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Second Party for a Marriage

Lord Teague Charon bids all of the Compact welcome to a party for the marriage of Lord Orland Amadeo and Lord Savio Amadeo. It happened when it did.The rest of the compact was able to usher in a bright new future for the husbands! But Lord Teague Charon was poisoned, down for the count not able to celebrate this with all! Given his love for one Orland Amadero, he is going to remedy that with a party, come bring gifts and drink wine, eat food, CAKE! It will be the first coming of this marriage in House Charon. All are welcome, bring many many gifts for the couple. Spoil them a second time!


June 12, 2022, 2 p.m.

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Savio Orland Cassiopeia Caspian Gwenna Nazmir Temira Ysbail Tila Zakhar Giada Rosalind



Arx - Ward of House Redrain - House Charon - Solarium

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It has felt like a very long time since I have been out and about in the city. I can't blame it all on duties, though those always tend to keep me hidden away in a library or even granary now and then. I left the ledgers and attended the event held by Lord Teague for Lords Orland and Savio. Lord Orland I have come to know recently, so it was wonderful to see him alongside his spouse. Lord Savio seems the perfect compliment and I hope to get to know him better in the near future. It was also wonderful to see Lord Teague up and celebrating.

How different all of their lives may have felt a year or more ago. To see so many gathered to make merry and enjoy each others company was truly a joy, and I think I even made a couple of new friends along the way. An intimate affair that felt larger than life.

The solarium has been party-ready with so many tables stacked with food and drinks. The cakes are three cakes are towering over the world. Everything is set up by the expert hand of House Charon. A massive banner reading to the happy couple with the scrawled on it is <Lord Savio Amadeo and Lord Orland Amadeo!!!> It is strung over the fireplace that is burning brightly. Servants move with glasses of wine and other things to drink back and forth over the hall.

There standing in the center of the room is Lord Teague Charon standing there greeting each as they enter. Dressed in crimson clothing for once, not in his armor. His smile is big large, filled with mirth as he throws his head back after greeting each of them. He is currently telling someone that enters. "Lord Orland has been like a little brother to me, so you honor us both by coming thank you so much!" His voice fills the solarium with its deep sound of pure joy. He moves on to the next to greet. He is making the rounds trying his best to be a proper host. "Now then, we will have a few contests as well. But I will bring those to the table once it is time, one of wits, one of charm, and one of power!"

Khaavren, a dutiful assistant, 2 Redrain Guards, 2 Redrain Veteran Guards arrive, following Gwenna.

Gruffudd, A ridiculously large and fluffy Blackwood forest Cat, Inka Briar arrive, following Ysbail.

Savio has dusted off his wedding clothes! Nice to get use out of those more than once! The brocade and aeterna is all embroidered with gladiolus flowers, the overall long tunic and trousers done up in shades of pinks. He has wine, and probably won't be seen without glass in hand this entire time as a matter of fact, but his other free arm is currently linked around Orland's. Awww.

"Teague, you and your house are too kind," Savio laughs, "You are too kind, you spoil us with all of this. And we are so grateful to you, to Charon, to everyone who has come... It's been a year, but it feels like yesterday. We will answer any and all questions directed to us about one hundred percent of everything no matter the topic." There you go Orland you've been voluntold. "But enough about us, what are these contests?"

Orland had come in the attire he wore at the wedding, so that Teague could experience it as if it had happened today! Although thankfully they aren't being showcased in a church and re-doing that whole thing! Longest hour of his life trying to defend himself as to why he was marrying who he was marrying! But, that was over a year ago now. They had already celebrated their first year married back in the spring and had gone to Artshall to do it. Orland was standing tall and proud, smirking at the promises of contests, "We certainly didn't have those I don't.. recall?" He looks to Savio then murmurs over the glass of rum in his hand, "Though of course that night was all a blurr, until the good part." IMPISH grin before he takes a drink.

On the echoes of Savio's words, Orland does add in, "Yes, thank you Lord Teague and House Charon for this festive occasion. Naturally we are excited to be here to celebrate with you." He clears his throat, "Before we get into the contests, might I have a moment?"

Arriving while still caught in a quiet murmured conversation with Nazmir, Cassiopeia is stopping to look around at everything and she smiles bright when she sees the banner. "This looks delightful," she murmurs to the Redrain prince. Cassiopeia dressed in a combination of green and black, wearing a half-dress, which is in fact, half a dress and many snakes that are all bejeweled, because it's a party and so she's reflecting that in her attire. Not real snakes, of course. Not this time. She is however carrying something in one of her arms, is a little grey rabbit, with wild hair. The rabbit is curiously peeking out, he has a little bow-tie on and it matches Cassi's dress. She uses her cloak to keep him from the elements. Little rabbit eyes go wide when it sees the plants in the party room. Cassiopeia's eyes also go wide, but with concern, she presses her lips together and looks very innocent, hiding the rabbit under her cloak then. Chatting casually, she says, "I've only been this way a couple of times, I always expect it to be colder than the rest of the city, but that's silly," she says realizing how much so and her smile turns to the people in the room and she lights up. "Caspian! Lady Temira!," she waves at them before leading the pair towards Savio and Orland so she can greet them. "I love you both, so very much, you are perfect and beautiful," and Cassiopeia is already getting a little emotional so she breathes in quickly. Looking over at Teague, "thank you so much for hosting this!," she exclaims, "everything is on."

Caspian strides in, holding a pack over his shoulder and his face broken in a bright smile. he pauses to take in the marvelous decorations and the many people gathered. he shook his head, and then spied the couple of the year! "LORD ORLAND! LORD SAVIO! Congratulations!!" he laughs merrily, rushing forward to through his arms wide and try to embrace each of them in a hug. he looks to Teague and beams, "this was marvelous idea! thank you lord teague!" he beams and then looks to Cassiopeia and waves with a bright smile, "Marquessa Cassiopeia! its so good to see you!" as orland asks for a moment Caspian steps back, still smiling.

Gwenna enters the somewhat familiar estate and is all smiles. Maybe she missed the first reception, maybe she's just been busy with house affairs and is taking a much needed reprieve. Whatever the case, the Redrain seems in good spirits as she makes her way through the threshold. Her attire is not the usual starlight silk or such; instead, snakeskin and aeterna seem to be the attire for her day. "Contests?" The word is repeated after perhaps overhearing that exact word. It's not a concern that keeps her brows arched long, however, and soon she is lifting a hand to wave to Teague and the happy couple. "An extraordinary affair surely bears repeating! Congratulations, Lord Orland and Lord Savio! As well, it is so good to see you again, Lord Teague." Surely there will be time to offer more in the ways of conversation once the arrivals draw to a minimum, and so Gwenna takes that time to find herself a nice chilled glass of wine.

Savio side-eyes Orland as he just tried to de-spotlight them, and here's his husband... re-spotlighting them! Then again there may not be any avoiding the spotlight at this particular event. He does part from the other for just a moment to embrace his cousin Cassiopeia, and Caspian also! Laughing gratitude and a dip of his head to Gwenna, "thank you, thank you," before Savio raises his brows in a curious way at Orland! Who is up to something, clearly.

Walking into the Solarium with Cassiopeia on his arm, Nazmir is smiling as he continues in on the quiet conversation. Letting his gaze sweep around, he's then looking back to her as he gives a little nod of his head, "It does indeed look delightful." He's clad in a mix of blues and greens, though it's all leather this time around, instead of the silks. It's an unusual attire for him, but he's rocking it all the same and he's actually pulled his hair back, rather then leaving it loose. Turning his attention back in the direction of Cassi, there's the hint of a chuckle, "Well, there's absolutely no reason for it to be colder, that's for sure." His gaze then darts about and he's spotting Savio and Orland as he's guided in that direction, "Savio! Orland! Mwah, darlings!" Oh, look, there's a wild Caspian, who gets a wave and then he's spotting Gwenna, which causes him to bellow out, "COUSIN! I figured you'd be buried beneath mountains of paperwork!"

Temira enters the Solarium, finding her way towards the celebrated couple thanks to the kind guidance of Cassiopia. "Ah, hello you two. Happy to be here to celebrate your wedding." I wish you many years of marital bliss. "She takes both of them into her arms for a hug. "At some point I'll be making a toast, so better be ready." She removes them from her arms and nods. Temira turns towards Cassiopia, giving her a hug. "Good to see you again. I am still waiting on that horeback ride." She turns her attention to Orland as he speaks. She takes a step back next to Caspian. "Hello, Caspian," She smiled toward him.

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Teague lifts his own glass filled with that dangerous whiskey high into the air as he yells out. "TO THE LORDS!" His voice is echoes around from that massive mountain of a man as he looks over at Cassiopeia. "Thank you for coming, it is an honor to have you!" His eyes move to Caspian as he grins at the man giving him a quick hug not one of his bear hugs no that is for another day. "Thank you for coming my friend. It is good to see you." His eyes move to the others, as he sees Gwenna as he walks towards her with a little chuckle. "It has been too long Princess Gwenna Redrain. It is good to see you in such good health. I have missed you, but now I'm back soon we shall catch up. But for now this is about a marriage I missed, that I will now fix." He is avoiding talking of the contest, as he chuckles as he nods towards Nazmir. "I don't think we have meet as of yet. Lord Teague Charon at your service, do welcome to the best party of the season not due to my skill. But due to those we are hoisting in their blessed union!" His voice is booms out once more, before he turns to Temeira. "Thank you so much for coming!"

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Gwenna can not help but turn at Nazmir's familiar voice and a laugh quickly escapes her lips. "Cousin," she calls back cheerfully as a glass is already being filled. "I was, indeed, buried beneath mountains of paperwork! But I managed to escape. The gods and spirits only know how. I had forgotten what fresh air smelled like," is a mirthful quip followed by a wink. Turning back to grab the now-filled glass, she beams up at Teague when speaks. "Far too long, my friend, and I look forward to catching up. Another time, though, of course! This event is meant for the couple," she agrees and lifts her glass a little in a half-toast. "I suspect you and my cousin Prince Nazmir will get along just famously." She dips her head politely and then glances over the available seats in order to find herself one, presumably.

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Caspian moves to one of the tables alongside Temira, putting the little pack he carried down and plopping down. he looked around, waving merrily to the MANY friendly faces, "Gods but its so good to see so many come out to share in the celebration of their marriage.. even if it is a year late! seeing as i missed the firs time round as well.. this makes up for it!"

