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Duel: Cristoph vs Ahriman

Representing Duke Cristoph Laurent, Champion Lady Nebulosa Zaffira.
Representing Prince Ahriman Grayson, Champion Lady Razija Lyonesse.


April 17, 2022, 5 p.m.

Hosted By

Razija Nebulosa Cristoph Ahriman


Caspian Gaspar Terese Patrizio Eirene Umbroise Edris Celine Jasher Denica



Arx - Ward of the Compact - Tournament Grounds

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Caspian gives a final nod to Razija before heading off to the stands

Gaspar makes his way through the tournament grounds, finding many familiar faces and offering most of them amenable nods and smiles before finding just the right place for him to watch the goings-on. He smiles at Alarissa as he settles in next to her.

A silent nod is given to Volya as he moves from her side, and then broad grin spreads across Nebulosa's face at the greeting. She dips into a bow for Cristoph - a deep, flourishing thing better suited to flowing sleeves and fluttering capes than it is to armor. Really, it's quite a pity that the woman isn't sporting a very broad-brimmed and flamboyantly feathered hat. "Duke Laurent. I hope that I pass muster, given the circumstances."

3 Arakkoan Free Guards arrives, following Giorgio.

Caspian has joined the Far Stands.

Razija claps Caspian on the back, one of her rare smiles appearing on her face as he heads to the stands.

Caspian has left the Far Stands.

Caspian has joined the Judges Booth.

Caspian approaches the booth with Cristoph and Nebulosa and offer a smile to those there.

3 First Legion Centurions, 3 Setarcan Royal Shields arrive, following Patrizio.

"Lady Zaffria, please. Whatever the outcome of today's duel happens to be, I'm more than thrilled with your representation. You're a testament to the professionalism of the Champions Guild and I would be honored to recommend you to others. Thank you for providing me with the privilege of having you represent me," Cristoph has to project this all a little loudly because he's still a bit away, but he does!

Terese is listening to the conversations and watching the Crowd settle into their places as she awaits for the Duel to offically begin.

Alis is overheard praising Nebulosa.

Slightly late - fashionably so, in homage to his cousin Sebastian - Patrizio's arriving with his sextet of soldiers, though there's the casting of his gaze about when they're staying to the edge of the field as if to see if the dueling is yet afoot or, indeed, if there's a good spot for him to see what's about to take place when he realizes it's not yet come to pass.

Eirene settles into her seat, leaning back. She adjusts her hat forward over her eyes to block out the sun... and she waits. She's scowling deeply as she surveys the field.

"You flatter me, my lord," Nebulosa calls back, as she closes the distance towards the judges' booth. "Hopefully my bladework will do the same for you today." While she clearly has no intent to take a seat, she does lean forward, murmuring something to the man. It is, after all, Cristoph's dispute to be settled, and so it only seems right to put whatever words she may have for the moment to him.

Umbroise seated in the far stands, while waiting for things to get started, Umbroise pulls out a delicate lace fan and flicks it open, letting it drift back and forth in the air to stir the breeze a little. Her dark eyes study the various people, noting where each person is seated, and who is sitting with who, and who is preparing to enter the field for the duel. She spares a brief warm smile toward those sharing the nearby stands with her, but her attention focuses outward shortly toward the tournament field, features remaining smooth. Her maid is sitting on the bench next to her, fussing over some embroidery.

Edris remains quietly observant, and patiently so, his expression settling into something reserved and remote, though for a brief moment there is a ghost of a smile when he hears the exchange between Cristoph and Nebulosa.

2 Valardin Knights arrives, following Celine.

Five, a probationary assistant arrives, following Mailys.

Volya has joined the Far Stands.

Celine floats into the Tournament Grounds and finds herself a seat amongst those that are gathering on the benches. Smiles are bestowed upon those she knows, also those she doesn't, and a flutter of fingers in the direction of her cousin, Terese.

Jasher crosses the tournament grounds with his eyes bent upon impressive audience turnout. Recognition settles upon his expression as he spies familiar faces huddled in general seating, then he promptly joins them there. He wordlessly nods his head to acknowledge all the individuals within immediate range of the seat he claims, though after easing into a straight-backed seated posture, the prince adjusts his gaze to hone in on Denica at the high booth. He can be seen shaking his head disapprovingly, though the suggestion of a smile tuggs at the corners of his mouth. He then leans over to murmur something privately into Yuri's ear.

Patrizio has joined the Far Stands.

Terese smiles in Celine's direction, returning her wave. Terese is sitting next to Griffin at the General Seating area with the others sitting there as well. She greets anyone else whom might greet her as well but her attention is watching for the Duel to begin

Sitting up in the high booth, Denica seems delighted by whatever conversation is happening around her. Then something said make her laugh louder than expected, it was probably very funny, covering her mouth to try to contain herself, her eyes continue to dance with mirth. There is a moment, that across the crowds, she manages to pick out her cousin Jasher. There is undoubtedly a silly face that is made at him, enough that it gets a disapproving shake, which only encourages her smile to shine brighter. The princess looks ever pleased with herself.

Alantir has left the General Seating.

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