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Duke Apollo Malespero

If you're out of good ideas, and you've lost hope, let your last foolish act be art.

Social Rank: 4
Concept: Orphan ascendant
Fealty: Velenosa
Family: Malespero
Gender: male
Marital Status: married
Age: 30
Birthday: 7/6
Religion: Pantheon
Vocation: Diplomat
Height: average height
Hair Color: black
Eye Color: gray
Skintone: caramel

Titles: Duke Consort of Nilanza, Blackpelt, King of Sheep

Description: He is a spare man, of middling height and weight and a lean, lanky build. He's handsome, his features pleasing in an unassuming sort of way. He might not be the brightest star in the room, but there is a charm to his features that draws eyes back to him. A thick brow and serious eyes rest under a mop of dark curls, sometimes cropped, sometimes nearly to the shoulder. His hands are large and show the signs of hard work; small scars from old knicks from sharp tools, calluses along the base of his fingers and on the pads of them as well. There is an air of distraction about him sometimes, an absent-mindedness that adds to that strange, muted charm.

Personality: Years in Arx have rounded out his ineffable charm; it settles like a certainty about his kindness. He speaks easily and willingly with almost anyone, prizing connection and conversation. Though he has moments where his glib tongue still runs off with him, a cultivated discipline has made the appearance of trouble a rarity. That's the way he likes it, avoiding ill will and violence until the last extreme.

Background: A child of the Oathlands, born in Oakhaven to a pair of Keaton Trackers, Apollo might have had an idyllic childhood in the woods. But while traveling between Lyon's Redoubt and Keaton Keep when he was six, he and his parents were ambushed by bandits. His parents were killed, and he was kept; life as a bandit would have been an ironic twist for the child of peacekeepers. But other Trackers eventually found the hideout, and Apollo, recognized, was taken to Keaton Keep, where Countess Margerie took him in. Nigh silent, owlish, grieving, the genial warmth and friendships he found in Oakhaven nurtured him from near mute to merely skittish. His early artistic impulses were noticed, and connections made with local artisans; when he found tanning, he found his first love. He swiftly rose to local prominence for his craft, and Marquis Kael tapped him to come to Arx.

He might have been a big fish in a small pond - but he wasn't. Apart from exceptional tradecraft, his care for his liege house, his customers, and his fellow crafters had him lending an ear, a set of armor, or assistance as often as he was taking commissions. And then more often. He became Co-Guildmaster of the Crafters Guild of Arx, a position he held for more than two years. Though often uncertain about his skillset and utility, his time bent toward diplomatic and economic work, outreach with Abandoned, and cultivation of ties between crafters, houses, and organizations for projects and mutual assistance. He took up with Whisper House, first as an associated courtier, then Apprentice Whisper, leaving House Keaton to serve as a Whisper in mid-1014 after a successful diffusion of tensions in the Oathlands.

Then in 1015, in answer to his service to House Darkwater and its vassals, he was offered ennoblement. He accepted, stepping down as Guildmaster and retiring as a Whisper, though his ties to both organizations remain. In truth, though his life has changed to a vast degree, much remains. He is a maker of art and a builder of connections, and it is rare a day that passes without some of both. Now, after a brief, quiet betrothal, he's joined House Malespero as Marquis-Consort, where he'll doubtless bring those same instincts to the people of Nilanza. And where better for an orphan like himself?

Name Summary
Adalyn I'm not sure how I haven't crossed paths sooner with this talented leatherworker who is loyal to House Keaton. A man of humility, positive outlook, and inviting nature.
Adrienne I met Master Apollo at his shop in Arx, although I knew of his reputation long before then. He's a high-spirited man, easy with his smiles and sharp with his mind.
Aerandir A man in the company of gentry and wonderful animals alike, of simple blood much like myself, I think. He appears to be well-versed in matters of commerce, or perhaps simply one such matter amongst its endless intricacies. Someone to keep in mind, doubtless. A curious sort, if his questions and looks are any indication, and we have some semblance of common ground in knowing Sister Dianna, a delight, to be sure. I shall have to ask her of him, if only to satisfy idle curiosity of my own...
Aethan I have no doubt why he was ennobled now, after meeting him. Some were born, some were made, some were born to be made.