Orland keeps his arm laced with Savio's but he does sort of drag him toward where ever the center of the festivities are if they aren't already there. Then he turns on his 'command' tone, which is to say, his baritone is a bit more booming so it reaches even those loitering in the back. "Many of you may have already known our story, be it from being our friends, or having heard about it from the city criers--" gawds that proclamation was still a nightmare!

"Where our story began was back in 1014. I was on an expedition with House Leporidae - which we now call House Proscipi, and I came across Savio Pontelaeus. We were heading toward Greypeak, a place where we needed to go to investigate what had happened to the towns people. In any case, during the conflict, I was severely injured by a creature linked to an abyssal Queen. That's a story for another day, however, the whole lot of them started to chase after the creature, leaving me in the forest - a dark and creepy forest, wounded, helpless like a babe. But Savio came back. He cried out asking if I was 'dead' to wit, I responded 'only inside'!"

He rolls his eyes with an affectionate chuckle, "I gave him some credit for coming back to me. The rest of the Proscipi's... I thought they were shit." He smiles to Cassi, mirth bubbling through his baritone, "However, through two years of aid to each other, and two large wars, we suffered and bled together, House Amadeo and House Proscipi." He turns to Savio then, "You agreed to marry me and become a part of my House and a part of my journey. At last, I have a gift for you, the last piece, to welcome you into my life and home." He digs out of his pocket a ring, "I love you and I know you'll wear this proudly." It's a signet ring for House Amadeo! WOO. Finally someone stopped procrastinating!

Ysbail enters right around the time Teague is yelling out a toast of some sort or another. She finds a glass of some drink or another to lift in time for the toast, but makes a face at the taste of it when she drinks from it. She is accompanied by Gruffudd, who is slinking along like some kind of cat royalty... or just... like a cat. The Royalty is obvious, and redundant. Even if he is more... wilderness-y, being a Blackwood Cat, and extra-floofy, at that! Orlund tink-tink-tinks the glass, getting her attention, and she lifts the drink once more in new toast, and a tiny grimace. She weaves her way over to the mountainous Teague, so she can whisper to the man, "I need to find something tastier to drink with, before any other toasts start." Oh look, the toast is done! That grimace turns a bit deeper, as she brings the glass to her mouth for more sips.

Teague chuckles softly at the tale. "That is a good tale. One filled with much building, much becoming stronger! You have grown since I first laid eyes on you Prince Orland. I'm proud of you. I'm honor to call you my friend! My brother in arms!" His voice is rings out, as he claps with wild abandonment as he cheers, and howls leave it to Teague to be the man with so much class. As he grins at the ring, as his own hand is slides into his coat, as he lies down on the ground before the couple. "This is my old ax, it means little to others, it means much to me. Given to me by my father, forced it hold it for so long it is no longer in my life. I'm moving in a new path, my own path. I will not be his slave no more, but you are my family and I wish to hand this down to family. So I give this to you." That old massive ax of the mountain of the lord is laid in front of them with a soft smile. Looks over at Ysbail as he points to the whiskey. "Drink that it has a kick!"

Teague drops A large steel ax engraved with fuil.

"Look at you, how fantastic you look," Savio laughs praise for Nazmir, before hugging Temira and giving her a kiss to each cheek! Then Orland has a speech prepared, and his brows lift, surprised... only to laugh at the story retold. "You had a whole speech! You didn't tell me you have a SPEECH," he accuses, "Now I'm out here with no speech! Flummoxed!" He swats Orland in the arm. "Unprepared!"

But, aw, it's a nice story, about how Savio deadass left Orland alone wounded in the creepy woods and then eventually came back for him. Meet cute. It ends with a signet ring for the house, and Savio laughs in a way that might end in a sniffle as he put it on. "You're ridiculous. I love you." To the others here, he notes, "It's all true, also, he did not like me at first." But he likes him NOW. A hug and a smooch to Orland follows, the deal is SEALED!

The little bundle under her cloak is wiggling and so Cassiopeia looks around and while people are greeting each other, she lets the little rabbit go find his own party. Rather, she is seeking a drink from one of the serving trays that no doubt pass by. Her attention drifts during the greetings, first to Temira to confer, "soon, I would love to go for that ride, very soon. Before the weather turns even worse," she murmurs and draws the cloak a little closer, as to indicate her constant state of cold outside the summer months. When Orland begins to make his speech, she mouths something think 'I wasn't there', to defend her position on leaving Orland in the woods, but it's probably a Proscipi thing. Leave Arvani in the jungles and see what happens! And look how well it worked? But the sentiment of the speech does show on her features and she looks to her cousin Savio, proudly. Cassiopeia leans in and murmurs something to Nazmir, and then takes a quick sip of her drink, before blinking a few times, it's probably not what she expected.

"Excellent! I was beginning to worry that you had become nothing more then a figment of my imagination." There's a grin given at Gwenna with that comment and Nazmir is then looking over towards Teague, "We have not! As my cousin has rightfully said, I'm Prince Nazmir Redrain. It's a pleasure and I must say, this is a wonderful little gathering." He does glance back over towards Gwenna before looking to Cassi, "Gwenna, have you met the Marquessa Cassiopeia Proscipi? My lovely escort for the day?" He glances to Savio for a grin and then to Orland as that little speech is made, which has him smiling, "You couldn't have picked any better, Orland!" When Cassi murmurs something, he's listening and then murmuring back to her.

Orland finally has time to regard all those people who are there with them - until he's smooched and he smooches right back, to seal the deal! Then he laughs, "It's true-" to Savio's sentiment that he didn't like him at first. All the congratulations and the good tidings are finally met with nods and direct looks, "These were our anniversary rings too-" he says to someone close enough to care, showing of the Dragonweep! Ohh weep everyone shall be doing!
Then there's Teague lying down in front of them and he blinks at the Lord, "Uhm..." he is about to protest the show of a gift, but then looks at Teague with a fondness of family, "Thank you my brother. We shall mount this over our fireplace at home, so that when the time comes for us to have little Teague's running around, we'll show them how to use it." To Nazmir he agrees, "It worked out pretty well for us! Our households are stronger together, united in many ways, and we look forward to expanding our family in the future." He then extends a hand to Teague, "Okay, my speeches are done, how about we get to these contests now, yeah?"

Savio listens to Teague as he shares his own story, expression kind, one of empathy. Fondness and respect for a friend. "We will keep this safe for you," he promises of the ax. "I know it is heavy in more ways than one. You have a new path now, and we will help you remember the old, without holding the burden of it." He picks up the ax himself, to care for it, though after a few moments murmured words with a Charon servant have it escorted away safe. Somehow his wine glass has been replaced with a glass of scorpion whiskey, and he raises it.

"First we drink! Then we contest!!" That's the right order to do that in.

There is a chuckle from Gwenna at Orland's 'only inside' remark, but otherwise appears softened by the tale shared of their beginnings. "I've a small gift for you both," is called over once she's raised her glass again in a toasting sort of motion. Nazmir's words draw her attention again and another bit of laughter takes her. "I somewhat felt like a figment, but I assure you no longer!" She takes a few sips of her drink when the Redrain royal speaks to Teague and then is soon shaking her head when her cousin addresses her again. "I don't believe that I have. Truly, a pleasure to meet you, Marquessa Cassiopeia Proscipi. It is my hope to have a family gathering of our own soon, which perhaps you'll be able to attend. If I actually manage it," is remarked kindly. Then there's that 'contests' word again, so she side-glances that way a moment. But! It seems drinking first, and the Redrain seems all too happy to commence with that.

Caspian listens to the speech, and then the follow on, his face blossoming into a smile. he stands, clapping loudly as soon as the speech ends and beaming. "Love can spring from the most unlikely places! Its beautiful" he sits back down as Teague offers his axe to the pair, offering a small whistle of appreciation as he has a small semblance of an idea of how much that would mean to the man. he picks up the small bag he brought with him and smiles, "Are we making a line to give gifts or shall we set up a table?"

Teague nods slowly watching Orland and than Savio. "You honor me. Now than, gifts are just swarm them, show them how much they mean to us!" His voice is booms out, as he motions for the drinks to flow to the nearest servant, and it starts the party in earnest. "Now than, as we ready our glasses for the drinking. I will explain the contest of charm! It is simple, you will flirt with both lords, whoever does the best job will win the title of the best flirt at the event. It comes with the title, and it will come with a plaque once I find someone to make it for me! Now, than pick your target, make it a personal and if you can make either lord blush you win bonus points!"

Temira sits at the purple table after securing herself a drink from a servant passing by, listening happily to Orlands' speech with a heartfelt look on her face while taking a few drinks and finishing off the glass. A servant comes around to offer her a new drink, to which she smiles with a nod. "Oh, that ring looks gorgeous!" Temira speaks to Savio and raises her glass to Orland. "Better late than never," she says, sipping her drink and setting it on the table. She pulls out a journal and begins making what appear to be last-minute changes to something. Long blonde hair draping over her in loose curls was done up for the occasion. The curls weren't perfect and did look somewhat rushed, but a tousel of the hair gave her messy curls a refined look, appropriate for the occasion. She peeks through the hair waterfalling over her shoulders at the word contests, then grabs her to cheer it and brings it down to sip, then back to the table. She takes a few looks back at her journal and then closes it. Grabbing the blonde hair out of her face so she could see the festivities,

"Princess Gwenna - gifts were certainly not required but it is very kind of you," Orland bobs his head toward her, smiling, "Very kind indeed." But then there's introductions and such and he pivots to Savio, steals another kiss, then clasps his hand tightly with his own, in this together! But at hearing Caspian about the line, he shakes his head, "We can be available for gifts after if you like? At a table. Table sounds good. Thank you friend, you certainly didn't have to go any trouble--" his words stalling out at Teague's announcement of the game. "WHAT?" He sends a look toward Teague, expression sort of twitching, "You owe me so much cake for this." At least there's three cakes to pick from!

There are a lot of emotional things happening and Cassiopeia is the sort that shows her own easily, the ring, the sword, the joy and happiness, her eyes flutter a little as she tries not to react too overtly. Rather, she lets herself distract into casual conversations and turns a warm smile towards those around her. Her voice gentle, she lets her attention fall on Gwenna and the smile brightens then, "it's lovely to meet you, your Highness. And what a wonderful occasion to do so, on. It is very kind of Lord Charon to have thrown this party, such a worthy thing to be celebrating." At the invitation, she nods and smiles once more, "thank you, I would make every effort to attend," she says sincerely to her. Then the announcement of drinking and contests is made and she holds up the drink, to demonstrate her support and then her eyes light up with curiosity, "I do love contests, I am very interested to hear what they are. I think I heard, wit, charm and power...?," then there is an explanation and she blinks a few times then. As Temira comments on the rings, she turns her head to get a better look.

