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Teaching and Training Time

Caspian and Savio are hosting some free time to come and polish up dusty skills at the Golden Hart! Strike, dodge, hone your chosen weapon, or make clever* rhymes with us, any time during the evening.

*cleverness not actually guaranteed. Terms and conditions apply. Void where prohibited.

OOC: We both have teach 5, and are happy to hook you up with training up to level 4 for:

Athletics, Survival, Dodge, Small wpn, Medium wpn, Huge wpn, Performance, Sailing, Propaganda, Stamina, Dexterity, Strength, Charm

If you just want to hang out or spar that's fine too and if you also want to offer teaching of your own specialties, more the merrier!


April 27, 2022, 8:30 p.m.

Hosted By

Savio Caspian Valencia


Evander Quenia Mikani Artorius Mattheu Griffin Zoey Cassiopeia Dino Drake Kiera Gianna Ian Wash Cadenza



Arx - Ward of the Compact - The Golden Hart Social & Gaming House - The Arena

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Evander arrives asking about a shallow pool where he could get swimming lessons, "Look, keep it down, all I need is a couple lessons so I don't like a fool at these family gatherings. Help me out."

It's been some time since Quenia has been out in society. She'd been traveling back and forth to Granato for some reason or another, between cultists sacrificing her citizens to gangs of thieves trying to take over her streets. She steps through the doors of the arena, plainly dressed in a simple phoenix gown and takes a moment to see who has come to also take part in the event. Her eyes alight calmly on Savio, offering the Amadeo lord a warm smile, and says, "If you've a need for a few more teachers, I am more than wiling to help out with what time I have available. I can offer training in the social graces, charm, and how to be physically coordinated."

Drake has joined the line.

Mikani yes

The Golden Hart is set up tonight for an EVENT, though perhaps not one with strict formalities. The staff of the Hart is freely providing refreshments and an open bar, and there is plenty of seating as well as a table or two at which weapons and musical instruments are parked. Chatter and laughter and mingling are all plentiful in the atmosphere.

Savio and Caspian are here as hosts of the event of course, and when the event's appointed time begins, Savio speaks up to address those who are arriving or gathered! "Hello hello helloooo," his weird Saffron-accented voice greets all and sundry, "We are here tonight for a sharing and swapping of knowledge! Caspian and I are here to help offer some tips and training on whatever might be useful to you -- mostly combat, perhaps some performance... sailing or influencing the minds of many, if you're keen on that. I suggest you all consider asking one another about your expertise, as well... you never know who might be able to help you learn something that you are otherwise missing, maybe an interesting little thing that your lovely, so lovely, hosts do not themselves know."

He gestures at the sands, "And of course feel free to drink, spar, get drunk and spar, while we're here as well. The alcohol is free and every person you'll ever meet knows something that you don't... about something." Quenia is already illustrating this fact, and he tilts a smile her way. "I'm sure we can use all the knowledge we have. I appreciate you coming to help out. Now, who is first?"

Artorius has found himself here of all places, to brush up on some of his rusty skills. As one of the knights of the White Lily, he's here to make sure that his years of island life haven't made him entirely too rusty. It's busy in here though but he makes his way toward the arena, curious of who the hosts are and taking a lean on one of the railings around the arena.

Turn in line: Evander

The jingling lord Mattheu sits at a table near the ring with a colorful bottle smelling of ginger and rhubarb. A pair of flowers wrapped in soft flaxen cloth dyed a multitude of colors rest upon the table as well. A light beat is drummed out upon the table while laughing and talking with a pair of guards of near equally jingling. The colorful woman that watches over Mattheu is hard to spot right away, though one might find her closer to the bar trying to drum up an arm wrestle over who buys drinks first.

Mattheu looks over to Savio's announcement and smiles that inviting smirk of his, calling back "Drunk, spar, and best me I'll give ya a flower! There's two here. Just waiting for a new friend to go home with."

