Silas is it? What beautiful pieces.." and so on and so forth as she makes the circuits. Now and then she pauses to curtsy at the any Lords and Ladies she is acquainted with but most of her attention is on the artisans
Aurora arrives.
It has been eleven years and more since Dawn laid eyes on her late father. It won't be a surprise then, that the Lady is so affected by the sight of the bust Denon has created. She glances at the man to seek his permission to approach, to touch, and then steps forward to lightly touch her fingertips to one cool stone cheek. With so many eyes on her, it is paramount she maintain some composure, but her throat visibly works as she swallows and a deep breath is taken to stave off whatever emotional response has been summoned by the Whisper's craftsmanship. "It is exquisite, Master Denon. His very image. Thank you," she tells him softly.

Another breath is taken, her smile found again and her hands extended to Denon. "You truly are a master. I should go speak with the others but thank you for this. Your skills are a gift and a blessing. I hope you find time today to enjoy the Market."
If the jewels did not distract Kima from her nonsensical philosophy, surely Niccolo or the reveal of the statue would do. He had turned a warm smile for the jeweler before dropping his own attention to consider her displays before the most familiar sound of his name pulled his attention away. He dips his head to Niccolo, offering a similar smile for him as well, "Duke Niccolo," echoes Kima's own. "It is good to see you again." His attention wanders then to the impressive statue that had just been revealed, taking in the fine and detailed work of it with a small rise to his brow. Remembering conversation at hand soon enough, he finds his eyes back to Niccolo again, and whatever it was Kima was still saying.
(OOC) Eos claims that.
Ida glances towards the jeweler's booth as Hammar looks that way and then she makes an 'aaaah' sound. "That is Mistress Joscelin, Master Hammar. She makes jewelry. Really nice things. She's helped me a few times when I've had trouble making hairpins look more like jewelry and less like a weapon," is explained with a laugh following. "Very good woman and you should definitely go see her if you might like to get someone jewelry as a present, y'know?" That said, she quiets a moment at Lady Dawn's pause before Denon's statue, but soon straighens up when the Grayson mentions continuing her reviews.
Acacia's focus steals away from the mastery of the sculpture and the reaction of Lady Dawn at the glint of the mirror displayed upon the trophy case, zoning in. The curl of her tongue binds across her canine, as she peels away from the comforts of her pavilion and loiters somewhere between Silas and Joscelin's booth. Although the latter had attracted her initial conversation, she does fractionally lean towards the Guardsman, mentioning slyly, "Sir Mercier, we're like-- best friends, right? Close enough? Guile-ful Associates of the best variety?" There's a deliberate hook of her gaze towards the trophy case and then back to him with a demure flutter of her lashes that doesn't even remotely resemble innocence.
The sound of Acacia's voice carries to him when he finishes his approach to Joscelin's table. Niccolo's gaze lingers on his protege, and he inclines his head to her with a hint of a smile. He turns his attention back to Kima when she addresses him, inclining his head in response to her question. "I'm doing well my lady. There is something I need to speak to you about, but it can wait until we're not out in the middle of the City Center supporting Market Day."

A hint of a smile touches his features when Eos greets him. "And you, Lord Eos. Have you seen anything that interests you yet? He glances at the stalls, his eyes falling on the trophy case with the mirror and lifting his head, growing pensive.

Denon allows Dawn to touch the featurews of the bust of course, and once it is offered he accepts the hand as though he were at court and says, "You honor me more than I deserve My Lady. It was crafted to honor your father so I see why the bust should not go to House Grayson after the festivities come to an end. Take it with my blessing." He then releases her hand and leaves her to continue her duties as he remains behind the table for now so others might come by for a closer look, though obviously none other than a Grayson or one of their representatives is allowed to touch the piece.

Joscelin drops Elegant Silver Pearl-Encrusted Hair Combs.
Joscelin drops Carved Pewter Earrings.
Aurora slips into the Market, though perhaps not really to participate in the event being held but for a more specific task at hand. The tailor's steps are almost paired to music, as she hums and cheerfully bounces and hops between the people viewing the masterpieces prepared by the crafters of the city, her own work not displayed today. She moves towards a merchant selling small expensive pieces of umbra and aeterna, informing the man, "I have officially mastered your wares, you just wait until everyone seeks me to make them works of art from your supplies. We are good for eachother." She grins and wiggles her eyebrows at the man as she slips away just as gracefully as she arrived.
Eventually Apprentice Callum and Jon manage to haul the last pieces of furniture to be displayed: a large dining set, apparently. They grumble and mutter as they wipe the sweat from their brows, and Silas pays them a few silver each before sending them back to the shop whence they came. Someone needs to be there!

He flashes a friendly smile to Larissa when he finally makes his trek to the Merchant Table dominating the area. "Thank you, Mistress!" There was an exuberance about him today, suggesting he may have gotten a good night's sleep at the very least. He stops briefly to observe the bust before his attention is captured by Acacia. His cants his head in her direction when it's clear she's speaking to him and his brow arches skeptically. "You sure you -want- me as your bestie? I mean, there's your reputation to uphold, and everything." His eyes tick over to the trophy case, clearly noting her interest. "Interesting. Do you want it for yourself?"
Dawn gives Denon's hand a light press and offers him a last smile. "Grayson is honored by you, crafter," she tells him, and though her voice is gentle, neither does her tone brook any argument. She collects herself then and steps forward to move down the line-- which means that Ida's booth is next! "Mistress Ida! It's hard to believe this is the first time we've met in person, isn't it? I'm so glad to see you here. And with my champion from the card table. Master Hammar, it's wonderful to see you too!" Her smile ticks deeper as she regards the pair, somehow managing to include both in that warmth in spite of the disparity in height. "I haven't had an opportunity to test the bow you sent, Mistress, but I mean to very soon. Did you bring anything as magnificent today?"