"Gifts!" Both Gwenna and Caspian mention gifts, and Savio laughs, both hands going to his head for a moment. "Oh, so unnecessary, but so kind of you!" He seems amenable to the table idea but also adds, "Or just bring them up whenever!" Because Orland is order and Savio is chaos. Welcome to the Lords Amadeo.

Then the Contest of Charm is announced, and he says, "Oh NO!", already laughing, already blushing, look he pre-gamed this event slightly and he is a total lost cause. "No, I'm so bad at this! Teague!!"

Nazmir is flashing a quick little grin in the direction of Gwenna, only to then arch a brow, "Ooh, a family gathering? I look forward to seeing that come to light, Cousin. It would be nice to get together with everyone." He's then turning his attention to Cassi, to smile a touch before he's looking back over to the display of the ring, a little 'Ooh' escaping past his lips in regard to it. But then there is that mention of contests again and a low chuckle hints in the back of his throat as he gives a little arch of a brow, "Well, contests. This should certainly be a rather entertaining time."

Caspian looks to Teague, brow arching as the man announces the first contest. he glances to orland and savio then simply shakes his head, rubbing his brow a moment. he moves to grab the bag he brought with him. "bring them up whenever..and put them on a table.. yes that sounds bout right for you both!" he gives the pair a wink and smirks to Temira, "good luck!"

Listening to the rules of the game, Gwenna's brows arch and the Redrain looks quite intrigued by the prospect. When Orland tells her gifts are not required, the princess actually snorts. "What I carry is a small thing, and I will send word later about the other," is noted with a slightly mischievous grin. "Also, that ring? Legendary! It is a stunning work." Turning again to Cassiopeia, her smile broadens. "The perfect event to make acquaintances at, I do think. What better place than one filled with such joy and celebration? Hopefully whatever we manage to throw at the villa will be a tenth as lovely." Her attention shifts to Nazmir again and she nods her head. "It has been too long, and with some things put to rest, a family gathering to decide future paths seems in order. As well as just to catch up with one another. The past few years have been...busy, to say the least. It would be nice to see where we all are and hope to be."

Teague chuckles softly at Savio and at Orland. "Indeed. Enjoy the first, the second and third are not so much about you. But you are both so charming what better way to prove the best charmers in the room." His voice is booms out of him with pure mirth, as he looks over at Cassiopeia. "I had to do this, I missed all of this due to my health. I refused to not celebrate, it is good of you to come." His hands are moving to start slicing a big slice of the cakes, one of each as he takes them over on a very large plate placing them into Orland's hands. "Now you have cake, now we are even enjoy." A fork is brought over set between the mountain slices of the good stuff.

With a soft chuckle he looks at Savio. "Will you steal his frosting once more, also this is a contest you both are made for you are the biggest flirts I know." His voice is teasing, as he moves over to stand in the center, as he looks down at the ring. "It is very lovely, it is an amazing ring." His eyes moving over to Caspian with a grin. "Now than, to have at it! THE CONTEST STARTS NOW!" His voice booms out with pure joy, as he watches to see who is the brave soul to go first!

"Can I enter this contest? Can I win this contest? I don't think I even know anything I can say in public," Savio admits, eyeing Orland speculatively. Back to the host. "TEAGUE!" laughing. "What are the OTHER contests?!"

Ysbail inclines her head at the mention of Whiskey, and goes to find a more palatable drink than... whatever it is that she grabbed. So her attention is focused that-a-way until the rings are on display and Teague explains the flirt challenge. "Lord Teague," she says, with a faint shake of her head - not enough to send the beads or wooden animal totems braided into it clicking just yet. DISAPPROVAL. "You've given them an *axe*, Lord Teague. There's hardly any way to flirt about that, nowhere near the length of say... a sword needing to be sheathed, or any mention of how decorative a hilt it has." Another shake of her head, but she is only just containing the grin, there. The facade is cracking.

Teague looks at Savio. "One you can't win the contests at your party. Two not telling till it's time." His voice is trying to sound so stern, but than he grins at his friend. "Now than, let's see! DO YOUR BEST!"

Snow, 3 Sanna House Guards arrive, following Tila.

Tila arrives, following Teague.

Savio is gonna take Ysbail's comments as a jumping off point here, rules notwithstanding, and touches a hand over his heart to look to his spouse. "Thank you for ax-cepting me into your home, Lord Orland Amadeo. No matter the length of the sword you carry, you will always have, I promise you, a place to shea..." He can't. He cannot. More whiskey, more laughing. He protests to their host again, "My cousin is here!!" The humanity!

From time-to-time she glances over her shoulder to try to catch sight of her little menace, every-time she sees a leaf move, her eyes go a little wide and she pretends, poorly, that nothing is happening. Another sip of her drink, her attention on Gwenna as she speaks and she smiles warmly, "I am sure it will be ever so lovely, for the best parties are the people who are there and what they share and the memories made," it's cheesy perhaps, but words Cassiopeia believes in. As the contest begins, Cassiopeia seems content to stand on the side-lines and merely observe. A smile forms on her lips, however, enjoying her drink and the environment, everything. To Teague she says in an aside, "I wouldn't have missed it for anything," she says of the party before looking back at Orland and Savio, fondly.

Cassiopeia does in fact turn away while Savio is talking about sheathing his sword, good time to look for rabbit menace!

Orland grins at Gwenna, "Then I look forward to receiving it--" as Savio announces whenever they want to give gifts is fine and Caspian's reiteration has him snorting, "Seems about right." That said, a moment later he's got a plate of THREE different kinds of cakes in his hand! His eyes widen at so much CAKE. "I used to charm for a living-" he quips at Teague, "but thank you for all the cake." So much cake. SO HAPPY. Orland side eyes Savio, but then offers him the plates of cake if he wanted a bite from it, but then Savio is already off to the races and talking about swords and sheathes on the aftermath of Ysbail's comments. Orland decides it was time to pick up a piece of that cake and try to smoosh it into Savio's laughing mouth...

was on a stroll about the ground, something whimsical maybe, but she does eventually find her way here. Tila dips her head as she enters, the calm within a storm, yet soft may she be, there is a hint of calm. Her hair has grown long, and her eyes ever remain the same. She does seem to perk up raking in facs. "Did someone say cake?" It's as if that slip of a woman was summoned via the word 'cake'.

Gwenna tilts her head to Cassipeia's words and can not help but smile a bit wide. "You could not be more correct, Marquessa, and it's truly a viewpoint I should remember." The Redrain, as well, seems content to watch the next series of events as they unfold, enjoying her wine and her seat at the black table. The cake, of course, draws her glance, because duh - cake.

Savio is temporarily silenced by cake and this is probably a good thing in general. It doesn't last as long as everyone might hope, though. With some amusement, "Maybe we better come back to this one, Teague. Wit and power first?"

Temira grins back at Caspian before saying, "Won't need it, but thanks." Temira stands up and saunters over towards Savio. With a coy look on her face, she looks up to him with a devilish grin as she licks her lips. "Savio, you know, I have SWORD of had this question on my mind for a while now, even though you're married." Her hand reaches out to tap the hilt of his Throngler a few times lightly. "Would you STILLETO me over for some foreplay... er,I mean swordplay?" She unsheathes her Diamonplate stiletto and presses it lightly against her lips with a wink and then swings it out slightly to point at the orland.

"You can come too." She adds with a giggle as she steps back and says, "How was that? I got to use a pick-up line I've been sitting on for a long time. " She laughs loudly and curtsies slightly before taking her seat back at the table.

Caspian looks to Ysbail and gives a grin as she looks for flirting techniques around axes. "You know thats a fair point! spears, daggers, pointy things.. they all have so much...innuendo." he looks to savio as the man starts on a brilliant spree "thats.. i.. i stand corrected!" he gives a laugh, shaking his head. As temira adds in her charm, he watches, smirking broadly. "ooh.. oh thats quite good!"

Nazmir is giving a little incline of his head in the direction of Gwenna, smile resting easily on his lips, "Such is the nature of things, Cousin. Busy is something that will forever plague us, in one manner or another, I fear. But either way, it shall be good to get us all together." His gaze then slides over in the direction of Temira as she begins that little play of words and there's a laugh that is given, along with a little shake of his head, "Oh. Oh my. That was /absolutely/ wonderful."

Teague chuckles softly as he nods for a moment with a soft chuckle. "For it seems the charm is too much for now, many drinks needed first it seems. Wit is a simple this, this is a fun one in my mind at least. There will be a rounds of a game, I enjoy called three truths and a lie. It is a simple game, I think all know of it?"

Than Temirai is starting the game for a moment with a soft chuckle. "Oh it does seem the game has started, do we only have the one player. If so that makes it an easy win, and a easy won plaque." His voice is teasing the others, as that massive lord throws his head back with a howl of laughter that mountain shaking from the mirth. "Greetings, I'm Lord Teague Charon. This is a party for these two Lord Orland Amadeo and Lord Savio Amadeo. Married a year ago, but I missed it so throwing my party for them now. WELCOME!" He grins right at the newly arrived Tila with a bowing of his head, as he motions to the rest of the room. "Help yourself to cake or food!"

"TEMIRA NO," Savio dies instantly on the spot, his soul is leaving his body, or at least the vibe of such is expressed by him covering his face with his hands, helpless laughing, and turning like, eight or nine shades of red. "Nooooo!"

Orland seems likely that he'd be the harder one to charm, since he snorts and rolls his eyes a little at the attempt by Temira, "A good sword innuendo works to get right to the _point_, I'd say." Pun intended. But then he's happily eating Cake, looking over toward Teague at the second game is mentioned.

Ysbail groans and shakes her head. "I think they should all fail for resorting to puns," she says with a face that matches her earlier 'bleh' over whatever horrible drink she first snatched up. "Not flirty at all, they ruin the whole mood!" She *is* grinning like a madwoman, though, so it's probably in jest. Probably.

