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Rhythm of the World Festival II (Act 1)

Whisper House along with Princess Keely Grayson are proud to host the second Rhythm of the World Festival, featuring cultural performances from all over Arvum and the many places the people of the Compact are from. Rumors of some of the performances are of Champion Caspian Wild, Lord Mattheu Rivenshari, Vashtalyn Andalashari, Softest Whisper Aconite and featuring Nightingale of the Bard's College, Gianna Delvecchio.

The event is so extravagant they only throw one every few years. Featuring door prizes designed by Legendary Tailor, Sira Illuso, drinks and food with a focus on Saffron Isles bazaar cuisine all free provided by Whisper House. There will be smaller street acts and buskers stationed throughout the fair and merchants are encouraged to come and show off their wares.

The fair will be held for several days along the Beaches of Arx from mid-morning until later at night to accommodate all ages. As one of the biggest events of the Summer it

OOC: It will be two Days, with June the 17th being the shorter opening ceremonies followed by a longer event on Saturday the 18th to allow for all performers to have a chance to show off their stuff. If you haven't asked to perform you still can! Performances will be between 1-3 posts (long or short, doesn't matter) to accommodate everyone. Merchants and Fashionistas are absolutely welcome!

I am PST so the events are late, however I will start as early as possible - the event times are the approximate start/end.


June 17, 2022, 9 p.m.

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Caspian Mattheu Gianna Raven Tila Ryhalt Rosalind Savio Kiera



Outside Arx - Eastern Approach - Beaches

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Snow, 3 Sanna House Guards arrive, following Tila.

Moonsilver, the pale-feathered raven arrives, following Raven.

Tila gets Tightly woven crown of ivy from Serpentine Chest.

Caspian takes An ocarina pipe made of a spiral shell with painted accents from Serpentine Chest.

The sun has begun to set and the lanterns and torches have been lit. The rich sound of crowds of people with the occasional sound of bells, drums and lutes drift through the crowd. The whole area smells like seaside and the large area where food is being prepared. Young people, perhaps a bit deep in their cups, dance around with colorful streamer ribbons and here and there people attempting to play a musical instrument they picked at the entrance.

Over in the horse ring people are being given rides up and down the sandy strand.

On the big stage a couple of massive drums with large hides stretched over them are being played by synchronized drummers.

The sun isn't fully down so people are off at the diving boards or lounging on the beach, some eating treats they've recently acquired at the Festival.

Aconite is around as well. Bustling between the 'Helper' tents to make sure all is going well.

Raven takes Tightly woven crown of ivy from Serpentine Chest.

Connal, a Northern Wolfhound, Honeymare, 1 Ravenseye Warrior, 3 Sanna House Guards, 2 Northern Rangers, a Whitehawk rusted hawk arrive, following Rosalind.

Caspian crunches in the sand as he approaches the beach, his pack slung along his back. His dark eyes danced across the festival that has been stood up. The stage and the horses, the many people lounging and conversing, all helped paint the picture of a true festival for everyone. The music filling the air from the drums almost made him want to dance. He looked around for Aconite, finally catching sight of her as she moved between tents. he hurried over and smiled warmly, waving as he approached. "Softest Whisper! this is a fantastic setup! everything looks stunning!"

Mattheu stares in near horror and fascination at the horses where the rides are being given and turns away quickly to wander in a cascade of bells each singing out to see what is going on by the big stage. A few children have already run up to him asking for what fun and amazing tricks he can do, as he nods and looks to a past moment in his life upon his hands, the brightly colored Ravashari Performer wraps. He grabs at a few apples and offers a juggle to a small smiling crowd of children before ruffling their hair and handing over the fruits while continuing his stroll between tents and looking to what is offered. A small wildcat can be occasionally be seen poking its head out from a pouch just below the one reserved for the plushies which the Rivenshair lord carries with him. Violeta, follows along for a moment until rolls of brightly colored fabric are spotted and then all bets are off as she pushes past Mattheu to make for the bolts and starts to attempt a haggle for the best pieces.

