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Ship & War II: So THAT Happened

Pieros continues to bustle with the prepartions for the war as various scouts return to report on what they've seen.

OOC: A chance for more casual, Pieros-based RP related to the war. It is PUBLIC. And I am NOT Apostate even though we start and end with the same letters. No GMs or harm rolls to be seen.


Jan. 20, 2021, 7 p.m.

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Lore Audgrim Zakhar Patrizio Ian Raven Orland Lasha Savio Mirari Domonico Sina(RIP)



Outside Arx - Saffron Chain near Pieros - City of Pieros - The Long Harbor

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Zakhar takes Bandage hiding Shadowed metal knuckkledusters from Cross belt.

Zakhar takes A fat rolled cigar that emits a blue haze when lit from Cross belt.

Dawn over the great walled city of Pieros sees the harbor already bustling with activity. Ships moor and unmoor, rowboats carry passengers to shore. On the pier, crates are carted up and down, filled with goods for the war. Curious spectators, early birds at this hour, watch it all, while the correspondent's tent is ready for the day's news and messages to deliver to the city.

It is not by ship, however, but by land that Adrienne Pravus and her group of scouts from the jungles Isla Visonis arrive. They are a mess, reasonably so, but largely seem unhurt. While the offer is made for any of them to recover at the palace, Adrienne takes a cart to the docks, beelining for the correspondent's tent.

Zakhar wields Bandage hiding Shadowed metal knuckkledusters.

Dawn over the great walled city of Pieros sees the harbor already bustling with activity. Ships moor and unmoor, rowboats carry passengers to shore. On the pier, crates are carted up and down, filled with goods for the war. Curious spectators, early birds at this hour, watch it all, while the correspondent's tent is ready for the day's news and messages to deliver to the city.

It is not by ship, however, but by land that Adrienne Pravus and her group of scouts from the jungles Isla Visonis arrive. They are a mess, reasonably so, but largely seem unhurt. While the offer is made for any of them to recover at the palace, Adrienne takes a cart to the docks, beelining for the correspondent's tent.

Lore comes traipsing in with Adrienne, whistling a jaunty tune and looking quite pleased with herself. She's also sporting a pretty necklace that she didn't start out with. A thin gold chain, maybe 16 inches long, with a single piece of sandstone adorning it, carefully and lovingly polished to a bright sheen. She waves to Adrienne as the Princess heads towards the tent, instead moving towards where she can find herself a drink and something to eat. Preferably not a salad. Not right now, anyways.

There was another scouting party out searching for lost explorers - they have also returned. Audgrim has a bandaged upper arm, but whatever wound it is, it can't be that bad - he doesn't seem particularly affected by it. He stops and gets some water and pours it right over his head however, and then wipes his hair back; it's hot in that armor. He was hovering around nearby, as Orland and others reported what they found. He studies the activities going on while taking out an apple to eat.

Zakkar is sitting atop of a pier post, watching the growing cats paw at some unattended cargo. He might be confused for a chimney based upon the amount that he's puffing away on the cigar in the crook of his lip. His eyes are watching the bustle upon the dock. His left hand appears to have a bandage wrapped around the knuckles. In watching those upon the docks he offers a small nod and wave to Lore and Adrienne.

"Still, these things all being equal..." Patrizio's hand draws the flap of his command tent aside as he's ushering Orland out and... blinking at the breaking of the dawn, before he's looking ruefully to the younger man. "And this is why I hate working through the night," he says, in a voice that sounds not one whit like he's amused or the like. A breath slides from his lips when he's contemplating the approach of the group from jungles. "You /were/ saying that you were certain that they'd made it," he says quickly to Orland, before he's advancing, and looking quite serious as he's waving to his cousin to try to get her attention.

Ian disembarks along with Lore and Mirari and possibly also Adrienne from a ship coming from elsewhere. For someone who made a big fuss about staying at Stormward, he's awfully... you know, in the Saffron Chain. He's ALSO awfully well armored, something that can't be fun in this humidity. There is a scarf coiled at his hip like the world's ugliest and worst smelling whip ever.

What a sight Adrienne Pravus makes. She's pulling damp notes out of a pouch and handing them to the older aides at the tent. "I require a half dozen copies of these. Lore Artiglio may assist with the translation if our notes are unclear-" She trails off, squints in the direction of Patrizio and Orland. Then she waves before looking back to the already working aides. A benefit of being a Voice of House Pravus, however messy. "Quickly please. ORLAND! PATRIZIO!" The Valardin knows how to make her voice carry when she needs to, already stalking off in that direction to meet them. "Is everyone alright? Did you find them?"

Raven checks composure at hard. Raven is marginally successful.

