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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Saikland (a small scale combat scene)



Feb. 26, 2023, 10:05 p.m.

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Herja's Room

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Let's be real, here. There is no way in this world or any other that Ian's about to be participating in games of any sort, Saikland or otherwise, and it's been years since he's willingly shown up at anything resembling a polite social event. But here he is on the ship bound for the Saikland Greens, anyway, hanging onto a railing to keep from getting knocked off balance by the pitch and roll of a deck that he can't feel under his feet, watching the horizon with a detached air.

Lady Medeia, acting in her capacity as Minister of the Hearth for House Saik and overseer of the vintners of Saikland, has put out the word that the Saikland Vineyard Games will be held again this summer. The news spreads between Saikland Greens and Arx, generating a fair amount of excitement - especially among those who enjoy drinking a lot of wine and watching others attempt feats of skill to entertain them.

Recognizing that the war in the Mourning Isles has left ships at a premium, the lady specially charters a couple of transports to help interested parties make the trip from Arx to the Lycene barony. She departed on the first ship in order to arrive early and finish preparations for the games. Her assistant, Klavdiya, awaited the passengers of the second. The first few days of the voyage have passed uneventfully and with fair weather, but now, the captain has turned the ship into the Bay of Lenosia to avoid a storm further out.

Jan is not above games though Saiklands Greens is rather a ways out of Jan's usual circuit. She is currently untangling a mass of ropes she's acquired from somewhere for some reason but after a bit and a few minutes of peering at the horizon and then shoreline she rises and makes her way towards Ian swaying a bit in a way that suggests she hasn't found her sea legs yet. She uhhs and wonders softly to Ian "What you make of those two ships? Is it me or are they inbound? You've a looking glass on you by any chance?"

Lucita stands beside Ian as she chatters away toward him. "It has been a couple of years since you visited us. I know the last experience was not the best with the man-eating giant crabs near taking your arm off, or giant bears, but really, there have been no signs of them in several years! And we have been improving things steadily. I thought you might like to see some of the extra fields of grains and vegetables that we planted to help the food shortages for some of those amid the Thrax." Despite her talking away at Ian, she notices the crew and nudges Ian. "What's with them? I'm not experienced at sailing but it is not like them to work 'that' hard. Are they trying to impress someone or something?"

Mattheu takes Rivenshari Pryania 'Pear' Liqueur from Wind Dancer Chest.

Cillian was introduced to a boat once and he hated it, he was introduced a second time and has since fallen in love with it. His favorite spot? The nest and that is where anyone can find the man right now, his eyes are to the south seeming to watch the ever building storm. He enjoys the feel of the wind in his face, as he stands up looking out over the water holding onto the wall of the nest with a wide grin on his face.

Being at war is what Martinique does best, but it can wear on one a bit after a while. Since things seem to have broken for the moment, she has chosen to engage in her other major pursuit--partying. Even if it means consorting with Lycenes. She isn't too far gone yet, trying to pace herself a bit before they get to the actual party, but she does move between the rails to gaze out over the sea--at the storm, which is easily visible, and then with more of a frown, at ships approaching from the northeast, and one that isn't...really approaching, but is present, to the west. These she points out quietly to the captain, in the manner of an annoying passenger, but better safe than sorry.

While there are those on this trip who have likely brought their own guards, there are enough people of importance traveling to Saikland today to warrant a member of the King's Own on board. Sir Filshiar, not a sailor in the least, is making rounds on the deck as they approach and he, like Lucita, notices the extra work being put in by the crew. "Is anything matter?" he wonders to one of them as he casts his gaze out over the waters around them.

Mattheu slips across the decks as if it is his nature to be tilted at thirty-degrees off of center and gravity pulling at everything in a sideways direction. Down? It's over to the left somewhere. Up? That's where the sails lead. He hugs a colorful bottle that smells of pears and looks out to the seas behind them then to towards where they are going. With a dash across the decks to find himself at the bow and over the port netting he's laughing as he looks back to the storms behind them again. A hand to the air as he looks to Cillian, "Find a spot on the horizon. Or you can climb a mast." He looks back to Lucita and Medeia, "It's been a while since I remember the last set of games. It's a shame Whisper Cesare wasn't available to come."

Ann takes her time roaming about the boat. Leaning as if she's looking at something. She's been keeping an eye on the weather and seeing if it will be turning as she tunes out the others around her for a moment. Holding onto the ledge of the boat in case it decides to rock under her. She's not as successful with sea legs but an attempt will be made to stay steady. Frowning as she looks towards the south of where they are.