Gianna looks over from where she's inspecting the stage; she inclines her head to Caspian, and the Aconite as well. "Agreed. This is lovely - so much colour and vibrancy. I do enjoy this festival."

Raven has shed her boots and wanders along the beach, admiring the decorations and festivities. Aconite gets a smile and a wave but Raven doesn't distract the hostess with the mostest.

Tila treats in along the sandy beach, the soft ground giving way under small feet. Eventually she looks at thee grouping from a closer perspective. Slender arms folded over her stomach as she holds her cloak in both arms. The quiet study of horses to the fencing, then the canopy topped arbor. There she finally gives the softest yet fleeting glimpses of a smile.

Ryhalt strolls along at his leisure, enjoying the various performers. Along the way he picks up a fair amount of treats, too much for him to eat alone, so he probably intends to take some back to someone.

Rosalind comes running down the beach, her long copper hair free and flying behind her. "Hi!" she greets, waving to everyone as she rushes by. There's a smile on her face.

Raven smiles warmly and watches Rosalind tear past, pleased to see such unbridled enthusiasm.

e If she weren't truly smmiling before, Rosalind draws it from Tila. "Rosalind!" She calls out as the flowing haired Lady sprints into view. A mild stumble, she's really not so stable on the beach in any footwear. The solution? Off they come. Bared feet dig into the sand, warmed from the day's sun before chill can take it. She gestures a wave, but in her fervour she nearly topples into Ryhalt. "Oh, pardon my Lord."

Raven has joined the Wooden Picnic Table.

Caspian looks up as Rosalind shouts her hi and goes rushing past. he blinks a few times and waves after her. "hello lady Rosa.. and she is gone..." he laughs, shaking his head and looking to the other Guests. Bright smiles and waves great each as he adjusts the pack on his back."

"Rosa!" Mattheu calls out as he in mid bounce along with the drums playing. Bells nearly drowned out, not quite. A look around to the others as he pulls his head out of what ever clouds he's been stuck in. /probably the pryania liqueur.../ Smiling to Caspian with a wave, then to Gianna with a flourished bow. "Gianna, Caspian." Finally spotting Aconite, "And the ever softest. Aconite. It's good to see you again."

Aconite smiles to Caspian, "Thank you, Champion Wild." The honeysilk wrapped Whisper replies with a smile. There's a lot to explore, plenty of ways to embrace the dusk." She tells the Champion before smiling to Gianna, "Are you eager for your performance, Nightingale?" She wonders as she hands out another gift from storage near the tent and sends a group of revelers on their way.

The Children oooo at the juggling act and aww as Mattheu shuffles off deeper into the revelry. Only to be herded of by older children heading for the food. As dusk deepens the younger celebrants are slowly urged off to eat or nap on sun-warmed sands.

He drums on the stage can be heard across the festival by their sheer size.

A hawker near Raven attempts to tempt her gaze with pretty hairpins of all styles.

There are people who greet Rosalind in return, those within earshot. But there are a lot of here, either because it's fully catered OR because they're here to see their favorite performer. The Festivals already a few days in and the last few days are renowned for those who've been asked to perform for Visitors and Locals alike.

Ryhalt finds all kinds of fun things; 'glass' fruits, which have coated in clear candy glass, bunts, bon-bons, tiny cakes, sweets in the shapes of fish, dragons and even snakes.

Ryhalt glances at Rosalind running past, but any reply is interrupted as Tila nearly jostles into him. He steps to the side, turning his shoulder to protect his treats and not get them on her if he fails. Crisis averted, he turns back to Tila with a smile. "No harm. So much here to get distracted by. Enjoying yourself, I hope?"

Winter, A Highhill Puppy, Angeline arrive, following Kiera.

Caspian has joined the line.