Raven has made herself busy while she waits, impatiently, for the return. She's been in surly mood but managed not to create any 'incidents', for once. Her hair died up she's busy helping unload more provisions from a ship, her once pale skin thoroughly sunkissed over the summer. She turns and STARES at Adrienne. The corner of an eye ticks a bit and her nostrils flare, barrell balanced on a shoulder as her brain and body both seem to buffer at the sudden bottleneck of emotions and thoughts.

Orland flows outside of the tent, finding himself look up at the dawn sky. "Ugh... I wish I could lie and say I could sleep right now," he says with an faint grimace, rubbing at his eyes which becomes a whole rubbing of his face, smooshing his lips around and his cheeks aside. Upon seeing the other party, he looks terribly relieved, "Yah I did. You doubted me?" He says with a faint wit of dry sarcasm attached. He side glances toward Audgrim, "Hey Audgrim, how're you doing? Did you find a healer?" As for Adrienne, he lifts a hand toward her, "Not everyone. The Crimson blades, took a few bad hits." Side eye for Audgrim, "How's Yrsa doing?" Then back to Adrienne, "We dispatched what was left of them. I'm afraid they were... heavily diseased... corrupted I guess. Audgrim here, might know about it. He said it was abyssal."

Adrienne drops Jungle Shemagh, The 'Snakeeyes' tavern with outdoors seating, A correspondence tent with aides scribing furiously.

Adrienne gets Jungle Shemagh.

Adrienne has joined the A correspondence tent with aides scribing furiously.

On hearing her name, Lore perks up, heading towards Adrienne and offering a smile at Orland as they draw closer and she's able to make out features, "Ahhhhhhhhh, Lored Amadeo! I'm glad that you made it out alright. We'll have to compare stories." BUT.. Business first. She offers a quick bow to Patrizio, "Lore Artiglio, Your Highness. I'll be happy to help decipher the codes, and I can help scout out any of the coves from the map we found as well. I've decided that I like jungle adventures, I like them very much indeed." There's a whisper of an accent to her voice, certainly not enough for most to pick up, but its started coming out stronger as she's been working with the Eurusi documents.

Audgrim looks a bit surprised and maybe a little irked he's being called. But then he finishes that apple and pushes off the wall he was holding up, striding confidently up to the various nobles and others. He bows with militaristic precision. "Yep. Shards," he says simply, studying Patrizio with curiosity. "The scouting party ran into something abyssal. Lord Orland here probably gave you the rest. Place crawling with Skald'ajans, looks like."

Patrizio huffs hotly when he's moving towards Adrienne, albeit with a pause to give Orland a bit of a smirk when his credibility's being questioned albeit not seriously, moving out to briefly gesture at the matter of the notes that he's seeing being passed off. "I'm almost imagining that this has to do with that," he says, gesturing in the direction of what's about to be copied. "Orland was telling me about what his scouting party ran into in the jungle, and I've been updating the campaign map in my tent." A task that, for as boring as it sounds, is probably about as 'involved' as yet as the general's gotten in the impending arrival of the company from across the water. "Aside from the obvious question - are you okay? - I'm hoping that you can help to fill in the gaps in what I've been hearing. Major concerns about what this bodes for the fleet's arrival."

Lore gets an inclination of his head in return, and... the prince takes a good, deep breath, as if he's trying not to be going at a full gallop. "A pleasure," he offers, more politely but with a hint of breathlessness from his quick march across. "Any help with the scouting would be a major benefit. I'm concerned for what of this might need be quickly send to Lucrezia and the fleet."

Audgrim asides to ORland; "Yrsa is resting, but she'll be alright. I am fine too."

"Definitely abyssal," Ian agrees absently, before peeling off to go find a place to sit down so he can start taking off some of his excess layers of armor.

Adrienne squints at Orland then nods in satisfaction. Patrizio earns a more familiar squeeze on his arm. Adrienne desperately needs a proper bath; whatever streams or lakes they found on the return home were not satsifactory. "Us too," she agrees with Ian and Audgrim. "I'd say the Archfiend of Petrichor's work in our case. What did you see?"

Audgrim earns a very serious nod. "There's a Mercy tent down the way if you need further care. You're with the Crimson Blades? Well met."

Zakhar spots Audgrim and hops off of the post to walk over to the lad. "Hallo Blade."

"We've gotten patched up, but thank you," Audgrim says, keeping things official and not being especially open. Not the sort of man that becomes best friends quickly, this one. He upnods at Zakhar. "Blade," he greets in return. "We found the tracks easily. Ran into the explorers up on a cliff. They shouted 'you DISTURB as THEY did! You FOUL here'. I figure whatever they ran into tainted them, and then they became like... one of the thing that tainted them. Protecting it against what they consider bad influence. People like that, too far gone, I figure. We didn't have much choice either or, they attacked us."

