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Light Fingers Empty Pockets

First event in a prp.

The pick pockets have been bolder lately, striking both the noble, the poor, the medium there seems to be no-one they won't target. Working the streets as if a devil is chasing them in the darkness.


Jan. 4, 2021, 8 p.m.

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Reagan Emberly Gabriella Cirroch Clarisse Kiera Raymesin Auda



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The City Center

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Sir Rodrick, a Well Built Sanna Guard, Ein, an adventurous tan corgi puppy, 3 Sanna House Guards, Bruce arrive, following Sasha.

The market is buzzing with activity in the mid-day, as the sun beats down it from above. The smell of food, wood, spices, everything that one could want is assaulting the sense. The smell of unwashed people, perfume, soap, everything that makes a person themselves, as people push and shove their way through this chamber of commerce. Voices, music, everything is blaring around it is a chaos, but it is organized, of course, like any good marketplace. The flow of traffic steady, each booth well labeled, makes each shop clear about selling.

But lately trouble has fallen into the marketplace, coins missing was the start of it, then small items, and then coin purses. As it is now, people are worried about buying too much, or to bring too much. In the last three months, pickpocketing has tripled. But the arrest rate is staying the same. No-one has been able to track down the no-good troublemakers. They strike quickly and with skilled fingers, making light work of their targets. Even when one is found out, no goodies have been on their person.

Sir Rodrick, a Well Built Sanna Guard, Ein, an adventurous tan corgi puppy, 3 Sanna House Guards, Bruce leave, following Sasha.

Reagan is walking through the market with a slow, graceful ease. She carries a few packages in her arms, clearly the lady has been out enjoying a lazy day of shopping and getting to know the city. Her corso puppy trods along happily at her side, sticking close to his mistress in hopes he doesn't get stepped on in the hustle and bustle of the day.

Emberly has come to the market to purchace some things needed for perfume. She pauses looking over prices on the gemstones she looks close to the stones before her eyes pass over Reagan and she smiles softly to her gently "Hello M'lady!" she calls to the other

Gabriella has just finished her usual practice session and is now passing by the city center, seizing the opportunity to do some browsing at the market wares. The Pravus slows her pace as she walks past some of the tents, trying to spot something that seems new or interesting to her.

Cirroch had come to speak with a broker about some writs to exchange, though the broker is missing currently, and thus he has taken to sitting at a bench nearby waiting for them.

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Clarisse is dressed in that soft silk gown, with her hair pulled back gently, still looking for the perfect book, her pouch clutched in her hand, and a bright smile on her features as she enjoys the warmth of the sun, despite the heat. She is a pleasant mood and smiles as she notices her Sister, Reagan and waves over at her, that pouch in her hand chinking just a little, There is not a lot of coin in the purse but enough to may be buy something this evening.

Kiera has a quite simple errand today, purchasing of all things cotton cloth, nothing fancy or extravagant just cloth. Winter at her heals, she has no real concern, save that she's baking a bit in her leathers in the noon day and she fishes in her backpack to fetch the smaller coin purse absent way as she notes the Marquis Sanna's prence nearby and goes to wave with the other hand

Raymesin, meanwhile, is moving through the market on business as he often does, a tall and slender shape in black leathers. Today he has a hood and it's pulled up, his face in shadow, and a Harlequin's skull pin gleams at his throat.

Reagan will pause in her browsing as she is greeted. She graces Emberly with a beautiful smile and dips her body into a curtsy even though she is holding her packages. "Greets, My Lady. It is a pleasure to see you again. I hope this lovely day finds you well. This is my first trip into the market place. I am find it quite delightful." She spots the wave out of the corner of her eye and Clarisse gets a smile as well as she rises from her curtsy. She waves in return and bows her head in Clarisse's direction.

People rushing by, the sound of children laughing filling the market. It seems to be a fine day. A woman brings out fresh pies to lie on her stand. That a young boy had just run from her house, close by and the smell of fresh-squeezed juice coming up from the booth next to her's as the sound of summer, the birds, and the bees buzzing. It is a fine day to be alive.

Reagan checks perception and streetwise at normal. Reagan fails.

Emberly checks perception and streetwise at normal. Emberly is marginally successful.

Clarisse checks perception and streetwise at normal. Clarisse is marginally successful.

Kiera checks perception and streetwise at normal. Kiera fails.

