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Redrain Party

It appears as if a party has broken out on the grounds of the Redrain villa, and Duchess Nadia Nightgold and Prince Darren Redrain are the root of the chaos. Come join the fun, but do so at your own peril. Bottles of white whisky and wine are free flowing, with a bonfire raging, and a mud pit erected for those not afraid of a little dirty fun, pun intended.


Aug. 28, 2016, 6:15 p.m.

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Darren Nadia(RIP)


Larissa Freja(RIP) Dawn Aurora Fergus(RIP) Brianna Lydia Deva Valerius(RIP)



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - Redrain Grounds

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Tonight, a mudpit was roped off outside the villa. Bonfires burned bright and spirits were poured, and fun was had by all. Nadia and I had agreed to a friendly little brawl, though she insisted she would win. I ensured she was well and sorely beaten into the mud. So much for that 'soft prince' shite that some people were spouting.

The match with Brianna could've went better. But I suppose calling a draw with her was the best outcome I could expect. She's a fine warrior.


Perhaps there is some truth that all we of the North need to have a good time is good company and an endless supply of spirits to take any occasion to the next level, as this was the case for my friendly wrestling match with good friend, Prince Darren Redrain. A lot of our brethren came out to cheer and spectate our fight, though I sadly lost in the end. Lady Brianna matched against him afterwards, and she certainly would've bested him, had he not come called a draw before she could really let her colors show.

We had some interesting guests in attendance as well. Lady Dawn of House Grayson snuck into the affair and drank and jeered with the crowd as if she were one of our with such grace and poise, it's no surprise no one raised a brow at such foreign, lovely company. Mistress Larissa Whisper attended as well, vivacious and the source of such delight and merriment as always.

There's a certain sour face that Darren makes himself as the ale is sipped at - and then promptly swallowed with a grimmace. "This.. is actually really disgusting," he groans, setting the still quite full glass aside. "Nobody drink the ale!" he shouts to no one in particular, "Not unless you want to throw it back up. And not in that drank too much and had too much fun sort of way." It is then that he pours himself a full glass of whiskey, knowing full well that he'll enjoy -that-, half the glass downed before he lifts it to the approaching women.

Both Aurora and Larissa get a lingering look from the Prince, although Larissa's outfit is appreciated perhaps just a second longer. "Mistress Larissa," he intones, the sound friendly and familiar, a smirk dancing upon his lips. "Are you going to try and take me two upon one? Because it still wouldn't give Nadia a leg up," he chuckles, before inclining his head to Aurora. "You must be the seamstress that Nadia's been going on and on about. A pleasure." He looks back to Nadia after, replying to her directly, "I get to claim at least one of them for my cheering section, right?" He smirks afterward, amused with himself.
"I have not had the pleasure of meeting him personally" Aurora tells Nadia as if he weren't sitting directly beside her. "Is he as handsome as everyone says he is?" the question is asked as if it were the only piece of gossip she might have heard. And again, as if he weren't even there to hear her question. Her eyes shift from the Duchess to the Prince in question and she lets out a soft hmming sound as she openly looks him over for evaluation. There is another soft hm again, though she does not say a single work of her findings.

The costumer then turns back to Nadia and produces a soft smile and a wink for her expense, "you will be wrestling? I commend your abilities, I would be afraid I would get lost or stuck in the mud." The woman is pocketsized and all. "I will hold a stick though, and if it appears as if you might lose, I shall tap him on the head or bottom until you retake proper hold." That is how wrestling works? When Darren does address her, she nods her head finally acknowledging him, "I am yes. I do hope it was all good things?"
Deva arrives.
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Larissa passes a wide grin to the Prince "Your cheering section? Are you sure you need our help? It sounds as though you're better at cheering yourself on then I think either of us could hope to be." she teases, laughing just a little as she moves anyways to stand by his side. "Though I suppose it isn't very fair if Lady Nadia gets to have both of us, as much as my heart yearns to be other wise. So if you'll have me, I shall make you my Champion of the day and do my best to infuse you with high words of praise and ego fluffing."

%y Then Larissa passes her grin to Aurora "Oh! I'm so happy to see you again Miss Aurora! Perhaps in this coming week we can get together and I may talk to you about your Roses. I've been thinking about it ever since we met. And I think I should rather like seeing you go out and tap his Highness on the bottom during the wrestling." giving an adamant nod to the Clothier and then the Prince before she grins to Nadia "I have met him, yes. Briefly after the Alcohol Awards last night."
A touch more classier than Darren himself as he so loudly proclaims not to drink the ale, Nadia has the grace to pour it and the prince's glass out so an unsuspecting guest might not meet the same horrible fates as they. A discreet gesture sees the entire jug done away with by a servant, a vibrant laugh lost at Aurora's jesting words.

"He's rather easy on the eyes, even when he's dressed down in muddy brown leathers as he has," she opines favorably of her liege, perhaps because he's standing right next to her. "We've done this dozens of times, though it's the first time we've ever wrestled in anything but snow," comes her claim to Aurora, eyeing the wrestling pit turned pig-slop with a humored laugh. She lets the seamstress have her fun with imagining the nuisances of fine, Northen wrestling, better Aurora be in for a good surprise.

When Larissa so easily offers herself as Darren's cheering section, she purses her lips into a heartwrenching pout that lasts all of a few precious moments before she bursts into soft laughter. "I am not surprised, Larissa. Do make sure you add as much ego stroking as you can, hm? He'll need it, after we've finished with him in the ring."
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Darren before departing.
Valerius arrives.
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"Well this ought to be something," Deva muses loudly, a small smile on her lips as she emerges from the villa. Bright red hair is left loose and swept in front of one shoulder, with the rest of her in dark and simple leathers. With a sharp lift of her chin in greeting for those already present, she wanders around first to find a glass from one of the servers to keep herself lively.

