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Bard's College Winter 1016 Concert

The Bard's College has put on another concert and this is the party after the performance. While it wasn't children's songs, it was geared toward being interesting to children and parents. Children from the orphanage in the Lowers were brought up to the College. Also, there is hot chocolate for everyone.


Aug. 25, 2021, 2:30 p.m.

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Evaristo Mabelle Cassiopeia Mathis Sorrel Caprice Ophne Quenia


Bard's College


Arx - Ward of the Crown - Bard's College - Main Hall

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Cassiopeia takes Bard's College Winter 1016 Concert from Winter 1016 Concert Programs and Collectibles.

Gianna is presently removing her headdress. She is sweaty, which is referred to politely as 'glowing'. "This is heavy," she complains to her assistant, to whom she passes the cupridium head ornament. "Take this."

Mathis gets Bard's College Winter 1016 Concert from Winter 1016 Concert Programs and Collectibles.

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to: Remember to take a program and a collectible from the chest! That's 'take 1-1016 from programs' and 'take 1-doll from programs'. This is the afterparty and you are assumed to have been at the concert proper if you so desire. If you WERE at the concert and you don't have @clue 3079, which is what Gianna's song is about - Knight of Songs - page Gianna and she will share with you!

Evaristo is mingling about - he's changed his outfit from the play itself, where he wore all his adventuring gear. Now he's bedecked in a brand new outfit of crimson and black Cloudspine velvet, golden cashmere, and red rose leather. It's an outfit that stands out, but compared to Gianna's shining metal attire, he's still paling. "Gianna!" he breathes, admiring her as he walks over now, having a chance to talk after their performance. "You were MARVELLOUS!"

Children from the Lowers, and from the city - noble and commoner both - are plenty in the large hall, chattering excitedly and aiming for that hot chocolate and the treats. But some have discovered the Knight of Songs dolls and that's another excitement.

There is no chance in the world that Mabelle will miss a Bard's College concert, not with her recent affiliations with the art world. She wanders inside after the show is over clad in a furry hem-ed starlight silk gown and a cashmere coat to match. A few air kisses and cheers for the cast, "That was absolutely wonderful!".

Evaristo is overheard praising Bard's college: Aren't we just the BEST?

Cassiopeia enters the afterparty wearing a smile on her face and a playful party dress that flounces vigorously with every move. Accompanied by a trio of unusually tall men, she seems content for a bit of festive reprieve. The warmth on her features is directed to those she passes as she finds herself deeper into the main hall. Fingers fidget with her program, holding it, while she grins at the receipt of the little doll. It brings a sense of whimsy to her, and she holds it in her free hand proudly. Scanning the room, she is met with mostly unfamiliar faces, but those that she knows or doesn't know, receive the same level of smile. But it's the children, excited over treats and dolls that really bring joy to her eyes. She watches them, and feels that rush of hope is written all over her features. It's easy to get lost in their excitement and so she does.

The new Archlector of Petrichor may not be a man of the arts, but he managed to make it down to the Bard's College for the performance nonetheless, and in squeaky new boot. It's probably some kind of bad manners to have his dog in here with him, but she's well behaved and very popular with the kids, as is Mathis himself. And as one of five siblings and an Oathlander, he is plenty used to them, at least the ones who haven't been distracted by the allure of sugar or shiny toys. "That was quite a performance!" he agrees with Evaristo's statement and a big smile for the performers. "I can't say the last time I saw something like that. Maybe never." After a second's thought, he amends, "Probably never."

"Thank you," Gianna tells Evaristo with a ghost of a smile that still manages to convey she is very, very pleased with herself. "Ah... so many wonderful outfits today, don't you think? Including that gown, Lady Mabelle." She inclines her head to the Laurent - Cassiopeia's garments are also given a calculating look. She is very carefully ignoring Mathis' dog, though his statement gets another almost-smile from her. "Why, thank you."

Princess Lilah Thrax looks more like Archduchess Jaenelle Velenosa than she does her own mother, but she is very interested in investigating Gianna's costume up close. She uses her small size to slip through the crowd to inspect the Nightingale's armor, comparing it to the doll that she holds by the foot in one hand. She stares fiercely at Gianna, whom Sorrel has told her specifically not to bother, simultaneously attempting to bother her and not bother her.

Mabelle is overheard praising Gianna: Lovely Performance!

