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Dagmar's Sweet Violet

Dame Dagmar is dying and her one dying wish is that she might smell the sweet violet from her childhood one last time.

But the only place it is still known to grow is in the high meadows of Gruffshade Island and she is in no fit state to climb those cliffs right now. Perhaps some kindly souls will do it for her.

Risk 2 climbing adventure to collect flowers. No Combat. All Welcome.


Sept. 26, 2022, 6 p.m.

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Tanith Cassiopeia Caspian



Outside Arx - Lyceum near Nilanza - Small Islands off the East Coast of the Lyceum

Largesse Level


Comments and Log

Cinder, a tall and elegant sighthound with lustrous black fur arrives, delivering a message to Tanith before departing.

In the seas off Nilanza there is an island known as Gruffshade which is formed much like a mountain thats been sawn off at the top and dumped out here in the sea. Its an impressive looking rock special only in the legends of a 'nearby' abandoned tribe and the naval outpost that has sprung up in Malespero's name. This military outpost makes approaching the island somewhat tricky for those who are not affilitated with Malespero but luckily today you have been given a ride on one of Malespero's ships and are welcomed rather than sent away.

Dame Dagma's stories of the sweet violet she remembers from her childhood took of a purple flower with six petals, a white core, and short almost spiky dark green foliage. It doesn't grow there anymore but rumours claim that the alpine meadow near the top which grows in the shadow of the stone known as the Griffin boast a few remaining flowers. You just have to get up there and pick it. Luckily the weather doesn't look too bad today. You can almost see the peak through its typical cap of fog and cloud.

Tanith arrives quietly, a member of the Faith and currently the only First Harlequin. Being near the Malesperos' home was happenstance, and hearing about the event, she felt pulled to find time to attend. Dressed in a soft gray gown with bronze buttons, she's got good, worn boots perfect for hunting for flowers, her dark hair piled up and speared through with hairpins made to look like the Queen's Wheel. Dark eyes peer about, wondering if the Dame they are meant to honor is here to greet before she finds the host.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Tanith before departing.

An adventure for a good cause. It's evident in the sparkle in her azure eyes and the warmth within an easy smile, that Cassiopeia is happy to be here. Enjoying every moment of the travel, she was ever keen to spend what time she could on deck, watching the sea and the scenery. Interested in the snippets of story she's heard along the way, she is ready to set foot and when she arrives at the mountain she lights up. Raised at the top of a mountain, the chance for a climb has her energetic and content. Cassiopeia is comfortable even though she is obvious unfamiliar with this place, taking in every detail. "What a beautiful place," she says out loud to no one in particular, multiple times. Taking in a breath of fresh air she tilts her head back when she expels it, there's a lightness to her and a bounce in her step. "What a great day to wander with purpose," she says conversationally when she sees people gathering by way of greeting.

Cinder, a tall and elegant sighthound with lustrous black fur arrives, delivering a message to Tanith before departing.

Caspian arrives on a boat piloted by the Malepsero. it was an odd sight to see the man here, after so recently being involved in the sea battles in the mourning Isles. but in fact, that was the very reason he was here. he even had commented on that. "Lord Pasquale fought alongside us in the war. its the least i could do to help here. i owe him that." That he had haeard Cassiopeia was here was just an added reason to come As he disembarked he spies Cassiopeia and grins, "Ahhah. the information was right.. she did sneak off here." he drew a breath and trotted up towards her and grinned, "Its good to see you Marquessa."

One of the sailors tosses you each a pack containing some rope, snacks and water as the garrison closes its gates behind you. "Good luck up there!" Another calls. Then they go back to their business leaving you and the steep trail before you alone to get acquainted.

At this part of the expedition the path is almost wide enough for two of you to walk side by side and whilst its steep it is not harrowingly so. The path slowly winding its way up towards the crest of the mountain-island. This part is a test of endurance. A few hours of hiking in the warmth of the lyceum spring threatened by nothing worse than an occasional gull.

Cassiopeia checks stamina and athletics at easy. Cassiopeia marginally fails.

Tanith checks stamina and athletics at easy. Tanith is successful.

Caspian checks stamina and athletics at easy. Caspian is successful.

Tanith makes introductions. "Hello, Harlequin Tanith Grayhope," she says, offering a hand and a smile to Caspian and Cassiopeia and anyone else who's about. "Do you know what this flower looks like?"

Caspian looks to Tanith and grins, "tanith! good to see you again! i didn't know you were a harlequin." he glances up the rocks, "i heard a rough description. But how many violet flowers could there be up there right?" he grins, heading toward the rocks and heaving himself up the first little bit. "im shocked no one has gone before and made an easier way up.. would it kill to leave a few ropes around?"