A ghost of a smile across Joscelin's soft lips, her nose wrinkling a touch because there are so many people here today. She's respectful and quiet for now, beyond answer the occasional question on a detail or technique. And she knows she's not usually so quiet, but it just seems smarter to observe for now. She overhears her name from Ida, however, and her face cracks into a bit of a grin; it's nice to be appreciated.
As Dawn approaches, Hammar looks down at her with a smile. "Hammar better fight than Hammar cards." He tells Dawn. "Hammar can fight if Dawn want whack." He points at Ida. "Hammer lady make Hammar's hammer hammer better."
Ida inclines her head respectfully and holds it a pause before raising it and smiling wide at the Grayson. "Hard to believe, truly my Lady. It is wonderful to meet you in person, Lady Dawn. I was very much looking forward to this event and hope you'll like what I managed," she remarks and then grins as Hammar is greeted and responds. "Master Hammar is a dear friend and he came to tell me about being your Champion, my lady. I was very excited," is then noted before her head bobs. "I will hope the bow serves you well. If it doesn't, well, I'll replace it. Today, however, I have a sword and a pair of hairpins that match it. Something strong and something elegant."
Ida drops winters dusk elegant hairpins with caged pearl tips.
Ida drops dusks creatures of wintertide karolingian sword.
"I remember having a lengthy conversation in your shop with a certain Duke about my particular desires to have a particular kind of trophy case, as a matter of fact," Acacia delivers towards Silas, her grin broadening just a touch. She'd tracked after Callum and Jon upon their departure, a casual wave marked towards the two boys. Content then to merely watch Joscelin from the distance then, she turns her gaze wholly upon the Guardsman, clucking her tongue with a dramatic air. "I mean, most people really don't like mirrors anyways. Terribly unlucky as the supertitions go. I wouldn't want it to sully your reputation, so before people bid, love, I could just make a deal to take it right off your hands and we could cover it up. With your best interests in mind, of course."

Although her words are paired with a wink, she'd refocused in upon Ida and Dawn, "Think about it while we watch this? I gotta admit, I have a huge enjoyment of Master Smith Ida's work." It's then that her focus catches upon Niccolo, a small smile betraying her briefly when she offers him a bow despite the bustling crowds and then returns to her partial slouch.
Kima slips her arm from her brother's own - allowing them each a hair's breath more movement within the otherwise crowded city center. When her attention is drawn towards Denon's creation, the knight whistles appreciatively. "I have always thought those blessed by Jayus to be such wonderful gifts to the world." Her eyes flit from the Whisper's representation of the former king to Niccolo, and the blonde gives the man a slight, but firm, nod of her head.

"But of course," comes her reply. "I'll be at your service just as soon as you find it convenient."

"Oh, brother, take a look at these," Kima gestures to the hair combs depicting mermaids. "Aren't they just darling?" The knight flashes the jeweller the brightest of smiles.
Gareth's hand reachs up to rub at his lips for a momment sa he finally moves towards the table, he won't even look at Ida as he finally looks down at what appears to be.. is that a set of Hairpins and a sword? Yes.. and Gareth looks them over quite carefully, his hand almost reaching out to pick them up but he hesitates and glances off to the side towards those others assembled.. and soon he is making his way away from the table, carefully, and slowly with his shuffling gait.. better to wait till the table clears up no doubt.
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Denon nods appreciatively to Kima and says, "Thank you for the honor." in a polite voice.

Eos follows Niccolo's glance toards the trophy case only briefly before admitting, "I have not gotten much further than this as yet. It all looks to be remarkable. It appears there are many a fine artisan in Arx." He can't quite help following to another survey of the surroundings, the press of bodies moving with no small degree of mayhem, and straightens up a little taller. When his survey lands his eye on any he recognizes, should they meet eyes, he nods to greet them across the distance, before returning back to the closer conversation and Kima's latest redirection. The combs are considered before he answers Kima with a dry, "Pearls do contrast nicely with my hair."
Niccolo dips his head to Kima. "I'll send a messenger, so we can arrange a meeting. I'll be in the next few days. "And you and I, Lord Eos, should get together for a drink soon," he says to the man and looking his way, his gaze falls on Ida and her ware. He lifts a brow. "Excuse me," he says to Eos and Kima both, offering a faint smile.

The duke then makes his way to Ida's stall, dipping his head in his approach. "Mistress Ida," he greets her, with a glance at the sword and the hairpins both. "May I?" He gestures to the sword.
"Oh no," Dawn says, laughing and letting pale eyes shine as she cranes her head back to look at Hammar. "No whacking today, please. Even the strongest and most capable of champions should be allowed time to enjoy a market day. But I believe that you're a fierce fighter. I hope I'll see you at the melee tourney, later in the season?" She reaches out to bestow a light touch on Hammar's arm before turning her focus back to Ida. "I've never had a champion before either, it is exciting, isn't it? Oh, these are beautiful." That last is said in a voice of deepest appreciation.

And she must be in a touchy mood because she extends a finger towards one of the hairpins too, this time to lift it and study its design. "If I didn't have one of your swords already at home, I'd buy these as well," she remarks. The hairpin is replaced on the table and a glance slides up to the man who's just stepped in. "Duke Niccolo. Ah. Your craftsmanship has already lured a buyer," this with a glance at Ida, laughter twinkling in her eyes. "I should leave you, Mistress, to see to the others, but I think I leave you in good hands."

Joscelin's smile extends to Kima, the plump, honey-skinned woman offering the appropriate greeting to the lady. "I can customize them with different stones, my lady," is her added comment. "Or even recreate it in gold-" At Eos' interjection, the jeweler actually considers him a moment.