Mabelle is overheard praising Evaristo: Golden Hands!

Mabelle was last seen by the dessert table. Weird.

Cassiopeia is overheard praising Bard's college: A great winter concert!

Amongst the well-dressed and enthusiastic audience members, Caprice laughs and cheers along with the children though her contribution to the applause is (hopefully?) a lot less sticky. And are those tears for Gianna's performance? Well, to be fair, Caprice -is- a Disciple of Jayus, so having a soft spot for art showcasing him might be expected. In any case, she's among those lingering to congratulate the performers and production assistants, clearly lured more by the promise of art - though the chocolate won't go unappreciated.

"My gods! You are all so... amazing looking today!" Evaristo tells the crowd, including the kids. He is radiantly happy himself, and garners his own admiring looks for that outfit. "Marquessa Cassiopeia! Hello, so nice to see you," he says and waves her over. "Have you met the Nightingale herself? Gianna, this is Marquessa Cassiopeia Proscipi," he says, making intorductions incase they have not met. "Good evening!" he greets to Mathis, smiling widely. "I am Mockingbird Evaristo Arterius, and this is of course the legend herself - Nightingale Gianna, leader of this wonderful establishment." Then, spotting Caprice - he perks up even more, if that even is possible. "Guildmaster Caprice! There you are. What did you think about our performance? Were we properly /dashing/?" he asks playfully.

A trio of children dashes through the crowd, giggling madly as they chase each other. This might be a game of tag. There's also some jostling of other guests, but while there's a sharp look or two the kids are mostly indulged. Spirits are high.

"All that I hoped for and more, Mockingbird," Caprice assures Evaristo with a quick smile for the man, accepting the acknowledgment with a dipping chin of thanks and no expectation to hold his attention longer. There's a festive throng still left for meeting and greeting!

Mathis looks between Gianna's not-looking and Nonsense with a faint air of amusement, and then gives a soft whistle that causes the dog's ears to perk up, and with nothing but a gesture of his hand, she trots over to sit right by the front door, still as a statue. "Mockingbird, Nightingale, those are some appropriate monikers if I ever heard them. Br - er, Archlector Mathis Leroux." Indeed, he has the look of someone new to the city and fresh from a long journey - the faintly windburned cheeks, the squeaky new boots and fresh outfit, the ... needing of a haircut. "And it's a fine establishment. You have chapters outside the city, too?"

"Marquessa," Gianna greets Cassiopeia with a regal inclination of her head that might be kind of unexpected from a commoner. "Archlector, hello. I'm glad you think the monikers fitting." She bows slightly forward, though she's unused to doing that with armor so it's a touch stiff. "We do have other chapters, yes. One in Cascade Springs and another in Artshall. Caprice! You look stunning. Hmn. I ought to incorporate more bags into my outfits, I think." She looks down at Lilah, staring back at the girl. Then, an almost imperceptible nod of acknowledgment, like a little secret between the two of them.

Cassiopeia is all smiles when she sees Evaristo, eyes lighting up and she offers him a wave stepping forward to greet Gianna at the introduction, "what a wonderful performance. You should be very proud, all of you, ...and I will tell Savio many great things when I see him too. Such a delightful evening," Cassiopeia has no qualms in showing her excitement and enthusiasm, rather tapering it might be ever more an issue. Turning to look back at Evaristo, "lovely to see you, as well," she adds warmly before her eyes trail to the other people gathering around the acclaimed performers.

Whirling around, as a gaggle of children runs by Evaristo and he has to move to avoid being tripped over or worse, knocking them down - he laughs at this, and pretend chaces them for a few seconds, making roaring noises as if a monster. There's delighted screams at that. He's really not helping in keeping things calm. However, he steps right back to the group of adults, to continue the conversation as if nothing happened. "Archlector?! Well! That is new! I mean - you are new?" he says, looking intrigued and openly very curious. He wiggles fingers over at Sorrel there, giving her a warm smile in greeting. He then grabs himself a cup of hot chocolate and sips carefully. It has whipped cream on top, so he ends up with a little white moustache and does not notice.

The little princess looks pleased that the Nightingale has acknowledged her, and she lingers nearby the singer like a kindergartener pretending to be a short adult, trying to be near Gianna without her mother interfering. Except that Sorrel is approaching, offering a polite nod to the crowd around Gianna.