"It'll be nice to see the place when it's at peace," Ian remarks to Lucita, without really looking away from the horizon. "It's been thin on the ground, lately." He's clearly already been watching the ships Jan pointed out, because he supplies: "Galley and a cog. Not handling like military vessels. Might be Lycene rigging, but it's hard to tell from this distance. They're headed on an intercept course, probably trying to outrun the storm, same as us."

Lucita says, "Cog is usually a cargo ship, yes? At least that is what we used our cog for till it got damaged. I's in drydock for repairs now if it is even repairable. We used to send galley escorts with it or the dromond. Wash tried to explain the differences to me one time and I think that is what he said." She glances toward the others aboard. "You all doing alright now? I hope we can outrun that storm.""

That pair of ships to the northeast start to come within shouting distance, and everyone can tell that there is an intent from them to board the ship carrying people to Saikland. "Secure the bounty!" Can be heard distinctly from one voice abord one of the ships. The crew aboard the chartered vessel moves to block the boarding.

Mattheu looks over to the ships and then to Ann and Cillian, a nod to Ian and where he's perched by the railings with the other two. "Of course. I leave the expanse to go to a friends and find myself along side of..." He waves vaguely towards the incoming ship, "Whatever this is going to be."

"Ugh." Martinique grumbles as the two Lycene ships approach. Knives appear in both of her hands and while she is dressed for a party, she will still move up near the crew in support of blocking the boarding action that seems imminent. "This was supposed to be a holiday!" She complains to no one in particular.

Martinique wields Stone dagger with darkened bone handle.

Jan relaxes some and leans against the railing but as the distance closes she pushes herself more upright and loosens her sword in it's scabbard "Festering fuckicles. Now. They're doing this NOW?!" She grumbles in irritation "Fine you inbred degenerate ratfinks."

"They're also good for sailing long distances," Ian offers to Lucita. "They... oh fuck, really?" His profane grumbling comes just a little before the ships shout out their intent to board; he may have realized what's actually about to happen a moment or two before it actually happened. "For fuck's sake." He's wearing a sword at his hip instead of carrying his cane, but he doesn't draw it yet, only steps back to fall in closer to Lucita.

Ann has decided she is going to be Mattheu's shadow. The Northern Princess is not use to the sea. Looking over to where everyone else is and there is surprise seen in her features as she hears the call. "What...." A small mutter but that is all that is heard from her.

With a frown, Filshiar turns from the crew member to scrutinize the storm first, and then the incoming ships. He moves across the deck, swaying slightly along to way, to get a better look. As he does, he offers brief nods to familiar faces along the way. Faces of people who are about to put in danger, apparently. "And it was such a nice trip so far," he mutters, drawing his sword and picking up speed to meet the boarders head-on.

Cillian blinks as he looks down his grin fading now, there comes a serious look to the mans face. He looks to Mattheu meeting his eyes for a moment then he glances at Ann. His eyes dart back to the boats coming in and his bow is pulled from his back. Its pointing at the first person that tries to step onto the boat, he does not speak. His stare intense as his eyes look like two orbs of storms turning.

Filshiar wields diamondplate arming sword with the emblem of the King's Own.

Lucita lowers her voice so what she mutters is not discernible to others, likely a good thing since the wording is quite colorful, phrases overheard from Jan and Ariella amid others. "What the blazes is this? Pirates? I thought we left enough fleet in the bay to help deter them." She draws her siangham and moves toward the rail where she can use it to help cut boarding ropes before they can be utilized. "You be careful up there, Lord Cillian"

Lucita wields a sharp siangham.

Ian gets Basket-hilted Rubicund Sword from Oiled leather bag.

Ian wields Basket-hilted Rubicund Sword.

Ian checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Ian is successful.

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Mattheu wields River's Flood, a diamondplate glaive.

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Ann wields heart of amethyst waters hairpins edged in turquoise stones.

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Ian checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Ian is successful.

Cillian checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Cillian is successful.

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"This was supposed to be --" Ian steps in front of Lucita, blocking easy access to the baroness, at least from one direction. It may lead to them fighting back to back. He draws his sword with a nearly soundless hiss of metal on leather. " -- a fucking -- " The first pirate who gets in range gets forcefully discouraged from this particular set of life choices with a neat skewering by the sturdy blade of mottled red steel. " -- vacation." He follows this through by smashing the poor man in the face with the metal hilt of his sword as he crumples, using the punch to throw the pirate back into whoever is behind him, and then neatly brings the point online again to create a circle of threat around him. "You alright, Baroness?"