Agostino He lives up to his reputation and then some. It is easy to see why our Duchess chose him.
Alaric He speaks his mind and clearly has something there to speak with.
Alarissa A man whose skill with leather knows no equal. He does his liege house proud.
Alessandro A very talented crafstman. Unfortunate about his enmity with nature.
Alexio A fellow merchant and one of my closest friends. I owe him much of my knowledge. A good man; excellent at his craft.
Alexis Master Apollo is a genius in our time - and a man who seems to have -mostly- an even head. When he's not frustrated by unruly pet boots and unrulier pet... Apprentices? I don't know what to call his visitor.
Amari He has his struggles, as we all do, but he turns those heartaches into art and craft beyond compare. Oakhaven and House Keaton would be lesser without him. It's a delight to see him excel and I'm happy to call him a friend.
Anisha Messere Apollo Oakwood, from the home of the Seatouched Wool. A tactile man with a lovely appreciation for fashion.
Antea An excellent craftsman, my second cousin is lucky to have found him.
Arcadia A true artist. I can't wait to see what he brings out next.
Arman Rarely am I so impressed with an individual in both their achievements and their bearing and willing to admit it openly. Yet here I am. The nascent Duke is a singular force.
Asher A rather absent-minded man, with a lot on his mind. I hope I can help with that; he deserves some rest. I would know about needing and deserving rest, after all.
Aslaug You know that guy in every village that everyone knows and loves? That's Master Apollo. It's not just that he knows his stuff - Leatherworking, I mean - it's a presence he has. You walk in and you know he will take good care of you.
Astrid I went in for boots and a cloak, I came out having had one of the better conversations of the week.
Astyr A crafter of some talent, with a wide-ranging clientele. He clearly knows his trade, and he likely knows the city as well. May be good to keep in mind for future business.
Aswin Highly skilled leather worker, from all accounts. And one part of the duo that runs the Crafter's Guild, I believe. Seems to be a nervous sort, though it may be warranted. As far as I can tell, he seems to be a decent sort. Enough to warrant a few drinks.
Athaur A curious sort of fellow, though not in a bad way
Audgrim Our first meeting was strained. Our second turned out better, and I call this man a friend. One of the few.
Beatrice I collided with him, and yet he apologized and offered to clean up the mess. A kinder response than I deserved, even if I will need to get my shirt cleaned.
Bethany Clever, but maybe not so wise.
Bhandn One hopes he does not do what I think he could have done, or that he will do similar again. I'm not convinced.
Bianca A principled man, unafraid of standing by those convictions even under scrutiny. I've no small amount of respect for that.
Braith He's got a good heart though I think the tensions have left a rift where there may have been ease. I can see why Vitalis likes his company.
Brannen A venerable craftmen - and guildmaster to boot! I was impressed to learn that crafting is in its own right a service to Jayus. I may learn more from him.
Brigida As men go, not a bad one. Looked after those who were weakened and vulnerable. If only more had such compassion.
Cahal Guildmaster and Whisper too? We all look lazy besides that.
Cambria Everyone speaks so highly of him, and it is hardly undeserved! Hopefully, however, people are interested as much in the man as they are the leatherworker.
Caprice Capable, friendly and deserving of his good reputation. I wonder what he'd do in his free time if he ever gave himself any?
Cassandra Co-Guildmaster of the Crafters and ally. I am glad for his art and his words and I hope I can provide him some comfort in the things that he is going through.
Cassiopeia The subtle confidence in this man, brings both comfort and clarity. He gave me something I could hold in my hand, to shine light into the the darkness.
Catalana He distracted my husband with his soap boat. I wonder if the Keaton's will let him come for a play date?
Cecilia Crafter of such beautiful things.
Cerys Master Apollo Oakwood: The creative mind behind that new Oakhide I've been hearing such rave reviews on! I can't believe I got to meet him at a wedding reception, such luck! I will look forward to seeking him out in the city and getting his thoughts on various armoring properties and what can be done with them.
Cerys Messere Bucatini has more to him than it first seems.
Cesare Bright and captivating as the face of the moon. Thankfully, he also has significantly more to say than the moon typically does, as well.
Cristoph What an absolutely lovely young man. Very smart and forward thinking, but also humble, loyal and devoted to his community. Quite an impressive person.