Tila is perfectly unharmed, and thankfully so are her clothes. "Wonderfully met, my Lord." She offers warmly. "I should pay more attention." She then assesses the man to ensure he's safe as well. "My apologies again." She offers softly. Then back to assessing what's going on again.

Gianna inclines her head to Mattheu, noting, "So colourful," almost absently. She nods to Aconite. "I am. I think later in the evening, though. It's so tricky to tell when it's the right time - before everyone starts to leave, but still near the end. Ooh. Is that... pineapple?" She has been distracted by someone walking past. "I had some of that at Savio and Orland's wedding. Do excuse me. I see all sorts of things I need to examine." She turns, chartreuse gown swishing as she moves, exposing a length of her leg.

Raven settles someplace to take in the crowds taking in festivities and settled where she can see the stage.

Rosalind wiggles her fingers at Raven and Caspian. And Matti. She grins, taking a deep breath, inhaling the chill air. "This is so nice. It feels so nice out." Rosa plops her butt somewhere in the sand.

Caspian gives Aconite an earnest smile and turns to do just as she suggested, explore the many stalls and sights. Of course the man couldn't help but pick up slices from nearly every fruit he could find that he didn't know the name of.. which was a great deal of them. then he sees the ciders and laughs with delight, bounding over the sand to secure a mug or two. he looks to Rosalind after finding her sat in the sand. "Its gorgeous weather out! and the feeling here.. well there nothing quite like festival grounds i feel!"

"Good to met you, too." Ryhalt smiles with warm candor to Tila. He gets distracted as he catches sight of the treats shaped like fish and dragons. He goes over to order them, loading up his long-suffering page with some of the boxes.

Aco bows to Matthew, "Lord Rivenshari." She greets warmly "Hello! Thank you for the complement but really it was a combined effort. Princess Keely was a great help as were the rest of the Whispers." She demurs.

The drummers finish up their set with arm-swinging final notes that rumble like summer thunder across the crowd drawing a small silence then a cheer as the sweat covered drummers bow and summon assistance to get their instruments off the stage.

A man in an absurdly colorful one piece outfit and a half jester mask tumbles out onto stage and somehow. Painted lips break into a smile, "That was a thrilling performance. Yes? What now, oh what now?" He wonders as he does a cartwheel. "What delights await us? Can I hear some guesses?" He puts a hand to his ear and people call out various acts, hoping it will be something they came for.

Over in the section where the food is being prepared. Fragrant pit roasted mutton lifted from one of the cooling pits sending a plume of delicious scent into the air drawing a bit of a crowd.

On the stage the Harlequin is replaced by a trio of similarly sized siblings who begin to stretch and move to a song played by a lute, flute and drummer as they begin to fluidly move through a dazzling display of contortionism.

Raven smacks her hand on the top of the bench she sits on since she can't clap, trying to signal noisy enthusiasm.

Tila nods as her own distraction forms, "You...too, Lord..." She trails off and off that woman wanders. Who knows where!

Rosalind has joined the Beneath Trees.

Rosalind has left the Beneath Trees.

Rosalind has joined the Wooden Picnic Table.

Savio has appeared, fashionably(?) late and having dusted off the Arakkoan formalwear of his! It's yards and yards and yards of fabric all folded and pinned and draped just so -- really the sort of thing that looks like putting it on is a pain, requires a helper, and causes at least one argument with said helper. But he made it! Very different from Arvani styles, but this, of course, is the point of such a festival. Soaking up the ambiance, he moseys, scanning for familiar faces.

Ryhalt goes over to the stage when the main attraction starts and finds himself a place to watch.

Caspian looked up as an attendant came and whispered something into his ear. he grinned, reaching back and digging in his pack for his lute. he snatched it up and hopped to his feat, slowly crossing the sands to make his way toward the stage and waiting nearby. he looked over as Savio arrived, giving a merry wave to the man and a radiant smile.