Clarisse can't help but laugh herself as she hears the children filling the market place and smiles at her sister, though she is stopped in mid movement as she feels that tug and tries to reach down to check her purse and possibly stop whoever is tugging at it if she is quick enough. She is clearly distracted for a moment if Reagan is still looking towards her.

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3 Thrax Guards, Cian, the diligent assistant, Lucky Wagglesworth Von Greathound, a mastiff pup, Domonico leave, following Lustry.

Axelle, a personal valet, Bonehilda, the prettiest-colored spider, 1 Iron Guardsmen, Mira, Betty arrive, following Felicia.

Gabriella might as well grab herself some snack after some hard earned effort. The Pravus princess stops before a vendor, just nearby the small group. Her finger hovers over some of the wares while she spares a glance around the market every now and then.

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Reagan smiles as she sees the fresh pies and takes a deep breath of the air. She steps over to the juice vender feeling some juice is just what she needs on a hot day like today. She asks for some and goes to get her coin purse to pay but gasps as she finds it is missing. Her eyes widen and she turns around in a circle to check and see if she had dropped it. She seems distraught as she moves a few feet back to where she had just been a moment ago but to no avail. "My coin purse!" she says in a worried, slightly frantic tone.

Kiera is so busy watching the goings on about her. It takes the proprietor of the booth asking for her payment to notice that she's unable to do so "I..II..I'm sorry. Give me a moment" She's looking to the ground about her "Has anybody seen my purse?" she asks

Raymesin pauses at the pie stall with the fresh pies, eyeing them thoughtfully - and hungrily. He glances around the market square again, looking off towards where the broker usually is; he nods politely to the woman behind the pie-stall's counter, then moves on towards the broker and Cirroch's bench.

Raymesin checks perception and streetwise at hard. Raymesin is successful.

Gabriella checks perception and streetwise at hard. Gabriella fails.

Emberly was talking to Reagan as she says something about her purse she looks keenly around... then there is another and her blue orbs move to Kiera before scaning the crowd.

Cirroch checks perception and streetwise at hard. Cirroch is marginally successful.

Emberly checks perception and streetwise at hard. Emberly fails.

Clarisse's gaze moves towards Reagan as she had felt that tug at her coin purse but was able to keep it just in time, while the pickpocket moved on. Her attention then drawn to the familar voice of her Sister to be, Reagan, and she moves over to her, worriedly. "Lady Reagan, are you okay?" She looks to her concerned.

Lamora arrives, following Auda.

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Lamora arrives, following Auda.

Reagan looks up to Emberly and then Clarisse as she shakes her head. "No, my coin purse is gone. I know I had it a moment ago. It is gone now. I would not drop such a thing I am very careful." She looks to Clarisse, her eyes wide with surprise and worry.

Emberly looks about to see if she can find anything, "I do not see anything - or anyone but it looks as if you are not the only one who has lost something. "Lets see if we can find it yah?" she asks

Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant, Khadija, a most lovely voice of reason arrive, following Svana.

Bryn, a flustered lovelorn Prodigal assistant, Khadija, a most lovely voice of reason leave, following Svana.

Cirroch smiles a little as the children run by, most of the sounds of the market are flooding into one solid hum that might be able to be followed if one was used to the city. Which is what the Marquis is trying to do, though for the most part he seems content on the bench. The crowd is becoming too much, though he squints a little when he hears a familar voice break through the hum of the crowd prompting him to stand up and head in the direction. There's something shiny? Hanging from where though?

Luxe arrives, following Giorgio.

Auda wanders and weaves her way through the city center-- happening upon talk of coin purses going missing? She moseys a little closer to the possible thefts? Intensely curious.

Luxe leaves, following Giorgio.

Raymesin's pale gaze flickers to where the richly-dressed people are starting to make a kerfuffle; his eyes pause on something there and the corners of his lips twitch ever so slightly upwards. Wherever his coinpurse is, it isn't obvious - and his hand doesn't move towards it, either. He instead watches the people starting to congregate, and finds himself a spot from which to watch, his arms folding across his chest.

Emberly checks perception and streetwise at hard. Emberly is successful.

Clarisse puts an arm around her sisters shoulder to help comfort her, but she is also looking around to see if she can see anyone who looks like they might have light fingers, "We will look around and see if we can find it Sis." She is trying her best to be reassuring to her sister. She is trying also to stay closer to her, to add a buffer between her and Reagan now, while she searches.

Auda checks perception and streetwise at hard. Auda is marginally successful.

