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Vale of Swallows pt 1

Bandits are plaguing a new trade route that has been developing ever since the Great Road's completion. On a rest stop, along this expanse of road, the party discover the extent of the problem.

Risk 2. Combat themed scene. Come equipped.


March 1, 2021, 5 p.m.

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Domonico Haakon Ian Lucita Razija Rowenova



Outside Arx - Lyceum near Saikland Greens - The Vale of Swallows

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Comments and Log

Vale of Swallows pt 1 has started at Outside Arx - Lyceum near Saikland Greens - The Vale of Swallows.

Razija puts black leather corset vest with golden rivets in long black leather belt with golden details.

Razija puts SoE Saikland Greens bog area report - Oct 20,1009 AR in long black leather belt with golden details.

Razija puts black leather coat with black fur lining and golden details in long black leather belt with golden details.

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Ian is successful.
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The group of you have been investigating the stretch of land that has rapidly been turning into a trade route here in the Vale of Swallows region. The road here is little more than a well rutted strip of mud as it loosely follows the line cut by a pleasantly babbling creek. There have been one or two sites where violence has clearly happened at some time in the past but non are recent. The land is mostly forested and gently undulates in a way that cuts up sight lines and so it is little surprise when you crest one of the undulations and spy a camp on a flattened patch of land before you. Even from this distance you can make out wagons and draft animals amongst the tents.

Ian has proven himself as a scout on this mission, with excellent attention to detail and an understanding of tracks especially as pertains to violence that has given a small amount of insight into which way they should e going, but he has not proven himself as a horseman. At all. Someone has, fortunately, found him an extremely patient mare. The horse hasn't done anything to throw him, which is good, but she also understands who wears the proverbial pants in this relationship (it's her), and hasn't always been willing to cooperate with what he wants her to do. As they crest the ridge, he doesn't even try to convince the horse to back up before the two of them are seen outlined against the sky; he slides off the animal's back, ending up on his butt in the dirt when his legs give out from under him, and then scrambles back to his feet. It's not graceful, but it does let him lead the horse a little ways down the slope again.

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Domonico marginally fails.
Botch! Haakon fails badly.

Lucita eyes the sky overhead and drops her amber gaze to look around. "Don't think have had an opportunity..." That word spoken in a dry tone " look around this area before. Last trek was a bt more to the Southwest." She draws in a sharp breath, eyes darkening in concern then relief showing as Ian comes to a stand. She dismounts and leads Mist Dancer over to some scrubby growth at the trail side, tying the reins so the horse can graze a bit. She looks toward the camp and tips her head. "Bandits of just travelers?"

Having parted ways with her scouting squad at the last outpost, she had saddled up on her large but fleet of foot horse. Still getting used to her borrowed armor, she pats her bicep quite appreciatively, testing out its flexibility. On her shoulder, a large and brooding bird that adjusts its weight with her movements and only a small nip at her inky black hair to indicate its protest. On her hip, peeking out of a small satchel, another one. Though this one is much smaller and darker of hue.

Rising to the hill just after Ian, she watches as he pulls himself up from the dirt, "Lord Ian, let me know if I can be of any assistance." Razija's gaze cuts to the activity upahead and seeing as how Lucita is dismounting, she does too. "Hard to tell someone's motivations from this distance, Baroness. We might have to go in for a closer look at them."

Ian bows his head to Razija. "I'm alright. Just not great with horses." He follows Lucita to where she's stashing her horse. "It's hard to be sure at a glance. I figured it was better to back off until we knew what we were dealing with."

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Haakon dislikes horses and the beasts dislike him right back. Thus, he is the last one to arrive, and is all too eager to dismount in all haste. He glares at the horse, muttering, "Try it again and I'll bite you back, beast." A terse exhale and he looks about, narrowing eyes on the gathering ahead. "The fuck is this?"

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The camp ahead of you is either a merchant camp or a bunch of people pretending to be merchants. The animals are tethered out to graze, campfires have been lit and only one or two of them are wearing enough leather to be classed as armored. You even catch site of a woman in a vibrantly pink skirt moving around. One of the leather clad men is sat on the seat of a wagon looking in your direction whilst the other is sat over to the other side. Guards maybe.

Domonico had been bringing up the rear of the small group, the Magnotta Count now approaching the others, his helm held under one arm as he moves next to Lucita. "Behind us looks clear. What are we thinking about that camp then?"

Assuming nobody is inside one of the tents you can see eight.