Gianna turns to applaud the drummers and keep an ear out for the next act up on the stage. Otherwise, she's circulating with a skewer of lamb that she is delicately nibbling without getting juice on her gown. Must be Whisper training. She swans over toward Raven, inclining her head to the woman. "Raven, hello. When was... ah. Did Zakhar ever clear up that issue with the noble?" She tears a small chunk of lamb off her skewer with her teeth.

Rosalind takes A long silk rainbow ribbon attached to a wooden wand from Serpentine Chest.

Raven offers Rosalind a smile as she joins and then looks up at Gianna. Her brow furrows and she squints hard as if thinking very, very hard. She oh's and her eyes rolled, "I heard word she repeated the bahavior-again, so I had a discrete word with her lord to resolve the matter. It seems like that was ages ago, Nightingale. I trust this evening finds you well?"

Savio blows kisses to Gianna and Raven as he passes them, coming over to loiter near Caspian. "How is it going? Who has performed?" he asks by way of greeting. "I haven't missed you singing to us all, have I?"

Kiera enters and makes a circle of the foodstuffs, making sure a slice of pineapple with which she is familiar makes its way to the plate. though she could likely spends all night sampling food stuffd, she finds a spot near the performers

Raven smiles warmly and blows a kiss, "Savio!

Tila wanders over to the food stalls, coins passed over as she gathers probably too much food that she intends to eat -all- by herself.

"It does. Plenty of good food and some very pretty things to look at. I might have to pick up some cloth but then I'd have to find a way to get it to the College," Gianna says with a light, shimmery shrug of her shoulders. She does seem to brighten slightly, even if she doesn't actually smile, when Savio addresses them. She inclines her head. If she blew a kiss the world might explode.

Caspian grins to Savio and shakes his head, "no.. you sadly are not so lucky my friend. your ears will still need bleed." he gave a wink and chuckled, "The performances so far have been astounding though! dancers, contortionists, performers of all type! make me wish i had half their talent!"

With a fish upon stick being used to also skewer at various fruits, Mattheu makes his way from the big stage through the crowds. Sneaking as best he can, still soft bells singing out behind Kiera as she wanders.

On stage the acrobats defy what seems natural. Moving in a weird dance of limbs with seemingly no limits. The performance is short but still a stunning display of color and human flexibility. Once they're done all three return to standing and upright and bow each one at a time to gain applause all their own. Big smiles are given to the cheering and amazed crowd as they run off stage.

As the twilight deepens more lanterns are lit and fires start to dot the beach. The Horse rides continue though a bit slower along the moonlit beaches. The large paper moon above the stage is lit and begins to glow casting a warm light over the stage as the Jester capers up onto it and spins around before throwing up his arms. "Friends! Do you know what treat a little bird just sang to my ears. We are to have a performance by the incomparable Champion Caspian Wild! Let me hear.." The cheer is already being sounded even before the jaunty figure on stage is done speaking.

Slightly tipsy people dance around a bard who's stationed near a stand that is selling small statues and figurines.

People out on the beach start to come in before the tide grows threatening. However a few still stay in a roped off area considered safe to wade in off in the distance.

Rosalind grins at Raven, before darting off to grab something from the chest. Finding a ribbon with beautiful colors, Rosa smiles. As she listens to the music, the copper haired Ravenseye begins dancing a little, dancing with her ribbon. She shakes and shimmies it around. "The children at my house will love this,"Rosa decides, but pausing as she hears about a performance. She hurries back over to sit, ribbon trailing behind her.

Raven smiles warmly, "I'm very glad to hear. No surprise Softest Whisper knows how to throw a party. I think Champ's having a blast." She indicates Caspian with a soft chuckle, "Are you performing today?" She blink-blinks and then peers past Gianna towards stage, "Whelp. This should be a treat."

"All of the snacks are quite Saffron in nature," Savio ntes with approval at things like the pineapple and fish on a stick. "Including me. ...Ahahaha." Everyone is spared more jokes as it's Caspian's turn to come up, and he smiles, to embrace the man briefly. "You'll be wonderful." Then he drifts over and hangs out near Gianna and Raven to grin a greeting, and await the show!