Emberly moves closer to Clarisse something catching her attention "My Lady..." she says as she reaches out "hold still..." she says as she reaches out her eyes afixed on something vaguely there. She lightly draws her slender fingers out to engage in what she sees - should Clarisse allow her to get close enough.

Kiera comes toward Cirroch, more annoyed than pannicked when she realizes that she allowed her purse to be stolen from under her nose "Unacceptable. Sloppy" she mutters to herserself before addressing the tall sanna man "Did you see something?"

As Emberly's hand reaches out. It is brushing something as it is touched. It shines, showing visible in bright light now. A long thin strand of wire that has a hook on end attached to Clarisse's coin purse.It seems whoever is doing the thieving is fishing for victims in the phrase's most literal sense.

Reagan nods her head to Clarisse, calming down so as to not make a spectacle. She takes a deep breath and lets it out slowly before she simply starts to look upon the ground and near the tents she'd stopped at for her shopping.

A murmur goes through the daytime crowd of the City Center as one of the most notables of society arrives.

Clarisse freezes as she notices the reason for Emberly's concern and doesn't move to give her a chance to do what she needs to. "Thank you Miss Emberly." She offers while she waits for Emberly to clear the line, "If you can find its origin.." She whispers softly to Emberly, but doesn't say anything more. "I thought it only a piece of thread."

Cirroch looks to Kiera with a little nod, then reaches out to the wire, pinching it between his fingers then pulling it sharply towards himself.

Auda steps closer, with just a grin to Emberly! Deft fingers reach out to the wire, brushing along it as she starts to follow it as best she can! She's looking for the source, obviously! At least until Cirroch acts more forthrightly!

Cirroch checks strength and brawl at normal. Cirroch is marginally successful.

Gabriella steps closer to Reagan upon listening to certain buzzwords. "Excuse me." She says as means of greeting, "Did I hear that right? You were robbed or just lost your purse?" She asks, squinting her eyes as she finally seems to spot the wire. "Huh. That seems crafty."

Emberly nods as she mmms a little she touches the wire and she moves to follow it rather then tug it, She smiles to Auda and nods as she assists.

A murmur goes through the daytime crowd of the City Center as one of the most notables of society arrives.

As the wire is tugged now, a shout of someone filling the air. Off a nearby building is yanked a youth of 17 years old, tall, scrawny street kid. Clothing mostly made of patched up fabric, his hat is pulled down low over his face. Everything is dark black, matching the roof he was yanked from as he lands with a solid thump in front of Cirroch. He is stunned, shocked, not yet having the wits to stand and run!

Frost, a Maelstrom Forest Cat arrives, following Lore.

Kiera hms as Cirroch nabs the wire "a bit of ingenuity. Shame it was applied taking what does not belong t o one" she regards the young man found at the end of the rope as sternly as she is able "There are honest ways to earn coin you know

Raymesin's arms unfold when the youth is pulled from the roof, and he makes his way back towards the group of richly-dressed people, his eyes narrowing.

Emberly looks to the young man as he falls off the building she moves to half surround him. "give back the others you took, young Sir." she says looking scornfully under her red locks

Auda crouches down beside the young man, leaning in close to get a good look at him!

Clarisse nods to the Princess, "Her purse was taken, Your Highness." She offers softly but she does not move, as her purse seems to be at the end the others are tracing, and it seems following the string has led to one of the pickpockets, she feels for. "Are you alright Sister?" She offers gently squeezing Reagans hand, "if you like I can help carry some of your bags."

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The boy looks around, confused, looking at Emberly."I aint' done nothing. Search my pockets. Ya, just like thinking all us poor are ups to no good. I was like minding my own biz, ya know." He is bucked tooth, his face is pot marked, and freckles and a pair of dull blue eyes, as he looks around for a moment."Ya'll gonna let me go."

Reagan looks to Gabriella and says "I can only assume I have been robbed as I am quite careful with my purse. and now this.."She motions to the wires being tugged. When the young boy is yanked off the roof her eyes narrow a bit and she asks "Where is my purse? Did you hand it off to someone once you took it?"

Auda glances to all the silks, and then to Raymesin with a faint cock of her head. Then? She's leaning in to say something quietly to the thief.

Emberly looks up to the building and she walks around him, her eyes find Raymesin and she nods her head his way "know a way up there?"

You can follow the lines to the roof of a building nearby. Closed down shop called the gutted fish. Old shop that sold awful fish pies that no-one ever enjoyed. It is dirty, the door is boarded up, and a broken ladder is on the side leading up to the roof.

