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Telmar Vassal & Friends Dinner

Lady Tesha Telmar is going to be hosting bi-monthly dinners for Vassals of Telmar and friends of the family. This will be used to keep everyone in the loop about current events and things of that nature. If you cannot attend, but have things you'd like shared please feel free to reach out to Lady Telmar.

OOC: If you'd like to attend, but aren't sure please reach out. Also, if you can't attend, but would like information shared, please just let us know.


Jan. 6, 2023, 8 p.m.

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Cahal Ian Isabeau Lucita Kiera Caspian



Arx - Ward of House Valardin - Telmar Tower - Great Hall

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Comments and Log

The months have been passing very quickly for those who have been involved with the various scenarios across Arx. It is one of those things that cannot be helped. Tesha had made a point to set aside time to sit and meet with Vassals, lieges and other things over a nice dinner though. It was an effort that she'd wanted to do for awhile. But having lost an eye and other injuries had made it harder to keep up with things.

Outside it is snowing and the evening is painted a wonderful pristine white outside. Inside the Great Hall of Telmar Tower it is warm and smells of wonderous feats of cooking inside. There are plates of roasted meats, hardy vegetables along with breads, cheeses and other easy to grab foods. There are pies and other confections for sweets. And there are a myriad of drinks ranging from wine and ales to milk and teas.

Tesha's seated on one side of the table and leaving the two spots at either end of the table open for the Duke and Duchess. She's dressed in her usual crimson and wearing a jacket to fight some lingering chill. "Come on in and have a seat. Everyone make yourselves comfortable." the one-eyed woman states with a smile as people are arriving.

1 Saik Guard, Micana, an efficient assistant arrive, following Lucita.

Cahal hands his heavy cloak off the moment he steps inside. "Thank you for the invitation Lady Tesha. Can't wait to see what you've got planned for us."

Ian is here. He turned up a little bit early, and slouches in his chair, his flat expression difficult to read. He makes no apology or explanation for his presence, but the intensity of his eyes makes it clear that even if he doesn't have anything to say right now, he's watching and listening.

Isabeau is, indeed, seated at her end of the very large table, and has seemingly elected to wear a rather stylish outfit of crimson and silver, looking rather like the Telmarine Duchess-consort she is. She flashes Tesha a fond, seraphically sweet smile as she settles appropriately and nicely into her seat, looking up to the as yet vacant seat for the Duke with a brief purse of her lips, followed by the gentlest of shrugs, before she offers her sweet smile to anyone in passing.

Lucita sends her dogs off with a guard to exercise on the Gauntlet track just outside while she and Micana enter the Great Hall. Cloaks are shaken free of snow, icy clumps removed from boots and the two generally neatened up before stepping to a point she can see those at the table. She respectfully acknowledges each of the others and Ian is given a quick smile. "A good evening to everyone."

Ian stirs himself enough to greet Lucita when she comes in. "Baroness."

Kiera enters cloak pullef over head to ward of to ward off the chill until she enters and drops it. She curtsey to the ducess and tesha as "Good evenin. Thank you so much for hosting Lady tesha. She nods then to Ian and Lucita as she moves to find a chair

Tesha gives a dip of her head to Isabeau when she takes her seat and she gives a look to those who are arriving, "Marquis Cahal, it has been awhile since we've seen you, welcome." she tells him. "I don't have a lot prepared. Mainly dinner and catching up." she adds. "I know that there have been things going on around the fealty, but I don't know where people need information from, so I'm hoping to figure that out as well." she admits.

There is a warm smile to Ian, "Lord Ian, it is always good to see you." she tells him. Lucita and Kiera are also greeted and as people find seats and a few of the attendants move to help with drink pouring and things. "On the topic of things that are going on, does anyone have information on specific incidents that they are looking into?" she asks those that are there.

Caspian slips in the main gate, embarrassingly late.. he gives a very apologetic smile and bows to the people present. Several of the faces he knows well, Kiera, ian, lucita, and a bright and warm smile is given to each. He is about to speak, but tesha is talking, so he quickly folds his hands behind his back and stands straight, listening for the moment.

"I've been down in Lyonesse lands doing this and that." Cahal smiles to Tesha as he talks. "It's good to be back." He turns his eyes onto the table and smiles again. "Sure looks like you prepared. Can't wait to get started." He takes one of the chairs. "I was hoping you might know if theres been any movements towards the Cloudspine of late."

Lucita does not have anything to contribute as to Valardin or Telmar things but her expression displays a supportive interest without seeming to pry. She is quiet as she glances around.