Caspian stands then "if i can interject into the contest for just a moment.." he moves toward the pair and and opens the pack. "i honestly.. well i had absolutely no idea what to get you both! for a while i was set on a knife because.. well tis me and thats usually where my head goes." he gives a grin, "so then.. i began to think about what i adore about you both. And what i realized is that there is simply so much to love. Your style, your frivolity, your charm. but most of all.. the love you both share for the other. the way your support each other.. the way that your faces light up when the other simply walks by. its something that makes me smile each time i see it. So.. in an essence to capture both your merriment.. and your love for one another.. " he reaches into the pouch and hands them both their gifts.

Teague watches quietly as Caspian speaks, with a soft smile on his face. "Well stated." His voice is filled with mirth, as he lifts his glass into the air now with a soft chuckle.

It may look like the slip of a woman may not introduce herself. "Teague. I remember that name, Tila." She introduces quietly to Teague, then her eyes, flit person to person never staying long before it slips back toward the speakers, well when they speak. "Is this the part we hope they smash cake in each other's faces?" She asks dubiously toward Teague.

Jenkins, an armed champion have been dismissed.

Orland drops Orland's Llama Lamp.

Orland has to hand off the plate of cake to a servant nearby, with a WARNING GAZE that he wants that plate back and untouched but also suggestive that sneaking a little is FINE. Just don't make it obvious! Then he pivots around to Caspian, totally thinking he's going to get flirted with but instead, he's gifted a lovely Llama Lamp! It's all rainbows and colours! (Happy Pride!) and he looks over at this weird and oddly shaped thing, reading the inscription on it, "Aww. That's very thoughtful of you Caspian. Thank you!"

Savio is recovering from Temira-induced brain death by burying his face in Orland's shoulder, but he does peek out again as Caspian brings gifts! Take that, Orland. It's a point for team No Organization of Things. "Oh, Caspian, you don't have to get us anything. Your friendship is enough. Which sounds STUPID, but it's true!" Nonetheless, he does accept the little gift and marvels at it, a lamp! "What is it?!" He's Arakkoan, he hasn't seen a llama before, he is fascinated. "This creature! Caspian! Fantastic!" It is carefully set at a place of honor near the cake, and he steps forward to hug his protege. "You are too kind. And as Teague is telling us the next game... you all do know the 'two truths and a lie' no?"

Teague looks at Savio with a serious look. "If two is good and three is better! But, yes that is how I do it for a reason that will be seen. If you guess wrong, you are out of the game. The last one standing, will get the wits and perception prize. Everything here is tied, to the skill of social of reading, and the test of might is about being quicker fingered you will see. It is to show things that both of you have, that make you an honor and powerful to the compact. Your gift of gab, your able to read others, and your quick wits. You are both stronger in union, blending the two of you makes both of your houses stronger for all of us."

Teague says, "That is a lovely lamp. Great gift Master Caspian. It is truly amazing."

Gwenna bobs her head a few times to Nazmir and grins. Then Lady Tila's entrance draws her glance as the woman makes her way through the party. A hand is lifted to wave as she calls out, "Lady Tila! Gods and spirits it has been some time. I hope all fares well in Giant's Reach. It's so good to see you and your family about the city." The Redrain seems to remember something, as the brilliant lava lamp is put on display, and she has someone deliver the gift to one of the Amadeo retainers. "A small something for the Lords," is murmured.

The lamp is a curious thing and Cassiopeia doesn't know what kind of animal it is either, she looks at Savio to interpret for her. "Oh that's absolutely lovely," she says, "what a curious creature, I should like to meet one," she murmurs as an aside.

"Three truths and a lie!" Savio corrects himself as Teague explains the rules. Good job Savio you're confusing the game. "I played this with Orland once early on, actually, and failed completely. At least this time he's not trying to interject himself into it, and does beckon Tila, "Did you get cake? Make sure you get cake!"
Neither he nor his cousin know what a llama is but he does explain to her with authority, "It is a long necked horse."

Since chaos is happening, Orland is certainly going to take Gwenna's gift and open it right there and then! It's almost as if she knows him or something! The way his eyes light up at opening the divine little ornate box and immediately shuts it has him ... was it blushing? CLOSE. Perhaps a sort of breathless yes. "This is divine, thank you, Princess!" If Savio is curious he will open the box again to show Savio what's inside. TREASURE OF COURSE.

Teague chuckles slowly as he looks over at Tila. "Welcome Lady Tila it has been much too long, there is so much to catch up on in time." His eyes move to Orland with a little chuckle, as he looks over at the couple. "Oh do show us all! SHOW US! SHOW US!" His voice is booming out filled with mirth, as he starts to clap and do a little dance.

It is obvious in the way Cassiopeia reacts to Savio's explanation of the llama that it has perked her interest, "a really long-necked horse?," she's excited and will no doubt be seeking out these creatures soon enough. Time to expand the grounds again.

Orland drops Ornate Wooden Box.

Caspian beams at the happy couple and moves to sit back down so others could share their gifts. "Two truths and a lie is a brilliant Game! always leads to the most marvelous stories!" he looks to Savio as he explains the long neck horses and gives a smirk, "Well thats as good an explanation as ever!"

Gwenna makes an 'oh' sound but can't help but beam a smile toward Orland and Savio. "The box was so lovely and simple that I thought it might be nice for personal treasures. It seemed silly to give an empty box, though! I am thrilled and delighted that you like it, beyond words," is said with a hand resting briefly on her heart.

Temira turns to Cassiopeia and taps her shoulder lightly. "They are odd, cute creatures. I saw one once along my travels. It Chews with its mouth like this." She exaggerates chewing something big. and then pretends to spit. "They also spit and will try to eat your hair if you are too close." She grabs a strand of her hair and chews it for emphasis

Teague looks over at the others for a moment. "So than I have also never seen this creature, and I wish to see Mammoths as well! But, are we saying Lady Temira wins the first game with her bad pun! Yay or Nays!" He watches them as he looks over to have it noted.

Caspian bobs his head and laughs, "Aye! i think so!"

"They are very exotic and wonderful," Savio explains Long Necked Horses to Cassiopeia, in a misguided attempt to steer her away from rabbits and into llamas. The box with the fantastic orb has him Pondering it for a long moment, amazed, then he blinks his way out of it to raise his glass to Teague. "She won, I fear, that she did."

"It is lovely!" Orland expresses to the box, and then the Lamps, "Ahh, lovely! The lamps and the axe and the stone! Thank you, we never really expected anything than to hang out with good people today, family and friends. And endure whatever games Teague puts us through." He smirks and sees that the gifts are safely escorted aside and his hand reaches back with a signal for his plate of cake. He doesn't note if anything has gone missing from it, or if he does, he understands completely and seems to nod to the server.

Cassiopeia also looks over at the box and the beautiful stone inside it, she doesn't need to stand on her tip-toes to see over others, being as tall as she is. "It's so lovely and thoughtful," she says and smiles at Gwenna before looking back at everyone. A smile forms, she can see how delighted Orland and Savio are and this makes her especially happy. That, and she is thinking about Llamas and rabbits, and not the plant that is probably half eaten in the corner. "Three truths and a lie," she murmurs to the next game, already thinking of things. "I don't think I've ever played this one," she smiles then, perhaps she's already practicing!

e A smile grows and forms on Tila's lips as she catches sight of Gwenna. "Good to see you also, Princess." Comes an easy voice, though ever does she stay nearer to Teague, perhaps having something to ask him after the party ends, either way the pitch of laughter comes from her hearing the game of two truths and a lie. "Oh this will be good." She notes to Teague, looking back over such familiar faces. Perhaps there is a small amount of amnesia, but she's trying to shake that fog clear.

Teague nods slowly as he looks over at Cassiopeia. "So you tell stories, three of them are real, and one of them is fake. Now in my way of playing people can ask three questions one per story, so they can get more details. It's one one one, till only one is standing. So, that is how it works. All can be in this one even the Lords we are celebrating, I will sit it out to make sure there is no cheating or winks or other things in this game." His voice is booms out as he pours himself another glass this time of the rum, as he thinsk for a moment. "Now than, everyone draw a lot." He motions for one of the servants to come over with a long mug filled with them. "Each of them has a number, that will be how we pick the first match. Who wishes to draw first?"

Caspian grins, drumming his fingers on table. "Four things.. about yourself or about anything we wish?" he looked to orland and savio "or about them" he hops up, "ill draw regardless, just want to make sure im tracking properly"

Ysbail shakes her head just a teeny bit at Teague. "Never! She should be pun-ished for the use of double-meaning trickery," she teases, finishing off the Whiskey. When the new game is described, she shakes her head a bit and holds up a hand. "I would love to participate, Lord Teague, and perhaps I will join in later. But for now, I have to be a party-pooper and sit the contest out."

Tila gives an uncertain look to the mug. "I suppose I can't draw last?" She asks looking up from the mug before plowing her hand inside. Perhaps a hair more gently as she fingers a paper slip. "I suppose no peeking?" She's then gesturing the servant toward @Teague. "Make him draw as well. Otherwise no game." She provookkes looking quite innocent despite the claim. "Any truths and one lie. Do try to not be farfetched unless everything is indeed farfetched.

Temira puts up a hand with a drink in it. "I'll pass on this one but enjoy as a spectator"

Savio holds a hand up, "I am sitting this one out this time, I shall defer to the lovely guests. And their truths, and their blatant falsehoods." He scrapes some frosting off his current plate of cake, and escorts it in a practiced manner to Orland's plate.

"You are too kind, Marquessa," Gwenna replies to Cassiopeia with a warm smile. Tila's voice tugs her attention that way again and she grins and raises her glass to the Sanna noblewoman. A glass which is nearly empty! Which apparently signals something to the Redrain. Standing from her seat, she dips her head toward Teague and then Orland and Savio. "My truest congratulations and apologies that I might not linger longer for such a true and brilliant celebration. Duties call, as they often do."

Gwenna has left the The Black Table.

Khaavren, a dutiful assistant, 2 Redrain Guards, 2 Redrain Veteran Guards leave, following Gwenna.

Teague nods slowly as he looks at each of those stepping out of the game. "Fine I will play as Lady Tila requests, but you may of course not play. There is no sword to the neck, nothing forcing." His eyes on the group as he smiles wide, as his hand is brushing back his long hair as he ties it slowly behind his head. "Now than, how many are playing this game. I will than have the lots changed to match the current total?"

Caspian raises his hand with a grin as he indicates he will play

Cassiopeia is all ready for a little performance and raises her hand.

Tila wiggles the paper like she's swatting a fly. "Me clearly." She points out as the little slip nearly flies from her hand. "Ladies do always win don't they?" She asks cheekily, the faintest ghost of a smile threatening to tug her lips. That is until she attempts to intercept said cake droppage onto a little plate of her own which has been scooped up with all the speed most women have when it comes to sugary chocolate goodness.