There's a warm chuckle from Darren as Aurora and Nadia speak about him, piercing blue eyes rolling just a touch. "I actually think I look better dressed like this," he smirks, entertaining himself with the conversation, Larissa's offer of sitting in his cheer section earning her a broad grin. "I appreciate the volunteer, Mistress Larissa. I assure you that you are picking the winning side," he winks, then turns his focus onto Deva as she arrives, a hand raised in greeting. "There you are, sister," he intones in a deep voice, motioning her over. "Have you met Mistress Larissa Whisper? She'll be joining you in my cheering section."
With a long stride and swinging gait, the redheaded Lady Halfshav struts into the grounds of the Redrain villa, her fingers tousling her loose-worn tresses in a careless manner. In the wake of Darren's words, she comments a jesting, "And who's in the winning section? Certainly not our dear, nice Prince Darren -- far too friendly." She tosses her head back, hair catching what light remains in the sky and setting into metaphorical blaze.
Aurora watches as Larissa becomes a traitor, though her own pout and shocked gaze lasts a bit longer than Nadia's, "I thought we had something. I must sit, for fear my knees become so weak at this sudden change that I simply fall over." She places her hand to her forehead and leans against Nadia for support. "My Lady, hold me" she informs Nadia, her voice growing faint as she sighs longingly, casting her eyes towards the Whisper with just a hint of amusement wrapped with devastation. Then she is straightening once more, lifting to give Nadia a kiss on her check, "my hero."

She turns again to Darren, nodding her head, "you do look handsome, but your clothes are horrible. I will have to make you better mud wrestling options. That simply won't do. Infact, you should just take them off, appauling, your Grace." To the traitor Larissa, she beams over at, "even though you have left me, we will talk until your heart is content about the Roses."

Prince Valerius Thrax enters from the direction of the gate, walking quickly. He wears an eager and expectant expression, eyes shining and brow creased. Stopping just on the edge of the flickering light of the fire, he says, loudly, to no one in particular (or perhaps to everyone): "I heard something about mud wrestling!" That ejaculation complete, he finally takes the time to look about. As his eyes come to rest on the roped-off area, a wide smile blossoms on his chiseled young face.

"I haven't! Hi there," Deva wags a hand in Larissa's direction, offering a friendly but completely casual greeting. "I'm Deva." Titles? Who needs 'em? Then she just stares at Aurora for a long moment. "My brother should very kindly stay clothed on our front lawn, thank you very much." Brianna's words elicit a snicker, and she grins in the woman's direction.
Deva receives a wink from Brianna's vivid eyes, though she's soon on her heels with a look of horror in the direction of Aurora. A hand comes up to shield Darren from her sight, as if the mental image of him unclothed is enough to sear her brain. "Yes, let's keep Darren's clothing on," she comments, approving whole-heartedly of this notion, "Not all of us are inclined to finding him worth stripping down. It'd be like... Well, like ogling family."
Nadia raises her glass, drinking deeply of her whisky between half-smothered laughter. "That makes two for you," she counts to Darren, her eyes searching the grounds before her eyes fall upon Brianna with a glimmer of recognition. "Lady Brianna, you'll be in my cheering section, won't you? Darren is, after all, going to lose. Sorely," she sweetly cajoles, finishing the last of her whisky.

An arm is brought around Aurora's waist, the tipsy duchess indulging her companion's damsel in distress charade with a tinkling laugh. "Worry not, my fiery tressed seamstress, I'll keep you safe." Her hand raises in fond wave to Valerius, receibing him with a warm smile, "Prince Valerius, is that you? I'm glad you could make it!"

The Courtesan passes a grin to Darren "Oh, I hope I'm not..." she admits to the King almost apologetically. "I have quite a bit of faith in her Lady Nadia, I only said I'll cheer you. However! It won't devestate me at all if you prove me wrong either." she teases, but then adds somberly "I shall cheer with the whole of my heart." she promises as she turns her grin to Nadia "Not to fear, my Lady. I have utmost faith that you shall reign supreme and I am happy to offer my lavish praise to ease the pain of defeat to his Highness. It is a role I bear with quiet dignity and forberance."

Larissa then turns to Deva and grins, bobbing in a curtsy because honestly you just never knew with these Redrain! "Deva, a pleasure. Will you be wresting as well? Or just cheering?" she asks before she turns a wide eyed and horrifed glance to Aurora "My darling no! No! Don't say such things! Not about me, not about us! Surely we can overcome this little hiccup. Our days are still early, our path not yet laid out... let us... let us simply love from afar..." she offers pitiously, turning her hands into praying hands as she pleases with the seamstress, they were sacred to all Courtesans.
Freja arrives.
From the interior comes the tall Northern woman, the Redrain scout. True to her stubborn nature, Freja is clad in her scouting leathers to spite the Southern heat.
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"Brianna," Darren replies, his tone feigning disappointment. "You should very well know the winning side is whatever side I am on. But should you wish to support the loser.." he waves a hand to Nadia herself, "I suppose she should have -someone- cheering her on." He goes to fetch another glass, pouring it full of whiskey and handing it to Deva, who gets a bump with his shoulder, before he puffs up his chest at all this talk about him getting naked on the grounds. "Hey now, if it'll please the people..." he starts, only to get that raised hand from Brianna, and he snorts.
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From the interior comes the tall Northern woman, the Redrain scout. True to her stubborn nature, Freja is clad in her scouting leathers to spite the Southern heat.

"'Tis I!," Valerius confirms with a jaunty wave to the Duchess, already picking his way toward the group. "Nothing gets me moving faster than the promise of dirty writhing bodies!" He bestows a smile on Darren, whom he recognizes. "Hello, your highness. Hello, all." His eyes dance around the knot of people, making eye-contact with any willing. At last, however, they come to rest on Nadia again. "I am exceedingly glad that you will be participating," he tells her brightly.

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"I do not wish to see him naked either" Aurora atones, lifting her hand as if swearing. "I just would prefer he not break all of the laws of fashion in one outfit. I just wished to take his clothing and throw them in the fire, where they belong, so they do not harm others around him." She just looks Darren over once more, sighing for his poor eternally compromised soul. Larissa then gets the full of her attention, and she nods gravely, taking her words to heart, "from afar, my sweet. I will mourn until we can meet again, but until that time, I shall cast glances in your direction from over...there." like a few steps away on Nadia's side of the pit.
Nadia rolls her eyes at Darren, a hand swatted harmlessly to Darren's arm. "Don't be rude now," she scoffs, shaking her head in feigned incredulity. "What happened to all that brethernly love you were prattling on about before everyone came?" she teases, and her smile widens all the more when Valerius makes it to her side. "You'll be cheering me on, Your highness, won't you?" she tilts her head, expectantly. "Prince Darren here has clammoring for a win, pitting my dearest Larissa against me and Aurora. I don't know who's side Lady Briana will be on, but I'm sure it's mine. Princess Freja, too."

