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Spontaneous Lowers Bonfire

It's winter and it's cold. What better way to get warm than a lot of booze and fire! It's a bonfire. In the Lowers. With Alcohol. What could go wrong?


Aug. 5, 2022, 4:30 p.m.

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Raymesin Caspian Zoey Rosalind Tython Wagner Samira Tove Raven



Arx - Lower Boroughs - River Mouth

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Octavian, a silken spaniel arrives, delivering a message to Raja before departing.

Octavian, a silken spaniel, Ruslana Stormshead, an aide in Kennex livery, 3 Kennex corsairs arrive, following Zoey.

1 Culler Boatswain, 2 Culler Midshipman arrive, following Samira.

Its the evening, the skies darkening early and a very light snow flutters around. In spite of the winter weather, a group of hearty people have gathered on benches, all kept relatively warm around the fire! It crackles tall and warm, benches all in a circle. Bottles of booze are scattered about, but mostly concentrated in a bungalow for people to sample.

Raja sits under a thick blanket by the fire, feet propped up closer to the fire. A bottle of booze is lifted to her lips to at least warm her from the inside. "Fuck you winter!" She belts out jovially towards the dark sky.

It's rare to see Raymesin out and about in winter, and rarer still to see him stopping in one place for any length of time. He's wrapped up in a thick and magnificent cloak, and if he was any closer to the fire he'd be in it - and even then, his nose is blue. "Rather not," he grumbles in response to Raja. "It'd freeze through an' fall off."

Caspian pulls his cloak slightly tighter around him as he treks through the streets. but as he approaches the fire and the friendly faces, he seems to relax. At raja's outburst he looks to her and gives a laugh. "Ahh.. this an act of defiance in the face of the cold then?!" he looked to Raymesin and broke into a laugh, "ooh that is something to be aware of isn't it!"

Zoey laughs as well and asks Raymesin, "Does that count as a pun? I am not sure." She motions to Raja that she wants to borrow that bottle and refill her glass.

There was a double-take to Raymesin. "Wha.. what? WAS THAT A JOKE?!" She blinks at Raymesin, then begins to laugh as mental images of the slender Ulbran freezing over runs through her head. "Please don't. Tanith would have my hide for sure! If there is one woman in the Lowers I am scared of, it would be her. Even just a mild look of disapproval is ill-advised." She sighs, "I seem to feel she does that a lot with me." Which, Raja probably deserved every 'look' whether Tanith actually gave it or Raja perceived it.

Raymesin's eyebrows lift at Raja's reaction. "Fuck's sake," he grumbles, huddling up even more than he already was. "I do 'ave jokes as don't end up in a grave." There's a faint, wry smile for Zoey, and then a nod to the arriving Caspian. "'Ey."

Rosalind was here. She swears! But she was quiet. You heard(or didn't), that right! Scribbling off the last letter, she realizes there are people! "Hi,"she greets with a sincere smile.

Tython steps into the area holding a bottle in each hand and wearing a bitter smirk, which turns into a more well-meaning one as he spots all the people gathered. "Hey thar allovya!" He says in a cheerful manner, waving one of the bottles as he draws closer.

Moonsilver, the pale-feathered raven arrives, following Raven.

Caspian looks to Raymesin and grins, "Its good to you Raymesin! its been some time! i hope you are keeping warm and cozy in the winter months?" then tython is there and looks over and waves, "And tython my friend1 good to see you again!"

"Rosalind!" Zoey greets her brightly. "Come help me finish this rum! How are you working and walking at the same time? I mean, I do, but only with Ruslana's help, and she has the day off." She nods in the direction of her aide who has found her way to the opposite side of the fire with her own bottle.

Rosalind grins at Zoey then darts over to her and the rum. "I don't have someone to write stuff, but it wasn't work either." She grins though, looking pretty happy to be here. Large hazel green eyes look to Tython, unfamiliar. "Hello,"she says, waving to Caspian too.

The appearance of a fire's glow can mean a number of things in the Lowers. Arson, someone trying to keep warm, a lesson being taught about dues being paid? All likely! Sometimes though, it's just good ol' socializing. The next towering figure in his dirt-caked black leathers seems far from the carousing type. A full salt and pepper beard now hides his jawline, and hair is pulled back from his scarred face in a loose binding. Wagner happens across the lot, his cloak hiding him for a moment, before a grunt of recognition sounds and he approaches the other Ulbran. "Yer just as pretty as ever." He sniffs the air and adds, "May even wager you've seen a bath since last I saw ya."

