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Feb. 26, 2023, 9:48 p.m.

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Clowder of the Nine, they have been fed don't let them trick you, Shekies, A black and white marbled cat with yellow eyes, Capt'n Waddles the small cock with a bell, Ariesse - a spirited wildcat kitten arrive, following Zakhar.

Ramona - A Guard in Ashford House Colours, Bigsby - A Thoughtful Looking Young Man in Nondescript Clothing, 2 Ashford Archer, 1 Ashford Scout arrive, following Lisebet.

In the middle of the Grayson grounds is a large block of stone. Some work has been completed on it already; the outline of several bodies can be seen. There's a ladder propped up against the stone, with Lou Grayson standing as close to the top as she possibly can. She has a chisel and mallet in her hand as she chips away at the stone with the tools, and a large basket of other masonry tools can be seen hanging off the side of the ladder. There are tables set up with refreshments, snacks of all sorts, from all of the varying fealties, with drinks to match. There's a sign that notes 'Free Food & Drinks' sitting atop the table beside the snacks.

Joscelin enters quietly, the plump, pretty woman careful not to step on any tools. Her golden eyes scan the area, latching on to what Lou is creating a moment later. "Oh," she breathes, gaze shining, a bright smile breaking over her features. She clasps her hands together and strolls over to the stone and the woman working on it. "What a wonderful idea!" she says to the artist in question. "What inspired you?" Joscelin asks, her hands resting to steady the ladder.

Dacian arrives to the grounds wearing a well kept suit, a silver frockcoat with matching waist coat and trousers, and all the right ruffles in all the right places, with polished boots. He only whisks by the food and drinks table long enough to clutch his hand around a long stemmed drink, which gives him a refined look than he already carries, with his hair slicked back with pomade into a tight bun at the back of his head. The way he walks is with grace that comes from many years of practice, perhaps harsh tutors because his posture is straight and even the way he holds his drink is delightfully proper. He looks around at the grounds, before his eyes fall toward the installment, considering the woman up the ladder with masonry tools. He takes a sip and starts to lazily stride around the block of stone, as if to try to figure out from various angles what's being created.

Today's work has taken Sir Filshiar into the ward of house Grayson and, having heard that something artistic would be afoot, he has decided to stop by for a look. For a moment, he keeps his distance, watching the woman on the ladder work while eyeing the free food on offer. That is until he spots a familiar face. "Ah, you made it," he says, appearing at Dacian's shoulder. "Good to see you again."

The details that Lou has been working on is a face. Some of them might recognize that face. It's that of Prince Niklas Grayson, formerly Kennex. These are the details of how she remembers her playwright brother-in-law, as well as any that her sister Sabella might have included. She's presently working on his cheekbones, trying to be very, very careful to neither make them too big or too small. Lou pauses in her work when Joscelin arrives and asks questions, giving the other woman a soft smile. Her eyes, though, are touched with grief as she speaks. "Bastion. I was inspired by Bastion. The fall of our city," she tells Joscelin. "This memorial is for those Grayson family members who I know have perished, during the siege against our city." It's only at this time that she notices the others who have started to arrive and she waves in the direction of the newcomers.

Zakhar's snow white hair is a tangle of long locks tied up with a unique set of hairpins made from a pair of clavicles, the wet from the recent washing still drips slowly from tips of the tangled mess as he stands with a small hunch, leaning upon the bone handled cane and stares at the large block of stone. A small rooster is around somewhere, probably hiding under a table easily found if anyone might 'coo' back to it. A mumble as his old eyes glance to the ladder which the princess stands upon, "Rickety." Only then to shift a little to pull out two folding slats of wood and drop them to the ground where they unfold into a small stool. Crouching down to sit upon the makeshift chair he looks over to Joscelin with a nod, then over his shoulder to Dacian. "Will the block be turned to a plushie as well?"