Cyril Visited Apollo at his shop in order to get a new set of threads in order to brave the court of Arx.
Damiana I believe sometimes the gods send you to people as a blessing, and sometimes you are the receiver. I wasn't sure what to expect, but Master Oakwood has thoroughly impressed me. There was a moment where communion was shared in the spirit of the Faith and for that, I won't forget him.
Danielle My cousin Adrienne's protege. I should like to get to know him better, have heard he made some amazing new armor type.
Delia Personable as you please, helpful, cheerful - I already know I will be coming back for his work and company in future.
Dianna A little skittish. I hope I didn't scare him.
Dimitri Obviously not one for seaborn emergencies, but when push came to shove, Apollo rose to the challenge. It was rather interesting to see water apparently worship an impromptu sculpture.
Drake A man of integrity, excellent craftsman, and a good friend to the Keaton family. Also seemingly a fairly good friend to an energetic dog.
Duarte His company at the Eidolon gallery was perfectly serviceable. I am sure he's a prudent and straight forward guildmaster.
Eddard Whom I go to for all my leather needs. Handsome, but not in a way that I feel like I need to outdo.
Eleanor It's remarkable that the Guildmaster still has the time to devote to helping the city. Anyone who's sympathetic to distressed blobs must be a good person.
Elgana Master Apollo is a skilled man with a sharp mind for business. I am pleased to own not just one but two pieces of his work and hope to continue to add to my collection. He is truly blessed by Jayus.
Ember A crafter who takes themselves seriously enough to become a GOOD crafter is someone whose works will carry their reputation far and wide. It has more in common with leading a House than I think either my fellow nobles OR Messere Apollo's fellow crafters would care to hear.
Esme The Co-Guildmaster. He knows how to spread his balls around. I've heard how men sow wild oats, but never how they just give everyone their balls to kick. I mean, then there is this man. He was handing them out right and left. Rich. Poor. He didn't care. He just wanted people to get their hands on his balls. Then of course, he did make the nobles pay for it. Hmm. I'm sure we shall be great friends.
Evaristo His work is astounding and marvellous and spectacular - and he's all and all a morally upstanding citizen of Arx, as well. But somehow, I also think he'd be very fun at parties!
Evelynn I had the pleasure of meeting Vitalis' protege, finally. As friendly as I had anticipated, I look forward to future meetings.
Everett Oh my goodness, if it isn't Apollo. After half a dozen years and a long way up from Acorn Hill, he's about to be married! And him a Lord yet now. Good taste in cider, though. That hasn't changed. A wonderful man, with a wonderful wit, always quick with a rhyme and a smile. That's him!
Fairen A very talented leatherworker and merchant with a strong moral core. That's truly relieving to see these days - plus it means I know I can trust him. If a man won't work on goods produced by slaves, then I would hardly think him a thief. An interesting man I ought to talk to more in the future.
Fenia For a craftsman with positions and capabilities such as his, he also manages to come across as kind and friendly.
Flavien Perhaps we will one day bond over a mutual appreciate for the Thraxian Slug. Until then, I may simply wish to die every single time his name is even uttered in a conversation.
Gerald Polite. Ambitious. With the right attitude. Exactly the sort of individual I like to do business with.
Gerrick Grown up quite nicely
Giorgio One of the Guildmasters of the Crafters Guild. We've not had much time to really get to know each other, but both occasions that I have had to meet him, he has proven to be quite kind. I have always thought that says something for a businessman.
Godric man makes a great apron. Never seen anyone get out of the bed faster.
Grady A man of many talents. A man who prefers a curious mind. A man who, or at least I dearly hope that this is the case, is inclined to be forgiving of a foolish Deepwood's endless capacity for piffle.
Graziella The Guildmaster is a clever man and a shrewd judge of character... pity.
Haakon Cheerful fucker. Irks me; what the fuck is he so happy for? Still, not a bad sort. Childer like him, so can't be all bad.
Hadrian Reputed to be the finest leatherworker in the entirety of Arvum. Not his boast, but that of his patron. Possesses personal views that are of some interest, but may ultimately prove a liability. Hard stances should be saved for moments of absolute certainty and one should never place all of their eggs in one basket. The Tor-Southport War taught me the value and importance of diversity in policies and politics. We shall see what the future holds. Or what it never will.