"Leroux? Archlector, are you from Blancbier?" Sorrel wonders as she steps over with her own mug of hot chocolate in hand to warm her hands. "Princess Sorrel Thrax nee Wyrmguard at your service." She offers a little bow to Matthis, then glances to Gianna. "You were spectacular, as always."

"Princess Sorrel, thank you," Gianna tells her patron. "I'm so glad you enjoyed." She takes a knee by Lilah - again, awkwardly, because armor - and leans toward the little girl to ask quietly, "Did you enjoy the performance?" It's... possibly weird to see Gianna interact so kindly with children? Way more kindly than adults, who get the cold shoulder.

There are new faces to attach names to, and - a familiar face, vaguely nervous, attached to not-as-discreet-as-they-think, waving arms attempting to get Caprice's attention. It works, and the woman's gaze shifts from those nearby, commentary on the boon of bags as accessories waylaid. Disappointment twists across her features but for the group she's lingering near, she murmurs a "Ah- please excuse me," before wending her way through the crowd to attend to less pleasant business.

"I'm new," Mathis acknowledges. "Very new, I just arrived in the city and just accepted the appointment." He grins to sorrel, a big wide smile that lights up his whole face, and does a little bow to her in return. "And I am from Blancbier - well, just south of there, but close enough it counts. I've known the Wyrmguard family since I was a kid myself. My folks have a big farm, and I've got lots of siblings, so they're all still about up there. As was I until recently." He grabs a passing child running by, lifting her into the air momentarily with a roar, and then sets her down to continue on her way.

"Yes, Nightingale," Princess Lilah tells Gianna with bright eyes, looking at the singer with great intensity. "Momma is happy you sang the song. I liked it too. I want to be a Knight of Songs someday. I would bring you some prayers after my adventures, and then you could sing about them! Maybe with Momma." She glances briefly in Sorrel's direction in a wary sort of way, then looks back to Gianna and whispers loudly, "I'm not supposed to bother you. I'm not bothering you, right?"

Sorrel smiles warmly at Matthis. "Ah, yes. Well, welcome to Arx. We're glad to have you here, though I'm sure you're missed in the Oathlands," she offers pleasantly.

"Well! Congratulations on your appointment! And how honored we are to meet you so soon," Evaristo says and sounds truly excited for Mathis. He shoots Gianna a glance there as she speaks to the young girl, and grins lopsidedly seeing that. "You know," he says innocently, "I designed those dolls based off of Gianna. I don't know why I thought a giant head would be nice, but I mean, it is cute, right?" he says, dead pan joking, giving the Nightingale a teasing wink. He suddenly holds his arm out and catches a stumbling young boy, saving him from faceplanting into the floor. Instead, the boy just runs onwards, oblivious and carefree, just like kids are. It makes Evaristo smile warmly. He too seems to like kids well enough.

"Not at all," Gianna whispers to Lilah. "I don't suppose you could get me a cup of hot chocolate, could you? I adore the stuff." She straightens up and shoots Evaristo a Look. "Don't think I didn't notice my gigantic head," she tells him. And she points a finger in his direction. J'accuse.

Ophne gets Winter 1016 Concert Programs and Collectibles.

Ophne drops Winter 1016 Concert Programs and Collectibles.

Ophne gets Bard's College Winter 1016 Concert from Winter 1016 Concert Programs and Collectibles.

Ophne gets Knight of Songs doll from Bard's College Winter 1016 Concert from Winter 1016 Concert Programs and Collectibles.

"I'm sure they'll be fine without me," Mathis replies to Sorrel. "Thanks for the welcome though, Princess Sorrel, much appreciated. And thank you Mockingbird, I've got big shoes to fill and I know it."

Cassiopeia find herself with a mug of hot chocolate, cradling it between her hands, drawing warmth from the festive drink. Careful not to end up with a whipped cream moustache, she gets a little on her nose. Perhaps not a concoction she is familiar with. Her guards notice this immediately and there is a lot of whispering going back and forth, as though they are drawing verbal straws to determine who will alert her to such. Eventually one steps forward and murmurs something to her, a hand reaches up and she wipes it off, "is that not the purpose of it?," she asks him and he seems less sure than she is. Strange customs, they both just roll with it.