The Marquis looks down to the child then kneels down to be at the boy's level as they sit on the street. "If you're lying child, nows the time to fess up. Not later if anyone finds items that don't belong to you in a location that you were just in."

Gabriella gives Clarisse and Reagan a slow nod in return, following the line with her eyes. "Better grab him before he runs away." She suggests, "Even if he is speaking the truth and didn't take the purse, he can tell us about these lines." The Princess adds, adjusting her clothing to make sure she didn't lose anything as well. "Alright, I'm going to climb that old shop and see if I can find anything there. Does anyone wanna come with me?"

The boy whispers back to Auda."Aint' got nothing."

Emberly looks up and she frowns a little looking to the Princess she shakes her head, "someone should go with you Highness." she says as she moves along

Raymesin eyes Emberley. "I ain't from up ere," the Lowers man says. "An' I'm a bit big for gettin' on roofs as don't belong ter me an' I don't know."

Frost, a Maelstrom Forest Cat arrives, following Lore.

Kiera nods "mistook down here for a river, did ya. You see I might have work and coin avaible for an honest young man, but if there's one thing. zi hate it's a liar. You understand me?

Auda sighs and rises from her crouch by the thief. "I'll go. Ray, keep an eye on him, yeah? He doesn't seem to be with anyone." There's a glance to the tall Ulbran, as if maybe that meant something more? Then, she's moving towards that shop along with Graziella.

The boy watches them as he slides to his feet."Aint' nothing but a bunch of rich bastards. Allows, got your nose high like ya'll aint' stinky."

Clarisse looks up as Gabriella is addressed as a princess, and she offers a belated deep curtsey, "Your Highness. I am sorry I did not know. I am Lady Clarisse Chaaron, and this is my brothers Bethrothed, Lady Reagan Laveer. MIss Emberly is right, you should not go alone." She smiles at Auda agrees to go with her, so she can stay with her Sister.

Reagan is just standing by the side as she looks up to the roof and then back to the Princess. She seems surprised when she says she will go up but she says "Do be careful, your highness." offering her a grateful smile, Reagan is clearly not capable of such acts herself. She curtsies to the royalty but wrings her hands a little, still distraught but trying to keep calm.

Auda checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Auda is successful.

Gabriella checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Gabriella is marginally successful.

Cirroch watches the boy and reaches out to grab their collar and shoulder, with a deep bellow, "Watch who you call a bastard boy. Some of them might be willing to help you."

The roof is empty. There are 8 lines lying on the ground. But there is boards leading to other roofs, you an see footprints in the dust as they seem to have scattered, there is nothing up here now. A bucket is hanging over the edge, inside you see a few coins. It seems they are used to lower the stolen items to the ground for someone else to run off with.

Emberly mmmms a little "more than one." she looks over to the princess, then she begins to walk across the boards looking for the purses that had been taken.

The kid is moves towards whoever he is shoved towards, his hands in his pockets as he spits downwards."AInt' nothing more than a bastards with coin and pretty clothing."

Raymesin nods to Auda, then eyes the kid. "Ain't all of us as is rich," he says mildly, "But yeah, I'm a bastard." He reaches out to take the boy's shoulder.

Auda climbs up to the roof with surprising ease! Bright green eyes take in the scene, noting the boards and the bucket before she looks to Graziella. "..Huh. Thieves up here don't look as spry as down where I'm from. I could try to follow some of these pathways, but if they're smart they'll be long gone."

"I'm a knight before I'm a Princess, don't worry." Gabriella tells Clarisse, her smile denoting she's enjoying the situation. She steps closer to the shop as she notices Auda coming with her, though the journey to the rooftop seems to be marked by the occasional slip. "I see some coins, but no purse." She mentions, "Do you think those boards are stable enough for us to walk?"

The boards look old, as you stare down you see they have been cut to only support the weight of a teen, if you steped on them wrong or with too much armor you would go crashing down.

Kiera sighs "So you don't want me to judge by your clothes, but you get to judge me by mine? She honestly seems more concerned about the boy or maybe she's not inclined to climb roughs "How many rich folks have you actually talk to, hm?

Emberly checks dexterity and athletics at hard. Emberly fails.

Raymesin glances down at something in his free hand, while his other stays on the teen.

As emberly steps forward now making it half way across the plank, there is crack of the wood, it is plunging her downwards as she is about to hit the earth, a cart packed with pillows is passing by, as she is slams down into it safetly, no damage to her beside her pride.