Mirari checked dexterity + smithing at difficulty 29, rolling 78 higher.

Raven's ire evaporates at the news she's hearing. Setting the barrel down she dusts off her hands and her shoulder and strides over join those converging around the princess. As Ian confirms this her gaze flits over to the Lord with a hint of curiosity but for once, on this rare occasion she chooses to listen to others for what they have to say.

Lasha steps onto the docks and gets a look around at the harbor with its business goingon, his familiarity with docks and ships and sailors all too familiar as he turns and spits while he hopes none of the finer folk are taking look, the hack and spit rather crass, though most of the common folk may take little notice, or maybe they do. Then he's pulling his vest about his shoulders a bit more before he's pressing into the crowd, looking for those he recognizes.

Mirari checked dexterity + smithing at difficulty 29, rolling 37 higher.

Mirari checked dexterity + smithing at difficulty 21, rolling 64 higher.

Adrienne seems to FEEL Raven's disapproval and turns. Like a child, the princess gives a rather elegant piroutte. "I'm unharmed. We all are." With a look to the sky, a press of her mouth, Adrienne finally blurts out. "Demon trees. They skilled what appears to be a Skal'dajan advance party and likely more." Her features sober, grim. "We saw no sign of our people."

Raven checks composure at hard. Raven is marginally successful.

Patrizio is listening to the back and forth, before there's a mindful nod, and he's frowning. It's not often that one sees him frowning, most likely - Orland's been witness to it, for most of the night, all while mass quantities of rum were perhaps being consumed over the map table - but he's looking very distinctly concerned about this. "Are we absolutely sure this is Abyssal, and that this wasn't some advance guard of the Skal'daja? Or perhaps that it was something meant for us to be lured into by our foes?" He's clearly trying to think strategically about it, even as he glances over at his shoulder back at the command tent and his map. "Though even if it's not, we ought be sending out word to the fleet as well to warn them to be more mindful of that area, and landings in general. We can't afford to have losses..." Another glance at Adrienne in the wake of Audgrim's remarks, and his hand rises to stroke mindfully along his chin and over his mouth.

Audgrim checks 'recovery check' at normal. Audgrim is marginally successful.

Audgrim checks 'recovery check' at normal. Audgrim is marginally successful.

"We got attacked by trees," Ian offers, while unbuckling his fencer's spaulder. "I'd have taken some crazy people over that." He doesn't look any the worst for wear at least. Just really sweaty.

Zakhar checked luck + smithing at difficulty 9, rolling 51 higher.

"...trees?" Audgrim says and he looks quite surprised once it dawns on him they really DO mean actual trees, not some euphemism for something else. "Huh," he comments and rubs his jaw. "We didn't see or encounter any, uh, enemy trees. And aye, I am sure they were abyssaly tainted. I've ran into those before."

Savio has made it back from whatever he was doing in Tremorus, all in one piece! Same number of arms and legs he started with and everything. Great job, Savio. His attire is much more Tremorus than Arx at the moment, a sort of long tunic situation draped with long colorful swaths of fabric, which are somehow never falling off or becoming dislodged. It's magic. He looks more like one of the assorted local people of the Chain than the visiting Arvani, but then again, that's what he is, isn't he?

Waves are offered to various familiar faces; he has a report to give and seems to be headed toward Patrizio, but not in a big hurry about it.

Raven's nostrils flare and she clicks her heels and bows her head, ceding to Adrienne's reassurance in favor of the pressing business to be discussed and the vast mixed company present, "I am most pleased to see it, your highness." She looks sidelong to Ian again speculatively. Absently, "IF Lord Ian says it's abyssal I trust him. If there's need to confirm it somehow I imagine that privately I may offer a suggestion for how it could be confirmed if you required, Prince General."

"No offence, Your Highness. But the jungle ATE the Skal'dajans. This isn't Eurusi in origin, I can promise you that. This is something much much bigger." Lore offers with a shake of her head. She motions towards the papers that Adrienne handed him, "The Eurusi are trespassing and the jungle didn't like it. We were nearly on the menu ourselves until we made it clear that we were leaving, then we were ushered out with a quickness."

"General Prince Patrizio Pravus." Adrienne makes short work of introducing the most important of the personages here at the moment. "We retrieved a map." Her gaze also travels to the tent where men and woman scribe with diligient efficiency. "Lore Artiglio has translated the Eurusi code for us." Adrienne lays a hand on the woman's shoulder. "She's staying on retainer." Hope Lore agrees!