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Griffin is only here to watch the teaching. How they do it. There must be a twist that the teaching use.

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Artorius regards Mattheu's invitation of a spar, "Are you challenging anyone, Lord Mattheu?" He pushes off the railing and looks toward the arena floor then back to Mattheu as he slowly shifts to perhaps prepare to answer it.

As people start to get settled and join whatever lines they are joining, Quenia stops at the bar to order a much too large charcuterie board of snacks comprising of meats, cheeses, fruits, and tiny cakes. She motions over toward the corner table for where she is sitting, and also remembers to order herself a glass of wine. There she settles herself to see if anyone might need any knowledge of her skills for the evening.

Caspian motions evander over, "Come on, let me show the weights over here. There are some fairly strenuous workouts that will leave zipping through the water in no time! though.. you might be cursing me in the morning." he gives a laugh and heads off to show him.

Turn in line: Artorius

Evander nods and follows Caspian to the weights.

Artorius is overheard praising Savio.

Artorius is overheard praising Caspian.

Zoey arrives not in her usual silks, but clad in leather as though prepared for a fight. Her guards carry her bow and quiver as they follow her in. She glances toward the bar, but seems to think better of drinking or snacking just yet. Quenia does get a friendly flutter of the fingers though. The table with the weapons though, that draws her attention and she starts looking at knives.

Wandering in wearing a rather large and floppy hat, she makes no effort to remove it indoors. Arriving with an older Quartheen woman, Cassiopeia is murmuring to her about 'cousin' and 'event'. Not looking to have any focus, herself, she glances around until she finds a glass of wine. Slender fingers capture it, taking a sip as she smiles across the room. Cassiopeia is probably smiling at Savio, but she doesn't get between the people and the Bard, rather she seems content to be on the sidelines. Lips press together, moving back and forth, "people should certainly get drunk and spar!," she quickly encourages cheerfully after Savio's speech. It seems like a great idea to her, and she looks ever so willing to spectate. There is some consideration at the mention of lessons and she chews on her lip, "perhaps it's time to learn something new for my next adventure!.," she says idly to the older woman next to her. There is a subtle scowl on the Quartheen's face and she gives Cassiopeia a disproving look, but says little in response.

Dino enters the Arena as Savio begins his opening speech to the gathered group of teachers, students, and onlookers. He peers about, noting a few familiar faces in the crowd. Since he's here to learn something, he forgoes a drink for now and heads over to the line, eyeing Caspian and Evander as they move toward some collected weights.

Savio seems amused at Mattheu, "Someone better spar that Rivenshari lord, he's got flowers to give away all kinds. You, perhaps?" A grin at Artorius there, "You'll have to be fast to beat Mattheu though, the trick is to move those feet and never stay still for long..." He goes on about that for a moment, hopping to and fro to demonstrate!

Turn in line: Zoey

Turn in line: Griffin

Drake is here, possibly to get drunk, but also maybe to learn a thing or two. It seems like a good night to make a few friends and contacts if nothing else. Drake is already starting on the wine, which... is an opener.

Mattheu hops off the stool and heads over to Artorius with a grin, holding onto the bottle between to fingers and taking a long sip from it as he looks the Count over. "Bare chested brawl then? No armor. Just fists and the sand. Best me, get a flower. Don't best me, we drink the rest of this bottle together and laugh."

Caspian grins impishly at zoey, "ah stabbing things... the ancient art. there isn't much i can teach you as i think WHAT IS YOUR THUMB DOING?!" he slaps his forehead in mock, overexaggerated shock, "Lady Zoey... come come come.. let me show you this way to hold it.. its tricky but im sure you can do it!"

Evander sits at the edge of the bench, learning how to curl an iron weight.

Zoey chuckles and comes closer to Caspian. "I own a few of these and never learned how to properly use them. I'm an archer, remember?" She grins and adjusts her grip according to Caspian's instructions.

