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Igniseri Family Dinner XXIII

House Igniseri invites you to attend an informal family dinner, hosted by Marquessa Quenia Igniseri and the Igniseri Family. Family members are encouraged to invite at least 1 guest they wish to introduce to the family or enjoy at the dinner. This dinner is also open to all who wish to attend and want to learn more about House Igniseri.

OOC: Please note this event is open to drop ins guests who might want connections to House Igniseri.


March 26, 2021, 8 p.m.

Hosted By



Duarte Xanthe Caprice Yelana



Arx - Ward of the Lyceum - Domus Igniseri - Great Hall

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

2 Scarlet Phoenix Guard arrives, following Xanthe.

Quenia has joined the a walnut wooden table stained a red-brown.

The Great Hall has been set up for dinner, with servings moving here and there and everywhere awaiting the arrival of any guests. Quenia is seated at the table already, a glass of wine in one hand while she waits. There's a warm fire crackling in the fireplace, making the place nice and cozy for everyone.

The less social Xanthe has decided to make her presence know, for once. While not drunk or making a show of things. She is not the most social of Champions, after all. To a spot Xanthe moves, as per usual, the least likely she will get bunch of people talking at her. Quenia, though, gets a warm smile and a wave. She likes Quenia, after all.

Quenia easily spots Xanthe coming into the dining room and gives her a warm smile. "Cousin. I'm so very glad to see you could come to dinner tonight," she tells Xanth, that warmth filling her voice as well as she speaks. "Do please make yourself comfortable." She motions to the chairs around the table, taking a sip of her wine before placing the glass back on the table. "I fear we may no get our usual crowd this evening. There's a fair few events going on within the city," she remarks. "But, that at least gives us a chance to catch up with one another."

"I am more than happy with a small turn out." says Xanthe with a bit of a laugh. "To many people is to much for me to deal with." A cant of the head is given by the Champion, "Not much has happened with me."

Quenia chuckles softly at Xanthe's response. "I think you'd fit right in with Ariella. She's usually off at sea so she doesn't have to deal with most folk," she confides. "Though I do worry for her what with the Eurusi war brewing and all." This brings a small frown to her lips. "Do you plan on using your combat prowess to fight when the time comes?" she wonders.

"Perhaps." says Xanthe to Quenia about Ariella. "I'm not exactly a fan of being on the sea unless I have to be." At the question of whether she will fight Xanthe gives a bit of a shrug, "Probably if asked too. I have more fun just letting things happen as they will."

Quenia gives Xanthe a curious look at her response, but nods her head. "I'll be sending the fleet along since the Archduchess raised the banners. I am, as yet, undecided if I'll join in the actual fighting myself. I'm getting Lord Ian to teach me a bit more about combat before making that decision," though her brow creases somewhat with worry even as she says this. "If I do go, I suppose I'll have to write a will and name an heir."

Quenia is seated a the main table, with Xanthe not too far away. They appear to be holding a quiet conversation amongst themselves.

Caprice arrives quietly, and while there may be a hint of honey beer overlaying her wintry perfume now, she's walking straight and her eyes aren't bleary. Catching the pair in conversation, the woman hesitates before more or less announcing herself with a question, "Am I too late?"

"As long as it isn't me, I don't care who you name." says Xanthe. "Besides, I doubt anyone would accept me. Which is perfectly alright with me. I'm quite happy with being able to do most of what I feel like doing without having to worry about decision making for a lot of people." Caprice gets a glance and a brief smile from Xanthe.

Quenia glances up as Caprice enters, offering her a warm smile. "Caprice!" she exclaims. "Not at all. It's just a quieter dinner than anticipated. I expect many people are busy elsewhere tonight." She glances over at Xanthe and gives her something of an amused look. "You and Luis sound quite alike in those respects." A pause, then she notes. "You know, I never had any designs to be Marquessa. Vincere and Pietro decided to go off and fight in the Silent War and then sacrificed themselves to save our people." And while there might be a note of pride in her voice when she says this, she adds, "I still haven't forgiven them for it. What was supposed to be a lovely family visit turned into, SURPRISE! You're leading us now."

"Possibly the beer festival, the square was still busy when I left." The smiles are returned, paired with a more formal curtsey, and still the Artiglio lingers on the outskirts as it does seem she's arrived in the middle of something deep!

"Come in, come in," Quenia is urging Caprice to come further into the room. "If you're hungry, get some food." If she smells the honeyed beer, she gives no mention of it. "This is my cousin, Lady Xanthe Igniseri." She looks to Xanthe and says, "This is Caprice Artiglio. She's a crafter, and also Igniseri's newest minister of income. So, she'll be helping to ensure the family gets a healthy stipend each week."