"Emeralds would do you better, my lord." Her eyes glitter. "Or sapphires."

tHis eyes roll upward in momentary thought, but Silas nods to his redheaded companion. "I vaguely recall hearing something like that." His eyes then scan the crowds to see if said Duke was present, and indeed there he was, approaching Ida's impressive stall. His attention returns to Acacia. "As much as I'm tempted to make you work for it, I'll be upfront because I like you: the price is no less than 1830 silver." Silas dares her with a confident smirk. "I happen to like mirrors, myself."
Ida notices Gareth, clearly, as a brief flash of nerves cross her features. But he departs and her attention returns to Dawn. "One could hardly do better than Master Hammar as a champion, Lady Dawn," is says and her tone betrays she's probably serious about that. Dipping her head again, she smiles. "You are too kind, my lady, and I'm so grateful for it," she says and straightens back up. "Of course. Thank you for coming to the stall and for this event. It's wonderful." She grins and then turns her attention to Niccolo. "Please," she tells him and turns the sword so that the handle is better within his reach.
"I always suspected that you were a Thraxian maid in a past life," Kima quips merrily. As Niccolo moves to depart, Kima says to him, "I'll await your message, until then." Her hand is lifted in a little wave.

"Emeralds? Sapphires?" Blinking, Kima looks between Joscelin and Eos, lips pursing in a thoughtful manner. "But do you /really/ think my brother is the type to drape in precious gems? I mean..." She gestures to him lazily. "I always thought of him as more of a semi-precious man, myself." Finally, Kima even reaches out to dust some imaginary dust from his shoulder. "Besides, red is more his color."
As if he could get any taller or larger, but Hammar attempts to straighten up as much as possible at the light touch from Dawn, along with her words. And then Ida speaks and he looks down at her and offers a smile, a warm smile that says much, and with a deep inhalation of breath, Hammar's massive barrel chest is widened out even more in pride. "Hammar thanks, Lady... Hammar thanks, Hammer lady" He says first to Dawn, and then looks to Ida for the latter.
The throng of people provides some obstacle for Acacia to watch Ida's table with the crowds only growing. But she finds herself grinning despite herself, dark eyes straying between Dawn and Hammar for a moment. Without taking her eyes off of them, she leans towards Silas, murmuring something quiet and beneath her breath without attempting to draw attention. "It's a gorgeous piece, don't you think?" she says as she straightens, her chin upticking towards the blade both Niccolo and Gareth had set their eyes upon.
"My lady," Niccolo respectfully greets Dawn, with a dip of his head. Hints of a smile touching his features. "I've always admired Mistress Ida's work, I've yet to obtain a piece of hers for myself. This one doesn't quite fit me," he muses, studying the design of the sword. "But, I'm still interested," he admits. "How much for the sword and the hairpins both?"

When given permission by Ida, the duke reaches to take the sword in his hands. He runs his finger along the flat of the blade, judging eyes examining every inch of it. He actually holds the sword in one hand, testing its weight and balance. He twirls the sword in his hand, nodding approvingly.
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"Emeralds and sapphires- you ascribe me quite the expensive tas-" was started, chuckled, but then he cuts short at Kima's interjection and tips his head to just consider her. " not even certain how to take that, Lady Kima," he laughs more easily and shakes his head a little when he returns his attention to Joscelin. "But she is correct, for the once, on the color. I favor red. Perhaps I will find my way to your shop to discuss some work in the near future, Mistress- " He trails off there, for lack of name, but fails to actually make or finish introduction when a young shaggy-haired boy arrives at his side, pulling a little at his elbow, all wide eyes and excited chatter about a performer juggling fire. Eos rests his hand on the boy's head, and looks back to Kima and Joscelin. "I am afraid I must see this juggler in the most urgent way. The very best of luck with your evening, and do stay out of trouble." The first was offered to Joscelin, and the latter of course to Kima, before Eos made to step away with Vomas and fade into the crowds.
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Acacia before departing.
"Not so very kind, Mistress. Just appreciative of Jayus' blessings, and those who wield them." Dawn dips her head to Ida, then tilts another smile up at Hammar. Up, and up, and up it goes. "And I thank you, Master Hammar. Please, enjoy yourself today." Niccolo earns a glance as well, a hint of a chuckle entering her voice when she adds, "I'm sure you'd find a place for it, my lord." And then she and her party moves on, the group of them opening to include Gareth in their number. "Cousin," she murmurs to the Inquisitor, giving /him/ a smile as well.

Then it's on to the next booth, and Joscelin who she already seems to know. "Mistress Joscelin, I was just telling my maid this morning that if I didn't see you here today, I'd be very cross indeed. And Lady Saik! How wonderful to see you again as well." The trio, including Eos, are subject to the full weight of her focus, warmth and smile and regard included at no extra charge.
Ida can't help but smile wider at Hammer. "When things slow down, I'll buy you some honeycakse of they have them, hmm? I haven't had a chance to look about just yet." That noted, she turns back and inclines her head to the Duke. "You are always kind with your words regarding my work, my lord, and I am glad for them." That said, she seems a little surprisd. "Oh. Um...I hadn't considered anyone might purchase them here. For the pair, say, 6000 silver? Should you consider that reasonable, of course." She gives a cheerful wave after the Grayson as she moves on. "Thank you, my lady, once again."
Silas nods to Acacia again and lets his attention drift to Ida's booth. The attention the booth was receiving surprised him none. "It is. I'm quite a fan of Mistress Ida's craftsmanship, myself." Acacia was likely already aware of this, given she knew the origin of the sword currently sheathed in the scabbard hanging indolently from his waist. "It looks like His Grace knows better than to wait," he muses outloud when Niccolo steps forward and inquires about the pricing.
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Joscelin is considering Kima's words, and then Eos', finding herself smiling all the more for the banter between the two. "There are many gemstones that are red and not as-" she also begins, only to chuckle, nodding at the lord's suggestion on future work. She's about to introduce herself and give him the address of her atelier, when two things happen at once; a young boy steals Eos away, and the Lady Dawn, her patron, approaches and addresses her.