The charcuterie board arrives soon enough at Quenia's table, brimming with all sorts of foods and desserts. The servers sets it down, pops back to the bar, grabs her wine, and then sets that down on Quenia's table as well. The Marquessa smiles warmly in Zoey's direction, returning the light finger wiggle she received with a nod of her head and her own wiggling fingers in Zoey's direction. Her eyes alight briefly on Mattheu, a slight grin touching her lips as she sees the Rivanshari man she once shared a blind dinner with about to spar.

Savio blows a kiss to Cassiopeia as she arrives, and another one to Zoey -- pleased to see Caspian taking her under his proverbial wing. He is milling around himself now, and spotting Griffin, does fondly nudge the other man in the arm. "Watch the way people speak to each other," he encourages with a smile, "Listen to the way questions are asked, and it will show you the best way to answer them. And what questions to ask in return -- sometimes the best way to teach someone is to ask them what they think, and it shows you where their mind is at, hmm? It can be useful."

Turn in line: Kiera

Artorius nods at Savio's indication that someone better spar the Rivenshari lord, "If he's willing to test his arm against me." As for a measure of fast feet he adds on, "No better way to see if I still have--" and then Mattheu's indication that it should be bare chested and with fists instead of weapons has him consider. A nod follows, "It's been a while since I've had a proper row." He agrees with a faint nod, starting to take off some of his clothing since he didn't even come prepared to FIGHT. The man wasn't wearing any armor anyway even if the fight was going to be a real one.

Griffin says, "What I want to know is how?" Griffin has donne a little teaching before, but he is always looking for extra ways to use it. "Can I sit and watch, perhaps?" He nods when Savio gives him some pointers."

"Always. You can and you should," Savio agrees with Griffin. "But don't just watch, talk to people! Learn their minds." His own flighty little mind seems delighted by a pending spar between Artorius and Mattheu, and he yells that way, "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!"

Caspian looks to griffin and nods, motioning to any of the chairs with a bright smile. "of course! i have found everyone has their own style of teaching as well. So never be afraid to make it your own!" at the chanting of fight he looks up brightly and just jhoins in, not even sure who is fighting

Turn in line: Mattheu

With FIGHT-FIGHT-FIGHT shouted, Dino smiles and glances to Artorius and Mattheu. Some entertainment while he waits to train? Yes, he'll take some of that, thank you very much.

Artorius has joined the ring of valor.

Mattheu smiles wildly and nod to Artorius, the bottle is left at the table next to the guards who are still distracted in their game and heads into the sands while stripping down with a bit of a show. Bells upon scarves jingling and singing out as they fly through the air towards where he was sitting. Then tunic. Only left with trousers and head scarf, a look over towards where the /other/ guard is and a quick shout over to Caspian. "Caspian! Don't let Violeta take off with my clothes! It might be warmer now, but she's sure to toss them somewhere silly." He looks back to Artorius, "Count Artorius, any rules you'd like to stick to?" Though Mattheu doesn't wait for an exact answer and hops a few times before charging at Artorius.

*** Mattheu has called for an opposing check with Artorius. ***
Mattheu checks dexterity and brawl at easy. Mattheu is successful.
Artorius checks dexterity and brawl at easy. Artorius is successful.
*** Artorius is the winner. ***

As he walks around the room, he stops to watch Zoey with Kiera talking about perfomance. Something he was quite good at himself.

Mikani gets a drink at the bar as she watches the chaos erupting around her. Lines. Shouting. Teaching. It was like a dream for her. She moves around helping those as she finds them.

Turn in line: Drake

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Caspian looks over at Mattheu's shout and laughs merrily, his smile broad and mirthful. "Oh no my lord! im afraid you are on your own there! she might stab me if i got in her way of her fun! dont worry.. you can fight them both off!"

Evander hides with the weights, as he struggles, with his health, and trains small movements to get better at swimming.