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Lasha before departing.

Ian looks up from rearranging the contents of his pack such that there's room to cram armor in there and nods along with what Lore says. "There's more than two sides of this mess. Whatever twisted that jungle doesn't care about our war."

Lore has joined the A correspondence tent with aides scribing furiously.

Zakhar looks between the Nob'es and the blade, then shrugs at the title for the Pravus Prince. "Ain't ne diff'nt frum Captins-Ginrel, eh?" He turns to watch the docks again and spots an old friend, coming up the dock through the crowd and heads towards Lasha.

Being a general might be relatively new to Patrizio, but there's a mindful nod that speaks to how seriously he's taking it, though the frown softens when he's looking from face to face to face that's assuring him about the nature of things. And indeed, Lore and Ian's words most reach him about the matter of the situation. "I don't think I'd ever come into this thinking this was but a war of two sides," he says dryly, before there's a straightening up of his frame. "So the next question from my side is - do we have means to know where the land's already been... so touched and signal to them when our forces appear that we're willing to back off as well and not seek a second front we have to fight on? Or perhaps know where to lure the Skal'daja to have them spring these traps?"

"Excuse me..." is a very quiet murmur from the Lord Amadeo. If anyone is wondering what happened to Orland... he's wavering back and forth, probably about to faint. No need to worry about him people. He in fact, just decides that somewhere on the ground is appropriate to heavily sit down on.

Spying Zakhar, Lasha slows as he approaches the merc, eyes drifting over the various nobility before he rumbles, "think I should've worn some fancier clothes," which for him means just about anything, as he nods to Zakhar, musing, "anythin' of note to report, or is this sorta the beginnin' of everythin'?" clearly out of the loop. He squints over all the finery even at such a place and he spits, only to grumble, "seems like is a lotta good imma do in this group, but ya le'm' know if I'm needed on a boat, yeh? shat else to do othawise until I get my bearrings."

Ian unbuckles the metal reinforced brace that protects his left arm, and then takes the time to loosen the lacing underneath. He looks up at Patrizio. "If it were me, I'd get in touch with the Lodge of Petrichor, or maybe the Spirit Walkers, although I don't know how much they'd be able to do with something like this. Or just stay out of the jungle. That'd probably be enough, just staying out of the jungle."

Ian isn't big on inflection in his tone of voice, but very much gives off the sense that his vote is in favor of 'stay out of the jungle'.

"Audgrim Veilandir, Crimson Blade," the mercenary introduces himself now, to anyone caring. He steps back and turns more quiet, just listening and assessing thoughtfully, hand resting on the hilt of his sword in a casual stance. But, when Orland sinks to the ground, he frowns in some concern. "Should go to the mercies." Way to state the obvious.

Adrienne grasps a still-wet transcription out of an aide's hands to pass it to Patrizio. (The aide looks a little peevish about having her work ruined, princess or not.) "Landing points. At the table are letters about how much trouble they've had. The Skal'dajans are /here/ Patrizio, but the land is fighting them off, Abyssal or not. We know where they are coming."

Belatedly, Lore looks to Adrienne and gives a nod, "I told you, you've got myservices when you need them. I don't tend to cut out in the middle of an adventure to leave people hanging." Winking, she looks back to Patrizio, then over her shoulder towards the jungle, before looking back to the Pravosi Prince, "We followed the path of the Eurusi long enough that I wouldn't swear for certain that any part of the jungle is 'safe'. I would say let the Eurusi learn for themselves about what's taken over out there, but keep your own people away from it. We made it through but, again, we were actively working to NOT disturb the natural setting. You can't get that with a raiding party or army, no matter how careful you caution them to be." She looks to the transcription, and nods.

"Orland!" He's been spotted. Savio's report can wait, and he hustles over toward where the Amadeo Lord has decided to take a seat right then and there. Both hands reach down toward him, as though to offer him a lift back up if he decides to stand again. "Hi." A smile. "I'm alive, and so are you."

There is some ongoing talk of straaaaange, corrupted jungle and Savio does look up at that. Murder trees? Evil jungle? He doesn't offer any explanation, but nor does he look surprised. At all. Lore is grinned at and blown a kiss in greeting, but he does not seek to interrupt her.

Perhaps the Pravus Voice should have been more careful with her words. Whispers take up the call of "The Skal'dajans are here." (Adrienne)

Mirari comes into the room carrying a potted plant with her. It's a pretty pink flower that looks remarkably like one of the flowers found in the jungles of the Saffron Chain. She cuddles it against her chest. She has, at least, cleaned up from all the dirt and grime from the trip. She'll find herself a place to perch and put the pot down near her.

