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Thea's Belated Birthday Ocean Party

Countess Thea couldn't drink on her birthday and that was mostly Drake's fault, so we're throwing an out of season birthday bash to catch up on lost time. Gifts optional, drinking highly encouraged, and some on-the-water party games that hopefully won't cause any major injuries.


June 27, 2022, 6 p.m.

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Branwen Thea Cadern Kiera Desiree



Arx - Lower Boroughs - Seas the Day

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Lilith, the Raven arrives, following Branwen.

The Seas the Day is decorated for party festivities, but has yet to set off and is parked solidly at port. There might be a trip on the ocean in store, but for now it's pleasant and breezy as the evening begins to turn. It might get a little cool later, but it was important to have this birthday party (note, it's much more of an unbirthday party, since Thea was pregnant during her birthday proper and scheduling was difficult, not to mention a war on)... before it got cold properly, as in winter, and too cold to use the boat. But for now, it's enough that the breeze on the water is the breeze of an autumn evening, and the flags and decorative banners that ripple in the wind do so without fear of tearing or falling.

Drake being in charge of organizing, has set up a good spread, and a little party game area, and now he's finally relaxing again a bit as he gets into the whiskey.

Lilith, the Raven leaves, following Branwen.

Lilith, the Raven arrives, following Branwen.

Branwen arrives dressed much finer than usual, having traded her shamanic furs for a style from warmer climes. Her skin is pale from lack of exposure, but she smiles at the feel of the breeze against it. Even as she struggles with a sizable stuffed turkey in both arms, her eyes searching the area for where birthday gifts are to be piled. A large raven follows behind her, somehow giving the impression of trying yet failing to remain inconspicuous.

Thea is here, likely dressed in leathers. She sits rested for the time being, but not without a glass of whiskey. There's a look of contentment on her face however, even if it's a bit pale. Thea smiles a moment as she takes in her ship. Looking to her husband, she tells him sincerely,"Thank you for doing this." When someone else walks aboard, she greets them with a nod of her head. "Good evening,"her eyes following the bird with a lifted brow. "Make yourself comfortable. There's more than enough of everything!"

Drake is by a spot on the table, and he's put a small, not entirely impressive looking box there, and that is probably the place to put gifts. The little wooden box is of course, closed, waiting for the most appropriate time. "Oh, ho there," he says. "I definitely set up too much, but I know my sister will be along, and when everyone's properly liquored up those brave enough will join us out for a little sail. In the mean time, absolutely help yourself."

Branwen spots Drake and the box, which seems as good a spot as any. With a heave, she lifts the stuffed, taxidermied turkey on to the table, looking relieved to have it out of her arms. Then she gives an obviously revently-practiced curtsey, first to Drake and then to Thea. "My Lord. My Lady. I wished to express will wishes to you and yours." Her tone is polite and deferential. Diplomatic, perhaps. She stands awkwardly for a moment as if unsure what is expected next, but since she has been offered to 'help herself' she surmises there is food and drink to be had, and she drifts to where it is to be had.

Thea smiles a moment at Branwen. "I'm Countess Thea Wyvernheart, and that,"her head nodding to Drake,"is my husband Count Drake Wyvernheart. When we say make yourself comfortable, we mean that." Her gold-flecked green eyes skim the moment, head tilted. "You're from the north, yes? Where abouts?" Thea isn't the most--personable woman, but she tries to put the other woman at ease.

"Ahhh, please, no need to be formal," Drake says. "I know I'm from an Oathlands family but I don't like to be stuffy or stand on ceremonies and titles, especially not when drinking's afoot. I sometimes even do some shopping in the lowers, and that happens to be where we are now, off the docks." Drake does like to be personal, and his greeting is warm, though with that Oathlands accent. He nods when introduced.

Branwen nods with a polite smile, and her shoulders relax a little. But she stiffens slightly again at Thea's question. "I, ah... don't... remember, exactly. As long as I -can- remember, I have lived with Clan Ravenseye in Stormheart." She brightens again at Drake's disarming banter and picks up a glass, sipping lightly from it. "It's a beautiful day to be on the water. Most of my time I spend in the forest, among the injured, or in solitude. I can't remember the last time I was out on the water, but it sounds nice." She fidgets with the stem of her glass when the raven gives an irritated 'raaakh!'. She turns and nods to it before addressing the lord and lady. "Ah! Lilith wished me to introduce you, too. Thea and Drake, meet Lilith, my constant companion." Lilith puffs her feathers and wanders off looking about as satisfied as a raven can be.