The dark slant of Ophne's brow seems to enter the room before she does; it's usually the first marker noted of her, after all. Clothed in dark colors to match her mood, perhaps, the youth enters the Bard's college alone and seems to study the shifting colors of the mosaic tiles underfoot. She is obviously quite late to the event, but whether or not this matters to her isn't directly evident by her casual gait.

Speaking of the mosaic, it's drawn the attention of a number of a number of children who stand around watching, mesmerized. They point out changes to each other, argue about whether there's really been a change - that's impossible - and the discussion has drawn the curiosity of several adults as well. One of the children looks up at Ophne and states, "You look grouchy."

In the meantime, Gianna's interactions with Lilah have also drawn some attention, and other children mill toward the armor-clad Nightingale, asking questions and touching the shining cupridium. Gianna seems to bear it with good grace.

Evaristo still has his moustache. He is totally fascinated by the whipped cream on Cassiopeia's nose though and is so caught in that he's clearly entirely charmed by such a thing. This also calls to mind that he might have some, so he wipes his mouth off and turns to Gianna again, distracted - then he grins wide. "What? Nothing to it," he says innocently. Then he is saved from further accusation by the children there, and he steps away with some relief. "So. Archlector of... Petrichor," he guesses. "You arrive in tumultous times. Lots of work for the Faith right now," he says with a rueful smile. "Though I have no intention of speaking of tragedies right /here/, not tonight," he adds in a quieter voice. He looks up to spot who a child things is grouchy, studying Ophne curiously. Aaaand, his mischievous smile grows wider, as if someone grouchy is a perfect chance for shenanigans.

Mathis gets a cup for himself and seems utterly unconcerned about the fact that his faceful of stubble ends up with a full whipped cream goatee. "Petrichor," he confirms, frosted with white like a snow-topped forest god himself - yep, just like that. "I guessed as much based on the number of people asking me strange questions about bugs already." He spots Ophne and lifts a hand. "Lady Ophne, you didn't freeze to death." Sorry Evaristo, shenanigans spoiled.

"That's for the best. We've all been through some traumatic things already," Sorrel says mildly to Evaristo, though she's keeping an eye on her blonde child, who is scampering off to get hot chocolate for both herself and for Gianna. When the small princess returns, holding up a mug for the Nightingale, she wonders, "Are you a knight now, too?"

A reversal. The teenager with the dark, downward slashes on her face cuts a look to the child. "..And you're rather loud." Her features streamline a little and she glances over to the group of adults engrossed in conversation. Interesting

A little closer, and Ophne comes to a stop; she crosses her arms against her chest and rocks back once on her heels. Clearly, she missed the main event. A sigh, and then she goes to collect the spoils of a war she did not fight: a doll with a giant helmet - useful when dropped - and a program. Somewhere in this span of moments she hears Mathis being addressed, and recognition dawns just in time to miss Evaristo's ominous grin. "Archlector Mathis?" she queries. Well, well. "Thank you. It was a close one, but I manage. Uh, you have a little.. uh.." She taps at her absentia goatee with one digit.

The child considers Ophne, then nods. She *is* loud. No arguing there.

"I call a contest!" Evaristo suddenly calls out. "I want to see the BEST whipped cream moustaches from everyone!" he suggests, and especially from the kids, pointing at some of them with a wide grin. For emphasis, he takes a large gulp of his now not so hot chocolate, and then sports a very impressive whipped cream line across his upper lip. "I will also accept beards with whipped cream in them," he suggests. "Please do not dip your dolls in the chocolate!" he adds, cause... well, he's eyeing his own doll speculatively, so it's probably what HE was thinking. "Good evening!" he greets Ophne, cheerfully.

Gianna draws her cupridium blade and hands it to a child who's just asked to hold it. The kid looks mad with glee and starts to heft it when a well-dressed minor noble comes swooping in to collect his spawn. "No thank you, hand that back." He shoots Gianna a dirty look for entrusting his relatrive with live steel - er, cupridium - and goes marching off with the tot when the sword's been returned. Gianna sheathes it again. The interference of the noble has scattered the children. Gianna looks over at Evaristo at his declaration, then follows his gaze to Ophne. She inclines her head. The children, freshly scattered from Gianna, now have a new mission: WHIPPED CREAM MOUSTACHES. This is, perhaps, the best day ever.

