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Good Harvest Gift Giving

In the spirit of the season, Sir Audgrim Veilandir invites people to the Crafters Hall to receive a small gift, have a drink and some snacks and just hang out. Give thanks to Lagoma for the seasons, Petrichor for good soil and Mangata for sustenance.

OOC: Will have one free item as a gift per person. If anyone wants to donate something to give to others, just send them to me and I'll put them in a container! You don't have to stay and RP to get a gift.


Dec. 25, 2021, 4:35 p.m.

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Rook Keely Sira Pasquale Insaya



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Crafters Hall

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Jeeves, a sophisticated valet , 7 Silvershields arrive, following Rook.

6 Grayson House Guards, Wyla, a small wisp of an assistant arrive, following Keely.

The atmosphere here is festive, with people milling about enjoying the foods and drinks - many crafters taking the chance to meet and greet, or nobles popping in to mingle with commoners on a day celebrating the Good Harvest. Audgrim and a few others are handing out gifts from a large pile of items - no majorly expensive items, but made with love.

Always one to support the Crafts in any way that he can, Rook strides into the room and offers a warm smile of greeting to some familiar faces, a nod to others across the room. He makes his way over towards the host as quickly as he can, bowing his head to Audgrim once there is a free moment to do so. "Fantastic idea, I must say. Excellent way to promote unity and understanding."

There is a small commotion at the door as a trio of Grayson guards passes through, followed by Princess Keely, and another trio of guards behind. She carries something small and white in her gloved hands, her dark eyes turning this way and that with a mix of timidity and curiosity. When there is a gap at the gifting table, she approaches with some hesitation, offering to Audgrim a meek smile. "Hello," she voices softly, lifting the item in her hands to reveal that it is a tiny plushie of a bear. "I thought that this was such a sweet idea, and I wanted to thank you for organizing it with a gift for -you-." Like the rest of the gifts present, this one isn't the fanciest thing aside from the teeny velvet mittens on its little paws, but a good deal of care was put into its creation.

There's a moment where nobody's queuing up, so Audgrim has time to chat. He bows his head back at Rook, eyeing the man curiously with intent focus. "Thank you," he replies carefully, not entirely sure he's talking to a noble or not, but chosing the safe path by adding, "my lord. I don't know if I had any motives like that. Just figured people could use a bit of cheering up, and who doesn't like free stuff?" he says, lips quirking slightly into a wry smile. "Speaking of, do you--" He pauses, tensing up a bit at the sudden presence of many guards of the Grayson variety - as if he's not sure that this doesn't spell trouble. He squints at Keely as she comes up to them and he bows, before she speaks; and when she does, and presents that gift, he looks momentarily quite confused, almost comically so. He just ogles her, then slowly reaches out to accept it. "That's very kind of you. I donno what to say. Thank you," he says, looking almost embarassed. "Sir Audgrim Veilandir, Knight of the Red Wall," he introduces himself, to both Rook and Keely, bowing again.

"A pleasure to finally meet you, Sir Audgrim. I have heard many good things." Rook bows his head to the knight and master craftsman. "I am Rook Champagne, Crown Minister of Coin. I am sure that we have been at the same functions and simply not had the good fortune to cross paths before today."

A flutter of dark lashes accompanies a rapid blink as Keely's fair cheeks flush a faint pink upon noting Augrim's reaction to her gift-- and indeed her presence. She, too, now looks a bit embarrassed as she passes the fluffy little bear into his possession, clearing her throat softly and then folding her delicate hands before herself with an apologetic look aside to Rook. "Princess Keely Grayson," she replies, attempting to subtly shoo her guards off to enjoy the festivities. "Youngest sister of Her Grace, Highlord Liara Grayson. A pleasure to meet you, Sir Veilandir." More quietly, she adds, "Minister Champagne. I hope you will both forgive the presence of my guards... I am reluctant to go far without them in recent days."

Audgrim checks composure at hard. Audgrim fails.

