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PRP:Leaky Rabbit

Meeting up at the leaky rabbit to look into the picket pockets.


Feb. 3, 2021, 7 p.m.

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Auda Clarisse Gabriella Kiera Raymesin Reagan Orland Arion



Arx - Lower Boroughs - Cemetery Row

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Standing outside to see the show tonight, there is no light on. The street is dark, no signs to show off anything called the Leaky Rabbit. A drizzle is coming down, hitting the stones, coming off the rooftops, as it rolls downwards into the gutters. A few business and homes' lights highlight the water as it comes down at a slant with that wind is slicing into the flesh-the sound of chattering voices, attempting to keep warm, and the sound of forks in bowls. There is no traffic at this time of night along the streets, high above the moon is peeking out behind the cloud, full as can be but hidden with those dark clouds. It is a night for trouble or for trouble to be done on.

Winter, A Highhill Puppy arrives, following Kiera.

The drizzle doesn't keep a young man from striking a flame to light a smoke, a young man that's wearing a tweed coat which might be higher craft than most can afford down here, unless connected with one of the local families. Regardless, he's walking at an easy saunter, the rosebud tip of the end of his cigarillo catching as he takes a hit off the spliff, as it was cut with haze. That saunter declares he has no fear from wandering around these parts at this hour, with coat tilted back to show off the red rubicund at his hip. Shadows play off his face as the cigarillo catches and dims, after a few puffs, the darkness of the streets something ominous perhaps, for those not used to the rougher end of town. He sticks to walking under the shelter of outcropped buildings with their awnings, to keep from most of the rain. Aloofness, ease, and with awareness, Orland quietly strolls, with the odd puff of smoke adding to his warming breath that mists from his mouth.

Kiera stands in the pouring rain "AT least the horrid weather will help us look unkempt and windswept. the elements care not for rank and that's the truth" she says "But why do I get the feeling it's invite only just the same

Clarisse is dressed in a dark blue cotton gown, with her hair pulled back under a hood this evening, and her bag in hand, as they approach the leaky rabbit. Which she has no idea where it really is, and seems to be following the lead of her those she is with. Keeping her head down, and just generally trying not to stick out like a sore thumb as much as possible.

Orland checks perception and streetwise at easy. Orland is successful.

Orland squints a little at the two he sees ahead, as he casually smokes. He comes along toward Kiera, but it was really Clarisse's face, even ducked, even hooded, that he recognizes. "Invite to what?" Orland says in a tone that rakes with the lowers accent. His eye catches on something, but for now he remains smoking with an indifference, albeit there is curiosity for Clarisse and her choice of dress, lowly murmuring, "No escorts?" There's a gesture with his hand, "Hmm. Suppose that's on me now."

Kiera hms "Oh you're from the casino" shes softy to Orland "you wouldn't happen to have knowledge of a place called the leaky rabbit would you. We'd like to have some manner of negotian regarding some stolen property with some gentleman who frequent the establishment"

Orland checks wits and streetwise at normal. Orland marginally fails.

Clarisse offers a respectful nod of her head to Orland, and a slight smile towards her friend, but for the moment she allows Kiera to speak. "Not when discretion is needed my friend." She answers softly, keeping her voice low for the moment. "You are welcome to fill the roll though. If you wish to join us?"

Orland tilts his head at the mention of first, the casino, then second the Leaky Rabbits. He takes another long puff off his cigarillo and settles back out from underneath the ran, in what little roof there was out over a shop door. "Aye, I'm from the Casino. Orland," he offers, unsure if he did so the last time. There's a short nod, then, "Ahhh, hmm, the leaky rabbit, the leaky rabbit. Oh it's hard to keep up with all the den names, some change, often, when pushed out by this or that faction." He notes, "I did see something that would indicate a direction, of where something like that could be, but I can't verify." A beat, "Stolen property is always an abyss of a thing. It's picked, it's traded, it's floating in a hundred different markets by morning. Can you be specific what you're looking for?"

Orland smiles to Clarisse, "What kind of friend would I be, letting you out here on your own. If your item was stolen and take in by one of the dens, they won't be easy on you trying to get it back." He's new to the situation, trying to understand why the women were wandering down here looking for a place. He takes a puff off the smoke, allowing them to fill in the blanks.