Orland glances toward Savio who is going to sit out, "Oh you're no fun-" he tells his other half but of course he lifts his hand, "yeah I'll play."

Teague nods slowly as his eyes move over each of them with a soft chuckle. "Now than, it seems we wait for the troublemaker." His eyes move to Ysbail as he grins at her waiting for her vote. His hand is pointing at her. "Lady Ysbail, do you have the stones to play such a game?"

"I am recovering from the last game," Savio primly remarks to his husband. "Also it would take me three hours to choose what truths and lies to pick, you know that's true."

"Of course there is no sword in the neck, Lord Teague, this is a WEDDING, not some group dalliance," Ysbail counters, another teasing smirk since they are back to sword metaphores again. After a pause, she does relent and take one of the little markers. "Fine, you convinced me."

Caspian looks to Ysbail and laughs, "i have to wonder what kind of group dalliance involves swords to the neck! that sounds ike something to try for certain

Caspian looks to Ysbail and laughs, "i have to wonder what kind of group dalliance involves swords to the neck! that sounds like something to try for certain" he gives a bright smile though claps as she agrees to participate.

Caspian has rolled 1 2-sided dice: 2

Teague has rolled 1 6-sided dice: 3

Caspian has rolled 1 6-sided dice: 2

Cassiopeia has rolled 1 6-sided dice: 5

Tila has rolled 1 6-sided dice: 1

Ysbail has rolled 1 6-sided dice: 5

Orland has rolled 1 6-sided dice: 5

Orland has rolled 1 6-sided dice: 5

Orland has rolled 1 6-sided dice: 1

Tila has rolled 1 6-sided dice: 3

"The kind that usually ends in bloodshed, and Tila's excuse to run to the ladies room. Clearly." Comes Tila's voice. Even so she opens that slip of paper and then frowns, she peers up at Teague. "Did you plot this?" She asks waving the slip of paper like it's now got boogers on it, she drops the paper into the mug and fishes for another. She hesiates and opens this one up as well.

Teague nods slowly as the lots are drawn as he looks over at the group as he states slowly. "Lord Orland and Lady Tila. Marquessa Cassiopeia and Lady Ysbail. Than due to no match me and Master Wild." His eyes moving over the group as he points towards the fireplace. "The battle of wits happens there, one goes first and than the other askes three questions about the stories. Than they have to pick the lie, and than the other one goes doing the same. When one is loses they are out, to lose means well simple put you outsmart the other. If you both get it wrong, well your both out. If you both get it right, we go again for another round. Does that make sense?"

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"Ohh, lady Tila, a mystery to us!" Savio enthuses at the partner his husband has drawn, with a curious eye as well to Cassiopeia and Ysbail. "I can't sit with you, Orland, my face will give everything away!" he insists, and then invites himself to go sit with the Proscipi Marquessa, and eavesdrop.

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Orland passes the cake pieces to Savio to enjoy since he's sitting out and gives him a smooch before he murmurs, "Don't have too much fun sitting out!" he teases and then waves to Lady Tila, "Hello! Lady Tila was it? Nice to meet you and thank you for coming today." And their conversation will likely drift to the quieter side as he aims them for the PINK table.

Teague:walks over to the purple table as he sits down with Caspian with a soft chuckle as he speaks quietly at the table.

Orland snorts back at Savio, "Yes. It will." He finger wiggles a fair well parting.

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Making her way towards the black table with Ysbail sits, she slips into a chair and opts for a fresh drink, her smile turns warm and her conversation a little lowered so not to disrupt everyone.

Caspian settles himself at the table and grins as teague comes over "Oh this should be interesting! i have a feeling we both can tell some marvelous stories my friend!"

Tila thankfully has a great poker face. She sits quite easily at the pink table, where she crosses one leg over the other, slender limbs crossing to allow that unassuming and probably overdressed woman her peace. "Yes. I assume much will be a challenge as I' recollection or rememberance..." She pauses.

Teague grins at Caspian as he looks at the man. "First you test me for the society, there is now time for us to push us into the realm of tales."

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Caspian bangs the table with a laugh, "hells! well done my lord! we shall need go dancing some time!"

"Who dances?!" Savio had crashed Cassiopeia and Ysbail's table to spectate, as he himself is sitting out... but one area of eavesdropping is not enough, now he's digging into Caspian's bidness. "What were the truths and the lies?"

Tila looks up to glance toward Caspian, her eyes then shift to Teague, there a small glimmer of mirth before her gaze drifts back to Orland and her game with him.

Caspian looks up and beams, "We are going dancing Savio! all of us! a marvelous time it will be! The taverns are not prepared for the clattering and table stomping!"

Savio shakes his head grimly, "Arx is not ready for this."

Teague nods slowly as he looks at the room. "I will show you that I can dance! I love to dance!" His voice is booms out of his massive mountain of a body as he nods towards Tila.

Something catches Cassiopeia's attention and she is quick to jump in, "I love dancing!"

Orland looks over toward Caspian at the promises of table stomping dancing, "I'm trying to concentrate over here!" He complains, but with a smirk.

Tila slips from the table. "Well won, Lord." She offers warmly, quick to want to depart that atrociously pink table.

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Ysbail arches a brow at Caspian, noting, "In... sword *in* the throat," before shaking her head. Southerners. She is quiet and focused on the contest, then.

Teague stands up slowly as he looks over at the others as he states it bluntly. "Either me and Master Wild are tricky sort or we are bad at this game. We have both been knocked out of this roung. We both guessed the other's lie."

Caspian throws his head back with a laugh, "it was a marvelous game all the same! and we are still going dancing!"

Tila was probably stopped and her focus turns inward again. Though @Teague gets her focus. "Would that not let you win to know who lies?" She asks puzzled.

Teague looks over at Tila. "I miss spoke, but either way we are done. We both failed to win. These events are new to me and these games." His voice is filled with mirth as he throws back his head into another wild chuckle. "How goes the rest of you?"

Caspian looks to Ysbail and raises his brow, "in..?" he rubs his neck and winces, "thats sounds slightly less enjoyable.."

looks to be knee deep in some research or other on Orland but pauses to offer Teague a small smile. "Oh that does remind me, tongue twisted Lord, I do need to speak with you when we have time."

Clowder of the Nine, they have been fed don't let them trick you, Shekies, A black and white marbled cat with yellow eyes, Capt'n Waddles the small cock with a bell, Ariesse - a spirited wildcat kitten arrive, following Zakhar.

Ysbail smirks. "Depends on how it gets there," she says. "Ah, but we have moved past the flirting game, and are now trying to answer a puzzle of lies." She turns her focus back to the others, still not... truly focused on things. But she seems to be trying!

1 Knight of the Temple, 1 Templar Knight guards, Luzio, the burly Mirrormask, a tall and silent woman with only one hand arrive, following Giada.

Caspian bursts out laughing and nods his head, pointing to Ysbail, "Yes! yes you are right! a thousand percent correct!"

Teague nods towards Tila as he thinks for with a nod of his head. "Okay, after this we can meet." His eyes move to the others as he grins at Caspian. "Now than, will you come with me to setup up the next game. It will be quiet amusing." With that he motions for Caspian to help him left a large object with a silk black sheet over it.

The party has many refreshments of all sorts, and is currently divided into a game of truths and lies! Participants are at varying tables, in pairs, as they try to sort out each other's truths and falsehoods... there will be one winner and one winner alone! Savio and Orland are in their wedding clothes. Lookin sharp.

Over near Savio's table, he is laughing, shaking his head. "No, he actually didn't find me attractive! Legitimately!" Orland he is literally never going to get over that. "You guessed correctly -- the lie is that Giorgio helped me after a shark attack. He did not. He made fun of me. But, also, it was a very, very small shark." At large, "Cassiopeia is the winner of the black table!"

Dressed in dark clothing, the old man finds his way to the party with a long gait and clicking of his unique cane. Which appears to be less needed and only being used to help push off to get across the city faster. Nearly a quick stop upon a silver as he enters the halls of the Northern house to find himself staring at the two the party is for while he brushes off the small trail of sawdust from shoulder. Only then to look at all of those gathered and grumbling, "Lads tried to launch another pot."

Caspian hops up to follow after teague, "ooh now im extra curious what you planned!" he moves opposite teague to grasp the other side and help move it to where it should go"

"Oh gods."

The quiet voice from the doorway might, just MIGHT be too soft to be heard. Still, the look on Giada's face at all the games is one of internal debate. At last... She sighs and walks in. Monochrome? Nope. Trousers? Nope. It's blue and has a skirt. Someone -dressed up- for this. The Lycene scans the crowd before finding Orland playing games; they keep going until they find Savio, and -that's- where she goes.

Teague nods slowly as he checks the tallies now with a soft chuckle. "Now than we have our final two, they will battle in the open with words and wit, for all to see!" His hand is motions for Cassiopeia and Orland to come forth as he nods towards the rest of the room. "Now if you excuse me, I need to get the next game ready for the best!" He starts to pour himself a glass, as he looks ovber at Giada and Zkahar. "Archlector Giada welcome, Mater Zkahar welcome to you as well. Do help youself to cake food or drink. Whatever catches your eye." WIth that he is ducks under the silk cloth, as the sound of metal and other gears can be heard from under it.

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Zakhar squints to Teague, "Catches my eye?" He looks over to Orland and Savio, "Whatever they said, I wasn't crying at the first round of this."

Laughter sings from Tila as she hears Orland. "Indded so!" She calls out. "Lord Orland wins." She then makes her way from the table, letting her hands smooth her dress, and one brush idly t her hair, preening.

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Savio givs his cousin a kiss on each cheek as she defeats him and is left to face his husband, traveling over go embrace Zakhar. Hug! "Of course you weren't," he assures. "And look! We made it more than a year now!" Giada is spotted next, and a smile sent her way, appreciating her skirt perhaps. "Well, don't you look spectacular? And so kind of you to join us! You have to try the Scorpion whiskey...!"

"Giada! Zakhar!" Orland says as he shares a laugh with Tila but stands up from their table, "When did you two roll in?" He inquires but upon hearing his name being matched up with Cassiopeia, he playfully puts his dukes up, fists raised, "You and me sister! Let's go!"

Caspian looks between the pair of contestants, "im betting on Lady Cassiopeia! thats where my money is!"