Razija lowers her hand to her belt and plucks out a pair of sugar cubes. Approaching from the side of Haakon's horse, she leans against its neck to soothe it and offers the cubes subtly, giving it a knowing look. Perhaps one of sympathy. While the horse crunches away, she takes a better look at the camp.

"It's a toss up, Count." She nods to the camp. "Merchants, or people pretending to be Merchants. One seeming guardsman seems to be looking in our direction. Seems to be a small group. Can be a trap." Razija comments, flatly.

Lucita speaks aside to Haakon. "The stable master must have liked you. You did not wind up with 'Bob Shaker' that old nag that bobs its head around with every step and whose gait is so rough it is a bone shaker." Her gaze goes back to the camp and she squints and studies the group. "Don't ask me, Count Domonico. I'm not an expert on bandits, or merchants either come to think of it. They don't look armored up like expecting trouble."

"Doubt it's a trap all the way out here," Ian posits. "Might be bandits trying to escape notice, though." He removes his scarf (yes, THAT scarf) from his saddlebags and loops it like the world's most horrible whip, securing it at his waist, again, as though it were a weapon. By some definitions of the word, it probably is. Then he detaches his cane. "Do the bandits have any reason to expect they're being hunted?"

Haakon mutters, "Unless they've a dozen armored bodies in the tents and a dozen more waiting in the hills, they look a small enough band that we might walk right up and speak, some. Little to dread, here. Except the horses," he adds with a glaaaaare. Yeah, you just keep on chewing, horse.

The leather clad 'watcher' posted on the wagon stands up and lifts a hand over his eyes. He squints your way for several minutes and then offers a friendly wave. Now he is standing you can see he has a full quiver and a bow. He says something that you are simply to far out to hear and others in the camp start moving to get a better look at your approach. Whilst some of them look a bit wary non of them show any signs of hostility.

The bandits have probably noticed the crimson blade presence in the neighbouring region but don't have any particular reason, beyond that, to be worried.

Razija continues to sympathize with Haakon's horse, slipping it yet another sugar cube. In response to the watcher's wave, she lifts an empty hand in greeting. "Lets consider that an invitation. Perhaps we should simply approach and strike up a friendly conversation. Best not to mention that we are hunting bandits just yet."

Lucita says, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained." She thinks a moment then adds. "If they are merchants, possibly worried 'we' are the bandits." She moves a musical instrument where it is visible and starts along the trail down toward the camp, instrument giving her a more benign appearance, but she prudently stays near the ones in the group who are more warrior-like. There is an amicable smile on her lips."

Domonico hmms as he thinks for a while before he looks to the others, "I agree? This does not have the feel of a camp designed for a hostile force." He looks to Lucita and stays *right* next to her. Make no mistake that he is guarding her. His spear is in his hand, used from time to time as assistance walking.

Domonico wields Raptor's Reach, a rubicund-tipped cornel-shafted Dory spear.

Ian doesn't make an especially intimidating picture, walking carefully on the uneven, sloped ground, and with the help of a cane, no sword at his hip, but he does stick close to Lucita as they move to engage the probably merchants.

Haakon side eyes Razija as she feeds the horse again. He looks as if getting along with the animal is grounds for suspicion. At mention of merchants fearing THEM to be bandits, the reaver scoffs. "What would make folk think US bandits?" The most raider looking dude for Mike's wonders, straight faced.

Razija considers the horses for a moment and tethers the others' reigns to her war horse's saddle before placing The Chamberlain there, giving a tap to the side of her nose. Obviously, some kind of signal to the bird whose ruffled feathers bristle and his mouth opens, trying to look fairly intimidating.

To Haakon she mumbles, "A Baroness, a salty reaver, the scariest Kennex, a mercenary, and a very serious Count approach you and your first thought isn't 'this is strange'?" She's next to follow the lead of the Baroness, though her eyes are trained elsewhere, mostly on the wooded area and rolling hills surrounding them. Then, on the tracks. If the area had known violence recently perhaps she can pick up a few clues.

The nearer you get the less the camp looks worried. Several of them even go back to the chores that were being done before you were spotted. The bowman on the wagon sits back down. "Greetings!" cries the lady in the garish skirt. "Be welcome at our fire." The others quickly move to make space at the fires and generally make you feel welcome. One of them, a shy young man stirring a great pot of stew, even invites you to share their mean, whilst a boisterous young woman asks if you need her to go collect your horses.