"I think I've seen you around, aye," Audgrim says with a nod at Rook. He doesn't seem to smile much, but he's also not unfriendly, far from it - just more of a grim friendliness, befitting of his name. "Mister Champagne - make sure to grab a gift. Rich, poor, well-off, just-making-do, could be richer but wastes money on drinks and gambling - doesn't matter. Anyone gets a gift today." He bows his head at Keely again. "Met your sister a few times. I was with her at Bastion - did my best to keep her safe, but she's one stubborn highlord. You do right to have guards with you, these days - sorry for my reaction. Old habit." He doesn't explain why seeing Grayson guards would make him tense up, because he's now looking down at the little plushie he's holding. He lifts it up and his other hand is moving slowly to hold that little paw between thumb and index finger, suddenly captivated and obviously lost in some memory. There's a few swallows and he's blinking rapidly, some emotion overcoming him that he's not succeeding in hiding entirely. He clears his voice, and stuffs the little bear into his bag.

"Of course, Princess Keely," replies Rook, his voice taking on a sad, sympathetic expression. "Your family is the most direct target of a most foul enemy, so I would not bedgrudge you any protections that you could muster." As Audgrim speaks of gifts, Rook nods slowly. "Thank you - I actually see an item that I need." He picks up the sword belt, and looks at it. "I have never worn a sword, but I am accompanyinmg Princess Denica Thrax on a mission to free some prisoners held in Bastion, and must manage to look the part." He says this a bit uneasily, as if the thought of having to present arms weighs upon him

Keely's mouth opens, then closes, then opens again as she watches Audgrim's reaction to the bear. She looks mildly alarmed, glancing aside to Rook as if he might have some explanation or advice for this nearly-tearful display. Eventually, quite faintly, she offers with earnest concern, "I can get one with differently colored mittens if you would prefer."

"Hopefully you won't have to use the sword," Audgrim says, nodding understandingly at Rook. "Good luck to you and your team." He turns a near sharp look at Keely. "No," he says. "I want this one. It... well, I had a similar when I was a kid. My parents gave it to me - I just remembered it. Not often I think back to those times."

"If I have to use the sword, Ser Audgrim, it will mean that likely I have failed, and we will be in dire straights indeed." Rook tries on the belt for a moment, not quite even looking like he knows how to put it on. It is obvious he has no business having any part of a weapon. He nods as Audgrim tells of the meaning of the bear, and looks over at Keely, offering a warm smile to the Princess, a knowing glance as he nods.

Dark eyes linger on Rook momentarily, a bemused expression briefly crinkling Keely's ivory brow before her gaze slides back to Audgrim. When he explains, she offers a small smile, her young features awash with relief. "I am so pleased that you like it, Sir Audgrim," she murmurs at last, her smile growing following the statement as if to carry on the sentiment even in the brief silence that follows. She then watches the Minister for a time as he struggles with his belt, open curiosity on her face. "I thought for certain you would choose a hat," she opines in her naturally soft tones. "Not everyone suits hats, but this kind might look quite dashing with your ensemble, if practicality were not a part of the equation." She finishes with another smile, the princess seeming under the impression that she has offered help in some way judging from her demeanor.

"I'll carry it with me, always," Audgrim says quietly, as if he's been given the most precious of gifts. Though he still does not smile, he looks at Keely with warmth in his amber gaze now. "Mister Champagne - I'm not much for dressing stylish myself, but the princess is right. You'd wear that hat well. But, I'll have some of those in the regular shop later too," he promises, "though I'm not here to promote my work today." He hands out a few items to some children coming over, some nice small belt-bags, then turns back to Rook and Keely. "I realise it's not the best timing. Many tragedies lately. Or maybe it's perfect timing becuase of that."

Audgrim puts a tiny, bear plushie with red and green mittens in black double-wrap swordbelt.

A slow nod from Rook towards Keely. "Indeed, were it not for my need to be practical, I would have taken one of the fine hats. But I do have some headwear that I can use. This is needed to convince them that I am what I claim to be." At Audgrim's words, Rook nods. "I have it on some authority that there are forces which seem to sow the seeds of discontent among us, and that the current acrimony serves its purpose. So, truly, when I say that anything that contributes to the cause of unity and mutual appreciation is of tremendous value in these dark times."

4 Silvershields arrives, following Sira.

Sira is late, but she's here! Quietly. Slipping in, really, trying to draw no attention. Except for how she smacks right into someone else with a loud 'oof.