Caspian mimes to savio and raven to cover their ears and chuckles. then takes up his lute and walks out onto the stage with a grin. He gives a bow to the audience and strikes a few notes. "When i was first voluntold by my patron to perform here this evening," he gives a smirk to Savio "i admit i was at a bit of a loss. i dont have much of a culture that is worth shareing. So.. i decided that i should instead perform something to COMMENT on a culture." he wets his lips, taking a few steps on the stage as he spoke, the notes flowing in a quiet stream. "Perhaps its their sea faring nature.. or perhaps its the fact that they simply LOVE to drink.. but the tavern.. the pub.. its integral to Thrax. For every shipyard there are 5 pubs. Every reaver has at least 3 pubs that he or she frequents. because of this.. i have noticed that everywhere seems to have one! A Thraxan pub. Even in the must unlikely of places, you could always find some hollow with sailors all holed up. And this reminded me of a song i once heard.. and i'd like to share with you now." he smiled wide, the music suddenly bursting to life as musicians off stage began to accompany the man in a upbeat shanty.

((Rewrite and Set to the Tune of the Irish Pub Song by The high kings))

Well, you're walkin' through a city street, you could be in Euru
And you hear a distant calling and you know it's meant for you
Then you drop what you were doing and you join the merry mob
And before you know just where you are, you're in a Thraxan pub

They've got one in Everwinter, they've got one in Brighthold too
They got four of them in Cardia and a couple in Telmarch are new
So whether you sing or pull a pint you'll always have a job
because where ever you go around the world you'll find a Thraxan pub

Now that design is fairly simple and it usually works the same
You'll have tables and chairs with painting of sharks nestled in'a frame
And you know you're in a thraxan pub the minute you're in the door
For a couple of sailors out of favor will be passed out on the floor

They've got one in Everwinter, they've got one in Brighthold too
They got four of them in Cardia and a couple in Telmarch are new
So whether you sing or pull a pint you'll always have a job
Because where ever you go around the world you'll find a Thraxan pub

Now the owner is Lycean and the manager comes from Arx
And the lad that's holding up the bar says 'i dont want none of yer snarks'
He was born and bred in Redreef but his mother is from Tyde Hall
And he's going to make his fortune soon and move to Lenosia

They've got one in Everwinter, they've got one in Brighthold too
They got four of them in Cardia and a couple in Telmarch are new
So whether you sing or pull a pint you'll always have a job
Because where ever you go around the world you'll find a Thraxan pub

Now it's time for me to go, thought i'd much love to remain
So I'll leave ye sitting at the bar and face the wind and rain
For I'll have that pint you owe me, if I'm not gone on the dry
When we meet next in the Ebb n Flow, our thirst to satisfy

Caspian finished with a flourish, offering a bright smile and bowing to the audiance before heading off the stage

Raven smack her palm on the bench to make up for not being able to clap and raucously whistles when the performance is done.

Gianna finishes her lamb skewer and daintily tucks her fingertips into her mouth to get the grease off. Caspian's song is listened to, the self-styled Nightingale's head gently bobbing to the tune. Her toe accompanies. "Mmmm. Very good," she remarks, mostly to herself. And of course she applauds when he steps offstage.

Ryhalt scratches his sidewhisker as he listens, but claps at the end of the performance nevertheless.

Rosalind grins. She wiggles her ribbon instead of clap for Caspian's song, cheering for him.

Bells sing out along with Mattheu as he claps for Caspian's performance.

Savio looks most approving at the mention that Caspian was Voluntold to be here. That seems true. The song has him in a grin at the first mention of the chorus, and all throughout, "...A painting of sharks," he echoes, as though, somehow, this is the most relatable part of the Thraxian Pub for him. "Oh, what are you like!" Applause!

Kiera just flat out whistles for caspian as her hands are full of foodstuffs

Tila looks mildly lost for a moment before she claps after the perfomance. She then noms on a snack.

