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Game Updates: 3/31 - Action Requirements and Knacks

By tehom on March 31, 2020, 1:48 p.m.

Action Requirements:
I took a brief vacation from working on database normalization to add a feature for staff: the ability to add 'requirements' to actions that must be met before they can be resolved. A GM can specify that an action might need X silver/type of resource/ap as a requirement, and there can be a maximum rate per week that can also be specified to force it to take place over a long period of time. Adding these resources is done in the same fashion as previous, and any resources that had already been added are retroactively applied to requirements that staff can specify.

Staff can also add other forms of requirements, however. For example, if an action would require specialized and secret knowledge, clues or revelations can be required, and a character who knows these would have to add them for the requirement to be met. Magic can also be required for some actions by requiring a 'spell' or 'skill node', which is an area of magical ability. In those cases, it'd be expected that the player characters involved would need to get an assist from an npc who would then satisfy the requirements, at least until player characters themselves can learn them.

Finally, GMs can specify more open ended requirements such as military forces, or some sort of event that needs to have taken previously. In the cases of military forces, specify an army that should satisfy it. In the case of an event, specify the ID of a plot RFR/beat that satisfies the requirement.

Work rolls will now try to prioritize rolls that your character has a matching knack for. If there's multiple cases, it'll select between them randomly. Otherwise it'll fall back to prioritizing based on your skills as it has previously.