Hamish (Co)Guildmaster Apollo has nimble fingers and a sharp mind. I think he is a good man, even if he is uncertain.
Helena A master of his craft to be sure, and as kind as he is talented.
Hickson Extremely skilled in all manner of leather working, from gloves to armor - and great taste in sandwiches.
Ian Juggles better while drunk than you'd expect. Shame about the Whisper kleptomania.
Ida Associated with House Keaton, which already said much about him to me, Apollo is a bright and enthusiastic crafter I've recently had occasion to work with. Obviously quite skilled, to judge simply by reputation, it is obvious that he loves his work. That, too, says a great deal about him to me.
Ilsa I did not realize how much I longed for and looked to home, until I heard a kind voice which brought to my mind all that I missed of the Oathlands.
Jadara To master any skill it takes your heart, mind and soul working together in tandem. It seems this approach is something that Master Apollo takes from the workshop into life as well, and it serves him well for it. From the moment we first met I felt a kinship and am hopeful to know more of him.
Jaenelle The Crafter's Guild is secure with him as one half of it's leadership. I appreciate the way he works, and his attention to detain within his craft and out.
Jasher Makes good leather. His dog is a menace.
Jeffeth Ah. Well. Not so much forgiveness to be had with this fellow. Oh well. I wish the man the best in his business and future endeavors.
Josephine A good boy, even if he looks like he got his hand caught in the cookie jar. He needs to get into trouble more, if it gets him out of his shop now and then.
Jules This man has helped you in more ways than he realizes in his willingness to make bold and decisive fashion statements with leather.
Julian An artisan with scruples. Must make it harder to make coin.
Juniper Oh goodness, he has clouds in his eyes! But not stormy clouds. Summer clouds, back-lit by the sun, promising something wonderful once they've passed and left Jayus' inspiration printed upon his thoughts.
Kaia Every addict needs a supplier; and that is exactly what he is to me. Apollo's crafts and work are absolutely stunning and envy worthy! He makes the most wonderful and awe inspiring things! He is both a crafter and an artist. I swear if I ever go broke, it shall be because of this man. However, poor as I may become for some time, I shall forever remain a happy and fashionable noble.~
Kaldur A man of uncommon skill - the lizard mask in his display case - I wasn't sure it was a mask! Unsettling. But no question a fine artisan.
Kastelon A quiet bravery is Apollo's, that of a slim and unwarlike man who carries great unspoken burdens and smiles often.
Katarina Whisper Apollo weds skilled hands and a sharp mind -- a union that is the envy of all, myself not least.
Katherine A man of wonderful talent and congenial disposition. I dearly look forward to spending more time in his company, even if I have to buy multiple sets of his beautiful armor to do so.
Kedehern A vassal of my wife's relations. He certainly seems loyal enough, and true. Judging from his works on my wife's leathers, a dedicated craftsman as well.
Kenjay A Craftmaster who speaks of the Whispers as one of them. This is a man to watch.
Khanne Not a great swimmer, but there's hope for him yet. I hope Lianne keeps him away from the Sirens. What he lacks as a fish, he makes up for as a ... well I mean.. he's a good man.
Kyler I knew Apollo from growing up together in Oakhaven, even if he is quite a lot older than me. I'm so proud of everything he has accomplished for himself since he came to Arx and I'm looking forward to spending time with him again.
Laurel A talented leather worker with an eye for detail. I do hope I can help him navigate the treacherous waters of the market.
Lena Talks... effortlessly. To anyone. Good to study if I want to charm.
Lenne We all owe Master Oakwood a great debt, for his work. And everyone I know speaks glowingly of him. I'm pleased to find him quite gregarious, too, now that I've met him in person!
Leola He took the time form his busy schedule to help teach me many things. I can never thank him enough for that
Lianne Insightful enough to ask interesting questions, even when the answers aren't easy.
Lisebet Master Apollo is a very talented and humble man, deserving much more praise.
Llewella Master Apollo is a most delightful conversationalist. His manners are impeccable, his passion for his craft obvious, and his stance against slave labor one I wholeheartedly support.
Lore Intelligent, caring, and charming. I can see how he's risen to where he has and I look forward to getting to know him better in the near future. In both official and non-official capacities. Excellent taste in wine.