Ian eyes Haakon for a moment, as that joke sails, predictably, right over his head. "I mean... we're wearing a lot of armor to just be travelers." He clams up as they get into conversational range, though, leaving all the talking to someone who's less likely to accidentally piss off their hosts.

Lucita says, "A good day to you. Thank you for the welcome." She approaches the fire and basks in its warmth a moment. "Have you been camped here very long? We're wondering how the trail ahead might be and if coming from that direction you might know. Any difficulties along it?" She idly strums the instrument she holds.""

"Not long." The woman tells Lucita. "We're planning to overnight before moving on." she shakes her head. "No. No trouble. We're going to meet up with another group later tomorrow though. Just in case." She can't help but keep the curiosity out of her eyes as she looks to Lucita's jewelry and the armor and equipment of her companions. "What brings you out this way?"

The group seem happy to include you amongst their numbers. Many of them ask if you will be staying with them overnight.

While Lucita is engaging their hosts in conversation, Domonico listens while his eyes sweep around the area, taking note of the positions of the tents and the layout of the camp, habitually letting his martial leaning mindset to analyse this location as a defensible location if necessary. He hmmms and then answers the last bit. "We can set up our tents over there if need be," he says, gesturing at a spot just off of the main camp

Ian scans the camp, his bright blue eyes moving fast as he takes in details of the way the camp is set up, the carriage of its people, even any movement going on past the boundaries, within the treeline (if there is a treeline).

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"I think the horses will be fine on their own for a moment, they could use a rest," Razija says, looking over to what the camp is cooking as she mumbles, "Especially Haakon's," - mostly to herself. "We've been hearing lots about bandits out and about. Glad to hear you've not run into any trouble."

Domonico checks perception and survival at easy. Domonico is successful.

Haakon keeps his eye as much on the terrain about the camp as on the folk within it as the new horror of *small talk* is loosed upon the world. He mutters back to Razija, "And we could use a rest from *them*. Wretched beasts." He didn't hear that last bit, but still affirms the truth of it.

Haakon turns a commanders eye on the local area to decide if there is a place where a bandit camp could exist. There is nowhere where a camp could be, within visual range, which could host such a camp. There are plenty of places where men could be hiding though.

Razija spends some time looking for suspicious tracks and finds nothing out of the usual. One or two sets go to the treeline and back, probably for bathroom purposes, and the main tracks for the group follow the road as expected.

Ian finds nothing that seems out of place for a group of merchants. He even catches a pair talking about the profit margins on Saikland wine right now.

Lucita checks perception and survival at easy. Lucita is successful.

Lucita's gaze sweepa round the area as she notes the camp layout. From her pack she contributes a few spices and seasoning, some dried fruit to contribute to the meal the campers are preparing. Her manner is easy-going and amicable. A glance toward the more military focused people accompanying her and a little gesture of the hand encourages them to speak up regarding the situation.

Domonico checks perception and war at easy. Domonico is successful.

Haakon shrugs and looks back at Lucita. "Ground is good and clear. Some few folk could be here and yon, but no wood of size enough to keep hidden a camp of any size. Means any swordhawks would need move about and dwell in the open towns, rather than keeping their own company, all days. Seems as if word ought get about the towns, in such a case, aye?"

Ian nudges Haakon as everyone starts to settle in for social time. "Let's do a loop around the camp, make sure there are no nasty surprises waiting for dark." There is a non-zero chance that this is also a play by Ian to avoid having to make nice around the camp fire.

She shoots an amused look at Haakon before looking over her shoulder to the horses, if briefly, to make sure they're alright. After a look around, her attention wheels back around to Lucita and she crosses her arms over her chest casually, moving her hands away from her blade and adopting a slightly more casual pose. To the woman in the garish skirt she poses, "Have you seen anyone else out this way at all?"

The woman in the garish skirt shakes her head at Razija. "No. Should we have?"

Domonico looks to Lucita and comments, "If we are staying here tonight then I shall prepare our campsite, along with a few defensive measures." He smiles, "Tis something instilled in me from Malvici." With that he sets to securing a campsite area, along with some rudimentary defences of sorts.

She pulls her shoulders up and gestures with one gloved hand. "Apologies. I don't like surprises and you can never be too careful. I don't like the taste of steel." Razija clears her throat, "Just seems to me like your encampment is lacking in small defensive measures. If, this is, where you may be hunkering down for the night."

Lucita says, "Lets do that and establish lookouts, these people would be tempting targets and may need some protection... and some tips on staying safer if the rumors of the bandits round here is correct. This seems easy going, friendly group, but I'm a bit wary, aren't you?""