A gentle, warm smile curves Keely's lips as she shifts her full skirt aside to allow the children through, watching them with the same open curiosity with which her large eyes seems to take in the rest of the world. When she looks up again, she bears that same smile for Rook, and perhaps especially Audgrim. "Minister Champagne is correct," she agrees with a slight dip of her chin. "When we are in dark times, every little bit of light helps." She gives a subtle gesture with her hand toward those gathered, the motion never rising above her waist nor sweeping too far outside her own bubble of personal space. "And if you look around at all of these smiles and warm conversation, I think you will see more than a little light here. We all need one another more than ever right now, and so I think your timing is perfect." Her cheeks take on a bit of a deeper coral flush as she says more words at once than she has since walking in, and she seems to shrink just a bit where she stands.

Audgrim is talking with Keely and Rook, a large pile of items to be gifted behind him - he and others of the Crafters guild handing out presents to anyone that wants one. "Alright," he says now and looks happy to hear it - maybe he was a little worried about the event but now it's all good. "You're convincing them you're a swordsman?" he asks curiously. He steps up, offering Rook to help with the belt. "Wear it like that. Sword goes in there. If you are right handed, sword goes on left hip, hilt to poke at your hip bone there - that way you can grab the scabbard with your left hand and draw the sword with your right in one swift motion and slash someone in the swing itself. Got it?" He squints over at Keely. "Sorry, princess. Don't wanna ruin the mood, but figured I'd give Rook here a few tips."

"Embarrassing," Sira mutters to herself after she has stepped away from the other person, straightened herself, and begun to look around to see who saw her. A nod is given in the direction of Audgrim, Keely, and Rook. "Don't fill my patron's head with ideas of heroism, please." She gives a smile to show she's teasing Rook.

A soft giggle escapes Keely at Audgrim's apology, and she dips her chin gently in acknowledgement. "You needn't apologize, Sir Audgrim," she assures him quietly. "Both of my sisters have been known to do things with swords. I am used to talk of it, even if this were my event. As it stands, it is yours, and you should speak as you wish." And then her dark eyes are drawn to Sira, who has just run into someone, and she winces with the empathy of someone who has done this herself more than once. She smiles in greeting with the woman's approach, but says nothing just yet.

"Yes, that is the goal," replies Rook to Audgrim. "We are hopeful that my tongue will make weapons unnecessary, but it is a hope, not a certainty." He moves his hands away to allow Audgrim to help correct the wearing of the belt, and he nods slowly, as if committing those movements to memory. "Thank you, sir, but my orders if it comes to that are to hide under the nearest table." he chuckles, nervously perhaps. "I believe the Princess does not want to have to explain to the King if I am injured.":

"Just trying to sell the look," Audgrim says with wry humor, bowing his head respectfully at Sira. "If nothing else - put the sword in the way of an attack, might save your hide. If you hide under a table, pick the largest one," he suggests, "and if needed, tip it over. Tables are built sturdy. Mostly." He gestures at the pile of gifts. "Miss - pick a gift. You should too, Princess. There's plenty left." Then, introducing himself to Sira: "Sir Audgrim Veilandir."

"Sira." The seamstress dips a respectful bow. "Proprietor of Gilded Dreams, Voice of the Silver Consortium, Minister of Coin for House DiFidante." The introduction is given without any bravado - the woman is merely stating facts rather than trying to impress with her titles. "It is good to finally meet you in person, Sir Audgrim."

Quiet now, Keely offers a gracious smile to Audgrim and, after another turn of her gaze over Sira as she introduces herself to the man, she turns to peruse the available gifts, nearly reaching for a jaunty hat before hesitating and subtly shaking her head to herself.

"Miss Sira - finally, we do meet. I went by and bought one of your gowns for a friend the other week, but missed you in the shop," Audgrim says, perking up at the introduction. "My friend loved the gown by the way, and so do I. You do beautiful work." Noticing Keely's eyeing that hat, he resolutely grabs it, and steps up to put it on her head. "Yours," he says, and it doesn't sound like he wants to argue the point. "Practically has your name on it."

Alberico, the Malespero aide, Louis, a Malespero Armsman, Mar, the Magpie arrive, following Pasquale.

2 Redreef Wardens arrives, following Griffin.

Audgrim stands around chatting with some folks, while handing out gifts - he and others from the Guild are doing so, people mingling about chatting and drinking and eating. It's calm but festive.

1 Iron Guardsmen, Due, a large hunting dog, 2 Whitehawk Guards, Fiona, a Whitehawk falconer arrive, following Elora.

3 Armed Confessors arrives, following Insaya.

Pasquale makes his way over to the guild representatives and inclines his head respectfully. "This was a lovely idea."