Lorenzo A charming man and exceptionally skilled craftsman. I'm always happy to recommend his work to a friend.
Lorenzo A savvy and ambitious man, with plenty of interesting ideas and plans. I'd certainly enjoy working with him in the future. Also of note, he is not overly obsessed with tea, despite his Oathlander connections.
Lottie He seems like a very gentle man and a very talented one. His designs are superb! I'm so glad I got nosey and poked my head in his shop. It's always my honor to meet a fellow crafter.
Lou Apollo is as fine a crafter as any that I've ever seen. The Explorers highly recommend using his services.
Lysander Worry not, shrinking violet. Under the right conditions, you will grow all the more beautifully.
Mabelle Seems to be very passionate about his work.
Maren A very curiously enthusiastic young man, with a kind face. As he is an artisan of Arx, I am certain that our paths shall cross again.
Margerie More than a former ward or even friend, he is family.
Marina I guess I accept his apology. I think it was earnest.
Marisol A talented haggler and merchant. I should really seek him out for aid.
Martino What a wonderful gentleman. Held his cool when I gave him, perhaps, a terrible surprise in a bag that was made of my shoes. Not my fault! Not my fault... fine craftsman. Would trust.
Marzio A Leatherworker with some very impressive skill, from what I've been told. And by that I mean everyone in the Black Fox went on and on about him. He seems like a nice enough sort. I will have to keep an eye on him in the future, and reach out to him should I decide to commission a leather set of armor.
Medeia The master craftsman is a singular talent of great reputation - which I thought might make him unapproachable. Imagine my delight instead when the man has proven accessible and engaging, if distracted.
Michael A very capable man laboring under the yoke of commonality. I'm going to be sick of hearing his name, I'm sure.
Mikani Jayus has blessed his hands. His work is beautiful and awe inspiring. With his kind heart and humble countenance it is hard to not want to give him all your work.
Miranda Education comes from all sorts of places, including merchants who take pride in their work. He is polite and knows his business and takes the time to understand his business. This is a very good man with a very high conscience.
Mirari There are people that sometimes you meet them and they take you by surprise. It's a surprise how well they slip right in underneath your defense and a sense of kinship can me felt instantly. Apollo Oakwood is one of those people.
Mirella A craftsman spoken of highly around the city, and one with a quick wit. Good qualities, those.
Monique He couldn't have had a better small weapons teacher than me. And he picked up the lesson exceptionally well. He'll be a killer yet.
Monique Exactly as he says he is and that is precisely why I can't seem to figure him out.
Nina Famously known for his skill at leathercrafts of course! But perhaps not his athletic prowess. Still, it's good to try things out of your comfort zone at a party!
Norwood It's brave of him to be here and to listen to all of this - especially when his unease is so clear.
Olin A fellow Northerner, well steeped in his craft, interested in trade and welcoming to those newly arrived.
Orchid He seems very kind but I am pretty certain he has many things he holds in. The way he says things and the concern he shows is telling, I think. I might be reading wrong. Understanding peoples feels is not my strong point.
Orland THE Apollo Oakwood! He's famous in Arx. It was amazing to have him sit in the same circle. Seems he has trouble with drinking though, nearly died.
Orvyn A man whom carries the weight of the common people readily upon his every word and action. He cares, it's obvious and that is a quality that can sometimes be lacking in those of noble persuasion. It is good to see such concern in one whom is considered a prominent voice of the people. He understands the full measure of what it means to be such a spokespeace for change.
Ouida Though he has moved on to brighter horizons, it's always with pleasure that I see his continual rise, and can think of few that deserve it more.
Pasquale Given a task to create a signalling device out of nothing but odds and ends he somehow managed to create a thing of beauty. Craftsmen forever deserve our awe.
Perrach I don't know whether to think that he is full of shit, or if perhaps he is just as good as he says that he is. I'll be interested to find out once we finish our business dealings.
Petal He seems to very much like steel silk or maybe my work and he seems a bit absented minded as well, but I think he is an okay man.
Pharamond He seems a skilled and knowledgable smith. I am eager for his work and most appreciative that he took my commission.
Piccola I've seen Brother Oakwood before, but it was nice to meet him when there wasn't business to discuss. I should take more time to enjoy those moments.
