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* If you play a character under magical compulsion, IE a writ, it is absolutely forbidden for you to ignore the spirit/letter of that writ in order to do or say things it prevents you from doing or saying. This is not only just against the spirit of good and fair play, it can AND HAS BEEN extremely disruptive to planned staff plotlines. We have had to scrap entire plotlines because of this, and since it isn't possible IC, when it happens the response has to be ooc, and retcons are messy and do not erase player knowledge.

*We want to make it clear that we do not condone player to player dishonesty. We know that, even if we caution not discussing rp OOC, it's still going to happen. So I want to lay out our metrics for what we feel is actionable and too detrimental to allow, vs what isn't. So if we say there is a rule against cheating, it will be clear what we mean.

It sucks to be lied to. But, in the case of a player lying to another player about themselves, or their rp, we don't really feel that's any of our business. That changes when either: the deception is being used to effectively end someone's story, or change the tone or structure of the game world, OR the deception damages players' ability to trust staff.

Examples - if you hear say of someone being an agent of the Abyss OOCly, and tell others ICly even though you have no IC knowledge of it, in order to get them investigated/killed/exiled, that is absolutely not permissable.

If you say that staff told you something or coded something for you that allows you to find out things IC that you have no way of knowing IC, that is not permissable.

If you claim that staff signed off on something you are doing that is unthematic or counter to setting in order to influence other players' actions (as opposed to simply not understanding something and seeking clarification), that is not permissable.

If you are lying to someone about who your char is romantically or in any way involved with, IC or OOC, that's not something we're going to get involved in.

To be clear: "cheating" does not mean testing or even exploiting coded systems, necessarily. This is a beta, and code changes are fast and furious. If someone is exploiting a system to purposefully harm another player, that is one thing, but if someone is just going in on a system and illustrating balance issues, that is not cheating by this definition. So please, don't report people for making a lot of money or resources or what have you. Have mercy upon us.