She motions for a servant to bring trays of whisky shots, her hand raised to signal everyone's attention.
"I am on the side of whoever wins. Talent and strength wins out." Freja remarks honestly, nodding politely to the rest of her family gathered and then the others.
"Redress him another time," suggests Brianna, tossing her head forward to gather up the thicket that is her fiery red tresses. It's soon bundled up in a haphazard topknot, the audacious Halfshav not known for her tidy hairstyling in spite of Valencia's futile attempts at training her in how to be a lady. Once she's tied it in place with a leather thong, she straightens once again to her full height, planting one hand on the curve of her leather-clad hip.

Freja's remark brings a bubbling laughter from her, robust and thoroughly amused. "They're both Northmen; I'm still going with Nadia. Darren's the softer one of us. Nadia's fierce, like a lynx."
"And that's my cue to drink," Deva declares, just as Darren hands her one - such a good brother - and then she looks for a seat somewhere near the pit. "Thanks. Good luck," she beams at her twin. "Undecided, Larissa. I'm undecided. I'll have to think about this." With a shake of her head, she spies Valerius and offers a wave. "Right. Sure you don't," the look she gives Aurora is skeptical at best, but she follows up with a cheeky, dimpled grin. "See, thank you. I'm glad you see reason," are her words for Brianna, accompanied by a nod so solemn it's almost comical.

Darren mocks a flinch when Nadia's hand comes a-swatting. "Trying to handicap me already, Nadia? That's not fair," he teases, before smirking over at Brianna. "I'll surprise you this evening. Soft," he scoffs, taking hold of another whiskey from the tray as Nadia signals. To Aurora, he inclines his head, his smirk wry, "I'll be certain to let you dress me another day. Hopefully you're as good as Nadia claims you are."
Larissa was standing near the Prince when Valerius arrived and she bobbed a little curtsy "My Lord, hello." she grins at him just as Aurora utterly destroys her. "From afar.." she whispers, tapping her chest lightly as she sighs and gives Darren a nod. "I am going to cheer you so hard." she tells him. "So hard."

"Sister!" Valerius grins widely at Freja upon her arrival. "You must pick a side before you know the winner, otherwise there are no stakes! Risk!" He gives her a wink before smiling at Nadia. "I am always on your side, Duchess. I'm certain his highness will forgive me for saying so." As her hand lifts for attention, he grows silent, still smiling happily. Deva's wave is returned, along with a bow, and a hand placed over his heart. The elegant gesture is ruined by a fit of giggling that overtakes him in the wake of Larissa's words to the prince.

Claiming a drink from the servants, Brianna moseys closer to Nadia to loiter. "Is this one a seamstress, then?" she wonders, eyeballing Aurora curiously, "I could use new additions to my wardrobe."
Freja downs her whiskey without a wince, flinch or sharp inhale at the burn. Goes down like water. "No toads." she reminds Valerius when he greets her as his sister. "Nope. Not choosing one. Though if I had to, it would be....Darren? "
"That's the sound of someone not ballsy enough to pick a real team," Nadia chirps toward Freja in good humor, quickly plucking two little glasses of whisky to down with graceful flicks of her wrist. "I'm kidding! I know, deep down, you're secretly on my side." Her lips upturn in humored smile at Brianna, reaching over to pluck an errant twig from the Halfshav's tresses. "Have you been wrestling bears in the underbrush again, Brianna? It looks as though you won, too."

Darren earns a dubious look from the duchess, snatching hold of his arm to draw him toward the pits. "I wouldn't speak so highly of a seamstress if I wasn't sure of her skills, Darren," it looks as if Deva's lack of titles have worn on the Nightgold. They're Northerners. Who needs them. "Now, I think you're properly handicapped with a few too many shots. Shall we do this?"
There's a look of suspicion on Brianna's finely-formed face as Nadia claims a twig from her hair, as if the idea of wrestling the underbrush is exactly what she considers something fun.
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There's a pump of Darren's fist in the air when Freja mentions that she's on his team, that glass of whiskey downed just before Nadia grabs him by the arm. There's no flinch for that, merely laughter as he follows her right into the mudpits, wresting his arm away from her after they've gotten down into the vicious suck of the mud. "You think you've handicapped me, but that drink merely gives me strength," he boasts to Nadia, stepping further into the pits and then getting down into a fighting stance. He lifts his hands, cocking his fingers to Nadia in a come-hither sort of motion. "Let's do this," he intones, putting his far more stern fight face on and everything.
Freja arches a brow at Nadia, "Quaint." she observes with brevity and little more attention than the one syllable before she downs another shot of whiskey. "Is this more of the coy social warfare of the south?" She asks of Valerius, "Insult followed by negatition by 'kidding'?"
Clearly her actress lessons have paid off and Evaine would be so proud of Aurora. "The best" she tells Brianna, not quite so modest. "Lady Nadia is going to be my test subject, as I have recently learned to work with umbra and aeterna. Whatever she decides on will be breath taking." She turns to Darren, wiggling her finger at him, "I have witnesses, you can't run from me now." As people choose sides, and Valerius is with Nadia, Aurora takes his arm in solidarity.
"Well, when you finish with Nadia's stuff," Brianna begins, watching as Darren beckons the Duchess toward him, "Maybe I'll poke around and see how much I like it. I won't buy umbra, impractical, but I'm sure I'll muster up pretty dresses." And wouldn't Valencia be happy with her in a pretty dress?

One of Valerius' dark eyebrows climbs upward at the question from Freja. "If I've insulted you somehow, please forgive me. It wasn't my intention. Nor do I recall tell you I was kidding after suggesting you should pick a side. Because I'm not." Grabbing a shot of whiskey, he tosses it back, then wipes the back of his hand across his mouth. "I came her to celebrate with my Northern friends, not to denegrate them. Or you."