Further out in the waters is a caravel, currently flying the flags for the Compact and Magnotta with another one with the wave sigil of Mangata. It's been out there a day or two and there have been comings and goings. Right now however, a small ships boat is on it's way, the rowers clearly skilled amd practiced. Domonico Magnotta however is not sat but stood at the bow of the boat, enjoying the wind in his hair and the smell of the salt air. Occasionally he gives a quick order to help direct it and soon enough it bumps against the dock and Domonico steps out, briefly pausing to help the sailors secure the boat before he considers the harbour again, noting the new ships and people filling the place.

At least he picked a spot where he could rest his back against, a bench! Orland waves off Audgrim, "Give me a minute..." he rubs his hand in his eyes again, so tired. So bloody tired, "I haven't stopped... since this morn-er... lasterday morning." He waves off Savio's hand to try to make him stand up, but right then that could be just about anyone, "Fine. I'm fine... let me rest a while."

Raven paces along the edge of the periphery. There are meaningful looks here and there but arms crossed across her chest she remains uncharacteristically silent, tracking the conversation as best she can.

Zakhar takes a small jab at Lasha's shoulder, with a grin under his beard. "Sev'ril bin out te de isles, Ay've bin here mostly." He looks back through the crowd, "Lettsa gits a 'rink, eh?"

Ian tugs off his hood, and crams that into his bag with everything else. He's sweaty enough under it that he might as well have dunked his head into a barrel of water. He might be wishing he could dunk his head in a barrel of water right now. He waves to Domonico from where he's sitting down and slowly stripping off layers of armor.

Domonico's rowboat is met by one of the Harbormaster's assistants and a Pravosi guard, who salutes sharply. "Count Domonico from the Tempest," the assistant notes, making some notes on her form.

Patrizio nods curtly when there's the discussion around him. His head turns and he's gesturing to one of his centurions to bring forward his own journal and a stylus. The fresh paper - after reading - and the journal are exchanged, and then the prince is writing in it. "I think I'm inclined to agree, Lord Ian, about staying out of the jungle where we can," he says softly, seriously, the jade eyes lifting to the man as he's nodding and still writing down these notes. And then more softly, "No pissing off anyone else we don't need to be pissing off. And no getting Abyssal forces involved, even if it's as a third party that's in turn fighting both of us. If the Eurusi want to find a second enemy to make their journey more worthwhile, I say may gods bless them with what they deserve."

"Aight. I've done my reporting, but I'll be around if anyone needs to confirm details." Audgrim nods politely to everyone, and the mercenary wanders off. Hey, he's getting paid to scout, not stand around talking!

Lasha gives the crowds one more sweep of his gaze before he nods aside to Zakhar, pausing as a boot comes up to the dock, with another figure disembarking. Aside to his friend, he mutters, "Can't be any worse than standin' here like a lump, eh? I's think theh gotta have somethin' that at least burns goin' down and maybe I can get brought up to speed, not that I'm sufferin' eitha." He turns an there's a hand that moves to pat Zakhar's back then in part friendly gesture, and in part indication of movement before he starts making his way down the docks towards the Tavern, nodding to himself as he approaches the door.

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Looking down at Orland and Savio, at Ian, even at Mirari with her pot, Adrienne is suddenly /tired/. Maxence, her aide, makes a timely arrival from the palace with Mirari, Adrienne's guests having been seen to. It's Maxence who brings her a chair, no scowl in sight (although he probably is inside, let's be real).

Domonico nods to the harbour assistant and guard before giving his sailors some instructions with supplies to get before he kneels by the edge of the dock, dipping his hand into the water and kissing the charm around his neck, murmuring some words (possibly to the water) before he straightens up and notes Ian's wave before striding towards the other man. "Lord Ian! Have you joined searching for those damn foolish lovebirds as well?"

Savio seems satisfied that Orland is leaned up against a bench, and touches his shoulder fondly before stepping away Patrizio-wards. There is a hesitation there, and a sense that he doesn't particularly like intruding upon royalty, but a bow follows.

"Your Highness. News from Dawnsend, if you have a moment to hear it, and if you haven't heard it already."

Raven finds use of some that aggitated energy as she catches wiff of food. Turning she strides to the tavern and then soon emerges with a shield used as a makeshift platter, beginning to dispense food and drink amoungst the wearied scouts. Adrienne first, then Savio and Orland before she makes a circuit to those who're clearly flagging.

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The tavern has outdoor seating! Maybe it was just one of those benche Orland was leaning against. He did start to bob his head up and down, eyes closing, only to open again. Losing battle.

"Lovebirds?" The puzzled look Ian gives Domonico suggests that no, probably that's not what he's here to do. Then he shakes his head. "No, just here to make sure Prince Aindre didn't run off and get himself killed."