Jackie, Northuldra, 2 Blackwood trained guards arrive, following Cadern.

Thea drops A large stuffed turkey.

Thea glances at Drake and shakes her head, a bit amused. "I'm origionally from Southport, part of the Lyceum." She takes a drink, saying,"I'm more than sure the Oathlands weren't sure what to do with me when I arrived." Realizing, she tells Branwen,"Ravenseye. I know a couple from your house. They're ship faring if I remember correctly. I was taught by one of my brothers and the Kennexes." When the bird is introduce, Thea reaches into her bag and grabs a piece of meat. "My cousin Desma has some sort of bird that likes to piss me off. I carry shite on me just in case...,"and tosses it.

Drake gives Lilith a bow, and he seems quite sincere about it. "Lilith, a pleasure to meet you," he says. (Lilith, for the just-arriving, is the raven.) Drake has a dog about, who is way too big to still be acting like a puppy considering she's now a full sized mastiff, but she's behaving well enough waiting for her turn at sausages. "Ah, the dog is Calluna, a Highhill rescue and one of our first pups, we have quite a few around now. It's what the county was most famous for."

Winter, A Highhill Puppy, Angeline arrive, following Kiera.

Cadern picks his way in bearing whiskey. Is it new whiskey? Well it's aged. Regifting? Only possibly. Cadern picks his way in surveying the area and smiles as he catches the small group. He approaches waving to Drake and Thea. He grins at Branwen, "It appears I'm following Lilith around everywhere." He says brightly dipping his head to the Raven. He presents whiskey and then assures Thea, "No one ever knows what to do with you."

Branwen raises a brow with interest at Thea. "I see. It was some... man from the Lyceum who I think first showed me how much of the world I had been unaware existed. It was from that point that I started working more towards understanding the other cultures here in the city so that I could aid my people in grafting onto the tree and growing together. So I am grateful to him and to your people for this insight. And yes, we are seafaring, though I have not made such a voyage in a very long time. Most of my time is spent in and around the city now." Lilith spots the offered scrap and dives for it, holding it down with her talon as she picks at it with her beak. The raven thus distracted (aside from puffing up and greeting Drake with a satisfied croak when he welcomes her), Branwen turns her attention to the mastiff. But no sooner has the dog been introduced when Cadern shows up and Branwen greets him with a warm smile. "Cadern. It appears so. Fortunately, is is often good fortune to follow ravens if you know how."

Cadern drops a teardrop marked bottle of Northland's Fire amber whiskey.

Thea .history

Whiskey is whiskey, Drake won't ever ask about a regift when it's going to be drunk regardless. He smiles and gives a nod to Cadern as he comes in. "Thank you so much for coming. And for a gift! They aren't required but always appreciated. We wanted to be sure to have this when Thea could imbibe, since we were waiting on a different kind of present."

Thea waves off Cadern's words with a wry smirk. "Sometimes, unfortunately I fear they do. Depending on what it is." She pushes(not physically), toward the food and drink. "Go get some food and drinks,"a slight smile appearing, thanking him for the bottle as well. "It's good to see by the way. It's been a moment." Meanwhile, she puts her hand down to the huge mastiff, going to pet him. Finn is naturally nearby as well. Rarely leaving her side. "Drake went all out for this, I think because I've pregnant for my last two birthdays, and just things have been so hectic. It's just nice to relax with friends and family for a bit." Thea looks up to her husband with a warm smile.

Kiera steps onto the boat with an easy smile and approaches her sister in law for a hug "Warmest wishes and happy birthday much delayed. The good thing about this is we now have many things to celebrate"

Cadern winks at Drake, "I'm told I'm only allowed to open the expensive bottles for special occasions, so this makes for an excellent opportunity to put it to a good home and use." He offers and he smiles, "I trust you're both doing well?" He asks of Drake first and then to Thea, "It's been awhile. Not taking too much on I hope?" He asks and he grins as he looks from Thea to Drake, "So he's been doing his job perfectly?" He asks with a grin. Branwen gets a smile, "Hmm following Ravens is great, unless they notice, then they probably try to lose you if they're bored." He turns then to smile and wave at Kiera at the approach making space and seeing about making himself a plate.