Caspian looks around for a moment, then clears his throat and speaks up. "I have been working with Briseis and others to investigate the sinkholes that appeared. Preparations are still being made." He paused, then offered a smile, "Nothing to report on that, but.. on a brighter tone.. i feel a little confident saying that my fears about the events in the Mourning Isles and the bad actors there all proved to be wrong."

Ian sinks into a deeper slouch as Caspian mentions the Mourning Isles, and turns his arrention to his plate.

Kiera hms "I've had some success on with a group that was helping lord vitalis with some personal research but i don't fwwl comfortable sharing without his being present to give his leave" She smiles to the Marquis "Have you spoken yet to your cousin, lord gaspard. he will be delighted at your return"

Though she seems to be carefully listening, Isabeau remains rather silent in her place at the head of the table, hands folded in her lap as she offers nothing more than a soft smile to those who might look towards her.

Tesha gives a look to Caspian and there's a smile, "Master Caspian, please have a seat and enjoy some food won't you?" she offers to the Champion. She doesn't mind people coming in. "And thank you for helping with Briseis, I had planned on being more involved, but my attention was in other places." she admits. Then to Cahal, "I had told Lord Gaspard that you would be good to reach out to for some of the research he was wanting to do. Also, I believe there is a shared bit of information that is going around in Blackram in the moment that you can discuss with them so that it might help people to discuss among those that have it." she mentions to the Marquis.

Ian's deeper slouching after Caspian's declaration on the Mourning Isles has her giving a sympathetic look to the man. She gives a look down to Isabeau and there's a smile offered, "I hope the food is to your liking, Duchess." she states with a dip of her head.

Lucita's glance slips between Ian and Caspian for a moment and her lips press together as if sealing words inside before she glances toward the array of food and occupies herself with the meal. After a few moments she murmurs gently. "One of the sinkholes was in a part of the Lyceum, also if I remember correctly. Sometimes there is so much going on it is easy to forget or mix up facts, but I can help with some research if needed and if there is any new information on the sinkholes, would be interested in hearing about it, please."

Kiera sighs "Wyrmguard plans on going to blancbier to check on that but were delayed. Any word from Lord edris group?"

Caspian looks to Lucita and smiled, "Of course Baroness Lucita! so far, we have not had any real new success, but i will be sure to inform you should anything be found." he looks to Cahal and bows again, "Caspina wild, at your service my lord. I dont think i have had the pleasure. if there is anything i can do to help research into things or act on such, please let me know." he looks to Kiera, and shook his head slightly.

Cahal nods to Tesha. "Thanks." he rubs at his jaw for a moment before saying. "I'm all but certain it's the Fomorians. They've been hiding underground you see. The ones who escaped the slaver. The big question is why they are moving now." He looks over to Caspian "I'd love to hear what you and Briseis find."

Ian continues to listen while he eats his dinner

"Ah, the sinkholes, yes." Tesha nods to that. "Inquisitor Briseis and others were doing research into the ones on Telmar lands, I need to check into that now that we've returned from the Mourning Isles." she admits. "I know that we had a bunch of trees in Red Run that went missing, but they were later found to have moved to a new area and they are fine." she muses to that. Odd to talk on trees just MOVING THEMSELVES.

"There are other trees, but they aren't good trees and they are eating people." she frowns at that. "Ah...probably not the best discussion over dinner. But if people want more information on that I can send it over." she offers to them.

Isabeau offers Tesha a dip of her head and a quiet, soft-spoken answer, "Of course, my Lady. It is always a delight to share meals." She does tend more to her tea than the meal that is on offing, but for someone with such a prolific fondness of tea, that is perhaps not very unusual.

Kiera hms "That was the question I had when I heard of groups gone missing in the crownlands were they taken as I know some were. my thought were that others have moved to avoid capture

Lucita frowns to hear about the people-eating trees. "Are they any relation to the ones Druid Pema evoked.. or made.. controlled? I don't know the right words for it. The ones that look like they swallowed people, tormented faces looking like they are coming out of the bark along with the ancient skeletons that have been skewered by limbs and branches. I saw some remains like that back in 1008, but.. it was a holy grove, holy to Petrichor and a battle site from the Reckoning.

Ian looks up, and then, about a count of three later, straightens up a bit. He looks over to Lucita. "There were some of those at Pieros. We ran into them, there, and I'm told they showed up for the fight. I had the same thought." Them he looks over at Kiera, and adds: "A lot of the people in the Crownlands who were taken were taken to be killed. We got a few back. There were cultists and a ritual and stuff."

Kiera blinks "A druid controlling trees?"

Cahal says "Druids can make normal trees act but these sound as if they aren't normal trees in the first place. Can't say if thats related to Pema and the others. There have been a bunch of situations where trees were said to be doing non-tree things of late." He grins when Kiera says that "Druids change what already exists. Its how their magic worked. Works."