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Adrienne watches Savio intently, even if she isn't the royalty in question at the moment. And thank goodness for that. She looks with such gratitude to Raven before guzzling water. She recognizes the brother Ponteleus, clearly. "I haven't even if he has. Go on."

More scratching at the paper before him, when he's listening. Patrizio's head does lift when he hears Domonico coming over, the arch of one of those brows when he's hearing about 'lovebirds', before he feels Savio's presence and he turns slightly. His head, with it's well-coiffed mane, inclines for a moment as he's looking to him, and he murmurs, "Since I've not any idea what I've heard and not heard yet... perhaps best if I'm told regardless." He smiles, reassuringly, to Savio, and gestures to Adrienne as if to echo her sentiment. "What's the news?"

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Domonico reaches Ian at the entrance of the Tavern and moves to assist the Kennex in removing the armour. After all such a task is easier with help. "Ah well... I set out East with some others after one of the bethrothed. We found their trail and one of his guards dead... before we were set upon by Abandoned from... House Ulral I believe. They seemed to want to take us to trade with the Eurusi as slaves."

"There is a Shav army amassing in the wilds of Dawnsend. This being the island on which Tremorus is located," Savio explains to Adrienne and Patrizio, throwing a lil geography lesson in there. "This is unusual as the wild people of the island do not normally... cooperate. They are gathered together under the banner of an unknown figure called the Clanlord, who will soon be attempting to strike a deal with a 'benefactor' we believe to be Skal'dajan." A pause follows there, thinking of how to phrase things. "The people of Tremorus and these shavs have forever been...... at odds. They seem to believe that with the aid of Skal'daja, they will be able to overthrow Tremorus and take control of the island. Which is absurd... but they think so. Marquis Seraceni has in his custody a captive, but you will need someone who speaks Arakkoan in order to talk with her. Myself, my brother Giorgio, Lady Andromeda, or any of the other Leporidae."

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Ian unclips his light metal shoulder guards and drops those in his bag together with everything else and finally, FINALLY has shed enough layers that he can get his coat off. "Glad to see you got away," he comments to Domonico.

"You are Giorgio Ponteleus's /brother/." Adrienne in recent days has been attacked by Abyssal trees and yet seems no less surprised to learn that the quick witted bard is brother to the Merchant Prince of Tremorus and her husband's protege. She clears her throat. "Thank you. I trust the Leporidae to be able to keep what is yours." Her gaze turns, however, to Patrizio. Buuuuuuuuuut...

Raven circles back and loiters nearby Adrienne, making sure she's made comfortable and had her fill befor turning to deliver the shield back to it's owner and pausing to check Savio and Orland both for all their limbs. This done she comes to stand near Patrizio. STILL not speaking. It's creepy for the Blackheart to go this long without speaking when she's still conscious.

Patrizio checks perception at normal. Patrizio marginally fails.

Having returned from the visit to Tremorus along with Savio and others, Sina eventually finds her way toward where everyone else is gathered to discuss reports of their findings. She is looking rested, and wearing her armor, accompanied by the three Templars who are always with her. She comes within earshot just as Savio is finishing his report of their findings, and she gives a nod of her head. She then dips her head toward Adrienne in greeting, and leans to murmur something to the Princess briefly, before glancing to see who else is present.

Patrizio looks for a moment like there's a never-ending march of the things that are 'one more thing' on his list. Pages are getting flipped in his journal until his own rendering of the Saffron Chain appears across his pages as he's looking, and he's weighing the matter of these things. His lips part slowly as he sucks down a breath, and then lets it slide free, before he makes some notes in the margin there, and flips back to a clean page so he can continue to scribe. "I too trust the Leporidae to keep what is yours," he says, but he looks to Adrienne and sees the glance he's being given. "And we should send forces as well, because any threat on that front is a threat to all. No?"

And that's when he's noticing Raven lurking nearby. "When did you get there?" He asks, almost a little startled.

There's a soft snoring come from Orland Amadeo, who has crawled up onto a table and sunk his head into his folded arms. This is war people, you get sleep when you can.

Raven blinks as she seems to startle Patrizio, "Forgive me, Prince General. I have only just arrived. I will join others if you prefer?" but that look on her face appeals him not to.

Domonico nods to Ian and gives the Kennex a clap on the shoulder. "I came out unscathed. Even Princess Reese managed to get cut by the attackers which surprised me considerably. They weren't supremely skilled and I had some of my crew with me who were able to guard our flanks while we took the fight to them. I am concerned with this House Ulral making deals with the Skal'dajan though. Shall we get a drink?"