Winter is surely not Samira Culler's favorite season, the artist having been rather reclusive of late, but the promise of a bonfire and alcohol and lively company is hard to resist. Burrowing into the warmth of her voluminous cloak, she saunters toward the fire, a faint grin appearing as she notes a few familiar faces among the gathering. "Nice to share a bit of warmth after nearly freezing our asses off," she remarks aloud, evidently her version of a greeting.

Raymesin, bundled up as he is in a magnificent cloak, close to the fire, and still looking half-frozen, gives Caspian a flat look but doesn't otherwise reply to the question. He does look up at Wagner's arrival, though. "'Ey, Wagner," he greets the other man. "I need baths, in this weather. 'Ot ones. 'Ow's it goin'?" Samira and Tython get nods, but mostly Raymesin's looking cold and irritable.

Caspian gives a wave and a bright smile to Rosalind and Zoey. "oh! well hello! this is an unexpected pleasure! what brings you both down here? and.. what are you writing?" he gives a laugh, looking to the two new arrivals. he gives Samira and wagner a smile, "Ah hello! come join the fireside and warmup! Caspian wild, at your service"

"Aah, I see." Zoey offers Rosalind the bottle. "Well, have fun with that then! Perhaps a tea and chat later, hmm?" Then she spots Samira and her eyes widen slightly. "My dear, has it been a year? More? I was hoping I might see you out and about," she greets the younger Culler before Caspian draws her attention. "Oh! Caspian! I was in search of some levity after what had to be the most tense so-called ball in my life, and Raja said I was welcome here!" She points toward the table laden with bottles. "I brought the vodka."

Meandering through the streets, Tove moved about based on the directions she was given. Seeing the bonfire she gave a sigh of relief that she hadn't gotten herself lost. She shuffled closer, her cloak wrapped tightly around her. She stayed quiet, removing the hood of her cloak to offer a head full of auburn hair that accented her pale freckled skin. Her cheeks rosey from the cold, but outside of that she appeared to be rather enjoying the cold. Offering a smile to those gathered.

"Oh! I come down here sometimes. I like getting out of the city,"the Northerner expresses with a grin. The large claw like scar on her face prominent on her pale and freckled skin. "And I like the water, even if it IS a bit cold at the moment." Or frozen. She chatters on and on, friendly as ever,"I was just writting a letter to my brother. He's going to be a papa, so I was just checking on him." There's people Rosalind doesn't know, and the redhead finds herself introducing herself. "Hi! I'm Rosal--er---Lady Rosalind Ravenseye, but I mean--I like Rosa better."

"Have t'be a hot one? Well, that rules out the river. Can't go and push y'in - much as I'd enjoy it." Wagner's low baritone rumbles in what can be assumed to be a laugh of amusement. It is more -with- Raymesin than at his expense. His weapon is leaned against the nearest whatever, and a flask is fished out of the top of his left boot. "Drink. It will warm ya up or at least make your mood not as pissy." He even takes a sip first to show it isn't poison. Wagner Ulbran, the height of manners for sure. Ready or not, he may just get the pugilist 's hand square on his back to nudge him towards the fire. "Oy, Samira? Still in the gutters with us shite?" Whatever he was going to say next is silenced by Caspian's greeting. Glacial eyes narrow and stare. "Wagner. Wild? Name given or earned? Odd name, either way."

Caspian looks to wagner and grins, "i picked it myself when i was younger.. so a few years back now. i do my best to live up to the name.. but yeah its an odd one! just like me!" he laughs merrily, "its a pleasure to meet you!" he smiles to Zoey, "I yes.. the ball. i popped in.. despite the servants grumblings.. just to make sure no funny business was being done with Lady Medeia. i made a quick exit.. was... not the place for me. how did it go?" then he spies Tove wandering around and grins, "lady Tove! come join us by the fire and warm up, maybe grab a drink!"

"Hey there!" Says Tython to Rosalind with a big smile. "Tython Culler, pleased tae' meetcha'." And he tucks one bottle under an arm so he can offer his right to her.