Domonico drops a cozy campfire surrounded by boulders and wooden perches.

Domonico drops canvas pavilion tent.

The woman in the garish skirt just gives Razija a sweet smile. "Oh theres no need to worry yourself about that honey. What could possibly hurt us with so many strong warriors around?"

Your efforts to make a few defenses are treated with bemused indulgence but, despite the merchants minimal level of help, you manage to provide yourself with plenty of cover should a fight erupt. The evening draws on.

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As the evening starts to make it difficult to discern what is a shadow amongst the tree and what is not the bandits decide to introduce themselves with a volley of crossbow bolts. The archer who was on watch falls from his seat with a scream and at least two of the merchant-camp take crossbow bolts as well. Suddenly the civilians are running left and right trying to get into cover.

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Haakon checks perception and dodge at easy. Haakon is successful.

Haakon rumbles with a lazy shrug to the woman in the pink skirt, "Fucking bandits. No bloody sense to them, aye?" He shrugs his right shoulder to shift the shield on his back forward into the grip of his hand, and hefts his harpoon by its balance point in his left.

Lucita says, "Attack! Get down, get down!" If any of the merchant civilians are within reach, she tries to haul them behind the cover she has found. At the same time she draws her knife and loosens the flap on the cloth belt holding a goodly supply of other small weapons. "Everyone alright" She calls this out to Ian, Haakon, Domonico and Razija."

Haakon wields Cold Harvest - a diamondplate harpoon.

Lucita wields Ember Reckoning, a rubicund dagger.

Razija wields cupridium sunset hued sword with rose-gold leather grip.

Lucita gets steel dagger with musical score engraved on pommel from a subtly embroidered cloth belt.

Ian was in the process of trying to draw Haakon away towards the treeline when this went down, distracted at possibly the worst possible time, with his back almost entirely towards the forest, which makes it all the more impressive when, after the crossbow bolts start flying, he's somehow not in the path of any of them. It probably helps that he doesn't look especially dangerous. Or especially well armed. So maybe he wasn't a target. Or maybe he's THAT good at stepping out of the way of danger. Either way, he scans the trees, looking for the source of the attack while withdrawing towards the camp. "Just fine," he assures Lucita, without looking over at her.

The good thing about crossbows is that they take a while to reload. Time the bandits don't have. They abandon their firearms and rush towards you waving weapons and screaming. The withy's and relocated wagons are ideal here as they funnel them into positions that you can easily defend and keep them away from the innocents in the camp behind you.

There are nine in all. Most wield simple weapons and have minimal armor that looks as if it has already been died in once. One of them stands out for having a pair of nice looking axes and armor that actually seems to fit him - and properly cover all the proper places.

THUNK! goes the crossbow bolt into one of Domonico's rudimentary defences and the Magnotta Count curses under his breath at not setting a proper watch/patrol around the area. "Baroness Lucita," he says matter of factly, "I suggest you stay down and behind solid cover as much as you can. We really can't be having you injured can we?" He smiles once and then dons his helm and his voice booms out. "Take cover behind the wagons now! Stay low!" Raptor's Reach is similarly hefted up ready. "Hold them here! Haakon, Razija! Flanks! Ian... center with me! Baroness? Watch our backs."

Razija had been lingering around the cook fire near to the shy boy (man?) as her interests began to gravitate toward food. It was in that instant, her guard only half down, that the arrows and bolts began to rain. Into action she leaps! Pulling out her sword she's quick to start pushing merchants out of the way and toward cover. "Fine, Lucita!" Then a change of her tone of voice she addresses the merchants and barks a command - "Take cover!"

Razija isn't picky when it comes to targets. The closest one is where she focuses her attention and begins to charge them in return, meeting them with her blade at the ready.

Haakon cants his head to a curious angle as the assailants rush the camp, eyes picking over the number and arms of the attackers. He bids the folk of the camp, "Some body keep eyes behind us. Doubt this nine is all there are." Under his breath as he draws back his arm and takes aim at the most notable bandit. "Or else Lycene bandits are just shit.."

Ian shifts his grip on his cane, but doesn't draw the blade from within it yet, not until the last moment. His attitude is calm, even beatific, perfectly at peace with what's happening right now, though his eyes move fast as the bandits close in. "PUT THE WEAPONS DOWN." He's got an impressive pair of lungs on him when he has a reason to shout. "Run now, and you might get away."