A dry note enters the voice of Xanthe as she says, "I seem to be like a lot of people." This causes a small face to be made by Xanthe. "I know her already." A smooth to her clothing is given, "I go to her exclusively for my clothing. I am not really a diverse person. If someone does work I like and is reliable, I'm not going to go to another."

"Ah. I did not know that," Quenia replies in response to Xanthe's comments. She looks over what her cousin is wearing and then notes to Caprice, "You do exquisite work." She then glances over to Xanthe again and remarks casually. "I have decided to start delving into the history of House Igniseri. Prince Laric once told me that the prefix to our family name, Igni, means fire in the language of the First Children, and he suspects our house may harken back to the Reckoning or there abouts. From what we've discovered in history, we know our house existed during the Sylv'alfar war." Which took place approximately 500 years ago, historically.

"She's one of my favorites to dress," Caprice confirms, smile making an appearance for both women. She dips her head in thanks for the compliments; mention of food brings her deeper in and while she takes a bit of this and that, either she's already full or just has a small stomach. Which, judging by the leanness of her limbs, is likely the case. With nothing yet to contribute to the topic, she appears content to listen.

"How was the festival?" Quenia asks, glancing back over in Caprice's direction. "Beer really isn't my thing, or I would have otherwise gone. Wine is what I enjoy most." She lifts up her glass of wine in a display of show. "Speaking of which, I should probably have an unveiling of a new set of wines something this year."

"Fun!" Caprice summarizes brightly. "And busy. I hardly had a chance to greet anyone but the hosts. They had a drinking contest and a stein-running contest; the Lady General Piccola won the first, and the prize was one of those lovely honey onyx stones, have you seen them? Prince Noah Grayson won the first, the prize being a honey diamond. Nice spread for a buffet, and the gift cask from the Raconteur is a lovely braggot." But the talk of a wine unveiling has her full undivided interest, "I admit I'm not familiar with any Igniseri vintage. Would you have a whole to-do for it? Or something more intimate?"

3 Scarlet Phoenix Guard arrives, following Yelana.

A grin is flashed to Caprice, "I would not turn down another two outfits, in my usual cold and warm weather combos. Although, I don't really have any ideas this time. So, you'd have all the free range to do what you wanted." THere is a bit of teasing to Xanthe's voice. Not that she'd ever say no to pretty things. The discussion of beer and such is basically ignored, making it clear Xanthe cares nothing for beer.

There is a push at the door, and Yelana steps inwards. She eyes the spread before her and pushes her cloak off of her head, a bit of snow falls free. "Oh, I am not to late, that is good." She eyes the spreads, and moves over to the snacks and considers them briefly as she pours herself a drink of something red.

Quenia gets The Zephyrs of Spring, an opulent white wine from a wood liquor cabinet painted with colorful bottles.

Quenia drops The Zephyrs of Spring, an opulent white wine.

Quenia motions for a server and then whispers quietly. Soon after a bottle of Zephyr's is brought out. It's one of Quenia's favorite wines. "You may try some for yourself, if you should like," she suggests to Caprice as glasses are also brought out for those who might want some." There's a pause as she notes. "Usually, I hold a party to unveil the latest vintages."

Caprice doesn't disdain beer, or wine. "There were probably other drinks on hand," she assures the ladies, chuckling softly. "Tea, milk for children." And a certain fealty... Yelana's arrival earns a smile and dip of her head in respectful greeting, the wine that arrives drawing her interest soon after. There's a pause, then a sudden, sheepish chuckle. "-Granato-. Of course. My good sense might have stayed home tonight."

Quenia grins somewhat at Caprice. "You are forgiven of course." She glances over at Yelana, offering her other cousin a warm smile. "Caprice, this is one of my other cousins, Lady Yelana Igniseri," she offers introduction. "This is Caprice Artiglio, seamstress and also now Igniseri's latest income minister."

"Caprice, it has been a while... does this mean you are part of the family now?" Yelana smiles, pulling herself away from the table to focus on the guests. She rubs her hands together, still fighting away the chill of the winter.

Upwards Xanthe stands, "I'm going back to my room now. I've some things I need to consider." The Champion leaves little time for Goodbyes as she makes her departure towards her room.

Caprice gets around a bit! "I adore your family," she directs towards Quenia as Yelana confirms they've already met, before responding to Yelana with a quiet laugh, "Nearly! The professional family at the very least. Lovely to see you again, my Lady. I might be in the process of encouraging the Marquessa's next wine unveiling party."

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