Raymesin shakes his head in response to Wagner's offer. "Thanks, but I got a long walk 'ome from 'ere," he replies. The knifeman never has been one for strong drink, especially when out and about in the Lowers. Rosalind's introduction gets the woman eyed, and then Raymesin's looking up at Wagner again - until Caspian greets yet another person with a title, at which point Raymesin winces and glances around at the little group around the fire.

Rosalind is obviously not bothered by Raymesin's look. Not even a little. She takes Tython's bottle too and takes a large drink. "Thanks,"Rosa tells him with a smile. "It's really nice to meet you!" The latter is said to Wagner too. "Hi Samira! It's really good to see you! I uh---don't know if you remember me or not."

Tove looked over to the woman who introduced herself as Rosalind, dipping her head. "Pleasure to meet you La- Rosa." she snickers a little. "I am Lady Tove Clearlake. I also just prefer my name." she snorts a small laugh and offers a warm smile in return. Then looking over to Caspian offering a familiar smile and a small sigh of relief. Moving to join them. "Ah, Caspian. Pleasure to see you again." dipping her head politely. Trying to find her footing socially still. It was obvious.

Bright eyes slide across the faces of those gathered before attention is drawn to a pair easy to spot, whether by their familiar faces or their towering heights. Samira offers an upnod of greeting to Raymesin and Wagner, a wry look sent toward the latter. "'course. Home, sweet home, ain't it?" She pauses to rethink this, a hand waving at their surroundings. "Didn't say sweet /smelling/, though." Still, maybe the smell of the flames masks the worst of the Lowers streets' smells for now.

Zoey receives a grin as Samira turns toward the Kennex woman. "Feels like it's been ages! It's good to see you. How've you been?" It's an earnest question, particularly given all that's happened. The artist studies Rosalind for a moment before recognition dawns. "You used to help Rukhnis in the clinic, yeah?"

Zoey sighs heavily at Caspian's question. "Well, Lady Medeia is home safe, and the Windfires are not joining the Seditionists. Sadly they are not joining us either. It could have gone much worse, but it was still less than I had hoped for," she admits before taking another drink.

Tython's eyebrows lift as one of his bottles are taken and he emits a good-natured laugh, as the black rum is consumed. "That's tha' good stuff." He comments, before he takes a swig from the other bottle, and makes his way over to Samira, to offer it to her as well!

Sometimes a wealth of verse can be exchanged in a look between those that are close. For any Ulbrans, given the reputation the family has in this neck of the woods, that isn't always a good thing for those around. Wagner makes no effort to hide how his pierced brow arches and the sneer that tugs at his chapped lips beneath all of that BEARD. "Some shit never changes. Silks still slummin' and lovin' to play tourist. Have they started askin plain as day for songs and dance yet?" He asks of Raymesin. To Rosalind he snorts. "Welcome to the Lowers. I don't give a fuck or two shits about your titles. More of you means more of the guard, and frankly? That's just more shit than I have patience for. But sure, stay if you're bringing or buying the drink." Samira is given a hair mussing if he isn't stopped. "Gotta hang her head round Tanith's kitchen window if you want to smell sweets."

Caspian looks to Zoey and offers an apologetic smile, "it sounds like the evening was a success. one less foe to fight is a good thing in my book Lady Zoey. so thank you" he looked to Tove, "Lady Tove have you met Lady Zoey? Master Raymesin and my new friend Wagner? you just met Rosa" he gives a grin, pointing to each as he introduces them. he looks to Samira, "oh.. and hello! i dont think we've met! did i catch your name.. Samira?"

Wagner also adds to Caspian, "Wild and merry. Not my type of preference, but it takes all sorts."

There's a tilt of Rosalind's head at Wagner. "I've been here lots of times,"says. "And don't need anyone to look out for me, I can do that on my own." That's said factual, her northern accent thick. "So no need to worry---,"though her eyes flick up to the sky for a moment. "Hi Tove,"Rosa greets with a grin. "Nice to meet you." She nods to Samira, excited. "Yeah! I would sometimes! I really miss her actuall."

Zoey was not ignoring Samira, but simply distracted by Caspian's question. She nods in acknowledgement of Lady Tove when Caspian introduces her. "Well me, my Lady." She then turns her attention back to Samira. "That is a question that will take a long time and at least one more drink to answer properly, but for now I will say that I am doing well enough, and that you and I should sit down soon, yes?"