Lucita mutters, "... both ... Black Woods ... ..."

"I believe one of those trees in Pieros hit me and I don't ever want to fight another tree again." Tesha states with a bit of a chuckle. "Or I think it was there." she frowns. "But no, I don't think the trees that were in Blancbier are related to Pema. Though I've not heard much on them." she admits. "The trees that are taking blood from people I believe are related to Bloodwood or some twisted form of it. I'm not one hundred percent sure on that. Just a theory." she frowns at that. "So we need more information on Sinkholes and what is going on in general now that things are calming down across other Great Houses. While I know the bigger battle in the Mourning Isles might be one for the moment, I am concerned that things will flare up with others trying to head it. Though I hope it doesn't." she states as she looks to Caspian and Ian with a softer smile.

Caspian frowns slightly and then adds in, "could the trees be similar to the Taking tree spoken of by Scholar tarm? though i think in her stories, the tree was of stone."

Lucita says, "Are the trees ... variations of the Thornweaver vines? Those used to attach and drain blood, too."

Ian pushes a hand through his hair and regards Tesha. "The Isles owe Telmar a debt. If I can pay part of Kennex's share of it, I'd like to. As long as I'm not needed at sea, I'll come if you call for me." Then he looks over at Caspian, and adds: "Considering what it was supposed to have liked to eat and what it looked like, I always assumed it was a, uh. A delivery mechanism? For the Traitor? I guess these could be more of the same."

Caspian nodded his head to Ian, "Agreed! very much so agreed! but with the use of Thornweave, i wonder if they are trying to find new ways of performing rituals like that." he pauses, and then quickly recounts the story of the Stone taking tree.

"This has all been very information." Cahal says "But I've got to get back to the manor. We'll talk again soon Tesha."

"Scholar Tarm might have been onto something with those trees." Tesha mentions quietly. They did sound a bit like the same thing. "We helped as it was the right thing to do, Lord Ian, though we will hope that we never have to call in the repayment." she tells him. "I will do my best to have better notes for the next time that we do this dinner. I want to be sure that we can provide people with the information that will keep us on the same page in case others need it or new things arise." she tells everyone.

Caspian gives a smile to each, "i wish i could give more information.. but as soon as i find anything out i shall let you all know. And if you have questions about anything specific, whatever i know is of course at your disposal. as is my sword however i may. As lord ian said.. the Isles owes you for your all you have done."

Kiko, a Kite of the Cloudspine, Hickory, the Deerhound, Russel, a Blackram Retainer, 1 House Lyonesse Adept Guards leave, following Cahal.

Caspian scratches at the back of his neck a moment, "Lately.. all my attention has been toward the stars. Their connection to the first children and the like.. and their disappearance. Its been.. slow going to say the least." he offered a grin, "Lots of stories involve the stars, but few help explain them" he drew a breath, "but i admit, this is more a search for things in my spare time.. as i dont have it tied directly to anything occurring at this moment"

Lucita finishes her dinner, appreciative of both food and company then glances over as Micana gestures from the entry. An exchange of words with Micana is softly done, phrases such as 'escort, path-ways cleared, leaving before more snow piles up, and such can be overheard. She rises and with an apologetic glance around says. "Seems it is time for me to go before we get snowed in here. Thank you so much. It was quite ... informative and enjoyable. If you can pardon me though, I do need to leave."

Kiera nods "Hopefully we'll have more news soon. I'm willing to help with research

Ian angles his head. He's finished his dinner, and is down to just nursing a drink, now. He regards Caspian. "I don't know how you'd look into this, but the lights that have been showing up at the border of Velenosan territory might be to do with the stars. I think something fell out of the sky before at least one of them." He nods to Lucita, a silent farewell.

Tesha gives a smile to those that are still there and she rises when Lucita is moving to leave, "It was wonderful to share the evening with you. Please be safe in your travels back home." she tells her. Then she gives a look to Caspian and Ian, "Ah, yes it did. I think that was some time ago." she agrees. "Hopefully we'll see some more movement, but right now the quiet is a bit..unnerving." she admits.

Ian leans towards Caspian and says something else in a low voice.

Ian adds, after saying whatever he said: "I'll take quiet. There'll be plenty of scrambling to do, later."

Caspian glances to ian, brow raising slightly and nods. eh looks back to Tesha, "Thank you for allowing me to come. I do agree though.. while i appreciate the slight respite, the quiet is far from restful when we know they are moving."

Kiera nods to caspian "Waiting when you know the enemy is out there is hard

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