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War Interlude

The battle is won, but the war is not over. In a moment of pause before the fleet re-gathers to sail on Sangris and Tremorus and ensure their safety, there's an interlude to mourn, reflect, and to drink in Pieros.

An open scene for all to come and swap war stories, and stories of those who have fallen.


May 1, 2021, 9 p.m.

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Sebastian Raven


Patrizio Shyanne



Outside Arx - Saffron Chain near Pieros - City of Pieros - The Great Bazaar

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Comments and Log

\\Unsurprisingly all but the very most brave merchants and browsers have vacated the Bazar making the bespoked square eerily quiet in comparison to the normal hustle and bustle. Less surprisingly, perhaps, is the fact that of the first enterprising souls to manifest following the commotion would be the booze and those selling vices and suspicious remedies. The smell of something DIVINE wafts on the air though occasionally the wind shifts and something far less pleasant makes itself known.

In the aftermath of war sees few citizens but many sailors, soldiers, and laiden wagons making their way along the empty street. The area near the stage has been been set up with wooden tables and benches and a veritable stage of barrels, bottles, a couple of firepits which seem to be the source of the delectable aromas which permeate the air. Soldiers, officers, clergy, and Medics and nobles all can be seen sitting at the tables, talking, drinking, eating. Some sporting injuries and nearly all taking advantage of the free booze on offer to any who were involved in the defense of Pieros.

Raven is pacing somewhat stiffly, searching the throngs of soldiers and sailors as they pass, pacing the parameter of the tables.

Likewise, Patrizio Pravus watches the mass of people moving along the normally commercial street. A fatigue in those jade eyes of his, as he's considering those who move by, and the shake of his head as he's weighing the matter of things... and the draw over once more to the table to draw up a glass of wine, the tuck of it into his palm as he's letting a sigh slide free. Dust clings to his armour - blue and silver armour that's been dinged and banged about, but has by and large kept the man within hale and healthy despite all odds, though his helmet's a safe distance away, letting his fabulous hair free for the sun to catch. "Raven," he says, softly but firmly, "try to relax. For the moment, please, lest you have everyone thinking that something /else/ is about to swoop down upon us."

Shyanne was one of those Medics, that happened to be also a Lady, she was tending to Seb and so when she heard of his party she decided to go, to be certian the Prince of Pravus was not going to fall over or start bleeding again.

Raven is sporting bandages and one arm's in a sling though from the way she moves otherwise doesn't seem as if she's too badly injured. She whips around with a slight wince at the sudden motion before pure, unadulturated RELIEF floods across her features, "Your highness. Thank gods." She does relax a bit now, "Bas was badly injured. He's on the solace." She sulks a bit and adds, "They shoo'd me off the ship." and who knows why with Raven TOTALLY being chill whenever one of her people are injured. She looks over Patrizio, circling him, "How are you? Are you badly injured?"

"I'd have shoo'd you from the ship too. You can be a little bit of a mother hen, Blackheart," Patrizio says, in a voice that's lightly chiding, but also politely affectionate of the woman as he crosses over to press his free hand to her shoulder, the attendant smile that finds him, tired as is the rest of his demeanour. "A bit banged up and chased a bit by the trees. Dame Harthall saved me, blessedly, from being more harmed, but I should be fine in time." There's the hint to his tone that he's also fairly surprised to be in one piece, before he ventures, "How bad is it? Bas, I mean."

Raven lifts her chin and crosses her arms gingerly, "Like it's a crime to care? I'd do the same if it were you." She uncrosses her arms, "Rum, Brandy, or Ale? They got stew and some sort of roast if you're hungry." She sucks in a breath, "You found the trees! I was warned about those trees! Oh, gods! Even Lord /Ian/ said they were too dangerous to mess with I am glad you survived to tell of it. " She mouth sets and she gives Patrizio a solemn look, "It's bad." she intones softly. Sucks in a deep breath and clearly fighting an unseemly display of emotion, "They can't rouse him, but he's alive." She and Patrizio stand near one of the bench-tables catching up.

Shyanne enters the place and she looks over the city, she lets her eyes glance around and she moves to get the food that might be offered. She smiles a little as she spies Raven and she gives the woman a wave of her chubby little fingers.

A shake of that head, but Patrizio's smiling a little bit when he's taking a sip from his glass. "Wine for the moment, in Bas' honour. I think the man has a good point about how he eases into the harder things." He manages a little more of a smile, when he's drawing another breath. "But yeah. I'd thought about them, after the expedition, when Adrienne'd mentioned them, but... I thought they were further afield than this. Not a threat during the battle proper. But now..." His face says it all, as the smile fades, and that he's definitely considering the matter of what they have ahead of them. "Just things to consider as we pacify the Chain for ourselves. Making allies of them, not enemies."

Shyanne's arrival gets the inclination of his head, mindful and polite, as he shifts so it doesn't seem like he's in conference.