People have begun to talk about Gianna's outfit. Some outright complimeting her, others just whispering and spreading word about how stunning the Nightingale looks this evening.

Rosalind's dance with ribbons is breifly joined by a gaggle of giggling girls each with their own dancing ribbons before they hurry back off into the crowd with fits of laughter.

Aconite is around. Spots of pale gold on a tall figure weaving through the crowds between Helpers tents mark her passing.

People, especially those in the cooking area who are busy working to create the delicacies greet Savio with warm familiarity.

The candy sellers call out to anyone passing. Reminding them they can box their precious and decorative goodies to take home.

Caspian's performance is watched. People leaning into the story with curiosity about what the Champion is going to perform. People start to trickle from other areas as the acts get more recognizable, curious about Caspian's song about Thraxian culture. The loudest laughs come from some of the seafaring fealty.|

Mattheu has joined the line.

"I'll be performing later, closer to the closing," Gianna remarks, belatedly answering Raven, perhaps. Savio's given a curious look. "How long does it take to get into that?" she asks, gesturing toward his ensemble. She seems genuinely curious. "Does it involve pins, and how many?"

Caspian gives a shrug to Savio and chuckles, "eh...what can i say. you said do something about someone else's culture so.. i did!" he grinned "Are you performing tonight?" he looked around for Cassiopeia.

"If you ask me it takes three-quarters of an hour-glass," Savio answers Gianna, with a grin. "If you ask Orland it takes 'all fucking day' so I suppose the answer is somewhere between those points. There are pins, but actually only three, it's mostly held together by being folded and tucked correctly. I can dance in it, a little bit, but it'll fall off if I didn't put it on right. It's a test of skill." To Caspian, he hmms, "I intended to. But nearer to the end, like the gorgeous Nightingale. Should I go sooner?"

Mattheu says something softly to Kiera before he manages to be distracted by one of the tents where a chocolate sweet doughy ball is be served and he wanders towards it.

Violeta Emili, tall and shadowed rivenshari have been dismissed.

2 Rivenshari Clan Guardsman have been dismissed.

Virgil - an agile wildcat kitten have been dismissed.

Raven chuckles softly, "He looks stunning sdo clearly it's worth it, The Arkkoan butterfly."

"Three," Gianna murmurs, touching two fingertips to her lips and narrowing her eyes as she considers Savio's clothing, calculating. A nod, and she pauses to tell Caspian, "Well done. I'm glad you joined the College," before easing back into the crowd. She makes her way toward the food, happening to end up near Tila. "Try the pineapple. It's delicious," she tells the other woman.

Savio has joined the line.

(ST) Caspian gets many, many compliments on his song and a very few obviously playful threats but nothing here is serious. The Festival seems to promote a feeling of accord, everyone fed good food and drink and the performers and buskers throughout the Festival seem to serve as a deterrent to building tensions. Quite a few seem to be Whispers though there are many who are from other places within the Compact. Come for the calling or the coin. The stage remains empty for a short while.

Allowing people time to absorb the last performance and run to get themselves refreshments or peruse wares for a few minutes before the Jester appears back on stage again and whistles loudly. He does a merry little jig while the audience re-gathers. The Jester seems to have no end of energy.

"My friends, my fellows, my fans... for surely there can be no others here." He strikes a heroic pose which garners laughter. "We are preparing for our next act. While we wait.. let me ask you..."

"Why can't you trick an unemployed jester?" His hand comes up and he strokes his goatee in thought before after about thirty seconds he calls, "Because he's nobody's fool!"

Unanimous laughter and groans pass through the crowd before the jester twirls on one foot. "All right, all right.. NEXT.. we have coveted talent from the Saffron isles. A true testiment to the beauty in the word! Lord Savio Amadeo!"

Another cheer goes up!