He is Archlector Mathis. He is. The wink he sends Ophne's way suggests he knew about the whipped cream beard. And he has an advantage, unshaven as he is. "Nonsense," he says, which isn't an interjection but actually a dog. Who comes running over and receives a slurp of whipped cream as well, and she too sports a magnificent mustache. Particularly since it stands out against her black hair. Except she immediately licks it off. " long does it have to last?" Mathis asks.

Some of the kids - the more shabbily dressed ones, presumably from the Lowers - are recovering from gawking at their richly appointed surroundings. For some of them, this is the most wonderful place they've ever seen. Some are enchanted. Some, less so, but at least the free food and drink are hard to be grumpy about.

One older lad is considering the lock of one of the display cases with a sliver of metal in his hand. A junior bard sidles over to engage him in conversation as a distraction.

Cassiopeia cannot resist a challenge and her smile brightens when Evaristo offers one to the children. This is something she can easily par-take in, and she find herself standing with a few of the young ones from the Lowers, a couple girls that she crouches down to whisper to, "oh we must show the others that our moustaches are better," she says conspiratorially to them. Her gaze flitters up to Evaristo and they shine with appreciation, before she sees others take part in it. Cassiopeia takes a long sip, making sure to get as much whipped cream on her face as she can manage, watching with joy as the others do the same. When she holds the mug down she laughs, "oh look at you, that's so incredible!," she tells the girls, "you are amazing!," Cassiopeia encourages those around her naturally, as though it is the easiest thing to do.

"I will count that," Evaristo replies magnanimously. "Though I must see the rest too, of course. Can't pronounce a winner yet!" he says. "The winner will win...." He considers it - this was a spur of the moment thing after all. "A..." He thinks again. "What would they win?" he asks.

Evaristo then stomps on a centipede that somehow has appeared right near his feet. He makes no big deal of it.

Ophne stills, turning her head to the one announcing a whipped cream moustache competition. "Good evening..." she trails, uncertain. She shoots a dubious look at the refreshments and picks one up like it is a truly odious thing. She has not yet determined if she would be sporting a cream concoction of her own or not. The girl takes a sip from her cup, lets her face touch the froth, and comes away looking truly rabid with her scowl above and maladaptive 'moustache' below.

Mathis's clear eyes snap right to that centipede. "Pepper," he says abruptly. Nonsense lets out a snarl. Pepper is not her name, what is going on here? Anyway - "Oh Lady Ophne, I've never seen such a fearsome and beautiful thing in my life. If I hadn't taken vows, I'd ask for your hand in marriage here and now. I guess I never knew that a white mustache and a fierce face were the key to unlocking my heart."

Gianna shoots Cassiopeia a glance and looks like she might say something, but the centipede (casual or not) makes her eyes narrow. She approaches the small group again.

Ophne uses the back of her hand to wipe away the crap on her face. "Ugh," she says, making several flicking gestures with her hand to rid herself of the extra white film. Awful idea, and Mathis' words just confirm it. Fingers find her face, hiding the smile beneath. "Do not let my singular appearance stop you, sir, for there are many men out there with white beards that are furious and available. They can be found down by the sea port, I hear."

"...that was rather impressive," Evaristo tells Ophne. "And Marquessa!" He beams at Cassiopeia. "You must have spent countless hours training on this! You kids are lucky to have found such a good trainer," he tells the kids near Cassiopeia, winking and grinning at them. He starts to wander around now to study everyone and their moustaches, making hmmming and humming noises and rubbing his jaw in deep thought, judging each performance. Then he stops and stares at a small girl of perhaps six years old, clearly from the Lowers - she is sporting not only a moustache, but also a beard, and is giggling furiously as she is stared at. "Why I never have seen such true ART!" the captain-mockingbird exclaims. "WE HAVE A WINNER! WHo are you, oh Princess of the Whipped Cream Moustache?!" he asks and leans over to listen. "Lena? Excellent! Lena, you have won a full day of adventure with ME and perhaps if Nightingale Gianna is not busy, she can also spend some time with you and play some and sing. We will do adventurous things here in the Crown Ward, and here in the Bard's College, of course. You also get to bring five friends!"

Another centipede trail after Evaristo - he doesn't notice. It's small and seem harmless, but there it is. Icky things.

Captain Curls, an attentive, ebony guard poodle, Aspira arrive, following Quenia.

As Evaristo announces the winner Cassiopeia cannot be more thrilled, she claps her hands together. It's an enthusiastic applause, the young woman nearly bounces as she does. "Well done!," she exclaims, "well done everyone!," Cassiopeia shares her bravado with everyone around her, clapping for both the winner and participants. "And what a wonderful event," she says to Evaristo and Gianna.