"Lady Dawn," she says, some of her gray mood clearing as she sees this very familiar, very appreciated face. "Indeed, I've been working my tits off trying to come up with enough items to satisfy my own expectations." Crass language has ever been a part of Joscelin's language, and it shouldn't surprise anyone who knows her. "Are you enjoying the day, my lady?"
"Hammar leave Ida." He tells the woman with a smile and pats her head like she were a good young child. With that, Hammar begins to slowly wander around the city center, eyeing anyone that gets too close to Dawn, his sunken right eye squinting to focus. He continues this wandering and squinting before he comes upon a honey cake vendor, pausing to stare and drool.
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"More than reasonable," Niccolo tells Ida. "I'll get them both. Although I'll need to have the silver delivered from my coffers at the bank." There is a brief pause, before the duke adds, "I also would like to place an order for a commission with you, Mistress Ida," the duke tells her, with an incline of his head. Hints of a smile touch his features. "This would be a sword for myself," he says to the woman.

Looking over at Hammar, the duke inclines his head to the man, and also spares a look towards Silas, Acacia and the furniture maker's stall.
Silas picks up a solid oak framed trophy case with reflective back mirror.
Silas drops a solid oak framed trophy case with reflective back mirror.
Ida laughs a little at the pats on her head from Hammar. "Enjoy, Master Hammar," she calls after him and then focuses back on the Velanosa Duke. "The silver may be sent at your convenience, of course," is remarked and then she waves at the items. "Would you like to have one of your guards take them now? If not, I can have them delivered to you later. I would also welcome a commission, though fear I am still trying to master rubicund. One day, Jayus willing," she says with a touch of humor. "Would you like to discuss it now? I would not want to take you away from the event. A messenger or meeting later would also work. Whatever you prefer."
"Mmh. Someone would've snatched it up for certain, if not him. People have a habit of doing that." Acacia's gaze drops down towards the sword at Silas' waist, an inkling of a smirk coursing across her mouth before it splits into that characteristic grin once more. Dropping her fingers towards the top of his table, she raps it twice in rhythmic form and then remarks, "Let's talk later, aye? I was trying to get Mistress Joscelin's attention earlier-- believe that's what her name was, no? But failing that, I'm at least curious to see what it is that she brought. Until then, love?"
Indeed, Dawn seems inured to Joscelin's language choices. One of the ladies behind her might suck in a sharp breath but the Lady herself just chuckles again, chin tucked low. "Gods forbid, Mistress, if that actually happened we'd have heard the swearing from the mansion. As we didn't, I'm going to accuse you of exaggerating slightly. But your work -has- paid off, hasn't it? These combs." Why yes, Dawn is drawn to the mermaids too-- and it shouldn't surprise anyone when she reaches for them to study the closer details.

"I'm enjoying the day very much," she says while placing the combs back on the table, tipping an almost-grin at the crafter. "But more importantly, I hope everyone else is as well. Do you need anything here? I can have them send over a flagon of wine, or some fruit? I really should have had them include chairs with your stalls." Drat.
Kima watches her brother go, then turns her attention back to Joscelin. To her surprise, Dawn herself had arrived, and Kima was quick to greet the Grayson Lady. "Lady Dawn," the blonde chimes. "How good to see you again." Looking between her and the jeweller, Kima clasps her hands together before her. "Oh, are you patron? I confess," and here she forms her expression into something vaguely resembling contrition. "I've not frequented as many of the finer shops Arx has to offer as perhaps I should."
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Silas finally seats himself at the almighty Merchants Table. To him, being considered an actual decent craftsman was more of an accomplishment than most. And in true craftsman fashion, he proceeds to take note of what kind of wood and finish the table beneath him possessed. His attention doesn't entirely leave Acacia just yet, but when she announces her intent to flit elsewhere, he gives the roguish woman an understanding smile. "Want me to make Callum and Jon deliver your trophy case later?" Acacia's growing fondness for the boys was difficult for him to ignore, but it didn't look like he was discouraging it. He opts to finally give Niccolo a respectful nod in acknowledgement, when the Duke's attention finds them.

Joscelin grins at Lady Dawn, bobbing her head and pleased at the attention and compliments. "Do you see the center mermaid?" she asks, pointing to the largest comb. "Do you recognize her?" It is, in fact, Joscelin's own mother.

Her eyes light up at the prospect of drink and food. "Water would be most appreciated, and fruit as well, thank you, my lady!" She gives her patroness a most genuine, familiar bow. She looks to Kima and tilts her head at the woman. "Were you interested in the combs?" she asks. "I hear pearls are all the rage, at the moment." Her eyes flick up to the Lady Saik's hair, and her smile is warm. "I think these would look quite fine with your complexion."
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"Perhaps when their shifts are coming to an end, unless they want to enjoy the festival. I'm not in any dire rush or anything," Acacia assures Silas, loitering for a moment or two to allow some of her Betters clearer access towards the front of the jewelers table. Raking her nails briefly at the front of her throat, she mentions, "I completely disavow any antics they might get into while delivering such a piece, so on and so forth, as I will greet them with nothing but smiles and warm welcomes and charm and all those nice, upright things that you might be able to concoct in your law-abiding being." She murmurs something lower beneath her breath and then continues, winking towards Silas and then pitching her gaze up towards his head, "You want some hairpins for that helmet while I wander, love?" Wryly, she notes, "Something red?"
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A moment is spent beckoning one of her maids closer, to send the girl dashing off in pursuit of water and fruit, not just for Joscelin but to deliver to all of the crafters. The sun is high and /they/ don't get to frolic in the wine fountains, after all.