Larissa tosses a glance behind her at Vaerius and grins at him "Have you said which side you're taking? Forgive me if I missed it" she calls just as she grins up to Freja "Marvelous to see you again my Lady!"
Nadia grimaces faintly as she picks her way across the sludge of clay and mud, boots firmly planted within the viscous slop, knees bent slightly as she takes a readied stance across from Darren. "Make your bets now, if you're so emboldened to," she calls amicably to the crowd, a finger pointed at her liege with a cheeky smile cresting her lips. "Because, this prince is going to eat his own fecking words, he is." She sweeps her hair up into a top-knot much like Brianna's own, save for bugs, leaves, and twigs as she might like to accessorize with.
Freja shakes her head, auburn curls falling in rebellion to frame her pale face. "Not you, the Duchess' commentary at my lack of balls." In apology, she passes him another whiskey. It's the little things!
Aside from that one twig, Brianna's topknot is practically civilized! (Practically.) She finds herself a comfortable place to spectate on Darren and Nadia's bout. "I hope it's not some Southern tactic," she comments aside to Freja, "It'd be awful if she went and started up Southern tactics like they belong in the north with us..."
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"I'm firmly on the side of the Duchess," Valerius says, his face relaxing back into a smile for Larissa. That smile is shared with Freja, too, as he takes the offered whiskey. "I'd say that balls are overrated, but, well, I'm quite fond of mine," he tells his 'sister'. "I'm half surprised not to see you in the ring," he nods to the wrestling participants as his gaze leaves Freja's face.

"I am sure we can find you something you would like, Lady Brianna" Aurora says with a nod of excitement. "Though if something more like leather is your style, I am sure we can mix the two to contrast perfectly between the materials." She turns her attention to the mud as the pair moves towards and in the pit. As the two begin to grapple, she begins to clap "Go Lady Nadia!"

Darren will allow Nadia to make the first pounce, and although they lock arms, she doesn't quite manage to pull him down into the mud. He pushes back, muscles tightening as he bears into her, dragging her backwards through the mud for a foot or two before the slippery Duchess will manage to dance right out of his arms. "Damn you, Nadia," he growls, hunkering back down in his stance, the woman locked in his sights.
"If I think someone is a fucking pansy, I say it." Freja nods in agreement with Brianna. Larissa is given a smile in greeting but then the bout is starting. The Royal scout turns her sharp eyes to the pair wrestling. "And get my hair messy? Scandalous." she jests to Valerius
"I'm not picky." The sentiment comes easily from Brianna's lips, eyes fixed upon the ring in spite of conversing with Aurora to the side. She lets out a shrill whistle, made louder by the presence of her fingers in her mouth, the movement a touch uncouth. When Darren's been squirmed away from, she casts a glance aside at the shorter seamstress. "Everything suits me; I don't have a 'style'."
Nadia presses a canine into her lower lip, hunkering her sinuous frame down as one booted foot is uprooted from the vicious suck of the mud. That momentum leads her feint to the left, rushing full charge at the Redrain prince in an attempt to overwhelm his frame with a hard jarring of her shoulder into his chest, but his advantageous height and solidarity sees her nearly slipping. When his arms attempt to lock and draw sling her down into the slip, she squirms away, eyes bright with excitement. "Talk shite now, prince," she laughs.
Larissa Passes a wink to Valerius "Then I'm afraid we are on opposing sides!" she tsks and moves just a little closer to watch. She fulfils her promise and cries out towards the pit "Go Darren Go! Go Darren Go!" while clapping and stomping and whistling out into the crowd.

Freja's comment earns a laugh from Valerius. He watches the wrestling, then, growing silent and moving to get a better view, a position in the shadows.

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Darren sticks the heel of his boot into the ground, anger flashing in his eyes that's meant purely for Nadia as he launches himself forward. It is a furious rush, and he hooks his elbow right around her neck, slamming her viciously into the ground. The mud splashes around them both, Nadia soaked while Darren is atop her, grinning almost ferociously at the woman beneath him. "Whose eating shite now, Duchess?!" he growls.
Deva lets out a whistle for Darren before she slips off, quietly. For once. Her departure is abrupt, expression distracted. She brings her glass of whiskey with her, though.
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Nadia spits out a belligerant cuss at Darren when his arm manages to lock around her neck, feet scrambling for purchase in the muck of the wrestling pit. She attempts to throw an elbow back into his ribs before she collides into the mud with a wet schlick, struggling to unstick herself with a wild buck of her body beneath him. "Oh, you'll be eatin' shite in a second. Mark my fecking words!"
Aurora watches the two, eyes flickering back and forth. Over to Larissa, she asks, "should I get the stick?" Then back to Brianna, "we will certainly figure out what your style is. Everyone has one, I promise you. Whether its cut or color."
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There's a slight roll of Brianna's brilliant eyes, her cheeks dimpling a bit with a wry smile. "Fur and leather is my style, but doesn't do me any good down here," she reminds.
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"Words aren't serving you well so far. Focus." Freja advises from the sidelines, polishing of her second whiskey as she raises it in silent toast to Darren.