Raven's free hand lifts and companionably pats PAtrizio's shoulders, "It seems I may have business with those trees. If I do, I'll see your men avenged." she promises. She spots Shyanne and offers a sheepish smile and lifts her hand in greeting then beckons Shyanne over, "Prince General Patrizio Pravus, have you met Lady Shyanne Eswynd? She is one of the medics who has been faithfully attending to Prince Sebastian."

Shyanne inches closer to the table but not too close, the Lady seems unsure about interrupting. "Yah, keeping him Stable at least, and not dying.. but its been rough." she says quietly "he still remains alseep." she says quietly "did you mention Trees?" asks the chubby lady.

Patrizioshakes his head ruefully. "The issue really is that Bas is an artist, not a warrior, even as he's clearly called upon for the latter as well, and I think he puts too much faith in his steel silk." He draws the glass to his lips again, and then there's the dip of his head to Shyanne. "A pleasure, my lady. I believe I'm acquainted with another of your house, Lady Medeia, but it has been quite a while since she and I spoke at any length." But the cluck of his tongue about such things. "The gods work in mysterious ways, my lady. He'll awaken when they deem him ready, as did the king." Though the jade eyes consider Raven and her words too. "Careful with the trees. I'm not very trusting at all at something that can snuff out Cardians, given the things that we've seen they bring to the table."

Raven's nostrils flare, "He shouldn't have been out here. I wanted to be with him but I had the Black Crescent to mind." She sucks in a deep breath, pushing down a swell of emotion, "But he's alive." She then gives Patrizio a blank, startled, stare as if wondering if he's aware of the words leaving his mouth just now. In her anxiousness over Sebastian's state it takes her a moment to wrangle between impulse and prudence but finally she manages. She nods once, "I've been warned, on rather graphic terms. If I need fuss with them rest assured I will take every precaution. I am aware they are extremely dangerous."
She dips her chin, "Indeed, my lady. Nearby there is a...grove? A handful? I didn't think to ask how many, but a number of trees which are exceptionally murderous."

Shyanne says in Isles shav, "need to make sure they are not posessed, or charmed, or otherwise murderous do to someone messing with them... I have never heard of harmful trees." she says thoughtfully looking between them. She nods her head to Pat's words and she nods her head "I hear there is to be a child on the way for the Eswynds." she says then politely changes the subect, her eyes look over to Raven. "need a Shamon?""

Shyanne speaks, "need to make sure they are not posessed, or charmed, or otherwise murderous do to someone messing with them... I have never heard of harmful trees." she says thoughtfully looking between them. She nods her head to Pat's words and she nods her head "I hear there is to be a child on the way for the Eswynds." she says then politely changes the subect, her eyes look over to Raven. "need a Shamon?"

"Are you /shocked/ that Bas had to be here? Even if Lu and I were ostensibly in command. But that's our Mad Artist." Patrizio takes another sip, nodding a bit, appreciating clearly that his favourite cousin is alive despite it all. And if he's thinking his words are worthy of shock, or not, he's not giving any clear signal, though the tone holds more a sign of faith of all things in time. "I'm still surprised that I survived it. The trees and the vines and their onslaught. Half of me is inclined to leave them be, and half of me wants to know if we can't find how to ally with them as a defence for the holding here. For the Compact." Though Shyanne's words are accompanied by a nod, before he murmurs, "Knowing some of the things I do, I'd not be surprised if something's afoot. But a shaman? I'm unfortunately beyond my knowledge there as to what'd help - that's more Graziella's turf."

Raven rubs her neck, "They're...ah. It's...catch me in Arx after this and I will share what I know about the trees." She promises Shayanne. Her head tilts, "To be honest, I am not certain what occasions would or would not call for a Shaman, but I understand I'll be helping the Spirit Walkers with a matter so I expect that there is likely to be one available."
Her gaze shifts to Patrizio, "Surprised? No. Happy? Also no. As for the trees, I am also looking into them so once I learn more of their history and nature I'll share what I know with you also. I suspect those are murder trees, not the Dream Trees I've been charged with finding."

Shyanne suckles on her lips "I wish I could do more with the walkers, perhaps I will see you there." she says before she smiles and she looks about, her purple gaze taking in the atmosphere, "I should probably head back out. I need to be sure I catch a way back to the city." she explains to them both. "It was lovely to meet the pair of you."

"I don't know overmuch with the walkers, myself. But be safe in the going - all of us deserve some rest," Patrizio says quietly to Shyanne. There's a mindful look about discussing the trees, and about Sebastian's tendency to go where it's dangerous. "Like his wife. I wonder which one gave it to the other, to be fair," he says, in a voice that hints that this is not a first either. "Though the latter topics, things you are seeking... is perhaps something for another time, when we've had rest, and some clarity with time from the battles. No?"

Raven inclines her head, "Of course. There's a great deal to attend to, I'm just eager for distraction from..." She grimaces and makes a handwave out towards the bay, "There will be a need to discuss some things of the battle on the bay but it needn't be tonight."