Poppy He speaks openly and honestly all while trying to cushion my feelings. He is clearly a kind man and I can see why so many wish for him to be a leader in the community.
Quenia From common leatherworker to Duke. I've met him a handful of times and each time has always been something of an enigma.
Raimon First seen in person at the Poetry of Time event. He is the 'languid stretch before the sun rises' which may give a clue to his personal nature? Of a certainty, he's knowledgeable. Will look for a chance to learn more, if only by his reputation alone . . .
Raja This fellow seems crafty and interesting enough. Though, his guards need to guard better.
Ras Seems like he knows what he's doing in life, even though I don't like his advice.
Raymesin A Master Craftsman of wit and integrity. Seems like a genuinely nice person - and as sharp as one of his blades.
Raziel Knows my favourite truth of art. It must mean something. Where others go for shock and others simple beauty, he instead made something with depth and use.
Reese He seems like a thoughtful, pleasant and talented artist. I look forward to seeing and having more of his creations.
Reigna There is something special about this one. He has phenomenal talent, but more than that, his heart is good. I think sometimes I upset him or say something that throws him. But I would trust him with my children. And that alone says a lot.
Remy A skilled tanner, innovator and Guildmaster who's stories and scritches are excellent.
Renata A quiet seeming young man, who I think I may have worried somewhat with something I said. He does appear to have an eye for the beautiful, so is probably an excellent crafter. I am determined to visit his shop.
Rhue Word of mouth led me to his shop. His pleasant demeanor, patience, and obvious knowledge of his craft are no doubt the reason people are so often drawn to seek his wares. He's a talented, amiable man who deserves every bit of his success.
Ripley I am all parts adoring, astounded, in love with and appreciative of this mans company, smile, hands and have you seen his hands? He has great hands. Boots too. Some day I'll afford them. Man that guy is lucky.
Romulius Guildmaster Apollo is, at least by the reckoning of an amateur surely unqualified to offer an informed opinion of such things, well-suited for the Whisper House. He's a charming conversationalist, impossible to follow with anything but full attention. While I can't speak to his abilities as Guildmaster beyond his reputation, he surely serves admirably in that capacity judging by the passion he seems to hold for the rest of his work. If nothing else, he will forever have my gratitude for the aid rendered to Blackshore in the arena of industry.
Roran A man whose name preceedes him, he is, unsurprisingly, just like everyone else. I enjoy that.
Roran Change often is hard to see, but I'm so very pleased to see the change within Apollo. A greater next chapter to be written, for sure, and one that has it's own set of challenges. I think though that Apollo knows where great strength can come from, and that on this chapter he isn't facing these things alone. An absolutely delightful young man and I'm glad I know him.
Rosalind Really patient and nice explaining his work! Told me how to order and everything! I can't wait to shop. And get to know him better!
Rowenova I am incredibly lucky to be the esteemed owner of an impressive coat that he geniusly created with his own hands. Not only that, but he is a good man. Sir Floppington and I highly approve!
Rowley The owner of the Leather Paean. One half guildmaster of the Crafter's Guild. He certainly seems to be a nice sort with an inclination to help those new to the city, unless that was just me. Not half bad at cooking, despite his worries to the contrary.
Rysen A true artist with strong convictions who has proven himself a capable leader of the Crafter's Guild of Arx.
Sabella I had heard of Master Apollo's designs of course after inquiring about someone's particularly dashing jacket and was lucky enough to find him in his shop one evening. Not only as his designs exquisite, but he is perfectly lovely to deal with and had many creative suggestions to my inquiries. I will surely be stopping into his shop more often!
Sabella The man is a complex blend of fanciful and shrewd that suits him well as an artisan, and better as a public figure such as he is. The city's crafters have been in good hands under his care.
Samira Indisputably talented, the Co-Guildmaster doesn't shy away from exploring dark subject matter. One who recognizes that art embraces life's beauty and its more repugnant elements as well. A good man to know.
Santiago A brilliant man with a brilliant life and task set before him. He is skilled in his craft like none other, and so mighty is this man's desire to do good in this world, I will pay my respects to Gild personally on his behalf. There is much work to be done, to make Dreams a reality.
Sanya A charming man who's services my cousin has sought. I wish him success and hope to converse with him again.