Branwen grins at Cadern's retort and dips her head, slipping to the edge of the growing party to observe as the crowd of well-wishers grows. Although drifting away from the conversation she doesn't seem to enjoy herself any less. On the contrary, she steps over to a railing and closes her eyes, feeling the breeze whisper past her. She still holds a glass of sparkling alcohol in her hand and sips from it, opening her eyes again to take in the unfamiliar surroundings.

"The Countess wants a birthday party, she will get one, regardless of whether it's.... actually, her birthday or not." Drake pauses. "Well, now we have games and such if people are interested, but there's also just drinking. But let me first, before I forget, give you a present." He'd actually been considering such for a while, but things kept coming up, so... now is good, before something comes up again.

Thea embraces Kiera gently. "There is much to celebrate, you're right. Thanks for being here." There's an amused smile at Cadern as she looks to Drake. "What do you think, have I been taking too much on?" She leaves that answer to her husband. She'd just say no. Thea watches Branwen and tells her,"You know, I plan on taking the ship out before it gets too cold. You're more than welcome to join." Her eyes squint at Drake for a moment when he mentions present though.

Kiera smiles "They both take a great deal on, but then they could sae same for me. I know personally for every projeect in which I engage there are two more in which I wish I could so i cannot fault them greatly

Cadern leans towards Branwen, "What do you think the chances are of Thea trying to find someone who is sick when she goes on the boat?" He asks playfully and then he smiles at Kiera, "I suppose you're all more..engaged. I like sitting in my library and just looking things up." He admits ruefully and then looks curious to see what Drake goes for their present.

Branwen maintains her grasp on the railing but turns to smile at the Countess over her shoulder and to give her a nod. "I would like that. It would be nice to feel the water under my feet again." Then she turns around, leaning back against the railing when Cadern approaches. "Hmm... I couldn't say as I don't know her that well yet," she replies. "But I do know that if she found someone, I would help mend them." She grins with a playful defiance towards Cadern before following his gaze to Drake, her own curiosity piqued as well.

"You? Never," Drake says. "But you were taking on more than I was, and with the baby coming aside." He picks up the small box, and hands it to Thea, not opened of course.

"Now, listen, it's nothing like ... well, I thought I'd give you something in a pair, to represent the two children, and then... if we end up having a third I'll come up with some other symbolic plan." He closes her hands over the box before drawing his own back.

Thea snorts at Cadern. "I would ne--alright, I would." She curiously regards Branwen. "You're a physican?" Thea smiles at Kiera, telling her,"You do a lot. I'm not sure where our house would be without you." When Drake shoves a box in her hands, Thea blinks before her eyes widen. "These are--beautiful. Thank you!"

Cadern hops up on aforementioned railing, locking a leg in against it, "Pea's in a pod." He accuses at Branwen without rancor. Cadern then nods at Kiera gesturing as if she's making his point before he grins as he looks to see what Drake has brought out and he claps his hands, "Well done, I think she's as near to speechless as I've seen." He says to Drake clapping loudly.

Thea drops Shining Dawnstone Solitaire Earrings in Star Iron Frames.

Kiera answers Cadern "Oh I totally count research as projects. Too many topics as you know, but you'll have to let me know what your focus is currently, in case I might be able to provide informattion" She blinks at drake's mention of a third "You're really warming to this father thing Calo and Lina are both so precious I don't blame you" she blushes at thea's thanks

"Hm. I hope so." Drake pauses. "I know blue is your favorite color," he never forgets details like this, "But I wanted something hopeful, so I chose the dawnstone. Orange and blue go quite well together and the bit of gold reminds me of the sunrises we spent together when we were courting." He tries not to be too emotional about it... but then takes a drink so that emotion will stop welling up. A pause, looking at Kiera. "They're perfect, but it's more her doing than mine. I'll take partial credit."

Branwen applauds politely along with Cadern, her distinctive bright smile lighting up her face at the sweet gesture between the couple. She gives Thea a silent nod through the commotion of the party, signalling she is in fact a physician. "What about you?" She turns her head to regard Cadern. "Do you intend to join us at sea?"

Thea eyes Cadern. "You realize if I had something, I'd throw it at you, right?" Nor does she have the strength. "What sort of information are you guys working on now,"she asks. "I may be able to help. Unless this is scholar shite, then I mean---maybe not. But I'm sure I can find something." Thea amusedly notes,"You know how much I still like research." Gold-flecked green eyes search out Branwen again and she answers,"Combat medic, alchemist. I do a few things."