The fight begins. Martinique doesn't know who the bounty is in this case--whether it's the ship itself or a specific person--and she doesn't care. She fights, instead, the skirt of her gown whirling as she dodges aside from a pirate's cutlass, and then turns in to gut the man with a rapid swipe of her knife. She is, it shall be noted, trying to avoid getting too much blood on her dress, though it's black so it wouldn't show too badly.

Jan moves to meet the boarders while Ian guards the Baroness, Jan keen to cut them down as they come aboard. She slices the hamstring of one as he boards defends against another before dispatching the one she'd gimped and hopping around to face the one who was still swinging on her. She tuts and shakes her head, chastising the boarders in a bellow "You Turd-juggling currs chose the WRONG fucking ship!"

As the boarding is underway, it becomes clear that the two ships are flying Lycene colors. THe sailors are wearing good quality clothing and appear to be attached to a Lycene barony. "Bring me Captain Bluebottle!" The demand comes from the captain of the galley.

True to her word Ann was Mattheu's shadow. She tries to use him as a shield. You have seen the Lord right? But she knows how to dodge and the like. Hearing the commotion as she tries to play peek a boo from behind her shield. Using her hair pins as her defense but still there's a wince. She's still standing but she's going to feel it tomorrow with bruising from any good shots that the morons that got on the ship gave her.

Lucita nods to Ian as she spots one pirate starting to reach for her ship's rail. The siangham slices across his arm deeply enough to render that hand useless and continues its arc to cut the boarding rope. As she does so, she leans forward just as a blade from another pirate swings over her head. "I'm doing fine so far. You alright, too?" She then calls back toward the others. Keep watch on the rails and the other side the ship, too in case they get sneaky or something." Her voice lowers as she asks Ian. "Bounty? Wonder who it is for, know I am hunted. Light I hope did not bring trouble down on us."

The boarders are on them quickly, apparently quite skilled at this and more at home on the deck of a ship than Filshiar. Nevertheless, the knight throws himself into the fight, ducking under the blow of a pirate to his left before lunging at another just a few steps away. His blade skewers the sailor neatly and he swings himself around to find another target.

Mattheu has slid over to be next to Ann, playfully adding a 'thhbtth' as he then looks to the ship that is slipping along their side and is quick to swing out the glaive and slash at a few that slide over railings only to take a sword to his shoulder and let out a scream. "Are you... No... Comeon!" He grabs at his shoulder while swinging the glaive over his head to take out anyone else that dares dance closer.

Cillian moves to follow who ever was going to Mattheu and Ann, there is a growl that comes from him. He lets his arrow fly, a soft whistle is heard then a thunk as it hits the person attack Matti his eyes watches the Princess and lord. Another arrow quickly pulled and at ready to let lose.

The captain of the chartered ship, who is not call Bluebottle, barks out a confused, "WHO?" The clashing of swords and other weapons nearly drowns him out.

Jan says, "Baroness, I will spatchcock each and every miserable snot-goblin that dares to suggest you are responsible for ANY trouble! Now or ever!" she uses her strength to bully and batter raiders towards the railing, "C'mon you dainty-dicked corpse humpers! I still got room on my dance card!"

Ian glances towards Mattheu and Ann and gestures vaguely in Jan and Lucita's direction. "Hold that thought." Whether he intends for the thought to be held t be 'dainty-dicked corpse humpers', the world will never know, because he hasn't thought to clarify.

Martinique inclines her head slightly at the call for whoever "Bluebottle" is, since the captain of their ship doesn't carry that name--and indeed seems as confused by the demand as she is herself. But that doesn't stop her from fighting. Boarding actions are always tricky for the attacker and she is not making their lives any easier--or letting them last much longer, in several cases.

Lucita says, "Anyone here know who these folks are looking for? Speak up? Our captain is not called Bluebottle, you picked on the wrong ship!" She calls out to those attempting to board the ship. Who is Bluebottle and what did he do to earn your ire?""

Filshiar sets his jaw in a grimace as he fights, moving nimbly through the boarding party as he cuts his way on a path that leads him closer to where Mattheu, Ann, and Cillian have clustered together. "Are you alright?" he calls out to them, brandishing his sword protectively as talks between the two ships begin.

Jan checks command and leadership at normal. Jan is successful.

Cillian is watching the fighting from above, his eyes are on Mattheu and Ann. There is another arrow that is let lose, with a sick thunk to the next person closest to Ann and Mattheu..."Step the fuck away from them." he growls out, there is a feral look in the look on his face.

Lucita checks charm and diplomacy at normal. Lucita is successful.