Clarisse is listening to the conversation with the boy and offers softly, "I would not wish to see harm come to you, where an apology to my Sister and myself would do, we work hard for every coin. I am a healer, working to gather supplies to help the wounded in the upcoming war. I do not harm or look down on any. I am sorry you believe that is the case, as I know there are some that do." She does keep her arm around her sister though protectively.

The boy is silent watching them with a smug look, he is pride of hismelf. He got the fancy clothing upset, his smile is beams as they each try to defend themselves, his arms crossed over his chest.

Reagan looks to Clarisse and says "And the return of my coin..." she notes dryly but then she looks back to the boy. She isn't saying much it would seem but she does not seem to approve of the boy's behavior or feel too terribly bad for the thief. When Emberly starts to fall however she lets out a gasp but seeing she is safe she relaxes and shakes her head. Dangerous business and thank goodness for pillows.

Emberly lands in the pillows after trying to follow the teens, she humphs a little as she hops out of the cart laughing deeply .. though she looks over to Reagan "he was working with others, all gone now."

Raymesin eyes Clarisse, then shakes his head. "Don't bother tryin' ter talk ter silks," he says to the boy. "They don't know what it's like ter steal or starve, an' they get waspish when you make 'em feel bad."

The boy looks at Raymessin nodding slowly, with a wicked chuckle."Aint' know what it's like to aint' got pride. They got it, cause they got all that free time to not work."

Gabriella takes a deep breath upon watching Emberly's fate and does her best to keep her balance while threading so lightly on the plank that she hopefully won't crack it in the process.

Cirroch turns to Raymesin, "Growing up in the mountains might as well be similar. The next meal only shows up when you go out to hunt it, I don't know about stealing. Though I do know hunger."

Gabriella checks dexterity and athletics at hard. Gabriella is marginally successful.

The next plank is wobbles, it cracks but under Gabriella's trained feet, she is makes it to the next building. This one is much like the other with lines setup, and a basket. Still empty, but there is sign in the corner with a Black Smiley face in the center.

Auda checks dexterity and athletics at hard. Auda fails.

The planket is cracks under Auda. As she is falling downwards plunging quickly, as she is wraped up in a clothing line. That slowlys her fall, as it snaps droping her to the ground unharmed, but a little dizzy.

"I am a healer before a lady, just as Princess, is a Knight defending this city. before her title. But you have made up your mind already. You do not care to see the truth of it, just pass judgement. I have not been here long but I am doing everything I can to help make this city my home, and do what I can to help where I am needed." She takes the coins in her own purse, which is not much. "I have been carrying this for the last two weeks, trying to figure out why I have not spent one coin in it. I think I know why now. I am sorry for you and your friends." She moves over to trop the coin purse at the young mans feet. "Take it and I pray you and your friends use it wisely."

Gabriella bides her time to catch a breath or two as she reaches the new area. "I see a... Black smiley face." She shouts out, sounding puzzled and trying moving closer to the corner for further inspection.

Kiera sighs and falls quiet. the odds of reaching the boy plummet as ray supports him and just watches

Gabriella checks wits and streetwise at normal. Gabriella is marginally successful.

Raymesin checks wits and streetwise at normal. Raymesin marginally fails.

Reagan checks wits and streetwise at normal. Reagan marginally fails.

Cirroch checks wits and streetwise at normal. Cirroch fails.

Auda checks wits and streetwise at normal. Auda fails.

Kiera checks wits and streetwise at normal. Kiera is marginally successful.

Emberly checks wits and streetwise at normal. Critical Success! Emberly is spectacularly successful.

Auda checks dexterity and athletics at hard. Auda marginally fails.

Clarisse checks wits and streetwise at normal. Clarisse is marginally successful.

Auda cracks right through that board with a very quiet little curse. Down into a closeline-- which she tries to grab, and swing herself around-- and just gets more hung up. What could have been a completely forgettable fall turns into something memorable. Bouncing between lines to fall flat on her back on the cobbles.

"With all due respect, my lord," says Raymesin to Cirroch, somehow managing to make it sound as though there's little to no respect due at all, "That's a land where the food's there for the takin', an' you got the right ter take it." He's still got the teen's shoulder in his grip, firm but not to the point of pain.

Emberly calls up to Gabriella "I have heard of that!" she calls up there.. but she didnt want to shout her information out, so she searches the crowd and then moves over to murmer to Cirroch

The kid nods at Raymesin, he is quiet now as he looks down at the purse. Picking it up with a shake of his head, as he throws it right at Clarisse."Keep ya coins. I aint' taking hand outs from a full of herself silky."

