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Feathers, Fur and Scales: Animal Talent Show

Lady Elora Ravenseye and Whisper House are proud to team up at the lodge of Petrichor to hold a show for talented animals. At the Campgrounds of the Lodge of Petrichor, people are encouraged to bring their pets large and small to show off their magnificent abilities. There will be courses that can be run, a stage for performing animals and targets, a herd of sheep and pigs available for herders, and other areas set up so that the people of the Compact can show off their animals skills. This is also an excellent opportunity to introduce interested members of Arx in animal trainers or different unique breeds of animal and their skills. So whether your animal companions are feathered, furred or scaled, please bring them to the Animal Talent Show.


June 25, 2022, 2 p.m.

Hosted By

Aconite Elora


Pasquale Teague Mabelle Clover Griffin



Outside Arx - Lodge of Petrichor - Camp Grounds

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

It's a beautiful Autumn day. Late morning. The Campground has several people who have come to show off various breeds of animals. There are quite a few dogs and cats, birds, horses, and a few other beasties all being groomed bu their owners in preparation for the show.

A large area has been made available for the event. There are small obstacle courses set up close to the camp and a bit more distant away a large area has been et up with jumps and a show ring for larger beasts such as horses.

The bounty of nature is what has been brought to accommodate. Cool fresh Spring water, apples, sugar cubes, small grilled squares of meat, and even for those brave or strange souls, toasted crickets and grubs. There's even fodder for the lager animals about to participate in the show.

Aconite is grooming Flores and chatting with one of the attendants o the Lodge.

Pasquale isn't so much grooming his rose-grey stallion so much as leaning against him as he watches the others gathering for the event but its the magpie sat on the horses saddle that he seems to be talking to. "Well Mar. Shall we enter you in the shoelace untying section?"

Teague walks in slowly in front of him is a bonding dog covered in fluffy-ness as he chuckles slowly he is leaning on a cane slowly moving mountain of muscle with a grin at the other. "Miss Beazley, might need some of your training Chloe." He looks down at the large shaffy Stormheart Bear Dog, as he reaches out to pet her slowly with a nod of his head. "Now than, shall we find a good spot to watch the show." It seems Miss Beazley that little fluffy ball has picked a spot as she is curled up head resting on her paws watching everything in the shade. Slowly Teague makes his way over with Chloe moving with him each step as he sinks down into the grass. "Hello Softest Aconite Whisper. I hope you are doing well today." He looks over at Pasquale as he arrives with a bowing of his head. " Lord Pasquale Malespero, I hope you are doing well today."

Mabelle arrives upon the camp grounds, following the scent of meat. She smiles brightly at those in attendance and the gathering of animals, "Well hello there, Whisper Aconite, Lady Elora, thank you for hosting a lovely event". She escorts Taffy along with her and given there is no source of water, she mumbles to the dog, "They will have to believe us".

Miss Beazley a large fluffy dog, Chloe, a large and shaggy Stormheart Bear Dog puppy leave, following Teague.

Vim, the dragon corgi, Sir Danan, the Studious Valardin Scribe, 2 Farshaw trained guards arrive, following Clover.

Miss Beazley a large fluffy dog, Chloe, a large and shaggy Stormheart Bear Dog puppy, Clover arrive, following Teague.

3 Redreef Wardens arrives, following Griffin.

Clover wanders in gripping Teague's arm as she apparently is not known for her geographical prowess. It takes her a moment or two before she places Vim down on the ground. Her hands moving to brush off her dress fruitlessly as dog hair clings to it regardless. "Ah I hope there's tea..." She murmurs. "Not feeling so well the last few weeks."

Pasquale returns Teague's nod. "Lord Teague. Well enough thank you. Will you be competing?"

Mabelle inclines her head to Pasquale, Clover and Teague, "Lord Malesparo, Duchess Farshaw, Lord Charon, are there rules of how one might participate?", her eyes pass over the abundances of animals, looking very pleased with their presence.

Aconite pulls away from Flores, giving the muscled horse a pat on his neck which draws an ear flick but little else. He's busy with bucket of oats. The Whisper smiles and curtseys to the approaching nobility. "Good morning, wonderful to see you, Lord Charon, Lord Pasquale4 and Lady Mabelle! I'm so glad to see you hr. You're entourage is so fluffy."

Pasquale is given a smile and she moves over to let Narciso sniff her gloved hand.

