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Alt Policy

We allow players to have two characters, provided neither of their characters' stories ever cross or benefit one another in any meaningful way. Since Arx is designed to move away from more sandbox orientated role-playing, promoting interaction between characters and to reinforce interdependence in role-play, it would be extremely problematic for any player to influence a story from multiple angles. To avoid 'alt conflicts', when two characters controlled by the same player could both impact the same RP, players must obey the following guidelines:

1. Alts may never be in the same room. If this happens by accident, move one out. No participating in the same scenes on alts.

2.Alts may never provide support to one another in any way, including providing money or items through a third party.

3. Alts can't be in the same primary org (ie nobles of the exact same house), but they CAN be in the same umbrella org- ie, they can be in the same fealty, as long as they are not involved in the same stories at all.

4.If a player retires, re-rosters, or otherwise gives up a character, they need to wait at least a couple of months of ooc time before they can play another character in the same organizations or with similar relationships. This is to prevent players from influencing storylines they were previously involved in excessively.

5. Alts should avoid having any of the same relationships. This is not necessarily avoidable since most roster characters will have overlaps, but a single player should avoid cultivating similar roleplaying relationships from multiple alts with the same character, as that can produce alt conflicts. Since players are under no obligation to reveal their alts, and might be approached by the same character on both alts, this is more of a rough guideline to just prevent any bleed-over where the multiple relationships could benefit their own alts. (IE, investigating a crime on one alt, informing a superior on one character, who then exonerates another alt charged of the crime). In any case where an alt conflict is possible, feel free to consult staff.

6. We generally prefer people keep ooc communication to a minimum to reduce conflict or ooc pressure, but if someone makes it clear they oocly don't want to interact with a player, the other player should never take an alt to circumvent that or force interaction. Someone should never take a character to specifically pursue someone, frankly someone should never take a character for a specific relationship unless that other person is oocly on board and expressly gives their encouragement. Don't be creepy.

Since staff are aware that players are limited to two characters, plots are designed to be more inclusive. Players taking more social nobles from the roster and less political characters will not be penalized by being excluded from GM plots. In other words, don't worry too much about how much GMing a character would get and play what you'd enjoy.