Gabriella frowns while inspecting the mark, "So did I, but only rumors... I never thought it to be more than an urban legend." She trlls the rest of the group, while trying to figure a safer or easier way down. "What do you know about them?"

Reagan just gives Clarisse a look and she moves to pick up her coin purse the boy threw and holds it back out to the young woman. "Your brother would be greatly disappointed to see you giving coin to boy who robbed your soon to be sister. Do not support his antics. Take your coins and do not support thieves to simply cure your own sympathies, my lady. " She shakes her head but then motions to the fall Auda just took and says "Please, as a healer go look to make sure that woman is not injured." She turns back to the boy and says "You were quite clearly stealing and involved in a string of robberies. You have a few options here I suggest you think them over carefully." She is not caring towards the boy, she is not completely cold either she seems more business like.

"Where is this land where the food there for taking?" Cirroch bellows back to Raymesin. He seems to not be bothered by the boy chirping back at him, though when the adult starts to toss an idea that food is simple to get he is honestly confused. "I fear that you've got the wrong idea about how to live in the mountains."

Clarisse looks confused as she tries to think clearly, about that black smiley face, ignoring the teen for th emoment as she is trying her best to place it.. where, whose.. symbol is it. Her face scrunched up in deep thought. She just looks at the boy, and sighs at him, but her thoughts are far removed from his insults for the moment. She does nod at Reagan though and take the coin purse. She can find better uses for it later, maybe it will give her time to think and remember while she goes over to help Auda with her medical bag at her side, leaving Reagan with her bags for the moment to do what she has been called to do. "Miss, Are you okay?" She looks over her carefully, should she let her, and be in good enough condition to answer.

Clarisse checks intellect and medicine at normal. Clarisse is marginally successful.

"I'm fine. S'not the first fall I've taken." Auda lays there for a moment, before slowly pushing herself up. Mostly, it's just that she's knocked the wind from her lungs, probably!

Kiera nods "Sounds vaguely familiar" she remarks to Emberly's comment as she turns to Ray "You content to encourage him at the risk he ends up on the wrong end of someone else's sword. For all the privilage I have I've not the power to change the plight of every commoner but he ;iterally fell into my lap, so i can change his

The boy stands there now looking bored, as he watches the silks and as he looks at Rey."Can I go now. My grandma is sick and I need to give her medicine. Ya know blind as a bat. Bad heart, she ain't going to make it unless I go give her it."

Emberly nods and she moves closer to Kiera to whisper to her.

"I spent a month alone in th'mountains a few years back," says Raymesin to Cirroch bluntly. "Came out the same weight as I went in, an' it weren't in autumn, neither. 'Ave you spent a month livin' on the streets'a the Lowers?" And then he looks to Kiera. "Oh, I wouldn't say as I were gonna be encouragin'," he says, his lips peeling back from his teeth in something that might look like a smile but doesn't have any warmth to it. That smile gets turned on the boy. "Not 'til we've 'ad a word."

Clarisse double checks that Auda is going to be okay and nods to her reassuringly, after helping her. Her skill is actually quite impressive as she helps sooth that ache and make it easier for Auda to breath easier. "It is mostly the pride Miss, but you should be fine." She does try to think about that sign a bit too, "That symbol seems somehow familar though. I am certain I have seen it before, but I can not place it at the moment."

Reagan shakes her head and says "Your theft and schemes to me seem to be a matter that should be taken up with the Iron guard since you seem amused by your current situation. "

Reagan checks command and intimidation at normal. Reagan fails.

Cirroch checks composure and diplomacy at normal. Cirroch is marginally successful.

Raymesin checks command and intimidation at normal. Raymesin marginally fails.

Kiera nods to what at Emberly. She is not at all pleased, not being an ends justify the means person "Go have a chat witg you new friend" she says to the boy, gesturing to Ray

Emberly talks quietly to Kiera, telling the other what she knows, she looks up to the Princess on the rooftops, she mofes from person to person, a nod of her head to Clarisse, "indeed." and she too gets a whisper

The boy looks at Reagan, dismissing her with a wave of his hand, like he is shooing off a fly. As he looks right at Raymesin."You're the old-timers, Ulbran

The boy looks at Reagan, dismissing her with a wave of his hand, like he is shooing off a fly. As he looks right at Raymesin."You're the old-timers, Ulbran. It's our time now the Shadow Master is going to take the lowers. Ya idiot. We are coming for ya, we gonna do it right this time." The boy looks into Raymesin eyes, with a smirk of pure arrogance, as he spits down at his boots.