Lucita walks beside Talwyn as the two follow servants carrying a harp. "She has left her dogs behind at the entrance to the Grayson Grounds along with a two legged guard to watch over them. She is impeccably dressed and groomed, the scent of delicate feminine soaps and shampoos clinging to her. "I know people will enjoy hearing some of your newest compositions. I never tire of hearing them and playing with you sometimes. It calms and refreshes the spirit and helps inspire art without intruding in conversations or tasks being done."

Lisebet walks in quietly, glancing about as she arrives. She waves a hand in greeting and then drifts over to where she can see what work may have been done since the last time she was here. She has a basket in her other hand and sets it down on one table. There is a definite aroma of ginger emanating from said basket. She listens to the conversation that is ongoing without joining in, at least for the moment.

Dacian looks aside to the approaching figure at his shoulder, "I would be a terrible acquaintance if I turned down your invitation." He looks toward the various women folk, leaning into Filshiar to say under his breath, "Which one is the Princess?" A faint smirk turns up on his face as he asks, "How was your day, Fil?" Very informal but it suggests some familiarity at least. As he overhears the subject of what's being carved, he hmms softly, taking a sip, admitting to Filshiar, "I'm afraid I only know most Graysons by lofty stories." He turns to look at who else addressed him, spotting the snow white haired man with a rooster, "Stone would be cold to hug but I'm certain people who remember the faces of those carved will like to curl about it." He looks back to the block, watching with tilted head and unreadable expression.

Moving along beside Lucita and dressed much as she was impeccably and well groomed Talwyn keeps a close eye on the servants carrying in his harp, The man clearly caring over how the instrument was handled as its brought in so he could provide a bit of music for the art session. The words from Lucita have Talwyn looking her way, the man murmuring softly to his wife. "If the sounds and songs can inspire even one then it is worth it. And well I think perhaps you sweet songbird are a touch biased." The final words spilling from his lips holding a tone of mixed amusement and tease.

"Ha!" Zakhar scoffs back at Dacian's words, "Could find a means to make it both a lovely plushie and statue. Just needs some fur..." A scratch to his beard as he appears lost in thought for a moment, "Perhaps some silks." He leans back in the chair against the tilted back and continues to look up at the block as Lou takes to shaping it.

Jan slips in quietly amongst the stragglers, peering about to take note of those gathered.

"Yes, you would," Filshiar agrees, smirking to Dacian as he tilts his head to watch Lou work. "That would be her, I suppose. It is good to see a memorial going up after that tragedy." The knight draws a breath for a moment, then smirks at Zakhar and shakes his head a bit. "My day has been a very nice one," he tells his friend. "And yours?"

Dacian ahs softly, "You mean to make it into a plushie once it's finished?" He looks back at the original artist still working on the statue, "And an artist's permission I would think," he adds in after the comment of fur and silk. His eyes flick back to Zakhar, "While I'm not officially on business right now, I do have a warehouse now, and I can likely supply you those if you cannot find them yourself." A beat, "The name's Dacian Krosse." He glances back to Fil to watch where he registers which one is Lou, nodding after a sip of his drink. He does look between the knight and the older gentlemen, listening politely as they converse.

"I would be the princess," the princess who hates to be called princess responds to Dacian's question. "Though, I prefer just Lou. Or, if you must, Pathfinder," says the Voice of House Grayson, insisting on informalities. "You wouldn't find me very suitable as a princess anyway, since I'm usually delving down into caves, walking through spiderwebs, and angering zombie plant people." The last is meant to be a joke, but then Lou winces and grows quiet a moment, looking back to the statue. She very carefully touches Niklas's face. "I think I've got his cheekbones right. The eyes will be the hardest. Sabella requested a particular look." This is said a touch conversationally before looking back into the crowd and spying Lucita and Talwyn and their harp. She cracks a smile. "I'm glad to see someone has decided to come do art with me, Baroness Lucita. And who is this handsome man with you?" she grins in Talwyn's direction.