A wealth of communication does indeed seem to pass between the two Ulbrans in just that one look; Raymesin, bundled up in his cloak, almost sitting in the fire and still turning blue, shivers once it's done. "I need ter go find somewhere outta the wind," he says, creaking slowly to his feet. "It's smellin' too much like silk 'ere for my tastes. That's th'trouble when the cold freezes the stink'a fish an' shit outta the air."

Tove Looks warily to Wagner as he expresses his distaste. She clears her throat but otherwise wouldn't acknowledge the statement. Wetting her lips she takes a deep breath and smiles to those she had been introduced to. "Pleasure to meet you all" she offers though stays otherwise quiet. Merely observing the others as they socialize.

"Been gone fer...years now? I will be actually staying in the family bit tonight. See y'round, Ray." Wagner gruffs out before drinking from his flask again. Rosalind gets a grunt. "Fresh out of trophies and medals for yer -survival- down here, lass."

"See yer soon, I 'ope, Wagner." Raymesin nods to the other Ulbran, then to the Cullers. "Samira. Tython." There's a nod for Caspian as well, and then Raymesin's making his way off into the gathering gloom without saying a further word to Zoey, Tove or Rosalind, or even giving them a glance. He's staying bundled up in that cloak, and moving as stiffly as though he were several decades older than he probably is.

Rosalind gives a wave to Raymesin anyway, regardless of his words. She squints at Wagner too, thoughtful. "My tribe survived wars for lands all the time. I'm pretty used to fighting for what--,"but then shuts up. She just takes a drink of rum.

The look Samira sends toward Tython when he offers the bottle indicates that her fellow Culler has pinpointed exactly what was on the artist's mind. With a nod of thanks, she accepts the bottle and takes a long swig of its contents before dragging her arm across her lips. Such manners. "Yes," comes her emphatic answer to Zoey. "I want to hear it all, however many drinks it'll take. Let's do that soon." The tidbits of conversation about Medeia and the mention of Rukhnis both seem to tug the Culler into a sober mood. She nods in silent agreement with Rosalind's answer although it's the first of the lady's remarks about surviving the Lowers that she answers. "Careful not to say it too loud. Someone might take it as a challenge."

She ducks her head but not quickly enough to evade Wagner's hair-mussing or to hide the subtle grin that appears. "Yeah, I oughta do that more often. Thank the gods for Tanith and all she brings to these parts, huh?"

Caspian looks to wagner and chuckles, "trust me my friend, Rosalid can handle herself. i think she is often MORE at home in a scuffle than not." he gives a smile, "besides, one should never turn away a drinking companion!" he takes a drink from his flask. "So.. we should play a game! we have such a mingling of people here.. i say everyone grabs a bottle of the harder stuff, then we take turns saying things we've never done. if you have done it.. you drink. and then we can see who walks home and who need to be carried"

Zoey mutters, "... ... ... ... better, even ... your sister did say that I was ..."

Raymesin's words make Zoey wince a little, and when he leaves without a goodbye she seems to sober a bit and looks down into her glass. She says something softly to Samira and spills the last sip onto the fire and sets it on the table.

"I suppose I should head home as well. I will send you a more official invitation soon," she promises.

Wagner looks up and around, making a show of searching for something and even pats his empty hand over his cuirass. "Ah right, didn't bring it with me. I did say I don't have a fuck t'give, right? Fresh out of 'em. You're a silk. You're wasting yer breath and painting a rather large 'rob me' sign on her back the more you squawk. That's the last I'll say, and be thankful I don't do more." His words are sharp and not in the least bit kind. "Sam, I've never approved of your friends."

Tove couldn't help but smirk but quickly lowered her emerald gaze back to the ground. Folding her hands neatly in front of her.

Scarf, the violet serpent leaves, following Raymesin.

Rosalind grins at Caspian. "Hey. Thanks!" She shrugs her shoulder, still not even a little offended. Instead, she continues on to drink. "Wasted my breath on worse." Everything slides off the Ravenseye's back, before she finds herself asking,"What sort of drinking game?"

Tove Looks over to Caspian at the thought of a game. "I would be ok to play... though one of you will have to simply surprise me with the drink, or I will spend all night debating which one would be better" she states plainly. Her expression stoic.