Kiera walks up to zoey with a smile "I'd like some help with my oral delivery so i can perform stuff i write

Drake is overheard praising Savio.

Zoey turns from her knife handling practice to smile at Kiera. "Ah, Lady Kiera, of course! Singing or spoken word? I can do a bit of both."

Kiera smiles "I think I'll settle for spoken at present

Quenia takes up her glass of wine and watches as people come forward. Sometimes it is just as rewarding to people watch. She dips her head in Kiera's direction, recognizing the Wyvernheart woman. Soon enough she's distracted by her fellow Mirrorguard's match with Mattheu. She grins widely. "Well done, both of you!" she calls out to Artorius and the Rivenshari lord.

Turn in line: Dino

Always the observant one, or listening in this case, something catches her attention, but she sees the woman in question is busy. Taking the time to sip on her rose, she approaches Zoey once she's had time to work with Kiera. There's an easy smile on her face, "I think I'd like to try my way with archery, if you wouldn't mind Lady Zoey. I have heard you have a great way with a bow. I am an excellent climber, and I love riding my horse, and while I thought about jousting, Sunshine would rather go bare-back and not be inundated by all that metal. I don't blame her, I'd feel constricted in all that armour too, so perhaps we can ride about and shoot at our adversaries in the jungle, for fun," she shrugs her shoulders, seeming to think this is a good plan and smiles warmly. "I can't imagine hunting, to be honest, but I could imagine hunting the hunters." Another warm smile with a plan!

Savio is laughing as Mattheu and Artorius go at it.

"Bells and scarves and jingle jangle
But if with the Count you wish to tangle --
Best be clever, best be quick
He learned to dodge, he's got some tricks."

It's just a silly little impromptu song, a ridiculous little rhyme, but onlookers can learn performance from it. Such as: maybe write stuff in advance so it's better.

Artorius doesn't make it a show, not like Mattheu. There is no flare and no jingling. He's sort of slinky about it but that's because Lycene clothes are so snug and tight anyway and requires some shifting and arms over head rather than merely a button down. Clothes are piled with his own attendants, and he heads on into the ring, having left all his weapons, all his trinket like necklaces, his shoes, and everything but the pair of trousers behind. The only thing that Mattheu could be possibly hurt by is his fists. While he was thinking of the rules and started to say, "No cheap sho--" he is cut off when Mattheu charges. The knight of the Order of the White Lily pivots at the charge at the last moment in a feint that quickly has his leg coming out to sweep under Mattheu's to send him to the ground! "I thought I was learning dodge today..." he smirks at the other man, flexing a bit. Because he's being watched, so he flexes.

Jayne, Burly Sailor arrives, following Wash.

"Well, then let me see here." Zoey goes on for a few moments talking about posture and breathing for ideal presence and projection with Kiera. She smiles and nods encouragingly, and by the time Kiera seems to have absorbed the lesson given Cassiopeia arrives. "Well, whatever you plan on shooting, I can help! Small game, big game, targets, and combat are all things with which I have experience. Do you already own a bow, or shall we use mine?"

Drake sits and listens as people talk about stabbing things. "It's more about the finesse I'm interested in, at this point," he says. But as his sister is here, he looks over at her for a second and nods. "You know. Maybe I should learn to be a better instructor as well. I could have students."

The Hart is abuzz with socialization, a spar between Count Artorius and Lord Mattheu, and the swap of knowledge! Savio is floating around being an idiot with occasional pearls of wisdom. Caspian is cheerfully and competently dispersing better wisdom, while Zoey, Mikani, and Quenia also stand ready with their knowledge!

Turn in line: Griffin

Griffin adds his suggestion along with Zoey for Kiera. "It will make a difference if you know what type of stage. Whether a small gathering at a bar, or a large gatherinG with hundreds. And you should know which one you are comfortble which. Some people can make the whole voice fit on the stage, where they aren't good which with intimate gatherings."