Sina puts an exotic leather helm engraved with gilded symbols of the Faith in a standard adventurer's pack made of oiled canvas.

"Archscholar," Adrienne greets after Sina pulls back. The princess has been in quieter conversation with Lore and Mirari. "I understand you were in Tremorus as well. I'm relieved to understand you are unharmed. What was your opinion of the city?" She looks back, then, to cousin and to Savio. "If the," she frowns fleetingly, trying to come up with the right word, "Praetor? Is that right? If Marquessa Ezmeralda seeks them, then yes, I would. The Skal'dajans are remarkably ambitious to take on so many fronts at once, even with help."

Having peeled off his coat, Ian reveals that he's exactly as gross and sweaty under said coat as one might expect. His loose fitting linen shirt sticks to his body, highlighting the heavy scarring that runs down the length of his left arm, scars left by some animal too big to be real. "Don't let the pink ribbons fool you," he advises Domonico. "Princess Reee used to be one of the Compact's better fighters. She may have let herself get rusty, but I'm betting she could still beat me. Maybe you too."

"Ah.... er. Yes. I am. Savio Pontelaeus, your highness," Savio bows a little and introduces himself more properly to Adrienne. Who can perhaps be forgiven for not immediately realizing the two Pontebros were related; one is the Reflection of the other. Everything that Giorgio is, Savio is not. In every possible way. Savio even has a much more pronounced foreign accent, as though he did not pay as much attention to Arvani lessons as a child as Giorgio did.

Regarding the Situation on Tremorus, Savio shakes his head a bit. "Tactical decisions are not something I can weigh in on. But we had our Arvani allies with us," a little wave to Sina there, "And would be glad of them again." Message delivered, he bows and steps back, clearly angling to depart!

Adrienne bows her head to Savio in thanks and dismissal both. Her gaze flits from him to the tavern with the others gather. "A song when you have a chance, bard?"

Ian lifts his chin to greet Savio now that he's done with the duty side of his visit.

Domonico gives Ian 'a look' at that comment before he says, "I've know Reese several years now. Fought alongside and against her more than a few times. I *know* how good she is. I've yet to beat her in single combat. Regardless... We all came back in one piece and I'm glad you did too." He looks further into the tavern and hmms, "I might just get myself a wine. It's been a while since I was able to relax at all."

The Archscholar wrinkles her nose a bit as she withdraws from her whisper to the Princess, and takes a moment to catch up on the conversation, and as Adrienne speaks of Tremorus, and she gives a sip of her head to Savio. "It is good to see you again, my much-appreciated translator," she says with a smile to the man, before she turns her attention back to Adrienne. "I think under better circumstances, the city of Tremorus would be quite the splendor to behold. But we were so focused on what we needed to do, that there was little time for sight-seeing. I hope that there will be better opportunity to learn more in the future," she says, sounding like she's seen a missed opportunity. "The people seem absolutely terrified of the Lady Andromeda, and probably for good reason," she says with a smile. "She keeps them well in line." The smile fades, after a moment, however. "But it does seem that some Clandlord plans to make trouble, and ally with the Eurusi. But I am certain the Leporidae will have that well in hand, and the Compact will no doubt come to their aid if asked. The prisoner we captured did seem to indicate that there were many clans coming together into a sizeable army, allied with the Dune Kingdoms. It could be quite a challenge to keep them from succeeding with their plan. The prisoner is not exactly forthcoming, or eager to speak with us. She is very certain she is on the sight of right, and refuses to listen to any entreaties we may make of her. There is a zealous hatred for the Compact in her, and I suspect, among her people."

Patrizio shakes his head to Raven when there's the asking of it, and he manages a smile. "I'd not have you anywhere else at the moment, Blackheart," he answers with a little more warmth than he's been showing, or certainly that looks apparent on his features after what's clearly been a very long night over the maps. The green eyes stray to where Orland's sleeping, as if in sympathy, but then he's back to the matters at hand, as he's echoing Adrienne's gesture regarding the disposition of military matters with Tremorus. "I'll send a missive to the Marquessa and ensure she knows we're willing to send forces if they're desired to assist. We oughtn't step on toes, but we can't afford to be caught napping either by the Skal'daja."

Ian nods to Domonico. He doesn't seem eager to go chasing after alcohol just yet, but he seems to understand the other man's desire to do so.

Savio laughs at Adrienne's suggestion of a song, a short, amused, 'ha!' "I think I should write a ballad about this adventure with the trees, hmm?" He raises his brow at Lore as though to arrange, by look alone, a desire to be Told About The Trees! "Every tavern in the Chain will be singing it before we're done."