Jan draws in a deep breath and her unarmed hand lifts up flat palmed first out at her foes and then up so everyone can see. Making use of her broad shoulders and ample chest cavity she bellows "EVERYONE HOLD FOR THE BARONESS!!" her glower carries across the deck of this ship AND those ships nearby making it clear that she does in fact mean EVERYONE!

The confusion of the ship's captain, along with the words of Lucita (and also Jan, somehow), cause the boarding party to waver. And then they're holding. Many looks are exchanged, swords held mid-swing, and the captain of the galley squints at the passengers of the chartered vessel. "Wait." She points her sword at them, gesturing not threatening. "You're not pirates. Shit!" Her eyes widen as the realization hits her full force. "Oh shit oh fuck you're not pirates."

Mattheu is quick with a scarf to tie at his shoulder, bells singing out as he does and holds onto the staff of the glaive. A nod to Cillian, "I'm okay. It's them that might not be." There's a look to Ann as he kisses her cheek while the discussions take place only to spin to the confused sailors. And with a wry grin, "Do you want us to be pirates? I'm sure I could hang a few of you from a yard arm!"

Ann isn't happy when she hears Mattheu's scream but she can't really react to it because there's so much going on. She attempts to answer Filshiar when he draws near. "I think so." She's still behind Mattheu so she doesn't know how serious his injury is just that scream. Only to look at Jan when she tells everyone to be quiet. "Well, for fucks sake." She mutters but doesn't add anymore then that to see how the talk between the baronss and the other ship goes. She starts to step away from Mattheu in case there needs to be more talking. Blue eyes widen when she hears that and its Ann that tries very hard to not laugh out loud and covers her mouth and she's cursing in her northern tongue. It's a little funny though to but she tries to gain her composure. There's a snort when she hears Mattheu and her cheeks flush for the kiss left there.

"Not today anyway," Matinique allows as she flings blood off the end of her blade. "But you might be looking for that lot off to the west perhaps." She gestures with her other bloody blade towards a distant ship far on the horizon. "If this is all just some misunderstanding, well, that I can forgive. I haven't stained my dress yet at least."

Being on vacation means that you don't have to talk nice to people or lead a crew into line. He steps away from Lucita and Jan, stumbling as the ship moves under his feet, steadies himself on the mast, and then grabs whoever has been looming over Ann by the nape of the neck and jerks them back with a curse. Yes, the fighting is over, but there's some sort of principle at work here. Probably. Maybe just the principle of someone made Ian draw his sword and they weren't pirates and he's annoyed about that now.

Cillian still holds his bow aimed and loaded, a look of anger on his face as he silently broods daring someone to move. His eyes watching them all like a hawk, ready to react.

Lucita says, "No. We are pirate hunters, war veterans and our guests on our way for some relaxation and exploring. So this.. Bluebottle is a pirate and someone has a bounty on him? Who told you 'this' ship was his? Who is trying to stir up trouble?""

Jan's gaze tracks Ian carefully. She shifts to stand besides Lucita. Just in case.

Filshiar remains where he is, sword at the ready should anyone be stupid enough to continue this fight. He listens to the back and forth between Martinique and the captain of the other ship, sighing heavily at the foolishness of it all, with merely a nod to Ann and a quick grin at Mattheu's words.

When Martinique points out another ship to the west, almost all of the 'enemy' sailors turn their heads to look. Muttering begins to fill the air as many retreat without being told to. The Lycene captain's cheeks flush deeply red. "I am so... Sorry is clearly insufficient." The woman swallows hard. "Bluebottle is a scourge to the Bay of Lenosia. We thought..."

Mattheu mutters, "I'm never ... to hear the end of this. Supposed ... be ... ... and ... ... ... cruise to ... stabbed by some ... lackluster idiot captian that is probably a dryfooted ... pelt ... ... know his constellations nor his ... to be able to ... the difference of which ... a ... is ... and ... the one that I get ... on? Nope. I ... a ... and ... ..."

There is a small nod towards Ian when he pulls one of the 'enemy' away from Ann. A glance towards Cillian and there's a small brow raised. She also gives Filshair a small nod in return. She's gone back to quiet and watching how this all plays out for the moment. "You thought?" Ann raised her voice. "I don't think this looks like a pirate ship. Perhaps you need to have better look outs if you were to survive out here." Yes, the Northern Princess gave her opinion probably not where it was wanted but there's that.

The only response Martinique can make is to laugh. She'll pull out a handkerchief and start cleaning off her blades, making clear that she doesn't intend any further fighting, at least not with this crew. She'll also slap Mattheu on the shoulder. "Come on man, this is funny! I mean, being stabbed is not the picnic we signed up for getting on this ship but it's still funny."