There's a friendly wave when Cassiopeia sees Tanith, "hello, Harlequin Tanith," she says in response. "I'm Cassiopeia. Marquessa Cassiopeia Proscipi. We met briefly once, I believe, such a long time ago, though," Cassiopeia smiles at the woman and then looks at Caspian. "A worthy cause and a chance to go on a good hike. I couldn't resist." Then she nods to Tanith, "it's purple," she pulls out a scrap of paper. "I heard someone say it has a white center," she looks around for any more details, unfolding the paper to presumably check her notes. Perhaps it's the altitude, or all the excitement or maybe Cassiopeia spends too much time at meetings, but she's a bit winded as the hike. It's catching up with her. A pause, "six petals," she adds, stopping a moment to catch her breath, cheeks a little flushed. "I need to get back into shape," she murmurs to herself, with a little shake of her head.

Although the trail carries you a good three quarters of the way to the summit it eventually ends. Washed away by a slip of mud and other debris during the spring melt. From here you are going to have to make your own way instead of following the footsteps of those who have come before. You have two choices:
You can attempt to climb the rocks besides the slip and go over it further up where the ground looks more stable
Or you can attempt to get across it here and rejoin the path further along. At least you think that patch of lighter colored hillside might be the path..

Cassiopeia checks dexterity and athletics at easy. Cassiopeia is successful.

Tanith grins at Caspian. "It is good to see you again. Yes, I'm First Harlequin, the only one for the moment, unless you count ... Um. I think the First-First is one of the elves ... the Nox'Alfar?" She smiles at Cassiopeia, giving the woman a bow of respect. "Well met, Marquessa." She offers the woman her arm. "I'm sturdy, if you want to lean on me a bit." She peers up the slope. "Could even carry you if you'd like." Tanith means well, helpful member of the Faith that she is. She peers at the rocks, and then the path. "Hmm. I'm not certain which way to go." As Cassiopeia heads towards the path, Tanith decides to brave the rocks.

Tanith checks strength and athletics at easy. Tanith is successful.

Caspian checks strength and athletics at easy. Caspian is successful.

Keso, a totally legit assistant arrives, delivering a message to Caspian before departing.

Looking around she bites on her lip, "well at least there's a couple options," she says of their lack of trail and gives a look to Caspian and Tanith to see their plans. There's a warm smile to Tanith at the kind offer, "thank you. I'm not usually this winded," she admits a little sheepish. "I grew up at the top of a mountain peak, but too many years in the city, enjoying myself," she says conversationally. Then looking between the options of climbing up or moving through the debris, she shakes her head, "I think I can manage that way," she says with some confidence.

Caspian looks to Cassi and then to tanith. "I've seen her talk down a gaggle of blood thirsty barbarians and their snakes. i imagine if things get bad enough she'll convince the rocks to simply slip aside for us." he grins, playfulness in his voice. "I imagine we all will be needing eachother by the time we get to the top of this.." he begins to muscle up a few of the larger rocks and hoist himself atop them with a grunt. "But yes.. it does feel good to get out of the city every so often right?"

Beyond the landslide the path does indeed continue although it is rapidly becoming more of a goat-track more it is a path. Eventually it ends entirely just before a craggy outcrop. A number of iron pegs have been driven into said outcrop at some point in the path but the first one you test has rusted to the point that it is wobbly and unstable. You could try to climb it anyway or someone could climb up ahead, replacing the bad ones as they go... Or you could just go freeform. It doesn't look that hard..

Tanith checks strength and athletics at normal. Tanith is successful.

Tanith goes first, her life as a bouncer giving her the strength to climb, pause, replace the dodgy pegs, and continue going. She shows Caspian what she's doing, grinning, adding, "Keep an eye out for those little flowers, just be our luck to find them sprouting in the rocks, wouldn't it?"

Caspian checks strength and athletics at easy. Caspian is successful.

There's a bright smile that forms when Tanith gets up and is able to replace the pegs. This makes it all the more easier for her and Caspian to get up there after her. "Oh this help a lot." Then a small laugh escapes her lips, "that would be the way of things, wouldn't it? At the highest and hardest place to reach," her grin is lopsided and seems keen for the challenge, none-the-less.

Tanith slips in a cackle from Cassiopeia's comment.