Arion is wrapped up in a cloak of emerald green cotton, which os over his dress and shoes of matching green and gold. The crimson haired Harrow and his beautiful hair is well known in these parts. So it should come as no surprise that the gentle male is meddling for the sake of peace. He peeks around the corner eyeing the group warily. "Excuse me? You are not with the gang are you? I have been trying to find a way to talk some sense into them, perhaps we could work together? Arion Harrow, at your service." He curtsies politely tepping out of the shadows.

Kiera frowns " It was just coin that was taken as far as I know, but this gangs been running the others out. I'm afraid tat it's gonna turn into some much bigger, the leader is selling the operation is revolution, class warfare. I'd like to pop the shaddow master's baloon somehow or better yet give a little less truth to the propoganda machine

Orland checks wits and streetwise at easy. Orland is successful.

Orland checks wits and streetwise at normal. Orland fails.

Clarisse holds her bag behind her back, "They stole something from my Sister to be, I would like to try to see returned to her. If we can. And see them brought to justice." She is still keeping her voice low so as not to let others overhear, as best she can. There gathering could already be pretty obvious and unusual.

Orland looks over toward the quick joining of Arion, taking a long drag on his cigarillo. A beat, "First word of advice down here, Arion, is do not ask anyone if they're part of a gang. That's a sure way to get yourself gutted." He offers, "I'm Orland." Then for the rest of them, "I used to live down here, a touch more care is going to be cautioned." He quickly notes, "Put away anything of value. I could pick pocket the lot of you right now I you'd never know." He exhales another long plume of smoke before he drops what remains of it to the ground and stamps it out with his boot heel. To Arion, "Changing their minds, is going to be a hard sell, when you're not particularly good at anything other than crime. Not all of us get lucky enough to be plucked up by a noble." A little background on himself given, while he considers Kiera's information, "Consider the coin lost. It's probably moved onto some front by now. Money doesn't stay long in the hands who picked it." He starts walking and gestures for them to move with him, a head nod to indicate direction, "If they're messing with how things operate, it won't be long before the Families ensure otherwise."

now and you'd never know*

Orland pauses to look over at Clarisse, "Justice... exactly how so?"

Kiera frowns "I assume they plan to hit the boys in the gut one at a time. I'm convinced something's off here. i'd at least like some more information

Clarisse offers, softly, "It sounded good when I said it. I have to do something to right the wrong against my Sister to be, though, that is what brings me here, and there are also young children involved in this mess as well who are being taught others don't care about them. I hope to prove that wrong."

Arion checks wits and streetwise at normal. Arion is successful.

Arion checks wits and streetwise at easy. Arion is successful.

Arion nods to orland and blushes. "Noted. I live down here still. I am a apothecary, I make perfumes, makeups, and various alchemical concoctions for anyone who wants them." He smiles timidly and considers Orland nodding slowly. He glances around eyeing the building, he lowers his voice. "This place. Its the home of the shadow master's ring. He runs his whole business from here. He has been taking over the lowers bit by bit. Pickpocketing, fencing and blackmail are his main sources of income. If we go in we need to be careful..." He bites his lower lip.

Gunner, a lovable goof of a Mistward Labrador, Nara, an enthusiastic young sailor arrive, following Porter.

Orland seems to react to both women, first to Kiera, "I admire your sense of trying to change the outcomes for those involved." He stops them before he leads them any further, "What are you willing to lose, in this venture? What are you willing to bargin with? What are you willing to take?" The rain is making his hair fall in draping ropes around his face, his hat was left behind and he didn't have a hood. "If there are children involved," this to Clarisse, "It is not something unique to this den. Criminals have kids too, they could be very well in their parents den. Besides, the kids are better at pickpocketing." He gestures with his hand, "Smaller hands, quicker on the rat run." He also asks, "Would you be willing to pay for their upbringing? To keep them sheltered? To pay for their education? To feed, cloth, shelter them until they're old enough to make their way?" These are real hard biting concepts, as he generally wanders toward an archway, taking the group deeper into the lowers, "I want you to think about what you would do to ensure the children are looked after. As for your sisters possession? It could be in a hundred different pockets, trader shopes, or thrown onto a cargo ship. Why do you think they'd hold onto it? Hot items, are hot. You get rid of them fast." He is saying a lot more than he should but he pushes up against it, to find it locked, after Arion's little slip of information, "Then shall we go say hello?"