Lisebet half listens to the various conversations, a smile crossing her face now and then. She opens the basket she has and sets out some ginger cake, just like they make over in Westrock Reach. Because she happens to have some, fresh made, and it's her favourite. So why not share? As Lou turns to tease Lucita and Talwyn, Lisebet chuckles softly. "Good day all," she finally greets merrily. "I did not necessarily come to art, but I brought some of our cook's art. Does that count?"

Dacian glances back to Lou as she has exceptional hearing and thus he raises his glass toward her, "Wonderful talent you have." There's so many options to pick from he decides to go without. SAFER that way. "Though I would hate for you to presume I think like everyone else, as in truth, I have no preconceived notions of what Princesses are supposed to be like. You might tell me if you wish," Dacian smiles humbly and bows his head a bit, "As far as I knew, all people of all titles, were vastly different in how they wear it." As for the joke, he doesn't get it, but he smiles through it, offering a harhar, "As long as you don't anger my ferret." He turns back to the party near to him, that being Zakhar and Filshiar.

Lucita says, "Oh, I'd say more than biased, Baron Talwyn." She gives a sultry smile and a ittle wink his direction. "Pathfinder Lou Grayson, this is my extremely talented husband, Talwyn. He plays many instruments and has an ear-pleasing voice if he decides to sing, but harp is his favorite. He composed a lot of new compositions when in Saikland and has just recently returned home." She says this as a sort of introduction to everyone. "Talwyn, please meet my friend and the leader of the Society of Explorers, Lou, And there is Sir Filshinar, and Merchant Dacian, Duchess Lisebet Ashfort, Lady Jan you have met.... And OH, Guildmaster Joscelin Arterius! So glad to see you. You are an artist in your own right, amazing unique jewelry. And Zakhar is here too, a good crowd. Zakhar is a good one to have at your back in a fight, uses inovative weapons. One time I saw him fell someone with a pan of grease flung at them then whapped them with the pan, all the while eating the meat he had been cooking in it.""

Joscelin is dusting her hands off and finishing a swallow; was it cake? The crumbs she brushes off her lips would suggest yes. She chuckles softly. "There is no princess like Lou Grayson." She is very careful not to say Lou's full name, as beautiful as it is. Her attention is diverted by the wonderful Lucita, and the jeweler gives a blushing smile, waving her hand. "Baroness! It's good to see you again." She gives the woman a deep bow. She gestures to Lou. "It is meaningful, work for the sake of remembering those we love. Important, yes?"

Zakhar stares at Dacian for a moment before finally blinking slowly. "Yes, Dacian. There were a great deal of cat's eyes in the shipment. Still working on that project. And this one with you?" He glances away from Filshiar as Lucita mentions his name only to raise his hand a little to the air as if to wave or point out that he's the one the baroness mentions. It happens that Lucita speaks of him at the same time as he is to pull a small pouch out with a sweet aroma of candied pig bellies from within and is now holding the bag out towards Filshiar and Dacian as they are closest to him. "Something sweet to nibble upon?"

When Lucita tells him that she would be more than biased there is a brief moment where a small knowing smile takes shape across Talwyn's lips, The man glancing her way before turning his focus to the servants carrying his harp. The man motioning to a prime spot to settle in to play and offering a quick, "Over there should do." To the servants. Moments later his gaze and attention turns towards Lou, His head dipping respectfully to the Grayson Princess, "The Baroness speaks highly of you, I hope you don't mind I brought my harp rather than some other creation. My art has always been that of song and music.. Though I do try to leave the singing to this one here." His head dips in the direction of Lucita at the final bit. With further introductions given Talwyn is quick to flit his gaze from one face to another offering smaller more subtle dips of his head in turn.

Filshiar watches as the harp is brought carefully in and listens to the introductions that are made. He offers the crowd a quick nod, clasping his hands at the small of his back. "Good day," he says, wearing an easy smile that soon turns on Zakhar. "Oh, why not?" he says to the offer, reaching for what's in the pouch, even as his gaze wanders to the ginger cake that Lisebet was putting out. Many sweet things here today, it would seem.