Orland gets Orland's Llama Lamp.

Orland gets Ornate Wooden Box.

Orland gets A large steel ax engraved with fuil.

Cassiopeia stands from her table and grins a bit as Savio announces Giorgio laughing at him when he was attacked, this doesn't surprise her at all and she snickers a bit. Then it's her versus Orland and she grins with a warm and delighted smile, "oh, you better bring it Orland!," she tells him, all sassy like. "Who goes first?," she asks as she is no doubt trying to think of a few things to shale and a tall tale to go with it!

Orland has rolled 1 6-sided dice: 1

Cassiopeia has rolled 1 6-sided dice: 4

Teague walks over to Tila as he speaks quietly as he looks over at the those playing the end of the game.

After they settle who goes first through a dice roll off, Orland upnods, "Looks like you go first, Cassi."

Seeming to take a moment, Tila eventually looks toward the new arrivals, she offers a small smile before shifting on her feet to look toward the others. She may be feeling mildly overwhelmed with all the returned attention, and that game she just played with Orland. Poor thing looks mildly frazzled.

Tila smiles up at Teague and lifts to the tips of her toes to whisper something in response to him. To anyone that may know both of them it would look a little off putting given she's rarely so secretive.

The young Marquessa's eyes sparkle with mirth as she starts to list off a few things for Orland to pick through, taking in a small breath. "I have an owl that I give the paperwork I don't want to deal with, so he can shred it with his claws. I call him Quill," she says first. "My first winter in the compact, my sister told me to wear wet socks in my boots, so they would stretch and not hurt my toes, and then I told people and they all laughed at me. When I was a little girl, I use to write stories about me and Savio on adventures, but we were rabbits and our names were Savit and Cassunny." One more, she takes in a small breath, "that same first winter, I put six chickens in the bath, and then wrote letters to everyone in the house, telling them, not to tell Giorgio who did it." The scary part is that three of those things are true, Cassiopeia looks innocently, but it seems like a safe crowd. Maybe. Or she's fleeing back to the Saffron tomorrow.

Teague chuckles softly at the game as he shakes his head. "Now that is a tricky little pickle." He nods towards Tila with a soft little chuckle. "I see, that is a good to know." His eyes studying for a moment as he chuckles again at the thing she tells him.

Cassi clarifies, 'living in the house'.

Caspian gives a laugh, clapping his hands, "and Three of those are the truth! thats marvelous!" he looked to Savio and smirked, "Savit..oooh i like that very much"

Zakhar allows the assault of hug from Savio, patting at the young man's back while trying not to leave any soot upon his lovely attire and brocade. Orland is given a wave as the old man turns to look to what is offered for food and takes a very small sliver of cake, which might be barely any cake at all and turns in time to hear Cassiopeia's truths with his one good ear. A small grumbling followed by sharp laugh, as he turns to hear better what the response might be.

Orland hmms thoughtfully as the stories are outlined for him. He only has three questions to ask here. "That does sound like something Andromeda would do..." he seems mildly amused by the second story. The rabbit one has him laugh, turning an eye toward Savio, "Did you ever tell Savio about those stories?" He inquires with a fast look back to Cassi. "When did you get the owl?" He squints, "And why six chickens?"

Tila looks a hair embarrassed, though she flashes Teague a smile. "Who better than you, my Lord?" She questions, though with a hint of laughter in her tone, seems she's prodding. "Cirroch would be proud, or laughing a bit too loud." She recalls with a mild frown, knowing full well it wouold be laughter and of course he who protected her.

Cassiopeia chuckles a little and she takes a sip of her drink, keeping an even smile on her face as she starts to answer the questions. "I never told Savio no, I didn't want him to know how big of a fan I was, because he was older and I thought he was very cool, being all travelling around the Saffron while I stayed home...alone," she makes a sad face. "I got the owl a few months ago, he's from the Compact, not a Saffron owl. White.," she explains about her filing system. Then she pauses, "because my sister thought it might help make Solaris less depressed over the winter. Six seemed like a good number. The chickens are still alive. I think they are in the ballroom now," she shrugs her shoulders a little, unable to really know the ways of birds.

Teague nods slowly towards Tila. "Now than there is no-one better to help you learn to fight. Do ask Lord Orland, once I helped him learn the art of combat." His voice is booms out with mirth, as he frowns slowly. "Indeed. I do miss Marquis Cirroch Sanna. He was a good man."

Cassiopeia feels she needs to clarify, "Quill has a bad wing, so he cannot be out in the wild."

Savio kisses Zakhar on the cheek before securing a fresh whiskey... he's gettin tore up... and he laughs. "Savit?" This might be news to him, but he's pleased, trying it on for size. He beckons Giada over to come hang with them the non game players as well. A 'hah' is sent Cassi's way, though. "Well there's the lie, ever thinking Savio was very cool." He cups his hands to announce the secret to Cassi, you know, let her in on this, "Savio isn't cool!"

"Oh, I'll try the scorpion whiskey all right," Giada tells Savio, still wide eyed and trying to make sense of what's -happening- exactly. Her hand touches the duskweave in silent thanks for the compliment, but she is fixated on trying to suss out just what the in Abyss she got herself into. No fear. No desire to flee. Merely a pure and profound confusion.

"I'll try it as soon as you'd like. Make it a double?"

Caspian looks to tila at her words and offers a smile, "i am sorry i never had the privilege of meeting Marquis Cirroch. i have heard so much about him though. He was a truly great man. i am so sorry for what happened." his words were earnest and his tone gentle.

Orland notes, "You're very good at this. But I feel like I would've been introduced to Quill..." He positions himself then folds his arms, "Though I think you would've told Savio about the stories and if you didn't before, you definitely will have to now, so why would you put that out there if it were a lie. I think he'd be honored to be in your stories as rabbits." He shuffles, "Cassi! Why did you make this so hard!" A sigh, "I have no idea. I'll have to go with Quill. Final answer."

With her brother's name called out, Tila can't help but offer a small smile, "He is missed by all, even if I loathed his impulsiveness, he was...a good brother, a good protector." She looks mildly downcast at this talk but soon she's distracting herself. "Well we will see if I don't become your biggest challenge yet, my Lord." She offers to Teague. Caspian gets a small smile, one of a sibling missing their other half. "He fights on, evermore." She retells with a soft warmth in her tone. "Probably driving the ghostly Armies to madness." She offers.

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Teague nods slowly studying the game as he looks over at Tila. "Indeed. He is going to be a mighty man that will be hard to live up to the legend of and he is a man I respected greatly." His eyes watching, as he looks over at Tila. "I doubt that, you will be fine it is my duty to train those in the art of combat." He watches as he walks over to the non gaming table to sit down with the others.

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It's the work of a moment to secure a drink to Giada, which Savio hands over to her, un-subtly with the hand that shows off his new Amadeo signet ring that Orland got him. Aw. "Our host Lord Teague is honoring us with several games," he explains, "This one a game of wits, so Orland and Cassiopeia are determining the truths and lies of one another."

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Tila eventually trails along after Teague to settle her rear into a seat, whatever placations are there, she certainly knows Teague just agreed to the challenge of a lifetime.

Caspian joins the others and sits down at the red table with a smile as he watches the duel of wits.

There is a small little grin that forms on Cassiopeia's lips, she is enjoying the game and she shakes her head, "I am sad that I did not write these stories, because I think they would be perfect, but! I suspect I could turn my thoughts to them, when there are children about to entertain," she says to Orland, with a glance over at Savio quickly. "I will, however, introduce you to Quill next time you are at the estate, he's in the library, because the rabbits are burrowing in the stables now. Winter coming and all," she explains because this all makes perfect sense.

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Teague roars out with laughter as he claps now. "WELL DONE! WELL DONE!" His head thrown back into a mirth filled laugh, as that massive man claps so loudly. "Now than Lord Orland, can you best her? Or is this the end of you in this game!"

Savio lifts his hands and lets them drop in total (mock) disappointment. "How is the Savit and Cassunny story not real?! I demand satisfaction!"

Temira welcomes everyone to her table with a smile as she puts away the notebook she has been writing in; it has had her attention for most of the game. "I feel I should properly introduce myself, Lady Temira Eswynd pleasure." The smile is still on her face as she turns to Capspian, "You sure like to bet on things, don't you?" Her tone is lightly teasing.

Unfortunately, Giada's still staring at the games and accepts the glass on autopilot. She blinks back to awareness and looks down. "Oh thank you." Back to Savio, she pauses. "Oh. Nice ring. New, is it? Ah, truth and lies." That seems to soothe the Head Contrarian, and a smile finally appears. "Orland, if you fuck this up, I'm going to be very disappointed." Is she serious? Maybe not. Maybe? It's difficult to tell, so... No pressure.

Ysbail follows along to the Red Table, where all the excitement seems to be moving! She gives a quick nod in greeting to Temira, before scooting into one of the few available seats.

Caspian beams to Temira, "yes! excitement and challenge! whats not to love!" he laughs merrily. "Caspian Wild at your service to any i have not met!"

Cassiopeia sees Zakhar enter and she wiggles her fingers at him and his entourage.

Orland laughs, "We are all sad to not hear these stories Cassi. All very sad," he throws his hands up and then puts them on his hips, "Now I have to really stump you to ensure that we tie it up here." He looks back at Teague, brows lofting up and down. "Alright then. I have a casino ship, and on that ship, is a painting of a butt. I let people believe it was my butt, but it is not butt. It is someone else's man butt." He seems to be saying this in a way to reach the audience too, always a showman, "My first theft, that got me caught up in the Families in the Lowers when I was living on the streets, was two eggs." There's a pause, a look to Teague, then he proceeds, "Teague invited me over to his house for a party one day, this is in the time before Savio and I, and he introduced me to this warrior, big as a bear. He was a BIG BEAR, if you know what I mean. I absolutely hit it with him." He looks back to Cassi, brows up, "Duarte took me to a party, when both of us were commoners, to a Great House party. I was pretty young then still, you know, but old enough to do things? Well, Duarte hooked me up with the two servant girls that belonged to the Princess."

"Don't fuck it up, Orland," Savio echoes Giada, just to let him know that both patron and spouse have expectations here, before he preens at the compliment to the ring. "Orland finally made me an Amadeo signet ring, nice of him, no?"

Then there's Orland leading off with the BUTT PAINTING and going from there to bears, and servant girls, and he buries his face in his hands! OH ORLAND.