Cassiopeia is overheard praising Zoey: Great Lessons!

The only bells left to sing out are mostly muted, soft, and much quieter than any others Mattheu might have had upon him. Charging. And SAND. Not even a fist thrown, a trip as he hits the ground hard and starts laughing. Laying in the sands with a grin as he looks back up to Artorius. "No rules, first to hit the sand. I owe you a flower Count." Less worry of being bruised he's able to get up without much and doesn't bother to look for what might have been injured. Simply a grin and a head nod towards the table, "Fancy a drink anyway?"

Caspian looks to Dino and laughs warmly, "Dino! its good to see you! what are you looking to work on today my friend? sword work? foot work? music work? if its conditioning you want, i showed Evander some techniques, he might be happy for a partner using the weights!"

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"I do not have a bow, I suppose that will be my next adventure, to find one.," she looks a bit excited as she speaks to Zoey, watching and observing, listening carefully. "Thank you! I appreciate it. I try to do something new every week, be it something small like trying a different kind of cookie or something more complex, like this. I am not sure why, I just started once and I quiet like it. It's exciting. Thank you!," she says again, seeming ever appreciative of the efforts. "Perhaps once I have practiced a bit, I might come back and learn some more one day? Shoot a few arrows together, if you are of the mind," she adds warmly.

"You made me get undressed for all of that?" Artorius says with a wry look on his bearded face, "Come on my lord, get up and try again." He up nods to Kiera, while he speaks more lowly to Mattheu, "You have fans watching."

Gianna strolls into the arena clad in leathers, hair swept back. "It's too hot to do sweaty things," she announces to no one in particular.

3 Fidante House Guards, Isla, a small silver fox, Claudio, the chivalrous knight, Sofia, a saucy sailor's aide, Agitato, the exceptionally cantankerous green tree boa arrive, following Cadenza.

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Zoey nods and gives Cassiopeia a smile as well. "Most certainly. Tea and Targets is a favorite sort of afternoon for me." She does glance Kiera's way again, but seeing others have taken over to help she allows those lessons to continue without interference.

Mikani moves over to Zoey's group. "Are we having fun?"

(OOC)The scene set/room mood is now set to:
If you need a teach in anything, join the line with line/getinline -- lots of teachers are on offer and many skills available. If you are here to teach others rather than get a teach please add a room-title of "Teacher" or your Teach Level (Teach 5, etc) to your name so folks know they can hit you up!

Turn in line: Gianna

*** Artorius has called for an opposing check with Mattheu. ***
Artorius checks dexterity and brawl at easy. Artorius is successful.
Mattheu checks dexterity and brawl at easy. Mattheu is successful.
*** Mattheu is the winner. ***

Dino steps up once it's his turn and makes his way to Caspian, nodding to where he saw the man helping someone with the weights that are set up. "Show me a few new moves, would you? I need to shake up my routine a bit."

"Definitely! Caspian was giving me knife lessons," Zoey tells Mikani with unbridled enthusiasm in her voice. "Want to see? Perhaps you can build off what he taught me as well!"

Mikani grins as Zoey shows her. "I definatly can!" She says warmly. "You've been wanting to learn that for a bit."

Zoey wields a pair of wavetossed dawnstone hairpins.

Savio has spotted Gianna arriving, and appears at her side, gasping. "I've never seen you in leathers! Have I?! You look a picture. All ready to get out of all sorts of nonsense... coming... your... way." Both brows are lofted upwards as he says this, and Nonsense is taking the form of his nyckelharpa bow sneaking out and trying to poke her. Poke. Poke. Dodge, Gianna, dodge!

Kiera meanders over to watch matti and artorious spar

Kiera nods her thanks to zoey

After Mikani asks a question in a lower voice, Zoey replies with only a grin and a motion of pulling one of her hairpins out of the coils of her headscarf.

