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Game Updates: Update 7/20

By tehom on July 20, 2016, 6:22 a.m.

Combat has become slightly more randomized, with the base defense chance slightly reduced. Dodge skill now adds to the defense roll (though it'll continue to say 'parry' if your parry roll was higher than your dodge roll). Dodge roll is reduced by your armor penalty, but it can never harm you, only have no benefit. Athletics is now used for fatigue roll, though is a relatively minor swing since it doesn't add keep dice.

Added in increasing cost for skills based on xp spent on skills, as well as a method for Apostate to handle refunds of bought skills. current increase of 0.2% increase in xp costs for skills per xp spent.

Tasks changed substantially. Support pool no longer is derived from social rank, but from a pool based on the organization, shared between its members. Each member receives a share of the pool based on their rank. Only active members participate. Organizations now have spheres of influence that describe the different groups of npcs they have sway with, and tasks now require you to gain support using a selection of groups based on the task. The type of groups that support you now earns both you and the supporter 'renown' that describes your fame/reputation with these groups of otherwise unaffiliated npcs, and further will add to your weekly support pool when you earn enough standing with them. +score will be adjusted to show notable players/organizations who have high standings with these different npc groups. Tasks now require both supporters and the player performing the task to write an announcement which describes observable effects from the task, as a record for the game world. Those will be posted to a bulletin board later for others to be informed on happenings about town.