Teague chuckles loud as he claps his hands as he thinks for a long moment. "Now! That is a Orland's truths and lies. It is so very very him!"

Tila looks at Orland as though he grew too many heads, maybe a third and fourth at this point. The woman certainly being taken off guard. Her doe-eyed expresion cute and absolutely horrified all at the same time. "Teague don't encourage..." She starts as she aims a very bony elbow in an attempt to knock him in the ribs with it.

"Yes," Savio fondly despairs at Teague, "Yes it is."

Temira puts an arm around Savio and strokes his head lightly in comfort.

Taking a slow sip of her drink she considers all the things that she hears and she has three questions and decides to use them. "Well, I hope you have a painting of a butt, because that's good art!," she decides and then thinks again. Much thinking. "What kind of eggs? The big bear man, what kind of weapon did he use and what were the names of the two servant girls?," she considers all this, but waits for Orland's answers to her questions.

Teague looks at Tila as he thinks for a long moment. "I will never not encourage Orland to be Orland. This is why we love him, he is always himself. Fully, committed to being only him. For better or worse. It is why I adore him!"

Orland nods his head, "The art was acquired with the ship. It's good art. You should come by to see it." He looks at Cassi and he shrugs, "The kind of eggs you buy in the market." Then he pivots turns a little, walks, "The man used an axe. Big strapping one. I knew he could carry me, if he carried that. Kind of like Teague's axe that he gifted us." He snorts at Cassi, "I didn't ask? Too busy you know."

Caspian stared at orland, then at savio then back at orland. he shook his head, "nope... nope. i have NO idea which one that would be!" he gives a smirk, dark eyes dancing as he looked to temira comforting Savio, "We should all always be ourself. trying to be something else... it never goes well"

Tila gives a low groan but her laughter only follows. "I think I know better right now." She tacks in letting herself cringe only a hair. "But as delightful as it becomes, it's also quite surprising the things he says." She relays to Teague with a mild almost unseen pout

"The butt painting does exist," Savio sadly confirms. But whose butt is it?! He looks to Caspian, "What's terrifying is that /I/ am not entirely sure which is the lie..."

Zakhar has been conversing softly with his satchel where a small cooing keeps coming from, only to look up and wave back with the worst possible two fingered salute back to Cassiopeia. A small smirk slips over his lips as the butt painting is brought up and he looks to Teague and Tila about the discussion of the late Marquis Sanna. A nod, "I only heard of what your brother did for the city, and the manner of which he left, never met the man. Though knew the Marquessa well. The children are doing well?"

This is tough and Cassiopeia clearly doesn't have any that really come as a front runner, "big men with big weapons seem to be pretty common around this part of the city," she says as she looks around, it is the Redrain Ward after all! Pressing her lips together, "I could see Duarte doing that, though you do strike me as the type of person to ask someone their name, but young and intoxicated. I also think if anyone caught someone stealing eggs, they would help them out...," she chews on her lip. "But what an odd thing to slip into your pocket and where are you cooking these eggs? I will go with that. Tied between the servant girls and eggs, but let's go with eggs."

Teague checks strength at normal. Teague is successful.

Teague stands up as he walks over to that large silk covered object. With one hand he starts to lift it quickly into the air, the sound of metal jingles inside of it so much metal inside of it. As he starts towards the fireplace, he moves with easy laid back motion as he moves behind Cassieoeia and behind Orland as he slowly lowers it once more as with each step the sound of something metal can be heard inside of it. As he stands behind it waiting to see if the game is ending now, his massive arms crossed over his chest as he waits.

Orland smirks at the reactions going around the audience then shakes his head, "I'm sorry, but the egg story was legit real. I was starving. I had just fled the orphanage and was so hungry that trying to steal from a merchant cart was the only thing I felt capable of doing at that point. It caught the eye of an older Ulbran, who took me in. That's why you'll still see me associate with the Ulbran family and why I went to Tanith for our wedding cake. I owe them a lot too." But as for which one is the lie, he looks to Teague, "You know as well as I Teague, Einarr was not into dudes. Say hi to him for me if he ever comes back. But ladies, he is a bear of a man." He winks and then asks, "Do we go again?"

Savio flails upon hearing which one is the lie, distraught. "Orland, then whose ass is it?!"

Orland cackles, "I don't know! It came with the ship!"

Zakhar takes Coconut shell, some twine, and a delicately carved bamboo post from Sling Satchel with bleached thumb bones.

Giada leans over. "Where are they in the scoring?" she asks Savio before sipping the whiskey. Stare. "What happened?" she asks, brow arching. She shrugs, however, and tosses it back in one go. There's a brief moment when it looks like she might gag, but all she does is shake her head vigorously a bit until it gets all the way down. "Oh this is cruelty," she mutters. "-Please- tell me there's wine, Savio? Please? Please please?"

Caspian grins to orland "Clearly you must start an investigation to figure out whose ass that was! inspect everyone in the city until the riddle is solved"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Zakhar before departing.

Teague chuckles softly as he looks at both of them now studying them. "It is a tie, now than to the top of the round once more. This time we lower it to one lie and one truth. No questions, just a watch each other study and guess." His voice is booms out of him filled with mirth, as he shakes his head. "Indeed Sir Einarr, is doing well. I doubt he will be returning, but he is good to have at your back. Command an army now."

Savio promises Giada, "Lovely one, there is so much wine. You don't like scorpion whiskey?" Amused, for that. "We all had a go at each other trying to outwit, and Orland and Cassiopeia were the last two standing. Now they've both fooled each other, I imagine there will have to be some sort of tie-breaking measure that Lord Teague devises. But look! He didn't fuck it up. He can live another day." He summons a servant, one of the fine house Charon staff, in effort to communicate that wine needs to appear!

The wine is brought over quickly good vintage as it is quickly poured for both Savio and Giada.

Savio is overheard praising Teague: A host so generous, I might even forgive him for that game where Temira sword flirted me.

Temira scratches her head while laughing sheepishly

Temira puts on her best innocent face. "It was just acting, Savio"

Giada shakes her head at Savio. "It tastes like a fermented animal," comes her usual frank reply, "because it -is- a fermented animal." Once the Lenosian has her wine, however, she settles from her grumblings. Sip. "Praise Petrichor, it's potable." A little humour colours the dry words. Cossetted, she turns to the others. "Good evening. Blessed Giada, Archlector of the Thirteenth and that one's patron." She grins at Orland.

Tila lightly runs her fingers over the necklace about her neck, her eyes distant as though lost in some reminder of the past.

Well, it's sudden death and Cassiopeia knocks back her drink of whatever, it's strong and it keeps her warm, while her rabbit gorges itself on a new variety of plant. Brows knit together, she looks at Orland and says rather matter-of-fact, "the highest cliff I've dived off was twenty-seven meters and one time when I was still learning how to fire dance, I caught some of my hair on fire," she looks at him with unusually stoic features. Though her eyes sparkle, because she's Cassi.

"And she married us!" Savio says of Giada, their officiant! "Which was -- ah, let's just say that this anniversary party is /much/ less stress and mmm... public issue, than was the original affair. We all three survived and I'm still very proud of us." The sudden death round is on, and he blinks, "I have no idea which is true for her..."

Orland glances at Cassi, "The cliff, is the lie."

"I told you people would get bored and move on," Giada reminds Savio. "There's always a new distraction."

Cassiopeia shakes her head, "no thank goodness, I have lovely hair and I'm worried I will set it on fire, every time I dance!," she admits with a little frown. Saffron people are crazy, or at least Cassi seems to be.

Orland sighs, "Damnit Cassi. Fine. My turn."

Teague looks at Orland for a moment with a soft chuckle. "Now than your up, make it good!"

Orland nods at the rules, clearing his throat, "My first patron threw me over the side of a ship near to the shallows after he crashed the ship, knowing I couldn't swim and left me to drown. No one came to my rescue, so I let my body sink and walked along the bottom until I could come up for air." He considers then, goes on, "My second patron made me run laps around the city, to train as a Squire for the Order of East Light. She drew out a map and told me how fast I needed to run to be back at the time she specified. She proclaimed she would know if I cheated by the time. If I was too fast, I cut corners - and would have to do it again. But if I was too slow, I'd have to do the whole circuit over again. That first day, I fan it five times."

Caspian looks to Cassi and grins, "can that be taught to people not from the chain? im liable to set myself on faire but i would love to give it try." he looks up a second, "and see.. not much hair to start with!"

ran it five times*

"I actually did set my hair on fire that way though," Savio notes for the record. He reaches to lean into Zakhar and wrap his arm around the old man's arm. To Giada, he muses, "I still hear the occasional comment. But nowhere near as much as we did, thank the gods."

Temira moves her gaze to Ysbail." I feel rude not having introduced myself and having been so long here at the party. Lady Temira Eswynd, it has been a pleasure having your company here regardless." A friendly smile on her face She turns towards Tila as well. "Nice to meet you, Tila. I hadn't actually gotten a chance to introduce myself, Lady Temira Eswynd i've enjoyed your company as well.." The friendly smile was still lingering on her face. /Finally/ takes notice of Zakar. "Hey asshole" She smiles and then removes her jacket to show what she is wearing. "I still love this romper btw its well made, been a while since o

Zakhar looks to have finally found a drink as a messenger doesn't even bother to hand him the missive but throws it at his head and stands off to the distance waiting for the response. It's the safety of Savio tucking close to Zakhar that probably saves the messenger from having a spoon thrown at him. As the missive is read, his lips moving slowly along as each word is looked at then a nod to the messenger. He looks back to the games at play. "I brought this. Or is it not that type of party?"

Temira moves her gaze to Ysbail." I feel rude not having introduced myself and having been so long here at the party. Lady Temira Eswynd, it has been a pleasure having your company here regardless." A friendly smile on her face She turns towards Tila as well. "Nice to meet you, Tila. I hadn't actually gotten a chance to introduce myself, Lady Temira Eswynd i've enjoyed your company as well.." The friendly smile was still lingering on her face. /Finally/ takes notice of Zakar. "Hey asshole" She smiles and then removes her jacket to show what she is wearing. "I still love this romper btw its well made, been a while since i've seen you"

Savio is overheard praising Giada: Our guide of, and through, faith in the process!

Savio is overheard praising Orland: Thanks for marrying me that one time!