Cirroch stares coldly at Raymesin, "I hope for all involved you explained to the spirits of your actions when in the mountains." He then turns the same dead cold stare to the boy under Raymesin's grasp. "There are times in which we must learn from our actions. There are some things that can be said by you in this moment that will allow you to run off, there are others that will hold you here longer. The choice of which is up to you. We find out that you're lying, and even this man won't be able to save you" He nods towards Raymesin, "As the rest of the silks here, are trying to help you, though you obviously have many reasons to not trust them. Perhaps trusting in your own?"

Raymesin checks dexterity and brawl at normal. Raymesin marginally fails.

Auda just starts laughing. Laughing and laughing at the young man. "You.. You think your Shadow Master is gonna take the Lowers?" She might be wheezing. "Man, are you sure you wanna go out like that? The Iron Guard would be a kinder fate for you."

Clarisse nods to Emberly's whisper and reaches out her hand to help Auda to help her up, and that is where she has seen and heard of it, focusing on making sure Auda is alright first, letting the others deal with the boy bent on taunting them.

Gabriella tries to climb down from the rooftop. "The black smiley is the symnol of the shadow master?" She asks, on her way down, trying to keep her balance and avoid and cracking planks.

Raymesin's grip on the youth's shoulder has the youngster turning, and his other fist swings low at the boy's gut. If it had connected squarely, it'd have been quite brutal. As it is, it's just /fast/.

Emberly was trying not to shout that but as people start to talk she nods "yes!"

The boy looks over at Cirroch with a little chuckle."He aint' one of my own. He is one of them the other side silky. I aint' lying again it's all the truth." As he hit is coming the boy, pivots backwards as he starts to make a break from it as the failed punch is allowing him to move running for an alley.

Auda checks dexterity and brawl at normal. Auda is successful.

Auda actually laughs harder as the kid worms away from Raymesin, and takes off at a sprint after him. Despite her fall, Auda's pretty darn nimble-- and apparently pretty good at catching people? She lunges, crashing into the thief's back and throwing them both to the ground.

Petroc, the most unassuming man you have ever met, 2 Sanna House Guards leave, following Cirroch.

Reagan just watches this all go down with a completely calm and relaxed stance. When the boy is apprehended again she says "I think it is time to allow the Iron Guard to deal with this situation. I shall call for them. Perhaps he will not find his current circumstances as amusing when they handle the matter."

Auda checks perception and streetwise at normal. Auda is successful.

"That better be the coinpurses you stole, guys!" Auda shouts up towards the rooftops, trying to roll so that the thief is ontop of her, and therefore sheltering her! Still holding on to him, though.

As Auda speaks the ground is being pelted with items, liter, rocks. All sorts of things over and over falling from above, as the a war whoops can be heard, as the world seems to be raining down on her. They don't seem to care if the friend being used as a shield is hurt or killed.

Kiera just blinks and closes her eyes, muttersing a thanks to the gods that the punch didn't connect and the boy gets restrained in a more humane way

Auda checks dexterity and athletics at hard. Auda is marginally successful.

Clarisse glares are Raymesin trying to hurt the boy where the rest of them were trying to keep things from growing worse, until Auda is now under a hail of debris from above trying to hurt her. She seems for the moment to be dodging the debris but she is not sure if the boy is as successful, as she tries to draw closer, "Get out of there Auda!"

Emberly shifts looking up to the Princess and she looks about, her eyes follow Auda then the debrie comes pelting down the girl tries to edge away from the falling rocks and tries to see if she can sneak otop the building the debrie is being thrown off of

Reagan will call for the Iron Guard...

Emberly checks intellect and investigation at hard. Emberly fails.

Raymesin eyes the people who're glaring, and shrugs before making his way over towards Auda, ignoring the objects raining from the sky. "Want an 'and, Auda?"

The kid is passed out as Auda is brings him out of the alley. His head is lulled from a blow from a rock, he is breathing just fine. But he is out for the count.

Clarisse checks intellect and medicine at normal. Clarisse marginally fails.

"I'd love one, Ray." Auda's dragging an unconscious thief, and luckily not suffering too bad herself! Probably a few bruises, though. "Carrying people is difficult." She looks to the others, studying them to see what their situation is now.