That throw of Nadia's elbow to Darren's side is easily avoided with a twist of his torso, Darren scrambling to grapple one of Nadia's hands while hooking his leg around her own. She's a slippery mess though, so while he succeed in pinning her hand to the ground, he ends up falling off of her at the next second, splashing into the mud beside her.
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Brianna before departing.
Larissa laughs at Aurora and nods "Perhaps! But it's ever so entertaining. Perhaps we should let them grapple a while yet" she calls out and cheers to the Prince just as he falls off of Brianna "Darren Darren, He's our man! If He can't Do It... well, I suppose Nadia can! WOOOO!"
It appears as if Freja's wisdom rings true for the young duchess. She grasps for fistfuls of mud in her effort to find purchase, managing to heave up and out of Darren's headlock with a hard buck before lurching after him. She lands with a roughened 'oof' atop him, struggling in vain to secure a proper hold on him. The mud, it's just too damned slippery.
Dawn arrives.
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"One would think, yes, but fur and leather can make a dress dazzling. It is all about accents and contrasting design and color" Aurora states, wincing slightly as she watches Nadia and Darren go at it. "That is going to leave a bruise" she shakes her head. "I will get the stick later, I can't have the Prince drowning her in the mud, after all."
Fergus arrives.
Another hearty laugh slips through Brianna's lips, her blue eyes gleaming with amusement as she observes Nadia and Darren. "Suppose it's a good thing I put down no silver," she comments, taking a note from the messenger who approaches her. She waves him away shortly after, stuffing the note into the cleavage formed at the top of her tunic.
There is no fanfare to declare Lady Dawn's arrival, nor even a troupe of guardsmen to attend the woman. A single Grayson soldier has escorted her here but he falls back as Dawn proceeds into the gathering, allowing that procession to be a subtle and unobtrusive thing. In keeping, she's dressed simply: no silks or sashes, no jewels. Black breeches, a crisp white shirt, high boots and a moth-tipped hairstick to keep her fire-bright hair up off of the nape of her neck make up the whole of her ensemble-- clear marks of a woman who is doing her best to fit in with what she /assumes/ a Redrain party is like.
Freja nods once her approval as Nadia seems to take her advice. The tall woman glances upwards, gauging something by the position of light in the skies before she passes her empty glass to a tending Redrain servant.

Darren's giving Nadia a true run for her money there in the mudpits. Although she momentarily gains purchase upon him, he bucks hard and viciously, turning into her with a shout and knocking her back down into the mud. He scrambles this time to hook his leg around hers, this time grabbing it easy, a fistful of mud taken in the other hand and smacked right into her face. Not that it mattered, they are both full of it. "Submit," he shouts to her, his voice gutteral and fierce.
The duchess is not so easily cowed by Darren's gutteral and fierce demands, sputtering mud back into his face with all the savagery one would expect from a Northerness fighting for her life, or in this case, her damned pride. She forces a knee up between them into the prince's chest, that hard buck enough leverage to knock him away, scrambling back to her feet. While Darren clearly bests her in strength again and again, the duchess remains steadfast and a bit quicker, keeping him from a full solid lock, but she's wearing down.
Freja passes by Fergus, ruffling her brother's hair before she sneaks out at a quick jog.
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Mud wrestling and he managed to sleep through most of it? Fergus grumps more than usual, but then even more so as his sister ruffles his hair on the way past. THe Prince moves to snatch up a bottle to drink and moves to find a place to sit.
Lydia arrives.
Gutteral yelling? Defiant flailing? Dawn steers herself towards the commotion and secures a cup of something likely to terrorize her liver along the way. Pay no attention to the quiet and smiling woman who cozies up to the corner of the makeshift ring! She is here to sip whiskey (which she does), to eyeball the combatants (also done), and to glance at the cheering crowd before joining them in raising a shout when Nadia kicks free of Darren's control.

Lady Dawn: adept at blending into foreign climes. She /has/ this.

Darren manages to easily scramble to his feet, tossing a single glance over his shoulder. He's caught sight of Dawn, and even lifts a hand to her in greeting, before he snaps his attention right back to Nadia. He bounces around in the mud, not quite as dexterious as the girl he's wrestling but manuevering himself around easily enough, splashing the ground with his heavy boots. Then he's off to get her again, launching into her to try and get her in a headlock, completely intent on pulling her over his knee and dragging her into the mud once again.
An arm raises to swipe away the excess mud caked around her eyes, grimacing with a short-lived laugh as she takes a good look at the prince utterly drenched in the viscious sludge. Her sudden delight is short-lived, however, when Darren launches into her in an attempt to sieze her into a headlock. A leg is kicked up against his knee in an attempt to unbalance him on precarious grounds that is the sloshing mudpit, barely managing to keep on her feet as she breaks away. Briefly, she follows his gaze toward Dawn and manages a close-lipped smile, before ducking down in an attempt to sling mud at the prince's face to distract him further. There are no rules in bear-wrastlin' events.
Aurora watches on, though she has no idea who exactly is winning or not, just that the two people in the mud are now quite covered with the dirty substance. Still, true to her word, she continues to cheer for Nadia.
Brianna, partially into her cups at this point (for she does like to drink), cheers rowdily for the brawl - not declaring for either side at this point. She's quite enthusiastic about the whole thing, bouncing on her toes to get a better look, not that she needs one what with her amplified height.
Dawn, novice as she is to events of this sort, looks for some sort of order. She'll find none, of course, but while one can take the lady out of Grayson...