Tython wanders around with no bottle, he left one with Rosalind, and the other with Samira, so he starts hustling around for something else and by the time he's wandered back over he's looking around, to departing Ray to Tove, looking at her curiously, though a smile seems to linger on his expression most of the time.

Zoey reaches toward Samira to affectionately clasp her arm before pulling up her hood and turning to leave the fire. When Ruslana stands up to follow her, the lady shakes her head. "You do not have to. I did give you the day off, after all."

Caspian looks to Zoey and smiles, "be safe and warm lady Zoey! dont let the prickly one ruin your evening." he fishes in the booze bin for a bottle of mead and hands it to Tove. "here! you can drink this.. and honey mead for Rosa! Samira? Tython? Wagner? gin? brandy? got a lot of gin.."

Tove looked over to Tython as she noticed the curious glance at her. She looked around and the lift gloved hands to her face, running them over it. "Is there something on my face?" she asked in an almost slight panic. Though eagerly reached for the bottle of mead from Caspian. "Thank you" she stated. Still eyeing Tython with her own skeptical, curious glance.

"I'll drink from my own." Wagner assures to Caspian, but nods his head in acknowledgement of the offer. "What games y'thinking of?" His views on nobility made clear, he isn't going out of the way to express them anymore but that doesn't mean he isn't keeping a weathered eye on the nobles still lingering while he settles by the fire.

"Nah, sorry ye jus' looked familiar fer some reason." Says Tython with a shrug and a smile at Tove, and he lifts the bottle of whiskey he stole somewhere for a few gulps

Samira offers a murmured farewell to Zoey before the Kennex departs, then lifts the bottle to her lips again. After a healthy swallow of its contents, she sends a curious glance toward Wagner, brows lifted in feigned shock and lips pursed into a dramatic pout. "None of 'em?" Hearing Caspian's remarks, she lifts her drink and considers. "I think I'm set for a drink as long as Tython doesn't decide to steal it back."

Caspian looks to wagner, "Well.. never have i ever seems a fun one.. especially with so many new faces from varied.. er.. walks of life!" he twirls the bottle of.. something.. and then pulls the cork out with his teeth. "Though im open to suggestions if other people have ideas!"

Rosalind takes the honey mead and bobs her head. "Thank you." She looks at Tove too, grinning. "Must be the hair. I get mistaken for my sister Aella a lot." When Zoey leaves, she lifts her hand in a wave. "Good to see you again, Lady Zoey!" Rosa then remembers the bottle and goes to give it back to Tython. "This is yours! I'm super sorry! Here, have it back! Thanks for sharing it."

"Oh, well this is good. Lady Tove Clearlake." she offers a smile, looking at the bottle and pressing it to her lips to take a swig then smiles as she begins to warm from the inside out. "I would love to play that." she nods eagerly and laughs as Rosalind "Well, I can say it is the best hair color" she gave a playful wink before taking a deep breath. "So... how are we starting, I am afraid all of you will find out just how boring I really am" she grins. She too had a northern accent.

Tython emits a little laugh at Samira's words, and then Rosalind as well. "Ah well I brought'm tae be shared!"

Moonsilver, the pale-feathered raven arrives, following Raven.

Tython emits a little laugh at Samira's words, and then Rosalind as well. "Ah well I brought'm tae be shared!" He says with a grin, and lifts the bottle of whiskey he found. "Oh you got somethin' else there?" He asks about the honey mead, while accepting the black colored rum back.

Raven drops Second Wall, a double-distilled gin.

"Could hang a bucket off that lip." Wagner drawls to Samira when she feigns a pout. "The lad suggests we play a game, but hasn't one t'play. Always the game of truths n-lies. But, that takes forever "

Caspian looks to tove and grins, "oh well the starting of it is simple. you say something you have never done. and then of the people gathered, each one who has done it drinks. so for example,. if i were to say, "never have i fallen out of a tree while scouting, landed on a companion and rolled down the hill to land at the foot of barbarians.. i would not drink but..." he looked to Rosa with a grin

"I'd drink,"Rosalind pipes up with amusement. "Because I totally did!"

"I would not drink... because that is... particularly specific..." she laughed looking between Rosalind and Caspian with a smirk.

Raven bustles past, bundled up in all of her winter wear, "Why would anyone host anything OUTSIDE this time of year?!"