Lucita follows the instructions to try to remain in safety as advised by the more expert warriors but keeps weapons at the ready and watched their backs. Daggers are in hand, readied for use and she watches for any sneaking up behind her and her group.

The bandits aim to avoid the fences, as expected, and stream towards the specially created choke points. They don't seem to be expecting to meet much in the way of resistance and the fully armored one actually hesitates for a brief moment when he sees Haakon before him before continuing on with a rather grim expression on his face. A moment later the first of the bandits comes into melee range.

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Razija checks dexterity and medium wpn at easy. Razija is successful.

Two bandits race towards Domonico, weapons high as they build the momentum to strike. Then suddenly there is only one as Raptor's Reach strikes true, the rubicund tipped spear stabbing straight through the man's throat as Domonico executes a well practiced attack, years of muscle memory and training at work. The spear is yanked back from the strike and the bandit drops, clutching at their throat for the last few seconds of their life.

Ian checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Ian is spectacularly successful.

Ian checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Ian is successful.

Haakon checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Haakon is successful.

Domonico checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Domonico is successful.

Razija checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Razija is successful.

Lucita checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Lucita is successful.

Lucita has no difficulty on spotting one of the men trying to get past her. Rising from where she crouches in cover, she slashes out at the unprotected neck, jerking back with an expression of disgust as blood gushes out in an arc. She shoves the body to the side as she tries to avoid being drenched in the spurts of red. Even as she does that, her gaze sweeps about watchfully.

Haakon checks strength and medium wpn at normal. Botch! Haakon fails badly.

Ian draws the alaricite sword from within his cane at the last moment and swings, but maybe his heart's not in this, because the man he faced has no trouble parrying his blow. Ian sways out of the way of the resulting counter-swing, while catching the other man's sword on the shaft of his cane, which he's now using as a crude parrying dagger. It does, in fact look pretty cool.

Haakon checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Haakon is successful.

Haakon snorts at the better-armored bandit's hesitation, calling, "Come on, you fuck!" and hurling his harpoon at the man. He misses. Badly. His prized weapon goes sailing past the axeman and into the darkness. While deflecting a pair of axe blows with his shield, the reaver draws his sword and curses, "Now I'll need go FIND it after you're dead, FUCK."

Haakon wields old-fashioned broadsword.

Using the choke point to her advantage, she pulls back just enough to force the two bandits single file and just as he lifts his sword to attack she runs her blade right between his ribs under his arm where his ill fitting armor leaves a gap. With minimal spray, the blade buries itself into his heart and he falls down. The next bandit slides through the gap and steps over the fresh corpse of his brethren to take a slice at Razija, but she steps to the side and avoids the blade entirely.

The bandits attack viciously but without the skill that would suggest they have a martial background. Desperate men and women in the main perhaps. Or at least greedy ones. Ian is fighting a pair that seem almost to be brothers from their looks. The woman trying to hurt Razija snarls in almost irrational rage when her companion goes down bleeding and launches herself at the mercenary. All blades, claws and bad temper. Domonico is fighting a man with the shoulders of a blacksmith wielding a blacksmiths hammer like a mace. Haakon's foe on the other hand has traces of salt in his hair and enough skill to take advantage of that tiny hole which briefly pops up in the Eswynd's defenses. The bandit (leader?) grimaces when the blow doesn't land. Calm despite the threatening words and the unfortunate fact his foe actually knows how to fight. "I'll be sure to stick it in your corpse."

Ian checks dexterity and medium wpn at easy. Critical Success! Ian is inhumanly successful in a way that defies expectations.

Domonico checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Domonico is successful.

Lucita checks dexterity and small wpn at easy. Lucita is successful.

Razija checks dexterity and medium wpn at easy. Razija is successful.

Haakon checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Haakon is successful.

Haakon checks strength and medium wpn at normal. Haakon is successful.

He'll be sure to stick it in Haakon's corpse? "Oh, go fuck a horse," the Prodigal reaver retorts with all the wit and eloquence his fellows have come to expect of him. He adds, "There's a salt cube in it for you, if you behave." Haakon appears to think Razija was feeding the horse salt cubes. Anyway. He blocks a third chop with his shield and counterattacks with a brutal chop of his sword to the right knee of his foe.

Ian fixes the man whose shot he parried with a look, their blades (well, his blade and Ian's 'parrying dagger') crossed between them. "I gave you the chance to run." And this, genuinely giving them a chance to get away, perhaps, was why his heart wasn't in that first strike, because the Ian who finishes his opponents is a very, very different animal. His movements are quick, almost too fast for the eye to follow, and precise, without a wasted movement. He applied exactly as much force as is necessary to accomplish his ends, and applies it exactly where it needs to go. The result is two men who look like they could be brothers, both dead together at his feet. He starts to withdraw towards Haakon, although not with any kind of speed.