Turn in line: Evander

Gianna makes a face, stepping away from Savio when he's poking at her. She swats at his arm. "Stop that. And thankfully I rarely get involved with the sort of nonsense that requires these." One shoulder rises and falls in a shrug. "I need some work on my footwork, I think."

Quenia takes a moment to take Griffin aside when he mentions he still wants to learn yet more about teaching. "It's all about learning how to talk to the person in a language they can understand. Sure, everyone speaks Arvum, but not everyone understands what it is you are trying to teach them, and sometimes you have to rephrase it."

Mattheu nods to Artorius in a quiet word. Grabbing the purple set of flowers, the trailing bells and handing them over to the Count. "For you, and a lovely spar good Count." As the crowd wanders from the quick spar he smiles back and nods to the drink, "you're welcome to stick around for the rest of the drink as well."

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Ian comes into the room with a distracted air, distracted in part by watching his own stilted, vaguely mechanical footsteps as he makes his way inside. But maybe just distracted in general.

Caspian strides over to where evander is working, giving an eager bob of his head. "Excellent! thats excellent! One thing people often forget is that your core muscles are used for everything! here.. hoist this up like so.." he hoists a bar across his shoulders "now.. like this you take a jog around the arena, using your core to keep the bar balanced. it will seem simple at first... but only at first!"

Griffin shows Kiera how to hold the base of her diaphragm in. "Like that. You want to project from there regardless if you want to sing or talk. Or like I used to perform poetry. It will give you the most breath, and stabilise you stance. Very important when you might be afraid of the audience." He laughs, as Quenia takes him aside and gives /him/ a pointer. "Ooops, I got carried away! Next time I'll remember."

Savio switches to poking Gianna in the leg with the bow when she says she's looking for footwork. Poke! One last poke for her to practice dodging this impromptu weapon, and he grins. "It's never, ever a bad idea to be good at dodging nonsense. The trick is not to stop moving, really -- awareness and motion, awareness and motion, and if you're taking a step back, lead with your toes not your heel. That way you can find whatever you're about to trip over before you commit to it." Ian is waved to, along with Wash, as they arrive!

Turn in line: Cadenza

Wash waves to Savio. "I am here, just here to watch. Unless someone wants to throw daggers with me."

Gianna hops back, wrinkling her nose. "Lead with the toes and not with the heel," she repeats. Also she tries to step on Savio's foot because he is POKING her. Just a quick dart forward.

Artorius gathers his stuff after the brawl with Mattheu, taking what he can of a short drink before there's a missive that POPs up and drags the Count away for some urgent business.

Artorius has left the ring of valor.

2 Sea Rover Bodyguards leaves, following Artorius.

Ian pauses by the door and takes his time taking in the people present. He nods to Savio, but seems to just be watching from a distance for now.

Zoey is off in one corner with Mikani, knives in hands and speaking quietly. They seem to be engaged in a lesson.

Evander seems to be on some makeshift row boat that is kept in place and made to practice rowing.

Mattheu looks over to Kiera with a grin and wave of the rhubarb brandy as he takes a longer pull from it. Completely failing to put even a tunic back on. "Lady Kiera. I was bested upon the sands. Though it looked that you were able to learn some new notes of a song?"

*** Savio has called for an opposing check with Gianna. ***
Savio checks dexterity and dodge at easy. Savio is successful.
Gianna checks dexterity and athletics at easy. Gianna is successful.
*** Savio is the winner. ***

Cadenza strolls into the Arena and mingles among the crowd greeting familiar faces and chatting with new people.

Cadenza is overheard praising Quenia.

Savio cackles and darts away from Gianna's dart forward, though honestly she was pretty quick with that. "You're a proper adventuress now, Nightingale Gianna. Word's going to get out."

Turn in line: Dino

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Ian skirting the edge of the group, Ian finds a seat at the bar and orders a drink.

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Griffin is overheard praising Savio.