Gunner, a lovable goof of a Mistward Labrador, Nara, an enthusiastic young sailor leave, following Porter.

The door is well just a stone wall, with a hint of light coming out from behind it. There is no handle, no means to open it from this side.

Kiera hms "Well we need to have a plan. It isn't like we can arrest the lot of them, but we could put them on a path. Set the up with apprenticeships. Give the oler one's jobs for honest wages. If we could sell that. The gent we caught the other week seemed hellbent on not taking charity or offers of work as a matter of pride. Doesn't mean everyone feels likewise mind. I don't know how anyone can stay loyal to a group who pelts there own with rocks and watch'em get carted off by the guard

Clarisse has to take her time to think about what is going to happen and what she can do to see the children cared for. "We need to offer them the option, and hope that that most of them are willing to listen to reason, and help find them a place where they can make a difference. Even if we can make a difference to a few, it is better than nothing. I started learning from a very young age to learn about healing and being an apothecary and alchemist. There is so much potential in learning an honest trade, especially with needing healers who can help support the relief efforts abroad right now. And needing tents and... Maybe if we can enlist their aid, instead of trying to arrest them. Give them a new cause."

"Plans are good," Orland agrees with Kiera. "No, you can't arrest them. None of us are Iron Guards." He looks around and sees not a one, "So arresting them isn't an option. I wouldn't want to be accused of trying to do the Iron Guard's job, either." He considers the approach of apprenticeships and jobs, "Is your House willing to cover the silver expenses of making sure that jobs are available and apprenticeships can be secured? Has anyone talked to the Crafters Guild?" He nods though, "Pride, mm. While this lifestyle is high risk, it's also high reward. Imagine working for a night and coming away with an necklace, from a noble lady, worth 10,000 silver? How long would it take a miner, or a farmer, to earn that? And pay their rent, pay their liege lord taxes... Charming them with false promises never hurts, however. They may believe it."

Orland looks to Clarisse, listening to her, nodding, "One man took the chance on me. It changed my life and now here I am. The great circle of life." He considers the door way, then back to Clarisse, "Using opportunities with the war, that's smart. Lots of ships hiring right now." He exhales, "As for the getting the possession back, bartering is what I recommend we have to do here. I hope you brought something to barter with?" A beat, "Threatening them won't be that wise, but I can tell them Ulbran will be made aware of their territorial advances, which might frighten the smarter ones, should it come to that."

Once the group **is** ready, Orland will uses a knock that he used to use, what sounds like a casual wrapping with his knuckles on the door. He looks at the party with an indifference in his gaze, then back to the door. If someone answers, or responds, he remarks, "It's Lucky Lan, of the Ulbran." He might have made that up. Or it might be a real thing. Who knows!

The sound of something moving can be heard."The Ulbran, are not welcome here. Away with you, we own the lowers now. Dog of the shadows, dog without bite." The voice is all lowers, as it hisses out the words with distaste, and spite.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Orland before departing.

"Awww come on fellas," he talks in a more accented fashion, "Reckon I be the best there were out there, aye?" He gives a fond laugh, "Reckon you do, nows that's why I be wantin ta introduce yas to a couple lasses. We all figure we can make more money with ya, eh? I were escortin them to new horizons. The Shadow Master in, eh?"

Orland checks charm and diplomacy at easy. Orland is successful.

Kiera nods "Just wanna chat. Not lookin to cause any trouble not tonight

Clarisse smiles at Orland, "We would much appreciate having a chance to offer a proposal, that could benefit us all. Of course if you are not interested in coin, we can always see your competitor."

Teague slides open as a man stands there watching them as he hands them a little scrap of paper."Come back in a week. Bring that paper, I'll talk to the boss man. That is all." The door slams shut, as the sound of something heavy being put in front of it can be heard.

Orland laughs at the piece of paper handing it to Kiera, "Rich Breeches." He tap taps the paper, "That's the code for the doorman. In a week I guess?" he shrugs, turning from the door, walking a ways, with his hands shoved into his pockets, "Think about what you want to do."

Lamora arrives, following Auda.

Lamora leaves, following Auda.

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