"No? It's good you came today then. You can mark those you'd like to track down later," Dawn tells Kima, giving the blonde a deeper smile. "Mistress Joscelin has long been a favorite of mine, yes. Her eye for color and line is exquisite. You see?" With Joscelin deeming Kima's complexion a match, she looks on with approvalt "She's right, these would look perfect with your coloring. How much are they?" Because Dawn has picked them up again, partly to more closely study the mermaid on the larger comb and partly to then tilt the pretty object close to Kima's bright head. ", yes. You have to take this. I'll cover the cost," she says with a glance at Joscelin. "If that's alright with you? I should go see Sir Mercier, but if you tell my clerk the cost I'll have it sent over from the bank."
Gareth will blink to attention then, apparently having been distracted for the time being by either idle thoughts or concepts.. and only just now looks to Dawn, offering a small smile to the woman then as he offers a slight dip of his chin as he moves to approach her, looking then towards JOscelin, offering a small dip of his chin to both before he offers aloud, "Lady Dawn, you have, as always, excellent tastes.." Gareth will offer as he looks down, He'll not bother looking to Kima then, or anyone else for that matter as his hands come together before himself as he once again looks a bit contemplative before continuing, "It seems this day has been quite fruitful, M'lady."
"I'll send a messenger," Niccolo tells Ida, with a dip of his head. "But I'll take the sword and the hairpins today. As I need to obtain the silver from the coffers, you can perhaps save them both for me for when I'll be able to make the payment?" The duke asks. He spares a glance to his surroundings, but it doesn't last, his attention fully returning to Ida. "Yes, a messenger would do, I don't want to steal all of your time, after all."
Silas wrinkles his nose at Acacia's jesting suggestion. "Hairpins beneath a helmet sounds most uncomfortable. Do lady warriors actually do that?" A sudden mystery. "I'm afraid I must pass, Mistress Acacia. My hair is far too short for it to be practical, besides. But thank you four your generous offer." He dips his head towards her demurely, as though it was considered a serious offer. Dawn was noticed in the corner of his eye, but he lets the lady gracefully detach from her present company first before interacting with the Grayson.
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Dipping her head to Niccolo again, Ida then gives a few nods of apparent agreement. "Of course, your grace. I'll send them after the event and you can send the silver at your convenience, even if that may be tomorrow," she tells him and bobs her head yet again. "Thank you, your grace. I wouldn't want to keep you from the other booths either. My thanks once again and I suppose we shall be trading messengers soon enough." It's about then that fruit and something to drink are placed gently at the corner of the table and the smith's smile broadens. "Now that is a lovely gesture," she murmurs and glances to see where the Graysons are currently. As it appears they are about to leave Joscelin and move to Silas, Ida stretches her neck out a bit to look over their wares. "That is a stunning trophy case. I'll have to ask about a trunk, I think..." is mused.
Ida picks up winters dusk elegant hairpins with caged pearl tips.
Ida picks up dusks creatures of wintertide karolingian sword.
"Ah, you're too gracious," Kima begins, holding up both of her hands. If it were possible for her to feel shame, then just maybe now might be the right time for it. "And I do suppose they would go with the coral gloves I have..." A finger begins to twirl a lock of that bright blonde hair about as Kima once again eyes the comb before sliding askance to Gareth.

Did the corner of her mouth curl upwards, ever so slightly? Perhaps not.

If Joscelin is surprised at Lady Dawn's generosity, she doesn't show it. Instead, she grins and bobs her head to Gareth, noting the compliment.

"I'll have a courier send you the note, my lady," she says to Dawn, then begins to wrap up the combs in soft cloth. In the mean time, Joscelin's brown cheeks burn with a pleased blush; if there's anyone's praise she covets more than the Lady Dawn, no one knows it.
Acacia had slid backwards, steps timed to provide room for Lady Dawn and those who might follow along with her. Familiarity had her extending a bow, but it was formal and gracious, paired with a warmer smile when she rose. Gareth's proximity would've had it equally angled towards him, her eyes holding for only the briefest of moments, before she inclined her head respectfully. Freeing herself from the throng had her flashing a grin towards Ida, "I figured your wares wouldn't last long." Bolder eyes were shed towards Joscelin, though she didn't stray far from the tables themselves, "So Mistress Joscelin helped you with the hairpins, you mentioned?" Duke Niccolo receives another small smile aside.
Kima is overheard praising Dawn for: The soul of generosity. She does much to embody the spirit of the Graysons.
"The caliber of Mistress Joscelin's work makes it easy to pretend to have good taste," Dawn tells Gareth, laughter woven through her tone. "I can't claim any great creativity of my own. But I do appreciate taste and ability in others. Have you seen anything you've liked?" She might have missed the admiring glances he's given certain pieces, alas, but the question comes with curiosity, and a glance at the Inquisitor.

Then she's turning the full force of her smile on Kima. Of course, there's a glint in the Lady's pale eyes that tells of her seeing right through that hair-twirling routine. "Think nothing of it, Lady Kima. A token of how much I enjoyed our conversation in the Hall of Heroes. And thank you, Mistress. You're a blessing, we're fortunate to have you here today. I'll see you soon, I'm sure, I've a need for a few pieces for my jewelry box." But now, she must move on! To Silas! Who is greeted with a deep smile and a remark of, "Sir Mercier! The fruit of your labors seem rather larger than those of others. Ah... Mistress Acacia, you don't have to go. It's so good to see you."
"Oh, I'll send the silver right after we're done here," Niccolo assures Ida, with a hint of a smile."And thank you again, Mistress Ida. Gods watch over you," he tells her, before he continues on to another stall. Crossing paths with Acacia on the way, he offers her a small smile, before his steps take him to Silas and as he approaches, he inclines his head towards the man. "Sir Silas. You're doing today, I hope?"