Ian tugs a handkerchief out of an inner pocket of his coat and uses it to clean off his bloody sword so he can sheathe it, then fastidiously begins folding said handkerchief so that the blood is all on the inside folds, once touching the nearby mast to steady himself in the middle of the process. "I mean... some of us do look pretty rough," he offers, his flat, thickly accented voice sounding less conciliatory and more like he's pointing out the obvious.

Jan frowns and eyes Ian "None of us look like fucking pirates! Doesn't anyone check ship names anymore?!"

Mattheu's bells all find their song as Martinique slaps at his shoulder and he's left with a small wince. "This is your idea of being funny? This is payback for the fair shot at the melee contest isn't it? I can take a joke. And will be able to laugh at this later. Though I'm not going to hear the end of it from my siblings."

Lucita says, "No, you didn't think, or at least not clearly. You wounded one of our guests, threatened a Redrain Princess. Yes, Sorry is clearly insufficient. Apologies are due to them and as for a scourge of the bay, you likely would have gained our help in entrapping those pirates." She has a hint of steel in her voice as she speaks to the other ship captain. "Your lookouts need to be replaced if they mistook us for pirates." To those aboard her own ship she asks in a softer, caring tone of voice. "How bad are the wounds you got? Do we have a healer ready to help?""

"We're all armed," Ian points out to Jan, while he tucks the folded handkerchief away.

Cillian looks down to Jan, "Evidently not." he looks to Ian then over to Ann as he looks up to him with a raised brow. he watches her for a long moment then to Mattheu. He is tense, the Hunter just watches now.

Jan says, "Who the fuck doesn't travel armed?!." She sniffs "So we going to go get the pirates or what?"

"I mean, I can bandage you up a little though I'm no healer, just have a little field medicine." Martinique says to Mattheu. "But really I didn't arrange this, I just think the mistake is funny. Since I didn't make it." She turns a vaguely charming smile towards the other captain. "But are we going to help chase down these dogs then? Side trip? Bit of wine along the way?" She turns a grin on Jan as the other woman speaks; great minds, etc.

The galley captain accepts the cool dressing down from Lucita. Her gaze flicks to the ship to the west, head shaking. "You were where they were, earlier. We didn't see them..." The explanation doesn't help. The entirety of the boarding party has retreated now, and all three ships' crews are uncertain about what to do. Finally, the chartered ship's captain (whose name /is/ Wilkins), speaks up. "We're headed for Saikland. Gotta go past that pirate ship anyhow." He glances at the passengers. "You lot seem up for the scuffle."

Filshiar simply shakes his head at this whole ordeal. As long as the other ship is near, though, he keeps his weapon ready. "Are you sure we should be putting everyone at risk?" he wonders, though not terribly strongly. He's here to protect people, sure, but he's also had a taste for battle and actual pirates should be dealt with by someone.

"Aye. A side trip, I've got a full compliment of the Rivenshari brandies along too. A little wager perhaps? Bottle for each that takes down another? We can all get hammered and have our fill of chasing after the pirates." Mattheu looks to the captian of the ship that boarded them. "So these pirates, where are they from?"

Ann wears a smirk as she listens to the exchange that goes around her. Looking down at what she is wearing and the only weapons she has and there's a shrug. "I am game." Hey, there's more bodies then her that she can hide behind if needed. "I hope there is whiskey. Whiskey is good at any time." Now the smirk turns to a grin as she attempts to see where the true pirates are at.

"I've got whiskey on me," Ian comments to Ann, pushing a hand through his hair. He doesn't OFFER her the whiskey yet, though. Fighting first, getting blitzed after.

Cillian looks down at them, "If we are going to go after them, we should go." he points in the direction of the ship. When the man speaks its with a heavy Northern accent. The hunter has his bow out, but he starts to pace a bit back and forth in the nest his eyes stay on the direction of the pirate ship.

"I don't think I've ever had Rivenshari brandy so I'd love to try some." Martinique opines as the ships begin to separate and turn. Her daggers vanish as quickly as they appeared; it's one advantage to smaller weapons.

Lucita says, "I've whiskey, too. If we have to pass that ship along our way, might as well make sure who they are and if they are pirates, take care of them." She nods to the captain of the Galley ship. "Make sure this time it is not another innocent traveler, and we'll help confront them if pirates.""

After a brief coordination meeting between the captains of the three ships, it's decided that yes, the chartered vessel will help try to put a stop to Bluebottle. The chartered vessel will serve as decoy, and begins to head off - resuming its course as if it hadn't been attacked. The other two ships set course to loop around to the north and then west.