"Indeed, at that." Patrizio does, finally, find a seat with a creak of his armour, and the shift of the chair - his usual bobbing upon it perhaps more muted when he's clearly not as fit for such as he'd been. "Though I'm sorry I missed some of the fanfare. I still think it'd have been a better idea to set the harbour on fire, as I'd suggested, but that's also water under the bridge. Things I can decide are better when I'd been here on the land between forest and wall." The faint twinkle to his eyes before he murmurs, "At least now we needn't worry about the hair on my statue being right."

Raven mutters softly, "Damned strait. You die don't think I won't find a way to spelunk across the wheel and drag your studly hide back. Can't have the city flooded with maiden tears and if we can't rest neither can you." she insists in a tone that is meant to be playful but comes out stubborn, "Also. When the day comes I don't know there's any getting the hair right. Half it's allure is how it catches the light, the rest is the bounce and sway, and the way the wind trousles it juuuuuust so."

A snort from Patrizio. "I don't know that I'd be so mourned as all that. Plenty of pretty princes for them to go after, if I were gone." The chair rocks beneath him when he's considering Raven, and there's the little faint tease of a smile. "And no, there'd not be that at all. Unless someone could think of how to mount honey silk to it, and I'm not sure that anyone'd want the expense of it. Maybe an engraving instead." He's playing of course, but the seriousness returns in some measure. "I rather prefer being alive too, to be fair. And I'm glad you're mostly unscathed." A gesture, though, at her arm.

Raven draws in a deep breath, "I am better off than I have a right to be." She looks down, "A credit, to the way Bella always made sure I was looked after." She looks down to herself. She fidgets, "What do we do if....?" She lifts her gaze refusing to say the words 'Bas doesn't wake up' but really that look and silence leaves Patrizio room to supply any assumption or answer.

"He'll wake up." There's confidence to Patrizio's tone. "And not just because the Queen doesn't want to deal with him yet. He's too stubborn to die, honestly, since he's too stubborn to listen to either of us about common sense in battle." There's the faint smile when he watches Raven considering herself, and a shake of his head. "Have faith. He always does, in you and in me, and the rest of us."

Raven tilts her head, "Why does it seem strange to me, to hear you talking of the gods and faith?" She shakes her head dismissively, "He'd better. I'm definitely coming for him if he tries to leave." she grumbles under her breath, nursing her tankard, "I thought I would prove myself worthy of the faith placed in me." She peers into her ale, "I am fairly confident that I did not." she chews her bottom lip, "I hope we get word about Tremorous soon." She fidgets, "Savio will be there, tending to it's defense."

A brief sigh, and a frown. "I felt awful about leaving Sangris and Tremorus to their own resources, but it couldn't be helped," says Patrizio mindfully. "Not if we were going to stop the Skal'dajan fleet here at Pieros. I hate to say that Bas agrees with it too - that sometimes sacrifices have to be made - but that's the general in me not wanting to cede a single inch to the enemy." And again, he reaches out, the gentle press of his hand to Raven's shoulder. "You did fine. The nature of command to always feel as if we could do better - I learned that hard lesson myself this time."

Raven bobs her head, "I am not questioning the judgement." She looks out over the bay and swallows, her face becoming a bit ashen, "Not when the men slain by my impatience number in the thousands." she looks up and studies Patrizio, "You're more mindful than many. Whatever errors you made it was not for a lack of mindfulness. No doubt you are right. Your ability to..." she chews her bottom lip, "Assess and objectively guage is something I envy. From the way you deftly defuse awkward social situations to the consideration you give larger problems, I admire your ability to approach from a place of thought rather than from a place of emotion."

"Whereas I envy your efficiency and cool-headedness in the midst of horrible situations," the prince counters, with the faint play of a smile, the shift of his chair. And the flare of his nose as he's taking a deep breath, and then letting said free before he's gesturing. "I don't have the reputation that the others have to live up to. As I've told one or two others - my parents wouldn't recognize me at this point, with how far I've come. And all I think of is how Sir Tiberio would've done better than me at this." Another wave of his hand before he says more quietly, "I have to have my own style, my own ins. It's the only tool I have to navigate everything, and to stand out. And it serves us well, I think." As he gestures about the half-empty bazaar once more and.. "At least it's gotten us this far. And had the crown approve the basic strategy too."

Raven's eyebrows shoot up and she guffaws, "When have you seen me be cool-headed, /ever/. Even just in general." She smiles wearily, "You're very kind to say but I suspect most anyone else hearing that might think you've got me confused with someone else." She huffs and looks upwards, "Gods. I don't know if anyone but the man himself could live up to his reputation." She grunts softly, "It is good you are doing the house proud. I am very glad you take your duties so seriously. I don't suspect there's likely to be much that I may do to make your life, your burdens, or your duties easier but if there ever is-I am at your service." she exhales heavily, "And I am DAMNED glad to see you just now, just between you an me."

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