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Game Updates: Game Update 8/22

By tehom on Aug. 22, 2016, 1:07 p.m.

Investigation system is in. There won't really be much GMing for specialized requests with investigations while we're in alpha, but players will be able to progress investigations (generally slowly) to collect clues about the various mysteries of the metaplot.

Characters will now be marked as inactive after two weeks of not logging in, which removes them from most elements of weekly maintenance - no longer receiving income, etc. Eventually, three'll be auto-rostering for characters who have been inactive for much longer periods, but that will wait until we leave alpha.

Any other major changes are on hold while I implement massive backend changes - I'm trying to do a complete overhaul of just about everything to make us use the newest version of Evennia. It'll probably take a little while, and then we should be about ready for beta.