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Physicians Planning Update

Asst. Guildmaster Eirene calls the Physicians to discuss the Next Big Thing regarding Guild Projects: Compact-wide clinics.

(OOC: This is to plan and discuss our Crisis Action for the current situations, and get everyone access to the Ruin plot)


Nov. 30, 2021, 7 p.m.

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Ivy Thea




Arx - Ward of the Compact - Saving Grace Hospital - Operating Theater

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Comments and Log

Eirene looks to have been expecting more people. But hey, life is life. "Fine, we'll start with whomever we got, I ain't got all day."

"No arguments here," Ivy pulls some notes from her backpack and sets up a quill and inkpot so she can add to them.

"Same,"Thea agrees, her own notes and such with her. "Less loud as well."

Eirene says, "Fine." She moves to the center of the room where she's set up a map of Arvum. "So let's start with the ACTUAL reason why I want to do this shit, followed by the 'public reason' why I want to do this shit." She looks at Ivy and Thea and asks, "What do you know of the being called 'Ruin?'"

Ivy flips back through her notes, "Ruin... child of Gild and Avarice, some debate on the part it might be playing in potential conflict between Gild and Petrichor, good chances that in abolishing Thralldom we actually started the rumblings of Ruin's awakening and attempts to break free, helped to lay Greed low by taking over the mountain that Greed had laid his hoard into now known as Aviaron's Peak, maaaaybe hates poppies? Not sure on that part yet. Dreams are funny that way." She looks up from her notes and glances to Thea to see if there's anything she missed.

Eirene points at Ivy. "A fuck-ton more than me, apparently."

Thea points to Ivy. "That's about all I know. Probably a little bit more,"she admits.

Eirene says, "Okay, so we're on the same page. Ruin's stirring, and the best way we can fight back on a small scale is to spread good will and civilization, right? So - the idea for many small clinics at little to no cost, preferrably in territory which has little access to good medicine, plus education for future doctors."

"I should note that within the Scholars, I have offered up the Cloudspine as a location for a new public library as part of a plan to increase the overall network of libraries through the Compact. If we can work it correctly, Inquisitor Ruger's Books on Wheels program could be used to ferry books not just out to the areas with less access, but could effect a much better trade of information with libraries able to trade books back and forth as wanted or needed. I would likewise be more than happy to open Blackram lands for smaller clinics in some of our more remote vilalges, or a school for training physicians, or both." Ivy looks up from her note-taking as she finishes speaking, glancing between Eirene and THea.

"Highhill recently opened up a training facility for physicians. I'm sure we can also set up smaller clinics as well,"Thea now says. "I like the idea of spreading smaller clinics anyway. Everyone should access to good medicine, no matter where they are."

Eirene says, "See? Win-win all around. We fight a threat to all existence, people get better medical attention. Drawback is -according to Lady Mabelle we will need Crown permission for this shit, but she hasn't elaborated on HOW it's illegal..."

Ivy frowns faintly, "How would the Crown have anything to say about what I choose to build in my House's lands?"

Thea lifts her eyebrow. "I don't understand either."

Eirene throws her hands into an 'I don't know' gesture. "I asked her to explain but she hasn't said anything further. Maybe it's because I want to do it, damn the fealties opinions?" She laughs a little. "But if this is a good plan, I'll broadcast it to the world and see who coughs up land for us to build the clinics on."

Thea tells Eirene and Ivy without thought,"Well you have Highhill."

"And Cloudspine. I'll speak with Gwenna and a few others, see if we can't build some enthusiasm for the project. The increase in overall health of the people is something that should be sought after. If you don't mind, I may see if the Apothecary College is interested in expanding and getting a wing of their own on for the school. They do tend to go hand in glove with us." Ivy nods her agreement towards Thea, then looks to Eirene.

Eirene seems content with this and nods agreement. "Okay, well, the three of us are in fuckin' agreement," she laughs. "And I know Giada's down, and Mabelle was mostly down. So I can at least speak for Riven lands, and both your own. That's a -start-. But it's the more outlying domains, and places in the Mourning and Saffron where I think we need it most. They're a bit... messy and they can use a touch of help in the form of good will and charity."

"If you need anything further, just let me know,"Thea tells them both. "I'll see what I can do."

Ivy gives a nod and murmurs, "Then we should reach out to Pravus, let them know what we want to do, have them spread the word to their vassals and see if anyone wants to volunteer their lands for some free clinics or training centers. I could reach out to Princess Sorrel, but if someone has a better connection to Thrax..."

Thea smiles then. "I can talk to Princess Denica."

The head physician nods. "Best I can do is harass the Kennex." She jokes. "You go for it, Thea. And someone -not me- should contact the Pravus. I don't have the best history with their Arch-whatever." Eirene smirks but it's got a touch of sadness.

"Ah, there, much better. And I'll stick to reaching out to Princess Gwenna. I'm sure there's plenty of far northern villages and cities that would be grateful for some additional medical help." Ivy smiles, nodding. She looks to Eirene, "I can reach out. I've had little contact with them, so will be a neutral party for them. And I have a decent rapport with Marquessa Cassiopeia."

Thea clears her throat, admitting,"I mean, Ian I think cringes when I send him messages. And sees Finn." Poor man. "I'm not sure how often Zoey is about these days. But I see Denica quite often,"Thea says with a chuckle.

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