Cassiopeia blinks because both of those things are shocking to her, "my patron took me to Tor so I could try different wines and eat finely sliced meats with melon," she clearly has had a very different experience in the realm of patronage. A smile forms, easy and gentle and she is thinking about both of these things and she breathes out slowly, "I thought you could swim though," she is racking her memory to think if this is true, or maybe that's how Orland learnt and then she is thinking about the running around the city, "oh that's so devious. I do love running though, I might enjoy it," tilting her head to the side, "the running one is a lie?," she decides in the end, because the other is so horrible, it must be true!

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Zakhar before departing.

seems to come out of her thoughts, her hand pulling from the necklace that nowo holds more value to the Sanna, "Ah hello, Temira." She offers trying to plaster a practiced smile, it's transparent, Tila is truly only coping now, perhaps having only just caught wind now of her brother, or some hours before. "It's lovely being back. Around friends no less."

"Of course you do. Everyone's got some reason to object to someone else. I scare the shit out of the Orthodox but not because I've terrorized them." She shrugs a little at that. "Not saying it isn't annoying, but those people don't change." She sighs as a Silent Reflection approaches with a message. "Forgive me. I'm being called away." And she makes her excuses out the door.

The expression on his face wilts. Orland's hands raise up in the air, "Noooooooooo....!" and then he falls to one knee as if in pain of being exposed a liar! But then he laughs, getting back up, "Oh she made me run laps alright. I still do it to this very day. But she never timed me. I timed myself. It's more of a.. personal work ethic. She decided if I really wanted to be a Knight, I'd do it under my own conviction." He smirks, "I can swim now, thanks to Savio. After I told him what happened, he ensured I'd never be so terrified again that I couldn't at least learn to float."

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Ysbail blink-blinks. "OH! Yes, forgive me, as well," she says. "I've spent so long outside the city I seem to have forgotten more of the, er... more Southernly manners than I ever learned in the first place," she adds, apologizing herself. She lifts a hand and holds it to her chest, pale tattooed (weird) fingers splayed wide as she kind of points at herself. "I am the Lady Ysbail Blackwood," she introduces back.

Teague nods slowly as he listens to them for a moment, as he thinks for a long moment. As he chuckles softly, as he looks out at the rest of them as he throws off the black silk from the device. It is a large metal device with non stop flowing coins inside of it, as he grins at Orland. "Now than each of you will place your hand into this device, the goal is to catch as many Oravio coins as possible." He lifts up a coin one side is a carving of Savio face and the other is Orland. "Who ever is able to get the most is the winner, of the challenge of might!"

Caspian smiles warmly to Ysbail, "It's a pleasure lady ysbail!." his eyes dance along the tattoos of her hand and he grins, "Those tattoos are amazing! sometime i'd love to hear if there is a story or meaning behind them"

Clowder of the Nine, they have been fed don't let them trick you, Shekies, A black and white marbled cat with yellow eyes, Capt'n Waddles the small cock with a bell, Ariesse - a spirited wildcat kitten leave, following Zakhar.

Savio laughs as Orland loses the game, detaching from Zak to go float over to his husband and congratulate his cousin. But what are those snacks and shiny things over THERE... he might get lost.

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Temira checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 19 higher.

Teague checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 34 higher.

Caspian checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 42 higher.

Orland checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 99 higher. Orland rolled a critical!

Tila checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 6 lower.

Cassiopeia checked dexterity + athletics at difficulty 15, rolling 38 higher.

As the hands are placed in the box, Teague reaches up to turn a crank as the metal starts to move flowing around the box. So many coins like a river, quickly they move inside up and down coming from all around. "Now grab as many as you can!" His own hand is thrusted into the box, as he tries to grab them with a soft chuckle. "This is a fun game!"

Tila sticks her hand in the box as well, when it brushes Teague

Cassiopeia is overheard praising Teague.

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pushing her hand into the box, Tila moves it suddenly when it brushes Teague's hand, there is a subtle stare at the box almost praying that nothing is said to make this awkward, however with luck everyone's hands are gonna be bumping somewhat, a few coins fall into her open palm and she's trying to wiggle them with a small cupped palm.

Orland is asked... to grab as many coins as he can?! Really? REALLY. He rolls up his sleeves, like he was all business like about it, even rubbed his hands together, and then went to try his hands in the box. Mind you he's legendary for this stuff, so it's not much of a surprise to see him coming out with STACKS. He makes it rain silver! ALL THE SILVER. Okay, Oravio coins but coins were coins! Peeps might get suspicious here... but he cannot help Orlanding!

Caspian cracks his knuckles and laughs, "huh... im sure there is a saying about coins running through your fingers.." with that he shoves his arm into the box. the man has very adroit fingers, hand flitting around inside as he scoops coins and secures them for retrieval. sadly.. despite his best effort.. his is no where near the fortune that orland accrues. "by the powers.. how on earth did you manage that?! your fingers had to have been a blur!"

Connal, a Northern Wolfhound, Honeymare, 1 Ravenseye Warrior, 3 Sanna House Guards, 2 Northern Rangers, a Whitehawk rusted hawk arrive, following Rosalind.

Temira struggles to get coins out and stops after 19.Setting them down on the table and opens her notebook to look over what she had been writing before. Lips lightly moving as she reads over what is written down.

Tila pulls back about four coins, that's all her hands can manage anyway, on barely clinging between her fingers, the Sanna Lady just kind of couonts, One...Two... "How in the hell, Orland..." She gawks as a few of those coins bounce and roll from her palm

Orland checks dexterity and legerdemain at daunting. Botch! Orland fails completely.

Teague chuckles softly as he looks at Orland. "Well you have good skills, as I know but not the depth of it." His eyes are moving over the room with a soft chuckle, as he throws his head back into a wild mirth filled laugh. "Now than, we have one more thing before we call this party to the end, I was told one of you hasd a toast for the lovers and lords. Let's all grab our drinks." He than drops his coins into a pot with a chuckle, with those smiling faces of the two lords one on either side of it, as he thinks for a moment as he picks up his whiskey with the scorpion in to pour a glass.

Rosalind comes running through, hair behind. "I'm late! I'm late! But hiiiiiii"

Orland begins to juggle some of the coins he took out of the contraption that Teague had built, "Hey Teag, was that supposed to be hard?" He laughs and then flicks a juggled coin--- well something happens and all of a sudden the coins are bouncing off his head and tumbling everywhere around him. All those stacks shatter and he laughs as things go tumbling and not in the way he was normally tumbling. "Well... guess I had one too many drinks." Thankfully the TOAST saves him.

Temira grabs a glass and steps up in front of the others. She smiles towards the new addition. "Youre in time for my toast"

Orland checks dexterity and legerdemain at daunting. Orland fails.

"Savio and Orland, S..O., Sooo where do I begin? I had a great idea to make mugs with the s on one and the o on the other, presenting them at the start of the speech for a perfect one-liner, but maybe next time. I might be a crafty person, but I cannot craft anything worth shit. " Temira laughs at her own joke. "Instead other than this toast, saving both of you from going overboard on the ship is a great wedding gift, so lets go with that." Temira winked before continuing.

"If you would please give me attention for a few moments, I would like to say a few words about the happy couple, starting with Savio." Temira turns to look at him.

"From the first time we met, and I stabby stab stabbed that one guy", Temira strokes her chin briefly. "Can't recall his name, but it's not important. What is important is that, immediately, those fighting with us (mainly Haakon) said I was the female Savio. Which, of course, turned out to be 10000 percent true. " A pause as she smiles. "How do I know this? Because you were the only one to laugh and appreciate my name, Bowzer, for my bow. And also that thing we do to annoy my near-brother, and our epic LUTE sparring match. Anyways, to bring it back before a tangent ensues, I want to express my faith in you my friend and as best girl, by letting you know that I trust you with my life and will always have your back. I am happy you found your someone. I can only hope to find someone who loves me for who I am as much as you two do for each other."

Temira then turns to Orland, raising a plate of cake off the nearest table instead of her drink in her hand. "We met on a beach and had some really terrible wine together, but the time spent together was not terrible. Also, you saved my life from that guy in the tower that one time we tried to talk him into giving up. Oh also, just two nights ago, we easily took out the sentiaries on the bridge together. These are all good memories for me, although can't say the same for those other guys."

Her laugh rolls off her lips like a cascading waterfall. While she walks a few steps from side to side, she says, "I look forward to all the other precious memories that you will probably forget, that we have ahead of us Orland, along with all your orlanding that you do." Temira smiles warmly at the two. She sets down the cake and the drink and walks over to them, grabbing one hand from each of theirs.

"From the bottom of my heart and with so much love, I wish you many years of bliss that I can vicariously enjoy romance through. " She giggles and releases their hands. Temira picks up her glass again and raises it to the others in attendance. "Cheers to the married couple. May their love prosper for eternity."

Tila wanders back to her seat and pours herself a drink, is it water or whiskey? She blindly pours and it's likely whiskey as she sets the bottle to the side wattching as the toast is given.

Teague lifts his glass into the air for the toast.

Caspian listens to the toast, then stands clapping and giving a cheer with a bright smile "Well said! Too the happy couple for eternity!"

Tila lifts her glass as well. "To the delightful couple! Many well wishes!" She calls out.

Rosalind is clapping, catching her breath. There's a smile on her face as she cheers. "Bestest wishes!"

Ysbail lifts a fresh glass to the final toast. "Hear hear!"

At the mention of the toast, Orland finds his way over toward his misbegotten husband, pulling him away from the snacks to get his attention to the clinking of glasses and the speech about to be given. With his arm looped around Savio and the other one holding the snack plate for his husband, he listens as Savio leans in and gushes as Savio's are wont to do. The pair whisper to each other before they turn rightfully to listen. Savio's response is completely Savio in nature, full of "Awws" and little happy tears and the odd 'oh you' and laughter that fits or doesn't fit, as often is the case. Orland snorts of course over the 'memories he will probably forget' which with a look to Savio suggests that some of that might be true. The couple share a laugh and Orland responds, "Thank you so much for your kind words Temira. We appreciate each and every one of you that came today to take time to get to know us better, and us to get to know you. It means a lot to see all these faces come together to stand united, when the world of our peers demands we not on this front, when wars are being fought over instances like our own - which are different and chafe against what has always been the way. We do not wish to chafe so much as co-exist, so your presence here today, shows us we can and that we are. Thank you to our host, Lord Teague Charon, as well, for putting this together." He pauses, then grins as Savio waves and politely thanks people in his own address, "Now, there's a bunch of cake we have to eat. I'm definitely going to be running laps around the city if I have to /eat/ all of the cake!"

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