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Evander steps out of the rowing machine when Kiera is directed towards him, "You are looking for a linguist?"

Griffin is overheard praising Quenia.

"Ew, no. I don't like adventures," Gianna tells Savio, sniffings once because he dodged her. "I try to go on as few as possible!" She reaches out to pat his shoulder. "It's generous of you to do this. It also seems like it will highly annoying. Good luck."

Quenia snacks a bit on her charcuterie helpings, washing it down with a glass of wine. She smiles at Cadenza when she is approached and beckons her to the table. There, she gives Cadenza the finer points on how to handle folk. "And I hope that information will serve you for a long time to come," she says to the woman when they are finished speaking about such matters.

Cassiopeia is overheard praising Wash.

Savio tilts a grin toward Gianna, and will air kiss her cheek if she allows it. Mwah. "People are mostly helping one another out, to be honest. Be careful out there. I'm just going to annoy you at random now, until you get sharp enough to step on me." He means this with love!

"Should we spar to see how well I am picking up lessons?" Zoey asks Mikani. "I am certain you will win, but practice generally a good idea, right?"

Wash teaches a game called ceiling darts, where you throw darts at the ceiling while laying on your back. It will teach you to focus and move quickly.

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Savio is overheard praising Zoey.

Savio is overheard praising Caspian.

Cassiopeia is overheard praising Caspian.

Cassiopeia is overheard praising Savio.

Caspian is overheard praising Savio.

Caspian is overheard praising Mikani.

Caspian is overheard praising Zoey.

Caspian is overheard praising Evander.

Kiera smiles at Mattheu "I did indeed. Artorious is a very good sport"

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Gianna allows her cheek to be kissed with one of her ghosts of an almost-smiles. That done, she tosses her hair and moves over toward the arena to watch any sparring that might be going on.

Caspian is overheard praising Valencia.

Kiera is overheard praising Savio.

Kiera is overheard praising Caspian.

Dino is overheard praising Caspian.

Dino is overheard praising Savio.

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"So I've been working on formal training in archery." Wash admits. "I've never pulled a bow."

Caspian clicks his tongue, "Well i can show you what NOT to do... but if you need to learn how to do it right and not shoot yourself.. maybe Lady Zoey could help?"

Zoey turns her head toward Wash at the admission. Her smile is wide and a musical laugh escapes her. "We have lived in the same home for how many years? And this is where you come for training?" she teases. "All right, come this way." She motions him closer.

Gianna is overheard praising Savio.

Evander helps Kiera with her linguistic lesson and then moves over to Mikani, whispering something.

Turn in line: Wash

After some time spent with the weights, Dino decides to brush up on a bit of his social skills. He's paired with Cadenza for this and approaches them with a quick nod. "So nice to meet you," he offers with a smile.

After a brilliant lesson in archery, it has the young woman all the more keen to learn more, and so she weaves through the crowds, waving from time to time at people she knows, until she exerts herself, asking for dodge lessons. "I've got hurt on a couple occasions," she explains, "and then lectured for it, and so it seems only reasonable, I should try not to get hurt, as much. But really, what good am I if I barricade myself with papers and politeness," she shrugs her shoulders, and seeks a teacher.

Cadenza murmurs a few quiet words to Dino then grins. "That should help."

Damien Pierce - A Charming Assistant, Ellis Avonmore - Steward and First Mate leave, following Mikani.

Griffin is overheard praising Evander.

Dino listens and, after a moment, his brows arch. "I can do that?" he says, laughing a bit at whatever tidbit Cadenza dropped for him. "Thanks for the tip."

Evander nods to Mikani who departs. He is then guided toward Griffin who gets a polite nod, "Teaching is about holding on to their attention and you do that better with reward than punishment."

Cadenza smiles to Dino. "You can do anything you can get away with. But please excuse me, I have another engagement this evening." The Fidante slips out of the Hart and out into the city.