The audience and other people with companions that are well-trained are beginning to gather. Everyone seems eager to get their animals out there. Aconite looks at the small group, "Go ahead and grab a number from the assistants over there and we'll call each animal up. You can take as many numbers as you have animals, but you have to let others perform a few times before the next. We'll be starting soon."

The Assistant Whispers are handing out tiny slips of paper with numbers on them. It's already beginning as a massive Draft with a fluffy main and tail. The jumps have been put to their lowest bar but it's clear that the people who are showing are also showing off their own line of work horses.

Teague nods towards Clover as he guides her with a frown. "I do hope you feel better Duchess Clover." He is leaning on his cane with the other arm, as he walks back to the shady spot he had just left, as he motions for both of the doggos to sit once more. "I will not be doing so today. I have just gotten both of my new friends, still getting to know them. I will do that in the next one." As he chuckles with a dry cough, and a look of pain on his face. His hand is holding his ribs, as he shakes his head for a moment. "I came to see next tricks, to think of which ones they should learn in time."

Clover continues to hover just a hair closer to Teague. "It'll pass it has several times thus far." She offers quietly toward him. "Are your injuries healing alright?" She asks as she does a quick look over. Having spent fairly a whole night prior to tending wounds, she does seem to know the cause, offering a sympathetic look briefly. before her attention sweeps away. "Not this time, Vim...I..." She trails off as she searches for something, fruitless at that. "Is there tea? Mint preferred.." She then pauses to look back toward the expectant corgi, who very pointedly tries to prance toward the line, dragon wings and all.

Griffin wanders on by, to watch, finding a place to sit. He's quite frankly curious as to what this 'pet show' is all about!

Clover has joined the line.

Mabelle has joined the line.

Mabelle leans down toward Taffy and murmurs to her, "Do you know other tricks? I'm not sure that will serve us particularly right now?", she murmurs to the pooch, smiling sheepishly at the other nobles,

Alberico, the Malespero aide have been dismissed.

Narciso, a tall light rose-grey Jennet stallion with tiger eyes and a dark mane and ombre tail have been dismissed.

Louis, a Malespero Armsman have been dismissed.

Mar, the Magpie have been dismissed.

Teague slides down as he grins over at Mabelle with a soft chuckle. "She is cute. She will do fine, I believe in you and her." His hand is slides out to pet one dog and than the other one as he coughs once more with a pained look as he looks over at Clover. "It is healing, but it is going to be some time before the pain stops. Fire, stabs, and broken ribs. It was a beating I took. I have had worse, but not in a long time." His hand is moving to each of their ears, and there heads working the best spots for both of them the fluffy and the wardog.

Vim takes off in a full blown run, and Clover looks mortified. "Vim!" She calls out as that little canine dragon terror streaks toward the center stage, little rump a rolling. She's scrambling back to her feet as she moves toward her little corgi, "No no...don't roll!

Vim takes off in a full blown run, and Clover looks mortified. "Vim!" She calls out as that little canine dragon terror streaks toward the center stage, little rump a rolling. She's scrambling back to her feet as she moves toward her little corgi, "No no...don't roll!" Too late the cutesy decorative wings are rolled over and she clears her throat as she offers Aconite an embarrassed smile. "Well...I guess we're going?"

Mabelle curves her lips entertainedly at Vim and assures Clover, "I have six puppies, none of them behaves but this one, its why I did not bother with them here", she laughs, "So I'm not unfamiliar with the notion, but it seems people find it endearing".

Turn in line: Clover

Turn in line: Mabelle

Aconite sniles and lifts her shoulders at Clover, "Sometimes the excitement can be too much." he playfully speaks as she finishes making sure that Flores Saddle is on tight before the big beast is taken off to the Horses performanced area for his turn.

Mabelle beckons Taffy and walks with her to the center. "Well. This is Taffy and Taffy's talent is swimming. Of course all dogs swim, but Taffy was given to me because I cannot swim. Her talent is in her paws. Or maybe just the way she's built", she reaches for Taffy's paw and reveals a webbed paw. "I suppose that's an odd talent, but she's also adorable. That's it", she chuckles.

Teague claps for Mabelle. "Taffy!" His hands than moving to pet the two dogs at his side, as he smiles so warmly at them and than looks back to others. "That is a very good talent." He laughs warmly but that is ended with another pained cough.