"Zakhar takes his cooking very seriously," Lou agrees in Lucita's direction before winking toward Zakhar. She seems to be familiar with a good number of faces who've come for her informal affair. "There's food and drink for all. I made sure the cooks had something from all fealties," she tells them. Then she gives her protege a warm smile as well, "Ginger cakes will be lovely and are of course artwork of their own kind," Lou assures Lisebet. "I'm sure they'll rival Lottie's cakes," she says with confidence, speaking of the baker's shop within the city. She starts to explain princess-ship . . . hood? to Dacian, but Joscelin seems to beat her to it. She just leaves it there so she can address Joscelin's question. "It is meaningful," Lou is nodding her head as she says this. "Not just for remembering them, but so the last thing I saw of most of them wasn't the monsters they were turned into by our enemy in the end." There is a visible shudder from the Tenacious Griffon at the memory of some of the horrors she'd seen her family members turned into. "How they were /meant/ to be remembered."

Dacian looks over toward Filshiar then to Zakhar in answer, "Sir Filshiar told me this event was happening tonight, so yes, he invited me." Then somewhere he's being randomly introduced which has his head turning and looking toward the Baroness Lucita. The candied pig bellies he puts up a hand and shakes his head, "None for me thank you." He does look like someone who seems particular about what he eats. "We ran into each other on the road outside Arx recently," he adds on for Zakhar's sake, "Told tall tales around a campfire. It's something I haven't had a lot of time to do since business has boomed."

Lisebet inclines her head to the introduction, a brief smile and a bow of her head in return to Talwyn. "Lucita, it has been some time since we had a chance to speak. We should catch up at some point, perhaps. There is ginger cake here for everyone. Please do help yourselves." She takes one small piece for herself, and then finds a drink, before she moves to where she can be more companionable and chat. "Lou, I know you've got it all covered, but I wanted to bring something along as well. And I think you've worked some on this since I last saw it. I am amazed at your ability." She smiles at Dacian, letting the cakes go to those who want them.

Jan gives Lucita and Talwyn a smile and finger-wave. Dacian is spotted and given a wave as well. She looks around for where guests are leaving host gifts, a bottle of kennex vodka in hand.

Lucita says, "That is a massive project to attempt. I expect it took a bit of courage to take the first chips from that big block you are sculpting, Pathfinder Lou." To Lisebet she nods and murmurs. "Indeed I would very much enjoy getting together to talk and catch up with each other." Joscelin gets a bow in return and a smile. She returns waves and then turns to help Talwyn and the harp get settled before sitting beside him. "I'll bring you a drink when you thirst.""

Dacian meets Lisebet's smile with a polite one of his own and a upward lift of his glass, seemingly quite at ease in a large crowd - but then again he's a merchant and most of his time is spent talking until his mouth goes dry. He glances to Filshiar, about to say something but then Jan is also waving to him which he also lifts up his glass to her in a polite address. "Did you get any of the food?" He asks aside to Filshiar, as if to try to keep the conversation going, despite it being small talk for the moment as he admires the way the stone is cut with mallet and chisel.

"Well met, Baron Talwyn. I do not mind at all. Art takes on many shapes and forms, from those things we can see and touch like paintings and statues, to things that can be read or performed, like plays and music. But that does not define all art," Lou replies to him. A moment of inspiration strikes her and then she turns and starts to chisel in some hair around the top of Niklas' face, taking care to leave room for eyes where she might want to work on them. "I'm still learning," Lou admits to Lisebet. "Prince Sebastian Pravus has been teaching me a bit about artwork as we progress on the project. I haven't been rushing it, as I want to get the details right," she further admits.

Joscelin settles some distance back, looking over Niklas as he begins to take shape. Her expression sobers, arms folded as her eyes shine with memory. "I make work for him. A gift for him from another prince. Cufflinks," she murmurs. "Praseodymium, engraved. I wonder what happened to them." She carefully moves around the sculpture, ending up near Lou again. She smiles companionably at the Grayson princess. "I don't know who this honors more, besides your loved ones and your family. Jayus, or even Death." The Emeritus Guildmaster looks almost proud.