Savio I adore everything he is, no matter how completely it reminds me of everything I'm not.
Saya Oakwood made Oakhide and Oakhide is /very bitey/. /Very bitey/. That's ok at least he gave me something to stop the bleeding with when his stupid boot bit me. Though he /did/ warn Saya that it was bitey. Oh well.
Shard He's reasonable, not obnoxious in a disagreement, and apparently he makes armor. I think he's got his heart in the right place, anyway.
Silvana He's a skilled crafter and quite kind. His imprtialness when fitting clothes makes me quite interested in seeing what buttons can be pushed for him to lose his cool. I doubt I'll do it. I like his creations to much.
Sirius Some manner of craftsman, is my guess, with this look in the focus of his eyes that feels as if the world around him turns grey and dull while the observed item of his temporary obsession shines as colorful contrast. A fixation for perfection -- Jayus' curse.
Sophie Troubled. Pained. I wish I could help him, but I believe his ailment can only be fixed by his own force of will and dedication.
Sorrel This leatherworker is very kind and we managed to conduct business without saying a word, which was a relief for me. I'm definitely going to get him to make me some corsets to wear with some of my dresses.
Sparte A craftsman with a desire to work wonders. I hope my guidance was what he needed, and not just what he wanted.
Sunniva I haven't seen him in years! He looks much happier than when we were children. I hope it is true.
Svana Very handsome, but more importantly very talented and very nice. I should help him, protect him if I can. He's an asset and maybe a potential friend.
Sydney Makes damn fine armor. Has damn fine hair. I will fight for that hair.
Tanith He seeks to understand the world around him, like a puzzle or a tapestry or a painting he can only see parts of. Suppose it makes sense, that need, but I'd imagine it to be quite exhausting as well.
Tescelina A mind so passionate and exquisite in their trade, as well as professional, holds my interest like nothing else. Greatly lives up to his reputation. I shall take much of my business to him.
Torian Don't keep up much with the workings of the Guild, but this one has stepped up more and more when leadership was needed. Good for it too, anyone can see he's got real experience in those hands.
Tyrus A master of his craft, and it's easy to see how he became such. He's curious and doesn't let much stand between him and the answers to his questions.
Valerius Advice for use of titles is best heard from those that have had to deal with the issues of missing them. Thank you for the advice, and I will be more respectful of where I place mine.
Vanora I've heard his talents spoken of frequently but only met him at the Crafter's Faire for the first time. He was interesting to speak with, and I hope it is not the last time.
Vayne He came highly recommended from someone with superlative judgement, and he lived up to them. A pleasant surprise, and someone I look forward to learning from.
Venturo The Guild Master certainly knows how to take risks, and come out the better for it. While some might say he's wet behind the ears, I prefer to think of the fellow as drowning in the best sort of company!
Veronica Apollo Oakwood is as loyal, trustworthy and hardworking as they come, and the mold was broken when he was made, making him one of a kind.
Vicente He helped you with a commission you needed. A very helpful sort that is worth offering repeat business to if the need arises.
Videl Master Apollo seems like a pleasant sort and a skilled artisan, if I need leathers I'll have to make sure to keep him in mind.
Vitalis His store couldn't be more well-named, the wares within unlike any I've seen in the City. My only complaint: it's too far from the Bank.
Vittorio The best armourer in Arvum, they say. I hope he can keep me safe and fashionable just like he is. Oh and handsome.
Viviana It is always a pleasure to speak with someone who is a master of what they do, and knows it without having to tell you. Confident, but easygoing. My sort of person, really.
Wash A unself-conscious craftsman. Well spoken and better mannered, proof that not all noble souls are born into noble heritage.
Wylla He wears the mantle of leadership dutifully, if uncomfortably. I think this is because he is wise about the power he wields.
Yuri A guildmaster. My first, I think I have met. But when I learned he owned Acorn Arts and Armor, I found myself floored. I'll need to continue giving my patronage there. If anything to continue to assist a growing acquaintance.
Zakhar A very talented craftsman, creating a new leather hold and counter to prefer over using slaves.
Zoey Observant and good natured. A good heart requires no refining.
Zyanya He does not share very much of himself but it is hard to say if this is from wishing to hide it or if it comes from the gaze he turns outward to the world, seeing more of value there.