It took some time to get away from the work, and her very stern assistant, Aspira, but finally Quenia manages it. She'd much rather be out and about, than staring at the numbers of how many more military favors she needs to call in for the Lyceum's latest fealty project! She's dressed for winter weather, which means she's bundled to the nines. FUR EVERYTHING. That bundle gets deposited at the door before she turns to regard where others are located and what she might have missed since she is oh, so very late.

Mathis's new boots claim their first victim. Normally he wouldn't be the sort to go crushing harmless insects but these ones are. Not. They're just not. Crunch. "Hey, let's hear it for Princess Lena," he says merrily. "And for all the contestants." Applause, applause.

Ophne notices the centipede while Evaristo is regaling the crowd of Lena's accomplishment. A fleeting, concerned look (or maybe another scowl) catches her expression. She slants a meaningful look at Mathis, perhaps an in-joke, and flicks her eyes over to the insect - which he promptly squishes.

Without pause Ophne applauds Lena, or maybe Mathis, it's not quite certain.

Gianna dutifully applauds, except ow, the gauntlets. So she starts stripping those off, undoing buckles and the light and glancing around for her assistant. There's a ghost of a smile for Lena, and a nod to Evaristo - maybe it's not so ridiculous an idea that she might join an adventure. She just so happens to spy Quenia and inclines her head to the entering Marquessa. Some kids are getting distracted by Gianna's shiny shiny Knight of Songs armor.

Princess Lilah is eager to applaud the child that Evaristo has named the Princess of the Whipped Cream Mustache and wanders her direction to pick up an immediate friendship. "Your mustache might be better than my dad's," she tells the girl, and she mostly has whipped cream on her nose. Also, some in her hair, without much explanation as to how it got there. (Explanation: she's five.)

"It is delightful, watching you interact with children," Sorrel tells Gianna with a twinkle of amusement in her eyes. "And don't worry about handing kids swords. If they get hurt, they'll learn to be more careful."

There's collective cheering and Lena, well, she is happy as a clam and is bouncing around and inviting everyone around to come with her (definitely more than five), but Evaristo is laughing and doesn't mind and is just all around happy. He does notice the squished centipede and gives Mathis a thankful nod at that. "MAYBE we can allow some adults to come join on the adventure too," he notes, winking at Cassiopeia there, and well, gesturing out to indicate the others he's been chatting with. "Marquessa Quenia! So glad to see you, welcome! You did miss competing in making the best whipped cream moustache from the hot chocolate, I am sad to say. But you can still make one if you wish."

And yes, Lilah also gets an invite from Princess of the Whipped Cream Moustache. Cause she is right there and likes her moustache.

Ophne switches her attention to the newcomers and then the winner of the contest. Oh, to be five again. As Evaristo greets one of the women Ophne glances over and gives a respectful nod in Quenia's direction.

"Regrettably, I could not make it sooner, though I promise I was here in spirit," Quena can be heard saying as she fusses with any wrinkles in her skirts before settling in. "I was curious as to which it was all about," she adds, offering a bit of a smile as she looks on over the children a moment. "As for the mustache, I'm afraid my assistant Aspira will be quite fussed if I come home all messed up." That assistant of hers, pretty ominous stuff there!

Gianna manages to get one gauntlet off. "How do you do this?" she demands of Sorrel. "It's so heavy." It's cupridium. It's... very light, compared to some other metals. But Gianna is put out just the same.

"You do not want me to put you through a training regimen such that you can more comfortably wear plate," Sorrel tells Gianna dryly, shifting a bit to act like a squire and help her out of her other gauntlet. "I went running with the King's Own while pregnant. Just... stand behind me if something threatens you, okay?"

Mathis nods back, although he admits with clear humor, "I don't know if I'm fit for any adventuring. I'm not really an adventurous kind." That's clearly not true; devotees of Petrichor generally come in two flavors (with some exceptions, Ophne) and Mathis doesn't really look like the 'stolid but a little boring' farmer type so it's a decent bet he's the 'adventuresome ranger' type instead. "Not sure I could keep up with these ones." Meaning the kids.