"A bucket full of whiskey and I might be alright with it." Samira's amused remark to Wagner is interrupted by the arrival of a disheveled urchin, who makes a beeline for Samira. His whispered remark steals the Culler's full attention, her brow creased with sudden solemnity. "Alright, alright. Gotta go. It was good to see you all. Drink lots and tell me about all the trouble you get up to later, would ya?" She presses the half-empty bottle of whiskey into Tython's hands, waves to the group and hurries on her way to attend to whichever pressing matters are calling her.

Tove Looks up and snaps her fingers. "I will be back, I forgot something back at the lodge. Don't wait for me! It was a pleasure to meet you all. I will be around more often." she nods quickly before scurrying off, pulling her cloak tightly around her.

Rosalind takes a drink of her honey mead, though she amusedly looks up at Raven. "Why wouldn't you? It's the best time of year!" She is already calling Raven over, practically forcing her to sit. "We're going to play a game,"she tells her friend. "I've already had to drink, being used as an example and all." She plays too,"Never have I ever learned how to use a dagger proper."

Raven follows Rosalind, clinging to the other woman to avoid busting her ass, "I adore you but there's something DEEPLY wrong with you, woman."

"Daggers? Where's Ray when y'need him." Wagner is watching the river for a moment, narrowing his eyes are some dockhands and their work none too far away.

Caspian looks to Raven and grins, "Vashtalyn will have your clothing done in no time! then you will be traipsing around laughing at the cold!" he grins, nodding to the fire, "you can come get warm if you like." he looked to Wagner, "So, Wagner care to make the next drink?"

Rosalind laughs a bit at Raven. "Yeah. I know. Wagner there told me all the things wrong with me." She looks over at the man and just smiles. "I have a dagger, just really never learned how to use it."

It is an unsettling grin that spreads slowly over the aged pugilist's lips when Caspian denotes it is his turn for the round. The expression only exaggerates the scar on his upper lip and how chapped they are from the cold. "Never have I ever worn silk." Yep, that might as well knock out almost everyone here for a drink besides him.

Raven's gaze seeks out and then locks on Wagner, "Do I need to break him a lil for that?" she wonders to Rosalind as she sizes Wagner up idly.

Caspian ponders wagner's words, "Silks.. silks.. im sure i've worn silk some time or another. dreadfully smooth and fancy isn't it!" he gives a laugh, taking a drink from the bottle and wiping his mouth clean. "silk, hah! lady rosa, why dont you go next?!"

Rosalind waves off Raven's words with a snort. "Naaaah. It's ok. I know I'm not always wanted down here, it's fine." But the mention of wearing silk from Wagner causes her to wriggle her nose. Begrudgingly, Rosa takes a drink from her bottle, all while giving Wagner a look. She looks at Caspian, laughing,"It's Raven's turn. I already went!"

Raven's green eyes flash and she growls, "I'm just gonna take a finger, I'll be right back. Not fucking wanted..." she shoots up to her feet and then promptly skitters a bit on the ice though her gaze remains locked on Wagner, "Turn for what? Skip me-I'm busy."

Looks, commentary, or any expressions aren't phasing the Ulbran as they all drink their penalty drink. Wagner is pushing to his feet though now that the deed is done. His flask is returned to its home in his boot and his scythe is hefted once more. "Business calls." he says to Caspian, no farewells or looks given to the others as he goes off into the night.

Caspian whistles softly, "Well.. that turned sour real quick didn't it." he shook his head with a grin, "i get why some people have a distaste of nobility but gods that was absurd."

Raven glowers after Wagner and sniffs, "Better have business somewhere else." She grumbles and then assures Rosalind, "you're a delight and I'll break anyone who says contrary to your face." She lifts her chin defiantly to Caspian, "I'm not apologizing."

Rosalind goes to tug Raven back,"It's really ok! Most don't like the ones in the you know--noble houses to come to the lowers." She really does appear unbothered. "I wonder sometimes if they'd feel the same way if they had to fight for everything, like we did." Rosa is--after all---an abondoned. "I get it." Rosa smiles fondly at both Caspian and Raven. "It really is fine. He doesn't know me---yet."

Caspian looks to raven and smirks, "i wasnt going to ask you to. the man was being an arse. why the hell should you apologize for pointing out the arse is an arse." he looked to Rosa and smiled, "There are plenty in the city he would be justified to feel that waya about. you are not one of them Rosa."