"Easy enough to tell if they're pirates," Ian points out to Lucita, once the plan has been decided on. "A lone charter like this, full of silks? If they're pirates, they're going to attack us."

Filshiar glances around at the others as offers of booze are made and the new course is set. "Off we go, then," he says, easing up on his combative stance for now and finding a post near the ship's railing to keep watch.

Jan lets Ian do the talking and coordination in this, continent enough to eye the storm and then size up the supposed pirate ship. Her sword is cleaned and sheathed and she leans against the railing as they go.

There is a thumbs up from Ann when she has heard there is whiskey to be found on this ship but now her attention is to where the real pirate ship could be found. Just in case she's lingering behind Mattheu. What a good shield he is.

Lucita gets a beaded pouch with a butterfly motif from a subtly textured sturdy yet lightweight trail pack.

Lucita gets Saikland Greens Blended Whisky from a beaded pouch with a butterfly motif.

Lucita drops Saikland Greens Blended Whisky.

Lucita gets Saikland's Finest Peach Brandy from a beaded pouch with a butterfly motif.

Lucita drops Saikland's Finest Peach Brandy.

Mattheu takes Rivenshari Blackcurrant and Apple 'Conazepl' brandy from Wind Dancer Chest.

Mattheu drops Rivenshari Blackcurrant and Apple 'Conazepl' brandy.

Mattheu drops Rivenshari Pryania 'Pear' Liqueur.

Mattheu takes Rivenshari 'Ghibariere' Ginger and Rhubarb Honey Liqueur from Wind Dancer Chest.

Cillian puts his bow back on his back for the moment, his hands move to grip the sides of the nest wall leaning into it a bit as he lowers his head and closes his eyes for a moment. He seems to be mumbling to himself and then opens his eyes and looks out over the water.

Mattheu drops Rivenshari 'Ghibariere' Ginger and Rhubarb Honey Liqueur.

Mattheu takes aged portwine-cask 'vacolatro' vanilla whiskey from Wind Dancer Chest.

Mattheu drops aged portwine-cask 'vacolatro' vanilla whiskey.

Lucita leaves Ian to help direct the sailor stuff while she sees to setting out drinks for the people who survived the initial boarding attempt and places some whiskey out for people to drink.

Ian is not helping to direct sailor stuff today. He's on vacation.

And so it is that the ship finds itself being boarded once more. It is, in fact, quite a tasty looking target for pirates (actual ones, this time). The crew is prepared, and so are the passengers, but battle is battle. The sounds of hooks and blades and boards hitting wood and other swords fills the air quickly.

Martinique checks dexterity and small wpn at normal. Martinique is successful.

Jan checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Critical Success! Jan is spectacularly successful.

Cillian checks dexterity and archery at normal. Cillian is successful.

Ann checks dexterity and small wpn at normal. Ann is successful.

Ian checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Ian is successful.

Filshiar checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Filshiar is successful.

Mattheu checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Mattheu is successful.

Lucita checks dexterity and small wpn at normal. Lucita is successful.

Jan checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Jan is successful.

Filshiar checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Filshiar is successful.

Mattheu checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Mattheu is successful.

Martinique checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Martinique is successful.

Lucita checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Lucita is successful.

Ian checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Ian is successful.

Cillian checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Cillian marginally fails.

Ann checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Ann is marginally successful.

Martinique will sample some brandy as they move in pursuit of the actual pirate ship. Not /too/ much, yet, but you know, it is a party boat and there's about to be even more partying as the pirates start boarding. Once again her knives fall into her hands and she yells gleefully as they are boarded for the second time today. A boat full of drunken Compact nobles is a tempting target to be sure...but Compact nobles (and friends) tend to be armed and are also generally a bit insane. Or at least Marti appears that way, as she gleefully leaps into combat dressed in a ballgown and thigh high boots, deftly avoiding enemy blades even as she cuts another man down and pirouettes away.

Ian only draws his sword at the last minute, as the crew of stabby nobles (and friends) clashes with Mattheu's potential long lost family. His opening cut is more dexterity than ferocity; this isn't the same fighting style he displayed during the Thrax civil war. "Well, if we're doing this, we might as well do it right." He stumbles as the ship pitches in the rising seas, conveniently taking him out of the path of an arrow shot in his direction, and then focuses on the pirate ship and attempts to locate the captain through the expedient of: "BLUEBOTTLE! YOU MOTHERFUCKER! WHO TAUGHT YOU TO SAIL?"