So, the hand that lifts to answer Darren's wave does so only with hesitation. /Should/ be distracting one of the combatants? Is that why Nadia is smiling at her? Oh no! Glancing about, the Lady looks for someone who seems to have a better grasp of the proceedings. Fergus, Brianna and Aurora are all spied, leading her to raise her voice and call to them, "How do they know when one's won the thing?" Trusting that her chances of someone knowing the answer seem high!
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Nadia before departing.
Lydia is a late arrival to the party, and so she arrives just in time to see her mud-soaked sister get rammed by the likewise mud-soaked prince. An eyebrow lifts as she watches this and then a smirk forms as she pushes her way towards the front of the crowd, giving her hands a clap and shouting out, "Go Nadia!"
"When Darren decides Nadia has kicked his ass." Fergus responds to Dawn with a shrug. "He will lose." Fergus raises his bottle of whiskey up in greeting to the Lady.
Aurora turns to Dawn as the cheering section is spoken to, and with a polite shrug of her shoulders, the bewildered look on the seamstress' face doesn't lessen even as Fergus answers. "I have a stick though, and I plan on hitting Prince Darren with it should the Duchess deem it necessary."
Mud right to the face, that's what Darren gets. He sputters loudly, backing off from Nadia and rubbing his hands down his face, trying to get as much of the mud off of him before he stoops, grabbing a fistful of mud for himself. He launches at Nadia once more, not with the intent of knocking her in the mud, but clearly attempting to smear her eyes with the stuff, in hopes that it'll blind her. Unfortunately, he trips at last second and ends up in the mud himself, when Nadia manages to dance right out of his way.
"Hit him... or stick it where the sun doesn't shine." Fergus says with a smirk and finishes off the bottle, one may hope as fast as it had disappeared that the bottle had been partially empty prior to the Prince getting it. He stands back up and begins walking in the direction of the villa.
Dawn lifts the cup of the same whiskey towards Fergus, returning his salute. "So she's the favorite?" A moment of listening to the crowd will prove this to be so, and leads the lady to call, "On your feet, your Grace! You can take her!" Grayson: strong proponents of balancing the scales, apparently. And then pale eyes flash at Aurora, widened with amused surprise. "I'm almost frightened to ask if that's allowed in the rules."
And then Brianna notices Dawn, and she's soon over by the King's sister with an exuberant, "MISS GRAYHOPE!" that affords far more respect than the northerners gain from her, seeing that she so rarely claims a title. Obviously drunken at this point, the King's once-companion claps the woman on the shoulder, looking past her to Aurora and offering a jubilant statement that, "Rules are nonexistant here."
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Nadia stares with wide eyes as Darren sputters loudly, her head tossed back in tinkling laughter. Her shoulders tremble from the force of her half-smothered giggling fit, a hand clutching at her belly. It only grows when he trips and plants himself deeply into the mud, the duchess awkwardly waddling her way from his grasp. "Oh, come now, Darren. I thought you'd be far more graceful than that," she goads her childhood friend with affectionate teasing, before diving down in an attempt to get him into a solid headlock. But, alas, the fecking mud.
"I believe it was wherever I could hit him" Aurora supplies helpfully, "whether that be on the head or the ass, well, as Lady Brianna said, there doesn't actually seem to be any rules here." Again she cups her hands around her lips and says, "is it time yet to beat the Prince?!"
Lydia looks over her shoulder at the sound of the conversation behind her, leeting her eyes stray from the fight for just a few moments. "She's right. There are no rules except to make sure you win." There's a pause as Lydia lets her eyes dart back to the pit, watching the exchange closely and then she repeats, "Lady Dawn, a pleasure to see you again so soon!"

Recovering from that trip and fall, Darren pulls himself up onto his knees with relative ease, managing to roll out of the way as Nadia dives. Perhaps it is the Lady Dawn's own encouragement that inspires him, or more likely he's so fecking mad that it's taken this long, but Darren locks his eyes flat on Nadia as she finds herself in the mud once more. This is the end, one can see it in his eyes. He doesn't even hop to his feet - he launches from his knees into the girl, arms and legs flailing about in the mud as he flips her onto her back and climbs ontop of her, her arms grabbed and pinned behind her as well, pulled taut so that her head is risen just inches above the mud. "SUBMIT!" he bellows, a very clear victor in this moment. There was no way Nadia was getting out of -this- one, no matter how slippery a beast she is.
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Dawn lifts the cup of whiskey high to try to avoid spilling when her shoulder takes an enthusiastic hit. Brianna earns a glance that's initially startled, and then soon covered with a smile. "Lady... Halfshav? It's good to see you," she offers. "No rules, mm?" The ring is eyed with a new appreciation. Or wariness. It's difficult to tell in the half-light of torches, really. "And you, your highness! The social season seems-- oh excellent move, your Grace! Watch out for sticks!"
"Halfshav, that's right!" chimes Brianna in her bold, slurring voice, releasing the King's sister from her grasp for the time being. She lets out a shrill whistle as the final blow seems to be landed, even though it's been landed by the man she refused to back, rather than the woman she stood behind originally. "That's right, Darren, you make the lady submit like a good boy!"
There was no way the duchess could scramble away from the vindictive prince in time. A startled squeal is torn out of her gullet as she's thrown down into the mud, flipped over onto her stomach, and utterly pinned with little room to buck and wiggle her way out of this one. She heaves a belligerent grunt, wild green eyes taking in the mixed reactions of the crowd. "Feck!" she shouts, a touch of laughter mixed in with her utter rage at being bested, but she submits as any defeated slippery beast should. "Feck you, Darren Redrain! Feck you! You win! GET OFF ME!"

Declared winner at last, Darren lets out a triumphant woot, before his laughter bellows through the pits. "I should make you beg me, Duchess," he growls back at her, although its a teasing sort. He doesn't leave her squirming -too- long, relinquishing hold on her arms and hopping to his feet. "Did you hear that, Brianna? I won," he shouts over to the Lady Halfshav, his ego well and truly boosted despite the fact that he's covered head to toe in mud, positively dripping with the stuff. "Who's next?" he calls out, pointing to Dawn, "You want to try your hand in this, my lady?" he chuckles, before jutting a hand out to Nadia to help pull her up. Because he's at least going to be a good sport about it, despite his boasting.
Nadia allows herself a moment to catch her breath, slowly managing to uproot herself from the mud with a loud shlick as the viscous slop is slow to yield. She stretches out her hand, locking onto Darren's own in an attempt to yank him back into the pit while he boasts and issues an invitation for Dawn to join their fun. "Quick," she calls to Aurora and Lydia playfully. "Help me get the prince while he's distracted!"
"Oh no you don't" Aurora calls out to Nadia, "get him away from the mud where he can't pull me in and I might consider it. I didn't find a long enough stick to safely wack him for you, My Lady." Her nose wrinkles at the mud. Mud everywhere.
"I wish you would! It might make her more humble in the future!" Lydia is grinning at the end of the fight, despite the fact that it resulted with her sister laying in the mud and utterly defeated. From somewhere, the noblewoman managed to get a towel and is waiting over at the side with it for her mud-soaked sister. And then Nadia is trying to draw her in, and Lydia exploads in laughter shaking her head. "I think not! Don't make me do your dirty work!"
Aurora is overheard praising Nadia for: A woman of grace and poise even while covered in mud.
"Well done and well fought, both of you!" Dawn celebrates! Huzzah, Redrain parties are fun! And then Darren is pointing right at her and well, she freezes. "Ah... is it going to provoke a diplomatic crisis if I say no?" The lady curls her hand over the rope separating her from the action, but still hesitates to join-- torn, no doubt, between dignity, duty, and the prospect of romping in the mud. And while that war is waged between self-consciousness and a desire to throw caution to the wind, she glances at the collection of spectators, no doubt gauging their enthusiasm for the prospect, only to have the tables turned on Darren.