Caspian is right behind Cassiopeia, moving with the surety of someone born on the islands and used to jumping between rocks. he looks to Tanith as she fixes the pegs and his brows shoot up. "Gods! i might have missed those! thank you! i don't know that i would have noticed those and uh.. its a long way down." he grinned and then laughed, "Lets just hope we dont haver to dangle someone from a rope and lower them off a cliff to snatch the one flower from the side of this place"

At the top of the outcrop you find a nice grassy area where you could pause to have a little break and admire the view out over the ocean if you wish before pressing on further up the mountain. Visibility drops quite a bit just above your heads as you reach the point where fog, or actual clouds, start to catch against the sides of the peak. You can see the top from here. Kinda. Its not too far. Just one last push..

Caspian checks stamina and athletics at normal. Caspian is successful.

Cassiopeia checks stamina and athletics at normal. Cassiopeia is successful.

Tanith checks stamina and athletics at normal. Botch! Tanith fails completely.

Cassiopeia checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Cassiopeia is successful.

Caspian checks dexterity and athletics at normal. Caspian is successful.

They get close to the top. They do. One more push-

A rock rolls out from under Tanith's foot, she's already out of breath and really, maybe she'd have made it if that and gravity hadn't worked against her but wow, did it ever. Team work, the rock and gravity, and Tanith's face is comically alarmed as she feels herself start to fall, letting loose a very undignified,


-as she topples.

Looking up at the highest point of the mountain, Cassiopeia is ready for the final push. Taking in a small breath, "at the very least. We should have a good story to tell when we bring home this...," she is chattering conversationally as she hears the rocks clatter and then Tanith and she stops mid-sentence. There's a split second where all she can do is watch the inevitable before she's reacting to the situation. A hand reaches out, still wide-eyed as she tries to grab the woman as she topples. Cassiopeia is trying to maintain her own balance, and while she's pretty limber and very tall, there's no bulk to her. She's not strong. This is best played out in the series of shocked expressions that she makes when she realizes that while she can grab Tanith, she cannot get them back up. "Uh," is all she can manage, face going red trying to keep them both from falling further down or even off the mountain.

Caspian is looking down, you know.. the thing you SHOULDNT do, and whistling through his teeth when the cursing starts. there goes tanith. a moment of abject horror. and then there goes Cassiopeia to save her. another moment of horror. Caspian yelps and dives after the pair. "Let me get one of her hands!" he grabs for Tanith's hand, glancing to the red faced cassi and marveling for a second at the raw strength the woman's frame held in disguise. "Right, on three we pull. One. Two. THREE!" with a heave caspian with the help of Cassiopeia, hauled Tanith back up onto the rocks and into a jumbled mess of sweaty people.

And thus the three of you end up at the top of Gruffshade, sprawled in a deep puddle of water.

Behind you, you find a rocky field strewn with grass, rocks, and hardy little wildflowers overlooked by the rock outcrops who's shadow supposedly looks like a griffin with its wings outspread. It doesn't though. Maybe its the wrong time of day. Maybe its a total myth.

Tanith takes a minute to wheeze with her new friends, sweaty and damp because muddy puddles. And.

Starts to laugh.

"...shit. I think I broke my ankle," she says with a sigh, moving to kneel. Kneeling is ok. She offers her hands to Cassiopeia and Caspian, peering about the top of Gruffshade. "Mm. See any flowers?" She takes a moment to pick some mud off Cassiopeia's clothes.

Pretty happy to see Caspian, Cassiopeia could have let go at any moment. This would not have bode well for Tanith nor Cassi. But, there's a helping hand when they need it. There's a lot of displeased sounds as she manages to scramble back up only to land in a puddle. The irony of which, has her eyes go wide and she bursts into laughter around the same time as Tanith. Hearing the other woman, this only makes Cassiopeia laugh more. Wiping her face, "this will be quite the tale for Dame Dagmar," she grins and steps back up. When Tanith says she has broken her ankle, she winces. Reaching a hand to Tanith, looking down at her ankle sympathetically, "we'll carry you down the mountain." She is looking at Caspian, "we can be crutches." There's a small appreciative smile that forms when Tanith picks some mud off her. Then she looks across at the field of flowers. "I see flowers ...but...there was suppose to be a shadow...from the rocks, like a griffon but I don't see it. I mean that might not mean anything. Some stories get more interesting the more times you tell them," she says a little worried but still rather hopeful.