Ian deserves a chill-ass up-nod but actually gets a dumb, sincere, enthusiastic wave (because this is Savio after all) and then the bard bows a little farewell to Raven, Sina, and Lore.

Savio steps back over to Orland at the last, removing one of the swaths of colorful drapey fabric decorating his attire. There are more where that came from. It's draped over Orland like a makeshift blanket, and then Savio heads back toward the nearest Inn!

Raven says, "I can arrange a watch, Prince General? Keep an eye out and let those who are in need of sleep and meals tend to themselves while others remain watchful."

Adrienne watches Sina and Patrizio with clear gratitude. "Thank you." To both, it would seem. "I've not seen Tremorus for myself and would like to." The look on Sina's face, however, has Adrienne's mouth twisting abashedly. Clearing her throat, she refocuses on her new family. "How are you feeling, Patrizio?"

Zakhar looks over at Orland and finishes off his drink. "keps yurself safes, pup." He then gets up from the bench and heads back down the docks.

Zakhar has left the The 'Snakeeyes' tavern with outdoors seating.

Lasha has left the The 'Snakeeyes' tavern with outdoors seating.

"One of these days, when peace has found us, I'll be able to take a few weeks and get to see the far-flung parts of our realm that I'd not seen while serving in the First Legion myself," Patrizio offers up, not that he thinks anyone cares much for his thoughts of his wanderlust. But there's a mindful inclination of his head to Adrienne. "Aside from my envy of young Orland for his ability to take a rest in the midst of this? Like I didn't bring enough rum with me to the front." He manages something of a smile. "And you, Adrienne? Are you alright, aside from the obvious?"

Domonico has left the The 'Snakeeyes' tavern with outdoors seating.

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Lore looks to Patrizio and grins, "Well, Your Highness, if you don't mind something from far-flung lands... I can offer you some interesting whiskey should your rum stores run out. And do let me know if and when Pravus picks up its interest in mapping out its lands. I've been working with Pathfinder Lou on the Compact-wide project and I would be more than happy to assist with it for Pravus and the Saffron Chain."

Mirari has left the A correspondence tent with aides scribing furiously.

Sina nods to Adrienne, and offers a smile. Then she glances around, and says, "I think I will wander off to find a spot of rest myself." And so she does, wandering off, perhaps to commune some more with the local Seraph.

Adrienne rises with a few quiet words to Mirari and Lore. Then she grasps Patrizio's arm in answer. She looks and smells like death. "I wanted to see and I did. If it weren't for... those things we saw, the Skal'dajans may have already been here." That moment of self-pity aside, Adrienne straightens and narrows her eyes reassuringly to Patrizio. "We are meant to be here. I know it."

Ian gets up to go get some watered down ale, a focus more on the hydration and the calories than the alcohol.

Adrienne spares Sina her proximity (ew gross) but looks pleased at the Archscholar's announcement. "Good. Say a kind word for me while you are there, Blessed?"

Patrizio nods back to Lore, not grinning quite as much as she when there's the offer of such things. "I might well take you up on both of those," he says, though not with the severe weight of the concerns he'd had about the various fronts they have now to operate on, his journal easing shut on the stylus. "One far sooner than the other, with obvious reason."

"Obviously," Lore responds with a grin. She turns to Adrienne and offers a bow towards the Princess, "Rest well, Your Highness. And call on me should you need anything." Straightening, she looks back to Patrizio, "You as well, Your Highness. Be it liquor, a scout, a translator... I have a number of years recent experience with the Eurusi and their ways, speak the tongue as a native." She motions towards the pages still being transcribed, "And can parse Eurusi codes. If you come across anything, please let me know and I will be glad to help."

Raven speaks softly to Patrizio though in lulls of the conversation her gaze flick to Adrienne and later, Ian, though she doesn't seem to indicate either with gestures, "Would you like me to arrange a watch so everyone may rest?" she suggests in a tone that she;s goinjg to do just that no matter what he says.

Ian demurs to Raven with a slight shake of his head. "I'm not staying long. I'll be catching the next ship back to Arx. Have a couple of things I need to take care of there before going to Stormward."

Exchanging a few words with Maxence, Adrienne looks to Ian. "The gods speed you, Ian. I'm glad you were, as I know the prince was."

Patrizio's well-trimmed brows while he's murmuring softly with Raven in response. That she's glancing briefly at Adrienne gets a faint smirk to find his features, and then softly, "I think a watch is a good idea. Regardless of what any others might think. It's been a long day for many, and I too should at some point take to a cot." A cot for this day, and not a bed, as if he's not willing to be to separated from the planning. And he smiles to Lore. "I will definitely keep that in mind. We'll likely have needs of multiple of those skills in the weeks to come."

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