Raven skitters on the ice trying to gian traction like a dog trying to sprint on linolium before she falls back beside Rosalind. She looks dubious, "They should be so lucky, My lady, though to be fair, those of us who grew up in the lower of any city-every day's a battle, it just looks different than yours."

Rosalind bobs her head to Raven. "It does. But it doesn't mean I don't understand any less." She takes another drink, sharing it with Raven too. "You guys are really nice though." Rosa grins though, straightening up a bit,"Someone else DID say something about needing protection or something while Im down here. I didn't think I should mention what happens when I get angry and stuff. I can handle myself fine."

"Oh! And we were playing Never have I ever,"Rosa quickly adds to Raven. "If you wanted to still have that turn of yours!"

Raven chortles softly and nudges with a shoulder, "Who said the protection was you." She oh's and uuuummmms. "Never have I ever been adrift alone at sea."

Caspian shakes his head, "doesnt give wagner a right to be an arse. but anyway.." he waves his hand dismissively and looked to Raven with a grin, "hm.. i think i can say i have avoided that fate! i imagine i would drive myself insane talking to myself the entire time"

Rosalind looks between the two and sheepisly takes a drink. "I um---took one of my papa's boats when I was little. Kaede taught me how to sail and I was really sure after that I didn't need any help." Clearing her throat, Rosa explains,"I wasn't pay attention, since I got distracted by watching some birds catch fish. Next thing I knew, there was a storm. Not a BIG storm. I was gone a couple days before my papa sent someone out."

Raven's eyebrows lift and her head cants, "So you've always tested your boundaries, eh? knew there was a reason I liked you. Who is next?"

Caspian looked to Rosalind and stared a moment. "And.. and you survived?! i heard that the northern waters were lethal just because of the cold! im glad you made it back.. or were found." he looks to Raven then and grin's "oh.. hmm..never have i ever framed someone for a crime!"

Rosalind laughs then, cheerful. "Yeah. I guess so." Then there's more drinking. Because you know--crimes. "Cadern, Triton, and me put this teeny tiny hole in Aella's dingy boat. So it would slooooowly fill up with water." More drink. "We never admitted to it and she thinks it was her. It kept filling up with water when she took out on the river one day..." Rosa then smiles, nodding,"Never have I ever gotten angry letters."

Raven glowers at Caspian, "I dunno how but I kinda feel like you're cheating cause you know me." She then squints at Rosalind, "OK Now I KNOW you're taking advantage of me." she drinks dutifully anyway.

Caspian smirks at Raven's dilemma "actually.. i didn't i mean.. i guessed.. but i could also just see you not carting and not bothering to frame anyone." he shrugged, "And ..i dont think i've ever got an angry letter before." he stroked his chin, "hmm.. no no..i must have! or maybe i want to drink!" he grinned and took a drink, looking to raven foir the next

There's an innocent look to Raven from Rosalind She simply smiles weetly. "I've been drinking for awhile, I thought you had to catch up!" She snorts at Caspian as he drinks. "Me too! I'll just drink now because I CAN!"

Raven purses her lips and hrrrms, "Never have I ever...done a strip-tease."

Caspian laughs and takes a long drink, "oh.. oh i wont even try and deny that! i dont think anyone would be surprised by that fact either" he looks to rosa with a grin

Caspian waited, expectantly for rosa's answer..

Rosalind actually shifts her eyes. "Uh---no? I mean, I don't think in the way you guys mean."

Raven sticks her tongue at Caspian, "See how you like it, champ." she teases. She chuckles and looks to Rosalind, "If you're not sure, the answer is no, my lady."

Caspian returns the tongue sticxking with one of his own, though he looks to Rosa then and asks, "wait.. what do you mean.. in the way we mean? how else could it be meant?"!

"I only strip outta my clothes to change and things. Not just for something to do,"Rosalind tries to explain. She looks between the two, asking,"Does that make sense at all?"

Tython returns to the outdoor event, tugging on his coat and discovering Caspian, Raven, and Rosalind still here. "Heyo! Nice'n drunk I'm hopin'?" He asks with a bright, friendly grin. "Hey Raven!"

Raven looks up and grins, "Why hello there tython! You've already met Champ and Lady rosalind, right?":

Caspian quirks an eyebrow, "wait wait.. not just for something to do.." he cocked his head, "you do know what a astrip-tease is right Orsa?"