Lucita moves so she is back to back with Ian more or less, or side by side, or however the battle flow seems to dictate. "You know, I expect these pirates are expecting to bite down on a nice piece of cake only to find someone has stuck a dozen needles and barbs into it. Painful, unexpected." She says this in a dry tone of voice as she deftly uses her short spear to skewer on e pirate and ducking out of the way of another.

Mattheu squints at those upon the ship as they near up to the railings. There's a look as if he's making sure that there's no known Ravashari or possibly someone he might know... When that is left he finds himself on the other ship with a swing of glaive over his head. Holding the blade tight within his fist as bells sing out in each slash. Holding his right arm close to his side as the bites to the tie that holds at the previous slash. A few grunts and he's standing with a wide circle around him. Pointing the glaive out to any that dare come closer. "Oh. I know you've heard my bells. Now. Which of you are going to dare to step closer?"

Ann continues doing what she did last time. Staying behind Matti. But she seems to be doing a lot better then the first go around. Besides using her hairpins she's kicking and dodging. Someone must have been getting extra practice in or she's just trying to get her daily exercise in. Either way, no injuries for this Princess? Win win as far as she's concerned.

Jan launches herself up onto the railing, yeowling horribly off key but in absolute murderous glee some song about murder set to the tune of a nursary rhyme. A man is cut down and his body conveniently pins another long enough for her to dispatch another in short order, hopping aboard the enemy's deck and making a lewd hip-thrust in open invitation to anyone who's bored of life.

Having cleaned and readied his blade, Filshiar is more prepared for round two. He has turned down any offer for alcohol, promising he wouldn't do so once they reached their destination, really. How many times have the King's Own brandished blades to protect drunken nobility looking for a fight? Better not think about that now. "Come on then," he shouts, trying to draw in a few of the nearby pirates before falling on them with his sword.

Cillian pulled his bow again as they got closer, he starts to unload arrows on the people below. "Anteras, I got one you take the other!" he lets his arrow fly down as it hits its mark with a sick thunk, but just as he does there is a yelp as his hand goes up to his cheek as a arrow grazed his face and take some hair with it. He growls, "That was my beard you fuck." he growls out knocking a arrow and aims at who ever just tried to take him out, "Why is it always the beard!"

"WHO SAID THAT?!" Ian's poking of Bluebottle has unearthed the captain, a lanky man with bad hair barely hidden under his hat. His head whips around to try to locate the Kennex lord. Many of the pirates scramble away from Jan. It isn't clear if they are horrified of her martial prowess or lewd song and gestures. Either way, they're not looking to stick around close to her.

Martinique checks dexterity and small wpn at normal. Critical Success! Martinique is spectacularly successful.

Ian checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Ian is successful.

Filshiar checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Filshiar is successful.

Lucita checks dexterity and small wpn at normal. Lucita is successful.

Cillian checks dexterity and archery at normal. Cillian is successful.

Ann checks dexterity and small wpn at normal. Ann fails.

Mattheu checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Mattheu is successful.

Lucita checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Lucita is successful.

Martinique checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Martinique is successful.

Filshiar checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Filshiar is successful.

Ann checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Ann is marginally successful.

Cillian checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Cillian is successful.

Ian checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Ian is successful.

Mattheu checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Botch! Mattheu fails completely.

Jan checks dexterity and medium wpn at normal. Jan is successful.

Jan checks dexterity and dodge at normal. Jan is successful.

Lucita keeps an eye out for the other galley that is supposed to be helping attack also. She stays quiet, for once not taunting or yelling or even singing, just stabbity stabbity stabbing any pirates that get within her reach, just pirates though, she is careful not to stab any of her own ship crew or guests bound for Saikland.

There is something you should know about Martinique, and it is this: She will cut you. Usually she waits for an appropriate moment for doing so and tha moment has come now for these pirates. A couple more enemies go down under her blade as she scythes through them, grinning most of the way. She parries or dodges a few attempts at counterattacks as she moves, and most importantly of all, she still hasn't stained her dress, even as bodies drop in her wake and the deck is a mess.

Ann is just going by instinct. She must be doing something right. Her hair pins not doing what she wants as she makes punching motions for any that get in her way. But her kicking and her dodging at least keep her out of harm's way. "Finally." She mutters. Her focus on those she's fighting with as she can't afford to see how the others are doing. She can only hope that everyone else is alright as she continues her own version of a fight dance.

Jan follows the momentum she's carved out for herself and does what she can to draw attention her way, noisy, cocky, and downright grating on the nerves and there is not the sense that her occurs to her to even imagine what dignity might look like in this moment.

