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Few vocations are as drawn to Arx as the artisan. Whatever might be the craftsman's trade, be it mason, smith, tailor, potter, tanner, furrier, or any of a score of occupations, a great many apprentices and journeymen seek out the capital city to join the legendary crafters guilds of Arx and receive training from the greatest of masters. Artisans that practice their trade in Arx tend to find much more success than elsewhere in Arvum, not only due to the wealth of the city, but also due to the surprising number of nobles that practice crafts themselves as a means to worship the god Jayus. The combination of powerful and influential guilds, nobles practicing crafts for religious reasons, and the participation of the Faith can make for even simple tradesmen to be unexpectedly thrust into the heart of city politics.

An apothecary is an artisan who specializes in the creation of perfumes, potions, poisons, etc.