Caspian gives a bright smile to Gianna, bowing his head, "Thank you nightingale! its not the grandest of performances i will readily admit, but if it served to get the crowd warmed up then it did its job" he looks to Savio and laughs slightly, "so you are saying if i pulled a pin free..." he gave savio an impish grin.. but then the man was being called and caspian was on his foot clapping and cheering!

Savio gets an exquisite ash-wood mandolin from woven instrument strap.

"Coveted talent... oh, what are you like," Savio laughs as he does step up toward the stage. "I don't know about that." He has with him an Arvani mandolin, and does a little bow as he assumes the position. "It is my pleasure for this to be the second time I have performed at the Festival. The first time, it was a difficult time for me to celebrate my home, and I sang a sad song in Arakkoan, with a Saffron instrument. This time, we will play an Arvani instrument -- aren't mandolins wonderful? -- and have something more lighthearted. About being a homesick fool, so, you know. Autobiographical. Here we go." The tune is sprightly, and he begins.

Savio plays and sings:

"I went north to Arvum and my older brother said
There's so many different places here, it'll spin your head
The sultry south, the frozen north, the Crownlands fair and green
The bounty of the Oathlands, the islands of the Mourning Sea

So I went here and and I went there to have a look around
And I was properly amazed by every place I found
But although I love the mainland and it's here that I remain
You know I'm awfully homesick for my beloved Saffron Chain

There's nowhere like the Saffron Sea
Where the air is clear and the wind is free
Oh there's nowhere like the Saffron Sea
It's the Saffron Sea for me!

There's a season called the 'winter' here and I'm really not impressed
No matter how much fur I wear, I find out I'm underdressed
There is all this falling white stuff and a heinous thing called ice
Picture instead a white sand beach, wouldn't that be nice?

The wind moving through the palm trees will take all your cares away
Purple orange-gold sunsets painting farewell to the day
Waterfalls from such great heights, and flowers like a dream
Definitely greater pineapples than you have ever seen

There's nowhere like the Saffron Sea
Where the air is clear and the wind is free
Oh there's nowhere like the Saffron Sea
It's the Saffron Sea for me!

'When in Arx be an Arvani,' you know that's how the cliche goes
I've learned so many useful things, like mainlanders love potatoes
And people think it's slightly odd if you go everywhere in sandals
Don't worry though I got this, I got the integration handled

I miss my island Dawnsend and there's maybe more to learn
But this I do remember when my homesick longings yearn:
Here are my friends and family, and no matter where I roam
It is in them I find my warmth and there I have my home."

The chorus repeats again a few more times to finish out the silly song, and he bows! The end.

"I'm sure it would be lovely to see," Gianna remarks, even as she applauds, "Except getting there would involve a boat." She says 'boat' with great disdain. She even gives a little sniff.

Ryhalt smiles somewhat wistfully as he listens and claps at the end of Savio's performance.

Raven slaps her hand on the bench and issues another oscellating whistle of enjoyment and approval, hoisting her flask towards the flask.

Rosalind finds herself wriggling her ribbon for Savio too. Cheers! When she's brought a letter, she finds herself nodding--and laughing. "Yeah! I'll be right there! They're going to love---,"her words trailing. "I have to go! But this was so fun! Thank you for doing this,"the copper haired RAvenseye says with a large smile.

Caspian listens, humming along softly as he picks up the music. As soon as the music finishes, Caspian jumps up and unleashes a raucous round of applause, whistling loudly and cheering each in turn as if the man can't decide which to do. "Well done, well done! SAAVIO!!!"

Tila cheers and claps for Savio. "Well done!" she calls out as she settles in to quietly observe more.

"I've seen you on boats before!" Savio calls out Gianna, laughing. "At least twice! You looked perfect and nothing went wrong, I won't hear otherwise." Mwah, mwah, he exits the stage! Where /are/ the three pins of that attire? Hard to tell.

Rosalind has left the Wooden Picnic Table.

Connal, a Northern Wolfhound, Honeymare, 1 Ravenseye Warrior, 3 Sanna House Guards, 2 Northern Rangers, a Whitehawk rusted hawk leave, following Rosalind.