It would seem that Filshiar has found more confidence moving across the deck of the ship, now that there is a battle to focus his mind on. He moves quickly, dodging a pirate blade here, parrying another there, while striking a number of his foes down with deft blows.

Ian follows Jan over the rail once he's found his target; even off-balance, he's able to shouldercheck one of the pirates and her around so that someone trying to cut him down before he gets to the captain winds up slicing into their crewmate, instead. "Let's see if you fight any better than you sail." He closes with the captain as their blades clash. His eyes flicker with something like amusement as he warms, at last, to this fight. "I like my odds so far."

Yes, they have indeed heard the bells of the Rivenshari. And this is enough for them to charge at Mattheu in once force. He's able to match to a few. Though ultimately they get through and he's left with his right arm slashed at again. Mattheu slips to his knees, the glaive held onto only by his hand wrapping through the chain as he now waves it wildly around and over his head. A song of bells becomes nearly silent as the blade moves faster than the bells can keep up with

The other two ships fall into place, perfectly pinning the pirate ship with no escape route. Most of thepirates begin to surrender. The Lycene ships are quickly filled with captives to be taken in for bounty and punishment. A few, including Bluebottle, seem intent on contiuing the fight until they actually notice how quiet it has gotten. Suddenly, Bluebottle is staring at Ian and dropping his sword.

However much he might have wanted a duel, Ian's enough of a man of honor to hold Bluebottle at swordpoint and nothing more once the captain's sword hits the deck.

Jan stops and turns "Oh, what a shame, cousin! He's smarter than most! Next time try dragging your foot and maybe you won't be so scary." She siiighs and stands up strait, flicking gore from her blade with the flick of a wrist.

Martinique is breathing heavily from exertion, soaked halfway up her forearms in blood. But she accepts the surrender of the pirates, and moves back along the deck of the party ship to allow the Lycene officers to take their prisoners. That isn't her job today, after all.

Lucita watches as the pirates are captured, or dead. She calls over to the Captain of the Galley ship that first attacked them. "A share of the bounty goes to those on this ship who were wounded by you and to Princess Ann who was threatened. The rest, we wash our hands of today."

Ann is right behind Matti and now her attention falls there. She unwraps the scarf that was about her neck. Hopefully it can be washable. If she can get close enough she will attempt to wrap his arm with it in an attempt to stop the bleeding since he got hit twice. Anyone that comes near them? They get spit on. But then she notices Bluebottle looks to be done and she stills as her blue eyes dart about to take in the scene now as she attempts to play field medic.

Cillian yells out, "NO! Anteras!" he slings his bow to his back, moving to slide half down the mass then grab a rope and slide down the rest of the way. Look Matti! someone been paying attention and he really hopes he does not fall. He kicks one of them as he hots the deck of the ship. A moment to get his balance and his sword is drawn to move to Mattheu's direction.."Pieris!" he calls out looking to find Ann, spotting her he moves so that he places himself between anything that might try to get to them, they have to go through him. Him and his new shiny sword start to work on whom ever comes close enough, blood dripping down his cheek as he does so.

"Wouldn't matter how unintimidating I was," Ian sighs to Jan. He gestures to the two other ships that finally decided to join the party with his sword. "Outnumbered is outnumbered." He looks back towards the ship, where people are beginning to gather around Mattheu. "Might be for the better, though. I'm not sure this'd still be fun if it went on much longer."

Once Bluebottle is bound and dragged away, the Lycenes work to secure the pirate ship and prepare it to be brought back to their holding. The galley captain approaches Wilkins with a peacemaking smile. "Do you need help getting on to Saikland? I can spare a few of my crew to assist." Wilkins shakes his head - the vessel fared incredibly well, with few injuries and no deaths among the crew. "We'll be fine, and we'll be on our way, afore you mistake us again." There's a nervous chuckle from the galley captain. Finally, the chartered vessel's crew is able to set about the task of cleaning the ship up and readying it to complete the journey to Saikland.

Cillian wields Blade of stories.

Mattheu stays sitting on the deck of the ship. pulling his glaive close to sit by his side as he looks over to Martinique and Lucita, as Ann bandages up his arm, "I'll take that drink now."

Ian lingers on the pirate vessel long enough to turn Bluebottle over to the bounty hunters, and then returns to the chartered vessel. "You alright, Lord Mattheu?" He slips his flask from an inner pocket of his coat to hand over as he asks.

Martinique will pour two glasses of brandy. No, she isn't two-fisting them just now; she'll give one to Mattheu as she moves to sit on the deck as well. The fighting is done, now is the time to get wasted, prior to getting even more wasted at the wine festival they are set to attend.

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