3 Fidante House Guards, Isla, a small silver fox, Claudio, the chivalrous knight, Sofia, a saucy sailor's aide, Agitato, the exceptionally cantankerous green tree boa leave, following Cadenza.

Savio is happy to float around dispensing little bits of wisdom as he can, and he seems happier yet to see others assisting one another with the gaps of their knowledge. "I think now the question becomes," his voice raises over the hum of conversations, "Who's going to put their new knowledge to the test on the sparring sands?"

Zoey looks from Wash to the sands, considering. "I just might," she says. "Perhaps I will stay on my feet long enough to even get some practice."

Caspian moves around the room, learning and offering advice in equal measure.. at least that was what it looked like. in truth he was learning FAR more then teaching and was beaming the entire time. "hah! thats the spirit Lady Zoey! Who would like to stand up to lady Zoey in the ring?!"

Savio claps, and laughs briefly, ahahaha. Then both hands raise, "Who will challenge the Lady Zoey, Archer of Kennex, Lovely and Unafraid to Cut A Fool, First of Her Name Probably, Queen of the Sparring Sands?"

Savio does grin at Zoey and warns, "If nobody else, it'll be me or Caspian..."

"I actually challenged Captain of the Whitefeathers to that thing I had you do..." Wash tells Zoey. "Took her twice as many arrows to bring me down."

Ian frowns vaguely and pinches the bridge of his nose like someone who's got a sudden headache. He downs the rest of his drink. "I'm just going to step out." And so the very, very dangerous husband leaves, not to see whatever's about to happen.

Ian has left the bar.

Caspian smirks, "hold on i'll find my lute..."

"We need a weapon you're NOT good at," Savio protests to Caspian. "Zoey, what are you looking to spar with, your new dagger?"

Now that the training is over for the day, Dino can go and find a drink, mingle a bit. So, he tracks down where the wine is being poured and finds a nice red to sip on. Then, he wanders over toward Matthieu, a familiar face no longer caught up in sparring. "Nice to see you again," he says, saluting with his glass.

Caspian taps his chin then nods, "good point! i'll fish out some fist wraps!"

Zoey wields a pair of wavetossed dawnstone hairpins.

Zoey pulls the hairpins out of the coils of her headscarf again. "The pins are not new. Just the skills," she replies.

"Her... Hairpin?" Evander asks to no one especially.

"Or I could spar with her, since I use knives," Gianna says, flicking some hair over her shoulder with a sniff.

When a fight breaks out it brings a smile to Cassiopeia's face, but she is even more excited to see Zoey take out her hairpins. "Nicely done, Lady Zoey!," she cheers, finding another glass of rose and slipping onto a stool, all eyes on the spar, ready to cheer from the side-lines and make a bit of a spectacle of it, because why not?

Zoey has joined the ring of valor.

Savio laughs as Zoey unwraps... hairpins. "You're gonna get wrecked, Caspian," he warns, "Unless you let Gianna act as your Champion!"

Caspian looks to Gianna and smiles brightly, "oh! this will be excellent! You can be my Champion! training in knives versus training in not getting hit! please, by all means!" he looks to Savio and smirks, "clearly this is a test about who taught better.."

"Is that a paying job, being your Champion?" Gianna asks Caspian, arching a brow even as she strolls out onto the sands. She looks Zoey over quickly, nodding. "Ah. Leathers. Good. I didn't wear my jacket --- too hot. Let's hope I don't regret it."

Gianna has joined the ring of valor.

Gianna wields Nightingale's Song.

Savio has had a drink materialize in hand, and raises it to all and sundry. "Come and watch with us, and drink with us, and talk with us! Anything we can do to help give tips... of course, let us know, but for now we move on to the entertainment portion of the evening... the loveliest battle between the loveliest sharp object wielders! Ladies, take your places... and may the odds be in your favor!"

Drake has joined the bar.

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