"Tales around a fire are a lovely thing." Zakhar nods to Dacian as he looks back to Lou and how the statue is to be how her family was, not were as he nods to her within a small and rare bow of his head to a noble before he returns his look to Filshiar. "Ah, the line of a knight is one of many long evenings. I'm sure your stories were appreciated upon the campfire." There's a small pat to his chest, "Zakhar. Master Carpenter, among a few other odd jobs here and there."

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Talwyn's gaze turns back upon Lou hearing her response on his bringing music rather than art that could be seen or even touched. There is a brief smile that takes shape as he listens to the woman before he nods in agreement, "If only music could be seen at least it can be heard and felt though." With Lucinda moving with him and helping him get the harp properly situated the man settles on on the bench it had been set before. Settling in he looks to her offering a small smile as he murmurs out, "I am sure after a song or two a drink may be very welcome."

Less at ease in a crowd like this is Filshiar, who tends to do more watching than conversing. "I hope so," he tells Zakhar of his stories, "though Dacian had plenty of interesting ones of his own. It is a pleasure to meet you." He then turns back to where the food is set up and tells Dacian, "I have not, but I think I should investigate." After another quick glance back up to Lou and her work, he walks over to the table with ginger cake to get a piece.

"Tales around a fire are also art," Lou speaks to Filshiar on the heels of Zakhar's comment about them being a lovely thing. "The Explorer's hall are often filled with tales and whiskey," she says with a brief grin. "We get ourselves into all sorts of adventure and I think we make a competition of out of embellishing the details." She sobers a bit at Joscelin's words and scrunches her brow a bit. "Sabella may have them. I'll have to ask her when I see her next. She's been keeping herself busy, mostly with helping to restore Bastion and other charitable endeavors around that." She glances back to Talwyn, "A song would be most welcome indeed."

Lucita says, "Speaking of Jayus, has anyone seen Archlector Wylla lately? I don't think have seen her since visiting her a few times while she was recovering from the Artshall attack.""

Dacian's smile is charming as he doesn't hide from the fact he has grand tales, "Yes, I've come from a far away port and thus have seen much and lived through more. I'm relieved to have established myself in a way I don't have to adventure too far out anymore." He nods to Zakhar but then grins over his shoulder as he watches Filshiar going to explore the food. His gaze draws back to Lou, "The Explorer's Hall. A friend of mine was to have inquired about that for me, but I think we've fallen out of touch and I never followed up on that." He glances to Talwyn, "Yes yes, you must play something for us. It's an occasion of Jayus."

Joscelin looks to Lucita, her smile returning. "I know she's well. She lost a hand, but I believe Princess Denica Thrax was helping her with a prosthetic."

When he is told a song would be most welcome Talwyn gives a subtle nod to Lou, The man beginning to check to make sure his harp was tuned. Likely more out of habit and a near obsessive drive to make sure that the harp sounded perfect anytime he played it or near to it. The words from Lucita have the man giving a nod before he focuses on Dacian. A small reserved smile is given as he tells the man, "I am sure one of my recent compositions should prove fitting and perhaps give a touch of inspiration."

Both of Lou's brows shoot up as Dacian mentions having wanted to be an Explorer. "You wanted to join the Explorers? I can make sure someone contacts you about that," she assures him. Talk of Jayus again brings her back to Joscelin's earlier remark. "I suppose, in a way, it could be a tribute to both Jayus and Death? Particularly since I'm trying to have them remembered for who they were and not what they became in the end." There's another slight shudder through Lou when she mentions 'what they became'. There's a pause when Artshall comes up and she slowly lets out a breath. "I'm just glad everyone was able to survive /that/," she says about Artshall. "I just gave Lady Mabelle Laurent 10,000 economic resources to go toward the restoration of the city."

