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Magnotta Wine and Dine

Count Artorius Magnotta has invited those under the Magnotta banner and those who may consider Magnotta as an ally.. or desire Magnotta as an ally to join him for an evening of conversation, wine, and food.


Sept. 9, 2022, 7 p.m.

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Thea Lucita




Arx - Magnotta Manor - Backyard

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Comments and Log

The night is nice this spring evening. The tables are covered with the fine dishes and candles glitter upon them. Artorius has taken up a couch, lounging much like a languid cat. In his hand is a glass of finest red wine that only the Lyceum can offer. Promptly, the house servants come in, setting out platters of appetizers for all to enjoy.

Thea puts a silk ribbon woven through a chain, Raptor Helm, and sea serpent and cupridium wrist cuff in a physician's medicine satchel.

Thea strides into the backyard, Finn at her side. She's dressed comfortably in her leathers this evening as she finds her way. Quite easily. "Family,"she calls out,"with a slight smile, going to help herself to a glass of wine. "It's been a long time." Thea goes to plop herself next to Artorius, comfortable.

Artorius turns his attention to Thea, flashing her a smile. "Yes. I keep burying myself iin my duties and forget that there is life to be lived." A chuckle rumbles deep in his chest. "How are you, cousin?" He inquires, reaching forward to set his red wine upon the table lest it spill upon the snowy aeterna he bears. "This business with Malrico to the south has been rather interesting. I have multiple people asking for my assistance, alas I can only stretch so thin."

"Bursy. Granted my services have been requested and served in different ways,"Thea tells Artorius as she sips her wine. "I'm seeing a lot of the aftermath of the war. Then I told Martino I would see what I could do as far as Malrico is concerned." Thea now leans back against the couch, crossing her long legs. "What else has been new?"

Artorius reaches for the bit of honey spiced appetizer, scooping a bit onto his plate and leans back once more. "Not a damn thing." He answers Thea. "Where I hear others caught in the middle of grand adventures," He pops a bite in his mouth before continuing, "I have been dealing with the mundane. I gues I should be grateful." A short laugh comes from him. "Anyways, I had already given my promise to assist her Grace before Martino sent me a message requesting aid." He pauses, "I should probably let him know that I won't be able to assist him." He offers a bit of the honey spiced dough balls to Thea. "These are pretty good. Should be a dessert instead of an apetizer, but.. who says we can't have dessert first?"

"My mother,"Thea tells her cousin with a smirk when the dessert is mentioned. But she takes the ball and plops it in her mouth with no shame. Guess who wasn't her mother's favorite? "I'm sure Malvici will be able to use your help again at some point." Looking at ARtorius, Thea now asks,"How's your lil island,"she now asks. Not that the island is THAT tiny. "I plan on visiting at some point. But like you...busy...."

Artorius smirks at her mention of her mother's dissapproval. But, he doesn't press that. "It's progressing.. slowly.. as all progress goes." He says idly. Soon, the appetizers are taken away and in it's place is a platter of goose, greens, and bowls of fresh spring berries. The servants proceed to carve up the golden goose. "We should make time to be un-busy. Then you can come to my.. little island. Serah is blossoming into a woman and hopefully soon she will be able to join us here in Arx. Do you have any needs that my house or I could help assist with?"

1 Saik Guard, Micana, an efficient assistant arrive, following Lucita.

Thea looks at the food and starts eating. There's a smile at the mention of the unbusy part. "That would be great. I could probably use a bit of time away, and I do enjoy my time there." When her drink is refilled, Thea considers. "Perhaps. Let me talk to my husband. Perhaps we can think of something."

The appetizers have been taken up, but a generous feast of roasted goose, greens, and local grown fresh spring berries have been sat in front of them. Plates are being served up to those present. Artorius and Thea are sitting next to one another, holding casual conversation. Art looks to his now empty glass and before he is able to complain, a serving girl sets a fresh glass of fine red wine before him and makes off with the offending glass. "I have learned to be happy with the mundane.. at times. It's the calm before the storm. It's the time to recharge and plot, plan.. scheme even." A silver fork is lifted and speared into a tender piece of goose. "How is your husband and children by the way?" He asks this right before popping that bite into his mouth.

Lucita steps into the garden area and takes a deep breath to savor the mingled scents of flowers, trees, and the foods that have been prepared. A little scowl is given the hammocks which are then promptly ignored in favor of seating more safely closer to the ground. A glance around those who are gathered is given and quickly followed by a warm smile.