Cadern admits to Kiera, "You know me, long dead peoples, or not-dead ones. I got tossed the name Taldyr apparently half brother to someone... so you know plucking the string. The number of friends that Orca-sshole's are showing up in things is not... ideal at the moment." He admits ruefully, "Though I was considering perhaps going back to review some of the witchwood items." He blinks then at Branwen, "Hmmm not unless I can add value. I'm a bit like a vestigial tale on a boat. The seas are for those of you who enjoy it. I like the city and it's where the most information and stories pass through. I might send one of my people along though, in case there's questioning to do." He looks at Thea with wide-eyed innocence, "Throw something? At me? I can't imagine why that would be." He pauses and then admits, "I should learn alchemy, but honestly i'd probably just melt things. Which would be pretty exciting, I wonder if I could melt..." He trails off mischievously.

Kiera nods to Branwen "Pardon, I don't believe we've met. I'm Kiera Wyvernheart. Drake's sister. They are never ideal but lately they're worse. I'm tracking a possibly not dead person as well, though that name is unknown to me. the fact that there are multiple individuals in said state is more than a lttle worrisome. we may in fact need to compare notes

"Oh," Drake says with a laugh, "Now scholar stuff, that's always a bit over my head, but I certainly won't stop you talking work at the party. Thea also knows more about sailing than I do, but at least I know how to plan a party. Ride a horse, when that comes up," he adds with another shake of his head... and a refill of his glass. "Now I'm not sure how strong the juice is, so do take your chances with it."

Thea drops a silk ribbon woven through a chain.

Rocco delivers a bracelet like thing as well as a letter. As Thea starts reading, she starts to smile a bit more. "From Denica. She said I can store glitter and such in it,"appearing amused. Looking up to Cadern, she lifts an eyebrow. "I take it you're not the sailor of the sailing family." She tells Drake with a grin,"The punch is--punchy, but good. Hey!" Thea remembers something, noting,"You had a game planned, right? Did you want to explain it?"

Branwen gives Kiera a warm, bright smile and a polite dip of her head. "I don't believe I've had the pleasure, no. I am Branwen Stormfeather. Shaman to House Ravenseye." She listens as Kiera explains the situation to Cadern, pursing her lips thoughtfully but after a moment the expression passes. "Please do not melt yourself, Cadern," she says, feigning a lack of humor. "Rosalind would be beside herself, and one Rosalind is quite enough." Then she raises a brow when Thea returns to the idea of the game.

Cadern raises a brow at Thea, "Glitter?" He looks amused and then he shrugs, "Not particularly. I mean I can walk on a boat but I don't reallys ail." He asures Branwen, "I'm sure I'd melt someone else first." He says as if that is entirely an appropriate and reassuring response. He waves a hand at Drake, "I can save it for another time. It's a party after all, and a wonderful one. I just.. well I find it colors most of what I do."

"Oh now that is lovely," Drake says, at the look of the bracelet. Then he laughs. "Oh! I almost forgot. Yes, and it's one we can all take turns with. The winner, or two, if there is, gets a bottle of our local whiskey," he adds. "Which, may be at least different from what you have at home. I learned about this game from some islanders, and if the boat rocks that's part of the fun." There is a box with a few small holes and some small bags of beans. So it's time for a semi-traditional bag toss target game.

Kiera nods at cadern's words. It will keep but the marquis and have similar interests yet rarely cross paths so i wanted to set something up. one of those interest she says smiling to branwen ' is spirits as cadern will attest "but for now. let's throw things

Branwen cocks her head at Kiera's admission of interest in spirits. "Indeed? We should find time to speak later, then. I would be keen to learn what your interest is in them." But the lord's promise of whiskey draws her attention then and she cranes her neck to watch before finding it easier and more comfortable to hop up onto the railing, watching the proceedings and swinging her legs easily over the floor.

Cadern considers this 'game'. He hmms, "This seems a little...physical. But then it is a game of chance." He considers and seems to be wagering his luck against and physical aptitude as he drops to the deck. He looks between Kiera and Branwen and beams, "Friends friends!" He says making pushing together gestures.

Thea shrugs her shoulders. "I mean, you never know right." She goes to get more punch, growing just a tad bit breathless. Because you know, reasons....When the game gets discussed, she grins. "I'm going to not play, as it wouldn't be right for me to win my own family's whiskey."

2 House Wyrmguard Guards, Sir Philip of Punxsutawney, the guarded groundhog arrive, following Desiree.

Cadern has joined the line.