Dacian bows his head, "I wouldn't have ever remembered if it wasn't for your reminding me just now. That was... some time ago. He's been far too busy exploring the world himself, I think." He looks toward Talwyn, lifting up his cup for the man, encouragingly.

Filshiar returns a moment later, having sampled the cake, and tells Lisebet, "That was very good." He frowns at the mention of Artshall, then finds himself once again at Dacian's side, watching Talwyn ready the harp for a moment. "You plan to join the Explorer's Guild?" he wonders, before turning to Lou. "The stories from hall would be most exciting to hear, I am sure."

Lucita says, "Pathfinder Lou can tell some absolutely amazing stories. Some are exciting and some are humorous.""

Dacian glances to Fil again when he returns, "That had been the plan when I first came back to Arx and I was only now reminded of it. I've done some exploring in the past, to discover materials and what have you. In fact I'm about to do so again here soon." He looks over at Filshiar with a wry look, "You should consider joining too, if your duties will permit it. It'd give you an excuse to beg for leave to go hunt down .. well, trouble or treasure."

"I've had quite a few experiences, some of which people wouldn't ever believe. Like, finding and saving some dwarves, long thought extinct, finding a flying clockwork griffon, or traveling to a far off island, very close to Eurus, and bringing back a strange new metal. Unbelievable tales were it not, of course, for some of the moments I've managed to bring home, or others." Lou tells Filshiar, "You should ask Baroness Shae Fortier about her tree mouse and her large cat, which came from the island of Brightshore," she offers in reference. "And, I've shown off the flying clockwork griffon a few times." That's an under-exaggeration there. Lou loves that thing and shows it off every chance she can get. Lou flushes a bit at Lucita's praise.

Joscelin turns to look at Talwyn as he mentions singing, and inspiration, and her smile just grows. She's quiet for now, watching the others, happy to take in the atmosphere and the people supporting and observing Lou's great work.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Dacian before departing.

Lou gets a large block of stone from a Grayson quarry starting to take shape in the form of an outline of several bodies.

Lou checked dexterity + legerdemain at difficulty 15, rolling 4 higher.

Willen leaves, following Lou.

Willen arrives, following Lou.

Lou checked dexterity + artwork at difficulty 29, rolling 31 higher.

Lou drops a large block of stone from a Grayson quarry, shaped in the outline of several bodies, with the likeness of Prince Niklas and Prince Augustus taking form.

Talwyn checks charm and performance at easy. Talwyn is successful.

With a deep breath taken in Talwyn's hands move to the strings of his harp, the man's arms curling around the instrument as if it were some long lost lover and he had just been reunited with the instrument. Moments later his fingers begin to work over the strings of the harp, his slightly calloused fingers drawing from the instrument a slower song. The notes rising and falling in a melody that's notes rose and fell in a song that was meant for times of relaxation. The composition one that was meant to relax and help inspire those who heard it in their endeavors.

As it seems the chatter has stopped for a bit, for people to listen to Talwyn's song, Lou turns her attention once more to the statue. She starts working on a different figure in the statue, arranging the facial features of another family member. This time it's prince Augustus Grayson. This particular one seems more. . . difficult for Lou to process. She takes just as much care, she's just slower, taking brief moments here and there to close her eyes, as though trying to compare some imagine she has in her mind of her late cousin. There are times, even, that her hands shake as she works out the image of his face in the stone.

As Talwyn sings, every person in the room feels suddenly a little more peaceful, even Lou herself, who is so riddled with sorrow. Comfort settles like a blanket over her thoughts, and the thoughts of everyone else present. A gentle presence, like a warm hand on their shoulder, words of comfort spoken quietly that seep into the soul.

Filshiar shrugs to Dacian and says, "Perhaps I will," before lending his ear to some of the things Lou has to say about her travels. They sounds fantastic, sure, but bring out a boyish grin from the knight. Soon after, the grin mellows to talwyn's music and he watches the man play, a bit entranced by the tune.