To Dawn he adds, "And I seem to continue to follow you around, my lady," his voice carrying just a touch of mirth. He glances then at Gareth, dipping his head. "Your Highness," he greets the man easily, his gaze lingering on him for a moment, before his attention moves on.
Gareth will offer a slight glance aside to Kima, and then Joscelin in turn now, those cold eyes focusing intently upon the pair as he turns to more readily face them as he offers aloud, "Lady Dawn is indeed.. quite the woman, were all nobles so gracious and magnanomious." Gareth notes before he turns to look to Dawn then once more, his head dipping lightly, his hand reaching up to rest over his heart as he offers a slight dip of his back in a awkward and stiff bow. "I have seem much I have.. liked, but nothing that I myself would benefit from.." Gareth offers as his gaze shift to look over towards Acacia then and her bow. "Perhaps my lady, such generosity could require a boon as well." Gareth adds before finally looking to Niccolo before chortling and returning to his own syncophancy.
Ida offers a deeper dip of her head to Niccolo. "Thank you as well, your grace," she offers and then tilts her head. "Ah, there's a welcome voice," the smith says and sounds sincere, a wide smile on her lips. "I thought I saw you earlier, Mistress Acacia, but..." There's a laugh as it may be obvious how easily it may have been to get caught up in the event. "I didn't think they were going to sell, to be honest. I half expected I'd put them in the shop before the morning," she admits, laughing a bit again before taking a sip of whatever drink was brought over. "This set a bit, yes, though really she's helped" Her lips wrinkle and she looks over toward the jeweler. "See, I guess? She has a fine eye and it helped with some sets that were not as delicate as they likely needed to be. I hope that makes sense. "Are you enjoying the event? Find anything to bring home for yourself?"
The guardsman's face lights up with a smile at Ida's compliment. "Thank you, Mistress Ida. I'd be happy to design you a wooden trunk." A beat. "And perhaps a trophy case of your own, one day, if you should be in need of one." Dawn finally arrives, and the Grayson knight stands briefly to perform a bow to greet her with. "Lady Dawn, it is a pleasure to see you again. This was a wonderful event." He lifts his chin. "Aye, the case is large even by most case standards, but I enjoyed making it." He turns to meet Niccolo's gaze, smile still in place. "Indeed, it's been a good day, Your Grace. I suspect yours is going well, too; you've made a good purchase."
Kima leaves Joscelin with the address with which to send the comb. To Dawn, the knight cannot help but smile all the wider before dipping into a theatrical bow as Dawn moves on to the next artisan. Finally, to Joscelin, "It was a great pleasure making your acquaintance today. I'm sure I'll be making purchases in the future. However..." She offers a small smile of apology. "I've an appointment that must be kept. Otherwise I'd be flitting from stall to stall, racking up debt as I mooned over the work of mistress Ida and sir Silas." A finger waggle of a wave, and Kima is making her withdrawal.
"You're too kind, Lady Dawn, but I've hovered about his station for some time now and I figured I'd allow others the opportunity to praise his work." That passing which the Duke made had Acacia murmuring something towards him in passing, though her gaze had been upon Ida as equally as the Duke's focus had been on his destination. It was merely a crossing of direction which had her grin all the more potent when she ranged closer towards Ida. "I was going to greet you right away, but Hammar seemed to be content and I figured I'd roam a bit and stare jealousy at jugglers who get away with throwing knives in crowded places." After the inclusion of a roguish grin, it evolves into a warmer smile, a look towards the food is granted, before she issues, "Besides, I didn't want to glare at people who might seek your business. But I ordered something from Sir Silas. He's made most of my furniture, really. Are you looking yourself, or just selling?"

Her bright eyes dart towards Joscelin inclusively, mentioning, "You're a good seller yourself, from what I could hear bits and pieces of, it seems."
"It is the Grayson way to blaze trails, Duke Niccolo, and my entourage cuts a convenient wake. It strikes that me a practical man would take advantage of that," Dawn says, this directed to Niccolo before she flashes almost a grin at Gareth, her spirits high. "But I think you are all trying very hard to make me blush. The boon, for me, is to see so many assembled here and enjoying themselves, and Arx's crafters recognized as they should be. As they already are, in truth, but it pleases me to make a stage for them all the same." For Silas' bow, she dips her head-- and then reaches out to nudge the rocking chair in order to set it to rocking. Just a little. "This... -this- looks comfortable," says the Lady whose feet are probably already complaining. But wistful is set aside for duty-- look at the smile she's able to summon for Kima, to mark the knight's withdrawal. "Gods go with you, Lady."

Joscelin is pretty pleased by the exchange, noting everthing that she needs to take care of in a small blank book. She turns her head, hearing her name, and smiles at Ida from across the square. She glances at Gareth more than once, curious, but for once, keeps her thoughts and questions off her face and to herself.

"As you will, my lady," she replies to Kima. When she's addressed Acacia, Joscelin tilts her head in modest acceptance. "I do alright, madam," she intones. "I'm thankful to have a faithful clientele that appreciate my way of doing things." She gestures to her wares. "Was there anything that caught your eye?"
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A faint smile had touched Niccolo's lips at Acacia's whispered words. However, the chortle from Gareth causes Niccolo to turn his gaze towards Gareth, and this time, the duke allows his gaze to linger on the man for a very long time. However, hints of a smile reign over his expression. Slowly, he turns to Dawn. "I suppose the day doesn't agree with His Highness," he observes, with a lift of his shoulders. "Thank you, Sir Silas. I'm quite happy with my purchase indeed, although now, I have to figure out what to do with it," he rubs his chin. "I just couldn't pass the craftsmanship of that sword, I admit."