Kiera smiles "i'm going to pay and just give alcohol away if i win

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Drake is getting ready to play a game that he's put together, though he's a bit drunk by this point... having finished the giving a present part of the party, and the getting emotional part of the party. He's not at least the first to get ready, and he still has his glass to polish off, having perhaps accidentally filled it with the punch which is itself of somewhat dubious strength. "Now the trick to this is, you have to be careful not to knock someone else's bag into the target, or else, they get your point," he explains.

Thea hears Kiera and chuckles. "Alright. Fine. I'll play too,"and finishes her drink. She listens to Drake and looks at the board.

Cadern is hopping down preparing to take his toss turn and he grins, "Oh? So you can aim for others?" He asks eyes twinkling with mischief clearly this appeals to him.

Branwen gives Cadern a well-rehearsed exasperated sigh at his outlandish gestures, shooting Kiera a quick apologetic glance before pushing off, following the hoodlum to where a small crowd is starting to gather around the game Drake has introduced.

Turn in line: Cadern

Kiera watches cadern as she awaits her turn

You know who isn't drunk? Desiree. She's late to the party but she is here. Better to be late than to have not come at all. The petite Wyrmguard climbs aboard Seas the Day with ease for her long gown when she spots the party well under way. "Hello! Happy Birthday, Thea!" The radiant blonde waves exuberantly from the edge, careful not to fall over. There is an equally cheerful greeting for Drake and Kiera.

Thea looks over at the familiar voice and smiles. "Desiree! Thank you for making it,"she greets. "Did you want a drink? Food? There's a ton of each,"the Countess says with amusement. "Drake went all out it seems. Also---a game that won't knock anyone overboard." She doesn't think.

Turn in line: Kiera

Kiera checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Kiera is successful.

Kiera checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Kiera is successful.

Kiera checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Kiera is successful.

Kiera checks dexterity and athletics at hard. Kiera fails.

Kiera checks dexterity and athletics at hard. Critical Success! Kiera is spectacularly successful.

Kiera checks dexterity and athletics at hard. Kiera is successful.

Turn in line: Drake

Drake checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Drake marginally fails.

Drake checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Drake marginally fails.

Drake checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Drake is successful.

Drake checks dexterity and athletics at hard. Drake is successful.

Drake checks dexterity and athletics at hard. Drake is successful.

Drake checks dexterity and athletics at hard. Botch! Drake fails completely.

Kiera eyes up the hole carefully and throws with gusto and precision, perhaps picturing someone or something as she throws. her acumen is somewhat surprising hitting five of targets "It's because matti isn't here

Drake decides to take a try at his own game... but, it would be rude to win his own game, right? Obviously. He's not just missing the first few bean tosses because he's a bit drunk. He does manage to get one in ... and then... at the last second, at the last throw, does another throw that knocks Kiera's one, missed bag, into one of the scoring holes, giving his sister another point rather than securing it for himself. "...Well," he says, and then laughs. "...Maybe someone can knock one of my misses in too, but I won't hold my breath for it."

Turn in line: Branwen

Branwen checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Critical Success! Branwen is spectacularly successful.

Branwen checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Branwen is successful.

Branwen checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Branwen is successful.

Branwen checks dexterity and athletics at hard. Branwen fails.

Branwen checks dexterity and athletics at hard. Branwen is successful.

Branwen checks dexterity and athletics at hard. Branwen is successful.

While the game is going on, Desiree doesn't mind heading over to the table to grab a bite to eat. "I'll make myself useful over here." There's small cheering for Kiera who seems to do real well, and then a bit of a wince when a seemingly soused Drake not only misses but gets Kiera'a missed toss in for her. "You've always been a good brother, Drake!" The Wyrmguard decides on something savory first.

Cadern swings around and then gets distracted by Cadern things. He watches everyone, "Mmm everyone's so...good." He says whistling his hands, "It's like you all spent time outside!" He complains absently continuing to toss the bag up and down. He does glance over and wave at Desiree with a smile.

Turn in line: Thea

Drake laughs, as his clear chivary toward his sister catches Desiree's notice (he's pretty drunk and clearly can't throw straight at all but her kindness is appreciated in the face saving process). He leans back away to keep watching the fun.