Domonico takes a step back to give himself a little more space and distance as the blacksmith bandit attacks him with that hammer. Domonico does not strike as he did before this time and instead falls into a routine that those who have sparred with him might recognise. Batting the hammer aside, Domonico uses his spear like a quarterstaff, slamming the haft into his opponent's stomach before bringing it around to crack over the back of their head, smacking them unconscious with the powerful blow. Raptor's Reach is briefly held in case there was an attempt to continue fighting but the blacksmith was out of it.His eyes sweep to the last remaining bandit in battle with Haakon and he holds his spear at the ready just in case, still remaining over his downed opponent.

The woman launching herself at Razija from the corpse of her fallen brother at arms is perhaps blinded by rage, but Razija's quick reflexes do not fail her. The tip of her sword catches her above her clavicle but it's ultimately the momentum of her foe that does her in. Managing to turn her fall to her side, she lands at Razija's side and immediately her attention goes to her companions, especualy Lucita, to see if she needed help dispatching their attackers.

Lucita's eyes widen as another bandit makes their way toward her. She faces them, shaking drops of blood from her blade and narrows her eyes. She starts to just try to disable the one attacking her but a sudden move they make has her blade becoming diverted and buried in what would be a fatal location. She withdraws it, wipes it on the fallen bandit's garment and looks around to see the status of the others.

Its a bad few seconds for the bandits with most of them going down quickly and the one armored bandit being left apparantly alone against them. He grimaces again, trying to get in a strike and disentangle himself from the fight at the same time with little success. His retreat gives a moment where his defenses are weak and the strike laid against him by Haakon causes a limp. He almost snarls, his mouth curling, but instead of returning the insult or spitting he instead gives a piercing whistle.

All of a sudden more bandits flood out from the trees. Intent on saving the day.

Ian checks dexterity and medium wpn at easy. Ian is successful.

Domonico checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Domonico is successful.

Lucita checks dexterity and small wpn at easy. Lucita is successful.

Razija checks dexterity and medium wpn at easy. Razija is successful.

Domonico checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Domonico is successful.

Ian checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Ian is successful.

Razija checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Razija is successful.

Check that. Ian WAS going to go join Haakon. Then he hears that whistle, and sighs. The people he's facing saw damned well what happened to the last two, and the same thing happens to one of them almost right away, as Ian casually swats his strike aside, pivots his blade, and runs him through. Once again, he parries the strike of the other one with the shaft of his cane. "If you run, I won't be able to chase you." He's not giving the man the out for his own health.

Haakon checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Haakon is successful.

Haakon checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Haakon is successful.

Haakon checks strength and medium wpn at normal. Haakon is successful.

Lucita frowns as more slip out of the trees and begin to attack. She focuses on the one closing in on her and shifts so the campfire ruins their night vision as they face it, then moves so she is in shadows instead of silhouetted by it. With a quick lunge she slips the knife between the opponant's ribs and spins back away , shuddering at the bloody froth her opponent coughs up. "More of them? Good grief, they keep coming like in waves."

Again, Razija falls back. She uses the two downed bodies as something of an obstacle her two new adversaries must cross before facing her. The first leaps through the opening and meets her blade, tossed off to the side so she didn't have to contend with a mountain of corpses as the other one seeks an opportunity to attack. It falls short, thanks to her staying light on her feet.

"Why the fuck would you have half your number WAIT?" Haakon demands of the hobbled whistler. "If'n you'd all come at us in a rush you MIGHT have had a prayer." Haakon punctuates his condescending advice with a shield punch to daze the armored brigand, and then adding another unforgiving cut to the other's arm, where spaulder meets rearbrace, creasing the steel with a meaty crunch. "You people are shit bandits, you know that?" The Prodigal's deft shield work keeps any answering blows well clear.

Domonico has noted the complete inexperience of his opponents and continues his non lethal subduing of his poorly trained opponents. Raptor's Reach snaps out again, once, twice, the cornel wood smacking both sides of his assailants head, stunning them before he sweeps their legs out with the spear, dropping them fast. "Yield now!" he shouts to the attackers in a voice used to shouting orders on ship in battle.