Thea climbs to her feet. She smiles at Artorius. "Drake is alive and well. The children are all growing quickly." When Lucita ventures in, She gives a smile to her as well. "Baroness. I'm sorry to run at your arrival, but I'm afraid I'm need back at home. But it was good to see you."

Artorius lifts his attention as Lucita arrives. "Baroness! Welcome! Come join us." He gestures to comfortable seating that is nearby. "I am glad you could make it. We were just discussing Malrico and all those that are seeking out assistance to delve into his misdeeds." When Thea rises, a single nod is offered to his cousin. "Be safe, Countes. Let me know should you need anything from Magnotta. Or.... from me." A warm familial smile is offered to her. "Be safe on your journey home."

Finn the large Northern hunting dog with icy blue eyes, a nameless overwrought highstrung pygmy goat, Rocco, the rascally assistant, Strawberry Pupcake, the Graypeak Mountain Dog leave, following Thea.

Lucita waves goodbye to Thea then murmurs. We can talk another time." She looks toward Artorius. "Oh, so many are doing things. I am in the midst of helping Quenia, my cousin, go over the Granato finances and if she finds any problems, will help hr try to tack them down. As for me. I have some unexplored caves and tunnels that have abandoned and forgotten ever since the Platinum Guard returned to Arx from their Castle and duties in Saikland. They were stationed there by Platinum when he left Arx back at the end of the Reckoning.

Lucita says, "I have a small party of mingled Faith, Templars, Inquisition and a few others who will explore and see if any of the caves were taken over by Marlico to stash loot."

Artorius blinks at Lucita. "Now that /does/ sound quite exciting. I have pledged my assistance to the Archduchess though. I like her plan on building up the houses from the smallest on up. We are like a chain and only as strong as our weakest link." A few of the fresh berries are drizzeled with a honey sauce by the servers and this of course helps to sate any sweet tooth. "I have a feeling that this is going to take some time to dig through all his stuff. You know, maybe we can all learn a thing or two of both how to make money and what not to do."

Lucita says, "the problem had been going on so many years... centuries... and it makes me wonder how ironic it would be if one of the abyssal beings used caves of the organization charged with keeping them out of the area... after the caves were forgotten. And I wonder if maybe his presence might have been why the Saiks were so 'content' in their linens and very modest keep instead of at least having some silks and a few luxuries for so long."

Artorius nods. "I am sure that with his meddling out of our pockets, we will be able to slowly fix it so we can relish our own riches.. instead of him relishing in our riches. Bastard." He washes his food down with a good amount of wine. "Though, being a soldier, I am content with the simple luxuries in life.." He gestures towards the goose carcass, "Like hot food."

Lucita says, "I do not mean to hoard coinage or relish riches, just..." She cuts her words off then continues. "When I was given the regency of Saikland, the total income for the whole barony was less than my stipend from Igniseri as Voice was. It was below 10000, not even enough to hire more than 20 soldiers and sustain 6 galleys and crew, not to mention a modest stipend for several family who were in Arx at the time. It has taken me ten hard frugal years to get the barony back on its feet and comfortable."

Artorius nods. "Honestly, a lot of us could be doing much better. But.. now we know the source of the trouble. We have a chance to fix it now." The platters of food are swept up once everyone has had their fill. Bowls of creamy custard are brought out with a dusting of crystalized honey on top. Their wine glasses are refilled. "You will have to tell me some tricks of the trade so that I can improve our own income here."

Lucita says, "First thing I did was to cut my stipend to zero for a few months. I used the savings to buy economic resources and invest them in learing how to handle the barony income. That helped a significant amount. The other thing I did was to learn a lot of social skills. Diplomacy, etiquette and the like enabled me to make some trade alliances that bumped up the barony income from their mines and businesses."

Lucita says, "I also donated economic resources to the barony regularily and that helped us to earn more. Bear in mind, it was not an over-night fix by any means. It took me five years to get stable and anothe five to start building us up more, larger navy, more soldiers, putting in a castle instead of a keep."

Artorius dips his spoon into his custard as she gives her advice. It is clear that Artorius is interested in learning how to financially govern his people better. "I am a soldier first and foremost. It is why I had turned over the County to Domonico as he was better equiped. But, he had to get sick and go to the wheel." Art is not blaming the man, but is still a little testy the man died. "So, duty has it that I need to learn these social niceties and quickly."

Lucita savors the flavor of the custard and then replies. "It is tedious, learning those skills in which one is little interested. I was a musician and singer so well understand how it is to do that duty.

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