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Game Updates: Game Update: 2/21:

By tehom on Feb. 21, 2017, 12:02 p.m.

Few minor features:

'knock <exit>' is now a command. Sends a message that you're knocking on the door to the room it connects to. An alternative to yelling really loudly while drunk.

'@settings/ignore_bboard_notifications' allows you to suppress being told of new posts for those who'd rather not have popup notifications of great deals on resources while attending a somber funeral. The command will also list all valid switches when used without arguments, because it's a long help file.

The 'all' tab on organization webpages no longer lists the dearly departed. Though they will remain forever in our hearts.

'The Crown', 'Oathlands', 'Crownlands', 'Northlands', 'Lyceum', and 'Mourning Isles' are now valid shortrel categories to those who know enough people that they just want to describe them via geography.

+keyring/remove is added to allow you to discreetly remove incriminating keys, or harsh reminders of old relationships.