A startled blink flutters Keely's lengthy lashes as Audgrim plants the leather hat over her tiara. Her dark eyes rise as if she is attempting to see it atop her head, which she tilts this way and that before turning her gaze back toward the knight and Sira. There is a silent question on her young face for both, and she lifts her chin lightly as if to pose and meekly show off the cap.

At the urging to find a gift for herself, Sira selects a gorgeous belt bag in blue and gold - to match her unique eyes. "Thank you, this is so kind." Her attention falls on the princess as she considers the hat. "Oh, you must." An encouraging smile is given before she gives Audgrim an appraising look. "Was that you who bought the dress? Wonderful! I'm glad it was well received."

"Looks good on you," Audgrim decides, nodding at Keely. He doesn't seem one to flatter or say flourish compliments to people - he just says it as he sees it. Sira picking out that belt-bag has him nodding at her too, as if approving - he looks at her eyes and seem to get it. "Lord Pasquale, good to see you again. Still alive, too," he jokes darkly to the lord. "If you were here dead, it'd be so awkward, mind."

2 Redreef Wardens leaves, following Griffin.

2 Redreef Wardens arrives, following Griffin.

Insaya pops a finger up to knock a hat on a model off to a jaunty angle where it sits on display, admiring the felt-work. "Bountiful harvest," she says by way of greeting, and saunters over to examine the handpies and fruit and drinks.

"Thank you," Keely murmurs at length, both to Audgrim and to Sira once they have both encouraged and confirmed the selection. The shy princess might look a little silly now, wearing a tricorn with her gown and gold, but she lifts her head with a touch more confidence thanks to the bolstering from those nearby and it seems to stick. "I am Princess Keely Grayson," she belatedly informs Sira, with a small and polite smile, her tones quite soft.

"It would certainly be inconvenient for me." Pasquale replies to Audgrim. "Although I suppose it must have some advantages. I expect I would never need to have my clothes pressed again." he inclines his head towards Keely when the princess offers introductions to Sira. "Pleasure to meet you Princess."

2 Navegant Marines, 2 Navegant Sailors, Palwen arrive, following Estil.

"Inquisitor Insaya - hello, it's been awhile. Good to see you," Audgrim says and seem chuffed to see her. "You know, the black leather hat would fit you perfect. But there's that red tricorn hat too, matches the rest of your stuff there." He snorts amusedly at Pasquale's return banter. "There would be so many things one wouldn't have to do if dead," he agrees. "Still, living is still preferable, most days."

Insaya turns around once to show off the red leather she's already sporting with a swirl. "Sir Audgrim," she responds, and gives him a bow. "Hello, again, Handsome. You know I am always thrilled to see your work on offer, wherever I go. You've made a very festive spread here. Kind of you. Some good news was dearly wanted."

2 Navegant Marines, 2 Navegant Sailors, Palwen leave, following Estil.

"We have met before, Lord Malespero," Keely reminds Pasquale gently and with a warm smile, her eyes lighting up a bit when she sees him. "Though I spent more time chatting with your friend Mar than with you, I think. It is good to see you again." There is a pause as she glances aside to Audgrim before adding, in slightly bemused attempt to keep up with the banter, "And alive." She smiles uncertainly, glancing between the two. When Insaya gives a turn nearby, her large and inquisitive coffee-brown eyes are drawn in the woman's direction, and she watches her with a touch of admiration.

Sira slips away quieter than she entered

2 Redreef Wardens leaves, following Griffin.

4 Silvershields leaves, following Sira.

Audgrim waves after Sira as she mingles onwards, then glances mock-dubiously at Insaya as she calls him handsome. "You don't have to butter me up, Insaya - you get something for free, promise," he jokes dead pan at her. "Buuuut maybe you'll get a discount in my shop for it," he adds. He shoots Keely an amused look, but then his expression turns more serious and contemplative. "Let's keep it that way," he says and looks at Pasquale as if he'd rather not see the man dead. Or anyone else, for that matter. "Alright, I should get back to work here, I'm supposed to. Make sure you grab some food and drinks too, and there's some apple bobbing games or something somewhere, if you feel like embarrassing yourselves in public. Thank you all for coming and bringing a good mood. Enjoy the rest of your day," he says and bows to the group before he slinks off to start handing out gifts in the room.

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