Kiera finds a place to set her place aside so she can clap for savio

Raven lifts her eyebrows, "What about all the fine things you wouldn't have if it weren't for boats?"

The Audience waits, listens, entranced. Enough that the song can be heard out deep into the crowd. A light breeze sends the many lanterns to swaying and the torches sputter softly in time to the song.

Once Savio is finished the crowd cheers, whistles and applauds for the beautiful song. Those who had been serving food had emerged, breaking from their work long enough to listen to Lord Amedeo's song.

Tila is greeted by nearby people who are taking a break from the festivities. After all that large of a press of people is worse than market days.

As the night truly falls the large moon lantern glows soft and golden. And the silk ribbons and flags ripple, catching true moonlight on the cooler breeze from the ocean.

A small group of young adults accidently bump into poor Kiera, apologizing tipsily as they drift for a spot on the sand to land.

The jester reappears and waves his arms, "I feel sorry for whoever has to follow that act. Up next we have a dance! Performed by the Whisper Apprentices of Arx!"

The stage is filled by a group of dancers all in matching silvery silks. They dance to horns and woodwinds. Moving like silver clouds underneath the moon above that colors their outfits.

Gianna waves her hand. Her free hand, because she has pineapple in her other hand. "Boats are fine for other people," she says. "I just don't like being on them." Savio is given a sour look, because she was NOT beautiful on the last boat they were on together.

Raven ahhhs and looks more amused than sympathetic. She smiles at Savio, "It's always a treat when you perform. Did I miss casseopeia or was she unable to come?"

"Maybe it is just well," Savio laughs, mood undeterred by Gianna's sour look as he rejoins his friends, "You would love my beautiful island so much, surrounded by birds like jewels and wonderful warm weather and fruits in every amazing array of flavor! Between the beaches and the boat trip home, you might never return, and then I would be run out of the Compact for depriving the Capital of its favorite celebrity." To Raven, "I believe she meant to come on the second night. If you missed her, I did too. Worst cousin."

Caspian looks to Savio and smiles, "It was fantastic! and so catchy to! i am going to be humming that for days" he smirked "but you know.. the snow and ice have their charm.. have you ever had a snow ball fight?"

Savio assures Caspian, "Yes, it was awful."

Raven makes a face, "Thank gods it's Summer. Snoball fight sounds AWFUL."

A baker nearby Rhyalt notices that he's accumulated a spread of goodies and makes a quiet hiss towards the Noble, "Pssst.. Would you like to buy a true treat. A secret recipe.. a world of flavor in just one bite?" He plies.

The dancers on the stage finish their performance. Another short one followed not by the Jester but by a small band that gathers on the stage to start playing lively dancing music.

The lack of Jester seems to encourage people to start to spread out and enjoy the rest of the Festival as true night falls. Soon it will devolve into a party of revelers. Even the food area seems to be finishing up spreading their goods around before heading to enjoy the festivities.

Many people whisper about the Grande Finale tomorrow.

However the Festival will linger on into the wee hours of morning. Only to start again at mid-day tomorrow.

Raven is overheard praising Aconite.

Tila offers waves and warm wishes to those that pass her the softer spoken Lady falls back to comfortable awareness, and perhaps distraction

Aconite seems to free herself from the Helper tents in time to watch the last of the performance.

Gianna is overheard praising Aconite: A most fascinating festival!

Savio gets A long silk rainbow ribbon attached to a wooden wand from Serpentine Chest.

Savio is overheard praising Aconite: A pleasure to celebrate my home, among my friends.

Aconite takes Serpentine Chest.

Ryhalt lifts his eyebrows, skeptical at the promise of such a secret recipe, but he shrugs and pays for it. "I'd like to know what that would be, sure."

Raven has left the Wooden Picnic Table.

Moonsilver, the pale-feathered raven leaves, following Raven.

Snow, 3 Sanna House Guards leave, following Tila.

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