These bandits dont quite have the same bravado as their former friends did. They surge in and almost seem to be trying to hold you in position as much as killing. Which isn't to say they don't try to kill you too. They do. They just don't seem quite as determined to skewer you as the last lot did. The one fighting Ian actually glances aside when Ian suggests he can get away with running but the leader-one growls "Hold" and he reluctantly presses back into the attack. The new bandit fighting Haakon keeps making attempts to distract the Eswynd Lord but isn't particularly good at it. Oh well. "You wasn't supposed to be here." He winces when he moves. Slower now. "Don't suppose theres any chance you'd just pretend this never happened, eh?"

Ian checks command and leadership at easy. Ian is successful.

Razija holds her opponent at the point of her sword. "Tehom's sweet tits, don't give him /tips/ Haakon."

Domonico checks command and diplomacy at easy. Domonico is successful.

Lucita checks charm and manipulation at easy. Lucita is successful.

Ian parries strikes rather than lash out; it's pretty clear the person he's fighting doesn't have much of a chance of hurting him. "Lord Haakon's going to kill that guy. He's not going to know if you back off. Look -- whatever other life you came from, go back to that. This is a mistake. I don't want to have to kill you over a mistake." It's probably the last part that does the most good, because Ian really sounds like he absolutely can kill the kid (I mean, obviously), and he'd really rather not.

Razija checks command and leadership at easy. Razija is successful.

Haakon checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Haakon is successful.

Haakon checks strength and medium wpn at normal. Haakon is successful.

Lucita looks at her fourth attacker, the only one still living. She makes her voice fill with assurance and charm. "It isn't wise to mess with the Lioness of Saikland. Drop your weapon!" She has all the sleek demeanor of a moutain cat and claws to back it up, or so it might seem from the poise she exhibits. "And stay right where you are."

Domonico looks to his last opponent from his position over the two unconscious bodies (and the one very dead one). He plants his spear in the ground by the spiked butt and speaks. "You cannot win here. If you continue to fight then your lives will be forfeit and no one wins except the crows. Drop your weapon and your life will be spared."

"I'm bloody Islesfolk," Haakon snorts back at the wounded man. "I'd sooner gut the lot of you than waste the rope to bind you.. but if your folk yield to the Saik, mayhap she'll let their skulls stay unskinned." The words are punctuated by a third and final cut that takes the lead bandit in the neck, striking him down to the gory ground. A slow turn of Haakon's helmed head goes aside to the remaining bandit.

Razija snarls at her opponent a barked order, "Fall back." And expects her order to be thoroughly carried out.

Haakon adds aside to Razija in a shout an answer to her request that he not give them tips, "Why not? We're already pointing them to the next life." He seems to find it funny.

After that first bandit chose to step away from the fight with Ian surrenders start cascading through the group. First the bandit fighting Lucita drops his weapon, then the one facing Domonico follows suit and before you know it everyone but the one near Ian (who is still trying to decide how fast he can run) and the two fighting Haakon are the only ones left. The bandit who hurried in to help the leader has been trying to make openings for the leader to escape ever since he joined the combat between Haakon and his boss. He stabs, thrusts, mock-charges and tries everything his mostly untrained self can pull off. None of it works. In this Haakon is like a immovable rock. The leader tries to back up following his words about forgive and forget, still wary, but giving Haakon enough of a pause that he might accept. Haakon's final, deadly, strike answers that hope. As the leader drops the other bandit fighting Haakon yelps and tosses his sword away. "Dont kill me!" and with his surrender the one facing Ian finally decides not to pin his hopes on running and tosses his weapon aside as well. The end result 9 dead bandits, 2 non-lethally wounded, and 5 surrendered.

The camp is still in chaos with several of the merchants crew injured in the fighting. If you hadnt put up those defenses, or worst hadn't been here at all, the result would have been far bloodier.

True to his word, Ian makes no effort to give chase (not that he could if he wanted to). He wipes his sword blade clean on his shirt, then sheathes it into his cane and uses said cane to flip the dropped weapon up into his hand, and then steps back into the camp and begins collaring people and giving them orders in a low, calm voice to try and start putting things in order once again.

Domonico steps forward and points towards the bandits that have surrendered. "All of you. Here. With your comrades." He gestures to the two he downed without killing. "Now. Who has authority amongst you now?"

Lucita steps aside and lets Razija, Haakon, Ian and Domonico take charge of the wounded. She cleans her knives off and avoids coming too close into the light of the campfire, avoiding letting others see her pallor and the way she grips hilts to avoid shaking hands from showing. "I never get used to the killing and wounding. Am glad to be able to defend myself, but... " Her voice trails off as she swallows hard. "... I manage, when it comes down to it. Thank all of you."