His gaze falls on the rocking chair, when Dawn nudges it. "You should try it out, my lady," the duke suggests.
Gareth will step a bit closer Dawn then, offering a slight incline of his back again before adding himself, "You are certainly most kind in that regard, Lady Dawn.." Otherwise he will just stand and observe, not at all getting too much more involved in the conversation at hand, but being present and nearby.. should he need to add his words
Ida returns Silas' smile with one of her own followed by a nod. "I will have to try to catch you at your shop soon, then, Sir Silas," is remarked quickly so as not to intrude upon Lady Dawn's visit to his booth. It's shortly after that that the smith laughs. Really, honestly just laaaaughs. The kind where she has to dab the corner of her eyes a moment. "That was brilliantly funny, Mistress Acacia. I never thought about the dangers of juggling knives, though now I wonder what mummer I might have to accost to get some daggers sold..." The smirk likely indicates she's mostly kidding. "Ah, Master Hammar. He's such a dear. I hope he managed to find some honeycakes. In any case, Sir Silas has made most of your furniture? Hmm. I have a small chest, but would love a trunk for the shop. It'd be useful. If you like his work, I am certain I will as well. Beyond that, I'm not really looking, I don't think. You? How are things coming along for your event, by the way?"
The rocking chair rocks smoothly in reply to Dawn's nudging, almost taunting her to sit in it. "My apprentice Callum actually made that chair. He's working his way up to wardrobes, having mastered jewelry boxes and small chests," he explains with a hint of amusement, also throwing a node aside to Ida when she answers him. "I think he may have copied it from his mother's chair, but it's a good start nevertheless. He has potential." Niccolo admitting he just couldn't resist purchasing the sword makes belt out a good-natured laugh. "If it wasn't you, I was going to pick it up, and I have a few of my own. I understand completely. Perhaps you should gift it to one of your more martial-inclined nephews or neices?"
"Acacia Culler." The introduction was casually done, although Acacia had inclined her head affably in Joscelin's direction and only the tiniest straying of her gaze dipping towards the book she had written in. "Acacia works fine," she further states, her smile warming before she ticks her head with a bold, natural grin towards Ida and her laughter. "The event goes well-- both of them, really. Preparations are underway and I'm fairly excited about the whole thing." she finds herself earnestly admitting, extending more seriously, "But well-- as artisans are the stars today, let me digress. Sir Silas' work is true and his apprentices were carved out of the Boroughs and they're good lads. Truly. Some day I'll corrupt them to the wonders of whiskey, but perhaps not quite yet. Or maybe slowly. What would you put on your trunk? Or just something practical that won't buckle from the heat?"

After another pause, she turns her focus back towards Joscelin and her table, lips curving with a modicum of mischief, "You know, the Duke had mentioned gifting me something for the work done on this event. You could probably bill him for the earrings."
"A fine thought, cousin," Dawn murmurs to Gareth, "but such requests are better kept across tables than before a rocking chair." She smiles for him and it's a gentle smile, but her eyes hold his a moment, and the tilt of her head might indicate a certain questioning air, before she looks back to the others at the booth. "It sounds as if it was wise of you to move so quickly to purchase them, Duke Niccolo. Mistress Ida must have difficulty keeping stock in her shop. And you as well, Sir Mercier, with apprentices as talented as these, hand in hand with your own skills. Give my compliments to your Callum, please? And tell him I'll enjoy finding a place for the chair in the Grayson study. Perhaps next to Queen Alarice's desk."

That's right, she's buying the chair-- but not sitting in it. Not yet, though she does put out a hand to stop the furniture's rocking. "I'll have to have my clerks send you payment from the bank but if you send a bill, I'll have them see to it immediately."

Joscelin bobs her head. "Joscelin Arterius," is her reply to Acacia Culler. She chuckles softly, listening in, noting that the woman speaks truth, the artisans were a fine lot, she was ... proud of her peers. She has to smile when Acacia suggests billing the Duke for the earrings, but it's a small, impish thing.

"I think I can probably do that," she agrees. "If the lady promises to wear them, that is." Joscelin's smile becomes a grin.
"Lady Viviana is the only one from my nieces that I think would appreciate it," Niccolo considers off Silas' words. "Maybe Princess Ophelia. And being martial inclined is not the issue," he pats the pommel of the sword at his belt, amused. "I doubt my nephews would appreciate the matching hairpins," he shares. "But I think I know what I might do with it," he decides. "I'm having Mistress Ida also make something that would be a better fit for me," he shares and looks around Silas' stall.

"I take it someone is buying the trophy case?" He muses in the guard and crafter's direction. There's a glance to Dawn when she addresses him, and he inclines his head. "The moment I saw the pieces, I expected them to be gone pretty soon."
Joscelin picks up Elegant Silver Pearl-Encrusted Hair Combs.
Joscelin picks up Carved Pewter Earrings.
Ida literally smacks her forehead, offering an apologetic look to first Acacia and then Joscelin. "I'm so sorry, I should have introduced you both," she says and rolls her eyes at herself. "This is why they often keep me in the forge." A bit of a chuckle follows that. "Mistress Acacia has trusted me with some wonderful commissions, as well as bought from the shop, Mistress Joscelin. Fine people," is offered and followed by a single nod of her head. Turning a bit to focus on the mentioned woman, she grins. "I'm glad about both, Mistress Acacia, though admit I'm looking forward to the fight quite a bit more." Her tone likely betrays the truth of as much. "I will certainly pay Sir Silas a visit then, thanks to your recommendation, and I'm glad about his apprentices. If you come across anyone who has a mind for the forge, send them my way. As you know, the corrupting whiskey will, at least, be on hand. As for the trunk, just for supplies and clutter. You've seen my work table." Again, she gives a roll of the eyes. "I want to hide it away."
"Don't call me lady, even if it's not Lady-Lady," Acacia implores towards Joscelin, her grin renewed then as she looks between her and Ida. Her voice has achieved lower volumes, ensuring that the crowds overrun some of it towards those listening, "Every once in awhile, someone who doesn't know any better will run with it, or I'll get circumstantially promoted to Captain or someone will think that I own some ship or three-- which is all well and good and hilarious, until someone of note hears it." Her lips peel back into a grimace, but it's dramatically inclined and incredibly short-lived. "Wear them now though?"