Jan falls into soft respectful silence as Talwyn sings. A flask is pulled from a pocket somewhere and the cap discretely unscrewed and a pour for those departed is poured out.

Lucita seems to relax as she hears Talwyn present his music to the group gathered. Some of the tense muscles in her brow and around her eyes relax. She rises from her seat and goes to get a drink from the table, bringing it back toward him. A sip is taken in the Lycene fashion to indicate it has not been tainted then places it where Talwyn can reach it if he should wish.

Dacian can be heard sighing loudly in a way that someone does when they're getting a massage or something that relaxes every nerve and muscle. He almost drops his glass but at the last moment clutches it with his other hand, as his shoulders droop and his eyes fall a bit heavily. Talwyn by the looks of Dacian's expression, has obtained fan!

As that song begins Talwyn's eyes fall closed, But as they open there is a subtle shift in the man's demeanor as he continues to pluck that song from the strings of his harp. That deeply taken breath from moments before suddenly slipping free as his eyes lift and focus on the music that he alone could see. The experience not one new to the man but one that even then seemed to bring about a look of awe from the normally reserved man. His eyes following the music that he saw like some beautiful painting or creation of stone before finally he is focusing on the large slab of stone that was being worked on. Something he sees within it bringing a smile to warm his lips.

Lisebet settles in to listen and finds herself relaxing as she does so. She's quiet, but offers a nod to Filshiar for the compliment about the ginger cakes.

Lou takes her eyes away from the statue just for a moment as she listens to Talwyn as well. A light smile touches her lips at his work and she easily relaxes into the melody. When it is over, she remarks to him. "You play beautifully." She looks to Lucita took. "Thank you for lending him to us." She notes Jan's arrival and nods in her direction, waving from her place atop the ladder where she works on the large statue being built. When she turns back to the statue she blinks. "What . . ?" she exclaims in surprise. The details of the statue she'd been working on have changed. Niklas seems more real than what she'd rendered, Augustus too. Niklas even appears to be smiling. She opens her mouth to say something, closes it, then opens it again, then simply bows her head quietly, in some sort of reverence.

A messenger arrives, delivering a message to Dacian before departing.

Lisebet pauses to look at the statue now, her head tilting a bit. She stares for a bit, and then says, "Lou, you are amazing. I could swear Prince Niklas is about to step over and start talking to us. That's wonderful." She steps back, to allow others to look and see, and then she glances over at Talwyn and offers a gentle smile. No words, because the song, the ambiance, the art, the statue - all are really quite perfect at the moment.

When the song brought to life through his fingers and the harp comes to an end and he hears Lou's compliment his head dips respectfully to the woman before his gaze lifts once more. His focus not upon the woman but on the work she was doing as he offers up softly, "And you make beauty from little more than stone and your hands." His head dipping towards the new details that she had carved upon the creation she was working on. When he catches the look from Lisebet his gaze settles on her, A small smile offered to the woman before he dips his head. No words needed as they exchange that silent greeting with one another.

Jan says, "This is an excellent tribute, Pathfinder."

Dacian claps after the performance comes to and end but then he's receiving a message and while it's impolite to take it, he's also a merchant and messages means business. He excuses himself from immediate company to go attend to the letter before he nods to the messanger, steps back over toward the others and applauds to Talwyn, "An excellent rendition on the harp." He then notes to Filshiar, "Forgive me friend, but I need to attend to some matters at the shop." He lifts the letter, as his excuse, before his gaze wanders back to the artist at hand, "Marvelous work." Then to everyone in general, "Pleasure to meet you all." But then the Merchant is slipping away with whatever urgency is possessed in that folded parchment.

Filshiar also turns to take a look at the work Lou has done with the sculpture. He may not be an artist himself, but he can appreciate the beauty of this moment and its many surprises. "Both of you are outstanding," he says to the princess and to Talwyn, offering some applause. He then turns to Dacian and nods. "Of course," he says. "I will see you again soon."