Branwen steps up then, furrowing her brow in concentration. Lilith hops across her field of view just as she makes her first shot, causing her throw to veer from where she'd intended, and actually precisely where it was supposed to. "Lilith! Shoo! I'm trying to concentrate!" she calls out and the raven gives an indignant croak, flapping away to look for bugs or something. Branwen turns her focus back to the game and makes the remaining five shots in quick succession, missing one of the more difficult ones but scoring well otherwise. She collects the bags for the next player and slips behind the group of onlookers, glancing briefly towards Desiree and giving her a polite nod, though not one of recognition.

Thea checks dexterity and small wpn at normal. Thea is successful.

Thea checks dexterity and small wpn at normal. Critical Success! Thea is spectacularly successful.

Thea checks dexterity and small wpn at normal. Thea is successful.

Thea checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Thea is successful.

Thea checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Thea is successful.

Thea checks dexterity and small wpn at hard. Critical Success! Thea is spectacularly successful.

Cadern checks luck and small wpn at normal. Cadern fails.

Cadern checks luck and small wpn at normal. Cadern is successful.

Cadern checks luck and small wpn at normal. Critical Success! Cadern is spectacularly successful.

Cadern checks luck and small wpn at hard. Cadern marginally fails.

Cadern checks luck and small wpn at hard. Cadern fails.

Cadern checks luck and small wpn at hard. Cadern fails.

Cadern does not by any measure look like he knows what he's doing. Where other people throw using things like...accuracy, skill, and general athletic ability... Cadern flicks the bags like they are weapons. They don't even come close, except one, one manages to clearly and entirely by blind luck neatly drop in. "Look outdoors is hard."

Thea gathers the bags, thanking Branwen aside. Still being laid off for a bit, she's really not expecting this go well--but that's fine. Taking a breath, she tosses one back after another. And with each toss and each bag being knocked off, Thea looks surprised. Well uh..right." There's an amused look at Cadern as well as he tosses his. "There's no hope for you I don't think..."

Kiera pats cadern on the shoulder sympathetically "The explorers will whip you in shape

"Well.... clearly, the birthday girl has the best luck. But..." Drake clears his throat. "We have plenty of this stuff at home, so perhaps I give the prize to the second place score, while ackowledging Thea, the guest of honor, as the true winner!"

Branwen grins and even gives a little jump as she applauds Thea's spectacular success before settling down, giving Cadern an apologetic glance. But her focus is turned to Drake, awaiting the official announcement of the prize winner.

Cadern blinks at Kiera, "The explorers? No no. That's why we tell them to write journals. I can read the journals when they get back. It's far better." He assures Kiera still looking bemused. He glances over and he smirks at Thea, "Deadly with a bean bag, checks out."

Thea clears her throat, possibly embarrassed. "Right. Well. Holding a toddler and now a newborn, that's about as good as any weight training." She's not really sure what to say. Looking expectantly at Drake, she waits to see who won the bootle. "It's a really good bottle of whiskey, I promise. One of my favorites."

"Outside of the family, Branwen had the cleanest tosses... at least... by my very sober reckoning," Drake says... and gets an unopened bottle from the table to hand to her. "Drink it well, save it, or ... regift it if you like but just don't tell me if you do," he says with a slightly drunk laugh.

Branwen blinks in disbelief as she accepts the bottle of whiskey. "I can't believe it! Thank you so much!" She holds the bottle like a trophy, still looking a little dumbstruck until Lilith flaps to her unusually mostly-bare shoulder and blinks her greedy, beady little eyes at it. Branwen flinches and shoos the crow. "Ow! And no, I'm not sharing it with you!" Then she looks around sheepishly. "Although maybe I should host a party of my own soon so you all can help me with this..."

Kiera chuckles "I've been told it's good i don't drink

Cadern claps more, "Congratulations, Bran!" He says brightly and smiles, "I...should very much get going but it's been lovely seeing you all." He glances over to Kiera, "We should catch up soon." He suggest brightly.

"For those interested, we're going to go for a sail around," Drake says, "But I believe we can call this segment of the party to a close for those who have to go out for the night."

Thea smiles at Branwen. "Just hold a party. Everyone will come." The mention of taking of causes her to grow excited. "Of course Cadern is going to flee before we set sail,"looking amused. "It was good to see you anyway. We'll catch up soon, I'm sure."

Branwen tucks the bottle into the crook of her arm and steps forward to join the sailing group. "I would love to join. It probably would not be safe to open this while we were out, but I can practically hear the water calling my name." She turns and offers Cadern a friendly wave. "Thank you! It was good to see you again too! Maybe bring me along as well if you can when you meet, ah... Kiera."

Kiera smiles "just send me a missive when your determine a good time"

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