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Vassal of Leary

Words: "Ours the Light"
Sigil: A silver lighthouse on a sea-blue field.
Nickname: Beacons. Flotsam.

County Brighthold is small but essential: it rests on a spit of land on the coast southeast of Ashford Keep and for centuries the Laveer family has maintained the lighthouse that prevents the coastal trade fleets from breaking to pieces on the treacherous reefs and shoals in the waters there. Populated by hardy, self-sufficient people who are all but cut off from the outside world on the landward side, they have learned to do for themselves and have -needed- to do so, given the frequency of raids by Shav'arvani and Thraxians intent on easy plunder or access to timber for their ships. They also serve as a convenient place for those trading fleets to stop and resupply, and the mouth of the inland routes to Ashford Keep and its marches, which makes them a small but important hub along the routes between Crownlands, Lyceum, and the Darkwater. They have thrived as a result but there are downsides to their place in the world.

Already considered odd for their isolation and clannishness, the ruling family has also earned disapproval from their peers for their custom of adopting in those misfits, castaways, and black sheep who end up on their shores. Theirs is not an unbroken line of nobility but one formed of threads braided in by circumstance-- or, as the Laveer put it, by accepting the gifts of the gods when they'€™re given.


Name Rank Title Description
Tibault 1 Count
Reagan 2 Voice
Yael 2 Voice
Rey 3 Noble Family
Sen 3 Noble Family

Ruler: Tibault

Minister Category Title
Rey Income Minister of Income

Land Holdings


Description: Brighthold is famous for its lighthouse, a landmark which can be seen for leagues out at sea when the sky grows dark and its beacon warns of dangerous shoals. Its strength, however, lies in its harbour, which allows ships from every kingdom and even some from outside of the Compact to lay in for the purpose of supplies, shelter, and a bit of trade. Their own exports include spices, salt, shellfish, and pearls.

Landmarks: The Great Road.

Brighthold's already remarkable port was expanded in 1014 AR as a response to Arx's harbor being blocked by a mysterious whirlpool.