Caspian is under the pile of women, and while normally this would be any man's dream, there is a little thing called air that Caspian has this sad addiction to. As the water soaks his clothes, and the mud squelches under him, he cant help but laugh. this turned out to be a very bad thing as once the air was out of him it proved very hard to get it back! As he struggled to shift and squirm his way out so that he might partake of this once more, he finally manages to move enough to draw in a gulp of air. once done he looked to Cassi and nodded. "The best stories... always do." he looked toward the rock. "maybe we are seeing it at the wrong time?" he gently tapped on the backs of each woman, hoping they might stand o he could extricate himself from the puddle

You might not see a griffon shaped shadow but you do see mile upon mile of glorious lyceum ocean around Gruffshade. You can also see a number of islands from here. That big one might even be Nilanza. Tiny little ships, both trade and military, make for pretty pictures too. At least you are pretty sure you are in the right place but first you'll need to find one flower amongst dozens of others. How hard can it really be to find a white centered purple flower though?

Cassiopeia checks perception and agriculture at easy. Cassiopeia is successful.

Caspian checks perception and agriculture at easy. Caspian is successful.

Tanith checks perception and agriculture at easy. Tanith is successful.

"I'm a healer, I can- ...oof." Tanith eyes her foot. Her ankle is swelling. She manages to sit someplace dry, a boulder, there are so many here, and she examines her injured limb, hissing as she tests it. "Alright, it's just a spr-OW. No, no it's broken. Dammit." But then, just to the left of her foot ... a flower. Could it be...? It is. IT IS! She reaches for it, excitedly calling, 'Hey!' to the others.

Cassiopeia is relieved that while Tanith is injured she is also a healer, by the looks of it, because she is not. There's a few winces of empathy when the woman hisses, but then she finds a flower and Cassiopeia blinks. "Oh, that's it!," she is in full agreement. "Look, there's a few of them," she grins at that. "We can bring the Dame, a whole bouquet," she looks relieved they found them. Excited even.

Caspian stands up, his clothes dripping. he glances to tanith's ankle and winces. "you.. should be very careful with that. please, let us help you back down?" then the others are calling out about the flowers and he looks around. "oh! gods there are a bunch! but i wonder why they only grow here? is there something special about this place or the water? the soil maybe?" he bends over to pluck one of the flowers. "it sure is pretty:

They sure do smell pretty although they don't quite smell like violets. What is this plant will be a puzzle for horticulturalists back in Arx one day perhaps. Or perhaps nobody will care. Those of you who want to collect an entire plant carefully dig one out from amongst the others taking note of the fact it is growing mostly in shadowy well drained soil. Those of you who want to collect a few flowers can do that too although they are quite short stemmed and any bouquet of them looks a touch pathetic by the time you are done. With that task done you just have the challenge of getting yourselves back down the cliff-face that Tanith so recently tried to fall off and then down the path.. all without falling off a mountain in the process.

Tanith checks strength and athletics at normal. Botch! Tanith fails completely.

Cassiopeia checks stamina and athletics at normal. Cassiopeia marginally fails.

Caspian checks strength and athletics at hard. Caspian is successful.

Their prize in hand, Tanith decides to try and walk down the path. She leans on her new friends but, well, gravity. Another rock. Teamwork working against her and Tanith just goes down, yelping again, feeling tendons strain around her poor broken ankle. The air turns blue around her with her cursing, sacrilegious descriptions of the gods doing all manner of things. But the flower is safe! Hurray!

Cassiopeia is very excited to have found a flower, so much so, she is over-estimating herself and underestimating the mud. She's a little wobbly and she braces herself like she might fall. "Careful it's...," too late, she blinks as she watches as Tanith goes down, eyes wide. "Oh dear!," she gasps.

Caspian spares a final glance over his shoulder as the start the descent. "you know it kinda DOEES look like a griffin if you get it from the right AAAAHH" Tanith starts to go and caspian is holding onto her. two choices.. let her go, or grit his teeth and try to carry the woman. Of course he chooses the second one. With a grunt, he grabs for her waist, hauling her back up and holding her by her midsection as he worked to steady himself. a few steps back and they were both on solid ground again. "ok... maybe you hold on to my back on the way down?"

Saymore, the parrot that just won't stop arrives, delivering a message to Tanith before departing.

Strange how its always harder going down a mountain than it is going up. Each of you falls at least a couple of times more but thankfully never slide far before being pulled up by the nearby terrain. Eventually you find your way back to the garrison; dirty, tired but triumphant. Knowing that you can surround Dame Dagmar with her favorite flowers in her final days and make just one persons life just a little bit better in the process.

Willen arrives, delivering a message to Caspian before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Caspian before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Caspian before departing.

Tanith mutters, "I'm so sorry about this I'm ... ... can give you ... discount at the bakery-"

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Caspian before departing.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Caspian before departing.

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