Her hand slips from the rope and she opts to sip her whiskey instead, eyes wide and ever so innocent. "Round two has commenced, it would seem."

The pull catches him off-guard, mostly because he's focused on the women outside of the pit and trying to coax Dawn down while simultaneoulsy trying to help Nadia to her feet. Multitasking does not appear to be a strong suit of his. Thus, she manages to accomplish sending him toppling back into the mud with a shout. "Ah, shit!" he yelps, and then down in the mud again he goes, the vicious pit sucking him right back in. At the very least, he's good natured about it, chuckling boisteriously as he props himself up onto his elbow, a feigned glare given to Nadia. "Cheater," he sticks his tongue out at her, pushing his hand through the mud to scoop some up and toss it right at her.
Nadia bursts into infectious laughter as Darren finds himself mucking about in the muck with her once again. She leans back, an arm raised to shield her face from the incoming spatter of mud hurtled at her with a grimace. "Truly, Lady Dawn, we are all family and friends here. One would not look poorly upon you for throwing caution to the wind," she calls to Dawn, green eyes all the brighter against her muddied visage. "Seeing you join in the fun might even persuade my sister here to come have a good time," she cuts a look aside to Lydia with a teasing smile, slowly rising to her feet and wading her way to Dawn with purposeful strides. "I Know Brianna there isn't afraid to get dirty. It's her favorite past time, right after knocking over Lord Victus in the ring."
Brianna is clearly inebriated, it's obvious, for she tells Nadia in response that, "That's not the only place I like knocking over the Bastard Lord of Thrax." She makes a rather lewd gesture to go with it, before stretching her arms up above her head to limber up. "If Darren really wants a second fight," she comments, "I'll give him one."
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Darren before departing.
"As it would be my first mud fight, my lady, not to mention my first attempt at wrestling anyone, I think climbing in to take on all comers would be misadvised. One I might handle, perhaps, but all? And certainly, there's little chance I could rival your handling of Prince Darren." Which leads Dawn to toast the Duchess with her raised glass, before bringing it close for a small sip. A glance flies towards Brianna then and her lips quirk as the glass is lowered. "Far be it for me to prevent those far more capable. To arms, Lady Halfshav."
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Dawn before departing.