A knowing look is shared towards Ida, before she admits, "The sampling is for a good cause, so it's a little different. Not my typical sort of thing and I've had to get a lot of help in organizing it, but that's also why I'm not the host. I unfortunately lack refinement there. But the fights? Aye. Everyone needs a little fun there." After shooting a grin towards Josceline, she wonders, "Do you ever indulge in watching things rougher? I imagine Mistress Ida here might escort, if need be."
Silas chuckles again, nodding to Dawn. "A fine choice, m'lady. Though I suspect poor Jon will have to endure Callum's incessant bragging for some time to come, once I tell him it is you who purchased his chair. But instilling such self-confidence is ultimately a good thing. I thank you profusely on his behalf and I will send you details on the price later."

Niccolo is regarded with a look of mild surprised. "Princess Ophelia knows how to wield a blade, as well? I'm impressed." He was aware of Ophelia's skill with a bow from the hunt awhile ago. His attention shifts back to the trophy case he had brought with him, which still stood gleamingly next to the booth. "Aye. I'm afraid it's been sold already. I intend to make more soon. I can give you first dibs if you'd like, Your Grace."
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"Rougher?" Joscelin echoes. She looks to Ida and arches a brow. "Would she?" she asks, intrigued. "I... may have to take her up on that, then, in -apology- for so -rudely- forgetting her manners." The smile she has on her face completely ruins any negativity those words might drum up, and with good reason; Joscelin is fond of Ida, and holds little against her.

"And noted, Mistress Culler. I will endeavor to watch my tongue around you." She reconsiders. "At least, when it comes to such awful words like 'lady'." At the mention of wearing the earrings now, Joscelin waves a hand. "No, not now, I can have them sent to you or you can take them now. Either way, I promise to bill your Duke for them." A sly wink of dark gold eye.
"I've little doubt you are better at refinement sort of things than I ever will," Ida remarks to Acacia and chuckles. "I'm sure it will be stunning and, all the better that it's for a good cause." That said, her eyes widen and she glances back to the jeweler. "Oh, you should come to the fights, Mistress Joscelin. Did you see the exceptionally large man near my booth earlier? Master Hammar? He'll be fighting. I hope to fight in a future one, but this one? I'm looking forward to watching. If you're free, you should come with me." She follows the words with a nod and then stretches a little. "I think I may wander and see a few other booths, actually. I hadn't planned on it, but now I'm curious. If you both don't mind giving me leave?"
Gareth will apparently have acquiesed in some regards to whatever Dawn was talking about, as the man has remained quiet all this time, but he'll offer a bow then, looking, aside, he'll sigh and moves to step back, giving the group a bit more space onceh e determines he is not needed for much anymore as he moves off towards the rest of the market and stalls.
"I'm glad I had the willpower to resist buying them immediately. Better they be in the hands of someone fit to wield and wear them," Dawn says with a hint of amusement. "And that is very kind of you, Sir Mercier. He should be proud, and if it helps drive him to excel in the craft you teach him, all the better." She gives the rocking chair a last pat and then offers up her smile for those gathered around. "If you gentlemen will all excuse me? There are probably babies for me to kiss, still. But please, enjoy the rest of the Market. I recommend the fountain of red wine if you have a chance. Rumor has it the wine is from Lenosia, and of an -excellent- vintage." That might have been teasing, it might not. She nods to them and turns to go before the truth can be spotted in her expression. A Grayson's work is never done!
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"Of course. Better to enjoy it, love. It was good seeing you though." Acacia straightens a bit from where she was slouching prior, flashing a warmer smile towards Ida and then looking back towards Joscelin, "Do you get some free time too? No reason to not also go speak more to Silas and look at his creations, really. I imagine I'll end up ducking out myself, eventually, if only to chase around flame throwers and see what else I can get myself up to. As for the fights-- well-- they're a bit less publicized than some things are. The main owner from Trader's Tavern will be there, as well. So you'll be able to meet a number, I imagine."
"I'm sure that if she doesn't, she'll learn it if I gift her the sword," Niccolo says, with a little amusement. "But I think I know who it might fit better," he notes to Silas, with an incline of his head. He glances in Gareth's direction, but it's a brief look, as his attention moves to Dawn then. He inclines his head when she announces that she'll be moving on to kiss some babies, a touch of mirth showing on his features. "Enjoy the baby kissing, my lady."
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"Aye, and it'll inspire competition between apprentices. A good thing for the shop, assuming they don't assault each other with the saws." Silas bows again when Dawn expresses her desire to leave. "I'm sure their mothers will be most appreciative. Farewell and good luck until the next time we meet, Lady Dawn."

His focus now returns to Niccolo, and remains there. "I taught my sister how to wield a blade. My parents were most displeased." He shrugs ruefully. "But I think it's invaluable to know how to defend yourself, personally. I think your niece is capable of killing me before I even get near, though." He bites the inside of his lower lip. "Too bad I'm terrible with a bow myself."
Fergus arrives.
"I'm not a good shot myself," Niccolo admits to Silas. "Perhaps I'll ask her to teach me sometime," he muses. "In any case, it was a pleasure to see you again, Sir Silas. I'll be coming by your store soon, as I might have an order I'd like you to fill. He dips his head. "I need to get the silver from the coffers to pay for my purchase though, and I have to take care of a few things as well," he notes. "Gods watch over you."

He steps away from the stall, and walks to approach Acacia, slowing down when he gets close to her. "Acacia," he greets. "Enjoying yourself? I was wondering if you would walk with me. There's something I wanted to speak with you about."
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Niccolo before departing.
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Acacia angled herself slightly to impart discreet words towards Niccolo, but they were punctuated by a grin and then followed up with another respectful bow. "Of course, your Grace. I was just admiring Mistress Joscelin's work, so on and so forth." Winking towards him, she'd drawn back a pace, after adding towards the jeweler herself, "Was a pleasure meeting you. I hope to see you at the fights then, love."
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Silas gives Niccolo his own bow, now. "Be well, Your Grace. I look forward to another visit." He watches the man walk away with Acacia for a long moment, then moves to begin hauling the pieces of furniture out of the booth and into the shop.

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