Haakon grumbles under his breath as the fight is over and prisoners are taken for whatever punishment is the law of the land,trudging about and looking for his damned harpoon...

Herding the surviving bandits into a group proves easy. Like most defeated people they are very malleable now. When Domonico asks who is in charge however they just look at each other as if hoping someone else might speak up. Nobody does.

Razija is no healer, but she rounds people up well, leaving the negotiations with the bandits to others, sticking close to 'her' choke point in the fence. You know. Just in case.

"I don't think there was a second in command," Ian calls towards Domonico from where he's rounding someone up to go round up the camp's cook and/or cooks for him. ("The danger's over. The fires didn't even go out. Everyone's going to feel a lot better with a hot meal in them. Time to step up.")

Domonico hmms at that and looks at the sole survivor of the first wave of attackers, the blacksmith he knocked down. He takes a waterskin and offers it to the captives, "Wake that one," he says in his stern voice.

Lucita runs a hand over her face after regaining a bit of her composure. She approaches the prisoners. "Anyone here know how to heal these wounds? I don't but maybe one of you or one of the merchants does." She pauses then asks. "Are there more of you off somewhere?"

Nothing helps bring people out of shock quite as good as a routine task to do. Ian's efforts result in the merchants reemerging from their places and going off to do whatever it was he told them to do. Two go to cook. One goes to check the wagon. Others hurry over to tend to their injured friends. None of them seem to have much mercy to spare for the injured bandits. The remainder start working to drag corpses away from the campsite, pausing only when Lucita asks the question. "We're meeting another group tomorrow." He points at the man who is currently kneeling over the man who was previously sat on the wagon. "Joel Maybe."

Haakon advises (loudly) from the shadows where he's still looking for that errant harpoon, "Ask them what they were after, if'n we weren't here!"

"Give them a drink and stop the bleeding," Ian suggests "helpfully" to Lucita, stopping off to join her for a moment between tasks (their horses still need retrieving, and he's spotted someone who looks like he's not got anything better to do). "Nobody's going to die who's not already dead."

Domonico sees to the waking of the blacksmith and the care and securing of the prisoners. "Why did you attack this camp?"

The blacksmith remains stubbornly unconscious but one of the others, a very young woman, offers "They have food!"

Lucita looks at Ian with a 'what? Who, me?" expression then heads over to one of the wounded and hands them a bottle of whiskey. Notably it is not a full bottle and she has 'whiskey breath'. "Share that around and "She waves a hand vaguely toward the merchants. "Can one of you help the wounded? They might have some information we can use later."

Ian hands off the task of getting people to go get their horses off to Razija, and sends someone else for some sturdy fabric that he can use to stop bleeding. "I'll do what I can," he promises Lucita. "I'm not a physician, though." He's leaving the interrogation up to someone who's halfway decent with people.

Domonico looks to the young woman and nods, "That they do." He takes a moment. "Did you think but to ask?" A sigh and he looks at his seven prisoners, "Follow my instructions and you will be given food and water. I don't think I need to tell you the consquences of disobeying me here?"

Crawfish gets a cozy campfire surrounded by boulders and wooden perches.

Crawfish gets canvas pavilion tent.

Lucita says, "So there are more bandits to find and clear this sector of the road... and see what, if anything, else we discover in doing that. We'll need to rest up before that."

It takes a while but you get everyone fed, bandaged and watered. The badly wounded bandits are beyond your ability to fix but they should live and that is more than can be said for their friends. It's dark by the time you finished and you will need to leave in the morning if you want a chance of tracking them back to their lair.
That leaves one question. What are you going to do with your prisoners?

When you leave in the morning.

Lucita looks at the merchants and at the prisoners. Finally she looks up and approaches the leader of the merchants. "We don't want to kill the bandits, and need to question them further. So they need to stay alive and can use your help in doing so. I'm going to give you a voucher for payment on delivery. Each living bandit will increase the payment, they die or get killed along the way, no pay. I know you are headed to the outpost which is just a day away, you did not have a trail from there to here so must be traveling to the outpost... and it won't put you out of your way to do this.

Lucita says, "And Count Domonico, cam pick one out to take with us, long as they do not slow us down."

The merchant doesn't seem overly pleased to be given the role of babysitter but given what just happened she agrees to deliver them safe and sound before returning to her travels.

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