Joscelin quietly slips away. Everyone will remember her attending, but no one will remember quite when she left.

Lucita says, "It is really coming along. You show a rare skill in the making of it, Pathfinder Lou." To Talwyn she raises her amber gaze and widens her eyes, lips parting in a little 'ohhhh'. Her voice lowers as she speaks aside to him."

"Thank you," Lou speaks to both Lisebet and Talwyn, her cheeks flaring once more even as she blinks at the statue and rubs her eyes again as though not quite believing what she's seeing. She nods to Filshiar and Jan as well. "I think I should have some ginger cake now," she decides, puts her tools in the basket, then grabs the basket before descending from the ladder. Grayson guards come out of hiding, for they are always banished to the shadows in Lou's presence, to take up the ladder. One of them totes it off to the Grayson manor, as it seems she is done working on the statue for today. Willen comes and takes her tools and follows after the guard, leaving Lou time to just socialize for now. "It's not done by far, there's still a lot more work to do," she tells Lucita and the others.

Jan smiles encouragingly "IT is far more than I could even dream of doing myself, pathfinder. It's an excellent memorial."

Lisebet sips her drink, remembering she has it. She nods to Lou, glancing back at the statue and then to the ginger cake. "It's my favourite, this ginger cake, it reminds me of my childhood so easily." And then she nods to Jan, at her comment. "It's a wonderful dream and Pathfinder Lou is making it real chip by chip."

Jan is overheard praising Lou.

Whatever it is that Lucita tells him has Talwyn's smile growing a bit, A little nod given. Rather than responding with word the man turns his head to deliver a brief kiss to her cheek. A subtle nod given in answer to something she had whispered before he is raising up, "I must..see this more closely." He explains before stepping over closer to the statue. The man though his art was music and not sculpting or painting finding beauty given the look in his eyes in the work that had been done. A soft whisper spilling from his lips, "They look ready to join us..To greet us." The softer musing given he turns and looks to Lucita his right hand offered out to the woman before he is looking off towards the refreshments.

Jan is overheard praising Talwyn.

"I am working on it slow, as I want it to be right," Lou admits to Jan, as she takes up one of the ginger cakes brought by Lisebet. She nibbles at the edges of it and notes to Lisebet, "Please let your cook know that I love these." However, the heaps of praise coming at her seems to make her slightly uncomfortable. "As it is getting late, I should be getting home to my children. Thank you all for coming out to socialize, make art, and keep me company. I'll invite everyone again the next time I wish to work on it."

Talwyn is overheard praising Lou: Such work and beauty brought to stone, Such life is rare to be seen. Jayus walks with her and guides her hand, clearly.

"I look forward to seeing more of this," Filshiar tells Lou as she comes down from the ladder, "but for now I should be on my way. My call me elsewhere." Turning to the others, he gives another nod. "Happy to see you all today," he says, smiling quickly before making his way in the direction of the palace.

Filshiar is overheard praising Talwyn.

Filshiar is overheard praising Lou.

Lucita rises from her seat and slides her hand into Talwyn's "Lou is a woman of many talents." Ad she nods. "We will have to be getting back home too. The children are in Saikland but there are still things to be done at the tower.

Lucita is overheard praising Lou.

Jan smiles towards Lou "That just speaks to the love and honor put into this. If it was easy or could be done in a week it wouldn't be nearly as meaningful as for it being a true labor of love. It is never the less quite impressive, Pathfinder." She smiles and bows "Always a pleasure to see you, Baroness."

Lucita is overheard praising Talwyn: A maker of beautiful music.

Lisebet is overheard praising Lou: Such artwork and humility

Lisebet is overheard praising Talwyn: musical genius!

Lou is overheard praising Talwyn: Thank you for the inspiration!

"I'll tell her, she'll be thrilled," Lisebet says to Lou with a nod. "I should also be getting home to the children. She might or might not include her husband in that list. "Thank you for hosting - I'm glad I got to come out and visit."

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