"Yeah! I've just never DONE one,"Rosa's scarred face turning red. "I've HAD one, never done one." Hearing Tython, she waves to him again. Still a bit sheepish. "Hi again Tytho!"

"Yeah 'course, I met'm." Says Tython with a big smile, moving to grab something to sit on. "What're we talkin' 'bout striptease?" He asks, eyebrows lifting a bit as his crystal blue gaze turns from Raven to Rosa. "Hey Rosalind."

Raven pulls her coat around herself and tries to retreat more into her scarf like a turtle, "Playing Never have I ever. Gotta name something you've never done and anyone who has hasta drink."

Caspian gives a playful smile to Rosalind, "everyone should do one at least once! its honestly a bit of an art" he gives a merry laugh and looks to Tython, "Come on.. your round tython!give us something!"

Rosalind palms her face at Caspian's words. Muffledly she mumbles,"I'm sure maybe I'll give one one day." Thankfully her face is covered and she misses Raven turtle look. "I've apparently done more than I thought,"Rosa admits to Tython.

The Culler's eyebrows lift and he grins brighter. "Ohh alright.." He says, and offers Rosalind a wink. "No judgements here." He says in a lower tone before clearing his throat. "Lesse.. never have I ever.. climbed a really big mountain."

Raven frowns and considers thoughtfully, "Dunno what counts as really big mountain but I whined about climbing so probably counts as a really big mountain." she decides, tilting her flask against her lips.

Rosalind is laughing now at the mention of a mountain. She takes a great big drink. HUGE! "I LIVE in a mountain,"Rosa tells them. "And I also climbed this great big one with Princess Gwenna and Mirk--and Arcadia." The last name causes her to frown a bit. "I helped Gwenna from falling down."

Caspian takes a final sip, "welp.. i should ewalk home.. while i still can. stay warm everyone!!"

Tython grins a bit at Raven. "Yeah I c'n see you doin' that." He says with a wink, before turning his gaze back to Rosalind and emitting a good-natured laugh. "Damn, sounds lika' big one alright, I been 'rounda' real big volcano, ona' desert island, but didn' climbit're nothin'."

Tython offers Caspian a wave in departure!

Raven lifts an eyebrow and wonders, "Do wanna know what you were doing on a big volcanic island, Tython? OR is that one of those things that's hush hush?"

Tove returns, her cloak wrapped around just as before. She smiles as she approaches the fire. "I am back" she states the bottle of mead from earlier in her. She waves to Raven "Hi! Sorry I had to run earlier and didn't get to talk"

Rosalind gives a wave to Caspian. "Be all---safe!" She curiously regards Tython, asking,"Why were you near a volcano,"before laughing. "You can come to my house and visit and you'll see. I've offered Raven too, but she thinks she'll freeze to death I think." There's another wave to Tove, grinning,"Hi again!"

"Oh this were like, twelve years ago, or more, dun' remember exactly, we were dealin' wit' this tribe what worshipped the volcano nearby, it were this lil' island chain an' tha' big one had tha' volcano, and this tribe were set up ona' island nearby." He explains. "Anyway 'round this volcano you could find precious gems, now'n then, course tha' tribe didn' like that kinda' thing."

Raven waves to Tove with a mittened hand, "Hello Lady Tove. No apologies are due, such things happen." She ahhhhs, "I don't suppose anyone objects to someplace warm? I am freezing my tits off."

Rosalind hops up to her feet. "I mean, I guess so. Don't want you dying or anything." She grins at Raven. She still peeks at Tython, still curious. "That sounds like an adventure!"

Tove Grinned "well good, I am glad you aren't upset." Looking to Tython as she came in on the end of the conversation and nods in agreeance with Rosalina. "I didn't hear it all, but it sounded exciting none the less!" then looking back to Raven. "I suppose. I will have to follow one of you as I don't know where we are going" she laughed awkwardly again.

Connal, a Northern Wolfhound, Honeymare, 1 Ravenseye Warrior, 3 Sanna House Guards, 2 Northern Rangers, a Whitehawk rusted hawk leave, following Rosalind.

Raven mms, "I was gonna head to a place that ain't far from here but is a mite bit fancier, if neither of you mind?"

Moonsilver, the pale-feathered raven, Tove leave, following Raven.

Vann, a street apothecary have been dismissed.

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