Emberly looks and searches for a while trying to see if she can get to the thieves to at least recover some purses, but... shes not able to really uncover any ways.

Clarisse is back in her element as she checks the child to make sure he is alright and bandaging his head. He can't be much younger than she is as she looks over him, trying to help as much as she can. She can't believe that his own friends would do this to him, and seems a bit shaken as she tries to help him, unable to keep her hands steady, trying to stop the bleeding but she seems shaken herself.

The rain of gabarage and items has stoped. Now the sound of feet leaving, the market is quiet now. As if everyone ran away as the trouble started, just them and the sound in the distance of the horse of the iron guard coming.

Kiera runs immediate for the unconscious teen to tend to him

Kiera checks intellect and medicine at normal. Kiera is successful.

"Right," says Raymesin, and goes over to give Auda a hand. He can hold half the youth up to be tended to, at least.

Reagan had stepped out of the way of hurling items, can't mess up her pretty face! She stands off to the side, fully collected as she waits for the guards. Ray has earned no scorned looks from this Lady! She looks to Clarisse and leans in to whisper to her.

Emberly mmmms a little and clicks her tongue, "I am out of ideas as to how we can find your purse from the Shadow Masters."

The horse are coming up as the guard arrives, with a carrige with bars on the side. As they climb down now, looking around trying to understand what is going on, the large man in the front steps forward."What is going on here?" His eyes on the youth, and than the nobles as he side eyes Auda and Raymesin, not yet accusing but his eye so very watchful.

Clarisse checks composure at normal. Clarisse is successful.

Gabriella moves to rejoin the group, once the path is clear. "Everyone safe?" She asks, checking them out and shaking her head, "Sadly we didn't get the purse yet, but we'll find it. It's only a matter of time now."

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Emberly before departing.

Clarisse is trying her best to regain her composure as her sister offers her quiet encouraging words to her and nods at her, but she had to stop for a moment to regain herself before she attempted to help the boy again, grateful for Kiera stepping in as quickly as she did.

Kiera hms "He doesn't seem to have sustained any lasting damage." she sighs "Someone put the kid up to stealing a purse. Cowards using kids to commit crime" she offers

Emberly says, "I mean he really isnt a kid, just a year younger then I.." she says rolling her shoulders a little before she turns to walk on .."

Raymesin glances over at the arriving Iron Guard, giving their leader the same sort of watchful look as he's getting. "Great," he grumbles. "You're doin' the talkin', Auda."

Reagan will turn to the guard and she says "I am Lady Reagan Laveer. This boy.."She motions to the unconscious one "And a group of his friends were robbing nobles with the use of hooks and wires, myself included. The boy's allies were upon the rooftops a moment ago hurling stones and all manner of rubbish down. The thief was knocked unconscious as a result." Seeing the guard's look upon Raymesin the lady speaks again "This gentleman was kind enough to aid insuring the boy did not escape before the fine Iron Guard could arrive to handle this matter."

A beautiful songbird leaves, following Emberly.

Auda gestures to Kiera's explanation! Then, Reagan's stepping forward and Auda nods to that, as well. "Lady Laveer's got the right of it, yeah. Looks like a little ring has set up here."

Clarisse checks intellect and medicine at normal. Clarisse marginally fails.

The guard grunts watching the lady."Well done Lady Reagan Laveer." The guard looks over at Auda for a moment, as he walks over to snatch the boy as he walks over to the cage, the iron is bars opening by his men, as it squeeks open with a loud rusted sound. The boy is thrown into the back into some hay."Thank you, we will handle this." As he walks over to the lead horse leaping on it."Enjoy your day." With that they are off taking the theif with them.

Clarisse is impossibly shaken it seems by the entirety of the events, more so than she could have thought, and is just bent down by the boy, with her hands folded quietly in her lap. At the moment looking lost, like she may make things worse if she says anything or hurt the boy more if she touches him.

"They might not use this trick again, now that we've uncovered it." Gabriella comments, saluting the guard, but allowing others to do the explaining. "However, they might be back with some other crafty ways to rob people."

Raymesin grimaces as he watches the youth get thrown into the cage, and then with a nod for Auda, one for Reagan, and another for the other involved parties, he's turning away.

Toad, a flippity-floppity smoosh-face of a Keaton Hound arrives, following Ripley.

Reagan will curtsy to the guard and then she bows her head to the others. "I thank you all for your quick action and your assistance. I am in your favor. " she will gather her bags and she too will begin to depart before something else is stolen from her!

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