"It's quite fine, Lady Dawn. I like you in the stands, cheering me on," Darren announces as he picks himself up off the ground again, his broad grin -just- a little cocky as Brianna offers the fight. He strips off his vest then, dropping the heavy cloth into the mud and leaving him without a shirt, before stomping his way over to the ropes. "You're on, Brianna," he intones, leaning over the ropes as he motions to Dawn, "But only if the Lady Dawn would be so kind as to bring me a whiskey for good luck. It appears I may have an advantage over the Lady Halfshav," he grins, canines showing as he teases Brianna.
(OOC) Darren says: Shirts are off, so now it's 4 realz
Lydia laughs again, raising a hand as she steps backwards. The towel is still in her other hand, but it's no longer as accessible to Nadia as it was before. "What? /Someone/ has to prove to these southerners that we can be civilized, too and it seems like I must carry that burden. It /is/ a burden, but I think, somehow, I will manage." Lydia's lips twitch upwards, clearly teasing her sister.
Brianna strips off the shirt she came out wearing, leaving her with a simple undergarment instead. She tosses the tunic to the side and ducks beneath the rope, her gait uninterrupted by the whole being drunk thing that she has going on. She seems not at all adverse to the mud, finding a place across from Darren and lifting her fists. "I can fight you drunk as easy as I can fight you sober, soft boy."
Nadia flicks a glance back at Darren from over a shoulder, then gracefully slips out of the ring. She looks down at the towel once readily offered by Lydia and affects a pout of the mouth, nose wrinkled. "Oh, you wound me, sister. Did you just call /me/ uncivilized? Your own sister?" Her theatrics meet an ill-fated demise as she erupts into an easy laugh, grateful for the whisky a servant ushers her. When the shirts come off, leaving Briana barely decent, the duchess aims to cover her sister's eyes. "You mustn't look, Lydia. You're far too delicate for such tawdry sights."
Dawn steps down the rope railing to press her own glass into Darren's hand. Most of it still remains, after all, and it's quicker than hunting down another supply. "For luck," she tells him, that quirk of lips that hadn't been a true smile developing into a proper one in short order. She might have said more, is in fact drawing breath in a comment that seemed directed towards the other ladies present, when she's approached by a messenger. The scroll passed to her is unrolled and quickly scanned, while her lips press together. "Ah... duty calls, unfortunately. My apologies to Redrain. Good luck, your Grace, I'll expect to hear of your victory later. Duchess, your highness, my ladies," is offered in quick succession before she gathers herself to go.
Darren catches Nadia's flickering glance and offers her a playful smirk, before he returns his focus to Dawn. The offered glass is taken and lifted to her. "I don't need luck," he chuckles, "I'm going to make sure she eats her words. Soft boy," he scoffs. He'd perhaps say more, but Dawn's gotten one of those nasty messengers, and so he merely tips his glass to her. "I'll let you know the results. Safe travels, Lady Dawn," he calls, before tipping the glass and emptying it into his mouth in a quick swallow. The glass is passed off to a servant, before he spins around and hops back into the mud with a splash, heavy steps leading him towards the center of the ring before he hunkers down into his fighting stance. "Bring it, Brianna," he calls to the woman.
Lydia wraps her fingers around her sister's wrists and pulls the hands down and away from her eyes. "Farewell, Lady Dawn! And, Nadia, as if I've never seen anything similar before." And then she turns her head, sly eyes landing on Nadia. "Oooooh, you didn't see Prince Fergus swimming in the ocean, did you?"
A crude, rude gesture is made to Darren as he suggests Brianna bring it, the Duke's fiesty daughter beckoning him forward. "I'm not as small as the Duchess," she points out, standing only a few inches shorter than the Prince himself with a frame fleshed out in thick curves and the well-toned musculature of a soldier. There's a subtle flex in her biceps as she speaks, as if punctuating the sentiment.
Aurora certainly takes her time appraising of the half naked Prince. "And they said no one wanted to see anyone naked, and look at that, clothes come flying off. Duchess" she calls to Nadia, "promise me you wont wrestle in the dresses I make you, or discard them with ease and without thought." Truly shocking. Then she looks back to Darren and is ok now.
Nadia presses a gratuitous smile upon her lips when Dawn's farewells reach her ears. She turns to the Grayson, her chin dipped with a modicum of admiration. "Thank you, my lady, for braving our party. Might I call upon you a later date, for a proper drink of House Grayson's brandy? I heard it was well-received at the tasting last eve." Brianna's lewd gesture earns a short laugh from the duchess, taking the towel from her sibling and shaking her head. "No, but that is one image my mind will not miss. If Fergus were to roll around in the mud long enough, without clothing, one might mistake him for a bear. He's certainly almost hairy enough."
Dawn's smile for Nadia's effort is distracted. The Duchess receives a tip of the scroll in quick salute. "That would be fine, my lady. I'd welcome you and that discussion. Do please excuse me." A last glance is cast at the ring before she collects herself to trek back across the grounds.
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"And I'm not as soft as you think," Darren calls back to Brianna, not resorting to crude gestures. Instead, he puffs out his bared chest and flexes his own muscles. "So like I said. Bring. It." The words are spoken slow, precise, before he sticks his boot in the mud and pushes off, entirely intent on rushing at the redhaired lady straight away. It was probably not the best, and likely extraordinarily misguided, move to start things off, but he's high on his prior win.
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Darren's rush is met with a nimble twist, proving that alcohol has not yet fully dulled Brianna's reflexes - even if it's dulled her sense of propriety. "How hard you get in the bedroom doesn't matter in the ring," she quips in her subtle slur, reaching a hand out to give him a shove to the shoulder. Perhaps it was, at one point, a punch - but it's a push now.
(OOC) Brianna shifty-eyes.
A brief grin is given over her shoulder at Nadia, but then the fight commences and she begins to applaud for the match. "Mmmm, that is true of Fergus. Still, pity it's not /him/ fighting Prince Darren, that would be much more entertaining to watch!"
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The twist of the halfshav was unexpected, and he actually keeps running a little past, before stumbling to a stp and wheeling his arms to keep him from falling flat on his face. "You only wish you knew how hard I got in the bedroom," Darren retorts, but there's a touch of breathlessness to him as he turns, only to be slapped in the shoulder by Brianna. He sticks out his chest to push back against her fist, though she gains just a little ground on him despite his attempts to keep them locked in place. He starts to slide back, slowly but surely, and as he realizes he is losing footing tries to hook his leg around her own and drag her down. It's a horribe attempt though, because it sends him promptly into the ground on his ass, having lost his footing for real when Brianna twists out of the way.
Rather than take Darren's position in the mud as an advantage, the redheaded Halfshav lets out a whoop of mirth, her hips gyrating briefly as she tells him, "You couldn't catch me in the bedroom any more'n you can catch me here!" She doesn't go in for the metaphorical kill; she turns and heads towards the ring's rope, stretching her arms above her head. "Maybe we /should/ find Fergus."
Aurora watches the next pair interact, head shaking at the banter between the two. She isn't quite sure if she would be appalled or amused!
Nadia tucks herself in at a corner of the ring, a quiet laugh of mirth lost at the Halfshav's brazen bantering. "Are you gping to let her talk to you like that, Darren?" she calls in supportive rally for her childhood friend. "It's only Brianna! Don't let her run over you like that!" She looks aside, gently beckoning for Aurora and Lydia to join her side as a cask of wine is brought out and broken open. It flows freely into glasses, each provided to the ladies and half-apalled guests.

"Oh, feck me," Darren utters, enough to be heard. There in the ground, he was expecting complete defeat, so when instead Brianna turns and walks towards the rope, he just sort of sits up on his elbows, blinking a few times. Nadia's call of support earns her a mudstained grin, though he seems to be struggling to get to his feet just a little bit. That fall wasn't fun. "I think Brianna's had enough," he determines, stretching as he stands, "I don't want to embarrass her." Sure, that sounds like a logical response.
The response Darren gives sends Brianna off on one of her rounds of hearty laughter, ducking under the rope. "He's not fast enough to give me a challenge!" she cries back merrily, "I've hurt his manly pride. Poor fellow."
"Oooh, more alcohol. Good thinking Nadia." Lydia is smirking, and reaches out for the glass of offered wine and finally settles down on a bench. She takes a sip, more relaxed about this fight than the previous one. She considers a few moments, and then leans in towards Nadia. "I'm willing to bet that Lady Brianna will win."
Aurora stands from her chair and moves towards Nadia and Lydia, accepting the glass of wine with a dip of her head. As Brianna moves away, she looks towards Darren in the mud, "do you really enjoy it in there? How do you get it out of your beard? Doesn't the mud get into everything?" This is asked of Nadia.
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Nadia tuts softly at Darren as Brianna brazenly calls him out. "Best to call a truce and save yourself the embarrassment of Brianna lording this over your head for weeks to come," she offers her advice unsolicited, glass clinking against Lydia's own in sibling-love toast before she turns her eyes to Aurora. "Yes, the mud gets into the most /unsavory/ places. It's why I certainly plan to invade the grotto once this is all said and done."
A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Nadia before departing.
"I'll consider it a draw!" Darren determines, though he'll probably lick his wounds later. In private. For now, he stomps over to the rope, dragging his hands down either of his arms to wipe them of mud before ducking under the rope. He'll come striding over to Nadia's group after, pouring himself right onto the bench beside her. "Will you wine me, my lady?" he asks of Nadia, giving her a pitiful sort of look. To Aurora, he simply smirks, "Mud has healing effects, didnt' you know? I fully intend on staying this way."
Reclaiming her shirt, Brianna gives a theatrical bow, not bothering to put it back on. "Suppose it's time I went back to my room; you all enjoy yourselves."
Kieran arrives.
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