Clover shifts foot to foot and lifts her hand. "Vim." she then turns her fingeer in a circle above her. The corgi rises up on her back paws and does a little hopping dance. "Good girl. Turn..." She watches carefully as the Corgi turns twice and makes a little begging motion with her paws before passing a small treat to her. "Good grl. Let's go..." she then tries to escort the Corgi off to her shaded seat.

Late? Perhaps, but Elora's pink cheeks say her apologies before she can even speak. "I'm terribly sorry for being so late, Softest Whisper," murmurs the soft spoken woman to Aconite. "I was unavoidably indisposed."

She takes in a deep breath. "Where are we? I do hope I'm not too late."

Teague claps for Clover and Vim. "Well done! Very well done." He than waves towards Elora, as he stops petting there is a lick to hia side from the fluffy one, so quickly the pets start once more.

Aconite says, "No worries at all, Lady. You did miss one or two, Lady Clovershowed off hr Corgi's enthusiasm and Lady Lurent showed us Taffy's hidden. I'm glad to see you here." The Whisper says brightly, "Are you ready to show off your talented companions?"

1 Iron Guardsmen have been dismissed.

Onida, a boglands wolf-hound have been dismissed.

Due, a tireless Whitehawk hound have been dismissed.

Josse, a sharp-eyed Whitehawk falcon have been dismissed.

2 Whitehawk Guards have been dismissed.

Vim is a jealous companion, and if anyone is getting loves, she's going to get some. She sneaks away from Clover to harass Teague for attention too, broken little decorative wings thumping him as she tries to weasel herself in for attention while Clover is trying to settle and drink a bit of tea.

Elora's eyebrows lift. "Oh, me?" she asks Aconite. This seems to catch her a little off guard, as if she hadn't thought about it herself. "Well, yes, I could put the hounds and falcon through some paces, certainly." She looks at the falcon on her forearm, held by its jesses and blinded by its cap. "When should you like me to do something?"

Elora has joined the line.

Mabelle gathers the fluffy Taffy and grabs her a little treat from the smoked meat while getting something sweet for herself.

Teague watxhes Elora as he reaches out to pet on Vim, than Chloe and than the fluffy princess. It is a never ending cycle of pets.

Aconite smiles, "After Lady Mabelle?" Aconite suggests. She grins watching Mabelle with Fluffy and then gestures. "Looks like you're up." The whisper grins before moving over to where Mabelle is and smiling, "Thank you for showing up! How have things been?"

Mabelle murmurs quietly to Aconite as to not disturb the show, "I've been spending some weeks back home with our people, seeing their needs in this troubled times, but seems to be the city has been brimming and I've... experienced some loss. I had to get away. How have you been?"

Elora checks command and animal ken at normal. Elora is successful.

3 Redreef Wardens leaves, following Griffin.

"Oh! Right." Elora looks at the falcon on her forearm, murmuring to it as she gently removes his cap. A few more quiet words and she releases the jesses. Josse takes off at a zoom, buzzing those gathered before soaring into the sky. That's when the whistles start. Elora puts a whistle to her lips and begins emitting various patterns that seem to correspond with the acrobatics of the falcon. All of a sudden it breaks off and rides higher into the sky. "Ooh. I think she's got a hunt now," Elora murmurs; the whistle lowers. Everything seems fine and dandy until the raptor suddenly tanks into a screamingly fast drive. His mistress is quiet as she watches, almost holding her breath.

All of a sudden, there's the sound of a bird being caught, and Elora brims with pleasure. "Oh, good job, Josse," she says watching the falcon depart for a little privacy while he eats.

"As well as I can be given the current situation. Trying to keep spirits up." The Whisper replies, "I'm glad to hae offered a peaceful moment." She smiles at Taffy but keeps her hands to herself. Her eyes turn towads the sow area were Elora is preparing her demonstration.

1 Iron Guardsmen have been dismissed.

Onida, a boglands wolf-hound have been dismissed.

Due, a tireless Whitehawk hound have been dismissed.

Josse, a sharp-eyed Whitehawk falcon have been dismissed.

2 Whitehawk Guards have been dismissed.

Teague nods slowly as he rubs the doggos heads as he looks over at the bird in flight with a soft clap as it is going back to Elora. "That was amazing! So cool." His hand are moving into a loud clapping, than he groans in pain once more. "I sadly, should go rest. Each of you stay safe in these dangerous times." He heads off with both of his little friends at his side this time, as he leans on his cane.

Teague is overheard praising Elora.

Teague is overheard praising Aconite.

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