"Literally nobody can keep up with kids," Evaristo agrees with another laugh. "Princess Sorrel, if you truly wish to test a training regiment that will /kill/ you - do what a four year old does in a day." He shakes his head, bemused, then glances around himself for a moment as if looking for something. Seeing nothing, he is clearly relieved. "Right so. I do believe I forgot to introduce myself," he tells Ophne. "MOckingbird Evaristo Arterius, and this woman in cupridium is the legendary singer Nighingale Gianna, leader of the Bard's College," he explains. "Our most beloved - and also a most wonderful singer - Princess Sorrel Thrax. And here we have the lovely Marquessa Cassiopeia Proscipi, and last but definitely not least, Marquessa Quenia Igniseri."

Cassiopeia seems content, enjoying the evening's festivities and having a chance to interact with a bunch of joyful children, as the young Marquessa in smiles. Placing an empty mug on a nearby tray, Cassiopeia makes her rounds, offering parting smiles to those she wasn't quite acquainted with, Mathis and Ophne, the recently arrived Quenia and also Sorrel and her daughter. Even if some might not notice her as she passes through, she seems to notice everyone and smile equally in their direciton. A dip of her head to Gianna, "what a wonderful performance, truly," she says and then a more familiar smile to Evaristo. "You've out down yourself, I can see why they name ducks after you." Cassiopeia is met with her coat as she slips it on, preparing for the winter's air outside, with some hesitation.

Ophne grins at Mathis and gives a decidedly unladylike snort. "If you can take on frostbite you can handle a few children." One of the kids runs up to her and she flinches away, expecting a brutal impact. The child stares, eyes wide and wonderful, and then decides it isn't worth his while to get tangled up with fearsome beasts. He skitters to the left and tag teams a friend instead.

Brown eyes settle on Evaristo. "It is a pleasure to meet you, sir." She places a hand to her chest and dips to Gianna next. "Nightingale Gianna, well met." Sorrel is next. "Your highness." The girl bows, a move more suited for her current attire than a curtsey. She shifts, moving in a circle like a dancer on a may pole. "Lady Cassiopeia, Lady Quenia. My name is Lady Ophne Acheron, according to my sister." A small smirk. "I'm a Disciple of Petrichor." PHEW. Too much social for one day.

Quenia inclines her head to each person that's introduced, and stops when she regards Mathis. "I'm afraid you are the only one who's name I did not receive," She tells him apologetically, glancing over at Evaristo for a bit of a lifeline. She glances back to the children again, chuckling softly. "Lady Juliana and Luis have been avid producers of children within House Igniseri. It's lovely to hear their clarion calls as they war with each other over one thing or another. But, oof. Watch out if you ever hear any of them yell charge."

Mathis is overheard praising Bard's college: All hail the Royal Order of the Whipped Cream Mustache and the glorious Knightg of Songs

3 Proscipi veteran guards leaves, following Cassiopeia.

"Well me," Gianna tells Ophne, seeming happy enough to allow Sorrel to help her. She waves her assistant over to hold the gauntlets, flexing her newly-released fingers. To Sorrel, she notes, "Standing behind you has always been the plan, really." But Evaristo? Her eyes narrow. 'Ducks?' she mouths.

Sorrel is overheard praising Bard's college.

Evaristo offers farewells and cheerful waves - and then mouths back to Gianna. 'Ducks'. Confirmation.

"Archlector Mathis Leroux of Petrichor," Mathis says easily, even though earlier he totally tripped over his own title. "Nice to meet you, Marquessa. Just came from near Blancbier. I did, I mean. You didn't, I assume." He exhales, glancing over the sea of small people as though he's looking for something that has him none too pleased, though the atmosphere's still relaxed and cheerful. "I should be on my way soon, I still have a lot of settling in to do."

"Ugh, don't do what a four-year-old does. You'll die of exhaustion. This is why there are several nursemaids, plus governesses and teachers, to track the little monsters," Sorrel says with a little sigh. "Enforcing the seen-and-not-heard edict is hard."

It's been a day, and some parents and chaperones are begining to herd their charges out. Mugs have been left *everywhere*, there are fingerprints and smudges on so, so many things, and someone broke a vase and tried to hide the shards under the cushions of one of the couches. The odd thing is the Hall doesn't usually contain vases, so how one got here to be broken in the first place is anyone's best guess. Children are magical! Also they are going to have sugar crashes soon so it's best they are on their way, nobility and commoner alike.

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